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The Wiki's Vote Page is made to hold all kinds of votes.

When a vote is held, you will be allowed to sign your username, using four tildes ~~~~

Each vote will be published in this way:

==<Vote name> (0)==
:Suggested by <your name> and confirmed by <administrator name>
===For (0)===
===Against (0)===

Nominee Notice: After being nominated, you can enter reasons on why you should be nominated next to the "nomination sentence". A vote closes when 14 days is up. The vote difference is calculated by the number of votes "for" subtracted by the number "against". The user option with the most vote differences wins.

Voter Notice: You must vote in either "For" or "Against". If you vote in for, you have to sign underneath the "For" heading. To do this you have to type this in:

After you have signed it, you must change the number in the brackets up by 1. (e.g. if it was at 3, it means 3 people have already signed it. Change it to 4 when you sign it.) This is also the same with the number by their name. If you vote for, you must also increase the number beside his or her name by 1.

Please remember to use "#" instead of the usual "*", because it numbers the votes making it easier to count them.

You can also remove your vote. If in any case you change your mind, do not remove your vote completely, just strike it out and move it to the back of the list.

Please discuss with an administrator before creating a new vote!

Please create votes under this line:

Limited Emote Requests (0)

Suggested by -TwinkieReborn- and confirmed by CustardTheWikiBird. (Vote ends May 11th)

It's clear that everyone enjoys having their own emotes published to the wiki. Although, recently it has become something everyone takes advantage of. Putting a limit of 5 emotes per user per month will help prevent mass floods of emote requests and publishings from one user. The proposed limit will not affect admins, leaving them to put their own amount of emotes up. If a user attempts to have a 6th emote put up in the current month, it will be automatically rejected, and can be requested again in the following month.

For (2)

  1. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 21:15, April 27, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Surprised Emoticon You know it is CustardTheWikiBird Clothing Icons 5429 21:17, April 27, 2017 (UTC)

Against (2)

  1. It's the Krystalshack! 21:28, April 27, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Rvn Seth4564TI (Talk) (Blog) Rvn


  • I'm down with the general idea with this, I think if it passes, there'll need to be some discussion about the exact limit that should be set. (Also, I suggest this apply to admins too, in order to restrain myself. I'm joking. Maybe. Kind of. Not Really. Probably.). Surprised Emoticon You know it is CustardTheWikiBird Clothing Icons 5429 21:17, April 27, 2017 (UTC)
    • Agreed with your idea of deciding on a limit. Suggestions are very flexible for any changes. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 21:18, April 27, 2017 (UTC)
  • Yeaaaah no- I'm not voting because I hate the idea, i'm voting because this will not make a difference to our current problems. We shouldn't base it off of "per user", we should base it off of how many emoticons we should have per month- which should be around 7-10. If 5 users were to request 5 emoticons in a short period of time, that would make it 25 new emoticons, which is WAY MORE than what we add per month. Also, what if it's the end of the month and a 5 users suggest 5 new emoticons, and then the next day which would be the next month, the same can request the emoticons all over again- 50 emoticons. This changes NOTHING, so maybe reconsider? Rvn Seth4564TI (Talk) (Blog) Rvn
    • In that case, it's just as useless as changing the patroller name color. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 01:32, April 28, 2017 (UTC)
      • Why exactly are you mentioning something that i've had up for like, a day? There's a reason I actually bothered to remove it. Rvn Seth4564TI (Talk) (Blog) Rvn
  • "5 emotes per user per month" ... "per user" ... This is why I stopped approving emoticon requests. MediaWiki Emoticons Sweat --Hey.youcp Surfboard Pin 07:00, April 28, 2017 (UTC)
    • I agree with the comment made above. If every user could add up to 5 each month, then there could be a lot more than you might think. People could also send links to others for them to make requests, so this wouldn't work. There are hundreds of emotes added already, many of these are either unused or only used occasionally and probably shouldn't all be kept. We should perhaps consider removing some of these unused emotes. CPW Community Admin (talk) 15:09, April 28, 2017 (UTC)
      • As I've said above, I'm open to see how an admin discussion would take it. My original plan was 3, but I decided to settle on 5 just for the vote. I do feel a lower number would help it, so I'm in agreement with Custard that there should be an admin discussion if this passes. -тωιηкιεяεвσяη- 18:12, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

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