Picture Department Logo

All requests should be directed here.

How to request?

  1. List the image you want us to edit based on.
  2. Detailed describe how you want us to edit.
  3. Wait. The process time should not take longer than 15 days.


  1. All pictures you want us to edit on should be somewhat related to Club Penguin or Club Penguin Wiki. We seldom accept unrelated images.
  2. Inappropriate content in the image will result in a warning or a block.

--Rowboat PinDps04talk

The leader of the picture department is responsible for group co-ordination.

Members of our Department:


New members will be chosen soon. Make a picture of Dps04 or Penguin Frost and post it on Penguin Frost's or Dps04's talk. The rate will determine who will become a staff member.

Before After Testimonials
120px-4726672.png Dps04 design 2
I am the first user here who seeked help from the picture department. I think this service is really helpful. My penguin design is so fashioned and well-designed as if the penguin itself has come to life! I will use it in my user pages. The Picture department is inspiring, and I will definitely recommend it to someone else.
— Dps04

Sdgsgfs8796 Sdgsgfs penguin design
This picture is really well designed, and really helped me out. As an admin, I would like to thank you from my heart.
— Sdgsgfs

Player card of Happy65 Happy65 design
Thank you to the Picture Department. I am happy about the excelence of the picture that the staff member, dps made for me. I would recommend this team if you want a picture making.
— Happy65

The Picture Department is recruiting new members. Join us now by making a picture of dps04 and sending it to happy65. The best picture will win!

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