Mission 3 Gift Shop Vault

The Coin Vault is a room that is only in the third PSA mission Case of the Missing Coins". Not too much is known about the Coin Vault. It's also the first vault in Club Penguin. The Coin Vault holds the Gift Shop's shares from selling Clothing. The Coin Vault is the only full-time vault in Club Penguin, even though the Gadget Room is practically a vault. The vault is protected by a combination numeral key, which can be found at the Gift Shop Computer.


  • Rookie's first duty was to guard the vault, but he forgot the code to unlock it.
  • A magnet is placed above the vault by Herbert.
  • The Coin Vault has a table with a typewriter, a book, and a pencil on top of it.
  • The Coin Vault is only in one PSA mission.
  • In the Elite Penguin Force video game, you can see the Coin Vault when you enter the gift shop.