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The Exchange exterior

The exterior of The Exchange

Collectibles are objects scattered in various areas of Club Penguin Island. Players can collect them and exchange various amounts of one type for coins at The Exchange at the Beacon Boardwalk. Some can simply be obtained by walking near them, others require that the player interacts with an object. Every collectible the player collects will have a cooldown time before it respawns and can be collected again. Additionally, gathering various collectibles are sometimes objectives of daily quests.

There is no limit to how many of each type of collectible players can hold at a time, and likewise no limit on how many coins are received from trading them in. Although the counter that shows how many coins are received after exchanging collectibles in The Exchange does not go beyond three digits (999), if a player trades in enough collectibles to yield over 1000 coins, they will receive the correct amount, despite The Exchange erroneously displaying that they received 999.

List of collectibles

Image Name Coin exchange rate Location(s) Amount per area Respawn time
Collectible seashell
Seashells 1 coin per 4 shells Beacon Boardwalk, Coconut Cove 26 (Beacon Boardwalk),
49 (Coconut Cove)
15 minutes
Collectible confetti flower
Confetti flowers 1 coin per 2 flowers Beacon Boardwalk (interact with large flowers) 15 total; 5 flowers with 3 per flower 30 minutes
Collectible seaweed
Seaweed 1 coin per 2 seaweeds Beacon Boardwalk 13 30 minutes
Collectible coconut
Coconuts 1 coin per 2 coconuts Coconut Cove (interact with palm trees bearing coconuts) 12 total; 4 trees with 3 per tree 30 minutes
Collectible crystal single
Crystals (single) 1 coin per 4 crystals The Sea Caves 101 15 minutes
Collectible crystal cluster
Crystals (cluster) 1 coin per 1 crystal The Sea Caves 19 At midnight in PST
Collectible sea sponge
Sea sponges 1 coin per 2 sponges The Sea Caves (interact with rocks with sea sponges attached) 9 total; 3 rocks with 3 per rock 30 minutes
Collectible pearl
Pearls 1 coin per 4 pearls The Sea Caves (grab from an oyster while their mouth is open) 5 15 minutes
Collectible ice crystal
Ice crystals 1 coin per 4 crystals Not currently obtainable 15 minutes


While they are not collectibles, coins themselves can be found scattered in various areas, in the same manner as collectibles.
Image Name Location(s) Amount per area Respawn time
Coin CPI small
Coin Beacon Boardwalk, Coconut Cove, The Sea Caves 10 (Beacon Boardwalk),
10 (Coconut Cove),
53 (The Sea Caves); 8 treasure chests with 5 per chest plus 13 on the ground
At midnight in PST

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges involve collectibles.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Party Sub Favors
RH quest icon
Solo Find a treasure chest above the Party Submarine! 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Exchange Student
AA quest icon
Solo Go to the Exchange and learn about collectibles 20 coins and 20 XP No
Paper Trail
AA quest icon
Solo Harvest all the confetti flowers in the Boardwalk 25 coins and 20 XP No
Confetti Farmers
AA quest icon
Community Harvest 1,000 confetti flowers in the Boardwalk 30 coins and 20 XP No
Go Nuts
RH quest icon
Solo Harvest all the coconuts at the Cove 25 coins and 0 XP No
Plunges for Sponges
RH quest icon
Solo Collect 3 sponge clusters in the Sea Caves 25 coins and 20 XP No
Lurchin' for Urchins
RH quest icon
Solo Grab a crystal cluster guarded by sea urchins 30 coins and 20 XP No


  • According to loading screen messages, collectibles that are traded in are used for island projects; confetti flowers are harvested to make confetti, seashells are used for concrete and jewelry, and glowsticks come from neon crystals.
  • Although there are multiple colors of single crystals, they are counted as the same, and do not have a different coin exchange rate or between them.


Names in other languages


Language Name
FrenchObjets à collectionner
German N/A
Russian N/A

The Exchange

Language Name
SpanishPuesto de intercambio
German N/A
Russian N/A

Collectible names

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