23:47 <GrandCroconaw66> Hi Kitten.
23:47 <Vicyorus> Heyo
23:47 <King Eraserheads> hi
23:47 <King Eraserheads> kitten
23:47 <Apj26>  Erase you have 93 your fine
23:47 <Apj26> Ho
23:47 <Dororo111122> 4,905 pages on this wiki
23:47 <Apj26> Hi
23:47 <Dororo111122> Ho
23:47 <King Eraserheads> but apj26 i dont have 25 mainspace
23:47 <Vicyorus> Those are edits
23:47 <King Eraserheads> i dont edit articles
23:47 <123kitten1> I'm back
23:48 <Vicyorus> NORMAL edits
23:48 <Dororo111122> :o no mainspace?!
23:48 <King Eraserheads> Oh well
23:48 <King Eraserheads> yeah i have no mainspace!
23:48 <Vicyorus> Hey.youcp is here
23:48 <123kitten1> That ain't good
23:48 <Vicyorus> But not on the chat
23:48 <Apj26> :O
23:48 <123kitten1> Not Hey.youcp, but the edits
23:48 <Mariobilly> Gtg. (wave)
23:48 <King Eraserheads> Apj
23:48 -!- Mariobilly has left Special:Chat.
23:48 <123kitten1> Bye
23:48 <Dororo111122> apj do we need [[Red Tie]]
23:49 <GrandCroconaw66> Could Red Tie Become Future Neck Item? 
23:49 <King Eraserheads> umm
23:49 <Vicyorus> Perhaps
23:49 <Vicyorus> I think it's OK to leave it there
23:50 <Dororo111122> it doesnt exist in swfs
23:50 <Dororo111122> *according to an exaggeration by p-p*
23:50 <Vicyorus> But it's on the DS ga,e
23:50 <Vicyorus> *game
23:51 <Dororo111122> and do we have articles for all the DS game items?
23:51 <Vicyorus> No, since most of them are on CP
23:51 <Vicyorus> *online version
23:52 -!- Commander Bsyew has left Special:Chat.
23:52 <Shurow> man i love Hydro-Hopper :P
23:52 <Shurow> so fun :)
23:53 <123kitten1> BRB
23:53 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
23:53 <King Eraserheads> BRB Guys
23:53 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
23:53 <Dororo111122> how come your profile music isnt hydro hopper then
23:54 <Shurow> level 11 >:D
23:55 <Apj26> :O
23:55 <Apj26> im rubbish at Hydro-Hopper
23:56 <Shurow> im good :)
23:56 <Shurow> i got to level 14with 10,000 oints
23:56 <Shurow> points*
23:56 <Apj26> wow
23:56 <Dororo111122> who wants to help me with an edit
23:56 <Apj26> Hello
23:56 <Dororo111122> it involves re-drawing and cropping
23:56 <Vicyorus> GTG
23:56 <Vicyorus> BYE!
23:56 <Ph1n3a5and77>
23:56 <Vicyorus> VICYORUS OUT!
23:57 <Vicyorus> LURB53
23:57 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <Mikeymkwii> I CAN
23:57 <Mikeymkwii> @dororo
23:57 <Dororo111122> ok theres a new photo called MPK3 thats been uploaded, and it has a black backround since i stole it from MP3000 to make the picture for MPK3
23:57 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Shurow> dang it i lost :/
23:57 <123kitten1> Well, hello again
23:58 <Dororo111122> and because i only deleted the unlockable part on it, i need you to redraw the part that got cut off and crop the black backround 
23:58 <Apj26> Shurow pm
23:58 <Mikeymkwii> uh
23:58 <Mikeymkwii> i can't redraw
23:58 <Mikeymkwii> :/
23:59 <123kitten1> Can I move my Chat moderator date?
23:59 <Adventuer65> Hi
23:59 <Dororo111122> your just filling in the space to match the colored pixels around it..
23:59 <Adventuer65> I'm am so scared....again
23:59 <Adventuer65> Does anyone play Poptropica, here?
23:59 <Dororo111122> i used to
00:00 <Adventuer65> USED TO??!!
00:00 <Adventuer65> Poptropica rocks
00:00 <Dororo111122> except i quit after the island with the knights and space and the binary guy
00:00 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Dororo111122> it was too hard..
00:00 <123kitten1> Hello
00:00 <Dororo111122> that was years ago..\
00:00 <Adventuer65> Your kidding, right Dororo?
00:00 <King Eraserheads> i have only 3 mainspace edits :(
00:00 <Dororo111122> nope
00:00 <Adventuer65> You only quit cause you couldn't beat an island??
00:01 <Dororo111122> i was 8..
00:01 <Adventuer65> Oh
00:01 <Dororo111122> and i would go back except i forgot the password
00:01 <King Eraserheads> hi adventuer
00:01 <Adventuer65> Hey
00:01 <King Eraserheads> Miss me
00:01 <Dororo111122> *i KNEW i shouldve saved it with that button*
00:01 <King Eraserheads> um
00:02 <Dororo111122> wait does your account delete itself if you arent active with it
00:02 <Adventuer65> I think so
00:02 <Dororo111122> OMG MINE STILL WORKS
00:02 <Dororo111122> i last left off on greg heffley island..
00:02 <Adventuer65> You mean Wimpy Wondelrand
00:03 <Dororo111122> dude, it was 5 years ago dont expect me to remember it
00:03 <King Eraserheads> where is the link of frost bite iggy
00:03 <Lucky92204> Guys this is Club Penguin chat, not Poptropica chat
00:03 <Dororo111122> theres a ds game for it?!
00:03 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:03 <King Eraserheads> Poptropica?
00:03 <Adventuer65> Yeah, Dororo
00:04 <Adventuer65> Anyways, on Poptropica Thinknoodles is my friend
00:04 <Lucky92204> Oh my........
00:04 <Lucky92204> I try
00:04 <Lucky92204> to teach
00:04 <Lucky92204> you
00:04 <Lucky92204> a lesson
00:04 <Lucky92204>  but
00:04 <Lucky92204> you
00:04 <Lucky92204> don't
00:04 <Lucky92204> listen!!!
00:04 <King Eraserheads> brb
00:05 <Adventuer65> Wanna meet on Poptropica, Dororo XD
00:05 <Dororo111122> cant im doing gref heffley island
00:05 <King Eraserheads> Im on Poptropica
00:05 <Mikeymkwii> GREF
00:05 <Lucky92204> Lets meet!
00:05 <Dororo111122> i finished what i started years ago...
00:05 <Adventuer65> lOL
00:05 <Adventuer65> JUst go in the Common Room
00:05 <King Eraserheads> Link of poptropica plss
00:05 <Mikeymkwii>
00:05 <Adventuer65>
00:06 <Lucky92204> Im Invisible Fish (skylar92204) 
00:06 <Dororo111122> my username is kingbooluigi
00:06 <Adventuer65> Added you
00:06 <Adventuer65> @Lucky
00:06 <King Eraserheads> thanks for the link
00:06 <King Eraserheads> Im playing cp and poptropica 
00:06 <King Eraserheads> In cp im on ski village
00:06 <Adventuer65> Added you, Dororo
00:07 <King Eraserheads> In poptropica im logging on
00:07 <Lucky92204> What island?
00:07 <Dororo111122> greg heffley island
00:07 <Lucky92204> Boarwalk?
00:07 <Lucky92204> Boardwalk
00:07 <Adventuer65> He's on the original one
00:07 <King Eraserheads> how to register in poptropica
00:08 <Adventuer65> AKA Wimpy Wonderland
00:08 <King Eraserheads> i press new player
00:08 <Adventuer65> Make a new player
00:08 <King Eraserheads> guys
00:08 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:08 <Dororo111122> which building do i go in on mainstreet
00:08 <Adventuer65> Go to any island, press "save"
00:08 <Adventuer65> @Eraser
00:08 <King Eraserheads> my name in poptropica is Spotted
00:08 <Mikeymkwii> LOL i am decompiling POPTROPICA
00:08 <Lucky92204> kk
00:09 <Dororo111122> ok im in
00:09 <Mikeymkwii>
00:09 <Dororo111122> im the dark green/blue robot with the 3 balloon
00:09 <Adventuer65> You can't add someone with their nickname, King
00:09 <Dororo111122> are you the ninja adventuer
00:09 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:09 <Adventuer65> No
00:09 <Adventuer65> AHng on
00:09 <Adventuer65> Let me go in the common room
00:10 <Adventuer65> I'm the dude who looks like a boss
00:10 <Dororo111122> which is..
00:10 <Adventuer65> The dude with the 3D glasses
00:10 <Lucky92204> What common room?
00:10 <Dororo111122> i dont see anyone with 3D glasses
00:10 <King Eraserheads> where are you all in pop
00:11 <Adventuer65> In the Common Room
00:11 <Lucky92204> what common room?
00:11 <Adventuer65> The Photo Gallery
00:11 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:11 <King Eraserheads> What island
00:11 <Mikeymkwii> i created a new account
00:11 <Adventuer65> Wimpy Wonderland
00:11 <Adventuer65> @King
00:11 <King Eraserheads> me too
00:11 <King Eraserheads> what room
00:11 <Dororo111122> whats your username adventuer
00:12 <Adventuer65> My nickname is Perfect Shadow
00:12 <Adventuer65> My username is TheBomb835
00:12 <Mikeymkwii> I don't see you guys
00:12 <King Eraserheads> Me name is Spotted
00:12 <Mikeymkwii> :/
00:12 <King Eraserheads> and username is Eraserheads
00:12 <King Eraserheads> Where is the common room
00:12 <Adventuer65> The Photo Gallery
00:12 <Adventuer65> on the right
00:13 <King Eraserheads> in himalyan
00:13 <Dororo111122> do you have a multiverse adventuer
00:13 <Adventuer65> I have a multiverse card
00:13 <Adventuer65> \
00:14 <Dororo111122> use it!
00:14 <Adventuer65> I'm gonna make a multiverse right now
00:14 <Dororo111122> wait is it unlimited use or one time use
00:14 <Adventuer65> idk
00:14 <King Eraserheads> I will use my ultimate game card to become member of pop
00:14 <Lucky92204> Im the girl made of paper
00:14 <Adventuer65> The room code is BUV99
00:14 <King Eraserheads> Where are you
00:15 <Adventuer65> In my multiverse
00:15 <King Eraserheads> where are you?
00:15 <Dororo111122> im in
00:15 <Adventuer65> Are you Smallhopper, Dororo?
00:15 <King Eraserheads> What name in pop/
00:15 <Dororo111122> yep
00:15 <Dororo111122> *its an unfortunate nickname*
00:15 <Adventuer65> Lol
00:15 <King Eraserheads> Im Spotted
00:15 <Adventuer65> Spotted What?
00:16 <Dororo111122> lets play soup words
00:16 <King Eraserheads> Spotted only
00:16 <King Eraserheads> my name on pop
00:16 <Adventuer65> How do I play Soup Words!!??
00:16 <Dororo111122> click letters to make words
00:16 <King Eraserheads> WHERE ARE YOU
00:17 <Adventuer65> IN MY MULTIVERSE!!
00:17 <Adventuer65> :?
00:17 <King Eraserheads> Where is that?
00:17 <Dororo111122> DARN YOU ADVENTUER
00:17 <Dororo111122> whos small toes
00:17 <Adventuer65> idk
00:17 <King Eraserheads> where?
00:17 <King Eraserheads> multiverse
00:17 <Adventuer65> King, do you have an account, yet?
00:17 <King Eraserheads> guys tell me whats your name on pop
00:17 <King Eraserheads> Yeah i have
00:17 <King Eraserheads> Name:Spotted Lizard
00:17 <Dororo111122> paint war!
00:17 <King Eraserheads> Username:Eraserheads
00:18 <Mikeymkwii> who is small toes
00:18 <Adventuer65> You have a full account with a profile and everything, King?
00:18 <King Eraserheads> Who is dizzy
00:18 <Dororo111122> mikey your the striped guy with yellow hair?
00:18 <King Eraserheads> yes i have
00:18 <King Eraserheads> adventuer
00:18 <Adventuer65> Okay
00:18 <King Eraserheads> @
00:18 <Adventuer65> HAng on
00:18 <King Eraserheads> i have pass too
00:18 <King Eraserheads> i save my pass
00:18 <Lucky92204> I just joined
00:18 <King Eraserheads> But i dont have membership :(
00:18 <Lucky92204> I joined BUV99
00:18 <Dororo111122> my cannon broke no fair!
00:19 <Adventuer65> Okay
00:19 <Adventuer65> King
00:19 <Lucky92204> who has 3D glasses?
00:19 <Adventuer65> Press your icon on top
00:19 <Adventuer65> Me
00:19 <Adventuer65> Someone stole my look :/
00:19 <Lucky92204> ok then I saw you I have a blue shirt on with brown hair
00:19 <King Eraserheads> Whats name on pop @Adventuer65
00:20 <Lucky92204> Are you Small Toes?
00:20 <Adventuer65> No
00:20 <Adventuer65> I'm Perfect Shadow
00:20 <Lucky92204> Oh
00:20 <King Eraserheads> Oj
00:20 <King Eraserheads> Oh
00:20 <Adventuer65> Kign, press your icon on top
00:20 <Adventuer65> Press "Multiverse"
00:20 <Adventuer65> Enter the code I gave you
00:20 <King Eraserheads> I press
00:20 <King Eraserheads> it
00:20 <Mikeymkwii> lol dororo is beating me
00:21 <Adventuer65> WHO IS SMALL TOES!!??
00:21 <Mikeymkwii> I have no idea
00:21 <Apj26> gtg
00:21 -!- Apj26 has left Special:Chat.
00:21 <King Eraserheads> Where is it? I cant find it @Adventuer65
00:21 <King Eraserheads> Multiverse???
00:21 <Adventuer65> >:(
00:22 <Adventuer65> Did you press your icon on top??
00:22 <Lucky92204> Perfect shadow im Invisible Fish!
00:22 <Lucky92204> Play Star link!
00:22 <Adventuer65> idk how to play that game
00:23 <King Eraserheads> I dont know the pop
00:23 <Adventuer65> (...)
00:23 <Adventuer65> I wanna blow up
00:23 <King Eraserheads> Perfect Shadow i cant add him
00:23 <Lucky92204> Y U LEAVE!
00:24 <Adventuer65> LOL
00:24 <Adventuer65> King, search up "TheBomb835"
00:24 <Lucky92204> Stop or ill unfriend u
00:24 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:24 <King Eraserheads> Add me Eraserheads
00:24 <Dororo111122> im stuck in the green squid base
00:24 <King Eraserheads> ohh i see
00:25 <King Eraserheads> whats the code
00:25 <King Eraserheads> in room
00:25 <Dororo111122> the code is the code
00:25 <Adventuer65> BUV99
00:25 <King Eraserheads> ok
00:25 <King Eraserheads> i add it
00:25 <King Eraserheads> loading
00:25 <King Eraserheads> where are you advent
00:25 <Mikeymkwii>
00:25 <King Eraserheads> i see u
00:26 <Mikeymkwii> LOL
00:26 <Dororo111122> how do we exit the multiverse
00:26 <Adventuer65> EXIT xd
00:26 <Dororo111122> how
00:26 <Adventuer65> Click the door to exit
00:26 <King Eraserheads> How to create a multiverse
00:27 <Dororo111122> buy it
00:27 <Adventuer65> You have to buy the game card
00:27 <King Eraserheads> I battle you ad
00:27 <Dororo111122> and when i exit i go to the tribe base which is green squid
00:27 <Shadows60> Back
00:27 <King Eraserheads> I have a game card
00:27 <King Eraserheads> UGC
00:27 <Adventuer65> I mean at the virtual store
00:27 <Dororo111122> LIE
00:27 <King Eraserheads> yeah
00:27 <Dororo111122> invisible fish accept game
00:28 <Lucky92204> guys try putting this in where it says redeem code: wimpy12
00:28 <Adventuer65> GTg
00:28 <Adventuer65> I'll be back
00:28 <Dororo111122> what about the multiverse?!
00:28 <King Eraserheads> baloons
00:28 <King Eraserheads> umm he leave
00:29 -!- Fecth has joined Special:Chat
00:29 <King Eraserheads> i have this card
00:29 <Dororo111122> i made invisible fish cry
00:29 <Dororo111122> wait who IS invisible fish
00:30 <King Eraserheads> Who is small hopper
00:30 <Lucky92204> Im Invisible Fish
00:30 <123kitten1> Wanna know a strange fact about CP?
00:30 <Lucky92204> What
00:30 <Dororo111122> sensei has a beard?
00:30 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS
00:30 <King Eraserheads> lol
00:30 <123kitten1> Cadence doesn't wear a shirt
00:30 <King Eraserheads> who is small hopper
00:30 <Mikeymkwii> FINALLY FIXED!!!!!!
00:30 <Lucky92204> :O yeah
00:30 <123kitten1> ○.○
00:30 <Dororo111122> small hopper is small hopper
00:30 <Mikeymkwii>
00:30 <Mikeymkwii> FIXED!
00:30 <King Eraserheads> lol
00:30 <Dororo111122> does it work mikey
00:30 <Mikeymkwii> I believe so
00:30 <Dororo111122> does it ban
00:30 <Mikeymkwii> It's penguin lodge
00:31 <Mikeymkwii> nah
00:31 <Mikeymkwii> well
00:31 <Mikeymkwii> maybe
00:31 <Mikeymkwii> but IDK
00:31 <Dororo111122> use it on your test
00:31 -!- Fecth has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <Mikeymkwii> they fixed it 30 minutes ago
00:32 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
00:32 <King Eraserheads> lol poptropica isnt allowed
00:32 <King Eraserheads>
00:34 <King Eraserheads> DEAD CHAT
00:34 <King Eraserheads> XD Xd
00:36 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS
00:36 <Mikeymkwii> PUT {{Patrickapprove}} on your userpage
00:36 <Mikeymkwii> lolz
00:37 <Shadows60> LOL
00:37 <Lucky92204> What does "dead chat" mean?
00:37 <Dororo111122> when no one talks
00:37 <Mikeymkwii> i have no idea
00:38 <Dororo111122> gtg
00:38 <Dororo111122> wait no brb
00:41 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
00:42 <King Eraserheads> Umm dead chat
00:43 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
00:43 <123kitten1> A bot is banned!
00:43 <123kitten1> Correction-Blocked
00:43 <123kitten1> Bot's shouldn't be blocked
00:43 <123kitten1> Hello
00:44 <CP Frost Bite> hello
00:44 <CP Frost Bite> Did you know that 12 +2 = banana?
00:44 <King Eraserheads> 14
00:44 <123kitten1> 12+2=14
00:44 <123kitten1> 1+1=11
00:45 <123kitten1> the chat is dead
00:46 <King Eraserheads> lol
00:46 <King Eraserheads> 2
00:47 <Stick sean> hey
00:47 <123kitten1> Hi
00:47 <123kitten1> The chat died
00:47 <Stick sean> :O
00:47 <Stick sean> why?
00:47 <Stick sean> how?
00:48 <Stick sean> :(
00:49 <Stick sean> DON'T DIE CHAT
00:49 <Stick sean> PLZ DON'T DIE
00:49 -!- Stick sean was kicked from Special:Chat by Shurow
00:49 <123kitten1> :0
00:50 <123kitten1> That's mega spam
00:50 <123kitten1> He needs to be banned!
00:50 <Shurow> no just a kick
00:50 <Shadows60> Yep
00:51 <123kitten1> I think I'd better get going.
00:51 <123kitten1> Buh-Bye
00:51 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
00:53 <Lucky92204> CPIP is still up but it doesn't work
00:53 <Lucky92204>
00:53 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has joined Special:Chat
00:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> oops, not supposed to click swfs on my Kindle
00:56 <AnonymousDuckLover>  hmm, I wonder if it's possible to be in chat on two different computers but on the same account
00:56 <AnonymousDuckLover>  in chat twice
00:57 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I murdered chat today
00:59 <AnonymousDuckLover>  So hi
00:59 <AnonymousDuckLover>  chat is nothing but boredom
01:00 <King Eraserheads> guys
01:00 <CP Frost Bite> den why u here
01:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  why am I here?
01:00 <King Eraserheads>
01:00 <CP Frost Bite> stop it
01:00 <King Eraserheads> im not spammer
01:00 <CP Frost Bite> that's the igloo music
01:00 <CP Frost Bite> it's not exclusive at all.
01:00 <King Eraserheads> yeah
01:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> o:
01:01 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ok it doesn't work that way
01:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> :0
01:01 <King Eraserheads> Guys how to change your password
01:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> œø»€™
01:02 <King Eraserheads> œø»€™
01:02 <King Eraserheads> lol
01:02 <King Eraserheads> brb
01:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  LOL
01:02 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
01:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  and boredom
01:02 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
01:02 <Dogkid1> hi
01:02 <Dogkid1> (HI)
01:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[My Mom]]
01:03 <Dogkid1> [[User:Shurow|My mom]]
01:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Your Mom]]
01:04 -!- Welcome12345 has left Special:Chat.
01:04 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
01:04 <Dogkid1> yo
01:05 <Dogkid1> yo Mikers and Shadow
01:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Yellow|This is a virus, DO NOT CLICK]]
01:05 <Mikeymkwii> LOL
01:05 <Mikeymkwii> It's Yellow
01:05 <KaiShadow> not a virus
01:05 <Dogkid1> [[Blue|:P]]
01:06 <KaiShadow> got a new Skeleton truck from NInjago
01:06 <Dogkid1> [[User:Dogkid1|So bored]]
01:06 <KaiShadow> instead it is called NINJA thunder swordsman 
01:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Gary|This penguin is allergic to Time Travel]]
01:06 <KaiShadow> [[Dumb right?]]
01:06 <KaiShadow> [[talk in blue]]
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> HOW 
01:07 -!- Fecth has joined Special:Chat
01:07 -!- CP Frost Bite has left Special:Chat.
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> HOW DO YOU DO THAT
01:07 <Dogkid1> [[Special:Mypage|your mom!]]
01:07 <KaiShadow> just add [] 
01:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[ha]]
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> ?
01:07 <KaiShadow> [Hi!, how are you]]
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> [HEYEYEYYEYE]
01:07 <KaiShadow> but need 2 each
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> oops
01:07 <KaiShadow> [[Hi!, How are you buddy!]]
01:07 <Mikeymkwii> [[HEYEYEYYEYE]]
01:07 <Fecth> (...)
01:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[¿Donde esta la puerta?]]
01:08 <Mikeymkwii> [[me want pie]
01:08 <Mikeymkwii> OOPS
01:08 <Fecth> Um...
01:08 <Dogkid1> [[User:Shurow|My mom]]
01:08 <Mikeymkwii> [[tee hee I am pie man]]
01:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Awesomeness™]]
01:09 <Dogkid1> [[User:Dogkid1|Awesomer]]
01:09 <KaiShadow> [[Pie]]
01:09 <Dogkid1> [[Special:Mypage|Guess who?]]
01:09 <KaiShadow> me
01:10 <Dogkid1> you
01:10 <KaiShadow> let's talk in black
01:10 <Mikeymkwii> [[test|]]
01:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[User:AnonymousDuckLover|Awesomest™]]
01:10 <KaiShadow> if someone comes in we will do a hi chain
01:10 <Dogkid1> k
01:11 <Dogkid1> [[User:CpChatBot|Someone]]
01:11 <KaiShadow> NOT AGAIN!
01:12 <Mikeymkwii> [[|Google]]
01:12 <Mikeymkwii> oops
01:12 <Mikeymkwii> that failed
01:12 <Mikeymkwii> :P
01:12 <KaiShadow> wanna roleplay anyone?
01:12 <Dogkid1> troller ---> [[Special:Mypage|troller]]
01:12 <Dogkid1> jk
01:12 -!- Fecth has left Special:Chat.
01:13 <Shurow> OMG
01:13 <Mikeymkwii> [[Special:Mypage|OMG I FOUND A SITE FOR FREE MEMBERSHIP (NOT FAKE)]]
01:13 <Shurow> I once sent in an idea to CP about adding a museum to CP :O
01:13 <AnonymousDuckLover> [ The Best Song Ever]
01:13 <KaiShadow> Clover is my best friend
01:14 <Dogkid1> Idk my best friend :s
01:14 <KaiShadow> Clover is my brother here wikiwide 
01:14 <KaiShadow> We even made our own team!
01:14 <KaiShadow> Team Hedgebird!
01:14 <Mikeymkwii> [[Club_Penguin_Wiki|Special:Mypage]]
01:15 <Mikeymkwii> lulz
01:15 <Mikeymkwii> click it
01:15 <AnonymousDuckLover> Let's sit around the campfire, and sing our campfire song
01:15 <Mikeymkwii> THE C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E SONG
01:15 <KaiShadow> Sponge bob!
01:15 <AnonymousDuckLover>  if you think we can't sing it faster then you're wrong
01:16 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
01:16 <King Eraserheads> back
01:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  it would help if you'd just sing along
01:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bum bum bum
01:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  is the
01:16 <KaiShadow> C-A-M-P-I-R-E Song!
01:16 <King Eraserheads> Guys who will join my empire!
01:16 <KaiShadow> Campfire*
01:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  c a m p f I r e s on
01:16 <King Eraserheads> guys
01:16 <Dogkid1> empire?
01:16 <Dogkid1> what kind
01:16 <KaiShadow> c a m p f i r e s o n g song
01:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  c a m p f I r e s o n g song
01:16 <Mikeymkwii> THE CAMPFIRE SONG SONG
01:17 <Dogkid1> CAMPFIRE
01:17 <Dogkid1> CAMPFIRE SONG
01:17 <KaiShadow> *playing a guitar*
01:17 <King Eraserheads> Guys who will join my empire!
01:17 <AnonymousDuckLover>  CAMPFIRE SONG SONG
01:17 <King Eraserheads> umm
01:17 <King Eraserheads> who will join ???
01:17 <KaiShadow> if you think we can't sing it faster then you're wrong
01:17 <King Eraserheads> :D
01:17 <Mikeymkwii>
01:17 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Spongebob - The Campfire Song Song (good quality) - Duration: 01:06 - Uploaded: 2009-08-17 - Rating: 4.894588 - Views: 3,203,028 -
01:17 <King Eraserheads> Guys who will join my empire!
01:17 <Dogkid1> King
01:17 <Dogkid1> Eraser
01:17 <KaiShadow> it would help if you'd just sing aloong
01:17 <King Eraserheads> what is it
01:17 <King Eraserheads> ok
01:17 <AnonymousDuckLover>  that's the official name of t the song
01:17 -!- Madbootdude has joined Special:Chat
01:18 <King Eraserheads> dogkid what is it??
01:18 <King Eraserheads> Hi mad
01:18 <Madbootdude> Hello everybody!
01:18 <Dogkid1> will I be a servant if I join ye empire
01:18 <KaiShadow> C a m p  f i r e s o n g song
01:18 <Dogkid1> hi
01:18 <AnonymousDuckLover>  MadBootDude
01:18 <Madbootdude> That's MadBoot to you.
01:18 <King Eraserheads> ok
01:18 <KaiShadow> or Chespin?
01:18 <King Eraserheads> dogkid sure!
01:18 <King Eraserheads> I will give a link
01:18 <Dogkid1> then im not joining ye empire
01:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'll call you whatever I want to call you
01:18 <King Eraserheads> ok
01:18 <King Eraserheads> dogkid
01:18 <KaiShadow> It will help! it will help! if you just sing aloong!
01:18 <Madbootdude> I'll ignore you then.
01:18 <King Eraserheads> you will be meh servant
01:18 <Dogkid1> yes Erase
01:18 <Dogkid1> no
01:19 <Dogkid1> I wont
01:19 <King Eraserheads> ok
01:19 <KaiShadow> *smashes guitar*
01:19 <King Eraserheads> What do you want to be?\
01:19 <KaiShadow> YYEAH! 
01:19 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bum bum bum
01:19 <Madbootdude> That is illegal you know.
01:19 <Mikeymkwii>
01:19 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Spongebob  Sweet Victory Original Video - Duration: 01:37 - Uploaded: 2011-08-12 - Rating: 4.847588 - Views: 2,438,519 -
01:19 <King Eraserheads> what`s illegal
01:19 <KaiShadow> smosh posted a comment on smoshgames
01:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> not in my country
01:20 <Madbootdude> Shadow smashed a guitar.
01:20 <KaiShadow> Smosh said sohinki's slaps are just so well timed lol.
01:20 <Madbootdude> Without permission.
01:20 <Dogkid1> idk
01:20 <KaiShadow> Anyway that was my guitar
01:20 <Madbootdude> Did you ask yourself if you're allowed to do that?
01:21 <AnonymousDuckLover>  MadBootDude, you should watch the best song ever AKA The Campfire Song Song
01:21 <Madbootdude> Okay.
01:21 <Madbootdude> That's my favorite song, TBH
01:21 <Madbootdude> Let's gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song
01:21 <AnonymousDuckLover>  cool
01:21 <KaiShadow> Mudkip
01:21 <Madbootdude> Our C-A-M-P F-I-R-E
01:21 <Madbootdude> S-O-N-G song
01:22 <Madbootdude> And if you don't think that we can sing it
01:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  if you think we can't sing it faster then you're wrong
01:22 <Madbootdude> But it'll help if you just sing a long
01:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  it would help if you'd just sing a long
01:22 <Madbootdude> Bum bum bum
01:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bum bum bum
01:22 <Madbootdude> C A M P F I R E S O N G Song!
01:22 <Dogkid1> dun dun dun
01:22 <Madbootdude> C A M P F I R E S O N G Song!
01:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  it's the c a m p f I r e s o n g song
01:23 <KaiShadow> Ok 
01:23 <KaiShadow> we are just getting crazy
01:23 <AnonymousDuckLover>  the spongebob wiki sinks though
01:23 <Madbootdude> SpongeBob Wiki is better than this wiki, in my opinion.
01:23 <AnonymousDuckLover> *stinks
01:23 <AnonymousDuckLover>  You can't do anything on it
01:24 <Madbootdude> Yes you can
01:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> besides edit, nada
01:24 <King Eraserheads> Who will join meh empire
01:24 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no blogs
01:25 <Madbootdude> I don't get the point of blogs anyway
01:25 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no blogs= no fan fiction
01:25 <Dogkid1> (HMM)
01:25 <Dogkid1> yeah
01:25 <Madbootdude> I don't like fan fictions.
01:25 <Dogkid1> I like some fan fictions but most are ehhh
01:26 <Madbootdude> My favorite fan fictions are creepypastas
01:26 <KaiShadow> sonic fan fictions suck
01:26 <Madbootdude> True.
01:26 <AnonymousDuckLover>  yeah, sometimes fan fiction can be funny
01:26 <Madbootdude> The only fan fictions I'll ever read are creepypastas
01:26 <Dogkid1> I hate almost all sonic fan fics
01:27 <AnonymousDuckLover> cp fan fiction can be funny at least
01:27 <KaiShadow> Can we  do Gaming?
01:27 <Madbootdude> No, Shad.
01:27 <AnonymousDuckLover>  this is not a gaming wiki
01:27 <Dogkid1> yo Grand!
01:27 <KaiShadow> in roleplay
01:27 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
01:27 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <GrandCroconaw66> Where's Hey.youcp?
01:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> not a roll play wiki either
01:28 -!- Tracotaper has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Tracotaper> Hiii!
01:28 <Tracotaper> i rol play nepeta!
01:28 <Tracotaper> bye!!!!
01:28 <Shurow> Hey.youcp usually comes around 8 or 9 o clock
01:28 -!- Tracotaper has left Special:Chat.
01:28 <Shurow> sometimes later than that
01:28 <GrandCroconaw66> Shurow, I Have an Question.
01:28 <KaiShadow> AD:
01:28 -!- Tracotaper has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <AnonymousDuckLover>  aggh
01:28 <KaiShadow> ADL
01:28 <KaiShadow> we have a roleplay wiki
01:28 <Dogkid1> rp?
01:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> ¿Que?
01:30 <King Eraserheads> Que
01:30 <King Eraserheads> Who will join???
01:30 <King Eraserheads> !logs
01:30 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:31 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ¡Lof a
01:31 <AnonymousDuckLover> ¡Logs
01:31 <Dogkid1> !logsd
01:31 <King Eraserheads> who will join??
01:31 <Dogkid1> !logs
01:31 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:32 <KaiShadow> iHola! 
01:32 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Adios.
01:32 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has left Special:Chat.
01:32 <Dogkid1> Wazzup
01:32 <King Eraserheads> bye
01:32 <King Eraserheads> Adios amigos
01:32 <King Eraserheads> lol
01:33 <KaiShadow> game bang
01:33 <King Eraserheads> bang
01:33 <King Eraserheads> ba
01:33 <King Eraserheads> bam
01:33 <King Eraserheads> oops
01:33 <Dogkid1> (HMM)
01:33 <KaiShadow> means  everyone will play
01:33 <Dogkid1> confuzzled
01:33 <Dogkid1> and bored
01:34 <KaiShadow> and nothing
01:35 <Dogkid1> Silent chatt.....
01:36 <King Eraserheads> dead chat
01:36 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <AnonymousDuckLover> Now that we're men
01:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  we can do anything
01:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
01:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I forget the words
01:37 <KaiShadow> Screen says: ADL FAIL
01:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  yeah, it does
01:38 <Dogkid1> soo
01:38 <Dogkid1> bored...
01:38 <KaiShadow> Pokemon
01:39 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you know watching walkthroughs to games you'll never play is fun
01:40 <Dogkid1> eeeeyup
01:40 <KaiShadow> I watch SmoshGames
01:40 <King Eraserheads> Who will join meh empire 
01:40 <King Eraserheads> umm
01:41 <King Eraserheads> ahh 
01:41 <King Eraserheads> brb
01:41 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
01:42 <Dogkid1> k
01:42 <Dogkid1> this chat is sooo dead
01:42 <KaiShadow> ikr
01:42 <KaiShadow> my cpu is typing slooowly 
01:43 <AnonymousDuckLover> now that we're men
01:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  we can make up words
01:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
01:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I am bored
01:43 <KaiShadow> me too
01:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  and yet another verse to the NEW Now That We're Men song
01:45 <Dogkid1> eh so bored I'lll leave
01:45 <Dogkid1> (WAVE)
01:45 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
01:45 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men (x3)
01:46 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that they're men
01:46 <AnonymousDuckLover>  they can pass the test
01:47 <AnonymousDuckLover>  to finish the quest to get the crown
01:47 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that they're men(x3)
01:48 <KaiShadow> how can I go out of my house in Pokemon red
01:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'mI'm going to watch the SB SP Movie
01:51 -!- C66CF has joined Special:Chat
01:51 -!- C66CF has left Special:Chat.
01:53 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
01:54 <GrandCroconaw66> ?
01:54 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Has anyone heard this before on CP?
01:55 <King Eraserheads> back
01:55 <King Eraserheads> hi
01:55 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
01:55 <King Eraserheads> no
01:55 <King Eraserheads> i didnt hear it
01:55 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Card Jitsu Snow music?
01:55 <Shurow> ITs CJ Water
01:55 <Shurow> the music is for CJ Water
01:56 <Shurow> at tleast thats what it says here
01:56 <Pj Monster 1 CP> thanks Shurow
01:56 <Shurow> Np
01:57 <GrandCroconaw66> What is a Freedom Birds Group?
01:57 <GrandCroconaw66> I Don't know why They Started the Protests to get Old CP Back.
01:58 <King Eraserheads> ok
01:59 <King Eraserheads> CP is great for now
01:59 <King Eraserheads> Why did they get back the old one?
02:00 <King Eraserheads> hello
02:00 <King Eraserheads> guys
02:00 <King Eraserheads> um
02:00 <Shurow> I wouldnt CP is great right now
02:00 -!- Shurow has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <GrandCroconaw66> Because... Freedom Birds couldn't of been created. 
02:01 <King Eraserheads> CP is great for now
02:01 <GrandCroconaw66> Old Cp Would Get Player's Computer lags and Glitches. so They needed Changes.
02:02 <King Eraserheads> yeah
02:03 <King Eraserheads> What is right 
02:03 <King Eraserheads> User:LJK26
02:03 <King Eraserheads> or what is it
02:03 <GrandCroconaw66> Real Link.
02:05 <GrandCroconaw66> What happened to
02:08 <GrandCroconaw66> Dead chat.
02:09 <Shadows60> *shrugs*
02:11 <GrandCroconaw66> What would happened if They released on club penguin game?
02:11 <Shadows60> *shrugs*
02:12 <Shadows60> I actually discovered Wikia in early January 2012
02:12 <Shadows60> But I didnt edit, even as anonymous!
02:12 -!- Shadows60 has left Special:Chat.
02:13 -!- Yoyo9973 has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <Yoyo9973> ...
02:13 -!- Yoyo9973 has left Special:Chat.
02:13 <GrandCroconaw66> With ... What?
02:14 -!- Tracotaper has left Special:Chat.
02:15 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <Mikeymkwii> OMG HI KITTEN
02:15 <123kitten1> ONLY 4 PEOPLE?
02:15 <Mikeymkwii> THANK YOU
02:16 <Mikeymkwii> 3*
02:16 <GrandCroconaw66> Let's talk about The unreleased Room.
02:16 <123kitten1> It isn't coming
02:16 <123kitten1> It was a scrapped idea
02:16 <GrandCroconaw66> Now What's Next for Unreleased Room That was actually Cancelled?
02:16 <Blitzzy> Hello
02:16 <Mikeymkwii> Hey
02:16 <Blitzzy> Wow not many people on chat
02:17 <Mikeymkwii> FINALLY 
02:17 <Mikeymkwii> you're here
02:17 <Mikeymkwii> :d
02:17 <Mikeymkwii> We need more ppl
02:17 <Blitzzy> yea
02:17 -!- Boo1010 has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <Blitzzy> Hello
02:18 <Boo1010> hi
02:18 <Blitzzy> (hi)
02:18 <Blitzzy> (freezed)
02:19 <Boo1010> hehe
02:19 <Blitzzy>
02:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> Just watched a spongebob documentary
02:19 <Blitzzy> ah
02:19 <GrandCroconaw66> Club penguin needs more unreleased Rooms and Unreleased Animated Shorts (the one with Rookie and PH and Jet pack Guy and Protobot). *Goes to The place that used to be News Room but now Abandoned*
02:20 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bored again
02:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> doo doo, doo doo doo...
02:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> Manalapan
02:21 <Blitzzy> ?
02:21 <AnonymousDuckLover>  manamanam
02:21 <Blitzzy> Type Ctrl+V in the chat box and see what it posts
02:21 <Blitzzy>
02:21 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no
02:22 <GrandCroconaw66> Let's talk about unreleased pokemon.
02:22 <Blitzzy> from generation 6É
02:22 <Blitzzy> ?
02:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I'll try to find a copy of spongebob squarepants the movie
02:22 <Blitzzy>
02:23 <GrandCroconaw66> I Would love to have and as Pokemon in one of Pokemon Generation.
02:23 <Blitzzy> ^this guy
02:23 <Blitzzy> I want the fire raichu
02:23 <Blitzzy> and
02:24 <GrandCroconaw66> well, What I Could Call his/Her Nickname: if He/She is Released.
02:24 <Blitzzy> turton?
02:25 <GrandCroconaw66> Turton. that would be interesting Name for This Turtle Pokemon but too bad it was never released because it was too similar to Tirtouga.
02:25 <Blitzzy> tirtouga?
02:26 <Blitzzy> is that from generation 5?
02:26 <GrandCroconaw66> Yes.
02:26 <Blitzzy> ahh
02:26 <Mikeymkwii> stop with the pokemon, this is the club penguin wiki chat :/
02:26 <GrandCroconaw66> Oh.
02:26 <Blitzzy> Well people roleplay here
02:26 <GrandCroconaw66> Blitzzy, PM?
02:26 <Blitzzy> Sure
02:31 <Mikeymkwii> Anyone here?
02:31 <Boo1010> im here
02:31 <Boo1010> i am
02:32 <Mikeymkwii> ok
02:32 <Boo1010> hi
02:32 <Mikeymkwii> (wave)
02:32 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
02:32 <Boo1010> how do u do that
02:32 <Blitzzy> You type ( hi ) without the spaces
02:34 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
02:34 <Mikeymkwii>
02:34 <Mikeymkwii> LOL
02:36 <Mikeymkwii> hi
02:36 <Blitzzy> hello
02:37 <King Eraserheads> hi im uploading
02:37 <AnonymousDuckLover> I missed something
02:37 <Mikeymkwii> what
02:37 <Mikeymkwii> hi
02:38 <King Eraserheads> im back
02:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I think I'll have that before bed breakfast
02:38 <Boo1010> hi
02:39 <Boo1010> thanks (hi
02:39 <Boo1010> (hi)
02:39 <Blitzzy> bed breakfast?
02:39 <Boo1010> yes
02:39 <AnonymousDuckLover> Spongebob: Squidward, can I stay here for a month or 2?
02:39 <Boo1010> (dance)
02:39 <Boo1010> yes 
02:39 <123kitten1> :0
02:39 <Mikeymkwii> ???
02:39 <Boo1010> (happy)
02:39 <Boo1010> (love)
02:40 <AnonymousDuckLover> Squidward: Sure, why not.
02:40 <Boo1010> (heart)
02:40 <Boo1010> hahaa
02:40 <Boo1010> is any one gonna speak to me#
02:40 <Boo1010> (sad)
02:40 <Blitzzy> maybe
02:41 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Squidward wakes up
02:41 <Mikeymkwii> O_O
02:41 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Squidward: SPONGEBOB, GET OUT
02:41 <Boo1010> please
02:41 <King Eraserheads> can we roleplay
02:41 <Boo1010> me?
02:42 <Boo1010> me and u
02:42 <Boo1010> please 
02:42 <King Eraserheads> umm
02:42 <Boo1010> can we roleplay 
02:42 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no, not a replay wiki, on second thought, sure
02:42 <Boo1010> woo hoo
02:43 <Boo1010> sooo
02:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no you can't actually,I changed my mind
02:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  wait, you can
02:43 <Boo1010> yes
02:43 <Boo1010> i like to roleplay
02:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  wait, don't role play
02:44 <Boo1010> tell the theme
02:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  anon, just shut up
02:46 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <King Eraserheads> hi
02:48 <King Eraserheads> umm poor chat XD XD XD
02:48 <King Eraserheads> lol
02:48 <Blitzzy> *rich chat
02:49 <Boo1010> hi
02:49 <Blitzzy> (hi)
02:49 <Boo1010> (dance)
02:49 <Boo1010> (hi)
02:49 <Boo1010> (cookie)
02:50 <Boo1010> is anyone here
02:50 <Boo1010> im 
02:50 <Boo1010> so lonely 
02:50 <Boo1010> i have nobody
02:50 <Boo1010> for my own
02:51 -!- Sniffybear2 has joined Special:Chat
02:51 <Boo1010> laaaaaaaaaa
02:51 <Sniffybear2> Hey
02:51 <Sniffybear2> Boo?
02:51 <Boo1010> hi
02:51 <Sniffybear2> sup, your new?
02:51 <Boo1010> (hi)
02:51 <Sniffybear2> (wave)
02:51 <123kitten1> I'll brb
02:51 <Boo1010> yeah
02:51 <Boo1010> kk
02:51 <Sniffybear2> cool
02:51 <123kitten1> I have business to take care of
02:51 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
02:51 <Boo1010> hehe
02:51 <Boo1010> (dance)
02:52 <Sniffybear2> how old are you, boo?
02:52 <Mikeymkwii> WAITT
02:52 <Mikeymkwii> DON'T ANSWER THAT
02:52 <GrandCroconaw66> Uh... Don't ask for Ages @Sniffy
02:52 <Mikeymkwii> DONT
02:52 <Blitzzy> i am 56
02:52 <Boo1010> you first
02:52 <Blitzzy> :P
02:52 <Sniffybear2> Iam 13
02:52 <Boo1010> same
02:53 <Sniffybear2> Mikey, I just do that to find out if some of the new users are underaged
02:53 <Boo1010> lol 
02:53 <Mikeymkwii> and
02:53 -!- Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls has joined Special:Chat
02:53 <Boo1010> im not
02:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yoy
02:53 <Sniffybear2> and its a good thing to do
02:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *Yo
02:53 <Sniffybear2> (wave) Hey
02:53 <Mikeymkwii> you can get banned for doing that @sniffy
02:53 <Boo1010> im sorry
02:53 <Sniffybear2> No I cant, ask Shurow
02:53 <Mikeymkwii> asking for ages
02:53 <Boo1010> im new
02:53 <Mikeymkwii> in the rules
02:53 <Boo1010> (sad)
02:53 <Mikeymkwii> look it up
02:53 <Boo1010> bye guys]
02:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Asking for ages is not allowed
02:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> bye
02:54 <Boo1010> :(
02:54 <Sniffybear2> Well I just did :S
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> Jack
02:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Since you didn't know, no punishment yet
02:54 <Boo1010> buy sniffy bear i love u (heart)
02:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> HE DID YOU @Jack
02:54 <Blitzzy> *bye
02:54 <Sniffybear2> Uhh, sure S
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> wait
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> did i just say...
02:54 <Mikeymkwii> oops
02:54 <Blitzzy> CATTY
02:55 <Boo1010> (heart)
02:55 <Sniffybear2> what if I asked, are you 13 yet?
02:55 <Sniffybear2> thats not against the rules
02:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am 13 :P
02:55 <Sniffybear2> and that helps find underaged users
02:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dororo has a way too
02:55 <Sniffybear2> yeah
02:55 <Mikeymkwii> i hate COPPA
02:55 <Boo1010> i love u sniffy bear (heart)
02:55 <Sniffybear2> wy do you <3 me?
02:55 <Sniffybear2> *why
02:55 <Blitzzy> you barely even know him
02:56 <Boo1010> i love u 
02:56 <Sniffybear2> yeah, and book is a boy :|
02:56 <Sniffybear2> *boo
02:56 <Boo1010> l (heart) u
02:56 <Boo1010> i am a girl
02:56 <Sniffybear2> Ok
02:56 <GrandCroconaw66> Boo, Check Pm.
02:56 <Sniffybear2> just making sure :S
02:56 -!- Carlos Mtz2 has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
02:56 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi
02:56 <Boo1010> whats pm
02:56 <Carlos Mtz2> Guys, go to server Bunny Hill
02:56 <GrandCroconaw66> Private Message.
02:56 <Carlos Mtz2> Meet me in the EPF HQ
02:56 <GrandCroconaw66> @Boo
02:56 <Blitzzy> why do you want to check if he's a boy or a girl?
02:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Grand, did any trouble go on while I was sleeping?
02:57 <Blitzzy> *she's
02:57 <Boo1010> ok
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> go to server bunny hill!
02:58 <Sniffybear2> why?
02:58 -!- CP Frost Bite has joined Special:Chat
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> go go go!
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> room: EPF HQ
02:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo guys
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> Server Bunny Hill
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> gtg
02:58 <Carlos Mtz2> meet me there
02:58 <Sniffybear2> iam not gonna go without a reason
02:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
02:59 <Boo1010> im on server acsent
02:59 <CP Frost Bite> Jackninja5: I'm kind of a psychic. 
02:59 <CP Frost Bite> do you like gravity falls?
02:59 <Sniffybear2> I do
02:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes I do
02:59 <Boo1010> in coffee shop
02:59 <The Lord of the Rings> Who wants to battle Pokemon BW or BW2?
02:59 <Blitzzy> Oh oh oh I do
02:59 <Boo1010> any one on cp at he moment
02:59 <CP Frost Bite> The Lord of the Rings must love Harry Potter.
02:59 <The Lord of the Rings> Which versions
02:59 <Blitzzy> Let me get my copy of Black
03:00 <Blitzzy> brb
03:00 <GrandCroconaw66> Boo, Check Pm.
03:00 <The Lord of the Rings> @CP What?
03:00 <Sniffybear2> Grand just tell Boo on main chat
03:00 <GrandCroconaw66> Okay.
03:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Grand, were there any problems on chat while I was gone?
03:00 <The Lord of the Rings> Oh. GTG
03:00 <GrandCroconaw66> Sure @Jack
03:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
03:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O What happened?
03:01 -!- CP Frost Bite has left Special:Chat.
03:01 <Blitzzy> Alright, so I have no idea how to do online battle with Black and White
03:01 <Blitzzy> noo he's gone
03:01 <Sniffybear2> Did you know, if you went to the Pokemon wiki, I think they would help you better
03:02 <Blitzzy> what's an "pokemon"?
03:02 <Sniffybear2> whats Black and White?
03:02 <Blitzzy> The edition before black and white 2
03:02 <Sniffybear2> whats it about?
03:02 <Blitzzy> I dunno
03:02 <Blitzzy> I forgot
03:03 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
03:03 <123kitten1> Well,
03:03 <Blitzzy> Hello Doggen
03:03 <Sniffybear2> Thats not good, you should get some help on that, memory loss
03:03 <123kitten1> It is done.
03:03 <Blitzzy> ?
03:03 <123kitten1> DOGGEN?
03:03 <123kitten1> DONT CALL ME DOGGEN
03:03 <Blitzzy> Okay
03:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:03 <Blitzzy> Catten
03:03 <Sniffybear2> DOGGEN <-- your new name
03:03 <123kitten1> I have a grudge against dogs
03:03 <Sniffybear2> thats messed up
03:03 <Sniffybear2> Dogs are better than cats
03:03 <123kitten1> Don't mention those weak animals
03:03 <123kitten1> :0
03:04 <Sniffybear2> weak animals? ha! Cats are scared of dogs, bro
03:04 <Blitzzy> Now now, let's not get racist towards animals
03:04 <123kitten1> Nope
03:04 <Sniffybear2> lol so cats chase dogs?
03:04 <Sniffybear2> wacko :P
03:04 <Blitzzy> Not all dogs chase cats
03:04 <123kitten1> May I remind you what the fastest land animal is?
03:04 <Blitzzy> and dogs only chase cats because they are attracted to their smell
03:04 <123kitten1> A cat.
03:04 <Sniffybear2> a cheetah, not a house home cat
03:05 <Blitzzy> still a kind of cat
03:05 <Blitzzy> Feline
03:05 <123kitten1> Cheetahs are cats
03:05 <123kitten1> Hello
03:05 <Sniffybear2> Dogs are stronger, I hope to have you know
03:05 <123kitten1> Dogs or cats?
03:05 <The Lord of the Rings> Nvm I don't need to go lol
03:05 <Blitzzy> They both have their pros and cons
03:05 <Sniffybear2> Dogs <--- (wave) penguin slap cats
03:05 <123kitten1> Some dogs are larger, so they have a larger muscle mass
03:05 -!- Sniffybear2 has left Special:Chat.
03:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL TLOTR
03:06 <123kitten1> I'm starting to form an enemyship with that Sniffybear2
03:06 <The Lord of the Rings> So who waz I battling in Pokemon?
03:06 <Blitzzy> me!
03:06 <123kitten1> -_-
03:06 <The Lord of the Rings> FC? 
03:06 <Blitzzy> ?
03:06 <The Lord of the Rings> BW or BW2?
03:06 <Blitzzy> Bw.
03:06 <Blitzzy> Oh friend code
03:07 <Blitzzy> that's what it is?
03:07 <The Lord of the Rings> Yeah
03:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:07 <123kitten1> Hello
03:07 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
03:07 <123kitten1> Wanna know what I don;t understand?
03:07 <Boo1010> hi
03:08 <The Lord of the Rings> What
03:08 <Blitzzy> What?
03:08 <123kitten1> Why do people have a freaky obsession with Dogs?
03:08 <Boo1010> (hi)
03:08 <123kitten1> "My dog peed on my sofa, how cute!"
03:08 <123kitten1> -_-
03:10 <The Lord of the Rings> Cute lol
03:10 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> Guys
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> i got  3 Month Membership!
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> :D
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> With a code
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> to unlock the Jet-Pack
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> :D
03:11 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> So...
03:11 <Carlos Mtz2> i dressed as Jet-Pack Guy!
03:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
03:12 <King Eraserheads> Hi guys i finish uploaded
03:13 <Carlos Mtz2> From here
03:13 <Carlos Mtz2> til' the end of my Penguin days
03:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:13 <Carlos Mtz2> i will be agent Jet Pack Guy
03:13 <Carlos Mtz2> >:)
03:13 <Carlos Mtz2> >:-D
03:14 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
03:14 <Djf1107> hi
03:14 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi
03:14 <123kitten1> What should I edit?
03:14 <Djf1107> can I have a toy code
03:14 <Djf1107> pm
03:14 <Carlos Mtz2> I don't have any
03:14 <Carlos Mtz2> i used all of them
03:14 <123kitten1> You can have a code
03:14 <123kitten1> PM me
03:16 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
03:16 <Master Dubstep> That is all
03:16 <Djf1107> who really has a toy code
03:16 <Master Dubstep> I do.
03:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:17 <GrandCroconaw66> Dubstep hacked Rookie... :O
03:17 <Master Dubstep> LOL
03:17 <Carlos Mtz2> :O
03:17 <GrandCroconaw66> I Thought Mascots are IP Locked...
03:17 <Master Dubstep> <<<<<
03:17 <Carlos Mtz2> Djf, what's your penguin name?
03:18 <GrandCroconaw66> So, They can only used by  Club penguin team @Dubstep
03:18 <Master Dubstep> LOL the lix61 is fake
03:18 <Master Dubstep> I just edited that
03:18 <Master Dubstep> LOL
03:18 <Master Dubstep> but the rookie one is real
03:18 <Master Dubstep> I hacked CeCe too
03:18 <Master Dubstep> watch
03:18 <Master Dubstep> her clothes were lagging, but here I am at the dojo
03:19 <Blitzzy> you could easily be using a cpps
03:19 -!- 1joshuarules has joined Special:Chat
03:19 <Master Dubstep> No cpps has the sensei interface
03:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:19 <1joshuarules> Hey everyone!
03:19 <Master Dubstep> so its impossible
03:19 <Blitzzy> You could have made your own
03:19 <Master Dubstep> nope
03:19 <Master Dubstep> I dont do that\
03:20 <Blitzzy> but you claim to hack?
03:20 <Master Dubstep> I did.
03:20 <Blitzzy> proove it then
03:20 <Master Dubstep> I made a program
03:20 <1joshuarules> Click [[User_blog:1joshuarules/Time_Waits_for_No_Cast|here]], guys!
03:20 <Blitzzy> please do go on a server
03:20 <Master Dubstep> Blitzzy
03:20 <Master Dubstep> Every time someone logs into a mascot, the password is automaticly changed as soon as they log off
03:20 <Carlos Mtz2> im in server bunny hill
03:20 <Master Dubstep> They send the new generated password to the mascot operaters
03:21 <Blitzzy> But you hacked if you hacked in once can't your program search for the password again?
03:22 -!- Shadows60 has joined Special:Chat
03:22 <Shadows60> Hey Guys!
03:22 <Blitzzy> Hello Lights
03:22 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Shadows60
03:22 <Master Dubstep> No, my program can only work after a certain amount of minutes
03:22 <Blitzzy> why did you make it like that?
03:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:23 <Master Dubstep> Its the only way I could get it to work
03:23 <1joshuarules> I gotta go, guys.
03:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
03:23 <Carlos Mtz2> Bye
03:23 <Blitzzy> so what was causing it to not work if you didn't add that thing?
03:23 <Blitzzy> Bye
03:24 -!- 1joshuarules has left Special:Chat.
03:25 <Master Dubstep> Like
03:25 <Master Dubstep> You know how you have to have to do something certain for wpe pro's play button to pick up any packets
03:25 <Blitzzy> no?
03:26 <Djf1107> who wants 2 free peng pm
03:26 <Blitzzy> what kind of peng?
03:26 <King Eraserheads> back
03:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
03:26 <King Eraserheads> LOL
03:27 <GrandCroconaw66> Dot could be mascot if Club Penguin did an mission: (It could be possibly return of Herbert P. Bear As a Mascot)
03:27 <Shadows60> I might make a Club Penguin Movie, but I need jobs
03:27 <Shadows60> We need a poll first
03:28 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
03:28 <Carlos Mtz2> Duh, Djf1107 said Free Peng
03:28 <Carlos Mtz2> and he asked me for a toy code
03:28 <Blitzzy> yea
03:29 <123kitten1>
03:29 <123kitten1> Please comment
03:29 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
03:29 <Blitzzy> Hello Djf
03:30 <123kitten1>
03:30 <King Eraserheads> Guys
03:30 <123kitten1> Yes?
03:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Commented
03:30 <King Eraserheads> Please Comment
03:31 <King Eraserheads> Restaurant
03:31 <King Eraserheads> and empire
03:32 <Shadows60>
03:32 <Shadows60> Please vote
03:32 <Shadows60> And comment
03:32 <GrandCroconaw66> Prehistoric Party Sounds Like Webosaurs.
03:37 <Blitzzy> omg this is the most lively chat i've seen in years
03:38 <Blitzzy> I just killed everyone
03:38 <Blitzzy> I'm so sorry
03:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
03:38 <Blitzzy> :O
03:38 <Blitzzy> ZOMBIE
03:38 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
03:38 <Shadows60> Hey
03:39 <Artantic> hey hey hey
03:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:39 <Artantic> :O
03:39 <Blitzzy> Hello North Pole
03:39 <Artantic> only 9 more followers 
03:39 <Blitzzy> ?
03:39 <Artantic> till 300 followers on twitter
03:40 <Blitzzy> you misspelled ruler
03:42 <Artantic>
03:43 <123kitten1>
03:44 <Artantic> what did i just read? o.o
03:44 <Blitzzy> plot of Animal Farm by George Orwell
03:45 -!- Youske has joined Special:Chat
03:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:45 <Youske> Hey
03:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Youske
03:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Youske! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
03:45 <Blitzzy> Hello Meske
03:45 <Youske> Thanks.. 
03:45 <Youske> What the? Meske?
03:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No problem ;)
03:46 <Blitzzy> that is your name, right?
03:46 <Artantic> hello
03:46 <Shadows60> !welcome Jack! Sowwy, but Im just gonna do AN AMAZING MOVIE
03:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Jack! Sowwy, but Im just gonna do AN AMAZING MOVIE! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
03:46 <Artantic> you r?
03:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
03:46 <Blitzzy> *you're
03:46 <Artantic> i know
03:47 <Artantic> i do that on purpose ¬.¬
03:47 <Shadows60> Jackninja5
03:47 <Shadows60> I need a name
03:47 <Shadows60> for the Movie
03:47 <123kitten1> I'm bored
03:47 <Artantic> whats it about?
03:47 <123kitten1> Should I make a new story?
03:47 <Blitzzy> EVERYONE IS PENGUINS: the movie
03:47 <123kitten1> McPenguins part 7
03:47 <Artantic> KITTEN
03:47 <Blitzzy> NO
03:47 <Carlos Mtz2> Carlos Mtz2: The Movie
03:47 <Carlos Mtz2> :P
03:47 <Shadows60> NO
03:47 <Artantic> (LOL)
03:47 <Artantic> HA HA HA
03:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I don't have a name
03:47 <123kitten1> Yes Art?
03:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> for it
03:47 <Artantic> nvm 
03:48 <Shadows60> Club Penguin: The Movie
03:48 <Artantic> i know
03:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Awesome
03:48 <Blitzzy> what's it about?
03:48 <Artantic> eating poop for breakfast (lol)
03:48 <123kitten1> My story is about a clown breaking out of a prison 
03:49 <Shadows60> Its a wonderful movie
03:49 <Shadows60> But its rated PG because 1 penguin dies in the film
03:49 <Youske> Nice
03:50 <Shadows60>
03:51 <Shadows60> It will air on Youtube
03:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
03:51 <Shadows60> I need cast
03:52 <Shadows60> Anyone wanna be in it
03:52 <Blitzzy> What's it about?
03:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sorry but I am too busy
03:52 <Shadows60> Artantic
03:53 <Shadows60> What do you want your name to be (You can choose it because its on Ultimate Penguin)
03:55 <Blitzzy> Make it Antonio
03:55 <Shadows60> Art?
03:55 <Blitzzy> Art make your name Antonio
03:55 <Blitzzy> DO IT
03:56 <Carlos Mtz2> gtg
03:56 <Carlos Mtz2> Bye
03:56 -!- Carlos Mtz2 has left Special:Chat.
03:56 <Blitzzy> baii
03:56 <Blitzzy> noo
03:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
03:57 <Artantic> ahh
03:57 <Artantic> shadows
03:57 <Shadows60> Yes?
03:57 <Artantic> Artantic
03:57 <Artantic> of course :P
03:58 <Shadows60> K
03:58 <Shadows60>
03:59 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has joined Special:Chat
03:59 <AnonymousDuckLover> what's going on here?
03:59 <Blitzzy> Nothing for nosy folks
03:59 <AnonymousDuckLover>  kicks blitz
03:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
03:59 <Blitzzy> ow
04:00 <123kitten1> I'm sad
04:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  why
04:00 <Blitzzy> wai?
04:00 <Artantic> hi
04:00 <123kitten1> Because I'm sad!
04:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  want some cat-nip?
04:00 <Blitzzy> that's no reason boy
04:00 <123kitten1> I'm not a cat
04:00 <123kitten1> I don't eat catnip
04:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  thought I'd ask, you never know
04:01 <Blitzzy> you don't eat it
04:01 <Blitzzy> do you?
04:01 <123kitten1> ADL, are you a real duck?
04:01 <Blitzzy> I am a duck
04:01 <Blitzzy> and a kitten
04:01 <AnonymousDuckLover>  duck LOVER
04:01 <Blitzzy> and a pony
04:01 <Youske> Oh Yeah! Just won a sled race.. :3
04:01 <123kitten1> Your not anonymous
04:01 <GrandCroconaw66> wait what about me? @Blitzzy
04:01 <Blitzzy> ?
04:01 <123kitten1> What if anonymous people could go on chat... 0.0
04:01 <Blitzzy> that would be scary
04:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Then what is my name in real life, one guess
04:02 <Blitzzy> and what did I say @Grand?
04:02 <123kitten1> Duck
04:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  wrong
04:02 <GrandCroconaw66> Blitzzy, Talk about one in pm.
04:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you lose
04:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bum bum bum
04:02 <123kitten1> ADL's real name is Anonymous D. Lover
04:02 <123kitten1> (D stands for Duck)
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I already told you that you lost
04:03 <123kitten1> Is your real name dennis?
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I'm out
04:03 <123kitten1> Rebecca Black? 
04:03 <Youske> XD
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  NO 
04:03 <123kitten1> Justin Beiber?
04:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
04:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> AHH
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> Yes, it is
04:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not him
04:03 <123kitten1> :0 
04:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  not
04:03 <123kitten1> ADL IS BEIBER 
04:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Phew
04:04 <123kitten1> ER HEH GURD
04:04 <123kitten1> CODE SEVEN!
04:04 <Stick sean> hello
04:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:04 <123kitten1> Its...The stick
04:04 <Blitzzy> Hello Paul
04:04 <123kitten1> :0
04:04 <123kitten1> ADL IS PAUL
04:04 <Stick sean> im not a stick I'm a stickman (furious)
04:04 <123kitten1> Uh oh, Stick sean is angry
04:05 <Stick sean> so?
04:05 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ~Justin Bieber has saddled into the chat room~
04:05 <Stick sean> :O
04:05 <Stick sean> I hate Justin beiber
04:05 <123kitten1> Saddled? HE OWNS A HORSE?
04:05 <Stick sean> he sucks
04:05 <123kitten1> :0
04:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I hate JB too
04:05 <123kitten1> ADL IS JUSTIN BEIBER
04:05 <123kitten1> STOP BEING RUDE
04:05 <Stick sean> :/
04:05 <123kitten1> ADL is sad now
04:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ADL is different from JB
04:05 <Stick sean> :/
04:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'm LOLing
04:05 <123kitten1> I'm Sad77
04:05 <Shadows60> Wait...
04:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ADL is cool, JB is a loser :P
04:06 <Stick sean> sure
04:06 <123kitten1> Yes
04:06 <123kitten1> Duhh
04:06 <Blitzzy> Well Yea
04:06 <Stick sean> yah
04:06 <Shadows60> Your kidding me (...)
04:06 <Blitzzy> *you're
04:06 <123kitten1> "It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down of F-"
04:06 <Shadows60> 'Caus its a REALLY bad song
04:06 <123kitten1> Nevermind
04:06 <Shadows60> *Sings Friday*
04:06 <Stick sean> 123kitten1 called me a stick and I'm a stickman ;(
04:06 <Shadows60> Uh, oh
04:06 <Stick sean> ur mean
04:06 <123kitten1> Great, ban me now
04:07 <Stick sean> :P
04:07 <123kitten1> I said stick, what a crime
04:07 <Blitzzy> it sure is
04:07 <Stick sean> yah
04:07 <Blitzzy> You're under arrest
04:07 <Blitzzy> I am a police guy
04:07 <123kitten1> Officer, take me away
04:07 <Stick sean> u shood be arrested
04:07 <Stick sean> u bad kitten
04:07 <Stick sean> :D
04:07 <Stick sean> lol
04:07 <123kitten1> Shood? U?
04:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> ~Justin Bieber has been kicked in a body part~
04:07 <Shadows60> Kitten
04:07 <Blitzzy> Your words can and will be used against you in the state of law
04:07 <Stick sean> :O
04:07 <Stick sean> is that bad?
04:07 <123kitten1> Shood and U aren't proper words in the English language
04:07 <Shadows60> In the movie, what would you like your name to be?
04:07 <123kitten1> 123kitten1
04:08 <Stick sean> Stick Sean
04:08 <Stick sean> not Stick sean
04:08 <123kitten1> Kitten will work too
04:08 <Shadows60> K
04:08 <Stick sean> 123K1
04:08 <Shadows60> Which one, Kitten or 123kitten1?
04:08 <Stick sean> or 123K!
04:08 <123kitten1> 123kitten1
04:08 <Shadows60> K
04:08 <Stick sean> :P
04:08 <123kitten1> 123k1 is only used when I feel like shortening my name
04:09 <Stick sean> ur a mod shadows?
04:09 <123kitten1> For the day
04:09 <Stick sean> o
04:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> death is here to take Justin burner away
04:09 <Stick sean> who JB
04:09 <Blitzzy> Can I participate in this theatrical production Shadows60?
04:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Bieber
04:09 <Shadows60> Sounds like a witch
04:09 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video - Duration: 03:48 - Uploaded: 2011-09-17 - Rating: 1.774913 - Views: 46,522,008 -
04:09 <Shadows60> Sure!
04:09 <123kitten1> Chat mod Callander is when you become a CM For a day
04:09 <Blitzzy> Yey
04:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I should sign up
04:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  but I don't feel like it
04:10 <Stick sean> :P
04:10 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V - Duration: 04:13 - Uploaded: 2012-07-15 - Rating: 4.694273 - Views: 1,173,693,451 -
04:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  f is for friends who do stuff together
04:10 <Blitzzy> oh noes
04:10 <Stick sean> :D
04:10 <Shadows60> Now THATS better
04:10 <Blitzzy> U is for You and Me
04:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  u is for you and me
04:11 <Blitzzy> N is for anywhere and anytime at all
04:11 <Stick sean> F is for friends who do stuff together
04:11 <Blitzzy> F is for fire that burns down the whole town
04:11 <Stick sean> U is for you and me
04:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
04:11 <Blitzzy> U is for uranium, bombs
04:11 <Blitzzy> N is for no survival
04:11 <AnonymousDuckLover> u is for uranium...
04:11 <Stick sean> N is for anywhere at anytime at all
04:11 <AnonymousDuckLover> bombs
04:11 <Stick sean> DOWN IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA
04:12 <123kitten1> FRIDAY!
04:12 <Blitzzy> It's saturday though
04:12 <AnonymousDuckLover>  n is for noses cherry bottom Sun's down here with my best buddy
04:12 <123kitten1> I have this song stuck in my head
04:12 -!- Shurow has joined Special:Chat
04:12 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
04:12 <Stick sean> hey
04:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo guys
04:12 <Blitzzy> Hello Monster
04:12 <123kitten1> YESTERDAY WAS THURSDAY!
04:12 <Blitzzy> Hello Shirow
04:12 <Shurow> Guys I just hit a MAJOR realization :P
04:12 <123kitten1> What?
04:12 <Artantic> shurow
04:12 <Shadows60> Hey
04:12 <AnonymousDuckLover>  what
04:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shadows still has 1 hour left :P
04:12 <Stick sean> :P
04:12 <Shurow> You'll find out tomorrow
04:12 <Stick sean> :?
04:12 <Shurow> I'm making a blog about it
04:13 <Stick sean> :?
04:13 <Blitzzy> why can't you tell us now?
04:13 <Stick sean> :/
04:13 <Shadows60> Strange. People are hating Friday on Friday
04:13 <Artantic> my blog took the 2nd place in popular blogs :P
04:13 <123kitten1> Shurow this will change your life
04:13 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video - Duration: 03:48 - Uploaded: 2011-09-17 - Rating: 1.774912 - Views: 46,522,008 -
04:13 <Stick sean> gtg
04:13 <Shurow> It's too complicated
04:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
04:13 <AnonymousDuckLover>  nooo... the dreaded wait
04:13 <Shadows60> Shurow
04:13 <Shurow> It would be harder to get my point across
04:13 <Shadows60> Doesnt it sound like a Witch is singing it?
04:13 <Blitzzy> Why don't you just drag your point to the otehr side?
04:13 <Blitzzy> *other
04:13 <123kitten1> Yes it does Shadows
04:13 <Shurow> I'll post the blog tomorrow
04:13 <Shurow> but I can tell you this
04:13 <AnonymousDuckLover>  this is
04:14 -!- Youske has left Special:Chat.
04:14 <Shurow> it may change your opinions forever
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  concentrations
04:14 <Stick sean>
04:14 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V - Duration: 04:13 - Uploaded: 2012-07-15 - Rating: 4.694270 - Views: 1,173,693,451 -
04:14 <Stick sean> :P
04:14 <Shurow> :)
04:14 <Blitzzy> :O
04:14 <123kitten1> 3 mins and 48 seconds of my life wasted :3
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  category is
04:14 <Blitzzy> Opinion changing topics
04:14 <Blitzzy> hmm
04:14 <Blitzzy> Have you ever thought of your tongue?
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  spongebob episode names
04:14 <Shurow> I'll start writing it now and post it tomorrow morning
04:14 <Blitzzy> Like, really thought of it?
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you go first
04:14 <Blitzzy> How it's weird and wiggly
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I go second
04:14 <Shurow> so if you want to contact me...just uh pm me i guess
04:14 <Blitzzy> Dieing for Pie
04:14 <AnonymousDuckLover>  fun
04:15 <Blitzzy> Spongebob's day off?
04:15 <Blitzzy> i dunno
04:15 <AnonymousDuckLover>  home sweet bucket
04:15 <Blitzzy> I never remembered them
04:15 <AnonymousDuckLover>  help wanted
04:15 <AnonymousDuckLover>  the camping episode
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you, wait, your turn
04:16 -!- Mariobilly has joined Special:Chat
04:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:16 <TATemporaryAaron1101> hi all
04:16 <Mariobilly> Hi.
04:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo TAT
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  bubble buddies
04:16 <Blitzzy> Hello 1101
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  pickles
04:16 <123kitten1> Rebecca Black VS Rebecca White
04:16 <TATemporaryAaron1101> :|
04:16 <123kitten1> :P
04:16 <Mariobilly> [[File:The Egg.png]] (lol)
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover>  home sweet pineapple
04:17 <123kitten1> I like that picture Mariobilly
04:17 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um
04:17 <Mariobilly> Thanks.
04:17 <Blitzzy> I eat it
04:17 <AnonymousDuckLover>  home sweet rubble
04:17 <Blitzzy> Hello and welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway, the game where the points don't matter
04:17 -!- Sniffybear2 has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <TATemporaryAaron1101> hey
04:17 <AnonymousDuckLover>  hello bikini bottom
04:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo Sniffy
04:17 <Sniffybear2> Just uploaded a video, want to see it?
04:17 <Blitzzy> Hello Snoffy
04:18 <Mariobilly> Sure.
04:18 <Blitzzy> Very Yes
04:18 <Sniffybear2> Ok, heres the link
04:18 <TATemporaryAaron1101> Blitzzy
04:18 <Blitzzy> I don't see it
04:18 <Mariobilly> Charmed, I'm sure. ;)
04:18 <AnonymousDuckLover>  plankton!
04:18 <Blitzzy> Yes 1101?
04:18 <Sniffybear2> *Iam not in the video, iam just taking it
04:18 <Sniffybear2>
04:18 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Messing with Mother Nature - Duration: 00:37 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 2 -
04:18 <TATemporaryAaron1101> are there 1101 "me"s? :|
04:18 <Blitzzy> Yes
04:18 <Blitzzy> actually 197,693.5
04:18 <TATemporaryAaron1101> ...
04:19 <123kitten1> I should make a penguin called Sad77
04:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> f is for frolicking in the flowers
04:19 <Blitzzy> why?
04:20 <Blitzzy> WHY NOT SAD65?
04:20 <Shadows60> Guys
04:20 <Mariobilly> Sniffybear, do you get banned if you use javascript to add mascots?
04:20 <Blitzzy> Very Yes
04:20 <Blitzzy> Indeed
04:20 <Shadows60> I need a filmer for the movie
04:20 <Blitzzy> Now you do
04:20 <Blitzzy> I can't film
04:20 <Mariobilly> Do you, Sniffy?
04:20 <Sniffybear2>  no
04:20 <Sniffybear2> Polo said you will
04:20 <Sniffybear2> but you wont
04:20 <Mariobilly> Really?
04:20 <Sniffybear2> trust me, you wont
04:20 <Blitzzy> have you tried?
04:20 <Sniffybear2> I have tried
04:21 <Mariobilly> They can't track you down, can they?
04:21 <Sniffybear2> I added a whole bunch of ppl
04:21 <Blitzzy> They can
04:21 <Shadows60> Someone who has a screen recorder without a banner like "Unregistered Hypercam 3"
04:21 <Blitzzy> oh they can
04:21 <Sniffybear2> They can
04:21 <Sniffybear2> but its very rare they will bann you
04:21 <Blitzzy> with a thing called I.P. addresses
04:21 <Mariobilly> I'm only gonna add ones I've met to be fair.
04:21 <Sniffybear2> Ok
04:21 <Sniffybear2> good job
04:21 <Blitzzy> test is first
04:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> n is for noses and cherry ice cream under the sun with my best buddy.
04:21 <Mariobilly> Does that sound good?
04:21 <Blitzzy> just to be safe
04:21 <Blitzzy> Yes
04:21 <Blitzzy> Very Yes
04:21 <Sniffybear2> Please like :) 
04:21 <Sniffybear2>
04:21 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Messing with Mother Nature - Duration: 00:37 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 8 -
04:21 <Sniffybear2> (wave)
04:21 -!- Sniffybear2 has left Special:Chat.
04:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> spongebob the great
04:22 <123kitten1> I used to wwatch Spongebob a lot,
04:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ikr
04:22 <123kitten1> But I don't watch it anymore
04:22 <Mariobilly> Okay, how do I go the javascript thingy?
04:22 <123kitten1> I watch it maybe once a month
04:22 <Blitzzy> Go into google chrome
04:22 <AnonymousDuckLover>  spongebob has kind of gotten stupid
04:22 <123kitten1> Yeah
04:22 <Blitzzy> Or whatever program uses that enging
04:22 <Blitzzy> *engine
04:22 <Blitzzy> Go into developper tools
04:23 <AnonymousDuckLover>  smurf
04:23 <Mariobilly> I'm on javascript console.
04:23 <Shurow> One paragraph done :P
04:23 <Blitzzy>
04:23 <Mariobilly> Now what?
04:23 <Blitzzy> there
04:23 <Shurow> out of like.....50
04:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:23 <Blitzzy> It says there
04:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL Shurow
04:23 <Shadows60> Guys
04:23 <Blitzzy> Yea Lights?
04:23 <Shadows60> I think I can start the movie NOW!
04:23 <Blitzzy> Okay
04:23 <Mariobilly> Hey Shurow, have you added mascots using the Javascript thingy?
04:23 <Shadows60> But we are sadly doing it on
04:24 <Blitzzy> I don't know who I am
04:24 <Blitzzy> in this production
04:25 <Mariobilly> I think I have the proof I need to know that I won't get banned for Javascript thingy.
04:25 <Blitzzy> try a test on an account
04:25 <Mariobilly> Should I try on a test account first, Sniffy?
04:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo Art
04:26 <123kitten1> Bye.
04:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
04:26 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
04:26 <123kitten1> WAIT
04:26 <Blitzzy> ?
04:27 <123kitten1> I forgot my pen
04:27 <123kitten1> NOW Bye
04:27 <123kitten1> (wave)
04:27 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
04:27 <AnonymousDuckLover> that was disturbing
04:28 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I saw a spongebob collage made our of spongebob pictures
04:28 <AnonymousDuckLover>  try it
04:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So...
04:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updated
04:30 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: The logs were last updated 42:33 ago. There are currently ~410 lines in the log buffer.
04:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updatelogs
04:30 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 412 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
04:32 <Shadows60> Ima gonna get an Ice Cream
04:32 <Shadows60> brb
04:32 -!- Shadows60 has left Special:Chat.
04:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> brb
04:33 <Mariobilly> The Javascript mascot adding thing won't work. :(
04:33 <Mariobilly> I think they patched it.
04:34 <Mariobilly> Somebody try it and tell my if it works
04:34 <Mariobilly> Please?
04:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I don't know how to
04:35 <Mariobilly> Are you on Google Chrome?
04:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No
04:35 <Mariobilly> I'll tell you how.
04:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I don't really want to do one yet
04:35 <King Eraserheads> back
04:35 <Mariobilly> What browser?
04:35 <Mariobilly> Eraser, I have a question.
04:35 <Mariobilly> Have you added mascots using the Javascript thingy?
04:36 <Blitzzy> Needs to Be Chrome or any other browser that uses the chronium engine
04:36 <Blitzzy> such as Comodo Dragon
04:36 <King Eraserheads> umm Mariobilly
04:36 <Mariobilly> Blitzzy, you try it.
04:36 <Mariobilly> Tell me if it works
04:36 <Blitzzy> I don't have chrome
04:36 <King Eraserheads> Umm im not a expert of editing but plss tell the experts
04:36 <King Eraserheads> they know
04:39 <King Eraserheads> umm
04:39 <King Eraserheads> dead chat
04:39 <Blitzzy> Noo what have I done
04:41 <Artantic> GUYS
04:41 <Blitzzy> Yes Polar?
04:41 <Artantic> who knows the SWF for herbert syle?
04:42 <Blitzzy> Not mee
04:42 <AnonymousDuckLover> now that we're men
04:42 <AnonymousDuckLover>  place words here
04:42 <Blitzzy> We have facial hair
04:42 <Blitzzy> Now that we're men
04:42 <Blitzzy> I change my underwear
04:42 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
04:42 <Blitzzy> I forgot the rest
04:42 <AnonymousDuckLover> we are invincible
04:43 <Mariobilly> Now that we're men
04:43 <Mariobilly> We're at they county fair
04:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
04:43 <Mariobilly> *the
04:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  we form ranks of ten
04:43 <Mariobilly> *spongebob and patrick slap themselve in random places
04:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
04:43 <Mariobilly> Monsters:HOORAY!'
04:44 <Mariobilly> Now that they're men,
04:44 <Mariobilly> we can't bother them
04:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  the can complete the quest
04:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  and pass the test
04:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  and get the crown
04:45 <King Eraserheads> bam
04:45 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that they're men(x5)
04:45 <Mariobilly>
04:45 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Now That We're Men - SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star - Duration: 01:59 - Uploaded: 2012-07-23 - Rating: 4.933333 - Views: 17,076 -
04:46 -!- Shadows60 has joined Special:Chat
04:46 <Shadows60> Back
04:46 <Artantic> hi
04:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
04:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You have 53 minutes left
04:47 <Shadows60> K
04:47 <Shadows60> Make that 52
04:47 <Shadows60> 51
04:49 <Mariobilly> NOW THAT THEY'RE MEN
04:49 <Mariobilly> WE CAN'T BOTHER THEM
04:49 <TATemporaryAaron1101> wait
04:49 <Mariobilly> NOW THAT THEY'RE MEN
04:50 <TATemporaryAaron1101> was i away?
04:50 -!- Mirai Nikki has joined Special:Chat
04:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:52 <AnonymousDuckLover> now that we're men
04:52 <AnonymousDuckLover>  we've become invincible
04:52 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
04:52 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
04:53 <AnonymousDuckLover>  this isn't unbearable
04:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
04:54 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
04:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:55 <Mariobilly> ___
04:55 <Mariobilly> \__/ I CHANGED MY UNDERWEAR! :D
04:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> we have facial hair
04:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ...
05:00 <Shadows60> I think the New Wiki is coming online soon
05:00 <Mariobilly> New?
05:00 <Mariobilly> We're replacing CPWiki?
05:00 <Shadows60> Well
05:00 <Mariobilly> ;(
05:00 <Shadows60> Newish
05:00 <Shadows60> We are not replacing it
05:00 -!- Chris Dog90 has joined Special:Chat
05:00 <Chris Dog90> Hello all penguins!
05:00 <Blitzzy> Hello 90
05:00 <Mariobilly> [[File:NOW THAT WE'RE MEN.png]]
05:01 <Shadows60> We just call This wiki the New Wki :p
05:01 <Shadows60> Hey
05:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo guys
05:01 <Blitzzy> Hello Shiri
05:01 <Chris Dog90> Lol
05:01 <Shadows60> I cant remember the reason
05:01 <Chris Dog90> Bye guys!
05:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
05:01 <Mariobilly> was made a LONG time ago.
05:01 <Blitzzy> bai
05:01 <Shadows60> Bye
05:01 <Shadows60> (wave)
05:01 <Chris Dog90> xD
05:01 -!- Chris Dog90 has left Special:Chat.
05:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
05:03 <King Eraserheads> hi
05:03 <King Eraserheads> Art
05:03 <Shadows60> Hey
05:03 <King Eraserheads> Why i cant pm art
05:03 <King Eraserheads> ART Where is your blogspotz
05:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He must have blocked it :P
05:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> Mr Sun came up and he smiled at me
05:07 <Mariobilly> Okay.
05:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You already linked it
05:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see
05:07 <King Eraserheads> ok
05:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !yton
05:07 <Blitzzy> ?
05:07 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Now That We're Men - SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star - Duration: 01:59 - Uploaded: 2012-07-23 - Rating: 4.933333 - Views: 17,076 -
05:07 <Mariobilly> Just copy the video's URL
05:07 <Mariobilly> Right click it, click copy video's url, then press paste on chat.
05:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> it's the best day ever
05:07 <AnonymousDuckLover>  best day ever
05:08 <Mariobilly> BOO
05:08 <AnonymousDuckLover>  is the day ever
05:08 <Mariobilly> >:O
05:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> the best time to wear a stripped sweater
05:08 <AnonymousDuckLover>  is all the time
05:09 <TATemporaryAaron1101> lost connection
05:09 <TATemporaryAaron1101> :|
05:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah
05:09 <AnonymousDuckLover>  one collared, turtleneck
05:09 <AnonymousDuckLover>  that's the kind
05:09 <Shadows60> Jack
05:09 <Shadows60> I wish I could revert all my edits
05:09 <AnonymousDuckLover>  of your wearing
05:09 <AnonymousDuckLover>  that special sweater
05:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What edits?
05:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  we will buy
05:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  them you'll walk outside
05:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  and be cold
05:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> @Shadows
05:10 <AnonymousDuckLover>  but not old?
05:11 <AnonymousDuckLover>  do never
05:11 <AnonymousDuckLover>  sell that stripped sweater
05:11 <AnonymousDuckLover>  it will keep you earn
05:11 <AnonymousDuckLover>  from the cold weather
05:12 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um
05:13 <TATemporaryAaron1101> what is DuckLover doing?
05:13 <Blitzzy> Singing
05:14 <TATemporaryAaron1101> ok
05:14 <TATemporaryAaron1101> also, i dont get on your profile picture :|
05:14 <Blitzzy> Mine?
05:14 <TATemporaryAaron1101> yep
05:15 <Blitzzy> Well lookie what we have here brother of mine it's the same in every town
05:15 <Blitzzy> It's from MLP:FIM
05:16 <Blitzzy> Ponies with thirsty throats, dry tongues, and not a drop of cider to be found 
05:16 <TATemporaryAaron1101> k
05:16 <Blitzzy>
05:16 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: MLP The Flim Flam Brothers song (with Lyrics) Season 2 Episode 15 - Duration: 03:51 - Uploaded: 2012-01-28 - Rating: 4.840000 - Views: 24,067 -
05:18 -!- Dps04 has joined Special:Chat
05:18 <Dps04> hello
05:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
05:18 <Dps04> hi
05:18 <Blitzzy> Hello 04
05:18 <Dps04> lol hi
05:18 <Dps04> you are the first person to call me 04
05:18 <Blitzzy> Yay
05:18 <TATemporaryAaron1101> hey
05:18 <Dps04> :P
05:18 <Dps04> hi
05:18 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um i mean late hi
05:19 <TATemporaryAaron1101> i'm late at saying hi and bye :P...?
05:20 <Shadows60> Late Hey
05:20 <Mariobilly> [[User:Mariobilly/Now That We're Men]]
05:21 <King Eraserheads>
05:21 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin - Mystery Snow Trekker - Duration: 02:06 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 5 -
05:21 <King Eraserheads> well
05:22 <King Eraserheads> its mine
05:22 <King Eraserheads> go on my wiki
05:22 <King Eraserheads> And how to create a wiki chat
05:22 <King Eraserheads> How plss tell me
05:25 <Artantic> back
05:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
05:25 <Artantic> i was making a video
05:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
05:27 <Mariobilly> My avatar is now from Now That We're Men
05:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
05:27 <Mariobilly> [[User:Mariobilly]] Check out my avatar!
05:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I see it
05:28 <Shadows60> Ive got 11 more minutes on Chat mod
05:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
05:29 <Artantic> :P
05:29 <Artantic> lol
05:29 <Shadows60> You say everything is cool, Jack
05:29 <Artantic> ya
05:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
05:29 <Artantic> :P
05:30 <Artantic> i ate poo 
05:30 <Artantic> jack will say:cool
05:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not cool :P
05:30 <Artantic> shurpw is a girl 
05:30 <Artantic> shurow is a girl
05:30 <Mariobilly> Really?
05:30 <Artantic> jack:cool
05:31 <Artantic> DUDE
05:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Art, you impersonator
05:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
05:31 <Artantic> did u see my blog?
05:31 <Artantic>
05:32 -!- CP Frost Bite has joined Special:Chat
05:35 <CP Frost Bite> all goes quiet when the great CPFB comes in
05:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
05:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
05:35 <Mariobilly> How do I record audio on my computer?
05:35 <Mariobilly> Also, can you upload music files to the wiki?
05:37 <Artantic> idk
05:39 <CP Frost Bite> Mariobilly: you can upload .ogg files
05:39 <CP Frost Bite> I believe.
05:39 <CP Frost Bite> what OS do you use?
05:39 <Mariobilly> But how?
05:40 <Shurow> This blog is going to be way longer then I expected :/
05:40 <CP Frost Bite> which operating system to you use?
05:40 <Blitzzy> Lol
05:40 <CP Frost Bite> and Shurow: you're a girl?
05:40 <Shurow> No
05:40 <CP Frost Bite> oh then someone up there is a liar liar
05:40 <Mariobilly> Shurow, do you know how to?
05:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He was really pretending to :P
05:40 <Mariobilly> Stop picking on hi m, guys!
05:40 <CP Frost Bite> Mariobilly, I was offering you help and you ignored. whatever have fun
05:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow doesn't mind
05:41 <Artantic> shurow
05:41 <Artantic> ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME 
05:41 <Artantic> but...
05:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> picks on him more :P
05:41 <Artantic> YOU GOT NO CHANCE
05:41 <Artantic> listen
05:42 <Artantic> to this :P
05:42 <Artantic>
05:42 <Mariobilly> File:Now That We're Men - SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star]] How do I make this the music in my igloo?
05:42 <Mariobilly> *[[File:Now That We're Men - SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star]]
05:42 <Blitzzy> z/
05:42 <Blitzzy> *?
05:43 <Mariobilly> Not igloo
05:43 <Blitzzy> oh page
05:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Time is up for Shadows
05:43 <Mariobilly> On my userpage
05:43 <Mariobilly> :]
05:43 <Mariobilly> :}
05:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Calendar needs to update now
05:43 <Mariobilly> (embarrassed)
05:43 <Blitzzy> You need to get a mod to have it in an ogg file
05:43 <Shadows60> Can an Admin remove my Chat mod now?
05:43 <Mariobilly> Shurow, will you make it a .ogg file?
05:44 <Shadows60> I cant
05:44 <Mariobilly> So it can be music?
05:44 <Mariobilly> Kick me! :D
05:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Demote Shadows, Promote Leader
05:44 <Artantic> shadow need to refresh
05:44 <Mariobilly> Demote me to not a user, make some random guy a user.
05:44 <Shadows60> Am I demoted?
05:45 <Mariobilly> Not yet.
05:45 <Artantic> wait
05:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow, Dps
05:45 <Mariobilly> Just kick me 1 time
05:45 <Mariobilly> It'll be funny.
05:45 <Shadows60> Time was up 6 minutes ago :P
05:45 <Mariobilly> JUST DO IT
05:45 <Mariobilly> Brb
05:45 <Artantic> not yet
05:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Admins :P
05:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow
05:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps
05:47 <King Eraserheads> bACK
05:47 <King Eraserheads> Im watching block log
05:47 <Shadows60> Admins
05:47 <Shadows60> Demote me
05:48 <Shadows60> Then disable this account
05:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wikia Staff will disable it
05:48 <Shadows60> Well
05:48 <Shadows60> Yeah
05:48 <Shadows60> I keep forgetting :P
05:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow
05:49 <Shadows60> I am gonna edit mainspace ALOT more
05:51 <Shadows60> Admins
05:51 <Shadows60> Hurry up
05:51 <King Eraserheads> um
05:51 <King Eraserheads> why are you disabling yourslef account
05:51 <King Eraserheads> Why>
05:51 <King Eraserheads> Why?
05:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow PM
05:52 <CP Frost Bite> Hahahaha I can't read
05:52 <King Eraserheads> Im afraid to be block
05:52 <Shadows60> What?
05:53 <Shadows60> Dps
05:54 <Dps04> back
05:54 <Dps04> yes?
05:54 <Mariobilly> I don't wanna ever be blocked
05:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
05:54 <Mariobilly> DPS, PM!
05:54 <Dps04> ok
05:54 <Shadows60> PM Jack
05:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You didn't send me anything
05:54 <King Eraserheads> Me too i dont wanna be block
05:54 <Dps04> ? 
05:54 <Shadows60> Oh, well, I will PM you
05:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> PM @Dps
05:55 <King Eraserheads> Why i cant pm Art
05:55 <CP Frost Bite> I am a stegosaurus! 
05:55 <King Eraserheads> Is there any link of Club Penguin Wiki Admin History
05:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I need to refresh
05:56 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
05:56 <King Eraserheads> um
05:56 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
05:56 <Shadows60> Whoops
05:56 <King Eraserheads> Shadow60 expires
05:56 <King Eraserheads> lol
05:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Calendar is updated
05:57 <Shadows60> Dps
05:57 <Dps04> yes?
05:57 <Shadows60> I would like Wikia Staff to disable this account
05:57 <Shadows60> I want to use Penguin Frost as my current
05:57 <King Eraserheads> Please No dont disable your accont
05:57 <Shadows60> Oh
05:57 <Shadows60> I want to
05:58 <Dps04> you can contact them if you wish
05:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shadows I have the link to contact them
05:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> In PM
05:58 <King Eraserheads> Umm just like mine
05:58 <Shadows60>
05:58 <Shadows60> Is this it?
05:58 <King Eraserheads> I disable account before
05:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes I guess
05:59 <Dps04> yes
05:59 <Mariobilly> Don't go!
05:59 <Mariobilly> (cry)
05:59 <Mariobilly> ;(
05:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He is not leaving
05:59 <King Eraserheads> LOL
05:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He will still be on Wikia
05:59 <Mariobilly> Is he leaving CPWiki?
05:59 <Dps04> he is just switching accounts lol
05:59 <King Eraserheads> LOL
05:59 <King Eraserheads> Whats next penguin naem
05:59 <Mariobilly> Oh.
05:59 <Shadows60> So, I will still be able to Login to Penguin Frost?
05:59 <Mariobilly> What's Penguin Frost?
06:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> His new username
06:00 <Dps04> yes
06:00 <Shadows60> OK
06:00 <Dps04> sounds like the name of a cpps though
06:00 <CP Frost Bite> There's something on your face!
06:00 <CP Frost Bite> IT WAS PAIN!
06:00 <Shadows60> *Dramatic Music Plays*
06:00 <King Eraserheads> lol
06:00 <Shadows60> *Presses Send to Wikia*
06:01 <King Eraserheads> ok
06:01 <Shadows60> I would like to make my last edit on this account
06:01 <Dps04> ok
06:01 <King Eraserheads> Ok
06:01 <Mariobilly> On what page?
06:01 <Mariobilly> Well, that's 1,321 edits down the toilet.
06:01 <Shadows60> Member
06:01 <Mariobilly> (fludh)
06:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> My userpage if you want :)
06:01 <Mariobilly> *(flush)
06:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LAGS
06:01 <Mariobilly> WAI
06:02 <Mariobilly> *WAIT
06:02 <Shadows60> OK
06:02 -!- Greeny356 has joined Special:Chat
06:02 <Shadows60> Can I login Penguin Frost now?
06:02 <Greeny356> Hai
06:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:02 <Mariobilly> Sign my userpage with your signature before switching accounts
06:02 <Shadows60> Hey
06:02 <Mariobilly> Forever, y'know.
06:02 <Shadows60> I will put something on my Userpage
06:02 <King Eraserheads> Is he yoshi
06:02 <King Eraserheads> He is admin before!
06:03 <King Eraserheads> an
06:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
06:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He was on before Yoshi though
06:03 <Greeny356> Was he here?
06:03 <Mariobilly> GUYS!
06:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yoshi joined in 2010
06:03 <CP Frost Bite> I listened to Psy before he was cool
06:03 <King Eraserheads> Jack he is an admin before
06:04 <Mariobilly> I'm bringing back the Party Policy!
06:04 <Mariobilly> But now...
06:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> That doesn't mean he is Yoshi
06:04 <Mariobilly> The Party Policy's only rule is to...
06:04 <King Eraserheads> lol
06:04 <Mariobilly> HAVE FUN! :D)
06:04 <King Eraserheads> :P
06:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL Cool
06:04 <Shadows60>
06:04 <CP Frost Bite> [[User:Shadows61]]
06:04 <Mariobilly> Permission to recreate Party Policy, Dps?
06:05 <Mariobilly> Granted or denied?
06:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Only admins can create policies
06:05 <Mariobilly> The Party Policy was a long time ago
06:05 <Dps04> what?
06:05 <Dps04> party policy?
06:05 <Mariobilly> I'm bringing back Party Policy
06:05 -!- Shadows60 has left Special:Chat.
06:05 <Dps04> NOOO!
06:05 <Mariobilly> Only rule now is to..
06:05 <King Eraserheads> Nooo
06:05 <Mariobilly> HAVE FUN!
06:05 <Dps04> it is the worst policy ever
06:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What is wrong with that policy?
06:05 <Dps04> oh lol
06:05 <Mariobilly> Permission, granted or denied?
06:06 <Dps04> it limits the no of parties users can have a month
06:06 <Dps04> (angry)
06:06 <Mariobilly> It used to
06:06 <Mariobilly> Now it's the rule of fun
06:06 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
06:06 <Penguin Frost> :)
06:06 <Dps04> wow hi
06:06 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wow! First time I see Dps using the angry emote
06:06 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB Shadows
06:06 <Dps04> lol jack
06:06 <Dps04> hi
06:06 <King Eraserheads> Penguin Frost
06:06 <Mariobilly> For the 3rd flippn' time, permission granted or denied, Dps?
06:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Patience
06:07 <Penguin Frost> I will miss you, Shadows60! (moody)
06:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> At least the same guy is still here :D
06:08 <King Eraserheads> lol
06:08 <Penguin Frost> Yeah
06:08 <King Eraserheads> Where is the link of cp wiki calendar
06:08 <Mariobilly> Well, that's 1,321 edits down the toilet for Penguin Frost.
06:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls>
06:08 <King Eraserheads> thanks
06:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No problem ;)
06:08 <Mariobilly> (flushes toilet)
06:08 <King Eraserheads> bored 600x
06:09 <Penguin Frost> Come on Wikia! Start my Userpage so I can edit it!
06:09 <Mariobilly> I will
06:09 <Penguin Frost> Just make it blank
06:09 <Mariobilly> Okay
06:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Do an edit on an article first, Shadows
06:10 <Penguin Frost> OK
06:10 <Penguin Frost> Maybe 1 or 5
06:10 <King Eraserheads> bored gotta watch Anoying Orange
06:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:10 <Mariobilly> Done. [[User:Penguin Frost]]
06:10 <King Eraserheads> Im an Orange Youre an Apple
06:11 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
06:11 <Penguin Frost> Thanks
06:11 <Penguin Frost> You left a dot :P
06:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
06:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Penguin Frost
06:12 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Penguin Frost! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
06:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:13 <Dps04> hi
06:13 <Penguin Frost> What if I could make 100 edits each day?
06:13 <Greeny356> Hai
06:13 <Penguin Frost> I would probably get 1,000 edits in 10 days :D
06:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
06:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome but THIS IS YO MAMA
06:14 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki but THIS IS YO MAMA! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
06:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL Just a joke :P
06:14 <Greeny356> :o
06:14 <Greeny356> brb
06:15 -!- Greeny356 has left Special:Chat.
06:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I was not using it at anyone though
06:15 <Mariobilly> !welcome SpongeBob Squarepants
06:15 <Dps04> !welcome SpongeBob Squarepants
06:15 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki SpongeBob Squarepants! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
06:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps always says things that non-mods try to make the bot say :P
06:16 <Dps04> :P
06:16 <Dps04> it is pretty fun
06:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR
06:16 -!- Call of pony has joined Special:Chat
06:16 <Dps04> why not make everyone can say that?
06:17 <Dps04> hi
06:17 <Mariobilly> I hope New Horizons video part 2 comes soon.
06:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> My favourite thing I made the bot say was "YO MAMA"
06:17 <Call of pony> Hello
06:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:18 <Call of pony> im making a trade any toy code for 5 rare accounts i own
06:18 <Dps04> i dont own any toy code
06:18 <Blitzzy> What do the rare accounts have?
06:18 <Mariobilly> Isn't it cool how they read all the e-mails that are sent to CP?
06:19 <Mariobilly> That's ALOT of e-mails
06:19 <Call of pony> the rare accounts got blue leas black glasses and a bunch
06:19 <Call of pony> of rare items
06:19 <Blitzzy> oh
06:19 <Blitzzy> Not interested
06:19 <Call of pony> and 2
06:19 <Call of pony> got beta hat
06:20 <Blitzzy> Are you sure about that?
06:20 <Call of pony> then 3 have the old psa phone
06:20 <Artantic> DONE
06:20 <Call of pony> Yes
06:20 <Artantic> nearly done :D
06:20 <Blitzzy> I don't think someone would give 2 beta hat users for a coin code
06:20 <Blitzzy> and having psa phone still isn't all that rare
06:20 <Call of pony> i dont want them im quitting cp -_-
06:20 <Blitzzy> still kinda but
06:20 <Call of pony> im quitting cp and im gonna give the codes to my cousin
06:20 <Blitzzy> can you give proof they have beta hats?
06:21 <Blitzzy> Like photographic evidence
06:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I always hear the word "quit" on this chat
06:21 <Blitzzy> lol
06:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *see
06:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
06:21 <Call of pony> yes
06:21 <Call of pony> ill take screens
06:21 <Blitzzy> Okay
06:21 <Call of pony> a few got old unupdated psa phone :D
06:21 <Mariobilly> The chat used to be our community, now all people do on it is start flamewars, roleplay, and complain.
06:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not only those
06:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> But fun too :P
06:23 <Call of pony> i got 5 accounts if anyone wants to trade pm me.
06:24 <Call of pony> all beta
06:24 <Blitzzy> Show pics of the two betas please
06:24 <Blitzzy> all beta now?
06:24 <Dps04> lol 
06:24 <Blitzzy> you said two beta at first
06:24 <Call of pony> They are
06:24 <Call of pony> when i started i made tons of accounts
06:25 <Call of pony> then membered them all
06:25 <Blitzzy> Please take pictures of the betas
06:25 <Call of pony> how?
06:25 <Blitzzy> With their beta hats on
06:25 <Blitzzy> The prnt scrn button
06:25 <Mariobilly> WAIT
06:25 <Blitzzy> then upload it to
06:25 <Call of pony> do u even got a toy code?
06:25 <Call of pony> Yes
06:25 <Blitzzy> Just show pictures please
06:25 <Call of pony> im quitting and need to get rid
06:25 <Blitzzy> I will give you a code if I see proof
06:25 <Mariobilly> I'll PM you, give my pasword
06:25 <Call of pony> do u own one?
06:26 <Blitzzy> Own a what?
06:26 <Call of pony> not following mario
06:26 <Call of pony> toy code 
06:26 <Blitzzy> oh
06:26 <Blitzzy> Maybe
06:26 <Blitzzy> :P
06:26 <Blitzzy> No honestly
06:26 <Blitzzy> I just want photographic proof
06:26 <Call of pony> answer me for i hastle going and taking screens
06:27 <Blitzzy> that you actually have what used to be two but is now five betas
06:27 <Shurow> My new blog is A LOT longer than I expected
06:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
06:27 <Blitzzy> didn't you say that like 2 hours ago?
06:27 <Shurow> but I decided to post it now :D
06:27 <Blitzzy> :P
06:27 <Blitzzy> YAY
06:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D
06:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I will read it
06:27 <Shurow> read it here
06:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:28 <TATemporaryAaron1101> the computer broke
06:28 <TATemporaryAaron1101> :|
06:28 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um
06:29 <TATemporaryAaron1101> dead chat......?
06:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
06:29 <Blitzzy> I'm waiting for CoP
06:30 <Call of pony> im playing mw2 whatcha want?
06:30 <Blitzzy> Pictures of your so called beta penguins
06:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> They make new rooms for CP during parties but then they disappear after it is over :(
06:31 <Penguin Frost>
06:31 <Penguin Frost> Like it?
06:31 <Call of pony> do u even own toy codes?
06:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes :D
06:31 <Blitzzy> No, do you even own 5 beta penguins?
06:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> @Shadows
06:31 <Call of pony> Yes
06:31 <Penguin Frost> Call me Frost of Penguin Frost now, but I dont mind Shadows
06:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah ok
06:32 <Call of pony> i got them but before i waste time prt scr"ing i want to know if u even own one right now that u can trade tonight?
06:32 <Blitzzy> Please prove that you have 5 beta penguins
06:32 <Blitzzy> No, I do not have an unused coin code at this moment
06:32 <Call of pony> then nvm
06:33 <Call of pony> im going to walmart brb
06:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:33 <Blitzzy> wait, so even if I don't have a coin code he doesn't show me pictures?
06:34 <Blitzzy> do I have to pay to see pictures of his betas?
06:34 <Penguin Frost> Jack
06:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yeah?
06:34 <Penguin Frost> You know the redirect
06:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yeah?
06:34 <Penguin Frost> I was using the same format as you, though when I pressed preview, it looked weird
06:34 <Penguin Frost> :P
06:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
06:37 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
06:37 <TATemporaryAaron1101> hey
06:37 <King Eraserheads> back
06:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
06:37 <Blitzzy> Hello
06:37 <Dps04> hi
06:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ...
06:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps killed the chat :P
06:39 <Dps04> >:D Mwhahah
06:39 <Dps04> lol
06:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> XD
06:40 <Blitzzy> I'm still wondering why CoP isn't giving images even though he would give images if I had a coin code
06:41 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
06:41 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
06:41 <King Eraserheads> back
06:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
06:41 <Dps04> wb
06:41 <King Eraserheads> WB
06:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB (LOL A chain)
06:42 <King Eraserheads> WB
06:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
06:42 <King Eraserheads> Who will join?
06:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
06:42 <Blitzzy> YOU BROKE IT
06:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Chain broken ;(
06:42 <King Eraserheads>
06:42 <King Eraserheads> HAHAHA I brroke it
06:43 <King Eraserheads> Who will join
06:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Thanks for putting me on your wall of respect :) @King
06:43 <King Eraserheads> Yeah
06:43 <King Eraserheads> You deserve it
06:43 <King Eraserheads> well
06:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> And I respect you
06:44 <King Eraserheads> Yeah
06:44 <King Eraserheads>
06:44 <King Eraserheads> Who will join
06:44 <Penguin Frost> Cmon
06:44 <King Eraserheads> Last announcement
06:44 <Penguin Frost> Can someone create this?
06:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sorry but not me :(
06:44 <Penguin Frost> For me?
06:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> @King
06:44 <King Eraserheads>
06:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK how to @Penguin Frost
06:45 <Penguin Frost> Um
06:45 <Penguin Frost> You just press create and then press Publish, or add a . or something
06:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK
06:45 <Penguin Frost> :( Im not in the wall of respect
06:46 <King Eraserheads> LOOL
06:46 <Artantic> DONE :D
06:46 <King Eraserheads> Art
06:46 <Artantic> nearly finished
06:46 <Artantic> now
06:46 <King Eraserheads> Join my empire
06:46 <Artantic> the video is uloading
06:46 <King Eraserheads> Whats your creatin
06:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK
06:46 <King Eraserheads> creating
06:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Penguin Frost
06:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Replace the .
06:46 <Penguin Frost> I know
06:46 <Shurow> guys read my new blog if you haven't already ;)
06:46 <Artantic> D:
06:46 <Artantic> im not in it D:
06:47 <King Eraserheads> Why?
06:47 <Mariobilly> Shurow, check my comment.
06:47 <Shurow> I did :)
06:47 <Penguin Frost>
06:47 <King Eraserheads> um
06:47 <Mariobilly> Do you know what I mean, Shurow?
06:47 <Artantic> anyway
06:47 <Artantic> i must be going now
06:48 <Artantic> bye
06:48 <Mariobilly> Old CP can always be in our memories (and in .swf files).
06:48 <Shurow> yes i do
06:48 <King Eraserheads> bye art
06:48 <Artantic> i might be back later
06:48 <King Eraserheads> !
06:48 <Artantic> btw
06:48 <King Eraserheads> k
06:48 <Artantic> in like 2 hours
06:48 <Artantic> my new video will be on youtube 
06:48 <King Eraserheads> okay :)
06:48 <Penguin Frost> I remember back in September-October, when there were more articles to edit
06:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:48 <TATemporaryAaron1101> k
06:48 <Artantic> Theartantic
06:48 <King Eraserheads> I have vid on youtuve too
06:48 <Artantic> thats my channel
06:48 <King Eraserheads> Cp King
06:48 <Artantic> bye
06:48 <King Eraserheads> mine 
06:48 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
06:48 <TATemporaryAaron1101> i brb, seeing the pages on the wiki
06:48 <King Eraserheads> CP King
06:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:48 <King Eraserheads> i brb, seeing Annoying Orange
06:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:49 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
06:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL 3 brb's in a row :P
06:50 <Mariobilly> I e-mailed CP to see if they would make a space party in the future
06:50 <Mariobilly> Where you travel to other planets
06:50 <Djf1107> their reply?
06:50 <Mariobilly> Not yet
06:50 <Djf1107> ok
06:51 <Djf1107> djf1107
06:51 <Mariobilly> And there could be a scavanger hunt where you gather alien specimen for Gar to research
06:51 <Mariobilly> *Gary
06:51 <Mariobilly> and you can transform into aliens
06:51 <Djf1107> I want that icon thing
06:51 <Djf1107> like dps04
06:51 <Djf1107> dps
06:51 <Blitzzy> Ask a mod
06:51 <Mariobilly> (mariobilly)
06:51 <Dps04> ok
06:51 <Blitzzy> for one
06:52 <TATemporaryAaron1101> back
06:52 <Dps04> I'll add one
06:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
06:52 <TATemporaryAaron1101> erm
06:52 <TATemporaryAaron1101> are there any emotes that have my picture...?
06:52 <Dps04> you want one?
06:52 <TATemporaryAaron1101> yep
06:53 <Penguin Frost> Can I have one to?
06:53 <Dps04> k
06:53 <Penguin Frost> *too?
06:53 <Blitzzy> Since everyone's asking for one I might as well take one too
06:53 <Blitzzy> :P
06:53 <Dps04> ok
06:53 <Dps04> brb
06:53 <Dps04> :P
06:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
06:53 <Call of pony> artanic
06:53 <Blitzzy> oh hello CoP
06:53 <Call of pony> im subsribed to you what recorded do u use?
06:54 <Call of pony> Not cop >_<
06:54 <Blitzzy> Call of Pony
06:54 <Blitzzy> CoP
06:54 <Blitzzy> you are a cop
06:54 <Call of pony> Nope
06:54 <Call of pony> Neva cop
06:55 <Call of pony> At the least call me lucky as my name
06:55 <Blitzzy> Okay Lucky as my Name
06:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
06:57 <Dps04> done
06:57 <Dps04> I added the avatars
06:57 <Blitzzy> Yey
06:57 <Dps04> refresh
06:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Refresh everyone
06:57 <Blitzzy> Thanks
06:57 -!- Blitzzy has left Special:Chat.
06:57 -!- Blitzzy has joined Special:Chat
06:57 <Dps04> :P
06:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You too, Bot :P
06:57 <Dps04> (Blitzzy)
06:57 <Mariobilly> Why?
06:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Oh wait
06:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You can't
06:57 <Blitzzy> (Blitzzy)
06:57 <Penguin Frost> Guys
06:57 <Blitzzy> Thank you 04
06:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome (penguin frost)
06:58 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki (penguin frost)! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
06:58 <TATemporaryAaron1101> :| now what?
06:58 <Penguin Frost> I know how to get edits easily
06:58 <Dps04> np ;)
06:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> How?
06:58 <Penguin Frost> Find a page, go down to bottom, and press a random article
06:58 <Dps04> how?
06:58 <Penguin Frost> It will keep going on and on
06:58 <Penguin Frost> :D
06:58 <Dps04> ok
06:58 <Blitzzy> Well, I should go now.
06:58 <Blitzzy> Baii
06:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
06:58 <Dps04> bye
06:58 -!- Blitzzy has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <Penguin Frost> Bye
06:59 <Penguin Frost> (Penguin Frost)
06:59 <TATemporaryAaron1101> late bye
06:59 <TATemporaryAaron1101> erm, no emote for me?
06:59 <Dps04> I added for you
06:59 <TATemporaryAaron1101> k
06:59 <Dps04> TA
06:59 <Dps04> refresh please
06:59 -!- TATemporaryAaron1101 has left Special:Chat.
06:59 -!- TATemporaryAaron1101 has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <TATemporaryAaron1101> doesn't work :|
06:59 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
07:00 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <Dps04> (TA)
07:00 <Penguin Frost> Thanks, Dps
07:00 <Dps04> (TATemporaryAaron1101)
07:00 <TATemporaryAaron1101> finally
07:00 <Dps04> np ;)
07:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
07:00 <TATemporaryAaron1101> thanks
07:00 <TATemporaryAaron1101> wait, how you add an emote?
07:00 <Dps04> :P
07:00 <Dps04> np
07:00 <Dps04> [[Mediawiki:Emoticons]]
07:00 <Dps04> I added it here
07:00 <Penguin Frost> (Shadows60)
07:01 <Dps04> gtg too
07:01 <Dps04> bai
07:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
07:01 <Penguin Frost> Bye
07:01 <Dps04> (wave)
07:01 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
07:01 <Penguin Frost> CMON
07:01 <Dps04> bye guya
07:01 <Dps04> guys
07:01 <Penguin Frost> *gives dps and jack a soda*
07:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Thanks
07:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So...
07:04 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um, how about me?
07:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
07:04 <TATemporaryAaron1101> ugh, nvm
07:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ...
07:07 <TATemporaryAaron1101> um guys
07:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Hmm
07:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yeah?
07:08 <Penguin Frost> WOOT!
07:08 <TATemporaryAaron1101> ?
07:08 <Penguin Frost> 19 edits already!
07:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
07:10 <Penguin Frost> Hey
07:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:11 <TATemporaryAaron1101> late hi
07:11 <TATemporaryAaron1101> gtg now
07:11 -!- TATemporaryAaron1101 has left Special:Chat.
07:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Late bye
07:12 <Penguin Frost> I bet I can get 100 edits by Today
07:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D
07:13 -!- Marny104 has joined Special:Chat
07:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:13 <Penguin Frost> Hey
07:13 <Marny104> Hiya
07:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is that you in your picture?
07:13 <Penguin Frost> So, If I do, that means I can get more then 100 edits in 1 day :D
07:13 <Marny104> noo
07:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Good
07:14 <Marny104> ...
07:14 <Marny104> I want a banana
07:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
07:15 <Marny104> I havn't been on cp in ages!
07:15 <Mariobilly> NOW THAT THEY'RE MEN...
07:15 <Mariobilly> WE CAN'T BOTHER THEM
07:15 <Mariobilly> NOW THAT THEY'RE MEN,
07:15 <Marny104> llol
07:16 <Marny104>  
07:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No blanks
07:16 <Marny104> ok...
07:16 <Mariobilly> [[File:Now That We're Men - SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star]]
07:17 <Marny104> xD
07:19 <Marny104> Hows everyone?
07:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Awesome @Marny
07:19 <Boo1010> hi
07:19 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
07:19 <Marny104> Me too lol
07:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:19 <Boo1010> sup
07:20 <Artantic> DONE
07:20 <Penguin Frost> g2g
07:20 <Penguin Frost> Bye Guys
07:20 <Marny104> okk
07:20 <Boo1010> r u guys on cp 
07:20 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
07:20 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
07:20 <Marny104> byee'
07:20 <Artantic>
07:20 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1 -
07:20 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
07:20 <Boo1010> if so what server
07:20 <Boo1010> and location of penguin
07:20 <Boo1010> please
07:20 <Boo1010> i want to see what yoru penguin looks like
07:20 <Artantic>
07:20 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1 -
07:20 <Marny104> Im not a member anymore
07:20 <Boo1010> oh
07:21 <Marny104> I havnt been on in ages
07:21 <Marny104> last party I went to was the halloween one
07:21 <Artantic> bye now
07:22 <Artantic>
07:22 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1 -
07:22 <Artantic> (wave)
07:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
07:22 <Marny104> bye
07:22 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
07:23 <Marny104> I miss cb
07:23 <Marny104> cp*
07:23 <Boo1010> y
07:23 <Boo1010> y
07:23 <Marny104> I dont know
07:23 <Boo1010> hhahaha ato u then 
07:24 <Marny104> I might go on it later
07:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
07:25 <Cuppy99> heya guys did i miss anything
07:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:25 <Marny104> nope
07:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Nope
07:25 <Marny104> lol
07:25 <Cuppy99> oh
07:25 <Cuppy99> marny are u new here
07:25 <Marny104> Sorta
07:25 <Marny104> lol
07:25 <Cuppy99> oh
07:25 <Cuppy99> ok
07:26 <Cuppy99> Welcome to the wiki~
07:26 <Marny104> thx
07:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updatelogs
07:26 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 341 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
07:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Meh
07:26 <Cuppy99> ~Welcome to the wiki and chat Marny104!~
07:26 <Marny104> Thank you
07:26 <Marny104> :)
07:26 <Cuppy99> np
07:26 <Cuppy99> no problem
07:26 <Cuppy99> btw
07:27 <Cuppy99> !welcome Marny
07:27 <Marny104> Thanks
07:27 <Cuppy99> im not a mod xD
07:27 <Marny104> XD
07:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Marny104
07:27 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Marny104! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
07:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am though :P
07:27 <Cuppy99> (...) lucky u
07:27 <Marny104> Thanks Guys
07:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No problem
07:27 <Cuppy99> no problem
07:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cuppy, it is not always lucky :P
07:28 <Cuppy99> im the un-lucky one
07:28 <Cuppy99> xD
07:28 <Cuppy99> ya im an idiot xD
07:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You don't need to keep watching the chat though :P
07:28 <Cuppy99> ya
07:28 <Cuppy99> im busy on the pc sometimes
07:29 <Cuppy99> but i stay to see whats going on and contact an admin on whats happening like a sockpuppet
07:29 <Marny104> Has alot changed in cp since last yearr halloween party?
07:29 <Marny104> years*
07:29 <Cuppy99> i only joined in the holloween party
07:29 <Marny104> ok lol
07:29 <Cuppy99> i mean
07:29 <Cuppy99> holiday
07:29 <Cuppy99> last year
07:29 <Marny104> kk
07:29 <Cuppy99> december 19 2012
07:30 <Cuppy99> :( i miss 2012
07:30 <Marny104> I joined october 2008
07:30 <Marny104> i dont
07:30 <Marny104> I hated that year
07:30 <Cuppy99> why
07:30 <Marny104> Problems at home
07:30 <Cuppy99> oh
07:30 <Cuppy99> ok
07:30 <Marny104> with family
07:31 <Mariobilly> Gtg.
07:31 <Mariobilly> Good (night).
07:31 <Marny104> private stuff
07:31 <Cuppy99> the year i hated was
07:31 <Marny104> byee
07:31 -!- Mariobilly has left Special:Chat.
07:31 <Cuppy99> NEVER
07:31 <Cuppy99> i always enjoyed a year
07:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
07:31 <Marny104> lol
07:31 <Cuppy99> ikr
07:31 <Cuppy99> jack pm
07:31 <Boo1010> why does no one speak to me
07:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
07:31 <Boo1010> pm message me someone
07:31 <Boo1010> if u like me
07:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> PM is only for things that are needed to be private
07:32 <Cuppy99> ya
07:32 <Marny104>  true.
07:32 <Cuppy99> marny ill private chat u
07:32 <Marny104> okk
07:34 <Cuppy99> dead chat
07:34 <Marny104> True that
07:34 <Cuppy99> marny u can play club penguin with others u know
07:35 <Marny104> I know that
07:35 <Boo1010> i love u
07:36 <Marny104> mee too xD
07:36 <Boo1010> u love me
07:36 <Marny104> yea
07:36 <Marny104> lol
07:36 <Cuppy99> looooool
07:37 <Boo1010> lol
07:37 <Boo1010> (happy)
07:37 <Boo1010> hahhahaha
07:38 <Marny104> How old is everyone?
07:38 <Marny104> ?
07:39 <Cuppy99> im born 1995
07:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No asking for ages
07:39 <Cuppy99> y
07:39 <Cuppy99> *ya
07:39 <Marny104> ok...
07:39 <Marny104> o-o
07:39 <Cuppy99> look at private chat
07:40 <Marny104> Well I'm 13
07:40 <Cuppy99> u can reveal when ur above 13 or 13
07:41 <Marny104> okk
07:41 <Boo1010> pm me
07:41 <Marny104> @boo IM NOT A LEZO
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Language
07:42 -!- Steerlock44 has joined Special:Chat
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:42 <Cuppy99> JACK! BOO SWORE!
07:42 <Marny104> o.o
07:42 <Marny104> yes
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Screenshot
07:42 <Steerlock44> Guess what..
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
07:42 <Marny104> SHE WANTS TO
07:42 <Boo1010> marny read your pm
07:42 <Marny104> YOU KNOW
07:43 <Marny104> NO
07:43 <Steerlock44> ...Something HORRIBLE happened and I caused it all.
07:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Just take a picture of it
07:43 <Cuppy99> i cant but she did i dont have hyper cam
07:43 <Marny104> me niether
07:43 <Boo1010> for any of u 
07:44 <Steerlock44> Here's what happened. I called my friend a..I CAN'T EVEN...sHE HAD DIABETES....aND i ACCIDENTLY SAID..i DIDN'T KNOW WHAT i WAS SAYING BUT i CALLED HER A...
07:44 <Boo1010> who i pm
07:44 <Boo1010> it wasnt me
07:44 <Boo1010> my sister
07:44 <Steerlock44> ....I called her a..
07:44 <Boo1010> my brother
07:44 <Boo1010> wa son here
07:44 <Steerlock44> No. Something way worse.
07:44 <Boo1010> im so sorry 
07:44 <Steerlock44> I called her...a diabeto.
07:44 <Boo1010> for what he had said
07:44 <Marny104> okay
07:44 <Steerlock44> I called her...a diabeto.
07:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tell your brother to not swear
07:45 <Boo1010> im so sorry
07:46 <Marny104> its okk
07:46 <Boo1010> thanks
07:46 <Marny104> np
07:46 <Steerlock44> She just loved me so much! She swore at me and now I'm thrashed and poorly abandoned. I lost all my friends now. Will you...*sniffles twice* be my...*sniffle*, *sniffles three times* friend?
07:46 <Marny104> ?
07:47 <Steerlock44> PLEASE!!!
07:47 <Boo1010> (:o)
07:47 -!- Rasengan553 has joined Special:Chat
07:47 <Rasengan553> hai
07:48 <Marny104> hii
07:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:48 <Cuppy99> hai
07:48 <Steerlock44> Hi. :(
07:48 <Rasengan553> my mouse is working wrong
07:48 <Cuppy99> its ok use a mouse ba\pad
07:48 <Cuppy99> *pad
07:49 <Rasengan553> my mouse pad is broken
07:49 <Marny104> brb
07:49 <Rasengan553> may the battery's over
07:49 <Rasengan553> brb
07:50 <Steerlock44> Waz*sniffles*zup?
07:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> For censored swearing in PM, Boo, you get a kick
07:51 <Cuppy99> oh
07:51 <Marny104> back
07:51 <Cuppy99> ok
07:51 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
07:51 -!- Boo1010 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:51 <Cuppy99> YO!
07:51 <Cuppy99> YO YO YOOO!
07:51 <Marny104> HII
07:52 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
07:52 <Penguin Frost> Hey Guys
07:52 <Marny104> YOO
07:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:52 <Cuppy99> heya heya heya
07:52 <Cuppy99> i thought it was p-p
07:52 <Boo1010> hi
07:52 <Marny104> hi
07:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Boo, don't cuss
07:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Censored or not
07:53 <Cuppy99> ya
07:53 <Boo1010> i know where u live
07:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> O_O
07:53 <King Eraserheads> hi
07:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I know what this act is
07:53 <King Eraserheads> LOL
07:53 <Marny104> xD
07:54 <Penguin Frost>
07:54 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
07:54 <Cuppy99> ik boo it said in my page it said put where u live
07:54 <Boo1010> i know 
07:54 <Cuppy99> so i did
07:54 <Boo1010> im caoming to yuour house tomorrow
07:54 -!- King Eraserheads has joined Special:Chat
07:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
07:54 <Cuppy99> wb
07:54 <Boo1010> and um
07:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You can't
07:54 <Cuppy99> ya u cant
07:54 <King Eraserheads> guys look
07:54 <Boo1010> rAPE u
07:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
07:54 <Marny104> oh no
07:54 <King Eraserheads> :o
07:54 <Cuppy99> sorry i wont tell my adress
07:54 -!- Boo1010 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:55 <Cuppy99> ya go jack
07:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bad reference and bad acts
07:55 <Cuppy99> ya
07:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Next is a ban
07:55 <King Eraserheads> Cuppy dont tell adress
07:55 <Cuppy99> yep
07:55 <Boo1010> hi
07:55 <King Eraserheads> :o
07:55 <King Eraserheads> Dont do it again Boo
07:55 <Marny104> ye
07:55 <Boo1010> it wasnt me
07:55 <Cuppy99> ya king i read it in the policy and wb boo
07:56 <Boo1010> it was my stupid brother
07:56 <Boo1010> im so sorry
07:56 <Boo1010> for whatever he had done
07:56 <Boo1010> no
07:56 <Boo1010> my brother
07:56 <Cuppy99> oh
07:56 <Cuppy99> ok
07:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tell him something that will scare him away or something
07:56 <Boo1010> took over my computer
07:56 <Marny104> lol
07:56 <Cuppy99> ya
07:56 <Cuppy99> omg
07:56 <Boo1010> and he wants to say something
07:57 <King Eraserheads>
07:57 <King Eraserheads> Look
07:57 <Rasengan553> back
07:57 <Rasengan553> new battery put in
07:57 <Boo1010> hi cuppy i know where u live and i have a penIS so big your vaGInaa will bleed
07:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
07:57 <Boo1010> im sorry
07:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Get him off the computer now
07:57 <Rasengan553> hai boo
07:57 <Boo1010> he 
07:57 <Boo1010> um has
07:57 <Penguin Frost> Boo
07:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tell him swearing is not cool
07:57 <Penguin Frost> Dont let him talk
07:57 <Boo1010> hes a sexx adict
07:58 <Marny104> :o
07:58 <Boo1010> he has a gf
07:58 <Rasengan553> (:O)
07:58 <Boo1010> and they have sexx every hour
07:58 <Marny104> eww
07:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Don't mention these references
07:58 <Marny104> >.<
07:58 <Rasengan553> brb again
07:58 <Cuppy99> dont say that
07:58 <Boo1010> and they even had sexx in the shopping mall
07:58 <Penguin Frost> Well, I best be off
07:58 <Penguin Frost> See ya
07:58 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
07:58 <Boo1010> no wait
07:58 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
07:58 <Marny104> STOP
07:58 <Boo1010> it was my bro again
07:58 <Boo1010> he is looking at 
07:58 <Boo1010> eewwwwwwww
07:58 <Boo1010> naked women
07:58 <Cuppy99> SPAM!
07:59 <Boo1010> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
07:59 <Boo1010> hes 
07:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tell your bro I am something very bad
07:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK That is spam
07:59 -!- Boo1010 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:59 <Cuppy99> that should do it
07:59 <Boo1010> hi im back
07:59 <Cuppy99> hello boo
07:59 <Marny104> and shes gone
07:59 <Cuppy99> wb
07:59 <Marny104> ohh hello
08:00 <Boo1010> (hi)
08:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tell your brother I am a like a psycho killer or something and then he will be scared :P
08:00 <Boo1010> (dance)
08:00 <Marny104> lol
08:00 <Boo1010> hes not here anymore
08:00 <Cuppy99> YAAY!
08:00 <Boo1010> he just got on a plane
08:00 <Boo1010> to america
08:00 <Marny104> yayy
08:00 <Cuppy99> oh
08:00 <Boo1010> with his gf]
08:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> YES
08:00 <Cuppy99> what the heck
08:00 <Boo1010> and 
08:00 <Boo1010> he said hes gonna
08:01 <King Eraserheads> :D
08:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> DON'T SAY IT D:
08:01 <Marny104> NUU
08:01 <Boo1010> be staying in some girls house
08:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Oh :P
08:01 <Boo1010> and 
08:01 <Boo1010> umm
08:01 <Marny104> ok
08:01 <Boo1010> hes gonna have sexx with this gurl
08:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> O_O
08:01 <Marny104> >.<
08:01 <Rasengan553> back
08:01 <Boo1010> this is some randome stuff
08:01 <Boo1010> omg
08:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You're Boo's brother, aren't ya?
08:01 <Boo1010> yes
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You should know I am evil
08:02 <Boo1010> sure
08:02 <Boo1010> you dicK head
08:02 <Marny104> >:(
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LO
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> L
08:02 <Cuppy99> :O!
08:02 <King Eraserheads> :o
08:02 <Cuppy99> BAN!
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ha ha! Not offended :P
08:02 <Boo1010> (:o)
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK
08:02 <King Eraserheads> (:o)
08:02 <Boo1010> ahhhhhhhhhh get on the plane bro
08:02 <King Eraserheads> Ban
08:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Boo, your account needs to be banned until your brother shuts the heck up
08:02 <Rasengan553> (:O)
08:02 <Cuppy99> ya
08:02 <Boo1010> hes g0ne
08:02 <Marny104> true
08:02 <Cuppy99> what he said
08:02 <Marny104> ok
08:03 <King Eraserheads> Is heck a cuss or swear
08:03 <Rasengan553> you spelled gone wrong
08:03 <Boo1010> gone
08:03 <Rasengan553> @boo
08:03 <King Eraserheads> @Jack is heck a cuss or swear
08:03 <Boo1010> hi i am boos brother
08:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Heck is not a cuss
08:03 <Boo1010> my flight has been delayed 
08:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Or a swear
08:03 <Boo1010> for an hour
08:03 <Boo1010> so i am gonna stay here and chat
08:03 <Boo1010> (:P)
08:04 <Boo1010> (:p)
08:04 <Rasengan553> :P
08:04 <Boo1010> lol
08:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So I should like ban you for 1 hour? :P
08:04 <Boo1010> yes
08:04 <Boo1010> i dont care u cuNt
08:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
08:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Whoa
08:04 <Rasengan553> cuNt
08:04 -!- CP Frost Bite has left Special:Chat.
08:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He actually said that word XD
08:04 <Boo1010> shiat
08:04 <Cuppy99> OMG!
08:04 <Boo1010> hah
08:04 <Boo1010> that was at you 
08:04 -!- Rasengan553 was banned from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls for 86400 seconds.
08:04 <Boo1010> lol
08:04 <Marny104> :p
08:05 <Marny104> :o
08:05 <Boo1010> hi marny
08:05 <Marny104> opps
08:05 <Boo1010> im not doing this at you
08:05 -!- Boo1010 was banned from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls for 3600 seconds.
08:05 <King Eraserheads> What is c word
08:05 <Marny104> THANK U
08:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You don't want to know
08:05 <King Eraserheads> OKAY
08:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is one of the worst cusses
08:06 <Marny104> I think I know it
08:06 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am a boy so it doesn't offend me
08:06 <Marny104> Yea I know it
08:07 <Marny104> brb
08:07 <Cuppy99> i never knew that word cuz im only on the pc and not on the dictionary
08:07 <King Eraserheads> is heck a cuss or swear
08:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Heck is none of them
08:07 <Cuppy99> none of them
08:07 <King Eraserheads> OK what the heck is going
08:07 <Cuppy99> ikr
08:08 <Marny104> back
08:08 <Cuppy99> what the hekc
08:08 <Cuppy99> *heck
08:08 <Marny104> WHAT THE HECK XD
08:08 <Cuppy99> ok dont abuse it
08:08 <King Eraserheads> Ok
08:08 <Marny104> lol ok
08:08 <King Eraserheads> I dont abuse anybody
08:08 <Marny104> Me too
08:08 <Cuppy99> i remember the abusment park a few days ago
08:08 <Cuppy99> with cp chat bot
08:08 <Cuppy99> xD
08:09 <Cuppy99> LOOOL!
08:09 <Marny104> XD
08:09 <Cuppy99> Get it? Abuse Ment Park
08:09 <Marny104> xD
08:09 <Cuppy99> loool
08:09 <Marny104> yes!!!!
08:09 <Marny104> lol
08:09 <Cuppy99> who likes my joke say i
08:09 <Cuppy99> i
08:10 <Marny104> i'=
08:10 <King Eraserheads> meh
08:10 <Marny104> i*
08:10 <Cuppy99> say meh if u dont like it
08:10 <Cuppy99> earaser
08:10 <Cuppy99> *eraser
08:10 <Marny104> I feel nerdy :3
08:10 <King Eraserheads> I like it
08:10 <Cuppy99> ok
08:10 <Cuppy99> ok
08:10 <Cuppy99> xD
08:10 <Cuppy99> who wants to play truth or dare
08:10 <King Eraserheads> Abusement Park XD (lol) :D :)
08:10 <Marny104> MEE
08:10 <Cuppy99> meee
08:11 <Marny104> xD
08:11 <King Eraserheads> Meh i want it truth
08:11 <King Eraserheads> or dare
08:11 <Cuppy99> let me pick who to play an act first
08:11 <Cuppy99> i mean who will pick t or d
08:11 <Cuppy99> t or d is truth or dare
08:11 <Cuppy99> ok
08:11 <Marny104> I know
08:11 <Cuppy99> uhh...
08:11 <Cuppy99> king
08:11 <Cuppy99> t or d
08:11 <Marny104> ohh
08:11 <King Eraserheads> Yay
08:11 <King Eraserheads> t
08:12 <King Eraserheads> I like this game
08:12 <Cuppy99> ok
08:12 <King Eraserheads> Pleas continue
08:12 <Cuppy99> Whats the name of ur pet (if u dont have please skip)
08:12 <Cuppy99> hi
08:12 <Marny104> heyy
08:12 <KaiShadow> oh yeah
08:12 <Cuppy99> were playing truth or dare
08:12 <King Eraserheads> umm Eve Marie
08:12 <King Eraserheads> Hi Kai
08:12 <KaiShadow> SSF2 almost there
08:12 <Cuppy99> oh
08:12 <Cuppy99> ok
08:13 <Cuppy99> pick someone]
08:13 <Cuppy99> *.
08:13 <KaiShadow> v0.9 
08:13 <King Eraserheads> ummm Kaishadow
08:13 <KaiShadow> it is Shadow!
08:13 <Marny104> NUU
08:13 <King Eraserheads> Shadow
08:13 <King Eraserheads> I pick Shadow
08:13 <Cuppy99> ok
08:13 <King Eraserheads> Dont be angry Shadow!
08:13 <King Eraserheads> Oh well
08:13 <KaiShadow> I am gonna play Pokemon
08:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:13 <King Eraserheads> Ok
08:13 <King Eraserheads> I will pick jack
08:14 <Cuppy99> brb toilet break
08:14 <King Eraserheads> I replace
08:14 <King Eraserheads> Pls
08:14 <King Eraserheads> ok
08:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shadow PM
08:14 <Marny104> Am I invisable?
08:15 <Marny104> ...
08:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
08:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes
08:16 <Marny104> :o
08:16 <Marny104> :L
08:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LAGS
08:17 <Marny104> brb
08:17 <Cuppy99> back
08:17 <Cuppy99> what the heck
08:17 <King Eraserheads> cuppy i chose jack
08:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> For?
08:17 <King Eraserheads> truth or dare
08:17 -!- Booboo1010 has joined Special:Chat
08:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Truth
08:17 <Booboo1010> hi
08:18 <Cuppy99> Marny104:
08:18 <Cuppy99> Brb
08:18 <Cuppy99> Cuppy99:
08:18 <Cuppy99> back
08:18 <Cuppy99> what the heck
08:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:18 <Cuppy99> SOCKPUPPET!
08:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is your brother on the account?
08:18 <Booboo1010> (hi)
08:18 <Booboo1010> what?
08:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is your brother gone?
08:18 <Marny104> backk
08:18 <Booboo1010> i dont have a brother
08:18 <Marny104> :o
08:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
08:18 <Booboo1010> what are u on about
08:18 <Cuppy99> YOU KILLED HIM!?
08:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Then who was swearing on your account?
08:18 <Marny104> YES
08:18 <Booboo1010> ive just come on here
08:18 <Booboo1010> what
08:19 <Marny104> ?
08:19 <Booboo1010> i just came on here
08:19 <Marny104> Noo
08:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is this you?
08:19 <Booboo1010> i heard
08:19 <King Eraserheads> Cuppy lets continue
08:19 <Booboo1010> no
08:19 <Booboo1010> my name is booboo1010
08:19 <Booboo1010> not boo1010
08:19 <Marny104> ...
08:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:19 <Marny104> heyy
08:19 <Booboo1010> im so confused
08:20 <Cuppy99> hi
08:20 <Booboo1010> um hi
08:20 <Booboo1010> nice name @cuppy
08:20 <Booboo1010> (dance)
08:20 <King Eraserheads> Cuppy plss continue
08:20 <Booboo1010> (hi)
08:20 <Marny104> w
08:20 <Marny104> wrong chat lol
08:20 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Flood
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 <Booboo1010> hi
08:21 -!- Booboo1010 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
08:21 <Marny104> SPam
08:21 <Booboo1010> who banned me
08:21 <Booboo1010> what did i do
08:21 <Booboo1010> my computer froze
08:21 <KaiShadow> you got kicked
08:21 <Marny104> spam
08:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is to make sure your brother is gone
08:21 <Booboo1010> and bam i got banned
08:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is he gone?
08:21 <KaiShadow> not ban
08:21 <Booboo1010> i dont have a brother
08:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
08:22 <Booboo1010> im an only child
08:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Then who swore on your account?
08:22 <Marny104> sister?
08:22 <Marny104> ok
08:22 <Booboo1010> no one
08:22 <Booboo1010> im new here
08:22 <Marny104> BFF?
08:22 <Marny104> me too
08:23 <Booboo1010> what are u guys on about
08:23 <Booboo1010> whos this swearer 
08:23 <Cuppy99> AAAH!
08:23 <Booboo1010> im so confused
08:23 <KaiShadow> What the? 
08:23 <Marny104> Can we just play t or d????
08:23 <Booboo1010> (sad)
08:23 -!- Steerlock44 has left Special:Chat.
08:23 <Booboo1010> u guys all hate me#
08:24 <Cuppy99> ok merny
08:24 <Cuppy99> *marny
08:24 <Marny104> yay
08:24 <Cuppy99> ok who do u pick
08:24 <Marny104> umm
08:24 <Marny104> boo t or d?
08:24 <Booboo1010> what are u guys on about
08:24 <Cuppy99> truth or dare
08:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> A game
08:25 <Booboo1010> oh ok
08:25 <Cuppy99> ya
08:25 <Marny104> yess
08:25 <Booboo1010> truth
08:25 <Marny104> okk
08:25 <Cuppy99> nice
08:25 <Booboo1010> hehe
08:25 <Marny104> umm
08:25 <KaiShadow> brb
08:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
08:25 <KaiShadow> playing pokemon
08:25 <Booboo1010> k
08:25 <Marny104> Do you have siblings???
08:25 <Booboo1010> no
08:25 <Marny104> HMM
08:25 <Cuppy99> i do
08:25 <Marny104> k
08:25 <Marny104> me too
08:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I do :P
08:25 <Booboo1010> marny t or d
08:25 <Cuppy99> lol
08:25 <Marny104> umm d
08:25 <Booboo1010> ok
08:26 <Booboo1010> go
08:26 <Booboo1010> and say you love cuppy
08:26 <Booboo1010> (heart)
08:26 <Booboo1010> lol
08:26 <Marny104> I LUV U CUPPY <3
08:26 <Cuppy99> hey im a girl and marny is a girl too
08:26 <Booboo1010> its a dare
08:26 <Marny104> ;)
08:26 <Cuppy99> ok
08:26 <Marny104> xD
08:26 <Booboo1010> lol
08:26 <Cuppy99> <3
08:26 <Cuppy99> who do u pick
08:26 <Marny104> <3
08:27 <Marny104> oh my turn?
08:27 <Cuppy99> who
08:27 <Cuppy99> ya
08:27 <Cuppy99> who do u pick
08:27 <Marny104> umm
08:27 <Marny104> cuppy t or d
08:27 <Cuppy99> t
08:27 <Marny104> ok
08:27 <Marny104> Have any pets?
08:27 <Cuppy99> fish only yes
08:27 <Marny104> okk
08:27 <Booboo1010> cool
08:27 <Cuppy99> marny t or d
08:27 <Marny104> umm t
08:28 <Cuppy99> is boo ur best friend on the wiki
08:28 <Marny104> nope
08:28 <Cuppy99> oh
08:28 <Cuppy99> ok
08:28 <King Eraserheads> back
08:28 <Marny104> i dont even know her
08:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
08:28 <King Eraserheads> Cuppy pick meh
08:28 <Cuppy99> oh
08:28 <Cuppy99> ok
08:28 <Cuppy99> king i already picked marny
08:28 <Marny104> ur turn cuppy
08:29 <Cuppy99> ok
08:29 <King Eraserheads> ok
08:29 <Marny104> i dont want one
08:29 <Cuppy99> ill pick u king
08:29 <King Eraserheads> tell him first after that meh pick
08:29 <Booboo1010> kk
08:29 <Cuppy99> ok king t or d
08:29 <King Eraserheads> t
08:29 <Cuppy99> Am i your best friend?
08:29 <King Eraserheads> Yup
08:30 <Cuppy99> aww thanks
08:30 <Cuppy99> *hugzzz*
08:30 <King Eraserheads> Everyone is my best friend either it is nice and good person
08:30 <King Eraserheads> penguin
08:30 <Marny104> yay lol
08:30 <King Eraserheads> Can i ask you some questions
08:30 <Cuppy99> aww thanks king ur a nice penguin too
08:30 <King Eraserheads> Cuppy
08:30 <Cuppy99> yes
08:30 <Cuppy99> omg
08:30 <King Eraserheads> Who`s your crush (heart0
08:30 <Cuppy99> d
08:30 <King Eraserheads> (heart)
08:30 <Cuppy99> eww
08:30 <King Eraserheads> Umm
08:30 <Cuppy99> not that please
08:30 <King Eraserheads> LOL
08:31 <Cuppy99> pick another
08:31 <King Eraserheads> Jk
08:31 <Cuppy99> its ok
08:31 <Marny104> lol
08:31 <King Eraserheads> Who`s your fav penguin in cp wiki
08:31 <Cuppy99> u jack shadow and my buddy delna
08:31 <King Eraserheads> um
08:31 <Booboo1010> do me do me
08:31 <King Eraserheads> ok
08:31 <Cuppy99> ok uhh who do i pik
08:31 <Booboo1010> yya
08:31 <Booboo1010> yay
08:31 <Marny104> boo
08:31 <Marny104> !!!
08:31 <Booboo1010> yes
08:31 <Cuppy99> umm
08:31 <Cuppy99> i pick
08:32 <Marny104> lol
08:32 <Booboo1010> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:32 <Cuppy99> SPAM
08:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not
08:32 <Cuppy99> oh
08:32 <Cuppy99> ok
08:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is not 15
08:32 <Cuppy99> JACK
08:32 <King Eraserheads> Spam!
08:32 <Cuppy99> t or d
08:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> T
08:32 <Cuppy99> ok
08:32 <Booboo1010> what about meh
08:32 <Cuppy99> am i ur crush
08:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No
08:32 <Cuppy99> ok
08:32 <Marny104> :o
08:32 <Cuppy99> good
08:32 <Booboo1010> u guys are being mean to me
08:32 <Marny104> lol
08:32 <Cuppy99> im kidding
08:32 <Booboo1010> (sad)
08:32 <Cuppy99> that was fake
08:32 <Cuppy99> ok jack
08:33 <Cuppy99> is last year the year u became a mod\
08:33 <Booboo1010> me 
08:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> T or D, King
08:33 <Cuppy99> ok nvm
08:33 <Marny104> ???
08:33 <Booboo1010> dare
08:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes @Cuppy
08:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I was talking to King
08:33 <Booboo1010> hello
08:33 <Cuppy99> oh
08:33 <Cuppy99> ok
08:33 <King Eraserheads> T jack
08:33 <King Eraserheads> sorry i was brb 
08:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Have you ever been a mod?
08:33 <Cuppy99> its ok
08:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Trials count
08:34 <Booboo1010> can u do me
08:34 <King Eraserheads> @Jack Never been that thing
08:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> brb
08:34 <Booboo1010> plz
08:34 <Marny104> kk
08:34 <Booboo1010> (sad)
08:34 <King Eraserheads> I was dreaming of the white chat mod lol
08:34 <Marny104> lol
08:34 <Booboo1010> anyone
08:34 <Booboo1010> can u see me
08:34 <Cuppy99> instead of the ghost my cousin saw
08:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I can
08:35 <Cuppy99> yep same here
08:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> King, do Booboo
08:35 <Booboo1010> y r u guys ignoring me
08:35 <Booboo1010> thank you
08:35 <Booboo1010> dare
08:35 <Cuppy99> booboo pick me
08:35 <Booboo1010> ok
08:35 <King Eraserheads> bye guys my net expires
08:35 <Booboo1010> cuppy t or d
08:35 <King Eraserheads> bye (wave)
08:35 <Cuppy99> uhh
08:35 <Cuppy99> d
08:35 <Booboo1010> bye cutie]
08:35 <Booboo1010> ok
08:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
08:35 <King Eraserheads> :( i gonna leave
08:35 <Cuppy99> aww
08:35 -!- King Eraserheads has left Special:Chat.
08:35 <Marny104> omg I just
08:35 <Cuppy99> bye:(
08:36 <Marny104> threw up
08:36 <Marny104> :o
08:36 <Cuppy99> o
08:36 <Cuppy99> m
08:36 <Cuppy99> g
08:36 <Marny104> I know
08:36 <Booboo1010> say u love me
08:36 <Booboo1010> loll
08:36 <Booboo1010> lollololoololoololol
08:36 <Booboo1010> dare lolololol
08:36 <Marny104> At least I made it the bathroom
08:36 <Cuppy99> only for minecraft players if u love beauty
08:36 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Building with Grian - Pimp your walls - Duration: 02:04 - Uploaded: 2012-12-23 - Rating: 4.959184 - Views: 30,710 -
08:36 <Booboo1010> bye
08:36 <Marny104> byee
08:36 <Marny104> I feel sick now
08:37 <Marny104> brb
08:37 <Cuppy99> oh marny thats good u werent in the toilet with the pc
08:37 <Marny104> yea lol
08:37 <Marny104> now brb
08:37 <Cuppy99> ok
08:38 -!- Welcome12345 has joined Special:Chat
08:38 <Cuppy99> HAI!
08:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:38 <Welcome12345> hey guys
08:38 <Booboo1010> hi
08:38 <Booboo1010> cuppy read pm
08:38 <Cuppy99> i closed it
08:39 <Cuppy99> i mean i blocked it
08:39 <Booboo1010> i said that your really kind
08:39 <Booboo1010> and i wish we could
08:39 <Cuppy99> ik i saw it
08:39 <Booboo1010> be friends
08:39 <Booboo1010> ffor ever
08:39 <Cuppy99> no
08:39 <Cuppy99> well friends
08:39 <Marny104> back
08:39 <Cuppy99> not best friends
08:39 <Booboo1010> y
08:39 <Cuppy99> just friends
08:39 <Booboo1010> u like marny dont u
08:39 <Booboo1010> u hate meee
08:40 <Booboo1010> (sad)
08:40 <Marny104> My dad is making me tea!
08:40 <Cuppy99> im a bit on the shy side and shes only new
08:40 <Marny104> yea
08:40 <Marny104> and sick lol
08:40 <Cuppy99> im not used to ppl like that have names like booboo
08:40 <Booboo1010> y do u hateme
08:40 <Cuppy99> its awkward xD
08:40 <Cuppy99> i dont
08:40 <Booboo1010> f u c k
08:40 <Cuppy99> ur a good friend
08:40 <Marny104> and sick lol
08:40 <Cuppy99> :O
08:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> O_O
08:40 <Booboo1010> al of u
08:40 <Welcome12345> :O
08:40 -!- Booboo1010 was banned from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls for 86400 seconds.
08:41 <Cuppy99> thats better
08:41 <Welcome12345> there is no sensors now?
08:41 <Cuppy99> now i like her that much
08:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Spaces were used
08:41 <Cuppy99> no she did it with space
08:41 <Welcome12345> oh
08:41 <Welcome12345> assistant
08:41 <Marny104> I gtg 
08:41 <KaiShadow> who are the strongest pokemons? 
08:41 <KaiShadow> in PKMN gold?
08:41 <Marny104> I might be on tomorrow
08:41 <Welcome12345> the bug was fixed
08:41 <Marny104> Byee
08:42 <Cuppy99> what bug
08:42 -!- Marny104 has left Special:Chat.
08:42 <Cuppy99> bye
08:42 <Cuppy99> laggy
08:42 -!- Cuppy99 has left Special:Chat.
08:42 <KaiShadow> who are strong pokemons? 
08:42 <Welcome12345> if u say assistant
08:42 -!- Cuppy99 has joined Special:Chat
08:42 <Cuppy99> it was laggy
08:42 <Welcome12345> umm
08:42 <Welcome12345> u know the first there words was sensored
08:43 <KaiShadow> I am getting a Finn hat
08:43 <Welcome12345> *three
08:43 <Cuppy99> oh kool
08:43 <Cuppy99> thats cool
08:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> The words would have been censored if there weren't any spaces
08:43 <Cuppy99> yep
08:43 <Welcome12345> well thats an old bug
08:43 <Cuppy99> if it was censored when u didnt say a bad word (ITS A BUG)
08:44 <Cuppy99> right
08:44 <Cuppy99> dead chat
08:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am afk
08:44 <Cuppy99> oh
08:44 <Cuppy99> ok
08:45 <Cuppy99> DEEEAAAD CHHHAAAT!
08:46 -!- Cuppy99 has left Special:Chat.
08:46 -!- Cuppy99 has joined Special:Chat
08:47 <Welcome12345> well, I joined this wikia at 2009
08:48 <Cuppy99> wow
08:48 <Cuppy99> i joined 2012
08:49 <Welcome12345> well I was on the new wiki
08:51 <Welcome12345> [[User:Welcome00|My old user]]
08:52 <Cuppy99> U CAME BACK! :D
08:52 <Welcome12345> :P
08:53 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
08:53 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
08:53 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
08:53 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
08:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:54 <KaiShadow> I defeated gary!
08:55 <KaiShadow> with a fire pokemon
08:55 <KaiShadow> Gary was using water
08:55 <KaiShadow> OWNED 
08:55 <Welcome12345> [[User_blog:Fottymaddy/AWESOME_WELCOME00_PARTY!|I still know this]]
08:55 <Djf1107> welcome pm
08:57 <Dps04> hi
08:58 <Welcome12345> hey dps
08:58 <Dps04> hi welcome :)
08:58 <Dps04> !updatelogs
08:58 <CPChatBot> Dps04: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 276 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
08:59 <KaiShadow> Dps
08:59 <KaiShadow> why do you like leis
08:59 <Cuppy99> hi
08:59 <Dps04> hi
08:59 <Dps04> I dont have any lei
08:59 <Dps04> :P
09:00 <Welcome12345> brb
09:01 <KaiShadow> pokemon
09:01 <KaiShadow> Why does it always have to be the same
09:01 -!- Sniffybear2 has joined Special:Chat
09:02 <Dps04> hi
09:02 <Sniffybear2> Hey
09:02 <Dps04> thanks for the shoutout lol
09:02 <Djf1107> sniffy is 2
09:02 <Sniffybear2> lol no problem :P
09:03 <Dps04> :P
09:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Back
09:03 <Dps04> wb
09:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Thanks
09:03 <Djf1107> sniffy is 2
09:03 <Djf1107> and a bear
09:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Where is Custard? :/
09:04 <Cuppy99> guys brb im playing minecrat
09:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
09:04 <Cuppy99> *minecraft
09:06 <Sniffybear2> Why you play minecraft?
09:07 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
09:07 <Artantic>
09:07 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 3.666667 - Views: 11 -
09:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:07 <Dps04> hi
09:08 <Artantic> Hello Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls, Hello Dps04
09:08 <Dps04> hello
09:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sup?
09:09 <Dps04> lol jack's username is 23 characters longer than mine
09:09 <Artantic> :P
09:09 <Artantic> lol
09:09 <KaiShadow> Pokemon
09:09 <Dps04> :P
09:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
09:09 <Artantic> Welcome00TheDisgustingicecreamseller?
09:09 <Artantic> :P
09:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Welcome
09:10 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Welcome! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
09:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
09:10 <Dps04> lol
09:10 <Dps04> :P
09:12 <Artantic> dps
09:12 <Artantic> did u watch this?
09:12 <KaiShadow> Pikachu
09:12 <Artantic>
09:12 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 3.666667 - Views: 11 -
09:13 <Dps04> i'll watch it
09:13 <Sniffybear2>
09:13 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Messing with Mother Nature - Duration: 00:37 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 12 -
09:13 <Sniffybear2> Lol
09:13 <Sniffybear2> we made that today
09:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
09:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Where is Custard? :/
09:15 <Artantic> idk
09:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:15 <Artantic> some naruto music in the vid :P
09:15 <Artantic>
09:15 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.000000 - Views: 16 -
09:15 <Sniffybear2>
09:15 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Messing with Mother Nature - Duration: 00:37 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 12 -
09:15 -!- Sniffybear2 has left Special:Chat.
09:15 <KaiShadow> Pikachu is sad
09:15 <Djf1107> dps
09:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Why?
09:16 <Djf1107> (dps)
09:16 <Artantic> (dps04) :P
09:16 <Djf1107> (dps04)
09:16 <Dps04> ?
09:16 <Welcome12345> back
09:16 <Dps04> lol
09:16 <Dps04> wb
09:16 <Cuppy99> back
09:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
09:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> x2
09:16 <Cuppy99> ty jack
09:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> YW
09:16 <Djf1107> (djf1107)
09:16 <Welcome12345> well i play minecraft too
09:16 <Dps04> (dps)
09:16 <Dps04> oops
09:16 <Djf1107> it works
09:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (jack)
09:16 <Dps04> (dps04)
09:16 <Cuppy99> well i am pimping walls
09:16 <KaiShadow> Pidgey fainted! 
09:16 <KaiShadow> against Pikachu!
09:17 <Khantar07>  ...
09:17 <Welcome12345> i oly find notch once at minecraft
09:17 <Welcome12345> *only
09:18 <Artantic> NARUTO 
09:18 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 17 -
09:18 <Cuppy99> pimping walls means decorating them
09:18 <Khantar07> *brings out Zekrom*
09:18 <Khantar07> *thunderbolts*
09:18 <Khantar07> JK
09:19 <KaiShadow> what element is Mewtwo?
09:20 <Khantar07> Psychic
09:20 <Artantic> i feel like making another video :P
09:20 <Artantic> though i made a funny today
09:20 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 17 -
09:20 <KaiShadow> Psychokinesis? 
09:21 <Khantar07> Telekinesis...?
09:21 <Djf1107> (metor)
09:21 <Artantic> OMG
09:21 <Artantic> LEADER IS COMING :D
09:21 <KaiShadow> Psychokinesis and Telekinesis are synonyms 
09:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D Cool
09:22 <Artantic> he just tweeted
09:22 <Artantic> but
09:22 <Artantic> i replyed
09:22 <Artantic> saying
09:22 <Artantic> DUDE CMON 2DAYS UR DAY :P
09:22 <KaiShadow> In 15th I wanna be a mod
09:23 <Djf1107> (metor)
09:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps
09:23 <Cuppy99> back oh hi art
09:23 <Dps04> yes?
09:23 <Djf1107> (meteor)
09:23 <Artantic> :p
09:23 <Djf1107> ahh
09:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is Shadow ready to be a mod on the 15th?
09:23 <Dps04> (meteor)
09:23 <Dps04> lets see
09:23 <Cuppy99> (meteor) when was the meteor used
09:23 <Djf1107> (stop) (meteor)
09:24 <KaiShadow> I am always ready Jack
09:24 <Dps04> he has 30 mainspace edits
09:24 <Dps04> thats ok
09:24 <KaiShadow> cause I have more than 25 edits
09:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK
09:24 <KaiShadow> like 5 more edits
09:24 <KaiShadow> Right?
09:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So he can be accepted
09:24 -!- Dalek Mania has joined Special:Chat
09:24 <Dalek Mania> Hello.
09:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls>
09:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:24 <Artantic> wasp?
09:24 <Artantic> what ru doing here?
09:24 <Dps04> hi
09:24 <Welcome12345> hey
09:24 <Artantic> aren't you making smoothies?
09:24 <Dalek Mania> O.O
09:25 <Dalek Mania> How the
09:25 <Dps04> oh ya you are wasp
09:25 <Welcome12345> he is wasp?
09:25 <Dalek Mania> THAT'S CREEPY
09:25 <Artantic> what is?
09:25 <Dalek Mania> O.O YOU'RE WATCHING ME]
09:25 <Dalek Mania> XD
09:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
09:25 <Djf1107> (rookie) (heart)  (ph)
09:25 <KaiShadow> *watches Wasp*
09:25 <KaiShadow> Wasp!
09:25 <KaiShadow> Wasp!
09:25 <Artantic> XD
09:25 <KaiShadow> I am your Fathe!
09:25 <KaiShadow> Father!*
09:25 <Dalek Mania> (...)
09:25 <Dalek Mania> (...)?
09:25 <Dalek Mania> :o
09:25 <KaiShadow> Star Wars reference
09:25 <Dalek Mania> :|
09:25 <Djf1107> rookie loves phj
09:25 <Dalek Mania> Oh
09:25 <Dalek Mania> The emotes have changed
09:25 <Dalek Mania> :P
09:26 <Djf1107> (aa)
09:26 <KaiShadow> I have a new one
09:26 <KaiShadow> (shadow) dude!
09:26 <Dalek Mania> cool
09:26 <Dalek Mania> (wasp
09:26 <Dalek Mania> (wasp)
09:26 <Dalek Mania> lol, I still have one
09:26 <Dalek Mania> :P
09:26 <Dalek Mania> BRB
09:26 -!- Dalek Mania has left Special:Chat.
09:27 <KaiShadow> ok 
09:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps
09:27 <Djf1107> (aa) (heart) (rookie)
09:27 <Dps04> lol
09:27 <Dps04> yes?
09:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You put Shadow the Hedgehog instead of KaiShadow :P
09:27 <Dps04> ok :P
09:27 <KaiShadow> I changed my name
09:27 <Artantic> i think im kinda done with blogging 9_9
09:27 <KaiShadow> guess my likes
09:27 -!- Director Wasp125 has joined Special:Chat
09:27 <Artantic> making videos is for me :)
09:27 <Director Wasp125> there
09:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> See?
09:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:28 <Dps04> hi wasp
09:28 <KaiShadow> guess my likes and hates
09:28 <Dps04> ok
09:28 <KaiShadow> each user shall
09:28 <KaiShadow> NOW
09:29 <KaiShadow> I live in the Philippines btw
09:29 <KaiShadow> I  have different time
09:30 <Welcome12345> i live in malaysia
09:30 <Welcome12345> :P
09:30 <KaiShadow> Let's start
09:30 <KaiShadow> say my likes
09:31 <Artantic> i live in saudi arabia
09:31 <Djf1107> 0
09:31 <Djf1107> no 1
09:31 <Djf1107> hates 5
09:31 <Artantic> ??
09:31 <Dps04> ??
09:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> lol
09:32 <KaiShadow> oh no one hates five? 
09:32 <KaiShadow> what the heck does that mean?
09:32 <Djf1107> 1 like
09:32 <Djf1107> 5 hates
09:33 <KaiShadow> Nope
09:33 <Djf1107> 0 likes
09:33 <Djf1107> 0 hates
09:33 <KaiShadow> nope
09:33 <Djf1107> 9 likes
09:33 <Welcome12345> ??
09:33 <KaiShadow> wait
09:33 <Djf1107> 9 hates
09:33 <KaiShadow> every user shall tell what I like what I hate
09:34 <KaiShadow> Like as how much I hate Justin Bieber
09:34 <Djf1107> like cppses
09:34 <Cuppy99> brb
09:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
09:34 <KaiShadow> I hate CPPS too
09:34 <Djf1107> hate being called tom
09:34 <Director Wasp125> I tried to make a good logo for the prehistoric party, but Paint isn't very good for stuff like that
09:34 <KaiShadow> let's start
09:35 <KaiShadow> let's start anywway
09:35 <Djf1107> like cp
09:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updated
09:35 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: The logs were last updated 36:44 ago. There are currently ~241 lines in the log buffer.
09:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !logs
09:35 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
09:36 <KaiShadow> my avatar is from ntiaP
09:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Paint :P
09:36 <Welcome12345> well i made my avatar
09:36 <Dps04> *tniaP :P
09:37 <KaiShadow> ntiaP*
09:37 <Welcome12345> it was famous in February-April 2012
09:37 <Dps04> what avatar?
09:37 <Welcome12345> well, did star kirby quits wikia?
09:37 <Dps04> idk
09:38 <Welcome12345> well my crazy penguin avatar
09:38 <Dps04> he seems to have quit shops though
09:38 <KaiShadow> he doesn't like being called Star Kirby
09:38 <Dps04> oh the crazy penguin on cart avatar?
09:38 <Dps04> lo
09:38 <Dps04> lo
09:38 <Dps04> lol
09:38 <Welcome12345> star
09:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wait
09:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Art
09:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Custard normally comes on when the Wikia clock says 10:02
09:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I think
09:39 <Artantic> i gues
09:39 <Artantic> its 8
09:39 <Artantic> its nearly 11:00 am for him now
09:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is 9:29 on Wikia's time :P
09:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *39
09:39 <Director Wasp125> No, it's almost 10 for him
09:39 <Director Wasp125> :p
09:40 <KaiShadow> I live in Philippines
09:40 <Director Wasp125> my majestic volcano is almost complete
09:40 <Director Wasp125> I'll fill in any holes at the end
09:40 <Director Wasp125> :P
09:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So...
09:41 <KaiShadow> so what?
09:41 -!- Sniffybear2 has joined Special:Chat
09:41 <Dps04> lol
09:41 <Dps04> hi 
09:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:41 <Welcome12345> hey
09:41 <Sniffybear2> Hey
09:42 <KaiShadow> hey
09:42 <Dps04> hey
09:42 <KaiShadow> hey
09:42 <Welcome12345> hey
09:42 <KaiShadow> hey
09:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:42 <Dps04> hey
09:42 <Welcome12345> hey
09:42 <Sniffybear2> hey
09:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:42 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <Dps04> hey
09:43 <Sniffybear2> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:43 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <Dps04> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Sniffybear2> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Director Wasp125> hey
09:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:43 <Dps04> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <Dps04> hey
09:43 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Sniffybear2> hey
09:43 <Dps04> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <Welcome12345> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:43 <KaiShadow> hey
09:44 <Dps04> hey
09:44 <KaiShadow> hey
09:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome hey
09:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki hey! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
09:45 <KaiShadow> hey
09:45 <Dps04> hey
09:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> hey
09:45 <Welcome12345> hey
09:45 <Artantic> well
09:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
09:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Art
09:46 <Dps04> lol chain broken
09:46 <Welcome12345> U ruined the Hey chain
09:46 <Dps04> it has been one of the longest chains though
09:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR
09:46 <Welcome12345> no. 2
09:46 <Welcome12345> jk
09:46 <Artantic> heh heh (...)
09:46 <Dps04> :|
09:47 <Dps04> ;P
09:47 <Sniffybear2> Another, video, uploaded :S
09:47 <Sniffybear2>
09:47 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Lights, Camera, Kick! - Duration: 00:50 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1 -
09:47 <Artantic> :(
09:47 <Director Wasp125> :/
09:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I forgive you :D
09:47 <Artantic> :o
09:47 <Artantic> (:O)
09:47 <Artantic> :O
09:47 <Welcome12345> :O
09:48 <KaiShadow> (shadow)
09:48 <KaiShadow> mudkip
09:48 <Artantic> SHADOW
09:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> That was not a chain
09:48 <Welcome12345> (Welcome00)
09:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> 3 or more = chain
09:48 <KaiShadow> we did do a chain
09:48 <Welcome12345> :O chain?
09:48 <Dps04> we did do a chain
09:48 <KaiShadow> a while
09:48 <KaiShadow> right? 
09:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> 2 is not a chain
09:48 <Dps04> ya
09:49 <KaiShadow> Since art broke the chain
09:49 <Artantic> NOW
09:49 <Artantic> A :O CHAIN
09:49 <Artantic> :O
09:49 <Dps04> :O
09:49 <Welcome12345> :O
09:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
09:49 <KaiShadow> :O
09:49 <Welcome12345> :O
09:49 <KaiShadow> :O
09:49 <Dps04> :O
09:49 <Sniffybear2> :O
09:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
09:49 <KaiShadow> :O
09:49 <Djf1107> (omg)
09:49 <Welcome12345> :O
09:49 <KaiShadow> :O
09:49 <Sniffybear2> :O
09:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
09:49 <KaiShadow> :O
09:49 <Sniffybear2> :O
09:50 <KaiShadow> :O
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O for reall
09:50 <Welcome12345> :O
09:50 <Djf1107>  
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Blank
09:50 <Sniffybear2> Trend
09:50 <Sniffybear2> :O
09:50 <Artantic> wow guys :o
09:50 <Djf1107>     mm'''
09:50 <KaiShadow> :O
09:50 <Djf1107> .'
09:50 -!- Sniffybear2 has left Special:Chat.
09:50 <Artantic> now
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Blanks
09:50 <KaiShadow> FOR REAL!
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Djf, don't blank
09:50 <Artantic> a :D chain
09:50 <Artantic> :S
09:50 <Artantic> :D
09:50 <Welcome12345> :D
09:50 <Dps04> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <Welcome12345> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D
09:50 <Welcome12345> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <Welcome12345> :D
09:50 <Djf1107> :)
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <KaiShadow> :D
09:50 <Welcome12345> :D
09:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Chain broken
09:50 <Artantic> now
09:50 <Artantic> a
09:50 <Welcome12345> NOOOOOOO
09:50 <KaiShadow> D:<
09:50 <Artantic> (rookie)
09:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (rookie)
09:51 <Djf1107> (rookie)
09:51 <Director Wasp125> (rookie)]
09:51 <Dps04> (rookie)
09:51 <Welcome12345> (rookie)
09:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (rookie)
09:51 <Welcome12345> (rookie)
09:51 <Welcome12345> (rookie)
09:51 <Artantic> I like trains
09:52 <KaiShadow> Broken  chain
09:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK I am stopping now :P
09:52 <Artantic> :P
09:52 <Welcome12345> :P
09:52 <KaiShadow> :P
09:52 <KaiShadow> :P
09:53 <Welcome12345> well im tired of chains
09:53 <KaiShadow> me too
09:53 <Welcome12345> so?
09:53 <Artantic> so?
09:54 <Dps04> so?
09:54 <KaiShadow> so?
09:54 <KaiShadow> so?
09:54 <Welcome12345> so?
09:54 <Artantic> i need soundtracks
09:54 <Artantic> of something 
09:54 <Artantic> im making funny videos soon
09:54 <KaiShadow> YOU BROKE THE CHAIN!
09:54 <Artantic> i made one today though... 9_9
09:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am tired of chains now
09:54 <Welcome12345> !welcome CPChatBot
09:54 <Welcome12345> aww
09:54 <KaiShadow> I am making my web show!
09:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I know what Dps will say then :P
09:55 <KaiShadow> called Smack
09:55 <Khantar07> Nominees of the Holiday Fashion Contest:
09:55 <Khantar07>
09:55 <KaiShadow> we will make  cartoons
09:55 <KaiShadow> but unlike Smosh producing
09:55 <Dps04> !welcome CPChatBot
09:55 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki CPChatBot! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
09:55 <Dps04> lol
09:55 <Dps04> :D
09:55 <KaiShadow> We will make AND produce
09:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I was right :P
09:55 <Welcome12345> well its boring when theres no party policy
09:55 <Dps04> ikr :P
09:55 <Khantar07> Comment a pic if you want to change your player card submissions
09:56 <Dps04> lol party policy was horrible
09:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dps told me about it
09:56 <Welcome12345> but theres was some cool party
09:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> And it seems to be a bad policy
09:56 <KaiShadow> Smack Cartoons is just  our videos animated
09:56 <Dps04> it was the worst policy ever
09:56 <KaiShadow> Party Policy sucks
09:56 <Welcome12345> oh ok
09:56 <Dps04> ya
09:56 <Director Wasp125> :/ I'll come off chat now
09:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
09:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
09:56 <Welcome12345> is there coll parties now?
09:56 <Welcome12345> *cool
09:57 <Dps04> not really, welcome
09:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> We had one yesterday
09:57 <Dps04> we had a pretty cool one yesterday though
09:57 <Khantar07> Guys is Frost Bite a cool superhero for my upcoming series?
09:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It was very funny
09:57 <Director Wasp125> If Custard comes, @ me
09:57 <Dps04> ya, jack
09:57 -!- Director Wasp125 has left Special:Chat.
09:57 <Welcome12345> roger anniversary party?
09:57 <KaiShadow> brb
09:57 <Khantar07> Hello?
09:57 <Khantar07> Guys is Frost Bite a cool superhero for my upcoming series?
09:57 <Dps04> it was just a random gathering
09:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:57 <KaiShadow> gonna play pokemon
09:57 <Welcome12345> :P
09:57 <KaiShadow> who wants to know the (link)
09:57 <Khantar07> ...
09:57 <Dps04> lol
09:57 <Welcome12345> is there council now?
09:58 <Dps04> yes council, but no meetings
09:58 <Dps04> last meeting was in like Sept 2012
09:58 <Welcome12345> :O
09:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
09:58 <Dps04> we should have one soon
09:58 <Dps04> lol
09:58 <Dps04> :O
09:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL You were the one who said it :P
09:58 <Welcome12345> did awesome quit?
09:58 <Dps04> :P
09:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No
09:58 <Dps04> awesome did not quit
09:59 <Welcome12345> oh, but is he inactive?
09:59 <Dps04> less active
09:59 <Dps04> not exactly inactive
09:59 <Dps04> I do sometimes see him on chat
09:59 <Welcome12345> oh ok
09:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> His last edit :P
10:00 <Dps04> that was 3 days earlier
10:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IK
10:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
10:02 <Dps04> hi
10:04 -!- Abirdmeister has joined Special:Chat
10:04 <Abirdmeister> heyheyhey
10:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
10:04 <Artantic> :O
10:04 <Artantic> your  saying my quote :P
10:04 <Artantic> hey
10:04 <Abirdmeister> sorry
10:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
10:04 <Abirdmeister> yo
10:04 <Artantic> its ok :P
10:04 <KaiShadow> sorry crashed
10:05 <Artantic> now
10:05 <KaiShadow> I wasn't brb NOR gtg 
10:05 <Artantic> :/
10:06 <KaiShadow> Art
10:06 <KaiShadow> I have read Shurow and Hey.youcp 
10:06 <Artantic> :p
10:06 <Artantic> lol
10:06 <KaiShadow> I saw a comment you like pickle juice being drank through a bacon straw
10:08 <Artantic> ya
10:08 <Artantic> hey.youco
10:08 <Artantic> was embarrassed :P 
10:09 <Artantic> he was like: :]
10:09 <Artantic> :[
10:09 <Artantic> some thing like that
10:09 <KaiShadow> weird
10:09 <Artantic> [[MediaWikia:Emoticons]]
10:09 <Artantic> :/
10:09 <Cuppy99> back
10:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
10:09 <Cuppy99> ty
10:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> YW
10:09 <Artantic> [[MediaWiki:Emoticon]]
10:09 <Artantic> ???
10:09 <Artantic> watta
10:10 <Artantic> [[Mediawiki:Emoticons]]
10:10 <KaiShadow> *Gives art pickle juice with a bacon straw*
10:10 <Dps04> gtg
10:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
10:10 <Dps04> (wave)
10:10 -!- Dps04 has left Special:Chat.
10:10 <KaiShadow> ccya
10:11 <Artantic> yaa
10:11 <Artantic> Hey.Youcp was like@ #^_^#
10:12 <Artantic> :p
10:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
10:13 <Artantic> now
10:13 <Artantic> :/
10:14 <Artantic> im thinking of old progrmas 
10:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah
10:14 <Cuppy99> an old program
10:15 <Cuppy99> 3 stugies
10:15 <Artantic> hmm
10:15 <Artantic> like kick buttowski
10:15 <Artantic> something like that ...
10:16 <Welcome12345> spongebob???
10:16 <Artantic> good :d
10:17 <Cuppy99> ben ten
10:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
10:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hello! :)
10:17 <Artantic> HEY :D
10:17 <Artantic> dude
10:17 <Cuppy99> hai
10:17 <Artantic> i was tweeting to ya :p
10:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> Cool :)
10:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> 4 days till prehistoric party!
10:18 <Artantic> yep
10:18 <Artantic> :P
10:18 <Artantic> leader
10:18 <Artantic> wanna join me?
10:18 <Artantic> me and my friend at server fog
10:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> Join you in what?
10:18 <Artantic> at the lighthouse 
10:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> Sure! :
10:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> :)*
10:18 <Artantic> ok
10:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> May take a while to log in though
10:18 <Artantic> drums ;)
10:19 <Welcome12345> well gtg
10:19 <Welcome12345> bye
10:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> Jack, nice to be working with you :)
10:19 -!- Welcome12345 has left Special:Chat.
10:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR
10:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> I believe this is the first time we have both been CM at the same time
10:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No
10:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> as you became CM after I was demoted
10:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Remember my trial?
10:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> Oh yeah
10:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> Sooo... second day working together?
10:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes :)
10:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> Cool :)
10:20 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR :D
10:20 <Artantic> jack
10:20 <Artantic> ya coming?
10:20 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Coming where?
10:20 -!- Director Wasp125 has joined Special:Chat
10:20 <Director Wasp125> Hey hey
10:20 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
10:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi Wasp!
10:20 <Artantic> server fog
10:20 <Artantic> lighthouse
10:20 <Director Wasp125> :o
10:20 <Artantic> hello matthew
10:20 <Director Wasp125> you're a CM again!
10:20 <Director Wasp125> Congrats!
10:20 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Oh I am not going on today :P
10:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> It's just CM calender
10:20 <Artantic> lol
10:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> today is my day
10:21 <Director Wasp125> oh
10:21 <Director Wasp125> lol
10:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> but thanks anyway
10:21 <Director Wasp125> xD
10:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:21 <Director Wasp125> no problem
10:21 <Artantic> matthew =math 
10:21 <Artantic> :o
10:21 <Artantic> KILL
10:21 <Artantic> WASP
10:21 <Artantic> HE IS MATHS :O
10:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> NOOO
10:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I like Maths :P
10:21 <Artantic> lol
10:21 <Artantic> :o
10:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> Normally I'd kick for that but it was a joke
10:21 <Director Wasp125> NO
10:21 <Artantic> (:O)
10:21 <Director Wasp125> I hate maths
10:21 <Artantic> lol
10:21 <Artantic> but its after your name ;p
10:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> Oh wait, I can do bot commands now :D
10:22 <Director Wasp125> I miss bot commands
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome cheese sandwich
10:22 <Director Wasp125> lololol
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> aww
10:22 <Artantic> me to
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> it doesn't obey me
10:22 <Artantic> wasp
10:22 <Cuppy99> wasp?
10:22 <Director Wasp125> !logs
10:22 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You stupid Bot >:(
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updatelogs
10:22 <Director Wasp125> yes?
10:22 <Cuppy99> whos wasp
10:22 <Director Wasp125> -_-
10:22 <Director Wasp125> Me
10:22 <Artantic> (...)
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> Bot doesn't like meh :(
10:22 <Cuppy99> oh
10:22 <Cuppy99> ok
10:22 <Cuppy99> i feel like we met before
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> O_O
10:22 <Cuppy99> i dont think so
10:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> *backs away slowly*
10:22 <Director Wasp125> ...
10:23 <Director Wasp125> I don't remember you :/
10:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:23 <Artantic> :o
10:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> Bot, Y U NO OBEY ME?!
10:23 <Artantic> lol
10:23 <Artantic> say
10:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Type !logs @Custard
10:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> !test
10:23 <Artantic> !DIE BOT DIEEEEE
10:23 <Artantic> !logs
10:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> I need to be whitelisted for bot commands :/
10:23 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:23 <Artantic> :P
10:23 <Artantic> say
10:23 <Artantic> !logs
10:23 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Custard, type !logs
10:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updated
10:23 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: The logs were last updated 24:54 ago. There are currently ~184 lines in the log buffer.
10:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> jack, I'm trying CM commands
10:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> apparently I still need to be whitelisted
10:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wait! I am whitelisted?
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yeah
10:24 <Artantic> :o
10:24 <Director Wasp125> Yesterday I got a postcard from Graser :D
10:24 <Artantic> :o
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> all CM's are whitelisted
10:24 <Artantic> :O
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> and admins
10:24 <Artantic> wasp
10:24 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am whitelisted and I didn't even know :P
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> But I'm not whitelisted yet
10:24 <Artantic> i have one from polo :d
10:24 <Director Wasp125> kewl
10:24 <Director Wasp125> I'mma show you all of mine
10:24 <Director Wasp125> (Graser's)
10:24 <Artantic> DONT
10:24 <Artantic> that will be boring :|
10:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> So I hope people have a good day today :)
10:25 <KaiShadow> I have a new album
10:25 <KaiShadow> and also
10:25 <Artantic> all the postcards you get is from
10:25 <Director Wasp125> Thinknoodles'
10:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Same to, Custard
10:25 <Artantic> dalek mania and p1948345
10:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> if some cusser or spammer gets in your way while I'm here he'll be taken down by da kick/ban hammer
10:25 <Director Wasp125> No
10:25 <Director Wasp125> -____-
10:25 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *you
10:25 <Director Wasp125> I only keep postcards from semi-famous/famous people
10:25 <Artantic> i have one from polo :D
10:25 <Director Wasp125> Dr Flopper
10:25 <Cuppy99> leader that just happened earlier
10:25 <KaiShadow> the credit cards available are Pizza, Mastercrud, Nothing republic and Wateva 
10:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am actually rare on CP now :)
10:26 <Artantic> who is dr flopper?
10:26 <Director Wasp125> I'MMA VIP, I'MMA VIP
10:26 <Artantic> im logged off 
10:26 <Director Wasp125> He has a blog
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> Dr flopper is a twitter'rer
10:26 <Director Wasp125> Loustik
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm craving toast right now
10:26 <Artantic> loustik added me :P
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> Butter and marmite on toast
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> mmm mm mm
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> Nothing better
10:26 <Director Wasp125> Thinknoodles (another one)
10:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> except pizza
10:26 <KaiShadow> Pizza
10:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> Pizza's great
10:27 <Artantic> think added me :p
10:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sdg is away fro a week
10:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *for
10:27 <KaiShadow> Pizza's AWESOME!
10:27 <Director Wasp125> Federflink
10:27 <Artantic> ya
10:27 <Artantic> poor dude
10:27 <Director Wasp125> I've been Think's friend for ages
10:27 <Artantic> bahrain people still have test
10:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> Why is sdg away for a week?
10:27 <Artantic> tests
10:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> Ah
10:27 <Director Wasp125> Trainman
10:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> Sdg is the one that said I'll never be CM again :(
10:27 <Artantic> i have one form trainman :D
10:27 <Director Wasp125> and another CP mag
10:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Family problems too
10:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> well technically this is a step up cuz I'm CM right now
10:28 <Artantic> YA
10:28 <Artantic> for the day :P
10:28 <Artantic> bahrain is SO small :P
10:28 <Artantic> i went there once
10:28 <KaiShadow> Bahrain?
10:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> but it was sdg who made me perma-CM in the first place, so now that he won't make me one, I have no idea how I will/ if I will
10:28 <Artantic> only
10:28 <Artantic> 700 KLM
10:28 <KaiShadow> I live in Philippines
10:28 <Artantic> after
10:28 <Artantic> you got mad leader
10:28 <Artantic> :p
10:28 <Director Wasp125> P-P promoted me :D
10:28 <Artantic> (hulk)
10:28 <Director Wasp125> Ages ago that was
10:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> Lol hulk
10:28 <Artantic> like the hulk
10:28 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sdg promoted me
10:28 <Artantic> :P
10:29 <Artantic> hat pop demoted me :D
10:29 <Director Wasp125> I remember that, it was only meant to be temporarily
10:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:29 <Artantic> and
10:29 <Director Wasp125> Sdg demoted me (I asked to be demoted when I quit)
10:29 <Artantic> Turtleshroom PROMOTED ME :D
10:29 <Artantic> then
10:29 <Director Wasp125> Pikachu promoted me
10:29 <Artantic> v-rex demoted me D:
10:29 <Artantic> THEN
10:30 <Director Wasp125> /ORLY ART/
10:30 <Artantic> some one promoted me :D
10:30 <Artantic> then
10:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:30 <Artantic> some one demoted me D:
10:30 <Artantic> then
10:30 <Artantic> i got v-rex as a lawyer 
10:30 <Director Wasp125> -____-
10:30 <Artantic> he chewed them out :P
10:30 <Artantic> then
10:30 <Artantic> they promoted me
10:30 <Artantic> then
10:30 <Director Wasp125> Well, I got Notch as a lawyer.
10:30 <Artantic> bot got jelous
10:30 <Artantic> and demoted me D:
10:31 <Artantic> and thats the end :D
10:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> LOL notch
10:31 <Artantic> then
10:31 <Artantic> leader
10:31 <Director Wasp125> And Jeb demoted me too
10:31 <Artantic> broke my head DL
10:31 <Artantic> D:
10:32 <Artantic> then wasp was jealous so he pinched me D:
10:32 <Director Wasp125> ...
10:32 <Artantic> THEN
10:32 <Artantic> DALEK CAME
10:32 <Artantic> and punched wasp :D
10:32 <Director Wasp125> I was jealous because you broke your head, and I pinched you? MAKES SENSE XD
10:32 <Artantic> made his tooth fall out 
10:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> CONNECTION
10:32 <Director Wasp125> And then Dalek makes my tooth fall out?! O.O#
10:32 <Artantic> NO
10:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !updated
10:32 <CPChatBot> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: The logs were last updated 33:55 ago. There are currently ~318 lines in the log buffer.
10:32 <Artantic> LEADER BROKE MY HEAD
10:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> Lol?
10:33 <Artantic> then
10:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'ma go grab some toast
10:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> brb
10:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
10:33 <Artantic> he gave me a lollipop :)
10:33 <Director Wasp125> Ok, Leader broke your head and I was jealous...
10:33 <Artantic> yes
10:33 <Artantic> dalek
10:33 <Artantic> punched you
10:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> back
10:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
10:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> Thank you
10:33 <Artantic> and made you look like my grandma :)
10:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> :)
10:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> YW
10:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :)
10:33 <Director Wasp125> O,O
10:33 <Director Wasp125> Welcome bacl
10:33 <Director Wasp125> back
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> OMG It looked like I smiled at art O_O
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol thx wasp
10:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:34 <Artantic> LOL
10:34 <Artantic> (LOL)
10:34 <Director Wasp125> :/
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> (lol)
10:34 <Artantic> ha ha
10:34 <Artantic> then
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> So anyway wasp, what day will we film part 2?
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> 17th?
10:34 <Director Wasp125> I dunno, maybe around the 19th?
10:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> kk
10:34 <Artantic> wasp made a a operation
10:35 <Artantic> they operation failed
10:35 <Artantic> so
10:35 <Artantic> he wore a mask
10:35 <Artantic> till
10:35 <Artantic> he found herbert
10:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> He looked like your grandpa?
10:35 <Artantic> nno
10:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:35 <Artantic> wasp found herbert
10:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:35 <Artantic> and came to me
10:35 <Artantic> but i shouted and an avalanche happened 
10:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> Errrm
10:35 <Artantic> then they screamed like little girls
10:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> Awwkward...
10:35 <Artantic> and ran away :)
10:35 <Artantic> thats my story 
10:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> Fenton!
10:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
10:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> FEENNNTON!
10:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> I love that video :P
10:36 <Artantic> H-E-L-L-O
10:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> H to the E to the L to the L to the E
10:36 <Artantic> my new video was ALL naruto :P
10:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:37 <Artantic> watch it
10:37 <Artantic>
10:37 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 17 -
10:37 <Artantic> remember
10:37 <Artantic> to out teh quality to 480p
10:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> djf just asked where I live in PM O_O
10:38 <Artantic> put the quality to 480p
10:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Did he mean country?
10:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> maybe
10:38 <Director Wasp125> o_o
10:38 <Artantic> near guilford :P 
10:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> OH MY GOD I JUST NOTICED SOMETHING
10:38 <Artantic> i was there for like 2 years
10:38 <Director Wasp125> If he means address, that's against the rules right?
10:39 <Artantic> yep
10:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> EWW EWW POKEMON IS WRONG
10:39 <Artantic> i think
10:39 <Director Wasp125> How?
10:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> Well you know the original song?
10:39 <Director Wasp125> Ya
10:39 <Artantic> :P
10:39 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 17 -
10:39 <Director Wasp125> I WANNA BE
10:39 <Director Wasp125> THE VERY BE-Continue
10:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> There was an inappropriate version of that @Custard
10:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> There's a part where pikachu looks under a girls skirt and she gets embarrased
10:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
10:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ohhh LOL
10:39 <Director Wasp125> O.O
10:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> And in the japanese version, it actually makes note of that by saying something like "We'll go through girls skirts!"
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> No joke
10:40 <Director Wasp125> e_e
10:40 <Director Wasp125> that's
10:40 <Director Wasp125> That's wrong
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> ikr
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> but to be hones, gen I pokemon was disgusting
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> like a part in the manga
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> that was VERY innap
10:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> and that episode with James having blow up... yeah
10:40 <Director Wasp125> yes...
10:40 <Director Wasp125> I see why that ep was banned.
10:41 <Director Wasp125> :/
10:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> O_O
10:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> Me too
10:41 <Director Wasp125> Also, Zelda graphic novels are innap
10:41 <Director Wasp125> well, 1 is
10:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> OH MY SAINTED AUNt
10:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> THAT'S TERRIBLE
10:41 <Director Wasp125> it's The Minish Cap
10:41 <Director Wasp125> I think
10:41 <Djf1107> who has a mag code
10:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> In pokemon series 1, there was an episode called Hypno's naptime, and hypno is hypnotizing kids and kidnapping them
10:41 <Director Wasp125> I've got a used one
10:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> DEAR GOD THAT IS WRONG
10:42 <Director Wasp125> HYPNO'S LULLABY
10:42 <Director Wasp125> :D
10:42 <Director Wasp125> I <3 that
10:42 <Djf1107> unused mag code
10:42 <Djf1107> pm
10:42 <Djf1107> \
10:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> asp, it's inspiring --do's
10:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> wasp*
10:42 <Director Wasp125> Who wants a spare coin code?
10:42 <Djf1107> mme
10:42 <Director Wasp125> i do too.
10:42 <Director Wasp125> 9trollmeme)
10:42 <Director Wasp125> (trollmeme)
10:43 <Artantic> i have one
10:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
10:43 <Artantic> 3
10:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> guys, go on youtube and type 10 creepy and weird pokedex entries
10:43 <Director Wasp125> Lavender town!
10:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> it is SO wrong
10:43 <Director Wasp125> Uhm
10:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> in the 2nd one, cacturne actually awaits people in the desert and then --pes them
10:43 <Director Wasp125> O___O
10:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O Oh my god
10:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> there's also one called "Censored pokemon manga" by Jwittz
10:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> Misty is talking about her... while in the pool with brock and ash, then she runs out COMPLETELY naked
10:44 <Djf1107> art pm
10:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah! That is gross
10:44 <Djf1107> (art)
10:44 <Director Wasp125> O____O
10:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> And also, there's a part where this evil woman has pokeballs on her... yeah
10:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> (sick)
10:44 <Artantic> i hate pokemon
10:45 <Artantic> :*
10:45 <Director Wasp125> There's a pokemon card like that with Misty naked 
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> yeah!
10:45 <Director Wasp125> :*#
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> I saw that
10:45 <Djf1107> art pm
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> "misty's tears"
10:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (sick)
10:45 <Director Wasp125> Please, stop talking about this now
10:45 <Artantic> ATCHOOO 
10:45 <Director Wasp125> xD
10:45 <Artantic> sorry
10:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *pukes on Art accidentally*
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> I can see why she was crying, a staryu was looking at her naked
10:45 <Artantic> im allergic to crap 
10:45 <Director Wasp125> O.O
10:45 <Artantic> :P
10:45 -!- Artantic was kicked from Special:Chat by Leader of CP Parties!
10:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow said it is allowed
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> that c word is a kick
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> P-P said it's a kick jack
10:45 <Director Wasp125> It's allowed?
10:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> AFTER shurow allowed it
10:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah
10:46 <Artantic> LEADER CRAP IS ALLOWED 
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> art
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's a kick
10:46 -!- Artantic was kicked from Special:Chat by Leader of CP Parties!
10:46 <Director Wasp125> :'/
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> wow
10:46 <Director Wasp125> :/*
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> just wow
10:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I guess he needs to ask a bureaucrat first
10:46 <Artantic> WATTA???? ITS ALLOWED
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> No art
10:46 <Artantic> SHUROW SAID SO
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> p-P said it's a kick
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> AFTER shurow allowed it
10:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> P-P is a bureaucrat
10:46 <Artantic> where p-p now?
10:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> P-P made it a kick
10:46 <Director Wasp125> Can i just say something?
10:46 <Artantic> :|
10:46 <Djf1107> art'
10:46 <Djf1107> pm
10:46 <Director Wasp125> :/
10:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol I never asked for a coin code
10:47 <Djf1107> (trollface)
10:47 <Artantic> not you thomas
10:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> BLANK @djf
10:47 <Artantic> i was talking to djf
10:47 <Abirdmeister> gtg
10:47 <Director Wasp125> kick?
10:47 <Director Wasp125> Bye
10:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
10:47 -!- Djf1107 was kicked from Special:Chat by Leader of CP Parties!
10:47 <Abirdmeister> cya later
10:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> Djf blanked :/
10:47 <Director Wasp125> I've noticed Djf doing LOADS of blanks
10:47 <Director Wasp125> :/
10:47 -!- Abirdmeister has left Special:Chat.
10:47 <Artantic> ya
10:47 <Artantic> (trollface)
10:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
10:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> They were blanks?
10:47 <Director Wasp125> Ya
10:47 <Artantic> YES
10:47 <Artantic> didnt you know
10:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yup
10:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yup a doodle
10:48 <Artantic> hes supposed to be banned by now ¬.¬
10:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Oh dang it!
10:48 <Artantic> he done over 10 blanks 
10:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I should have kicked
10:48 <Artantic> i was saying
10:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> don't worry jack, I kicked
10:48 <Artantic> WATTA HECK IS WRONG
10:48 <Artantic> ya know guys
10:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> I only saw 1 blank
10:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> not 10
10:48 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> That was before
10:48 <Artantic> before you came
10:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh
10:49 <Artantic> btw]
10:49 <Artantic> i know now why jack likes T.J
10:49 <Artantic> :p
10:49 <Director Wasp125> brb
10:49 <Artantic> CUZ
10:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
10:49 -!- Director Wasp125 has left Special:Chat.
10:49 <Artantic> jack likes thomas the train and leaders name is thomas :P
10:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol
10:49 <Artantic> LOL
10:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I didn't know his name is Thomas
10:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Until now :P
10:50 <Artantic> :P
10:50 <Artantic> why do you think we call him T,J?
10:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> They once put a banned episode on the pokemon TV thing on the pokemon website
10:50 <Artantic> thomas.jack 
10:50 <Artantic> something like that
10:50 <Artantic> well
10:50 <Artantic> OMG
10:50 -!- Director Wasp125 has joined Special:Chat
10:50 <Director Wasp125> back!
10:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
10:50 <Artantic> jack liked him before he knew his name :o
10:50 <Artantic> THAT MEANS
10:50 <Artantic> JACK KNEW IT
10:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I didn't
10:50 <Artantic> HE HAD A FEELING
10:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What the heck
10:51 <Artantic> MAN
10:51 <Artantic> I SHOULD OF KNEW
10:51 <Artantic> JACK IS BLESSED :o
10:51 <Director Wasp125> ...
10:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> ...
10:51 <Director Wasp125> I dunno what's going on
10:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have no idea
10:51 <Artantic> me to (trollface)
10:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Art, don't tick me off
10:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> I've only been up 1 hour and I've kicked 3 times O_O
10:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:52 <Artantic> cool
10:52 <Director Wasp125> I've been up since 6:45
10:52 <Director Wasp125> :D
10:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> wow
10:52 <Artantic> im strange today (spin)
10:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Can you work the bot's commands now?
10:52 <Artantic> i might be banned :D
10:52 <Director Wasp125> o.o
10:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> !test
10:52 <Director Wasp125> and you WANT that to happen?
10:52 <Director Wasp125> !logs
10:52 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:52 <Artantic> maybe
10:52 <Artantic> !logs
10:52 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:52 <Artantic> !logs
10:52 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
10:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> Don't spam the bot
10:52 <Director Wasp125> Don't spam teh bot
10:52 <Artantic> anyway
10:52 <Director Wasp125> LOL
10:53 <Artantic> wasp
10:53 <Artantic> pm
10:53 <Artantic> oops
10:53 <Artantic> pmed wasp twice
10:53 <Director Wasp125> lolwut
10:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh rlly?
10:53 <Artantic> yes
10:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:53 <Artantic> wanna see a pic?
10:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes
10:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> yo this is one of the only time youll see me using no grammar at all! im pretty weird
10:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> im gonna go back to grammar
10:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> Ahh
10:54 <Artantic> ya
10:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> That's better
10:54 <Artantic> yo
10:54 <Director Wasp125> GRAMMAR FOR THE WIN :D
10:54 <Artantic> dis is betah
10:54 <Artantic> 
10:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
10:54 <Director Wasp125> I get annoyed when I see someone misspelling a lot and making grammar mistakes :/
10:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol
10:55 <Director Wasp125> I'm like "NO NO, YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!"
10:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
10:55 <Artantic> i yam>
10:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sometimes, I am a bit of a grammar nazi :P
10:55 <Artantic> i gott refresh
10:55 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
10:55 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
10:55 <Artantic> wasp pm
10:55 <Director Wasp125> I'm there T_T
10:56 <Artantic> T_T
10:56 <Artantic> check pm
10:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> :3
10:56 <Artantic> what DOES :3 MEAN>????
10:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> kitty
10:57 <Director Wasp125> Kitty cart face
10:57 <Director Wasp125> LOL
10:57 <Artantic> dont see it :P
10:57 <Director Wasp125> Cat*
10:57 <Artantic> wasp check pm
10:58 <Artantic> i need some ideas
10:59 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
10:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Finally, I know what :3 is :P
10:59 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
10:59 <Artantic> ikr
10:59 -!- Amaraizad4 has joined Special:Chat
10:59 <Amaraizad4> NEW
11:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
11:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> hello
11:00 <Artantic> !logs
11:00 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
11:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Is that you in your picture?
11:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> please ensure you're not sid before entering
11:00 <Artantic> :P
11:00 <Amaraizad4> no
11:00 <Artantic> NO
11:00 <Artantic> hes from wikia :P
11:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> o
11:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
11:00 <Amaraizad4> i can't share my own face. then someone will stalk me.
11:00 <Artantic> though hes new...
11:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You can't here because it is also the rules
11:01 <Amaraizad4> i have a CP account. but i don't use it for 3 years.
11:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wow :P
11:02 <Amaraizad4> now, i totally forgot my username and password :(
11:02 <Amaraizad4> on CP.
11:02 <Artantic> i have a penguin that i didnt on it  for 5 seconds 
11:02 <Artantic> WOW
11:02 <Artantic> THATS ALOT OF TIME
11:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> you could always make a new account
11:02 <Artantic> 5 SECONDS
11:03 <Artantic> orrr
11:03 <Amaraizad4> okay.
11:03 <Artantic> check ur email 
11:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> no art, he would need his username
11:03 <Artantic> ya
11:03 <Artantic> from his email
11:03 <Artantic> the activation message thingy
11:03 <Amaraizad4> i can get my parents. (i think).
11:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> so he's gonna go back through his emails from 3 years ago?
11:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> I don't think so
11:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> @art
11:03 <Artantic> now
11:04 <Artantic> at the search
11:04 <Artantic> type club penguin
11:04 <Artantic> :P
11:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> some email stuff don't have search
11:04 <Amaraizad4> nah, maybe later.
11:04 <Artantic> ya
11:04 <Amaraizad4> i going to make entirely new account. 
11:04 <Artantic> like the 1843 ones 
11:04 <Artantic> :P
11:04 <Amaraizad4> i mean new, fresh account.
11:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok, in 4 days we will time travel to prehistory
11:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> @ama
11:05 <Artantic> /
11:05 <Artantic> ?
11:05 <Amaraizad4> i saw some vids on YT there some have like user giveaway with membership, but i could not acessable. Why?
11:05 <Artantic> DUDE
11:06 <Artantic> they ban them
11:06 <Artantic> then give it :P
11:06 <Artantic> and
11:06 <Artantic> most 
11:06 <Artantic> hack for the membership
11:06 <Amaraizad4> how do they know the account is shared to public?
11:06 <Artantic> idk
11:06 <Amaraizad4> very hi tech system on CP.
11:07 <Amaraizad4> well, my cpu is overheats.
11:07 <Amaraizad4> fan is run so fast.
11:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> sometimes they show in the video that the penguin is member, then delete the membership
11:08 <Artantic> ya
11:08 <Artantic> or
11:08 <Artantic> when its the last day for the membership they give it :P
11:08 <Amaraizad4> can i exit fo a while?
11:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes
11:08 <Amaraizad4> i havt to do something.
11:08 -!- Amaraizad4 has left Special:Chat.
11:08 <Director Wasp125> :O
11:08 <Director Wasp125> I just... ATE CHOCOLATE
11:09 <Director Wasp125> :D
11:09 <Cuppy99> lol wasp
11:09 <Artantic> :o
11:09 <Artantic> :*
11:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> I love PBR
11:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> they need a gen 5 version
11:09 <Director Wasp125> :*?
11:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> and then a gen 6 version
11:09 <Cuppy99> (sick) I HATE CHOCOLATE!
11:09 -!- Amaraizad4 has joined Special:Chat
11:09 <Cuppy99> hello
11:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
11:09 <Amaraizad4> okay now it is okay .
11:09 <Director Wasp125> O___O
11:09 <Amaraizad4> hey CUPPY
11:09 <Director Wasp125> You hate chocolatwe
11:09 <Artantic> im hungry 
11:09 <Director Wasp125> chocolate?!
11:09 <Cuppy99> Welcome to the wiki!
11:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> Chocolate is ok
11:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am indifferent
11:09 <Amaraizad4> hey i'm 15.
11:10 <Artantic> probably gonna eat my MATHS book or eat a WASP its the same really (trollface)
11:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
11:10 <Artantic> lol
11:10 <Artantic> get it?
11:10 <Artantic> maths=matthew=wasp
11:10 <Artantic> (lol)
11:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> cuz math's stings
11:10 <Artantic> HA HA HA
11:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> dude it's not that funny
11:11 <Amaraizad4> i got an infinite ban from a wiki 
11:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Which one?
11:11 <Artantic> WAIT
11:11 <Artantic> my little pony?
11:11 <Amaraizad4> The Amaizing world of gumball.
11:11 <Artantic> or moshi monsters|?
11:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Why?
11:11 <Amaraizad4> .
11:11 <Artantic> cussed?
11:11 <Amaraizad4> Lag.
11:11 <Artantic> :o
11:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> Beep powder
11:12 <Director Wasp125> T_T Art, stop it.
11:13 <Artantic> woot?
11:13 <Artantic> im hungy
11:13 <Artantic> hungry
11:13 <Artantic> gonna eat ...
11:13 <Artantic> something
11:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
11:13 <Artantic> maybe a BANANA >:D
11:13 <Amaraizad4> i banned from The amaizing world of gumball wiki because of misbehaved on chat.
11:14 <Artantic> or ... COOKIES >:D
11:14 <Amaraizad4> (not complaining)
11:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> well don't misbehave here
11:14 <Artantic> (stare)
11:14 <Amaraizad4> gosh, that admin sure going to be here because of complaining about my ban.
11:14 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
11:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
11:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> hi miron
11:15 <Super Miron> Hey
11:15 <Super Miron> Brb
11:15 <Amaraizad4> hey mirron.
11:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> :/
11:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> who killed chat?
11:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK :P
11:17 <Artantic> i did (stare)
11:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
11:17 <Artantic> i ate it to 
11:17 <Artantic> it tastes like chicken :D
11:17 <Super Miron> :p
11:17 <Artantic> *spits bone*
11:17 <Super Miron> brb
11:17 <Artantic> :D
11:17 <Artantic> now
11:18 <Artantic> brb
11:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
11:18 <Super Miron> Anyone seen SandorL?
11:18 <Super Miron> brb
11:18 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
11:18 <Amaraizad4> well, does CP is a safe for children?
11:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> (nod)
11:18 <Amaraizad4> i hope theres no cussing.
11:18 <Amaraizad4> on the chat on cp.
11:18 <Artantic> no
11:19 <Artantic> even if some cusses it wont show 
11:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> if someone cussewd, you wouldn't see it cuz of filters
11:19 <Artantic> and the guy will be banned
11:19 <Amaraizad4> and there's like a cuss detector on CP?
11:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> sorta
11:20 <Cuppy99> sorry i forgot to say brb
11:20 <Artantic> yes
11:20 <Cuppy99> and yes there is a ditector
11:20 <Artantic> DUDE
11:20 <Cuppy99> what
11:21 <Artantic> even if some one cuss's it wont show for the others
11:21 <Cuppy99> i knew that
11:21 <Amaraizad4> very good system for little children.
11:21 <Cuppy99> ya
11:21 <Cuppy99> its safe
11:21 <Cuppy99> it said that its a child friendly game
11:21 <Cuppy99> duuh
11:22 <Amaraizad4> safer then TAWoG chat. because the admin allows cuss.
11:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
11:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> What?
11:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Why?
11:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Gumball doesn't have cusses
11:22 <Amaraizad4> i don't know.
11:22 <Cuppy99> wow
11:22 -!- C H U N K Y has joined Special:Chat
11:22 <Artantic> hi
11:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
11:23 <C H U N K Y> hello
11:23 <Amaraizad4> hello
11:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> brb
11:23 <Artantic> did u see my new video? :p
11:23 <Amaraizad4> im new @ c h u n k y
11:23 <C H U N K Y> me?
11:23 -!- Cuppy99 has left Special:Chat.
11:23 <C H U N K Y> @art
11:23 <Artantic> remember to put the quality to 480p
11:24 -!- Cuppy99 has joined Special:Chat
11:24 <Cuppy99> sorry
11:24 <Cuppy99> i wanted to try mm wiki chat
11:24 <Director Wasp125> I'll go now
11:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> Cacturne is pokemon's slenderman
11:24 <Cuppy99> someones away in there
11:24 <Director Wasp125> Bai
11:24 -!- Director Wasp125 has left Special:Chat.
11:24 <Cuppy99> can someone join the mm wiki chat im bored
11:24 <Amaraizad4> well, most of the wikia chats does not allow cuss right?
11:25 <Cuppy99> yes
11:25 <Cuppy99> most wikias
11:25 <Cuppy99> theres barely even one that allows cussing
11:25 <Amaraizad4> but that (TAWoG) has no "bad" cuss on the show and the chat allows cuss.
11:26 <Cuppy99> omg
11:26 <Amaraizad4> what is MM wiki?
11:26 <Cuppy99> moshimonstera
11:26 <Cuppy99> *moshimonsters
11:26 -!- Mario6354 has joined Special:Chat
11:26 <Mario6354> Hiii!
11:26 <Cuppy99> hai mario
11:26 <Amaraizad4> hey im new @Mario.
11:26 <Mario6354> Welcome!
11:27 <Mario6354> New blog post!
11:27 <Cuppy99> someone go to the mm wiki chat
11:27 <Mario6354> Link?
11:27 <Mario6354> and... Wh?
11:27 <C H U N K Y> amaraizad pm
11:27 <Mario6354> Why*?
11:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Back
11:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
11:29 <SomeSprites> SSF2 FANS UNITE!
11:29 <SomeSprites> ...
11:29 <Amaraizad4> Im new @somesprites.
11:29 <SomeSprites> ok
11:29 <Cuppy99> hi
11:29 <SomeSprites> SSF2=Super Smash Flash 2
11:29 <Cuppy99> jack pm
11:29 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You didn't send me a PM
11:29 <Mario6354> <= Someone see it? or see my former Costums?? COMMENT IT! (dance) (trollface)
11:29 <Artantic> :|
11:30 <SomeSprites> (TROLLFACE)
11:30 <Amaraizad4> club penguin Rules!
11:30 <Artantic>
11:30 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin- Penguins VS Puffles - Duration: 07:36 - Uploaded: 2013-01-13 - Rating: 4.200000 - Views: 21 -
11:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> back
11:30 <Mario6354> Art why you asked Cool?
11:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> thanks for your WB's
11:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
11:31 <Mario6354> ART I GOTTA YOU YOU PLAYING UPv4!!!!
11:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> Thx jack
11:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No problem
11:32 <Amaraizad4> does cussing without getting banned (in CP) will possible? (i heard it from my friend, no offense) 
11:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> Impossible
11:32 <Amaraizad4> how about mods?
11:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> CP is disney dude
11:33 <Amaraizad4> okay, i know.
11:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You can say the a word and p word on CP though
11:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR, it is stupid
11:34 <Mario6354> Art is playing CPPS! ILLEGAL! CPPS ARE ILLEGAL
11:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> it is only illegal to MAKE a cpps
11:34 <Mario6354> Iknow
11:34 <Amaraizad4> CCPS? what is that? :\
11:34 <Mario6354> Club Penguin Private Server
11:34 <Amaraizad4> what's so illegal about it?
11:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> Copyright
11:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It copies
11:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> CP
11:35 <Amaraizad4> copies from where?
11:35 <Mario6354> SWFs... files
11:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> CP
11:35 <Amaraizad4> will he banned?
11:35 <Mario6354> Nop
11:36 <Amaraizad4> i gotta leave, i going to watch videos.
11:36 <Mario6354> If CP find it very illegal maybe it'll sue it! Some CPPS are closed by FBI
11:36 <Mario6354> and CPPS are illegal cauz of FREE MEMBERSHIP FOREVER TOO!!
11:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
11:36 <Amaraizad4> i cant make 2/more tabs in one browser. It slows down. BYE!
11:36 <Mario6354> Bye (wave)
11:36 <Amaraizad4> (wave)
11:36 -!- Amaraizad4 has left Special:Chat.
11:37 <Mario6354> Check out my igloo, Server: Warlus
11:37 <Mario6354> Walrus*
11:37 <Mario6354> Don't ask about name...!
11:39 <Mario6354> Someone loggined at my penguin! :O Password change!! GRR!  >:(
11:39 <Mario6354> I will change my password
11:39 <Mario6354> But not now (trollface)
11:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
11:39 <Mario6354> Who's Ahmeed something?
11:40 <Mario6354> Who's P16 somehting??
11:41 <Mario6354> P19...?
11:41 <Mario6354> COME TO MY IGLOO!
11:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> gtg for a bit bye
11:41 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has left Special:Chat.
11:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Late bye
11:42 -!- Amaraizad4 has joined Special:Chat
11:42 <Amaraizad4> hey im back
11:42 <Amaraizad4> i have a question.
11:42 <Mario6354> What?
11:43 <Mario6354> Yes...? We're hearing the question... say it...?
11:43 <Amaraizad4> when i  log in to my account why in a some-time  an error says Connection Timeout.
11:43 <Amaraizad4> why?
11:43 <Mario6354> Hm...
11:43 <Mario6354> When you choose a server?
11:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
11:43 <Amaraizad4> thats the matter i will NEVER  go to CP.
11:44 <Mario6354> That's a problem with their servers
11:44 <Mario6354> Choose another server don't go to only ONE FOREVER!
11:45 <Mario6354> Bye! (wave) I have to go! (wave) :-*
11:45 <Amaraizad4> bye (waves)
11:45 -!- Mario6354 has left Special:Chat.
11:45 <Amaraizad4> (wave)
11:48 <Cuppy99> :3
11:50 <Cuppy99> dead chat
11:50 <Amaraizad4> im alive.
11:50 <Amaraizad4> its no longer dead cat
11:52 <Agent L3r> Wheres Chunky?
11:53 <Agent L3r> Anyone?
11:53 <Agent L3r> :)
11:53 <Agent L3r> w
11:53 <Agent L3r> (wave)
11:53 <Agent L3r> (Dance)
11:53 <Agent L3r> (sit)
11:54 <Agent L3r> (fly
11:54 <Cuppy99> hi mix
11:54 <Mixer2301> Hi :)
11:55 <Cuppy99> :)
11:55 <Cuppy99> chain
11:55 <Cuppy99> :)
11:55 <C H U N K Y> oh hey L3r
11:55 <C H U N K Y> (hi)
11:55 <C H U N K Y> pm
11:56 <C H U N K Y> ugh
11:56 <Cuppy99> lets test some emotes
11:56 <Cuppy99> (:0
11:56 <C H U N K Y> :/
11:56 <Cuppy99> (:o
11:56 <Cuppy99> doesnt work
11:56 <Mixer2301> :O
11:56 <Amaraizad4> (trollface) (trollface)
11:56 <Cuppy99> im trying to do the other one
11:56 <Cuppy99> :0
11:56 <Mixer2301> (:O)
11:57 <C H U N K Y> (:o) ?
11:57 <Amaraizad4> :)
11:57 <Cuppy99> (:0)
11:57 <Amaraizad4> :(
11:57 <Cuppy99> :(
11:57 <Cuppy99> :( chain
11:57 <C H U N K Y> ;(
11:57 <Cuppy99> :(
11:57 <Amaraizad4> ;(
11:57 <Mixer2301> See the emoticons page
11:57 <Mixer2301> :(
11:57 <Cuppy99> :'(
11:57 <Cuppy99> ;(
11:57 <Mixer2301> (m2301)
11:57 <C H U N K Y> [[Club Penguin Wiki:Emoticons]]
11:57 <Amaraizad4> ;-|
11:57 <C H U N K Y> (Chunky)
11:58 <Amaraizad4> how (m2301) will work??
11:58 <Amaraizad4> (amaraizad4)
11:58 <Cuppy99> [[lets talk ing blue]]
11:58 <Artantic> lol
11:58 <Cuppy99> [[*lets talk in blue]]
11:58 <Artantic> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
11:58 <Mixer2301> Put a bracket and wrtie "M2301" and close it.
11:58 <Cuppy99> [[lets test it]]
11:58 <Amaraizad4> no, i mean how its posiible to put your avatar in there?
11:58 <Mixer2301> No talking in blue please.
11:59 <Artantic> [[why]] ?
11:59 <Cuppy99> why
11:59 <Mixer2301> It's not allowed.
11:59 <Cuppy99> oh
11:59 <Cuppy99> ok
11:59 <Cuppy99> sorry
11:59 <Cuppy99> kick me
11:59 <Cuppy99> ;)
11:59 <Artantic> [[Special:MyPage|Really?]]
11:59 <Amaraizad4> kick buttowski?
11:59 <Mixer2301> @Amaraizad, request an administrator to do it...
11:59 <Artantic> (nod)
12:00 <Mixer2301> Art, no talking in blue.
12:00 <Cuppy99> i want one
12:00 <Amaraizad4> no its a show
12:00 <Mixer2301> Ok
12:00 <Artantic> ok ok
12:00 <Cuppy99> what mixer is an admin so im asking him
12:00 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
12:00 <Super Miron> Guys!
12:00 <Super Miron> I have found something very interesting.
12:00 <Super Miron>
12:00 <Amaraizad4> who are admins here?
12:01 <Super Miron> Penguin-Pal
12:01 <Mixer2301> modroom!
12:01 <Super Miron> Apj26
12:01 <Cuppy99> hi
12:01 <Mixer2301> That's an awesome find!
12:01 <Super Miron> I mean, Apj26.
12:01 <Super Miron> Mixer, that's an edited picture :p
12:01 <Cuppy99> OMG!
12:01 <Super Miron> Lol.
12:01 <Amaraizad4> thats the matter, i want to put my avatar as my emotion. 
12:01 <Super Miron> Fooled you.
12:02 <Super Miron> Ask an admin.
12:02 <Super Miron> (miron)
12:02 <Super Miron> Mixer, are you an admin?
12:02 <Amaraizad4> how do i ask him?
12:02 <Super Miron> Mixer
12:02 <Amaraizad4> by chat?
12:02 <Super Miron> Make Amaraizad an avatar emote.
12:02 <Super Miron> Yes.
12:02 <Cuppy99> brb laggy
12:03 <Super Miron> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
12:03 -!- Cuppy99 has left Special:Chat.
12:03 <Mixer2301> Yes?
12:03 -!- Cuppy99 has joined Special:Chat
12:03 <Super Miron> Mixer
12:03 <Mixer2301> Yes?
12:03 <Super Miron> Make Amaraizad an avatar emote.
12:03 <Mixer2301> WB
12:03 <Mixer2301> Ok
12:03 <Super Miron> Like this: (miron)
12:03 <Super Miron> Or Apj26.
12:03 <Super Miron>
12:03 <Mixer2301> I know that :|
12:04 <Artantic> mod room?
12:04 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:04 <Artantic> :/
12:04 <Super Miron> OMG
12:04 <Cuppy99> (ol)
12:04 <Super Miron>
12:04 <Super Miron> Polo Field!
12:04 <Artantic> probably test server one
12:04 <Cuppy99> HAHA!
12:04 <Super Miron>
12:05 <Super Miron> Polo Field ...
12:05 <Mixer2301> Done :)
12:05 <Super Miron> ?
12:05 <Cuppy99> (dp)
12:05 <Mixer2301> I made you're emoticon @Amaraizad
12:05 <Super Miron> This is not edited:
12:06 <Mixer2301> Just refresh and write (Amaraizad) or (Amaraizad4)
12:06 <Super Miron> Guys
12:06 <Super Miron> This is not edited
12:06 <Super Miron>
12:06 <Cuppy99> i have an emote :D (Cuppy)
12:06 <Super Miron> Happy77 has the mascot giveaway box!
12:06 <Super Miron> Let me click it
12:06 <Super Miron>
12:06 <Amaraizad4> (Amaraizad)
12:07 <Super Miron> This is what happens.
12:07 <Amaraizad4> wow, it worked!! thanks a lot!
12:07 <Cuppy99> ikr
12:07 <Mixer2301> You're Welcome :)
12:07 <Super Miron> guys
12:07 <Cuppy99> nice emote
12:07 <Cuppy99> yes
12:07 <Super Miron> This is not an edit
12:07 <Super Miron>
12:07 <Amaraizad4> well, if i change my avatar, will the emo changes too?
12:07 <Cuppy99> A BUG!
12:07 <Super Miron> Happy77 has the mascot giveaway box thing.
12:07 <Mixer2301> Yes
12:07 <Super Miron>
12:07 <Mixer2301> Stop linking that
12:07 <Amaraizad4> the face means: screaming.
12:07 <Mixer2301> ...
12:08 <Artantic> ya :|
12:08 <Super Miron> And look what happens when you click it
12:08 <Super Miron>
12:08 <Cuppy99> :|
12:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> BRB
12:08 <Mixer2301> Yo
12:08 <Cuppy99> heya
12:08 <Super Miron> Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins?
12:08 <Cuppy99> COPYRIGHT!
12:08 <Amaraizad4> (Amaraizad)
12:08 <Super Miron> And if you click Yes it loads forever.
12:08 <Mixer2301> Ik, that's one of the common bugs in CP
12:08 <Amaraizad4> that means im screaming.
12:09 <Mixer2301> Is that you?
12:09 <Super Miron> But, in the first place, why is Happy a mascot?
12:09 <Amaraizad4> no
12:09 <Mixer2301> Well, you can't upload images of you'reself
12:09 <Super Miron> Guys
12:09 <Cuppy99> yes
12:09 <Super Miron> Why is Happy a mascot?
12:09 <Cuppy99> SHE'S A MOD!
12:09 <Super Miron> I know.
12:10 <Mixer2301> For some unknown reason...
12:10 <Super Miron> But her penguin is a mascot.
12:10 <Mixer2301> !welcome Happy77
12:10 <Super Miron> See, she has the giveaway box.
12:10 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Happy77! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
12:10 <Super Miron> Lol.
12:10 <Mixer2301> I've noticed that.
12:10 <Super Miron> Oh, and do you know
12:10 <Super Miron> When you add mascots
12:10 <Amaraizad4> (Perry) the platypus was here??
12:10 <Super Miron> You don't literally add them to your friends list.
12:10 <Amaraizad4> the emo. not a user.
12:11 <Super Miron> It accepts automatically
12:11 <Super Miron> And
12:11 <Cuppy99> cool
12:11 <Amaraizad4> i thought, that will be on Phineas and FErb chat.
12:11 <Cuppy99> wow
12:11 <Super Miron> The mascots don't have you in their buddy list; only you have them.
12:12 <Super Miron> Also, there actually doesn't exist a penguin called "Rockhopper".
12:12 <Super Miron> It only shows as Rockhopper.
12:12 <Super Miron> And, Rockhopper is not one penguin.
12:12 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Back
12:12 <Super Miron> It's multiple accounts.
12:12 <Mixer2301> All mascots are bots, but they are sometimes controlled by people
12:12 <Amaraizad4> does a medicine taste (yuck) ? 
12:13 <C H U N K Y> ya
12:13 <C H U N K Y> :P
12:13 <Super Miron> That's why, on the Holiday Party, when you add Rockhopper to your friends list it sometimes shows the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit player card.
12:13 <C H U N K Y> i like (orangepuffle) s
12:13 <Super Miron> Because it's multiple penguins.
12:13 <Amaraizad4> i saw a comic that his medicine is an (icecream) . LOL!
12:14 <Super Miron> And I guess, it shows the first penguin ID in the config.
12:14 <Amaraizad4> /id
12:14 <Super Miron> And the first one probably had the [[Rockhopper's Hat Aug 2012]] on.
12:14 <Mixer2301> It is not multiple penguins, they change Rockhopper's .swf during parties maybe
12:14 <Super Miron> No, I have proof it's multiple penguins.
12:14 <Artantic> bye guys
12:14 -!- Sniffybear2 has joined Special:Chat
12:14 <Mixer2301> Bye
12:14 <Mixer2301> Hi
12:14 <Cuppy99> hi
12:14 <Sniffybear2> Hey
12:14 <Artantic> my mom called and told me to get dressed she didnt tell WHERE we're going
12:14 <Artantic> but
12:15 <Artantic> i like mysterys 
12:15 <Cuppy99> but what
12:15 <Super Miron> I have proof Rockhopper and all other mascots are multiple penguins.
12:15 <Cuppy99> WHAT THE HECK!?
12:15 <Artantic> i hope its not my uncles house  D:
12:15 <Super Miron>
12:15 <Artantic> its SO boring there ¬.¬
12:15 <Artantic> bye
12:15 <Artantic> j0w
12:15 <Super Miron> See?
12:15 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
12:15 <Super Miron> RH has LOTS of penguin IDs.
12:15 <Super Miron>
12:15 <Super Miron> Same Aunt Arctic.
12:15 <Super Miron> And other mascots.
12:16 -!- Rooki543 has joined Special:Chat
12:16 <Super Miron> Because, most of the times, mascots are controlled by a real person.
12:16 <Mixer2301> Hi
12:16 <Super Miron> Hi.
12:16 -!- Mixer2301 has left Special:Chat.
12:16 <Super Miron> Do you understand, Mi-- he's gone.
12:16 <Super Miron> :/
12:16 <Rooki543> Hello please view on my video
12:16 <Super Miron> CHATBOT!!!
12:16 <Super Miron> SAY THE TITLE!
12:17 <Super Miron> I've found something interesting.
12:17 <Super Miron>
12:17 -!- Rooki543 has left Special:Chat.
12:17 <Super Miron> Can I say all of Rockhopper's penguin IDs?
12:18 <Super Miron> If you don't say anything in 10 seconds, I count it as a "yes".
12:18 <Super Miron> 60053475,60053587,60053611,60053625,60053713,60053719,60053721,60053727,60053729,60053731,60053733,60053735,60053737,60053739,60053747,60053749,60053751,60053755,60053757,60053759,60053761,60053763,60053767,60053769,60053777,60053779,60053781,60053785,60053791,60053793,60053795,60053797,60053803,60053813,60053819,60053821,60053825,60053827,60053833,60053835,60053837,60053839,60053841,60053843,60053845,60053847,60053853,60053855,60053857,60053859,60053861,60053863,60053865,60053867,60053869,60053871,60053881,60053883,60053887,60053889,60053897,60053901,60053905,60053907,60053913,60053917,60053919,60053921,60053925,60053927,60053933,60053937,60053939,60053941,60053943,60053945,60053951,60053953,60053955,60053957,60053959,60053961,60053969,60053971,60053975,60053977,60053979,60053983,60053985,60053987,60053991,60053995,60053999,60054003,60054005,60054011,60054013,60054019,60054033,60054041,60054063
12:18 <Cuppy99> SPAM!
12:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wow :P
12:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not spam
12:18 <Super Miron>
12:18 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He was telling IDs
12:18 <Super Miron> I said:
12:19 <Super Miron> "Can I say all of Rockhopper's penguin IDs?
12:19 <Super Miron> If you don't say anything in 10 seconds, I count it as a "yes"."
12:19 <Super Miron> And you didn't.
12:19 <Super Miron> So there, you have proof [[Rockhopper]] is multiple penguins.
12:20 <Super Miron> And there's no penguin called "Rockhopper", actually.
12:20 <Super Miron> Oh, and on Club Penguin
12:20 <Super Miron> A penguin name
12:20 <Super Miron> Can have 4-12 characters.
12:20 <Super Miron> And Herbert P Bear has 14 characters.
12:21 <Super Miron> So it's obvious the CP staff doesn't log on as "Herbert P Bear"
12:21 <C H U N K Y> gtg
12:21 <Super Miron> Because it doesn't fit in the Penguin Name bar.
12:21 -!- C H U N K Y has left Special:Chat.
12:21 <Super Miron> Also,
12:21 <Super Miron> Have you noticed
12:21 <Super Miron> That if you search using the new buddy list
12:22 <Super Miron> for for example "Jet Pack Guy"
12:22 <Super Miron> It shows he's on a top secret mission.
12:22 <Super Miron> Although he's not meetable.
12:22 <Super Miron> "17":{"mascot_id":17,"name":"Jet Pack Guy","title":"Tactical Lead","gift_id":0,"ids":[0]},
12:22 <Super Miron> Yes.
12:22 <Amaraizad4> did you know a traffic enforcemnt camera?
12:22 <Super Miron> He's also in the mascots config.
12:23 <Super Miron> "ids":[0]
12:23 <Super Miron> He has no IDs, because he's not meetable.
12:23 <Super Miron> But the mascot thing
12:23 <Super Miron> Is also used for Field-Ops
12:23 <Super Miron> That's what the "title"'s for.
12:24 <Super Miron> Oh wait.
12:24 <Super Miron> If CP wanted.
12:24 <Super Miron> They could even make a Field-Op from ... Cadence!
12:24 <Super Miron> xD
12:24 <Super Miron> Dead chat.
12:24 <Super Miron> Except me.
12:25 <Super Miron> Anyone there?
12:25 <Super Miron> Guys.
12:25 <Super Miron> Say something, or I'm leaving.
12:25 <Super Miron> Say.
12:25 <Super Miron> Some.
12:25 <Super Miron> Thing.
12:26 <Super Miron> Duh.
12:26 <Super Miron> Blah, blah, blah.
12:26 <Super Miron> The cat went on my desk.
12:26 <Super Miron> And my desk went on the cat!...
12:26 <Super Miron> Oh yeah!........
12:26 <Super Miron> Oh yeah!
12:26 <Super Miron> :d
12:26 <Super Miron>
12:26 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:28 <Cuppy99> FLOOD :O!
12:29 <Amaraizad4>  traffic enforcemnt camera? everyone?
12:29 <Super Miron> I was talking because of dead chat. Why are you against me? @Cuppy
12:30 <Super Miron> Dead chat.
12:31 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not a flood
12:31 <Super Miron> :O
12:31 <Super Miron> I just hacked Happy77!
12:32 <Super Miron>
12:32 <Super Miron> brb
12:32 <Cuppy99> ok
12:32 <Amaraizad4> i think is fake. is an edit.
12:32 <Cuppy99> i think so
12:32 <Super Miron> Okay, you win, Amaraizad.
12:33 <Super Miron> :p
12:33 <Cuppy99> aha
12:33 <Super Miron> brb
12:33 <Amaraizad4> i couldn't that be like that, the happy77 did not have a money!  
12:34 <Amaraizad4> i will make  an account like angry77.
12:34 <Hermione6720> Can people look here:
12:34 <Hermione6720>
12:34 <Super Miron> _ is unlimited.
12:34 <Super Miron> It would show 0.
12:34 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:34 <Super Miron> I hacked [[Businesmoose]]!
12:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:34 <Super Miron>
12:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL Super Miron
12:34 <Super Miron> ?
12:34 <Super Miron> Brb
12:34 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hello, Jonathon Kakey.
12:35 <Hermione6720> Heyo
12:35 <Hermione6720>
12:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (?) confusion..
12:35 <Hermione6720> ^ please
12:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:35 <Madbootdude> Hello, everyone!
12:35 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
12:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:35 <Madbootdude> And hello, Art.
12:35 <Amaraizad4> i voted.
12:36 <Artantic> our private driver didn't come yet :/
12:36 <Hermione6720> But you said other in the poll and gift shop in teh comments
12:36 <Hermione6720> ?
12:36 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:36 <Super Miron> Woah!
12:36 <Super Miron>
12:37 <Artantic> lol
12:37 <Super Miron> ?
12:37 <Artantic> CPPS :P
12:37 <Super Miron> Nope.
12:37 <Artantic> you HACKED polo?
12:37 <Super Miron> I use this:
12:37 <Super Miron> :p
12:37 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
12:38 <Amaraizad4> attack page!
12:38 <Amaraizad4> on Aurora.
12:38 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
12:38 <Cuppy99> wb
12:38 <Madbootdude> I barely even play CP anymore.
12:38 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:38 <Super Miron>
12:38 <Madbootdude> I only play when there's a party.
12:38 <Cuppy99> :O
12:38 <Hermione6720> did you us ethat to HACK someone?
12:39 <Super Miron> Use what?
12:39 <Hermione6720> The swf cabin
12:39 <Hermione6720> I must've msunderstood
12:39 <Amaraizad4> the is an attack page. please dont go there.
12:39 <Super Miron> I have my ways...
12:39 <Super Miron> Lol, it's not.
12:39 <Hermione6720> Oops
12:39 <Super Miron> Google Chrome says it is.
12:39 <Hermione6720> I ha dno idea!
12:40 <Hermione6720> I'm sorry.
12:40 <Hermione6720> :(
12:40 <Super Miron> ?
12:40 <Super Miron> Sorry about what?
12:40 <Hermione6720> I clicked on teh attack page... :(
12:40 <Super Miron> -.-
12:40 <Super Miron> It's not an attack page.
12:40 <Hermione6720> :/
12:40 <Amaraizad4> im using Aurora firefox then the eroor happens
12:40 <Hermione6720> Oh....
12:40 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
12:40 <Hermione6720> Well, anyway, ;ast tiem I randomly click links on this chat
12:40 <Super Miron>
12:41 <Amaraizad4> there was a virus? on the link?
12:41 <Super Miron> Nope.
12:41 <Amaraizad4> wow, still fake.
12:41 <Super Miron>
12:42 <Amaraizad4> fake, or CPPS?
12:42 <Super Miron> Fake.
12:42 <Amaraizad4> you edited it, i knew it!
12:43 <Super Miron> :p
12:43 <Amaraizad4> the rich people cant have 0 coins.
12:43 <Super Miron> Dude.
12:43 <Mikeymkwii> Miron
12:43 <Mikeymkwii> PM
12:43 <Super Miron> _ << that means unlimited coins.
12:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:43 <Super Miron> Ok.
12:43 <Amaraizad4> i mean rich people is membership 
12:43 <Super Miron> (:o)
12:44 <Super Miron>
12:44 <Super Miron> Mikey, PM.
12:44 <Madbootdude> I want to wear Sensei.
12:45 <Amaraizad4> question: why you can't type numbers on the Club Penguin chat? (not wiki chat).
12:45 <Super Miron> I don't know.
12:45 <Super Miron> And apostrophes, commas and dots.
12:45 <Amaraizad4> i will ask the admin of Cp, i guess.
12:45 <Amaraizad4> but ? and ! are allowed.
12:45 <Super Miron> Yeah
12:46 <Amaraizad4> i think numbers, apostrophes, commas and dots will cause spam tho the chat. Iguess.
12:46 <Super Miron> Oh...
12:47 <Super Miron> There are CPPSes
12:47 <Super Miron> and there
12:47 <Amaraizad4> but ! and ? will sometime can use as a spam characters.
12:47 <Super Miron> When you type: %%%%%%%
12:47 <Super Miron> it will say:
12:47 <Amaraizad4> like ?????Helooo!!!!!!!!!!!
12:47 <Super Miron> percent percent percent percent percent percent percent
12:48 <Super Miron> And if you type as much %'s as there fits
12:48 <Mikeymkwii> miron
12:48 <Mikeymkwii> PM
12:48 <Amaraizad4> well, that will be more typing.
12:48 <Super Miron> Mikey, PM.
12:49 -!- Ron Mendoza has joined Special:Chat
12:49 -!- Ron Mendoza has left Special:Chat.
12:49 -!- Director Wasp125 has joined Special:Chat
12:50 <Director Wasp125> hey
12:50 <Director Wasp125> :D
12:50 <Super Miron> Hi.
12:50 <Cuppy99> hi
12:51 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:51 <Super Miron> Hey
12:51 <Penguin-Pal> hi
12:52 <Cuppy99> P-P!
12:52 <Cuppy99> PM!
12:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:52 <Director Wasp125> hey P-P!
12:53 <Super Miron> Mikey
12:53 <Super Miron> Wait
12:53 <Super Miron> PM for a while
12:53 <Mikeymkwii> Aww
12:53 <Mikeymkwii> I don't like PMs
12:53 <Super Miron> Just a moment.
12:53 <Amaraizad4> i need to exit. because i downlad a 100+ MB file.
12:54 -!- Madbootdude has left Special:Chat.
12:54 -!- Amaraizad4 has left Special:Chat.
12:55 <Super Miron> Mikey, PM.
12:55 <Super Miron> Mikey
12:55 <KaiShadow> hey guys
12:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
12:56 <KaiShadow> Ever wanna play pokemon without a gameboy? 
12:56 -!- Dps04 has joined Special:Chat
12:57 <Dps04> hi
12:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo Dps
12:57 <Super Miron> Hey
12:57 <Dps04> hi jack 
12:57 <Dps04> hi :)
12:57 <KaiShadow> hello
12:57 <Cuppy99> heya heya heya
12:57 <Dps04> hi
12:57 <KaiShadow> but most of all
12:57 <Dps04> hi cupcake and shadow
12:57 <KaiShadow> ever wanna play Pokemon without a game boy? 
12:59 <Super Miron> Mikey, PM.
12:59 <Super Miron> P.S. Dead chat.
12:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
12:59 <Super Miron> Mikey
12:59 <Super Miron> M
12:59 <Super Miron> I
13:00 <Super Miron> -- that will be flood.
13:00 <Super Miron> And, what if I added the -mkwii at the end? (:o)
13:00 <Super Miron> M
13:00 <Super Miron> I
13:00 <Super Miron> K
13:00 <Super Miron> -- better not.
13:00 <KaiShadow> MKWii! 
13:00 <Mikeymkwii> I am creating the penguin for the buddy list
13:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not a flood
13:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
13:00 <KaiShadow> Mario Kart Wii! 
13:00 <Artantic> turns out im not going after all :|
13:00 <Dps04> lol hi
13:01 <Super Miron> Mikey, but read PM first.
13:01 <Mikeymkwii> YEA @KaiShadow
13:01 <KaiShadow> ...
13:01 <Artantic> anyway
13:01 <Artantic> i'll be mostly on brb
13:01 <Dps04> K
13:02 <KaiShadow> same
13:02 <KaiShadow> dubstep time! 
13:03 <Artantic> (dp)
13:04 <Super Miron> Anyone seen SandorL?
13:04 <Cuppy99> GUYS GO TO MY PAGE
13:04 <Super Miron> Caps
13:04 <Super Miron> Kick
13:04 <Super Miron> >:)
13:04 <Super Miron> >:/
13:04 <Cuppy99> as long as u dont abuse it
13:04 <Cuppy99> its ok
13:05 <Super Miron> Don't you think that saying "GUYS GO TO MY PAGE" is abusing?
13:05 -!- Director Wasp125 has left Special:Chat.
13:05 <Super Miron> You're telling us what to do.
13:05 <Super Miron> In caps.
13:05 <Cuppy99> no
13:05 <Super Miron> That's like yelling.
13:05 <Cuppy99> no
13:05 <Super Miron> Yes, you are.
13:05 <Cuppy99> no
13:05 <Super Miron> Yes, you are.
13:05 <KaiShadow> ...I agree with Miron 
13:05 <Super Miron> Yes, you are.
13:05 <Mikeymkwii>
13:05 <Super Miron> Oops
13:05 <Super Miron> Thanks @Shadows
13:05 <Super Miron> @Shadow
13:05 <Cuppy99> do u want me to quit
13:05 <Super Miron> I mean
13:05 <Super Miron> Yes, you are.
13:05 <Super Miron> (xd)
13:06 <Cuppy99> do u want me to quit
13:06 <Super Miron> (dp): (herbert) Style sucks!!!
13:06 <Dps04> ?
13:06 <Cuppy99> yes or np
13:06 <Super Miron> Yes, you are.
13:06 <Cuppy99> *no
13:06 <Super Miron> Np.
13:06 <Super Miron> I mean, yes.
13:06 <Super Miron> . . .
13:06 <Mikeymkwii> STOP MIRON!!!!!
13:06 <Cuppy99> im not gonna quit
13:06 <Super Miron> *waits*
13:06 <Super Miron> Stop what
13:06 <Dps04> lol
13:06 <Super Miron> @Mikey PM
13:07 <Mikeymkwii> YOU ARE TROLLING 
13:07 <Mikeymkwii> NOW STOP IT NOW
13:07 <Super Miron> Fine.
13:07 <Super Miron> (trollmeme)
13:07 <Super Miron> :d
13:07 <Super Miron> PM, Mikey.
13:08 -!- Alexpink5 has joined Special:Chat
13:08 <Cuppy99> hi
13:08 <Alexpink5> Haii
13:08 <Dps04> hi
13:09 <Cuppy99> alex wanna go to my page
13:09 <Cuppy99> i have a poll
13:10 <Artantic> hey alex 
13:10 <Artantic> long time no see
13:11 <Artantic> um...
13:11 <Artantic> why do you wanna quit?
13:11 <Alexpink5> Yeah
13:12 <Super Miron>
13:12 <Super Miron> :|
13:12 -!- JayJayJohnson has joined Special:Chat
13:13 <Hermione6720> Can ppl please go here:
13:13 <Artantic> watta
13:13 <Dps04> hi
13:13 <Hermione6720>
13:13 <Alexpink5> Haii
13:13 <Super Miron> {{WindowsUser|7}}
13:13 <Super Miron> Oops.
13:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
13:15 <Super Miron> Mikey, why do you hate PMs?
13:15 <Super Miron> :/
13:15 <Alexpink5> Haii
13:15 <Dps04> hi
13:15 <Super Miron>
13:15 <Super Miron> Wth is that?
13:15 <Dps04> brb
13:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
13:15 <Alexpink5> o.o Idk @Miron
13:16 <Super Miron> P-P
13:16 <Super Miron>
13:16 <Super Miron> What's that?
13:17 <Super Miron> brb
13:17 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:17 <Penguin-Pal> checking
13:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
13:17 <KaiShadow> sorry
13:17 <KaiShadow> Crashed
13:17 <KaiShadow> I HATE YOU CRASHING
13:17 <Penguin-Pal> hmm
13:17 <Penguin-Pal> oh
13:18 <Artantic> hey
13:19 <Alexpink5> Dying..
13:21 <Cuppy99> dead chat
13:21 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
13:21 <Super Miron> :/
13:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
13:21 <Super Miron> Thanks
13:21 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> YW
13:21 <Artantic> watching CPbroudcast 
13:21 <Super Miron> (mikeymkwii) (heart) PMs
13:21 <Super Miron> :d
13:22 <Penguin-Pal> brb
13:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
13:22 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
13:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Is GN here?
13:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nope.
13:22 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
13:22 <Mikeymkwii> BUT I HATE PMS
13:22 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:23 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
13:23 <Cuppy99> u get on my nerves jjoyexx thats why i renamed myself
13:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ...
13:26 <Alexpink5> Dead..
13:26 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
13:27 <Sir Jjoeyxx> No it's not.
13:27 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nothing's dead when I'm here.
13:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
13:27 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
13:27 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Okay, maybe it is...
13:28 <Cuppy99> heya heya heya
13:28 <Alexpink5> I lost conneection
13:28 <Alexpink5> connection*
13:28 <Cuppy99> its ok
13:30 <Alexpink5> Dead again.
13:31 <Alexpink5> This is bad now...
13:31 <Alexpink5> :|
13:32 <Cuppy99> no
13:32 <AnonymousDuckLover> I forgot to log out of the chat room, didn't I?
13:33 <Cuppy99> hello
13:33 <Cuppy99> x2
13:33 <Starpuffle00> hi
13:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo guys
13:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No @ADL
13:33 <AnonymousDuckLover>  get
13:33 <AnonymousDuckLover>  hey
13:33 <Alexpink5> Haii
13:35 <AnonymousDuckLover> ok,I have a weird chat look, it skipped 8 while his of chat
13:36 <AnonymousDuckLover> *whole hours
13:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Like my avatar?
13:36 <AnonymousDuckLover>  site, why not
13:36 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
13:36 <AnonymousDuckLover> *sure
13:36 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
13:36 <Artantic> bye now
13:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It's my new job.
13:36 <Artantic> what is?
13:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> The Hospital, I'm the receptionist.
13:36 <Artantic> being a jerk :D
13:36 <Artantic> ?
13:36 <Artantic> (lol)
13:36 <Artantic> sorry
13:36 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I'm really not doing well with spelling today
13:36 <Artantic> bue
13:36 <Starpuffle00> :/
13:36 <Artantic> bye
13:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :|
13:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Just no, Art.
13:37 <Artantic> i said sorry
13:37 <Artantic> :/
13:37 <Artantic> now nye
13:37 <Artantic> bye
13:37 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
13:37 <Penguin-Pal> c ya
13:37 <Penguin-Pal> sighh
13:38 <Cuppy99> p-p check pm
13:38 <KaiShadow> I am trying to get a chat mod
13:38 <KaiShadow> trial
13:40 <Starpuffle00> dead chat...
13:42 <Rhysw2002> yo
13:42 <Dps04> hi
13:42 <Alexpink5> Haii
13:43 <Rhysw2002> hi!
13:44 <Rockor king> *fights madara*
13:44 <Dps04> hi
13:44 <Rockor king> Hi
13:45 <KaiShadow> Hi
13:45 <Starpuffle00> hi
13:45 <Rhysw2002> hi
13:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> ,hi
13:46 <AnonymousDuckLover>  it's the best day ever (best day ever)
13:46 <Rhysw2002> why?
13:46 <Mikeymkwii> best day ever!
13:46 <Starpuffle00> I just got punched in the eye by my bro :(
13:46 <AnonymousDuckLover>  because it's a song from spongebob
13:46 <Alexpink5> Poor you
13:47 <Alexpink5> ..
13:47 <AnonymousDuckLover> ..
13:47 <Starpuffle00> ...
13:47 <Rhysw2002> lol ducklover
13:47 <AnonymousDuckLover> then, the whole day is horrible
13:48 <Rhysw2002> ikr
13:48 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Mr Sun came up and he smiled at me
13:48 <Starpuffle00> ..
13:48 <AnonymousDuckLover>  said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see
13:49 <Mikeymkwii>
13:49 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Spongebob Squarepants - The Best Day Ever (1080p HD, Full Version, and captions) - Duration: 03:02 - Uploaded: 2012-03-26 - Rating: 4.467890 - Views: 46,373 -
13:50 <Rhysw2002> lets all dance!
13:50 <Rhysw2002> (dance emote)
13:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Why doesn't SandorL come on chat?
13:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Is it because people might mispronounce his name?
13:51 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
13:51 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
13:51 <Mikeymkwii> Sandork?
13:51 <Mikeymkwii> oops
13:51 <Mikeymkwii> SandorL*
13:51 <Mikeymkwii> Sorreh
13:52 <Rhysw2002> hmm
13:52 <Mikeymkwii> hmm what
13:52 <Mikeymkwii> i ish confused 
13:53 <Rhysw2002> lets play tag
13:53 <Rhysw2002> *tag your it*
13:54 <KaiShadow> I played Pokemon
13:54 <KaiShadow> Sandork? 
13:54 <KaiShadow> it is like he is a dork
13:55 <KaiShadow> your like calling him one
13:55 <Mikeymkwii> no
13:55 <Mikeymkwii> he isn't
13:55 <Cuppy99> dead chat
13:55 <Starpuffle00> ik
13:55 <Rhysw2002> *plays on Super Smash Mates*
13:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Waka.
13:56 <KaiShadow> want link for Pokemon?
13:57 -!- Madbootdude has joined Special:Chat
13:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> No.
13:57 <KaiShadow> I will PM you the link for Pokemon
13:57 <Madbootdude> No.
13:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Want link for CP?
13:57 <Madbootdude> No.
13:57 <KaiShadow> We ALL know the link for CP
13:57 <KaiShadow> Pokemon the game
13:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Best link ever:
13:58 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Who's got CP in their favourites?
13:58 <Sir Jjoeyxx> You gotta have it there by now!
13:59 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Mine goes CP, CP Memories, Saraapril, Youtube, CP Store, Miniclip and Sandy's blog.
13:59 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
13:59 <Rhysw2002> thank you sir XD
13:59 <KaiShadow> I like CP the most
13:59 <KaiShadow> next goes to Minecraft! 
13:59 <KaiShadow> say your hates
14:01 <Madbootdude> my hates:
14:01 <Madbootdude> -club penguin
14:01 <Madbootdude> -myself
14:02 <Madbootdude> -wat
14:02 <KaiShadow> You hate Club Pengiun?
14:02 <KaiShadow> Penguin*
14:02 <Madbootdude> I hate club penguin. Not Club Penguin.
14:02 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi!
14:02 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
14:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi Liz
14:03 <LizardMaster178> LEADER
14:03 <LizardMaster178> RHYS
14:03 <LizardMaster178> PLZZZZZ
14:03 <KaiShadow> club penguin IS Club Penguin
14:03 <Rhysw2002> :d
14:03 <LizardMaster178> :D :D 
14:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> :D
14:03 <LizardMaster178> YAYYY
14:03 <LizardMaster178> ITS A MIRACLE :D
14:03 <LizardMaster178> XDE
14:03 <LizardMaster178> XD
14:03 <Rhysw2002> liz and leader rp wiki!
14:03 <Cuppy99> what
14:03 <LizardMaster178> lets go
14:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> link rhysw
14:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> we never got to finish ep 10
14:03 <Rhysw2002> one min
14:03 <LizardMaster178> Rhys, do it in PM
14:03 <KaiShadow> Me also!
14:03 <Madbootdude> What in the world are you talkin' about
14:03 <KaiShadow> can I join?
14:03 <LizardMaster178> Sorry.
14:03 <LizardMaster178> Only 3 allowed.
14:04 <KaiShadow> Awww
14:04 <LizardMaster178> Me, Leader and Rhys.
14:04 <LizardMaster178> So sorry :)
14:04 <Madbootdude> I didn't want to join anyway
14:04 <KaiShadow> Aghh
14:04 <Madbootdude> Shadow.
14:04 <Madbootdude> No need to worry.
14:04 <KaiShadow> *gets a pikachu*
14:04 <Madbootdude> I got somethin' better. Well, not really, but.
14:04 <Madbootdude> Yeah. You'll see.
14:05 <KaiShadow> Minecraft?
14:05 <Madbootdude> Minecraft?
14:05 <Madbootdude> I GOT AN IDEA
14:05 <Madbootdude> Let's go to an NPC village, spawn zombies, and pretend there's a zombie apocalypse!
14:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> you always say that
14:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
14:06 <Madbootdude> Yeah, I know...
14:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi dororo
14:06 <Madbootdude> I'll do it! This will be my 12th time!
14:06 <Dororo111122> yo
14:07 <Cuppy99> hi
14:07 <Madbootdude> This time, I'm going to try an abandon village. I'm going to pretend everyone has died and turned into a zombie except Steve.
14:07 -!- Brookelas has joined Special:Chat
14:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> I kicked 3 people in my first hour of me being on here today O_O
14:07 <KaiShadow> but I am immortal Chespin
14:08 -!- KaiShadow has left Special:Chat.
14:08 <Dororo111122> i banned one guy and kicked another when i was chat mod
14:08 <Madbootdude> I know.
14:08 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
14:08 <Madbootdude> Last time I did a zombie apocalypse in Minecraft, I used a flint and steel on the front door, and the zombies still got in
14:09 <Dororo111122> (:o)
14:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> :O
14:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> Is life detected on the planets/
14:11 <Dororo111122> read it to find out
14:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> Just tell meh please
14:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm doing tons
14:12 <Dororo111122> doesnt say about life but it does say they might be habitable zones for parent stars
14:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> That is freaky
14:14 <Dororo111122> it says moons orbiting planets are strong candidates to host life 
14:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
14:16 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> KFP Slime™ is proving popular (it's only 1 coin!)!
14:16 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <Alexpink5> ...
14:20 <Cuppy99> hi
14:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> ..
14:21 <LizardMaster178> ...
14:22 <Madbootdude> ..
14:22 <Dps04> ..
14:22 <LizardMaster178> ..
14:22 <LizardMaster178> Bored.
14:22 <GrandCroconaw66> Huh?
14:23 <Dps04> lol
14:24 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
14:24 <Sir Jjoeyxx> OPPA Gangnam STYLE!
14:24 <Starpuffle00> hi
14:24 <LizardMaster178> Ugh, why?
14:24 <Dps04> hi
14:24 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ay, Lizardmaster!
14:24 <LizardMaster178> XD
14:24 <LizardMaster178> Ay to the ay XD
14:25 <Sir Jjoeyxx> *karate hai!*
14:28 <Dps04> hi llove
14:28 <Madbootdude> hey kwaut
14:28 <Madbootdude> Kuwait
14:29 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
14:29 <Llove Kuwait> Hi guys :).
14:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi
14:29 <Ocean6100> Any mind-blowing hackers or Chat-policy-disregarding users?
14:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yes ocean
14:30 <Ocean6100> Who, Leader?  ;)
14:30 <Dps04> hi ocean
14:30 <Ocean6100> Hai, Dps!
14:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> That chicken down at that farm that's about to be punished by being eaten
14:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> that's who
14:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
14:30 <Ocean6100> :P  ;)
14:30 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Madbootdude> Aw. I wanted to eat him.
14:30 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Yo yo yo
14:30 <Dps04> hi
14:30 <Ocean6100> Yo!
14:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> He hacked the whole of wikia and blw it up nearly
14:30 <Ocean6100> :O
14:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> He was on his iEgg
14:30 <Ocean6100> ::O)
14:30 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yo yo yo, uhm, sister?
14:30 <Ocean6100> (:O)
14:30 <DjCadence ThePenguin> mcdonalds has a new name! wanna hear it?
14:31 <Ocean6100> iEgg.  LOL
14:31 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah.
14:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> Mcdonald duck?
14:31 <Madbootdude> That chicken deserves a way more punishment than getting eaten
14:31 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
14:31 <Sir Jjoeyxx> McDuckies?
14:31 <Llove Kuwait> !UPDATELOGS
14:31 <CPChatBot> Llove Kuwait: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 133 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
14:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> well I'm also frying his iEgg and eating it for breakfast
14:31 <DjCadence ThePenguin> McDumbo's because they always mess up my order
14:31 <Madbootdude> Do you even know what they put in iEggs!?
14:31 <Llove Kuwait> :/
14:31 <DjCadence ThePenguin> and other peoples
14:31 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm frying my iLeader™!
14:31 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <DjCadence ThePenguin> yo
14:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> iLeaderTM?
14:32 <Sir Jjoeyxx> iOcean6100™ has waddled in.
14:32 <DjCadence ThePenguin> leader?
14:32 <Alexpink5> I just spilled coke all over myself D:
14:32 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm iJjoeyxx™
14:32 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Haha.
14:32 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
14:32 <Alexpink5> Haii
14:32 <Ocean6100> Guys?  An anonymous user keeps putting the link
14:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> I just tpilled dust all over myself
14:32 <Ocean6100> on pages.
14:32 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm drinking coke.
14:32 <Ocean6100> Should I remove this?
14:33 <Alexpink5> I am too... @Sir
14:33 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yes, or the night monkeys'll getcha!
14:33 <DjCadence ThePenguin> leader? did you become a mod here? when did this happen?
14:33 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Mod calendar?
14:33 <Ocean6100> O.o
14:33 <Dps04> chat mod calendar
14:33 <Dps04> :O
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :O
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (:0)
14:34 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i wish some did !welcome to the coffee machine bob
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !coffee
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !get me it now
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !two teaspoons of sugar
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !no milk
14:34 <DjCadence ThePenguin> leader
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !please
14:34 <Alexpink5> !no
14:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !:P
14:35 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !no no no cat says no
14:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !hush down
14:35 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
14:35 <Dororo111122> !quiet
14:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !or I will throw a seal
14:35 <Starpuffle00> !(facepalm)
14:35 <Dororo111122> fail
14:35 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !fail
14:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !miron is here
14:35 <Dororo111122> no calling miron a fail
14:35 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
14:35 <Super Miron> ?
14:35 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
14:35 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: NONONONO Cat - Duration: 01:54 - Uploaded: 2011-09-28 - Rating: 4.890922 - Views: 8,931,640 -
14:35 <Super Miron> Someone was calling me a fail?
14:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> No.
14:36 -!- Apj26 has joined Special:Chat
14:36 <DjCadence ThePenguin> yo
14:36 <GrandCroconaw66> Th- 
14:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !apj is here
14:36 <Dororo111122> overcrowded chat!
14:36 <Super Miron> And what's up with the !something?
14:36 <Llove Kuwait> :/
14:36 <Dps04> hi apj
14:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !hey apj
14:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !dance with me
14:36 <Apj26> Hello people
14:36 <Super Miron> What's going on?!
14:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi Apj!
14:36 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !welcome bob the cat
14:36 <GrandCroconaw66> Hi Apj26
14:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> !test
14:36 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: Hai!
14:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !dance with me (Apj)
14:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> yay I'm whitelisted finally
14:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome cheese sandwich
14:36 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki cheese sandwich! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:37 <Dororo111122> leader ur name isnt red
14:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Apj26
14:37 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Apj26! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> it is for me, dororo
14:37 <Super Miron> Lol
14:37 -!- 2wow136 has joined Special:Chat
14:37 <Dps04> hello
14:37 -!- Llove Kuwait has left Special:Chat.
14:37 <Dororo111122> theyre just trying to make it feel good
14:37 <Super Miron> Say !welcome (trollface)
14:37 <Dororo111122> fail
14:37 <Dps04> !welcome (trollface)
14:37 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki (trollface)! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> LOl
14:37 <Super Miron> xD
14:37 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
14:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !LOLZ
14:37 <Dps04> XD
14:37 <Alexpink5> Rofl
14:37 <DjCadence ThePenguin> got a new video
14:37 <2wow136> (lol)
14:37 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
14:37 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: NONONONO NYAN Cat - Duration: 01:02 - Uploaded: 2011-10-29 - Rating: 4.729675 - Views: 278,840 -
14:37 <2wow136> hi
14:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !chatbot is soo gullible
14:37 <Super Miron> Welcome to the wiki (trollmeme)! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:37 <GrandCroconaw66> Leader, I Have an question in PM.
14:37 <Super Miron> xD
14:37 <2wow136> band at arctic lighthouse
14:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> the new poke tune
14:38 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: NONONONO NYAN Cat - Duration: 01:02 - Uploaded: 2011-10-29 - Rating: 4.729675 - Views: 278,840 -
14:38 <Dororo111122> OMG
14:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im raving
14:38 <2wow136> come if you have a rare instrumnt
14:38 <Dororo111122> I FOUND A PENNY
14:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
14:38 <2wow136> :O
14:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I like to sniff socks in my spare time
14:38 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I like to sniff socks in my spare time! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:38 <Alexpink5> I didnt notice you were a CM again Custard.. congratulations xD
14:38 <Super Miron>
14:38 -!- 2wow136 has left Special:Chat.
14:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> Alex, it's CM calender :P
14:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !XD
14:38 <Alexpink5> Ah :P
14:38 <Dororo111122> let see the calender!
14:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> guys!
14:38 <Dororo111122> BUTTER!
14:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome BUTTER
14:39 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki BUTTER! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:39 <Alexpink5> Guess what.
14:39 <Ocean6100> O_o
14:39 <Dororo111122> when did ocean get here
14:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> Butter: Thank you very much!
14:39 <GrandCroconaw66> uh...
14:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !say welcome (herbert) <3 (newpb)
14:39 <DjCadence ThePenguin> say welcome, to the wikia, i am now going to give you a wedgie
14:39 <Alexpink5> *Eats butter on toast*
14:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome (herbert) (heart) (newpb)
14:39 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki (herbert) (heart) (newpb)! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:39 <Super Miron> Say !welcome and good luck
14:39 <Dps04> cool
14:39 <GrandCroconaw66> Uh...
14:39 -!- 2wow136 has joined Special:Chat
14:39 <DjCadence ThePenguin> *cat farts butter*
14:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol
14:39 <Dps04> !welcome and good luck
14:39 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki and good luck! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <Dororo111122> chat is crowded with mods and admins..
14:40 <Apj26> Dps pm
14:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome to the wikia, I am now going to give you a wedgie
14:40 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki to the wikia, I am now going to give you a wedgie! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <Alexpink5> Say !Welcome CPChatBot
14:40 <Dororo111122> !welcome *wacks alex with metal bar off a cliff*
14:40 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !Welcome to Wedgie Ville
14:40 <DjCadence ThePenguin> plz
14:40 <Dps04> Welcome CPChatBot
14:40 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Dororo, never use my metal bar.
14:40 <Dororo111122> fine
14:40 <Dps04> !Welcome CPChatBot
14:40 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki CPChatBot! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ever.
14:40 <Super Miron> Say !welcome and eat yourself
14:40 <Dororo111122> *uses gold bar*
14:40 <Dps04> !welcome *wacks alex with metal bar off a cliff*
14:40 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki *wacks alex with metal bar off a cliff*! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <Super Miron> (xd)
14:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <Dps04> !Welcome to Wedgie Ville
14:40 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki to Wedgie Ville! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:40 <2wow136> :P
14:40 <Dps04> :P
14:40 <Dororo111122> go chatbot!
14:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !welcome to my toilet
14:41 <Rhysw2002> !Welcome to Wedgie Town
14:41 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki to Wedgie Town! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <Super Miron> Say !welcome and eat my smelly feet
14:41 -!- 2wow136 has left Special:Chat.
14:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Welcome to the wiki Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Welcome to the wiki Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> Woah
14:41 <Rhysw2002> !welcome lol
14:41 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki lol! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !welcome :P
14:41 <Dororo111122> what if we break chatbot
14:41 <Super Miron> Say !welcome and eat your smelly feeyt
14:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !Welcome fellow idiot
14:41 <Super Miron> *feet
14:41 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hopefully.
14:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
14:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I ate your feet
14:41 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I ate your feet! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <Dororo111122> you called grand an idiot?!
14:41 <Super Miron> (lol)
14:41 <Dps04> lol
14:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> nope
14:41 <Dps04> :O
14:41 <GrandCroconaw66> :O
14:41 <Rhysw2002> !welcome to the town of towns
14:41 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki to the town of towns! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:41 <Super Miron> (:o)
14:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome dps said lol and dj said nope and dps said :O and so did GC
14:42 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki dps said lol and dj said nope and dps said :O and so did GC! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:42 <Super Miron> (xd)
14:42 <Dps04> (lol)
14:42 <GrandCroconaw66> I'm Rookie basically?  @Cadence
14:42 <DjCadence ThePenguin> welcome 
14:42 <DjCadence ThePenguin> umm
14:42 <DjCadence ThePenguin> letme think
14:42 <Rhysw2002> !Welcome I'm Rookie basically? @Cadence
14:42 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I'm Rookie basically? @Cadence! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (cadence) is hot in a bikini.
14:42 <Dororo111122> DRAMA!
14:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome , I like listening to lavender town music at midnight while dancing the gangnam style in a bikini 
14:42 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki , I like listening to lavender town music at midnight while dancing the gangnam style in a bikini ! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> So is (ph)
14:42 <Rhysw2002> drama action
14:42 <Super Miron> brb
14:42 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !Welcome (cadence) in the hot bikini
14:42 <Dororo111122> *gets gold bar and beats everybody with it*
14:43 <Alexpink5> O.O @Sir
14:43 <Rhysw2002> !welcome PSY
14:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome to the wiki rhysw likes to call lizard liz
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki PSY! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki to the wiki rhysw likes to call lizard liz! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <Alexpink5> Cadence, only CMs can do that. 
14:43 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im only suggesting
14:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome that is correct alex 
14:43 <Dps04> !Welcome (cadence) in the hot bikini
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki that is correct alex ! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki (cadence) in the hot bikini! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <GrandCroconaw66> !Welcome Mario The Plumber From Mushroom Kingdom
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Mario The Plumber From Mushroom Kingdom! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <DjCadence ThePenguin> welcome 
14:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I think Cadence is hot
14:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I think Cadence is hot! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:43 <Dororo111122> were overloading chatbot!
14:43 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :o
14:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updated
14:44 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: The logs were last updated 12:44 ago. There are currently ~238 lines in the log buffer.
14:44 <Madbootdude> :(___)
14:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updatelogs
14:44 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :-
14:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> He's gonna blow!
14:44 <Rhysw2002> *Chatbot is going to blow!*
14:44 <Madbootdude> Leader.
14:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> *BOOM*
14:44 <Madbootdude> Seriously!?
14:44 <GrandCroconaw66> Hi Mario...
14:44 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 241 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
14:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Chat will crash!
14:44 <Madbootdude> Abandon chat!
14:44 <Rhysw2002> yep
14:44 -!- Madbootdude has left Special:Chat.
14:44 <Super Miron> brb
14:44 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
14:44 <Rhysw2002> *gwra in jet*
14:44 <Rhysw2002> *gets
14:44 <Dps04> !test
14:44 <CPChatBot> Dps04: Hai!
14:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Abandon chat!
14:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> Don't die on me CB!
14:44 <GrandCroconaw66> Don't Play with The Bot. It will cause the chat to crash.
14:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome of course I won't die on you I am awesome and *BOOM*
14:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki of course I won't die on you I am awesome and *BOOM*! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:45 <Dps04> lol
14:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> *pieces of bot land on us*
14:45 <Dororo111122> say more !welcome!
14:45 <Rhysw2002> !welcome STOP!
14:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki STOP!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:45 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Don't play with the bot, lol...
14:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome !welcome cheese
14:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki !welcome cheese! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:45 <Dororo111122> !welcome underwear boy
14:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Wikiafrog
14:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Wikiafrog! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:46 <Dororo111122> MOAR COMMANDS
14:46 <Alexpink5> Fail @Dororo 
14:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !welcome rookie to the psa. good luck passing the test for the 45th time
14:46 <Dororo111122> *smackes alex with gold bar*
14:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome rookie to the psa, good luck passing the test for the 45th time
14:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki rookie to the psa, good luck passing the test for the 45th time! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:46 <Dororo111122> *jeff the killer appears over her*
14:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I ate jeff the killer
14:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I ate jeff the killer! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> welcome the teletubbies
14:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
14:46 <Dps04> hi
14:46 <GrandCroconaw66> !Welcome Nintendo's Mario
14:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Nintendo's Mario! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Ocean blue blue blue have a boo boo 6100
14:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Ocean blue blue blue have a boo boo 6100! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> leader welcome the teletubbies
14:47 <Dororo111122> wait try welcoming 3 times in the same message
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome tellitubbies
14:47 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki tellitubbies! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> I did that earlier, dororoo
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> the bot floods
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
14:47 <Dororo111122> i never saw it
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> well
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> nearly floods
14:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ;(
14:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !logs
14:47 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> not completely
14:47 <Dororo111122> !logs
14:47 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm sorry.
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updated
14:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> !logs
14:47 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: The logs were last updated 03:43 ago. There are currently ~69 lines in the log buffer.
14:47 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> !test
14:47 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: Hai!
14:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Leader PM
14:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> (wave)
14:48 <Dps04> !test ai
14:48 <CPChatBot> Dps04: Hai!
14:48 -!- Fecth has joined Special:Chat
14:48 <Dps04> hi
14:48 <Dororo111122> *chatbot turns to giant killer machine*
14:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome fennekin
14:48 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki fennekin! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:48 <GrandCroconaw66> Hi Fennekin.
14:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> fennekin, nice to see ya buddy :D
14:48 <Cuppy99> hi
14:48 <Fecth> Hi
14:48 <Dororo111122> *giant evil chatbot throws leader to mlp wiki*
14:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> *hears MLP theme song*
14:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> GAAAH
14:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> *ice beams all ponies and gets back here*
14:49 <Dororo111122> *jeff shows up behind him*
14:49 <DjCadence ThePenguin> cjf sent me a text saying thx 4 comin to my thing. any idea what she said?
14:49 <Dororo111122> *ben appears next to him and tails doll appears on the other side and herobrine appears right in front of him*
14:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> It's snowing where I live :D
14:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> same
14:50 <Dororo111122> meme gang!
14:50 <Ocean6100> Qoo~
14:50 <Ocean6100> Woo~!
14:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> and 2 hrs away leadeer
14:50 <Ocean6100> Woo!
14:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome it's snowing where I am too
14:50 <Dororo111122> NOO MY TWITTER LOGGED ME OUT
14:50 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki it's snowing where I am too! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> leader*
14:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> shaddup bot, you don't know where you are
14:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
14:50 <Rhysw2002> XD
14:50 <Cuppy99> brb
14:51 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i wanna see a confirsation with leader and chat bot
14:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cadence PM.
14:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol wut?
14:51 <DjCadence ThePenguin> u havin a talk with the chat bot
14:51 <Fecth> Here in Florida, it can snow but it's extremely super rare for snow to happen.
14:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh
14:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> How are you doing today bot?
14:52 <Cuppy99> back
14:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome fantaby doozy tastic
14:52 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki fantaby doozy tastic! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol wut?
14:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome fantastic
14:52 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki fantastic! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> why?
14:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome cuz I got pokemon typing adventure!
14:52 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki cuz I got pokemon typing adventure!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:52 <Fecth> (lol)
14:52 <Alexpink5> !logs that are wooden
14:52 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:53 <GrandCroconaw66> Pokemon Typing Adventure Is Localized? O.o
14:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Sir pm
14:53 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !logs have bad breath
14:53 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:53 <Dororo111122> why did i allow alex's pm again?
14:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> idk
14:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> block it
14:54 <Dororo111122> done!
14:54 <DjCadence ThePenguin> who has snowfall? Me
14:54 <Dororo111122> ur mom
14:54 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I wish.
14:55 <DjCadence ThePenguin> snow is melting! help! i aint wanna go to school again 2morrow
14:55 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I haven't seen snow in over a year.
14:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> That was close, an anon was vandalizing the Wiki
14:55 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wow
14:55 <GrandCroconaw66> my state (NY) doesn't have Snow :(
14:55 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i was wondering what the anon was doing
14:55 <Dororo111122> grand your in new york?
14:55 <Dps04> NY has snow
14:55 <Dororo111122> im in the state next to you!
14:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> My province (NI) has no snow.
14:56 <Dps04> where I live does not :(
14:56 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Sir im N.Ireland
14:56 <DjCadence ThePenguin> /Ireland
14:56 <Dps04> my only encounter with snow was during my vacation
14:56 <Dororo111122> dps block that guy
14:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> So aHmmm..
14:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> the anon was adding a link that was unneeded on websites and calling it ''Unlock Items Online''
14:57 <Dps04> ok
14:57 <Dps04> lets see
14:57 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Duck wow
14:57 <Dororo111122> it was ellis wasnt it
14:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cadence PM.
14:57 <Dps04> which edit, ducklover?
14:57 <Apj26> :O the trololo song was just on a ad on TV!
14:57 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wow
14:57 <Dororo111122> all of them dps
14:57 <Dps04> lol
14:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> all of them, check the history
14:57 <Dps04> oh
14:57 <Alexpink5> o.o @Apj
14:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb needa refresh
14:58 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has left Special:Chat.
14:58 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
14:58 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> done
14:58 <Dps04> I'll send a message to him
14:58 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <AnonymousDuckLover>  already did
14:58 <Dps04> ya
14:58 <Dps04> someone did
14:58 <Dps04> if he does that again
14:58 <Fecth> In my county (Broward) they're going to change the name to Fort Lauderdale county because tourists know the city name, but not the county name. :/
14:58 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I did
14:58 <Dps04> I'll block him
14:58 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ok
14:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wheres Broward?
14:59 <Fecth>,_Florida
14:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> oh
14:59 <Sir Jjoeyxx> In my county (Down) there are riots, and last night my bedroom caught fire.
14:59 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :(
14:59 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Asia Russia or Africa, maybe Oceana
14:59 <Apj26> :o you live in island?
14:59 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Island?
15:00 <Apj26> oops
15:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Sir i live near there
15:00 -!- Chanchoc2012 has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :|
15:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I live in the United states in Massachusetts
15:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Irelnad/N.ireland
15:00 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
15:00 <Dps04> wow
15:00 <Dps04> hi
15:00 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
15:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> oh hi
15:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
15:00 <Chanchoc2012> hi everyone
15:00 <Alexpink5> Haii and WB
15:00 <Apj26> Do you live in Ireland Jjoeyxx 
15:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i do apj
15:00 <Sir Jjoeyxx> NORTHERN Ireland.
15:01 <Apj26> Oh sorry
15:01 <DjCadence ThePenguin> NORTHEN Ireland to
15:01 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Thank you.
15:01 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (flashbacks...)
15:01 <Dororo111122> someone crop the unlockable logo and fill in the empty space around it
15:01 <DjCadence ThePenguin> I hate this rioting over a STUPID flag
15:01 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I know!
15:01 <Dororo111122> also if you take it into your desktop, the backround will be black
15:01 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
15:02 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
15:02 <Sir Jjoeyxx> One little flag.. just put it up
15:02 <Apj26> My hands are cold
15:02 <Dororo111122> darn you tabs!
15:02 -!- Mixer2301 has joined Special:Chat
15:02 <DjCadence ThePenguin> I know Joey
15:02 <Alexpink5> Put gloves on @Apj
15:02 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
15:02 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (flashbacks to last night)
15:02 <Dororo111122> mixer!
15:02 <Dororo111122> hi
15:02 <Apj26> Hello Mixer!
15:02 <Fecth> Hi
15:02 <Mixer2301> Hi :)
15:02 <DjCadence ThePenguin> OMG Joey I saw it on the news
15:02 <Alexpink5> *Throws 1D at Sir*
15:02 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I was there.
15:02 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i watched it on BBC
15:02 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I was shopping, and we got... assaulted..
15:03 <Dps04> hi mixer
15:03 <Mixer2301> Isn't it strange, but I saw Cylly and Brookelas
15:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> dun dun dun
15:03 <Apj26> My hands are very cold
15:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Apj
15:03 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cadence, you probably know where I live by now.
15:03 <Dororo111122> mixer did you see cpwn is offline
15:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i do joey
15:03 <Mixer2301> Yes
15:03 <Dps04> I see you, mixer
15:03 <Dps04> hi
15:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
15:03 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hey.
15:03 <Alexpink5> Haii
15:04 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hulloo, frog.
15:04 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ;(
15:04 <Ocean6100> Dps!
15:05 <DjCadence ThePenguin> OMG pimple
15:05 <Dps04> yes?
15:05 <Ocean6100> Can you help me out?
15:05 <Dororo111122> did anybody take the MP3000 picture, crop the unlockable logo and fill in the empty space?
15:05 <Dps04> what help?
15:05 <Fecth> brb
15:05 -!- Fecth has left Special:Chat.
15:05 <Ocean6100> Okay.  It bugs me to see pages that have "Needs image", but there are no pictures, such as [[Glabook]].
15:05 <Ocean6100> Can I just take off those article boxes?
15:05 <Ocean6100> Or are they needed?
15:06 <Dororo111122> how come glabook doesnt have an info bot
15:06 <Dororo111122> *box
15:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> The Chat Is DROPPING! I repeat The Chat Is DROPPING
15:06 <Dps04> if you are sure there are no images for that item
15:06 <Dps04> you can remove that template
15:06 <Apj26> mixer pm
15:06 <Ocean6100> Okay.  Thanks!  That'll help.
15:06 <Dororo111122> im gonna add the info box
15:07 <Ocean6100> Dps: For this, we could take a picture of the DS game.  Should we do that?  Or should we take it off?
15:07 <Ocean6100> I have the game, so I guess I could do that.
15:08 <Dororo111122> glabook isnt in the ds game..
15:09 <Dps04> well
15:09 <Dps04> you can if you wish :P
15:09 <Ocean6100> Time to go freestylin'.
15:09 <Ocean6100> See ya!
15:09 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
15:10 <Dororo111122> whats the picture for the infobox when there isnt a picture available 
15:10 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
15:10 <Dororo111122> anyone?
15:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Uhm, nothing?
15:10 <Dororo111122> ...
15:11 <Dororo111122> anyone that isnt sir?
15:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cadence and I are having a strange PM.
15:11 <Dps04>
15:11 <Mixer2301> Just remove |image and |imagecaption and it will add no image picture auto.
15:11 <Dororo111122> yesh the image!
15:11 <Dps04> :P
15:12 <Dororo111122> how do i make sure the center|120 thing doesnt appear
15:12 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im away guys
15:12 <DjCadence ThePenguin> bye
15:12 <DjCadence ThePenguin> (wave)
15:12 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has left Special:Chat.
15:12 <Dps04> idk
15:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Do you think that when CP has PMs they will allow friends only?
15:13 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
15:13 <Alexpink5> Its snowing hard where I am (heh)
15:13 <Dororo111122> good for you
15:14 <Mixer2301> Well, I gtg
15:14 <Mixer2301> Bye :)
15:14 -!- Mixer2301 has left Special:Chat.
15:14 <Dps04> bye
15:15 <Dororo111122> fix the image in the info box someone
15:16 <Apj26> i am 11  months old in thid wiki
15:16 <Apj26> Hello Shurow!
15:16 <Shurow> Hi
15:16 <Dps04> hi shurow
15:16 <Dps04> cool apj
15:16 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
15:16 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
15:16 <Dororo111122> those darn many tabs!
15:17 <Dps04> brb
15:18 <Apj26> un oh 
15:19 <Shurow> lol
15:19 <Apj26> it may snow :3
15:20 <Apj26>
15:20 <Apj26> :3
15:20 <Apj26> Hello
15:20 <Dororo111122> shurow do you know how to fix images that have the [[center|190px]]
15:20 <Dororo111122> [[centerI190px]]
15:20 <Apj26> Oh heck
15:20 <Dororo111122> *the 2nd one is an i
15:20 <Penguin-Pal> hi rookie
15:20 <Penguin-Pal> @apj :P lol
15:20 <Penguin-Pal> oh
15:20 <Penguin-Pal> hesgome
15:20 <Penguin-Pal> *gone
15:21 <Apj26> where i live (covered the name)
15:21 <Dororo111122> can we use one of .infos pics for our wiki?
15:21 <Penguin-Pal> what is ".infos"?
15:21 <Dps04> .infos pics?
15:21 <Dororo111122>
15:21 <Apj26> Hi pp
15:21 <Dps04> you mean cp wiki info cps
15:21 <Dps04> oh
15:21 <Dororo111122> yea
15:21 <Penguin-Pal> sounds too long to a file format
15:21 <Dps04> please dont
15:21 <Penguin-Pal> oh
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> yes, but add {{Newwikifile}}
15:22 <Dps04> unless you atribute
15:22 <Dps04> ya
15:22 <Apj26> pp we got 100k viewers! 
15:22 <Apj26> on the 5 jan
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> but, as dps said, try not to. you should ad images you take yoursefl
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> oh
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> col
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> *cool
15:22 <Penguin-Pal> *coolz
15:22 <Dps04> it is a milestone for our wiki :D
15:22 <Apj26> we got 98 k yesterday 
15:23 <Dororo111122> wow .infos webnark and glabook are blurry..
15:23 <Penguin-Pal> wow
15:23 <Dps04> 2k today???
15:23 <Penguin-Pal> oh
15:23 <Dps04> oh
15:23 <Dps04> nvm
15:23 <Dps04> lol
15:23 <Apj26> idk how many we have today
15:23 <Dps04> lets ee
15:23 -!- Louloubelle has joined Special:Chat
15:23 <Dps04> see
15:23 <Louloubelle> hi
15:23 <Dps04> we can have a bet
15:23 <Dps04> hello
15:23 <Apj26> Hello
15:23 <Apj26> Yea
15:23 <Penguin-Pal> we''l cknow tomorrow
15:23 <Penguin-Pal> *we'll
15:23 <Penguin-Pal> hi
15:24 -!- Lily8763cp has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Dps04> !welcome louloubelle
15:24 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki louloubelle! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:24 <Dps04> hi
15:24 <Penguin-Pal> hello
15:24 <Cuppy99> hi
15:24 <Apj26> Hi!
15:24 <Apj26> i think we will get 92 k
15:24 <Penguin-Pal> !welcome Billybob
15:24 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Billybob! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:24 <Dps04> ok
15:24 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Dps04> lol penguin-pal
15:24 <Dps04> hi
15:24 <Apj26> Hi!
15:24 <Penguin-Pal> ive always wanted to say that
15:24 <Penguin-Pal> hi
15:24 <Apj26> lol
15:24 <Dps04> lol
15:24 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !welcome Webnark and Glabook please
15:24 <Apj26> dps how many do you think we will get
15:24 <Dps04> !welcome Webnark and Glabook please
15:24 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Webnark and Glabook please! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:25 <Dps04> who knows? :p
15:25 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :D
15:25 <Apj26> :|
15:25 <Apj26> :P
15:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome how much wood would a wood chuck chop if a wood chuck could chop wood?
15:25 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki how much wood would a wood chuck chop if a wood chuck could chop wood?! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:25 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Welcome Ruby and your husband Jacques Hammer!
15:25 <Dororo111122> its gonna be kinda hard to take clear pictures of a book
15:25 <Lily8763cp> Hey
15:25 -!- Awesome335 has joined Special:Chat
15:25 <Lily8763cp> anyone want a ninja party NOW?
15:25 <Dps04> hey
15:25 <Dororo111122> and .info's pics are the only pics of webnark and glabook
15:25 <Dps04> hi awesome
15:25 <Apj26> A335!
15:25 <Awesome335> hey
15:25 <Apj26> :D
15:25 <Dororo111122> in all of the interwebs!
15:26 <Awesome335> LM96 is back
15:26 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Awesome, Awesome's here!
15:26 <Dps04> he said so
15:26 <Dororo111122> awesome do you know how to remove the center|190px thing
15:26 <Awesome335> sorry, what?
15:26 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
15:26 <Awesome335> No, I don't.
15:26 <Dps04> hi
15:26 <Awesome335> I am not good with formatting.
15:26 <Dororo111122> darn it
15:26 <Awesome335> you'd be better off asking pp
15:27 <Dororo111122> p-p do YOU know how to
15:27 <Apj26> Hi
15:27 <Dps04> hi
15:27 <AnonymousDuckLover> p-p, that's funny
15:27 -!- Pj Monster 1 CP has left Special:Chat.
15:27 -!- Pj Monster 1 CP has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <Lily8763cp> go to slushy ninja hidout for a party
15:28 <Dororo111122> .infos webnark and glabook are both blurry and small
15:28 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ADL, how much longer do you need this bikini?
15:28 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I mean, uhm, nothing...
15:28 <Awesome335> ?
15:28 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ADL was just borrowing... something...
15:28 <WikiaFrog> hi
15:29 <WikiaFrog> Frog Place wiki has 101 pages :d!
15:29 <Dororo111122> counting blogs
15:29 <Dps04> Club penguin wiki has 5898 pages :D!
15:29 <Dororo111122> wait WHAT 
15:29 <Dororo111122> i thought we had 5900
15:29 <Apj26> ahhh theres nothing on TV 
15:30 <Dps04> it says 5898
15:30 <Dps04> mabye some are deleted
15:30 <Dps04> when will we have 6000?
15:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> Soon
15:30 -!- Lily8763cp has left Special:Chat.
15:30 <Dps04> in a month?
15:30 <Dps04> or two months?
15:30 <Awesome335> by february
15:30 <Awesome335> no
15:30 <Awesome335> when the hollywood party starts
15:30 <Dps04> hopefully by february
15:30 <Dps04> :)
15:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> Probably this month, you'll have alot to make new pages about prehistoric items and rooms
15:31 <Dps04> ikr
15:31 <Dps04> mabye in Jan :D
15:31 <Apj26> A335 when are the cp wiki awards?
15:31 <Shurow> Lol its funny because we hit 5000 pages last february as well
15:31 <Awesome335> then all the new catalog items in february
15:31 <Shurow> i think :/
15:31 <Awesome335> march
15:31 <Shurow> ohhh
15:31 <Apj26> awww
15:31 <Shurow> close enough
15:31 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
15:31 <Dps04> Shurow, we hit 5000 edits in Feb 2012?
15:31 <Dps04> hi
15:31 <Awesome335> saying march to apj, not shurow
15:31 <Shurow> ohhhh
15:31 <Dps04> lol awesome
15:31 <Shurow> i knew that :P
15:32 -!- Ozann2 has joined Special:Chat
15:32 <Ocean6100> I'm going to be uploading some real-life of [[An Agent's Work Is Never Done'' soon.
15:32 <Apj26> Feb 2012 was the best month in cpw history 
15:32 <Apj26> Hello
15:32 <Apj26> Know why?
15:32 <Ocean6100> [[An Agent's Work Is Never Done]] soon.
15:32 <Shurow> Why Apj?
15:32 <Apj26> i joined! :P
15:32 <Dps04> because apj joined :D
15:32 <Shurow> :o
15:32 <Dps04> lol
15:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:32 <Dps04> I guessed that right
15:32 <Dps04> hi jack
15:32 <Shurow> good point :o
15:32 <Ocean6100> :P  ;)
15:32 <Apj26> lol
15:32 <Apj26> Hello
15:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O Loads of mods online
15:32 <Apj26> ikr
15:32 <Dps04> and shurow, we had less than 5000 in Feb 2012
15:32 <Ozann2> lol
15:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is a like a mod party :P
15:32 <Dps04>!
15:33 -!- Ozann2 has left Special:Chat.
15:33 <Dps04> remember this blog?
15:33 <Dps04> :P
15:33 <Dororo111122> 9 of them on!
15:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Over 5000 articles here :P
15:33 <Apj26> the day before the best day of this wikis history  
15:33 <Dps04> we are having almost 6000 :D
15:33 <Penguin-Pal> wow
15:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D
15:33 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:33 <Penguin-Pal> hey didnt we have 5900 already
15:33 <Dps04> hi
15:33 <Penguin-Pal> hi
15:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No :P
15:34 <Penguin-Pal> whats up wikiafrog?
15:34 <Dps04> we have 5898, according to stats
15:34 <Penguin-Pal> oh
15:34 <Penguin-Pal> possibly deletions
15:34 <Dps04> yes
15:35 -!- Blitzzy has joined Special:Chat
15:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:35 <Blitzzy> Hello
15:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am not liking the sound of the hollywood party
15:36 <Dps04> hi
15:36 <Blitzzy> !logs
15:36 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
15:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I am loving it.
15:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> it sounds cool!
15:38 <Shurow> Spike Hike has only said one thing about it :/
15:38 <Shurow> and the newspaper gave like one spoiler...
15:38 <Shurow> not newspaper
15:38 <Shurow> magazine :P
15:38 <Ocean6100> Like the pics?'s_Work_Is_Never_Done
15:38 <Dps04> lets hope it to be better than the penguin play awards
15:38 <Dps04> yes, ocean
15:39 <Dps04> they seem nice
15:39 <Ocean6100> Thanks.  I know they're not the best, but it's hard to take good real-life pictures of a screen.
15:39 <Dps04> ikr
15:39 <Dps04> hi
15:39 <Ocean6100> !welcome WikiaFrog
15:39 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki WikiaFrog! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ocean ALWAYS does nice pictures :P
15:39 <Ocean6100> Awh, thanks!
15:39 <Penguin-Pal> hi
15:39 <LizardMaster178> WikiaFrog ain't new -_-
15:39 <Penguin-Pal> sorry, disconnection
15:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is true ;P
15:39 <Dps04> hi again
15:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> * :P
15:39 <LizardMaster178> Hi P-P
15:39 <Ocean6100> Hiya Penguin-Pal!
15:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:40 <Shurow> Yo
15:40 <Dororo111122> still so many mods..
15:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow, you copying me now? :P
15:40 <Shurow> Yo
15:40 <Dps04> moo
15:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
15:40 <Shurow> :o
15:40 <Ocean6100> You know what?
15:40 <Shurow> hey!
15:40 <Ocean6100> I've made up my mind.
15:40 <Dps04> :P
15:40 <Dps04> yes, ocean?
15:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> About?
15:40 <Ocean6100> I like to take pictures with a screen capturer a lot better.
15:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
15:40 <Ocean6100> :P
15:41 <Dps04> :P
15:41 <Cuppy99> :P
15:41 <Ocean6100> O_o
15:41 <Cuppy99> OXEAN
15:41 <Cuppy99> *OCEAN
15:41 <Dps04> chain broken :P
15:41 <Ocean6100> Yes, Cuppy?
15:41 <Cuppy99> YOU BROKE THE CHAIN!
15:41 <Ocean6100> Yes, yes it is.
15:41 <Ocean6100> Let's try again.
15:41 <Ocean6100> :P
15:41 <Dps04> :P
15:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
15:42 <Ocean6100> Okay.
15:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
15:42 <Shurow> :o
15:42 <Ocean6100> Oh, my.
15:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O Ocean
15:42 <Dps04> lol
15:42 <Ocean6100> Did it again.
15:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
15:42 <Ocean6100> /:(
15:42 <Shurow> :o
15:42 <Ocean6100> LOL
15:43 <Ocean6100> Quiet chat.
15:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
15:43 <WikiaFrog> Ocean
15:43 <Dps04> ;P
15:43 <WikiaFrog> im not new.
15:43 <WikiaFrog> :/
15:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ;(
15:43 <Ocean6100> Throws enormous snowball at WikiaFrog
15:43 <WikiaFrog> *dodges*
15:43 <Dps04> Im new :P
15:44 <Ocean6100> WikiaFrog flies all the way to Hartford, Connecticut
15:44 <WikiaFrog> im a frog. I have long legs
15:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Dps04
15:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Dps04! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:44 <WikiaFrog> Bo-yah!
15:44 <Dps04> thanks :P
15:44 <WikiaFrog> *Boo-yah!
15:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No problem :P
15:44 <Dps04> can someone tell me what this wiki is about?
15:44 <Shurow> !welcome Shurow the awesomest user on the wiki
15:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Shurow the awesomest user on the wiki! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:44 <Shurow> aw...thanks :)
15:44 <Blitzzy> It's about PONIES
15:44 <Awesome335> what is this grammar?
15:44 <Dps04> oh
15:44 <Dps04> this wiki seems cool
15:44 <Blitzzy> grammer this?
15:44 <Ocean6100> Throws ENORMOUS snowball at Dps04 and it hits him and he flies all the way to where they film My Little Pony: Friendship is magic  :P
15:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> !welcome Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls the worst user ever
15:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls the worst user ever! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> HEY! >:(
15:44 <Awesome335> Where is the mediawiki page?
15:44 <Dps04> LOL ocean
15:45 <Ocean6100> :D
15:45 <Dps04> what page, awesome?
15:45 <WikiaFrog> :o
15:45 <WikiaFrog> Chatbot is being mean
15:45 <WikiaFrog> kick him!
15:45 <WikiaFrog> :P
15:45 <Awesome335> for what the bot just said
15:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :(
15:45 <Dps04> idk
15:45 <Dps04> lol jack
15:45 <Ocean6100> What if this happened:
15:45 <Ocean6100> !welcome Billybob
15:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Billybob! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> The Bot hates me :P
15:45 <Dps04> lo
15:45 <Dps04> lol
15:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh hi jack
15:45 <Dps04> !welcome happy77
15:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki happy77! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:46 <Ocean6100> !welcome Happy77!  WHY Y NO stay with CP?
15:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Happy77!  WHY Y NO stay with CP?! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:46 <Dps04> !welcome Welcome to the wiki happy77! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Welcome to the wiki happy77! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:46 <Shurow> !welcome CPChatBot
15:46 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki CPChatBot! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
15:46 <Blitzzy> ~ CPChatBot has been kicked by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls~
15:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> @P-P PM
15:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> @ChatBot Quiet, you :P
15:46 <Dps04> lol
15:49 -!- Dps04 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 -!- Dps04 has joined Special:Chat
15:49 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
15:49 -!- Shurow has left Special:Chat.
15:49 -!- Shurow has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <Shurow> :D
15:49 <Blitzzy> ?
15:50 <Blitzzy> 7 lines of logging in and off
15:50 <Dps04> lol
15:50 <Shurow> ShrimpPin once mad it 13 lines :/
15:50 <Shurow> made*
15:50 <Blitzzy> wow
15:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
15:50 <Shurow> Yeah, I know THAT was annoying lol
15:52 -!- Samantas5855 has joined Special:Chat
15:52 <Blitzzy> Hello 5855
15:52 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:52 <Samantas5855> did you see the enw picture?
15:52 <Blitzzy> no?
15:52 <Samantas5855> new*
15:53 <Samantas5855>
15:53 <Samantas5855> it says posted in color see it
15:53 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:54 <Penguin-Pal> one sec, i think my PMs are stuck
15:54 <WikiaFrog> Whetever happened to Roger?
15:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK
15:54 <Shurow> idk
15:54 <Blitzzy> He was DELICIOUS
15:54 <Dps04> idk
15:54 <Shurow> hes been kind of inactive lately :P
15:54 <Dps04> lol
15:54 <Shurow> I saw him yesterday though
15:54 <WikiaFrog> i hope....nvm.
15:55 <WikiaFrog> oh
15:55 <WikiaFrog> Good
15:55 <Dps04> if you saw him yesterday, then he isn;t inactive...
15:55 <WikiaFrog> i was thinking too much again.
15:55 <Shurow> Well his editing is inactive
15:55 <Dps04> oh ok
15:55 <Dps04> same applies for me
15:55 <WikiaFrog> theres nothing to edit
15:55 <WikiaFrog> everything's already there
15:55 <Blitzzy> You should take out your brain, it helps
15:55 <Dps04> exactly
15:55 <Blitzzy> I should know
15:55 <WikiaFrog> which is why i have so little edits
15:55 <Shurow> dude...I average 80 edits a day :P
15:55 <Dps04> :P
15:55 <Shurow> there is plenty to edit :D
15:56 <WikiaFrog> O_O @Blitzzy
15:56 <Dps04> many of my edits today are minor
15:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> For you @Shurow
15:56 <Shurow> It really isn't that hard :/
15:56 <Samantas5855> apj_26 is online
15:56 <WikiaFrog> Yeah. Like userpages, blogs, the forum
15:56 <Dps04> last year most of my edits were major compared to those i am having now
15:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> brb
15:56 <WikiaFrog> and, mostly, pictures
15:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
15:56 <Dps04> especially the first half
15:56 <WikiaFrog> THOSE stuff are easy
15:57 <Cuppy99> dead chat
15:57 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has joined Special:Chat
15:57 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hey guys
15:57 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:57 <Blitzzy> Hello The
15:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> ClubJedwardFan texted me sayin we'll share her twitter account for something we are doing
15:58 -!- C H U N K Y has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> yo
15:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:58 <C H U N K Y> hi
15:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL So many mods
15:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> chat=deadish
15:58 <C H U N K Y> oh yeah...
15:58 <C H U N K Y> :P
15:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Chat=NOT deadish :P
15:58 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
15:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:59 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
15:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> so i share a twitter now
15:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
15:59 <Super Miron> Hey
15:59 <Blitzzy> Hello Miron
15:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> back
15:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> WB
15:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> who wants to follow me on twitter (cjf and me share it)
15:59 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
15:59 <Super Miron> Frog, PM.
16:00 <Super Miron> Dead chat
16:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Leader make chat bot welcome toast mc tostie
16:00 <Super Miron> Frog, read PM.
16:00 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Socks, go off my feet
16:01 <Super Miron> Lol
16:01 <Super Miron> Never knew Cadence wears socks.
16:01 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i have very big socks on
16:01 <DjCadence ThePenguin> in human form
16:01 <Blitzzy> I am wearing TWO socks
16:01 <Super Miron> I thought Cadence wears only white sho-- oh.
16:01 <Super Miron> lol @Blitzzy
16:01 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im  a human. 
16:01 <Blitzzy> :O
16:02 <Super Miron> Cadence!
16:02 <Super Miron> Get off me!
16:02 <Super Miron>
16:02 <Super Miron> (xd)
16:02 <DjCadence ThePenguin> who wants to follow me on my new old twitter?
16:02 <Super Miron> Your new old Twitter?
16:02 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
16:02 <Super Miron> (:o)
16:02 <Blitzzy> ~Super Miron has been eaten by Blitzzy~
16:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> and by new old twitter is cjf is sharing her twitter with me
16:03 <Blitzzy> Double Exclamation Mark‼
16:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
16:03 <DjCadence ThePenguin> she put it as JedEmily with the same pic as my account here (Since she loves cadence here)
16:04 <Super Miron> (:o)
16:04 <DjCadence ThePenguin> here=to
16:04 <Super Miron>
16:04 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
16:04 <Super Miron> That's very odd.
16:04 <Blitzzy> D:
16:04 <Blitzzy> I didn't do nothing
16:04 <Super Miron> @Cadence
16:04 <Blitzzy> I swear
16:04 <Super Miron>
16:04 <Super Miron> Get off me.
16:04 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has left Special:Chat.
16:04 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
16:04 <Super Miron> (:o)
16:05 <DjCadence ThePenguin> The Chat is dropping
16:05 <Super Miron> *looks at Happy77's stampbook*
16:05 <Blitzzy> *chat drops*
16:05 <Super Miron> (:o)
16:05 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
16:05 -!- Cylly1512 has joined Special:Chat
16:05 <Super Miron> Happy doesn't have the PH sta-- oh, that was on a test server.
16:05 <DjCadence ThePenguin> yo
16:05 <Super Miron> :p
16:05 <Cylly1512> Howdy people!
16:05 <Dps04> hi
16:05 <Super Miron> Hey Frog!
16:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:05 <WikiaFrog> Miron
16:05 <WikiaFrog> Pm
16:05 <Super Miron> ok
16:05 <DjCadence ThePenguin> *Does Cat's Cradle*
16:05 <Cylly1512> Lots of people here as I see.
16:06 <WikiaFrog> Guys
16:06 <WikiaFrog> im gonna die
16:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> I got books from McDonalds
16:06 <Cylly1512> BTW do you have to ask Wikia staff to have your user renamed?
16:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :o
16:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> ya
16:06 <Dps04> yes, cylly
16:06 <Cylly1512> k
16:06 <WikiaFrog> remember when i told you i got a furby for xmas?
16:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Frog :o 
16:06 <Cylly1512> And how may I be able to contact them?
16:06 <Blitzzy> I must leave to defend my people
16:06 <Blitzzy> Bai
16:06 <DjCadence ThePenguin> bye
16:06 <WikiaFrog> My mom got aother one
16:06 -!- Blitzzy has left Special:Chat.
16:06 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
16:06 <WikiaFrog> for my sister
16:06 <Dps04> bye
16:06 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (Late)
16:06 <WikiaFrog> so now i have 2 furbies
16:06 <Cylly1512> lol
16:06 <WikiaFrog> :p
16:07 <DjCadence ThePenguin> frog get a gun
16:07 <Dps04> lol still not sleeping, jack :P
16:07 <C H U N K Y> [[Special:Contact]] @Cylly
16:07 <Cylly1512> kay
16:07 <Cylly1512> thanks
16:07 <Stick sean> hey
16:07 <Dps04> hi
16:07 <C H U N K Y> hey!
16:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:07 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hey
16:07 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I am not @Dps
16:07 <Dps04> ikr
16:07 <Dps04> me too
16:07 <Stick sean> :P
16:07 <DjCadence ThePenguin> McDoinalds toys get lamer by the second
16:08 <Stick sean> ikr
16:08 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wanna know how
16:08 <Awesome335> McDoinalds?
16:08 <Stick sean> wow
16:08 <DjCadence ThePenguin> they give me books in my meal
16:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LOL
16:08 <Dps04> lol restaurants
16:08 <Stick sean> 20 ppl on chat
16:08 <Stick sean> wow
16:08 <Dps04> there was a rockhopper fried penguin, i remember :P
16:08 <Stick sean> :D
16:08 <Shurow> There was once 36 people on chat :P
16:08 <DjCadence ThePenguin> bye
16:08 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <Dps04> 36???
16:08 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
16:08 <Shurow> yep
16:08 <Shurow> it was like last month :S
16:08 <Dps04> 3 dozen people
16:09 <Shurow> lol
16:09 <Dps04> thats a lot
16:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> I got A new idea for Ducky Diner™ now
16:09 <Stick sean> wow
16:09 <Stick sean> crowded chat
16:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK It is to crowded?
16:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *too
16:09 <Shurow> It was dead until I came ;)
16:09 <C H U N K Y> 18 on chat now
16:09 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Shurow, stop hogging credit :P
16:09 <Shurow> When I come on chat....everyone follows :P
16:09 <C H U N K Y> lol @jack
16:10 <Stick sean>
16:10 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V - Duration: 04:13 - Uploaded: 2012-07-15 - Rating: 4.693693 - Views: 1,180,249,274 -
16:10 <Stick sean> :P
16:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O
16:10 <C H U N K Y> :|
16:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It says the s word in Gangnam Style
16:10 <Stick sean> :O
16:10 <C H U N K Y> rlly?
16:10 <Stick sean> I never saw it before
16:10 <Cuppy99> OMG
16:10 <WikiaFrog> No
16:10 <WikiaFrog> it dosent
16:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is not the one with the h
16:10 <WikiaFrog> he ment the lady part
16:10 <Stick sean> I never saw gangham style
16:10 <Stick sean> idk
16:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes
16:11 <C H U N K Y> The s word. It might do in korean but what does that matter?
16:11 <WikiaFrog> its not bad, though
16:11 <Stick sean> i hear its good tho
16:11 <Super Miron> Frog, PM
16:11 <WikiaFrog> its a adjective
16:11 <Stick sean> lol
16:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It will get X'd if anyone says it
16:11 <Super Miron> Frog, PM.
16:11 <WikiaFrog> C H U N K Y, he didnt mean the s word for poop
16:11 <Stick sean> whats X'd mean
16:11 <WikiaFrog> he meant the lady part
16:11 <Super Miron> Frog
16:11 <Super Miron> PM
16:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> A red X
16:12 <Stick sean> lets stop talking about the s word
16:12 -!- Greeny356 has joined Special:Chat
16:12 <Greeny356> Hai
16:12 <Cuppy99> hai
16:13 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:13 <Stick sean> hey
16:13 <Dps04> hi
16:13 <Stick sean> :(
16:13 <Stick sean> bye
16:13 <Greeny356> Bai
16:13 <Penguin-Pal> hi greeny
16:13 <Greeny356> hi
16:13 <Stick sean> hey
16:14 <Penguin-Pal> brb
16:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
16:14 -!- David F has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <David F> yoyo
16:14 <Greeny356> hai
16:14 <Stick sean> hey
16:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:14 <David F> sup
16:14 <Dps04> hello
16:14 <David F> i got a working pc3 walk script
16:14 <David F> took hours to figure out
16:15 <Stick sean> ok
16:15 <Greeny356> ok
16:15 <Stick sean> (:o)
16:15 <Stick sean> GTG
16:15 <Greeny356> bai
16:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
16:15 <Dps04> bai
16:16 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
16:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:16 <Greeny356> hai
16:16 <David F> im gonna upload it to mah site
16:16 <David F> brb
16:16 <Greeny356> ok
16:16 -!- Jelly Bubble has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:16 <Jelly Bubble> Heya!
16:16 <Jelly Bubble> I started my first Wiki
16:16 <Jelly Bubble> :)
16:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
16:17 <Greeny356> :d
16:17 <Dps04> hi
16:17 <Dps04> nice
16:17 <Jelly Bubble> It's the Elite Penguin Force Wiki
16:17 <Super Miron> Who founded the CP Wiki?
16:17 <Super Miron> This wiki?
16:17 <Jelly Bubble> I don't know... Not me
16:17 <Super Miron> I know not you.
16:17 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has joined Special:Chat
16:17 <Super Miron> I heard it was V-Rex
16:17 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Yo
16:17 <Super Miron> Am I right?
16:18 <Cylly1512> yawn
16:18 <Super Miron> Frog, PM.
16:18 <Dps04> hi
16:18 <Super Miron> Frog?
16:18 <Super Miron> P?
16:18 <Super Miron> M?
16:18 <Jelly Bubble> Shurow
16:18 <Cylly1512> I'm thinking of moving to Wikia.
16:18 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @someone pm me
16:18 <Dps04> ok
16:18 <DjCadence ThePenguin> someone pm me
16:18 <Cylly1512> because the constant downtimes of the CPWN are annoying.
16:18 <Dps04> it is down for almost 4 whole days
16:18 <Cylly1512> ik Dps
16:19 <Dps04> my card-jitsu cards and pins are all postponed
16:19 <Dps04> because of that
16:19 <Cylly1512> mine too
16:19 <Cylly1512> I mean my stuff is postponed too.
16:19 <David F> UPLOADED
16:19 <DjCadence ThePenguin> @Jelly PM
16:19 <David F>
16:19 <Greeny356> David F. you make games?
16:19 <Super Miron> Frog, PM
16:19 <Jelly Bubble> I know
16:19 <David F> games } pc4
16:20 <Greeny356> I played pc4 on your webstie
16:20 <Super Miron> Link to PC4?
16:20 <Jelly Bubble> OMG Penguin Chat 4
16:20 <Jelly Bubble> Im freaking outy
16:20 <David F> play it
16:20 <Super Miron> Link?
16:20 <David F>
16:20 <Greeny356> There is something wrong with ti
16:20 <Greeny356> it
16:20 <Super Miron> Do you need hamachi?
16:21 <Jelly Bubble> It is Glitched
16:21 <DjCadence ThePenguin> looks Rsnail is on it
16:21 <Greeny356> I know
16:21 <Greeny356> I found the Town
16:21 <Cylly1512> o.o
16:21 <Cylly1512> the game is funny lol
16:21 <Jelly Bubble> I am on it
16:22 <DjCadence ThePenguin> so am i
16:22 <Dps04> cool Penguin chat 4
16:22 <Cylly1512> :O
16:22 <Super Miron> brb
16:22 <Dps04> good job finding that
16:22 <Dps04> ok
16:22 <DjCadence ThePenguin> how the hello kitty do i go somewhere else
16:22 <Dps04> lol really?
16:23 <Greeny356> Im stuck!
16:23 <DjCadence ThePenguin> I dont hear Ive Been Delayed
16:23 <Cylly1512> DOWNUT CHAT?
16:23 <WikiaFrog> you CAN get out of the boiler room
16:23 <WikiaFrog> i did.
16:24 <Penguin-Pal> this pc4 game is cool
16:24 <Cylly1512> Awwww...
16:24 <Greeny356> Hiw
16:24 <Greeny356> How
16:24 <Cylly1512> You have to enter your real name to be a beta in Donut Chat D:
16:24 <David F> yes
16:24 <Cylly1512> Then I'm not applying.
16:24 <David F> we are a trusted company
16:24 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im away to donut chat
16:24 <Dps04> lol I am encountering difficulties controlling my penguin
16:25 <David F> lol yeah
16:25 <David F> still glitchy
16:25 <Cylly1512> I would apply with only my first name
16:25 <Cylly1512> but I wanna keep my last name a secret.
16:25 <David F> cant
16:25 <David F> we do not accept "fakes"
16:26 <Jelly Bubble> I use my username.
16:26 <Dps04> why the penguin keeps on shaking his head...
16:26 <Jelly Bubble> Sorry. Jelly Bubble is me...
16:26 <Cylly1512> But WHAT if I entered a fake name that looks real?
16:26 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
16:27 <Greeny356> Hai
16:27 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
16:27 <Cylly1512> how would you know that it's fake?
16:27 <Penguin-Pal> aww for the coffy shop they just cut the ordinary room
16:27 <Penguin-Pal> hi
16:27 <Super Miron> Hi
16:27 -!- David F has left Special:Chat.
16:27 <Jelly Bubble> PM if you want to be admin on my Elite Penguin Force Wiki
16:28 <Cylly1512> The pong one is pretty cool
16:28 <Cylly1512> but if the ball is missed it slows down in the next round
16:29 <DjCadence ThePenguin> OMG 
16:29 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Look at tha link
16:29 <WikiaFrog> Hi
16:29 <Greeny356> Omg
16:29 <Super Miron> ?
16:29 <Super Miron> What?
16:29 <Greeny356> You cant move in the link
16:30 <DjCadence ThePenguin> penguin chat
16:30 <Cylly1512> bbl
16:30 -!- Cylly1512 has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Super Miron> BBL = be back later
16:30 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> K
16:31 <Super Miron> No, not me, just saying what it means.
16:31 <DjCadence ThePenguin> more penguin chat stuff
16:31 -!- Mariobilly has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <Mariobilly> guys.
16:32 <Greeny356> What
16:32 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
16:32 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
16:32 <Mariobilly> This blogger called 28lois keeps editing [[Famous Penguins]], and putting his name on it.
16:32 <Jelly Bubble> Wow.
16:32 <Jelly Bubble> What a nut.
16:33 <Greeny356> Argh
16:33 <Jelly Bubble> He may be famous, but is NO mascot
16:33 <WikiaFrog> (lol)
16:33 <Super Miron> Got disconnected.
16:33 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
16:33 <Greeny356> Im going to check the history
16:33 <Dps04> gtg
16:33 <Dps04> bye guys
16:33 <Cuppy99> bye
16:33 <Dps04> (wave) bye
16:34 <Dps04> bye cupcake
16:34 <Penguin-Pal> c ya
16:34 <DjCadence ThePenguin> bye
16:34 <Dps04> bye everyone
16:34 <Jelly Bubble> Guys no wait!
16:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
16:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> GTG too
16:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :P
16:34 <Dps04> :P
16:34 <Jelly Bubble> I am hiring Admins on my Wiki
16:34 <Dps04> bye
16:34 <Penguin-Pal> (wvae)
16:34 <Greeny356> Lol
16:34 -!- Dps04 has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Penguin-Pal> (wave)
16:34 <Penguin-Pal> oh
16:34 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *gets blasted off chat*
16:34 <Greeny356> I saw it
16:34 <C H U N K Y> (hi)
16:34 -!- Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Jelly Bubble> Who wants to be an admin on my EPF wiki?
16:35 -!- Brookelas has left Special:Chat.
16:35 <Super Miron> Me.
16:35 <Mariobilly> No, thanks
16:36 <Jelly Bubble> OK!
16:36 <Jelly Bubble> I will make ou admin
16:36 <Jelly Bubble> *you admin.
16:36 <Super Miron> Okay.
16:37 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Dead chat
16:38 <Mariobilly> Does anyone have Google Chrome?
16:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> who wants to go to Venus?
16:38 <Mariobilly> Anyone?
16:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> me
16:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  me
16:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> mario me
16:38 <Super Miron> Me.
16:38 <Super Miron> me
16:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> ok
16:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I have chrome
16:38 <Mariobilly> Do you know how to use the JavaScript console to add famous penguins?
16:38 <Super Miron> Me, I have.
16:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> theres a vid on it
16:38 <Jelly Bubble> U r and admin now!
16:38 -!- David F has joined Special:Chat
16:38 <David F> yoyo
16:38 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
16:38 <Super Miron> It can get you banned.
16:38 <Penguin-Pal> hi
16:39 <Super Miron> Thanks! @Jelly
16:39 <AnonymousDuckLover> you get banned for that though
16:39 <Mariobilly> Try it, and tell me if it works, because it won't work for me
16:39 <DjCadence ThePenguin> really idk that
16:39 <Mariobilly> You won't get banned
16:39 <Super Miron> Also, they patched it now.
16:39 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wha wha wha
16:39 <Mariobilly> I know. :(
16:39 <Penguin-Pal> @mariobilly i wouldnt try a script if i dont know how it function., i wouldnt recommend doig it either
16:39 <Penguin-Pal> *doing
16:40 <Mariobilly> I was only gonna add the ones I've met before to be fair.
16:40 <Mariobilly> Does THAT sound reasonable
16:40 <Penguin-Pal> polo field mentioned it no longer works
16:40 <Penguin-Pal> well, he said that after the fair
16:41 <Penguin-Pal> if you did it before the fair, youre lucky (spin)
16:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> lol
16:41 <Mariobilly> Yeah, but it still did work after the fair.
16:41 <DjCadence ThePenguin> (smile)
16:41 <WikiaFrog> david f
16:41 <WikiaFrog> pm
16:41 <Mariobilly> I SO want a way to "go around" the patch!
16:42 <Alexpink5> Bock
16:42 <Penguin-Pal> hi
16:42 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i saw a ringmaster figure and a delta figure in the uk argos catalog
16:42 <Apj26> fail
16:42 <Jelly Bubble> Brb
16:42 <AnonymousDuckLover>  f is for...
16:42 <C H U N K Y> lol
16:42 <Penguin-Pal> 2005?
16:43 <Penguin-Pal> how :o
16:43 <Apj26> Yep
16:43 <DjCadence ThePenguin> im hungry
16:43 <Penguin-Pal> (spin) this glitch is epic
16:43 <Apj26> Hi hungry
16:43 <AnonymousDuckLover> turned chamber
16:43 <Penguin-Pal> lol
16:43 <Apj26> (trollface)
16:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  tienes hambre
16:44 <DjCadence ThePenguin> *looks @ evil red eye puffle*
16:44 <DjCadence ThePenguin> *gets disguise on*
16:44 <Penguin-Pal> brb
16:44 <AnonymousDuckLover> <screams>
16:45 <Mariobilly> Don't you wish that Dot and JPG were mascots already?
16:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> ;o
16:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> :0
16:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> I do
16:45 <C H U N K Y> yeah
16:45 <AnonymousDuckLover>  are you psychic?
16:46 <C H U N K Y> me?
16:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
16:46 <C H U N K Y> mariobilly pm
16:46 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no, MariaBilly
16:46 <C H U N K Y> maria?
16:47 <Mariobilly> Are you making fun of me?
16:47 <AnonymousDuckLover> Are you psychic?
16:47 <Mariobilly> ...
16:48 <AnonymousDuckLover>  are you?
16:48 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Blank
16:49 <AnonymousDuckLover>  what am I about to say?
16:50 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you're a genius...
16:50 -!- Cylly1512 has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <Cylly1512> back
16:50 <Apj26> Hello!
16:50 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has joined Special:Chat
16:50 <Apj26> Hi
16:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi
16:50 <Cylly1512> Hello
16:51 <Mariobilly> Guess what?
16:52 <Mariobilly> :O
16:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> rhysw PM
16:52 <Mariobilly> EMERGENCY!
16:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> what, mairo?
16:52 <C H U N K Y> what?
16:52 <Mariobilly> I'm breathing air. (trollface)
16:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> first, what was the guess what?
16:52 <C H U N K Y> :|
16:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> Rhysw PM
16:53 <Guinydyl> I'm having a party called the Prehistoric Kick-off party!!
16:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> umm
16:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> where is it
16:54 -!- Cylly1512 has left Special:Chat.
16:54 <Guinydyl> 17th Jan. 2013, 4mp GMT, at the Snow Forts
16:54 <Guinydyl> 17th Jan. 2013, 4mp GMT, at the Snow Forts, Abominable
16:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'm ready (x infinity)
16:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> Sounds so fun guiny
16:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> please make a blog about it so I don't forget
16:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> and GMT is british time, right?
16:55 <C H U N K Y> yeah
16:55 <Guinydyl> If your going, go to my page, blog posts then click the first thing there
16:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> link?
16:56 <Guinydyl> Yes GMT= british time
16:56 <Guinydyl> ok
16:56 <C H U N K Y> +8 from PST is GMT, and it is british time
16:56 <Guinydyl> yes
16:56 <Mariobilly> I add all the people from the Club Penguin Wiki to my best friend list on CP.
16:56 <C H U N K Y> gtg
16:56 <Guinydyl>
16:56 -!- C H U N K Y has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> thx
16:57 <AnonymousDuckLover>  not me though
16:57 <Guinydyl> User_blog:Guinydyl/My_Party:_Prehistoric_Kick-off - Link to the blog post
16:57 <Mariobilly> Guin, PM
16:57 <Guinydyl> ?
16:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> guiny add me to the list please
16:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> I wanna be at the party
16:57 <Guinydyl> User_blog:Guinydyl/My_Party:_Prehistoric_Kick-off  - link
16:57 <Mariobilly> I'll be there
16:57 <Guinydyl> ok Leader
16:58 <Guinydyl> shall i add your name Mario?
16:58 <WikiaFrog> leader
16:58 <WikiaFrog>
16:58 <Rhysw2002> ill be there
16:59 <Rhysw2002> add me
16:59 <Guinydyl> Mario shall i add your name
16:59 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Light Brown]]
16:59 <Mariobilly>
16:59 <WikiaFrog> uh...
16:59 <WikiaFrog> its [[Brown]]
16:59 <WikiaFrog> not Light Brown
16:59 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :O My sister's car is on fire...
16:59 <WikiaFrog> -.-
16:59 <Rhysw2002> Guin add me to the list
16:59 <Guinydyl> I have
16:59 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[«¥»]]
17:00 <Guinydyl> Sir Jjoeyxx is coming...
17:00 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Oh, and add me!
17:00 <Mariobilly> Does anyone have .swf for Herbert Style igloo music?
17:00 <WikiaFrog> [[Prehistoric Party]] music
17:00 <WikiaFrog> :d
17:00 <Mariobilly> Hey, I found that!
17:00 <WikiaFrog> [[Herbert Style]]
17:00 <Guinydyl> Sir Jjoyexx you're already coming to my party AND your on the list
17:00 <WikiaFrog> click disimbunguation
17:01 <WikiaFrog> or whatever
17:01 <WikiaFrog> [[Herbert Style!]]
17:01 <Leader of CP Parties!> sucks, we're not getting polo or moose sneek peek :(
17:01 <WikiaFrog> cuz
17:01 <WikiaFrog> theyw ant it to be a surprise
17:01 <WikiaFrog> cuz of the 3D dinosaurs, which i REALLY wanna see
17:01 <Mariobilly> Ikr
17:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[User;AnonymousDuckLover|AnonymousDuckLover™]]
17:02 <Guinydyl> can't wait for Thursday- My Party and the Prehistoric Party
17:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh my god saraa, really?
17:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> she thinks it's a grammar bug
17:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's on PURPOSE
17:02 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's meant to be CAVEGUIN
17:02 <WikiaFrog> When you throw a snowball it becomes vomit in the [[Prehistoric Party]]
17:02 <WikiaFrog> yuck!
17:02 <WikiaFrog> proof
17:02 <WikiaFrog> :o
17:03 <Guinydyl> Lol Caveguin
17:03 <WikiaFrog>
17:03 <Guinydyl> Sounds Like Cave Guinydyl
17:03 <WikiaFrog>
17:03 <WikiaFrog> DINOSAUR SPRITE
17:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> saraapril is so...ugh
17:03 <Guinydyl> Caveguin- Guinydyl Cave Language
17:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> She MUST know that is caveguin
17:04 -!- CP Frost Bite has joined Special:Chat
17:04 <WikiaFrog> they no is Gaveguin
17:04 <WikiaFrog> *Caveguin
17:04 <WikiaFrog> :P
17:04 <WikiaFrog> Saraapril is like a critic
17:04 <Guinydyl> True dat
17:04 <Mariobilly> Ikr
17:04 <Mariobilly> She steals photos from our wiki
17:05 <Guinydyl> True- Photo Stealer AND she adds a watermark
17:05 <WikiaFrog> 2 new emotes coming for prehistoric party
17:05 <WikiaFrog> meat emote AND
17:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have enough coins on cp to get every single item in the prehistoric party catalog :D (which adds up to 7400 coins!)
17:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> Evil
17:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> so I shall not use my coins, I shall wait till prehistoric party
17:05 <WikiaFrog> yeah
17:05 <WikiaFrog> thats what i call it
17:05 <WikiaFrog> evil emote
17:06 <Jelly Bubble> Guys
17:06 <Guinydyl> ADL can you come to my party? Link:
17:06 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I don't think so, I'll try
17:06 <Starpuffle00> (wave)
17:06 <Jelly Bubble> Come to this wiki:
17:06 <Guinydyl> ok
17:06 <Jelly Bubble>
17:06 <Guinydyl> (wave) to you too Starpuffle00
17:06 <Jelly Bubble> And join their chat
17:07 <Mariobilly> We need the .swf for Herbert Style.
17:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> mwhaha
17:07 <WikiaFrog>
17:07 <WikiaFrog> new emote :D
17:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> [[Hubert P. Enguin]]
17:07 <Jelly Bubble> (My chat, actually. I own that Wiki)
17:07 <WikiaFrog> evil emote
17:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> I just thought of a great plan to be mean to pookies at prehistoric party
17:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> wanna hear it?
17:07 <Starpuffle00> okay
17:07 <WikiaFrog> i know what it is
17:07 <Jelly Bubble> Throe Puke on 'em!
17:07 <WikiaFrog> be a T-REX and scare them out of their wits
17:07 <Guinydyl> Turun into a dino and well yeah
17:07 <Jelly Bubble> Lol
17:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok so first, get a pookie, then take it back to prehistory, then say "wait here!" and come back as a T-rex
17:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
17:08 <WikiaFrog> but im gonna be a pterodactyl
17:08 <WikiaFrog> i could fly
17:08 <WikiaFrog> its gonna be so fun
17:08 <Starpuffle00> I'd puke on them :D
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'ma gonna eat every single freaking pookie that comes to prehistory >:D
17:08 <WikiaFrog> lol
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh yeah!
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'll puke on them!
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> :D
17:08 <Mariobilly> It's a pteradon, not pterodactyl.
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's not pteradon either
17:08 <WikiaFrog> no
17:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's pteranodon
17:08 <WikiaFrog> pteradon its not it
17:09 <Jelly Bubble> Everyone- visit this wiki and join their chat:
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's pteranodon
17:09 <Jelly Bubble>
17:09 <WikiaFrog> I call it a pterodactyl
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> I thought it was that too, wikia
17:09 <WikiaFrog> Yeah
17:09 <Guinydyl> No even- Dress as a mumu, adopt a Pookie, send it to your iggy, transfrom into a dino, come back and throw puke on them OR scare the wits from them Stupid Puking Pookies
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> but now apparently it's called pteranodon
17:09 <WikiaFrog> looks like one
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> maybe they're same thing
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> maybe it has different names
17:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It's not though.
17:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh
17:09 <Mariobilly> Pteranodon and Pterodactyl are different.
17:09 <WikiaFrog> im gonna fly all over cp
17:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx>,d.d2k
17:10 <WikiaFrog> gonna be so fun
17:10 <WikiaFrog> :d
17:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> they look almost the same on CP
17:10 <Guinydyl> How to scare a pookie at the Prehistoric Party:
17:10 <WikiaFrog> my god
17:10 <Guinydyl> Dress as a mumu, adopt a Pookie, send it to your iggy, transfrom into a dino, come back and throw puke on them OR scare the wits from them Stupid Puking Pookies
17:10 <WikiaFrog> theres a google UK??
17:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx>,d.d2k
17:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have a feeling it won't allow dino's in modern cp
17:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> See!
17:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> I wonder if our igloos will look different in prehistory? Maybe have a different background
17:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Different!
17:11 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <Rhysw2002> cuppy PM
17:11 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am not really looking forward to hollywood party
17:11 <Cuppy99> ok
17:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> We can identify Pteranodon by it's long headcrest.
17:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> prehistoric party seems so much better
17:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Pterodactylus, however, is just your average pterosaur.
17:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Pterodactylus is far, far, far, smaller than Pteranodon.
17:12 <Guinydyl> come to my party:
17:12 <Starpuffle00> It will be Lol if Herbert had a prehistoric relative :)
17:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> What CP has gone wrong with: Cavemen did not exist during dino times
17:12 <Guinydyl> they were
17:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cavemen arrived in the Cenozoic Era, after the ice age.
17:12 <CP Frost Bite> CP has gone wrong with everything.
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> no guiny
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> they were not
17:13 <Guinydyl> sorta
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Not the Mesozoic.
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nope.
17:13 <CP Frost Bite> club penguin people. club penguin. not club become a dino for 10 mintues.
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> humans/cavemans did not exist till way after dino's
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Mesozoic had dinos, Cenozoic has cavemen.
17:13 <WikiaFrog> WAIT
17:13 <WikiaFrog> LEADER
17:13 <Starpuffle00> otherwise they would of died when dinosaurs did
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> There was an ice age inbetween too!
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> CP, we're not being it for 10 mins, it's for however long we like
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> polo said so
17:13 <Mariobilly> CPenguins are going to the Late Cretaceous Period (aka Senonian).
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes wikia
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah!
17:13 <Starpuffle00> in february
17:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> starting feb 14th
17:13 <CP Frost Bite> okay my bad
17:13 <Sir Jjoeyxx> With moviestars.
17:14 <WikiaFrog> :O
17:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And directors.
17:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yup
17:14 <Guinydyl> It's called [[Movie Mania]]
17:14 <WikiaFrog> AWWWH YEAAAH
17:14 <CP Frost Bite> club become a dino for whatever you want if you give us your money
17:14 <Starpuffle00> *coughs* prep party!
17:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Awesome right :D
17:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> So What If It's A Preppy Party?
17:14 <AnonymousDuckLover> {{Patrickapprove}} A useful template
17:14 <WikiaFrog> it may not be called movie mania
17:14 <CP Frost Bite> what is your definition of prep?
17:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Uh Oh, My Prep Side Is Coming On.
17:14 <Guinydyl> (dance) PREHISTORIC PARTY!!)
17:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> it will be a prep invasion
17:14 <Starpuffle00> yup
17:14 <CP Frost Bite> prep usually means a goodie goodie
17:14 <WikiaFrog> i wonder if its gonna advertising party...
17:14 <CP Frost Bite> it will
17:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Walks Down Red Premier Carpet With Tan Cali Flipper On Hip!
17:15 <CP Frost Bite> they'll have ads for disney movies all over the place
17:15 <Guinydyl> (wave) (dance) (sit) Actions
17:15 <WikiaFrog> may advertise a hollywood movie
17:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Wreck-It Ralph?
17:15 <Starpuffle00> Screams So Hard Elmo Dies! XD
17:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It Did Have A CP Scene.
17:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hey Gary!
17:15 <Gary3008> Hello all
17:15 <Starpuffle00> hi
17:15 <WikiaFrog> WHAT movie have you seen where someone goes to hollywood to make a show or something
17:15 <WikiaFrog> Hmm....
17:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> How's The Time Trekker Coming Along?
17:15 <WikiaFrog> Hannah Montana?
17:15 <AnonymousDuckLover> how about Fred 4 an annoying movie
17:15 <Gary3008> Good
17:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> WAIT
17:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> WRECK IT RALPH HAD CP IN IT?!
17:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> WHERE?!
17:15 <Guinydyl> The Medieval Party Will Have The Disney Princesses, Disney Princes And Disney Villains
17:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> A Deleted Scene.
17:16 <WikiaFrog> In Wreck it ralph 2
17:16 <WikiaFrog> there will be
17:16 <Gary3008> i had a slight setback with a missing rotar
17:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol!
17:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir joey, how do you know?
17:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> did you see the deleted scene
17:16 <Gary3008> I have a blog now
17:16 <Gary3008>
17:16 <Starpuffle00> Guys
17:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> Hello  Penguins
17:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> We Were Arguing Over Pteranodon And Pterodactylus
17:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> When It's Obviously Pteranodon.
17:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> I want proof of the CP deleted scene
17:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> @sir
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Okay!
17:17 <Guinydyl> facts about Gary3008 on his blog:
17:17 <Guinydyl> Name: Gary3008
17:17 <Guinydyl> Age: 1180 days old
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Color: Dark Blue and Old/Test Blue
17:17 <Guinydyl> Usual items: Ghostamatron BG, Alpha Shades, Skinny Blue Tie, Tech Coat
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Food: Fish Pizza with extra cheese and anchovies
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Drink: Coffee
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Mascot: Gary
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Room: EPF Command Room
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Party Room: Secret Lab, Monster Room, Haunted House, Ghost Lab, Backstage, Tallest Mountain, Badlands, Time Trekker 3000
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Game: Jet Pack Adventure, Astro Barrier, Aqua Grabber, System Defender
17:17 <Guinydyl> Favorite Animal: Puffle, Shark, Tyrannosaurus rex, Charcarodontosaurus, Micropachycephalosaurus
17:17 <Mariobilly> Spam?
17:17 <WikiaFrog> WAIT A SECOND
17:17 <Starpuffle00> wow that's long
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Check Trivia Section!
17:17 <Gary3008> i saw
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I Mean,
17:17 <Gary3008> puffles in deleted scene
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> The Club Penguin Section.
17:17 <Gary3008> in ther central there was CP
17:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh yeah
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yup, Puffles!
17:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> I wish we could see the deleted scene
17:17 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And The Club Penguin Bit!
17:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> guin, please don't flood
17:18 <WikiaFrog> GUYS
17:18 <WikiaFrog> IN WIKIPEDIA
17:18 <WikiaFrog> IT SAYS
17:18 <WikiaFrog> WRECK IT RALPH 2
17:18 <WikiaFrog> WILL HAVE
17:18 <WikiaFrog> ONLINE GAMES
17:18 <David F> back
17:18 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Gary,
17:18 <AnonymousDuckLover>  nooo...
17:18 <David F> brb
17:18 <WikiaFrog> INSTEAD
17:18 <WikiaFrog> OF ARCADE GAMES
17:19 <WikiaFrog> SO THAT MEANS...
17:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Did You See The CP Times?
17:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> They Mentioned Micropachycephalosaurus!
17:19 <Gary3008> brb
17:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And Charcharodontosaurus!
17:19 <Mariobilly> Gary, do you like Triceratops?
17:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I Do!
17:19 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <Mariobilly> They're plant eaters.
17:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> I haven't been on clubpenguin since last Wednesday
17:20 <Gary3008> i know, i wrote this cp times
17:20 <Mariobilly> They don't eat (meat).
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> But I'm More Pteranodon.
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah I know!
17:20 <Penguin-Pal> hi mike
17:20 <Mikeymkwii> hi
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (angry)
17:20 <Mariobilly> Triceratops are friendly.
17:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> we have no proof of that puffle deleted scene
17:20 <Mikeymkwii> ????
17:20 <AnonymousDuckLover>  woot, I need to go online...     
17:20 <Gary3008> And I do like Triceratops
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> We Don't Either.
17:20 <Mariobilly> We need to find that deleted scene!
17:20 <Mikeymkwii> Jjoeyxx status: Mad
17:20 <Mariobilly> I <3 pufflez!
17:20 <Mariobilly> (puffle)
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Jjoeyxx Status: Prep
17:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> spongebob squarepants demolition and the
17:20 <Gary3008> But I am more of a theropod penguin
17:20 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Actually
17:20 <Guinydyl> In the Dino Period, thin ice, astro barrier and Aqua Grabber will be gone since the first two are electronics and Aqua Grabber wasn't released til 2008/2009
17:20 <WikiaFrog> GUYS
17:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> maybe on this we'll see the deleted scene
17:21 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Wreck-It Ralph Behind the Scenes and Cast Interviews - Duration: 11:29 - Uploaded: 2012-10-21 - Rating: 4.830688 - Views: 44,613 -
17:21 <Mariobilly> We NEED to find that deleted puffle scene!
17:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> guiny, aqua grabber will be gone too
17:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> probably all games will be ogne
17:21 <WikiaFrog> I saw wreck it ralph
17:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> mario, let's search here
17:21 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Wreck-It Ralph Behind the Scenes and Cast Interviews - Duration: 11:29 - Uploaded: 2012-10-21 - Rating: 4.830688 - Views: 44,613 -
17:21 <WikiaFrog> and i found something
17:21 <WikiaFrog> they might be ;lying,. btw
17:21 <Mariobilly> Everyone look for the puffles!
17:21 <WikiaFrog> look
17:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> wreck it ralph doesn't come out till feb here in England :(
17:21 <WikiaFrog> if ypou pause at a side in wreck it ralph
17:21 <Guinydyl> I said Aqua Grabber
17:21 <Apj26> ikr :(
17:21 <WikiaFrog> LOOK what you can see
17:21 <WikiaFrog> i paused it
17:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx>,d.d2k
17:22 <WikiaFrog> and saw this 
17:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Might help!
17:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> I don't see anything in the bacgkround
17:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol.
17:22 <WikiaFrog> theres a scene where in wreck it ralph
17:22 <WikiaFrog> the lights go out
17:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Frog, I see Herbert.
17:22 <WikiaFrog> and you could see herbert in the bg
17:22 <WikiaFrog> loljk
17:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It's Fake.
17:22 -!- Vikey3067 has joined Special:Chat
17:23 <WikiaFrog> of course its fake
17:23 <Vikey3067> Hi hi Hi!
17:23 <Mariobilly> Someone find the Puffle deleted scene!
17:23 <Guinydyl> will the (meat) be a free hand item, i can see it in the Pre-historic Party Advert
17:23 <Mariobilly> We need to!
17:23 <Rhysw2002> gtg
17:23 <WikiaFrog> guys
17:23 <Mariobilly> Does ANYONE have the Wreck-it-ralph DVD?
17:23 <WikiaFrog>
17:24 <WikiaFrog> PROOF
17:24 <Vikey3067> guys here this music wait until 00:11
17:24 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: green day i walk alone lyrics - Duration: 04:42 - Uploaded: 2010-11-21 - Rating: 4.858875 - Views: 150,649 -
17:24 <WikiaFrog> In an interview on October 25, 2012, director Rich Moore said that he and Disney have ideas about a sequel that would bring the characters up to date and explore online gaming and console gaming.[67]
17:24 <WikiaFrog> [edit]
17:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> wreck it ralph is not even out in england yetr
17:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> :(
17:24 <WikiaFrog> leader
17:24 <WikiaFrog> buy the dvd
17:24 <Jelly Bubble> Brb
17:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> wikia, not out in england
17:24 <Sir Jjoeyxx> SequelIn an interview on October 25, 2012, director Rich Moore said that he and Disney have ideas about a sequel that would bring the characters up to date and explore online gaming and console gaming
17:24 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :O
17:24 <Gary3008> Check out my blog
17:24 <Guinydyl> Why we talking about W-I-R anyway?
17:24 <Gary3008> Because a deleted scene had puffles
17:25 <Stick sean> hey
17:25 <WikiaFrog> Jjoeyex
17:25 <WikiaFrog> that mean cp might be in cp[
17:25 <WikiaFrog> i mean
17:25 <WikiaFrog> in wreckitralph
17:25 <Stick sean> :|
17:26 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :| Sticky
17:26 <Stick sean> (furious)
17:26 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Can I call you sticky?
17:26 <WikiaFrog> :\
17:26 <Stick sean> no
17:26 <WikiaFrog> :}
17:26 <WikiaFrog> Sticks
17:26 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ( I Will anyway)
17:26 <Stick sean> I like to be called SS
17:26 <Stick sean> or sean
17:26 <WikiaFrog> can i call you Sticks?
17:26 <Stick sean> no
17:26 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Okay, Sticky.
17:26 -!- Jack penguin has joined Special:Chat
17:26 <WikiaFrog> like Stick and the take the ean off of sean
17:26 <Jack penguin> hi
17:26 <WikiaFrog> its Sticks
17:26 <Stick sean> hey
17:26 <Stick sean> I'm sean
17:27 <Mariobilly> We must find that deleted scene!
17:27 -!- Jack penguin has left Special:Chat.
17:27 <Stick sean> not sticks
17:27 <Guinydyl> (wave) Hi Again!
17:27 <WikiaFrog> it might be fake, the deleted scene
17:27 <WikiaFrog> may be a lie
17:27 <WikiaFrog> ask disey
17:27 <Stick sean> :P
17:27 <Mariobilly> You ask them.
17:27 <Vikey3067> i dont see cp
17:27 <Mariobilly> Because I don't wanna right now. (trollace)
17:27 <Mikeymkwii> wikiafrog
17:27 <Vikey3067> what number is CP?
17:27 <Stick sean> (trollmeme)
17:27 <Mikeymkwii> I GOT A TOY CODE ON CLEARANCE 
17:27 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:27 <Mariobilly> 555-555-5555.
17:27 <Stick sean> :O
17:27 <Stick sean> what is the code
17:28 <Mikeymkwii> ...
17:28 <Stick sean> :P
17:28 <Gary3008> Code...
17:28 <Mikeymkwii> ?
17:28 <Stick sean> dude
17:28 <Stick sean> the code
17:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> wreck it ralph coming 8th feb in england :)
17:28 <WikiaFrog> mmmikey
17:28 <Gary3008> Blaaaap
17:28 <Vikey3067> cool
17:28 <WikiaFrog> give the code to pony
17:28 <Stick sean> I saw wreck it ralph on November 3 :P
17:29 <Mikeymkwii> ALRIGHT
17:29 <Gary3008> Please comment on and follow my blog:
17:29 <Mikeymkwii> what if it's a scam
17:29 <Stick sean> :P
17:29 <Stick sean> idk
17:29 <Vikey3067> i saw it two days ago
17:29 <Stick sean> :P
17:29 <Vikey3067> :p
17:29 <Gary3008> My blog is not a scam
17:29 <Mikeymkwii> i know
17:29 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <Stick sean> hey
17:30 <Stick sean> o
17:30 <Stick sean> jjoeyxx
17:31 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I commented.
17:31 <Stick sean> DON'T CALL ME STICKY (furious)
17:31 <Stick sean> ok?
17:31 <WikiaFrog> ok, sticks
17:31 <Dororo111122> sticky
17:31 <Stick sean> (mad)
17:31 <WikiaFrog> (mad) (furious)
17:31 <Dororo111122> use the rage emote
17:31 <Penguin-Pal> whats going on
17:31 <WikiaFrog> (rage)
17:31 <Mikeymkwii> (vic)
17:31 <WikiaFrog> theres no rage emote, :/
17:31 <Stick sean> ik
17:31 <Mikeymkwii> yes there is
17:31 <Mikeymkwii> (vic)
17:32 <Stick sean> :D
17:32 -!- Edrussell1203 has joined Special:Chat
17:32 <Stick sean> (furious)
17:32 <WikiaFrog> @P-P we're calling him by his name, but he wants to be called SS
17:32 <Penguin-Pal> hi
17:32 <Stick sean> no
17:32 <Stick sean> WikiaFrog called me sticks
17:32 <Penguin-Pal> you can call him in his nickname
17:32 <Penguin-Pal> oh
17:32 <Stick sean> ok...
17:32 <Penguin-Pal> well, its still part of your username, isnt it
17:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> break it up guys
17:32 <Stick sean> I have a nickname?
17:32 <Penguin-Pal> ok
17:33 <Stick sean> :D
17:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> aww edrussel isn't chespin anymore
17:33 <Penguin-Pal> if you want us to call you ss, we can
17:33 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I call him sticky.
17:33 <Stick sean> yah
17:33 <Stick sean> that's annoying
17:33 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Good.
17:33 <Stick sean> anyways
17:33 <Penguin-Pal> if it's annoying, please dont call him that
17:33 <Sir Jjoeyxx> ;P
17:33 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx was kicked from Special:Chat by Leader of CP Parties!
17:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> that was rather rude
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> LEADER
17:33 <Stick sean> :O
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> YOU'RE CP
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> CM*
17:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ooosh, Leader..
17:34 <Stick sean> hey
17:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> You did not just do that.
17:34 <WikiaFrog> Why did you kick him?
17:34 <Dororo111122> put up
17:34 <WikiaFrog> all he did was ;P
17:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey, it's calender
17:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> wikia, sir was being rude
17:34 <Mikeymkwii> O
17:34 <Stick sean> I would like to be called SS or sean
17:34 <Stick sean> there
17:34 <Dororo111122> no he wasnt
17:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Actually, it's Calendar, not calender.
17:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> when stick said he was annoyed sir said good ;P
17:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I just was being annoying, like always.
17:34 <Mikeymkwii> Dororo
17:34 <Sir Jjoeyxx> So what?
17:34 <Mikeymkwii> I voted yes!
17:34 <WikiaFrog> -.-
17:34 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:34 <Dororo111122> its currently a tie
17:34 <WikiaFrog> thats not rude
17:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> it is wikia
17:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Calling someone another nickname isn't rude.
17:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> stick was getting annoyed, and sir made it worse
17:35 <WikiaFrog> no
17:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Like calling SandorL Sandy, which I do.
17:35 <WikiaFrog> uhh. 
17:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, it is if they tell you not to call them that
17:35 <WikiaFrog> Ooookay?
17:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> You know I never listen to people.
17:35 <WikiaFrog> i call HistoricalCP History.
17:35 -!- Realyarik7 has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <Dororo111122> vote people vote!
17:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And you need to let people know the kick is coming.
17:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Not just kick.
17:35 <Realyarik7> hi guys
17:35 -!- Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala has joined Special:Chat
17:35 <WikiaFrog> ikr
17:35 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ppl
17:35 <Stick sean> hey
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> i just made something funny
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo sean
17:36 <WikiaFrog> Hi Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala
17:36 <Stick sean> wat?
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo ppl
17:36 <Stick sean> what?
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> Well most people don't make aware that they're going to kick
17:36 <Realyarik7> who here plays club penguin say 123
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> it should be obvious
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> 123
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> if your gonna be rude
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> your gonna get kicked
17:36 <WikiaFrog> it wasnt when you kicked sir
17:36 <Stick sean> 123
17:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I wasn't rude.
17:36 <WikiaFrog> it wasnt obvious then
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ok ppl i made a brand new outfit for rockhopper
17:36 <Realyarik7> who plays club penguin say 12
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala>
17:36 <Stick sean> dude
17:36 <Mariobilly> 12
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes it was wikia
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> 12
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ppl
17:36 <Stick sean> 12
17:36 <WikiaFrog> to you it was
17:36 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Being rude is when you talk about inapp. stuff.
17:36 <Stick sean> no
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> i made a swimming costume for rockhopper
17:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, not just that
17:36 <Dororo111122> and yet everyone wonders why leader got demoted..
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> to see, here it is
17:36 <WikiaFrog> true
17:36 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala>
17:36 <WikiaFrog> @sir
17:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> wikia, stick was getting annoyed with sir
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol, so right Doro.
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> whos sir
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ahem,
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> trevor mcdonald
17:37 <WikiaFrog> Leader, i have to say one thing to you
17:37 <Realyarik7> did you know im famous? in cp?
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> rly?
17:37 <WikiaFrog> you might kick me, but i dont care.
17:37 <WikiaFrog> here i go;
17:37 <WikiaFrog> Oppa Gangnam Style!
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Well, I get annoyed with Sticky sometimes.
17:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> Dororo, I did the right thing, sir was mean to stick, so kicked, so don't you start being rude
17:37 <WikiaFrog> :p
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> did anyone see rh's new swimming outfit
17:37 <Stick sean> :O
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> he is wearing pink shorts
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Mean?
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala>
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol!
17:37 <WikiaFrog> Gangnam Style!
17:37 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Penguin Style!
17:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Leader is the mean one I think.
17:37 <Dororo111122> how is doing the right thing get you demoted..
17:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, you were going good ;P to stick
17:37 <WikiaFrog> Opp
17:38 <WikiaFrog> Opp
17:38 <WikiaFrog> Opp
17:38 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Umm
17:38 <WikiaFrog> Oppa Gangnam Style!
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I know.
17:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> dororo, I got demoted for a MAJOR argument
17:38 <WikiaFrog> lol
17:38 <Realyarik7> who wants to meet me on cp im real yarik7
17:38 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> demoted?
17:38 <Realyarik7> who?
17:38 <Stick sean> :O
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah, this is a major argument.
17:38 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> were you a admin
17:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> I no longer do MAJOR arguments, I quit arguments when they start getting bad
17:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> not as major, sir
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nobody kicks the Sir Jjoeyxx.
17:38 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Nobody kicks the Raraah
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Unless it's a proper CM.
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Like Grand.
17:38 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Or Blast.
17:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am a proper CM
17:38 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Croconaw?
17:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> today
17:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Not really.
17:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, blast isn't even CM
17:39 <Realyarik7> guys
17:39 <Realyarik7> iod
17:39 <Stick sean> :|
17:39 <Stick sean> I must go
17:39 <Stick sean> gtg
17:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I Wouldn't Kick on your first day.
17:39 <Stick sean> bye!
17:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, this isn't my first day
17:39 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ppl
17:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have been cm before -_-
17:39 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> i had a detention on friday,
17:39 <Dororo111122> vote if you havent!
17:39 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> and i only had to stand outside a classroom
17:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> me too, ra
17:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> So.
17:39 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS
17:39 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ok
17:39 <Gary3008> comment and follow my blog
17:39 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Detentions are bad!
17:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, you told me you wouldn't kick on your first day
17:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> I told you this isn't my first day
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> I thought dubstep is a type of UK-based 90's music
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> They have a DUBSTEP PUFFLE?!?!
17:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> Right, I'm quitting this pointless argument
17:40 <Mikeymkwii> yea
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> I can imagine how he looks like..
17:40 <Mikeymkwii> DUBSTEP PUFFLE T-SHIRT
17:40 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Orange puffle, long dreadlocks, headphones.
17:40 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ?
17:41 <Mikeymkwii> IT LOOKS LIKE THIS
17:41 <Dororo111122> mikey and his caps
17:41 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> A GIRL WEARING A PURPL TSHIRT?!?!
17:41 <Mikeymkwii> ...
17:41 <Mikeymkwii> a girl?!
17:41 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yes.
17:41 <WikiaFrog> Mikey
17:41 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> has emelli sande hair
17:41 <Dororo111122> speak english not gibberish!
17:41 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> you all know who emeli sande is?
17:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> dororo...
17:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes, ra
17:42 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yep
17:42 <WikiaFrog> Mikey pm
17:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah.
17:42 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Read all about it OHH
17:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ohh!
17:42 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> OOOOO PATRICK STAR!! :D
17:42 <WikiaFrog> my god
17:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I wanna scream, I wanna shout,
17:42 <Dororo111122> 3 mikeys in 1
17:42 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
17:42 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> 3mikey3mk3wii lol
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> what
17:43 <WikiaFrog> And somethings happening
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> about....
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> three dororos
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
17:43 <WikiaFrog> im saying something in pm that im not saying
17:43 <WikiaFrog> :s
17:43 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Tell us, frog.
17:43 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <WikiaFrog> tell you what?
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> does anyone know a user called allanjeffs
17:43 <Dogkid1> yo
17:43 <Dogkid1> (HI)
17:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> if it's innap don't say iy
17:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> it*
17:43 <WikiaFrog> i meant in pm with mikey
17:43 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> nvm
17:43 <Dogkid1> no one says hi to me D:
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> YO DOGKID :D
17:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Tell us it!
17:44 <Dogkid1> yo
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> DON'T wikia
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> ignore sir
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yoyo im playing with a yoyou XD
17:44 <WikiaFrog> Dont what?
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> if it's innap, don't tell us
17:44 <WikiaFrog> its not bad
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> you can tell us then
17:44 <WikiaFrog> all i said was LOL...
17:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Frog can do what he wants.
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> mr selfridge. on tv at 9pm. LOL RANDOM
17:44 <Dogkid1> GUYS
17:44 <WikiaFrog> even though i didnt really say it
17:44 <Dogkid1> whats happening
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> with becky from corrie
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, ik, but if he shared something innap he would be kicked/banned
17:44 <WikiaFrog> and im saying Uhh
17:44 <Dogkid1> whats happening
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> OK
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> WE HAVIN A PARTY
17:44 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> XD
17:44 <Sir Jjoeyxx> He doesn't need Leader to babysit him.
17:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir
17:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> Stop being rude
17:45 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm not.
17:45 <Dogkid1> whats happening
17:45 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> brb
17:45 <Dororo111122> leader tell rah to stop using caps
17:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am trying to enforece rules, making sure he wasn't about to share something innap
17:45 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm proving my point.
17:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> You're not proving anything
17:45 <Dororo111122> leader
17:45 <Dogkid1> what is happenign
17:45 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I am.
17:45 <Dororo111122> tell rarar to stop using caps
17:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm enforcing rules by making sure he wasn't gonna share something innap so he wouldn't getting banned
17:45 <Dororo111122> LEADER
17:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> Dororo, I don't see ra using caps
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> tell dororo to stop using caps
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ty leader
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> XD
17:46 <Dororo111122> have you even paid any attention
17:46 <Gary3008> Please follow my blog and comment on it.
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> gary barlow
17:46 <Dororo111122> spam-name 1 word is ok if you read the policy
17:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> Caps would catch my attention
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> im not spam
17:46 <Dororo111122> because you totally paid attention..
17:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> my name has a meaning
17:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> Well ra did not use caps as far as I saw dororo
17:46 <Dogkid1> (...)
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ty
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> (...)
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol clones
17:47 -!- Gary3008 has left Special:Chat.
17:47 -!- Vikey3067 has left Special:Chat.
17:47 <Dogkid1> Ra did use caps
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> no i didnt
17:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah.
17:47 <Dogkid1> yeah
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> i wear a cap
17:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> Well I'm sorry if I missed the caps
17:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It's from bad romance.
17:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> how much caps were they
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ya ik lol
17:47 <Dororo111122> something about a party..
17:47 <WikiaFrog> (dance)
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yep
17:47 <WikiaFrog> OPPA GANGNAM STYLE
17:47 <Dogkid1> (DANCE EMOTE)
17:47 <WikiaFrog> I miss the old (dance )
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Op op op gangnam style
17:47 <Dororo111122> and now he just used caps..
17:47 <WikiaFrog> ;(
17:47 <Edrussell1203> (dance)
17:47 <Mariobilly> Mikeywii, go to your igloo!
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ayyy smelly fishies
17:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> (dance emote)
17:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
17:47 <Dogkid1> (dance) or (dance emote)
17:48 <WikiaFrog> (Dance) vs (dance emote)
17:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> (dance emote)
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> (dance emote)
17:48 <Edrussell1203> (snowball)
17:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (dance)
17:48 <Dogkid1> !pin
17:48 <WikiaFrog> ok
17:48 <Dogkid1> yo Duck
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> (trollface) vs (dance)
17:48 <Edrussell1203> (break dance
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo ducky
17:48 <WikiaFrog> hhow many people vote for penguin daance say i
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ppl
17:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> !give me a break
17:48 <Mariobilly> (dance emote)
17:48 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> (trollface) vs (dance) vs (tlotr)
17:48 <Edrussell1203> (sit)
17:48 <Dogkid1> ! ping (syster) <(!Pong)
17:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome guys we need a new topic
17:48 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki guys we need a new topic! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
17:48 <AnonymousDuckLover> WB ADL
17:48 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> trollface wins lol
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Yes cpcb
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> my little pony
17:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (chuggington)
17:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (mlp)
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ah ah ah ah
17:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> chuuugington
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> i like mlp very much
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> toontown
17:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (mylittlepony)
17:49 <WikiaFrog> uh
17:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> (Stupid)
17:49 <Edrussell1203> (edrussell1203)
17:49 <Dogkid1> I like mlp but not the shows
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> andrea
17:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> heres an idea, we could talk about CP?
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> barry
17:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (bored)
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> chantal
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> dorian
17:49 <WikiaFrog> Oppa Gangnam style....
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
17:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> *cough*
17:49 <WikiaFrog> Gangnam Style...
17:49 <Dogkid1> change o' topic
17:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> *ahem*
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> gang gang gang style :D
17:49 -!- Boidoh has joined Special:Chat
17:49 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
17:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> I said MAYBE we could talk about cp
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> the dun dun
17:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> the sun done
17:50 <Dogkid1> the sun
17:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol
17:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> newspaper
17:50 <WikiaFrog> Im a bobby boy,
17:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> in a bobby world
17:50 <WikiaFrog> im a bobby toy,
17:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> sooo
17:50 <WirelessBrains> I can show you pages from the CP Mag
17:50 <Edrussell1203> (guy)
17:50 <WirelessBrains>
17:50 <WikiaFrog> wrapped in paper,
17:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> Cp is releasing yet ANOTHER weapon
17:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> a spear again
17:50 <WikiaFrog> its incrediblayper,
17:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> gary barlow w/ a dino guide?!?!
17:50 <WikiaFrog> you cant brush mah hair
17:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> wireless, I have the legit mag
17:50 <WikiaFrog> you cant dress me anywhere
17:50 <WikiaFrog> imagination
17:50 <WikiaFrog> that is your nationn
17:50 <Dogkid1> (HMM)
17:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> barry potter
17:50 <WikiaFrog> cmon bobby in the lobby
17:51 <WirelessBrains>
17:51 <WikiaFrog> Dont make me walk
17:51 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> barbie vs bratz
17:51 <WikiaFrog> dont make me talk
17:51 <WirelessBrains>
17:51 <Edrussell1203> (dog)
17:51 <WikiaFrog> not whatever you please
17:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm making a new wiki :)
17:51 <WirelessBrains> WikiaFrog!
17:51 <WikiaFrog> if you do, i will sue
17:51 <WikiaFrog> and then i will sneeze
17:51 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> achooooo
17:51 <WikiaFrog> Where is my Car?
17:51 -!- TDFan16 has joined Special:Chat
17:51 <WikiaFrog> and where are my keys?
17:51 <TDFan16> hi
17:51 <WirelessBrains>
17:51 <WikiaFrog> and why does my dog
17:51 <WikiaFrog> have so much fleas?
17:51 <Edrussell1203> (pikachu
17:51 <WirelessBrains> Admins?
17:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> Have you ever been in that situation
17:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> where you lost your keys and you lost your phone?
17:52 <WirelessBrains>
17:52 <WikiaFrog> cmon bobby in the lobby
17:52 <WikiaFrog> YE-HA-HE-HA
17:52 <WikiaFrog> cmon bobby in the lobby
17:52 <WikiaFrog> OOH-AAAH-OOH
17:52 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> bobby dobby lobby
17:52 -!- Pink Ako has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <WikiaFrog> *Bows*
17:52 <WikiaFrog> that song is called
17:52 <Pink Ako> Hi everyone
17:52 <WirelessBrains> Admins?
17:52 <WikiaFrog> Bobby Boy (parody of Barbie Girl)
17:52 <WirelessBrains> Penguin-Pal?
17:53 <Dogkid1> yo
17:53 -!- Pink Ako has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <Edrussell1203> dead chat
17:54 <Dogkid1> silent chat
17:54 <WikiaFrog> UGH
17:54 <Dogkid1> ugga ugga
17:54 <WikiaFrog> My Lil Brother keeps wanting to watch Grandpa in my Pocket
17:54 <WikiaFrog> i hate that sho.
17:54 -!- CP Frost Bite has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <WikiaFrog> *showw
17:55 <WikiaFrog> **show
17:55 <Alexpink5> ...
17:55 <Dogkid1> ...
17:55 <Greeny356> Oh what the I forgot about chat
17:55 <WikiaFrog> ...
17:56 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <Cuppy99> hi
17:56 <Greeny356> hai
17:56 <WikiaFrog> i used to like that show, but nowits annoying
17:56 <Dogkid1> yo
17:56 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
17:56 <WikiaFrog> I should go on brb....
17:56 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <WikiaFrog> BRB
17:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I loved grandpa in my pocket.
17:56 <Dogkid1> k
17:56 <Dororo111122> vote vote vote
17:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> But then it just got weird, after the kid became famous...
17:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> People, this is a bit out of the blue, but would you like to be part of the cast in my pokemon unova adventures roleplay wiki? we do episodes just like actual pokemon, you can pick your character! Wether it be trainer or pokemon or what have you!
17:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> No.
17:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :P
17:57 <TDFan16> so
17:57 <TDFan16> anyone watch Inanimate Fight-Out?
17:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> Articles of the episode will be made after we roleplay them
17:57 <Dororo111122> no pokemon!
17:58 -!- Echaniwarrior has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <Leader of CP Parties!> is it just my chat lagging or is rhysw still here?
17:58 <Penguin-Pal> brb
17:58 <Alexpink5> Your chats lagging. @Custard
17:58 <Dogkid1> yeah
17:59 <Dogkid1> it happens alot to meh
17:59 <Echaniwarrior> Hey guys is the rare? it has no rare tags but it doesnt say it returned and to in the gallery it shows its orignial icon
17:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> hi ocean
17:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome ocean
17:59 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki ocean! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
18:00 <Ocean6100> :O
18:00 <Dogkid1> yo Ocean
18:00 <Ocean6100> Yo!
18:00 <Ocean6100> *lightbulb*
18:00 <Dororo111122> ocean vote
18:00 <Ocean6100> Oooh!  Ocean just had an idea!  :D
18:00 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> bye ppl
18:00 <Echaniwarrior> anyone know if the is rare?
18:00 <WikiaFrog> new mascots coming soon
18:00 -!- Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala has left Special:Chat.
18:01 -!- Echaniwarrior has left Special:Chat.
18:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> A changed the song of my Kindle to dark light
18:02 -!- Madbootdude has joined Special:Chat
18:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I'm so busy doin something with nothing to do
18:02 -!- Sease02 has joined Special:Chat
18:02 <Dogkid1> bored
18:03 <Dogkid1> and dead chat
18:03 <AnonymousDuckLover>  don't the last two hours just tying my shoe
18:03 <Apj26> Hello
18:03 -!- Sease02 has left Special:Chat.
18:03 <Dogkid1> yoyoyo
18:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> who can cuss?
18:03 -!- Hiu403 has joined Special:Chat
18:03 <Alexpink5> No one
18:04 <Alexpink5> Well, on chat.
18:04 <Dororo111122> alex cant because she doesnt know any swear words
18:04 <AnonymousDuckLover>  who can breath in chat?
18:04 <Hiu403> how do you make a quiz off your user page??
18:04 <Hiu403> just wondering......
18:04 <Dogkid1> I can breath
18:04 <Alexpink5> breathe* @ADL
18:05 <Dororo111122> WRONG
18:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> are we all our to breathe?
18:05 <Madbootdude> Nobody notices me.
18:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> /:(
18:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> I did, I just didn't say hi
18:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> I was gonna ask mad a question cuz he's a pokemon fanatic who would love to roleplay on my new pokemon wiki but
18:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> he likes to be kind of trolling too
18:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> and can be too silly :(
18:06 <Alexpink5> Actually Basco,
18:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> for the episode roleplaying
18:06 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Wanna RP on Abominable?
18:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> What is the RP about
18:07 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
18:07 <Dogkid1> :/
18:07 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
18:07 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Uhm,
18:07 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ancient Pengypt?
18:07 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Time travel to ancient pengypt?
18:07 <Dogkid1> ?
18:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> We're gonna use the time trekker?
18:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> Count me in
18:07 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yup!
18:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> Wait
18:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> is this gonna be a trick
18:08 <Dogkid1> (STARE)
18:08 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And head back to the, uhm, ice age during the uhm, Cenozoic?
18:08 <Dororo111122> alex stop calling me basco
18:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> you could just say time trekker roleplay
18:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir joey, go to abominable snow forts
18:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm yellowlump
18:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Okay!
18:09 <Alexpink5> Meow.
18:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm Jjoeyxx.
18:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> What would happen if Chatbot died?
18:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Idk.
18:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> We'd replace him.
18:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I will never die! woot *blows up*
18:09 <Dogkid1> yeah
18:09 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I will never die! woot *blows up*! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
18:09 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nah, we'd never replace our friend.
18:09 <Dogkid1> :O
18:09 <Dogkid1> (:O)
18:09 <Alexpink5> ?
18:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> speak to me bot! are you ok?
18:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updated
18:10 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: The logs were last updated 25:47 ago. There are currently ~303 lines in the log buffer.
18:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> !updatelogs
18:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :D
18:10 <Dogkid1> !logs
18:10 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome TLOTR
18:10 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki TLOTR! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
18:10 <CPChatBot> Leader of CP Parties!: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 305 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It lives!
18:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Is it a he or a she?
18:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome I am a he she
18:10 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki I am a he she! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
18:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Uhm Custard.
18:10 <Alexpink5> He I think
18:10 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Abominable is full.
18:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh, sir
18:11 <The Lord of the Rings> When did Leader become mod
18:11 <Dogkid1> he she is an "it"
18:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Calendar.
18:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's CM calendar
18:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> He became it today.
18:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Unfortunately...
18:11 <Dororo111122> its for a day only
18:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :|
18:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> Unfortunately?!
18:11 <Alexpink5> It as in a monster it or.. CM it? @Sir
18:11 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Go on Alaska!
18:11 <Dororo111122> alex no calling me basco
18:11 <Mariobilly> Guys!
18:12 <Alexpink5> Idc @Basco
18:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hey Mario.
18:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> no sir, I won't, you were just rude to me
18:12 <Mariobilly> There's a ghost on CP!!
18:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Okay.
18:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm not coming to your RP now
18:12 <Dororo111122> *puts alex on enemy list*
18:12 <Mariobilly> Server: Tuxedo
18:12 <Mariobilly> Room: Mine
18:12 <Alexpink5> Brb
18:12 <Edrussell1203> ok
18:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm there.
18:12 <Mariobilly> No youre not
18:12 <Dogkid1> tuxedo?
18:12 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Dororo, are you my friend?
18:13 <Alexpink5> Back
18:13 <Dororo111122> HMM
18:13 <Dororo111122> yea
18:13 <Dororo111122> alex your on the enemy list now
18:13 <Alexpink5> Yay
18:13 <Edrussell1203> im o n tux mine
18:13 <Edrussell1203> on
18:13 <Alexpink5>
18:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> Everyone seems to hate me /:(
18:14 <Alexpink5> Naw weh dont
18:14 <Edrussell1203> who else is on tux?
18:14 <Mariobilly> Did you guys see the ghost?
18:14 -!- Welcome12345 has joined Special:Chat
18:14 <Dogkid1> no
18:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ocean left me...
18:14 <Penguin-Pal> hi
18:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :(
18:14 <Edrussell1203> what ghost?
18:14 <Welcome12345> hey guys
18:14 <Dogkid1> there is no ghost
18:14 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ocean left me alone with the ghost.
18:14 <Ocean6100> Can you guys on Tuxedo come to my iggy?
18:14 <Penguin-Pal> what ghost?
18:14 <Ocean6100> That'd be neat.
18:14 <Ocean6100> Ghost = MarioBilly.
18:15 <Dogkid1> Ghost is Mariobilly
18:15 <Edrussell1203> im on tuxedo
18:15 <Mariobilly> No I'm not
18:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> P-P PM
18:15 <Mariobilly> Robots don't die
18:15 <Edrussell1203> ocean come 2 mine
18:15 <Dogkid1> :/
18:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Wanna RP at Ocean's place?
18:15 <Dogkid1> I logged off cp
18:15 <Dogkid1> and im not going bak on
18:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :O
18:15 <Alexpink5> Meow
18:15 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ever?!
18:16 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
18:16 -!- Mountain717 has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Edrussell1203> ocean?
18:16 <Dogkid1> yo
18:16 <Ocean6100> Oh no!  It's Mountain717!!  :P
18:16 <Alexpink5> Haii
18:16 <Welcome12345> hey
18:16 <Ocean6100> What's your name on Club Penguin? @Edrussell
18:16 <Mountain717> O_o
18:16 <Edrussell1203> come 2 the mine ocean
18:16 <Edrussell1203> crazyman103
18:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Nooo!
18:16 <Mariobilly> i lost connection to CP for some reason
18:16 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ocean left me!
18:16 <Ocean6100> O_O Maybe if you pick the right path, you 
18:16 <Dororo111122> ocean you left him!
18:16 <Ocean6100> 'll get to the right place.
18:17 <Ocean6100> O.o
18:17 <Dororo111122> thats illegal all over the world!
18:17 <Ocean6100> Saves Jjoeyxx
18:17 <Dororo111122> *handcuffs him to a pole*
18:17 <Ocean6100> Oh.  No.  You.  Didn't.
18:17 <Mountain717> Hey, wanna go to the bakery?
18:17 <Ocean6100> Slaps upside the head
18:17 <Dogkid1> :/
18:17 <Dororo111122> ow
18:18 <Dogkid1> brb
18:18 <Dogkid1> if anyone cares
18:18 <Dororo111122> *handcuffs him to his leg*
18:18 <Mountain717> Go to and then click the first link
18:18 <Edrussell1203> come to the mine ocean
18:18 <Ocean6100> Okay.
18:18 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Edrussel and I are at the shack.
18:18 -!- 2wow136 has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <Penguin-Pal> hi
18:18 <Ocean6100> Crazyman103?
18:18 <Dororo111122> ocean your handcuffed to your leg
18:18 <2wow136> hi
18:19 <Edrussell1203> jjoeyxx is at mine too
18:19 <The Lord of the Rings> Back
18:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah, being weird.
18:19 <2wow136> anyone on club penguin?
18:19 <Mountain717> Anyone going to go
18:19 <Dororo111122> were in canada!
18:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> US!
18:19 <Dororo111122> wat server
18:19 <The Lord of the Rings> Who has Pokémon Black and White 2?
18:19 <Dororo111122> *gets unicycle*
18:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Tuxedo.
18:19 <Dororo111122> *puts on tuxedo*
18:19 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Lol.
18:19 <The Lord of the Rings> Anyone?
18:19 <WikiaFrog> oy
18:19 <Dororo111122> *takes apjs cake*
18:19 <Mountain717> I'm in the bakery from the Holiday Party 2012
18:20 <Ocean6100> Who's crazyman103?
18:20 <Dororo111122> crazyman103 is..
18:20 <Dororo111122> TBA
18:20 <Ocean6100> (trollface)
18:20 <Mountain717> I wonder if this works...
18:20 <2wow136> (trollface)
18:20 <2wow136> let us see
18:21 <Mountain717> See what?
18:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> After prehistoric party there will be way to still access time trekker and prehistory :D
18:21 <2wow136> if that works
18:21 <2wow136> (trollface)
18:21 <Dororo111122> what room
18:21 <Mountain717> Click the link
18:21 <Sir Jjoeyxx> My iggy.
18:21 <Dororo111122> some guy named yellow lump is online
18:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> That's Leader.
18:22 <Ocean6100> Who is Crazyman103??
18:22 <2wow136> :O IT DOES WORK!
18:22 <Mountain717> or this link or this one
18:22 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Edrussel.
18:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> 2wow, don't be so surprised
18:22 <Ocean6100> Oh!  Coolio.
18:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> it used to work to go to op blackout places too, and haunted mansion
18:22 <2wow136> ;( cries just a little
18:22 <2wow136> xD what?
18:22 <Mountain717> And it has OPB music
18:22 <Dororo111122> :o oceans igloo has so much likes
18:22 <Mariobilly>
18:23 <Mikeymkwii> WHERE ARE YOU GUYS'\
18:23 <Sir Jjoeyxx> My iggy.
18:23 <Dororo111122> im the 2,780 person to like his igloo
18:23 <Mountain717> I like this room
18:23 <Ocean6100> Wanna get creeped out?
18:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> what server in bakery are you in, mountain?
18:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> let's meet
18:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok, ocean
18:24 <Mariobilly> Im on Tuxedo
18:24 <Ocean6100> Here's how:
18:24 <Edrussell1203> come sit 4 pic ocean
18:24 <Ocean6100> First, go to server Snow Drift.  I'll be there in a sec.
18:24 <Mountain717> I'm getting on Snowdrift Bakery
18:24 <Dororo111122> im karate 2
18:24 <Edrussell1203> no
18:24 <Dororo111122> yes i am
18:24 <Mountain717>
18:24 <Edrussell1203> im ur friend karate 2
18:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok logging on snow drift
18:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm yellowlump
18:24 <Ocean6100> I'll be there in a sec.
18:24 <Dororo111122> were on tuxedo
18:25 <The Lord of the Rings> Who plays Pokémon BW or BW2?
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> LOL at OB music
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> I do, TLOTR
18:25 <The Lord of the Rings> Which version
18:25 <Ocean6100> I'll meet you at the Snow Forts.
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> White @TLOTR
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> and white 2
18:25 <Mountain717>
18:25 <The Lord of the Rings> Wanna battle White 2!
18:25 <Dororo111122> apjs in the bounus room
18:25 <The Lord of the Rings> I ALWAYS win.
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> what's your team
18:25 <Ocean6100> Okay.  Ready to get creeped out?
18:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> my team isn't complete yet
18:25 <The Lord of the Rings> Secret
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> I think I'll pass
18:26 <The Lord of the Rings> :3
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> have not even beat clay yet
18:26 <The Lord of the Rings> Too strong?
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok ocean
18:26 <2wow136> this has never happened before
18:26 <Ocean6100> It's on server Snow Drift.
18:26 <Ocean6100> Meet at Town!
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am there ocean
18:26 <Mikeymkwii> WHERE ARE YOU PPL?
18:26 <The Lord of the Rings> Oh NVM then.
18:26 <2wow136> nvm
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> do the creeping out thing
18:26 <Ocean6100> Hmm... let me scout something out.  Cause that's how it happens.
18:26 <Dororo111122> *metapodes show up*
18:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> TLOTR, I have an event genesect :)
18:26 <Dororo111122> metapodes!
18:27 <Ocean6100> Plaza!  Go now!
18:27 <Dororo111122> what sevrer
18:27 <Ocean6100> I found the creepy thing!
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
18:27 <Ocean6100> See Pixiekitten?
18:27 <Dororo111122> what server?!
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> yup
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> @ocean
18:27 <Ocean6100> Waddle right beside him/her.
18:27 <Mountain717>  I really want some one to come to Snow Drift with this...
18:27 <Ocean6100> ...then watch.
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> I did
18:27 <2wow136> mountain, im right there
18:27 <Ocean6100> Wanna know the creepy thing?
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> nothing happens
18:27 <Dororo111122> i found mariobilly!
18:27 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm waka.
18:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes ocean
18:28 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Where is everyone?
18:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> what's the creepy thing
18:28 <Ocean6100> He/she's ALWAYS there... and he/she always comes up to you and speaks in safe chat.  Nothing else.  See?  I relied on her/him being there.
18:28 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Snow drift town?
18:28 <Dogkid1> back
18:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> but
18:28 <Ocean6100> See?  Creepy.  @Joey Plaza.
18:28 <Dogkid1> wb self
18:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> that's pretty crepy
18:28 <Ocean6100> Isn't it?
18:29 <Dogkid1> whats happening
18:29 <Dororo111122> what server?!?!?!
18:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> pixie is now at the piano
18:29 <Ocean6100> Like, I'll be taking those pictures, and he/she'll say "Wanna be friends?"
18:29 <Ocean6100> I'm like "No, thank you"
18:29 <Dogkid1> whats happening
18:29 <Ocean6100> Creepyville.
18:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> OH MY GOD THATS CREE{Y
18:29 <Dororo111122> is it tuxedo
18:29 <2wow136> what is creey
18:29 <Dogkid1> what is creepy
18:29 <2wow136> (epicmeme)
18:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's safe chat, but I said can you talk? and it safe chat replied with "Yes"
18:29 -!- Pinwii29020 two has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <Edrussell1203> go to my blog 4 pic @dororo and jjoeyxx
18:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> how does it know what I said?!
18:29 <Ocean6100> Wanna know something even creepier thing?
18:29 <Pinwii29020 two> hello
18:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok ocean
18:30 <Dogkid1> thats creepy
18:30 <Ocean6100> He/she's ALWAYS in the Snow Drift.  Always.  I told you to go, and BAM.  He/she was there.  Really creepy.  Never seems to leave.
18:30 <Edrussell1203> what server r u on dororo?
18:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm gonna stay on cp for ages tonight
18:30 <Dogkid1> what server
18:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> see how long pixie can stay there
18:31 <Dogkid1> what server
18:31 <Ocean6100> Is it a bot?
18:31 <AnonymousDuckLover> did I scare anybody?
18:31 <Ocean6100> *shudders*
18:31 <Dogkid1> what server guys
18:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's safe chat
18:31 <Edrussell1203> snow drift
18:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> I asked it if it likes the piano
18:31 <Ocean6100> Pixie was there yesterday, and I think maybe the day before.  *shudders*
18:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> it said Yes
18:31 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Where is everyone?
18:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> how does it now what I say?!
18:31 <Mountain717> HELP
18:32 <Dogkid1> room?
18:32 <Dororo111122> does anybody see me throwing snowballs really fast
18:32 <Ocean6100> Great.  Now you've started a snowball fight with a pixie.  Smooth.
18:32 <Mikeymkwii> no 
18:32 <Dogkid1> wat room
18:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> adding pixie...
18:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> not sure if I should
18:32 <Mountain717> *Sigh*
18:32 <Dororo111122> ocean why are you in it
18:32 <Ocean6100> This IS creepy, right?  This is not just me...?
18:32 <Dogkid1> hello (HI) what room
18:32 <Ocean6100> Pizza Parlor.
18:32 <Ocean6100> Snow Drift.
18:32 <Dogkid1> k
18:33 <Edrussell1203> ok
18:33 <Dororo111122> i made pixie leave
18:33 <2wow136> WB apj
18:33 <2wow136> :P
18:33 <Dogkid1> wb
18:33 -!- XxHipHop794xX has joined Special:Chat
18:33 <Sniffybear2> Hey
18:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> follow that thing!
18:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's MOBILE
18:33 <XxHipHop794xX> Hey
18:33 <Dogkid1> chat has lots of ppl
18:33 <Ocean6100> Now.  I gurantee that he/she won't leave.
18:34 <Sniffybear2> yeah
18:34 <Sniffybear2> 22 users
18:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's gone to the dance club
18:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> its dancing at night club
18:34 -!- XxHipHop794xX has left Special:Chat.
18:34 <2wow136> k
18:34 <Sniffybear2> Yu guys are on snowdrift?
18:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> boiler room now
18:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> wait
18:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> whenever someone says go away, it moves to the next room
18:34 <Edrussell1203> ok
18:35 <Mountain717> Ya... Why do we call it ''it''
18:35 <Dororo111122> dogkid stop following us
18:35 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yeah
18:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> I lost it
18:35 -!- LizardMaster178 has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Mikeymkwii> WHAT THE
18:35 <LizardMaster178> Hi.
18:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> where did it go?!
18:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> LIZ :D
18:35 <Dogkid1> pixie in hidden lake
18:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> rhys ain't here :(
18:35 <LizardMaster178> Hi :D
18:35 <Mikeymkwii>
18:35 <LizardMaster178> @Leader: Awhh ;(
18:35 <Edrussell1203> everyone add me!
18:35 <LizardMaster178> thats alright
18:35 <LizardMaster178> wanna chat though on the roleplay?
18:35 <Dogkid1> Pixie in hidden lake ppl
18:35 <LizardMaster178> I'll PM you the link
18:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
18:36 <Edrussell1203> where is everyone?
18:36 <LizardMaster178> @Leader: pm.
18:36 <Blastthehedgehog> not for long
18:36 <Sniffybear2> why are we chasing pixiekitten?
18:36 <LizardMaster178> Oh, hey Blast, who told Apj something -_-
18:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> hey blast, remember when you said if I became CM I would ban everyone?
18:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> well look at everyone
18:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> not banned...
18:37 <WikiaFrog> Oppa Gangnam style!
18:37 <LizardMaster178> Leader: PM.
18:37 <Blastthehedgehog> pixie kitten?
18:37 <WikiaFrog> (dance emote)
18:37 <Sniffybear2> :O leader is a chat mod! 
18:37 <Mountain717> Sorry, I lost commetion
18:37 <Sniffybear2> Well, not forever, thats good
18:37 <LizardMaster178> :O It's a miracle -_-
18:37 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Well, you kicked me for no reason...
18:37 <Dororo111122> dogkid stop stalking me and pixie
18:37 <Dogkid1> (STARE)
18:37 <Ocean6100> Where's Pixie?
18:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> sniffy, don't be rude
18:37 <Mountain717> I spelled that wrong...
18:37 <2wow136> XD
18:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> wjhat's bad about me being perma-mod
18:37 <Sniffybear2> its not rude
18:37 <Mountain717> Oops!]\
18:38 <Mountain717> *Sigh*
18:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> P-P said I'm on the list if they start needing more CM's :)
18:38 <Dororo111122> p-p what about me?!
18:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, I kicked your for being rude to stick sean
18:38 <Dogkid1> what about me P-p
18:38 <WikiaFrog> he wasnt erally being rude.
18:38 <WikiaFrog> Dorroro pm
18:38 <Ocean6100> Find that Pixie!  :O
18:38 <Dororo111122> *theyre probably not gonna need more since we already have enough*
18:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> duck
18:38 <2wow136> meow
18:38 <Mountain717> DUCK!
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> he was wikia
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> end of story
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> new topic
18:39 <Blastthehedgehog> he wasnt
18:39 <2wow136> ducks go meow
18:39 <Dororo111122> FOUND PIXIE
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> blast, how do you even know?!
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> you were not even here
18:39 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Occean!
18:39 <Dororo111122> we have chat logs -_-
18:39 <Edrussell1203> where is everyone?
18:39 <WikiaFrog> its true
18:39 <Mountain717> DUCKY!
18:39 <WikiaFrog> he wasnt
18:39 <Blastthehedgehog> yeah but i know he wasnt
18:39 <Mountain717> WAY
18:39 <2wow136> where doro (epicmeme)
18:39 <WikiaFrog> all he did was say his ame was sticky
18:39 <WikiaFrog> *name
18:39 <Dororo111122> um im not telling
18:39 <Ocean6100> Find that Pixie!
18:39 <Mountain717> Logs!
18:39 <Alexpink5> Watching Slender videos brb
18:39 <Dororo111122> i know where pixie is
18:39 <Edrussell1203> where is pixie?
18:39 <Sniffybear2> why are we trying to find Pixie?
18:39 <Blastthehedgehog> !logs
18:39 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> Stick sean was getting anooyed with sir calling him sticky, so he told her, then sir said "good" ;P
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> which was rude
18:39 <Dororo111122> but im not telling (trollface)
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> now
18:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> new topic
18:39 <Dogkid1> hes in box dimension?
18:39 <Mountain717> He he he\
18:40 <Blastthehedgehog> thats not mean.
18:40 <Dororo111122> we left there
18:40 <Sniffybear2> yes!
18:40 <2wow136> (trollface)
18:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> it is blast
18:40 <AnonymousDuckLover>  so, Justin Bieber
18:40 <Dororo111122> we went somewhere new
18:40 <Mountain717> Logs!
18:40 <Edrussell1203> im in underwater room
18:40 <LizardMaster178> Like my new avatar?
18:40 <2wow136> ok
18:40 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Leader, don't you know what a joke is?
18:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yeah liz :D
18:40 <Sniffybear2> Pixie was just in my igloo
18:40 <LizardMaster178> Thx
18:40 <Mountain717> Common Chat bot..
18:40 <Dororo111122> WHA?
18:40 <AnonymousDuckLover>  where are you Justin Bieber?
18:40 <Blastthehedgehog> i dont think he knows
18:40 <Ocean6100> Hey Leader?
18:40 <LizardMaster178> @Leader: Role play chat.
18:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> sir, you know when to stop a joke, you were really hurting stick sean's feelings
18:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> and you carried on
18:40 <Edrussell1203> where are u ocean?
18:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes ocean?
18:41 <Ocean6100> Leader?  You added Pixie.  Where is he/she?
18:41 <Dororo111122> leader stop you said new topic
18:41 <Dororo111122> that doesnt sound new
18:41 <WikiaFrog> lets do
18:41 <WikiaFrog> FURBY ROLEPLAY
18:41 <Ocean6100> @Edrussell Plaza at the moment.
18:41 <2wow136> i didnt see the time trekker in the snow forts :P
18:41 <Blastthehedgehog> whos pixie
18:41 <Realyarik7> go on lcicle if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town
18:41 <Edrussell1203> ok
18:41 <Sniffybear2> Whos furball?
18:41 <WikiaFrog> Lets do Furby roleplay
18:41 <Realyarik7> go on lcicle if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town
18:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> ocean, idk where pixie is
18:41 <Mountain717> FURBY!?!?
18:41 <Realyarik7> on cp
18:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> I logged off
18:41 <Dororo111122> who wants to find pixie
18:41 <WikiaFrog> yeah
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> WE GOT ANOTHER PENGUIN
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> ME
18:41 <Sniffybear2> Lol Furby is at my igloo :P
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> FURBALL
18:41 <Blastthehedgehog> who is pixie
18:41 <Alexpink5> Back
18:41 <WikiaFrog> *throws furby to china*
18:41 <Sniffybear2> now he left :(
18:41 <Blastthehedgehog> who is furball
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> i dunno
18:42 <Sniffybear2> <--- this penguin
18:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> pixie could be at iceberg
18:42 <Dororo111122> pixies in my igloo
18:42 <Dororo111122> brb
18:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> lizard roleplay chat
18:42 <Blastthehedgehog> why are you looking for pixie
18:42 <Blastthehedgehog> and who is pixie
18:42 <Shurow> Trainman1045 said he liked my new blog post on the wiki :D
18:42 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Ocean upset me.
18:42 <Dogkid1> pixie is in Dororo's igloo
18:42 <Mountain717> Thats my blog...
18:42 <Mountain717> LOL
18:42 <Blastthehedgehog> WHO IS PIXIE
18:42 <Mountain717> IDK
18:42 <Ocean6100> A creepy person who's always on Snow Drift.
18:42 <2wow136> pixie is me
18:42 <2wow136> jk
18:42 <2wow136> XD
18:42 <Mountain717> WHA
18:42 <Dororo111122> DOGKID GET OUT
18:43 <Alexpink5> o.o
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> Karate 2 is offline
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> O.O
18:43 <Mountain717> O_o
18:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> I could of sworn pixie was controlled by kitten
18:43 <Blastthehedgehog>  why are we looking for pixie
18:43 <Blastthehedgehog> whats her full name
18:43 <Ocean6100> Pixiekitten
18:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's*
18:43 <Sniffybear2> Pixie Van Horrybob
18:43 <Dogkid1> Pixiekitten
18:43 <Blastthehedgehog> *googles*
18:43 <2wow136> (XD)
18:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> I just noticed
18:43 <Alexpink5> Horrybob. Sound awesome 
18:43 <Dororo111122> haha pixie isnt in the pizza parlor
18:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> there is a froakie in dogkids pic
18:43 <Sniffybear2> Ikr
18:43 <Dororo111122> i trolled dogkid and ed
18:43 <Dogkid1> yeah
18:44 <AnonymousDuckLover> goose
18:44 <Blastthehedgehog>
18:44 <Mikeymkwii> i added pixie
18:44 <Mikeymkwii> I am waiting for responce
18:44 <Dororo111122> i lost pixie
18:44 <Mikeymkwii> OH WAIT
18:44 <Mikeymkwii> I WILL DO THE HACK
18:44 <Mikeymkwii> :D
18:44 <Dororo111122> what hack
18:44 <Dororo111122> PM ME IT
18:44 <2wow136> :O
18:44 <Edrussell1203> me too
18:44 <Blastthehedgehog> what hack
18:45 <Edrussell1203> :O:D
18:45 <Sniffybear2> its the Java Script hack
18:45 <Dogkid1> hack>
18:45 <Dogkid1> ?
18:45 <Alexpink5> Jjoey why the heck are you a girl on CP?!!
18:45 <Sniffybear2> You can add anyone you want
18:45 <Realyarik7> go on ice pond if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town
18:45 <Realyarik7> go on ice pond if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town
18:45 <Rhysw2002> hi
18:45 <Dororo111122> alex why are you a boy on cp
18:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> Rhysw :D
18:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> Roleplay chat
18:45 <Alexpink5> Im not
18:45 <Blastthehedgehog> real no one wants to meet you
18:45 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Because.
18:45 <Ocean6100> @Alex :D
18:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> We are getting ready for ep 13
18:45 <Mountain717> Where chu guys
18:45 <Rhysw2002> oh ok
18:45 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
18:45 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
18:45 <Alexpink5> @Basco
18:45 <Blastthehedgehog> what server are you guys on
18:45 <Realyarik7> go on ice pond if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town
18:45 -!- Mariobilly has left Special:Chat.
18:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> lizard has given the basic plot of episode 13
18:46 <Realyarik7> go on ice pond if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town  on cp
18:46 <Sniffybear2> Iam going on Sleet (wave)
18:46 <Blastthehedgehog> kick real
18:46 <Edrussell1203> where is everyone? @ocean
18:46 <Blastthehedgehog> hes annoying
18:46 <Blastthehedgehog> no offence
18:46 <Ocean6100> Has anyone ever tried PMing ChatBot?
18:46 <Ocean6100> :P
18:46 <Blastthehedgehog> but he spams
18:46 <Dororo111122> he
18:46 <Dororo111122> *me
18:46 <Ocean6100> Kick who?
18:46 <Dororo111122> i swear to chatbot in pm all the time
18:46 <2wow136> ill try
18:46 <Blastthehedgehog> real
18:46 <Dororo111122> realyarik
18:46 <Dororo111122> hes spamming
18:46 <Dogkid1> I pm chatbot sometimes
18:46 <Edrussell1203> yaa
18:46 <Realyarik7> PM me if you want to meet me in cp
18:46 <Dogkid1> to test stuff
18:47 <Blastthehedgehog> you kicked sir jjoeyxx but not realyarik?
18:47 <Sniffybear2>
18:47 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has left Special:Chat.
18:47 <Alexpink5> Its snowing HARD where I am D:
18:47 <Dororo111122> good for you
18:47 <Dogkid1> it snowing where i am
18:47 <2wow136> in US or UK
18:47 <Dororo111122> good for you
18:47 <Dogkid1> US
18:47 <Edrussell1203> there is no snow where i am
18:47 -!- Commander Bsyew has joined Special:Chat
18:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Let your anger out on Chatbot.
18:47 <Dororo111122> where in US
18:47 <Dororo111122> im there 
18:47 <Blastthehedgehog> doro what server are u on
18:47 <Dogkid1> us is in the sky
18:47 <Dororo111122> snow drift
18:48 <Realyarik7> go on ice pond if you want to meet me on club penguin i an famous room town    1 day only
18:48 <Sniffybear2> Thinknoodles
18:48 <2wow136> because its like 60 degrees where i am
18:48 <Dororo111122> WAIT can we rp at stage on snow drift
18:48 <Blastthehedgehog> Realyarik
18:48 <Blastthehedgehog> KICK HIM
18:48 <2wow136> i wish it was snowing
18:48 <Edrussell1203> thinknoodles?
18:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> There's no snow where I am.
18:48 <2wow136> im in us
18:48 <Edrussell1203> me too
18:48 <Penguin-Pal> whats going on
18:49 <2wow136> alexpink, i see you on cp
18:49 <Commander Bsyew> ?
18:49 <2wow136> :P
18:49 <Sniffybear2> Thinknoodles is online
18:49 <Dogkid1> ...
18:49 <Penguin-Pal> oh, hi bsyew
18:49 <Blastthehedgehog> BRB
18:49 <Commander Bsyew> Hi
18:49 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <Edrussell1203> what setrver?
18:49 <Alexpink5> I take it your Gizmo 333 @2wow
18:49 <Dogkid1> gtg ppl
18:49 -!- Realyarik7 has left Special:Chat.
18:49 <2wow136> yup @alexpink
18:49 <Dogkid1> (WAVE) bai
18:49 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
18:50 <2wow136> and now imma feed my puffles
18:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Snow drift Stage
18:50 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
18:50 <Edrussell1203> ok
18:50 <Penguin-Pal> hi
18:50 <Super Miron> Oh yeah!-- hi.
18:50 <Super Miron> Anyone seen SandorL?
18:50 <Sniffybear2> Did you guys get to meet Billybob this morning? he was on server Frozen
18:50 <Dororo111122> accidently logged off
18:51 <Dororo111122> blame google chrome
18:51 <Blastthehedgehog> gtg
18:51 <Penguin-Pal> cool
18:51 <Penguin-Pal> oh
18:51 <Penguin-Pal> c ya
18:51 <Blastthehedgehog> and i saw someone called Xwing
18:51 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <WikiaFrog> hi
18:51 <Dororo111122> cee yu
18:51 <WikiaFrog> (dance)
18:51 <Sniffybear2> Beta on Sleet
18:51 <Super Miron> Hi Frog
18:51 <Super Miron> Anyone seen SandorL?
18:52 <WikiaFrog> Mail him
18:52 <Mikeymkwii> WHO CARES ABOUT BETAS
18:52 <Mikeymkwii> :/
18:52 <WikiaFrog> [[User:SandorL]]
18:52 <Super Miron> Frog, PM.
18:52 <Alexpink5> I see betas a lot so it doesnt really bother me @Sniffy
18:52 <2wow136> (dance) ive only seen one
18:52 <Super Miron> I've never seen a beta.
18:52 <Mountain717> *Dance*
18:53 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
18:53 <Mountain717> How do you do dance
18:53 <Blastthehedgehog> back for a while
18:53 <Super Miron> It's (dance).
18:53 <Mikeymkwii> ( dance )
18:53 <Blastthehedgehog> i might leave randomly
18:53 <Alexpink5> [[(dance)]]
18:53 <Super Miron> It's (dance)
18:53 <Mountain717> (Dance)
18:53 <Mikeymkwii> [[pie]]
18:53 <Sir Jjoeyxx> One came to KFP yesterday.
18:54 <Penguin-Pal> do you think CP should have a pie emoticon?
18:54 <Blastthehedgehog> yes
18:54 <Blastthehedgehog> and a donut
18:54 <Shurow> YES
18:54 <Edrussell1203> yaa
18:54 <Ocean6100> Yes.  Preps would LOVE it!
18:54 <Sir Jjoeyxx> No.
18:54 <Mountain717> (Dance) (Dance) (Dance)
18:54 <Ocean6100> Joey!  You cut the chain!
18:54 <Penguin-Pal> it looks like 2:1 for pie
18:54 <Ocean6100> :P  :D
18:54 <Penguin-Pal> what chain
18:54 <Shurow> CP needs to get rid of those Holday Party emotes
18:54 <Blastthehedgehog> i hate preps! except if you look like one,but dont act like one
18:54 <Mountain717> 2:1
18:54 <Alexpink5> Sir, at KFP, do you fry penguins o:?
18:54 <Blastthehedgehog> there are no lockers
18:54 <Sniffybear2> They will next update @Shurow
18:54 <Penguin-Pal> havent they removed them yet?
18:55 <Penguin-Pal> oh
18:55 <Shurow> Nope
18:55 <Sir Jjoeyxx> They need a KFP and 1D emote.
18:55 <Blastthehedgehog> WE ALL HAVE BLACK EYES 
18:55 <Edrussell1203> no
18:55 <2wow136> i like em
18:55 <Alexpink5> ROFL
18:55 <Alexpink5> Sorry :c
18:55 <Blastthehedgehog> they need a another puke emote if they are gonna add KFP and 1D
18:55 <2wow136> a 1D emote (stare) ?
18:55 <Mountain717> I'm going on Abomtible
18:55 <2wow136> ikr blast
18:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (1D)
18:56 <Edrussell1203> where is everybody
18:56 <Alexpink5> (stare) your kidding about the KFP and 1D emotes, right, Blast..?
18:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> (KFP)
18:56 <Mountain717> (:D)
18:56 <Blastthehedgehog> YEA
18:56 <2wow136> XD
18:56 <Blastthehedgehog> I mean if we have a puke emote
18:56 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :D
18:56 <Blastthehedgehog> we can use it if we see 1d and KFP
18:56 <Alexpink5> (sick)
18:56 <2wow136> (puke)
18:56 <Blastthehedgehog> a better one
18:56 <Mountain717> (:P)
18:56 <Alexpink5> Hmm
18:56 <2wow136> (sick)
18:57 <Blastthehedgehog> that you can see it puke
18:57 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :P
18:57 <2wow136> how about the skype puke
18:57 <Alexpink5> Imma see if I can find it on google >:)
18:57 <2wow136> (XD
18:57 <2wow136> jk
18:57 <Sniffybear2> I had no clue Norgit was a beta :S
18:57 <Mountain717> (XD)
18:57 -!- BlackBurningFenix has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Alexpink5> no thanks
18:57 <BlackBurningFenix> om nom nom 
18:57 <Mountain717> (XD)
18:57 <Alexpink5> (cake)
18:57 <Edrussell1203> where is everyone?
18:57 <Dororo111122> alex look your friend came
18:58 <Alexpink5> ...
18:58 <Mountain717> (XD) (XD) (XD) (XD)
18:58 <Edrussell1203> (video game)
18:58 <Super Miron> brb
18:58 <Alexpink5> !pin
18:58 <Edrussell1203> (joystick)
18:58 <Edrussell1203> (dino)
18:58 <2wow136> (DP)
18:58 <Sniffybear2> !pin <-- so that updates with every new pin that comes out?
18:58 <Mountain717> (LOL)
18:58 <WikiaFrog> yep
18:58 <Edrussell1203> (dubstep)
18:58 <Sniffybear2> thats cool
18:59 <Mountain717> (Dubstep)
18:59 <2wow136> yes
18:59 <Edrussell1203> (puffle)
18:59 <Alexpink5>
18:59 <Edrussell1203> (lolz)
18:59 <Edrussell1203> (yarr)
18:59 <Alexpink5> (heh)
18:59 <Alexpink5> (red puffle)
18:59 <Sniffybear2> lol its Haryarry Potter
18:59 <Sniffybear2> *Harry Potter
18:59 <Edrussell1203> (sad)
19:00 <Blastthehedgehog> :p
19:00 <Dororo111122> i met harry putter on cp
19:00 <Sniffybear2> same
19:00 <WikiaFrog> lol
19:00 <WikiaFrog> harry putter
19:00 <Mountain717> I like (Dubstep) when he is getting (XD) at
19:00 <Alexpink5> Harry Potter or Twilight :P
19:00 <Dororo111122> ew alex likes twilight
19:01 <Alexpink5> Naw I hate it
19:01 <Super Miron>
19:01 <Blastthehedgehog> ^ that was a better love story then twilight
19:01 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:01 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:01 <Super Miron>
19:01 <Ocean6100> I like Harry Potter, though.
19:01 <2wow136> \:O
19:01 <2wow136> (:0)
19:01 <Mountain717> (Yarr) (Lolz) (O_o)
19:02 <Super Miron> I s-s-spammed...
19:02 <Alexpink5> Ive lost the 1st and the last Harry Potter books D:
19:02 <Blastthehedgehog> that was in PM
19:02 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:02 -!- Sniffybear2 has left Special:Chat.
19:02 <Mountain717> :O
19:02 <Blastthehedgehog> with cpchatbot
19:02 <Super Miron> Yeah. @Blast
19:02 <Super Miron> But with Frog.
19:02 <Blastthehedgehog> im gonna do it with chat bot
19:02 <Mountain717> :O :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O
19:02 <WikiaFrog> No
19:02 <WikiaFrog> he did it with meh.
19:02 <Blastthehedgehog> i said IM
19:02 <Blastthehedgehog> IM gonna do it with chat bot
19:02 <Dororo111122> spam
19:02 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Anyone on sleet?
19:02 <Super Miron> @Mountain
19:02 <Super Miron> Emote spam
19:03 <Dororo111122> kick
19:03 <Super Miron> 3+ is spam.
19:03 <2wow136> picking up my little Chihuahua
19:03 <2wow136> its biting mee!!
19:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> ^
19:03 <Mountain717> (Wave) (Dance) (XD) :O (Lolz) Sorry
19:04 <Blastthehedgehog> kick?
19:04 <Blastthehedgehog> 2 kicks
19:04 <Mountain717> I really like them'
19:04 <AnonymousDuckLover>  that's not spam
19:04 <2wow136> yeah its not
19:04 <2wow136> the dog is STILL biting mee!!
19:04 <2wow136> XD but it tickles
19:04 <Blastthehedgehog> turn your back to the dog
19:04 <Mountain717> (Mad)
19:05 <Blastthehedgehog> and ignore him for a while
19:05 <Sir Jjoeyxx> All these red leis are blinding me.
19:05 <2wow136> its a chichiuaua XD
19:05 <Blastthehedgehog> still,it needs to know thats bad
19:05 <Super Miron>
19:05 <Mountain717> Egnore who
19:05 <2wow136> ok thanks
19:05 <Blastthehedgehog> so ignore him for a while 
19:05 <Blastthehedgehog> the dog
19:05 <Super Miron>
19:05 <2wow136> my dog
19:05 <2wow136> XD
19:05 <Mountain717> oh'
19:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> now that we're men
19:05 <Mountain717> (Duck)
19:06 <Mountain717> Aww'
19:06 <Blastthehedgehog> we can do anything
19:06 <2wow136> idk why but my dog loves socks...
19:06 <Blastthehedgehog> lol
19:06 <2wow136> :P
19:06 <Super Miron> (stare) (stare) (stare) 
19:06 <Penguin-Pal> lol
19:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> spam?
19:06 <Blastthehedgehog> nope
19:06 <Blastthehedgehog> 3 +
19:06 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
19:06 <2wow136> i really dont even know
19:07 <Mountain717> (Cookie) 
19:07 <AnonymousDuckLover> *cusses
19:07 <WikiaFrog> :o
19:07 <WikiaFrog> CUZZ
19:07 <Edrussell1203> (meat)
19:07 <Mountain717> (Music)
19:07 <WikiaFrog> *CUZZ
19:07 <WikiaFrog> *CUSS
19:07 <WikiaFrog> Lol
19:07 <WikiaFrog> jk
19:07 <Edrussell1203> (falala)
19:07 <Super Miron>
19:07 <Blastthehedgehog> a cuss
19:07 <Blastthehedgehog> i said a cuss 
19:07 <Blastthehedgehog> :p
19:07 <Mountain717> (Cold)
19:07 <Edrussell1203> (fart)
19:07 <Starpuffle00> hi
19:07 <Mountain717> Aww
19:07 <Cuppy99> back
19:07 <Edrussell1203> (music)
19:08 <Super Miron> (stare) (stare)
19:08 <Starpuffle00> I just got 203 edits :D
19:08 <Edrussell1203> (frozen)
19:08 <Starpuffle00> altogether..
19:08 <WikiaFrog> a cuss
19:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> (meat)™
19:08 <Super Miron> I just got //bzzt// transmission ended!
19:08 <WikiaFrog> i said a cuss
19:08 <WikiaFrog> lo. 
19:08 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:08 <Super Miron> (stare)
19:08 <Super Miron> (stare) (stare) 
19:08 <Mountain717> (Cake)
19:08 <Edrussell1203> (copyright)
19:08 <Super Miron> Staremania!
19:08 <Super Miron> (stare) (stare) (stare) 
19:08 <2wow136> lol meat
19:08 <Pinwii29020 two> (:/)
19:08 <Alexpink5> O.o
19:08 <Super Miron> Frog, PM.
19:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> :0™
19:09 <Edrussell1203> (angry)
19:09 <Pinwii29020 two> :O
19:09 <Edrussell1203> (mad)
19:09 <Pinwii29020 two> (Happy)
19:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> >:(™
19:09 <WikiaFrog> Make your own custom harry potter logo
19:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> :)™
19:09 <Edrussell1203> (suprized)
19:09 <Pinwii29020 two> (cold)
19:09 <2wow136> *does this face " :O " and gets locked up for 20 years in federal prison...*
19:09 <Starpuffle00> is about to cuss  you've just been (Herbert) 'd
19:09 <2wow136> a cuss
19:09 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
19:09 <Edrussell1203> (klutzy)
19:09 <2wow136> im a dirty boy
19:10 <Starpuffle00> ...
19:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> (KLUTZY)™
19:10 <2wow136> i said a cuss (epicmeme)
19:10 <Blastthehedgehog> me too
19:10 <Blastthehedgehog> i played in the mud
19:10 <Edrussell1203> (popcorn)
19:10 <Edrussell1203> (coffe)
19:10 <WikiaFrog> (klutzy) looks like a X
19:10 <Mountain717> I like (Pizza) and (Cake) when (Dubstep) is eating it with a (Cookie) and (Music) is playing
19:10 <2wow136> (anonymousducklover)
19:10 <Edrussell1203> (mug)
19:10 <2wow136> (anonymousducklover) ™
19:11 <LizardMaster178> -_-
19:11 <Edrussell1203> (anonymousducklover)
19:11 <Mountain717> (Klutzy) and (Herbert) like to (Dance)
19:11 <AnonymousDuckLover> (pizza)™ (cake)™ (cookie)™ (music)™ (adl)™
19:11 <Blastthehedgehog> why -_-
19:11 <Edrussell1203> (comanderbysew)
19:11 <2wow136> l*ocks edrussell up for copyright infringement*
19:11 <Blastthehedgehog> @lizard
19:11 <Alexpink5> (link)
19:11 <Cuppy99> wheres p-p
19:11 <Pinwii29020 two> (sit)
19:12 <LizardMaster178> I love (pizza) and (cookies) and I always (danceemote)
19:12 <Edrussell1203> (link)
19:12 <LizardMaster178> (dance)
19:12 <Mountain717> (Mountain717)
19:12 <Pinwii29020 two> (cookie)
19:12 <Edrussell1203> (kirby)
19:12 <Rhysw2002> (dance emote)
19:12 <AnonymousDuckLover> (dance)™
19:12 <Edrussell1203> (arcticwhite)
19:12 <Mountain717> (Mountain)
19:12 <2wow136> (gizmo333)™
19:12 <WikiaFrog> gonna go work on Frog Place
19:12 <WikiaFrog> its near done
19:12 <2wow136> (2wow136)™
19:12 <AnonymousDuckLover> (wave)™
19:12 <Pinwii29020 two> (artic whte)
19:12 <WikiaFrog> kinda
19:12 <Pinwii29020 two> (arctic white)
19:12 <Cuppy99> its arctic white
19:12 <Edrussell1203> (frog)
19:12 <Alexpink5> (blue)
19:12 <Alexpink5> o.o
19:12 <Pinwii29020 two> (red)
19:13 <Alexpink5> (peach)
19:13 <WikiaFrog> (arctic white)
19:13 <AnonymousDuckLover> (kitten)™
19:13 <Pinwii29020 two> (Penguin-Pal)
19:13 <Alexpink5> (brown puffle)
19:13 <Mountain717> (Game)
19:13 <2wow136> (spin) ™ (nod) ™ (shake) ™
19:13 <Penguin-Pal>
19:13 <Edrussell1203> (nod)
19:13 <Pinwii29020 two> (blue puffle)
19:13 <Penguin-Pal> check this out
19:13 <2wow136> (dot) ™
19:13 <Mountain717> (Rofl)
19:13 <Pinwii29020 two> (gary)
19:13 <Mountain717> (ROFL)
19:13 <Edrussell1203> (spin)
19:13 <AnonymousDuckLover>  (Brown puffle)™
19:13 <WikiaFrog> (cpwiki)™
19:13 <Penguin-Pal> haha trademarked brown puffle
19:13 <Pinwii29020 two> (cadence)
19:13 <Mountain717> (Gary)
19:13 <Edrussell1203> (brownpuffle)
19:13 <2wow136> *locks up edrussell for copyrighr infringement
19:13 <AnonymousDuckLover> (Gary)™
19:13 <2wow136> :P
19:13 <Edrussell1203> (trademark)
19:13 <Pinwii29020 two> (rookie)
19:14 <WikiaFrog> P-P PM
19:14 <Mountain717> (PH)
19:14 <2wow136> >:/ ™
19:14 <Penguin-Pal> the wikis logo is sort of a trademark sign, i guess
19:14 <2wow136> (wikiafrog) ™
19:14 <Penguin-Pal> ok
19:14 <Edrussell1203> (confused)
19:14 <AnonymousDuckLover> (rookie)™
19:14 <Cuppy99> p-p pm
19:14 -!- LizardMaster178 has left Special:Chat.
19:14 <Edrussell1203> (tm)
19:14 <AnonymousDuckLover> (cadence)™
19:14 <2wow136> (rocky) ™ (cece) ™
19:14 -!- Hfeng has joined Special:Chat
19:14 <2wow136> :O
19:14 <Apj26> Hello
19:15 <Hfeng> hi
19:15 <Alexpink5> Club Penguin ©
19:15 <Hfeng> i play it
19:15 <Alexpink5> ...
19:15 <Hfeng> do you?
19:15 <Pinwii29020 two> (herbert)(ph)(rookie)(gary)(cadence)(rockhopper)(sensei)(gbilly)(peteyk)(stompin´bob)(franky)
19:15 <Mountain717> (Herbert) (Klutzy) :O (Gary) (Club Penguin)
19:15 <Alexpink5> Yesh we do.
19:15 <Hfeng> yeah
19:15 <2wow136> (alexpink5) ™
19:15 <Hfeng> me too
19:15 <2wow136> XD
19:15 <AnonymousDuckLover> (rockhopper)™
19:15 <Edrussell1203> (sensei)
19:15 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
19:15 <2wow136> (aa) ™
19:15 <Super Miron> back in an hour
19:15 <Super Miron> bye
19:15 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
19:15 <AnonymousDuckLover> (sensei)™
19:15 <2wow136> (ph) ™
19:15 <Pinwii29020 two> (auntarctic)
19:16 <Mountain717> (Rockhopper)
19:16 -!- Pinwii29020 two has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <Hfeng> my name is sederdrack in the game
19:16 <2wow136> (pufflehandler) ™
19:16 <Edrussell1203> gtg
19:16 <2wow136> oh snap
19:16 <Hfeng> what?
19:16 -!- Edrussell1203 has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <2wow136> (pb) ™
19:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> (Herbert)™
19:16 <Hfeng> tm
19:16 <2wow136> (doof) ™
19:16 <Mountain717> (Band)
19:16 -!- Hfeng has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <2wow136> (timetrekker) ™ XD
19:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> (apj26)™
19:16 <2wow136> :O
19:17 <Mountain717> (Pookie)
19:17 <Penguin-Pal> (cake)™
19:17 <2wow136> ¿ duck lover?
19:17 <AnonymousDuckLover> ©™ ®™
19:17 <Mountain717> I LIKE ME SELF
19:17 <Mountain717> XD
19:18 <Alexpink5> O.O
19:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Blank™
19:18 <Blastthehedgehog> i have an crush on..
19:18 <Blastthehedgehog> me
19:18 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ™
19:18 <Blastthehedgehog> and brb
19:18 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <Alexpink5> Should I watch a slender video? :P
19:18 -!- Hfeng has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <Cuppy99> lol
19:18 <Cuppy99> hi
19:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> ™™™
19:18 <WikiaFrog> (wikiafrog)
19:18 <Hfeng> hi dude!
19:18 <WikiaFrog> hi Hfeng
19:19 <Alexpink5> The person below is.. slender
19:19 <2wow136> ¿Puedo ir al baño por favor?
19:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> |™|
19:19 <WikiaFrog> mini me
19:19 <Hfeng> im new to this wiki
19:19 <WikiaFrog> (frog)
19:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> |¦|
19:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> |¦|
19:19 <Alexpink5> Someone do si welcome command 
19:19 <Mountain717> (WikiaFrog) Likes (Cookies)
19:19 <Hfeng> but i love playing the game
19:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> ¥ou try the road
19:19 <Hfeng> what road?
19:20 <2wow136> ¿AnonymousDuckLover?
19:20 <AnonymousDuckLover>  this |¦| road
19:20 <WikiaFrog> (wikiafrog) vs (kermit)
19:20 <WikiaFrog> Who will win?
19:20 <Hfeng> how old is evreyone here?
19:20 <WikiaFrog> ME
19:20 <Hfeng> you
19:20 <WikiaFrog> I WILL WIN
19:20 <Hfeng> i know
19:20 <WikiaFrog> your not allowed to say ages
19:20 <Hfeng> oh
19:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> (beta hat)™
19:20 <2wow136> ¿Puedo ir al baño por favor?
19:20 <Alexpink5>  sʎnƃ ııɐH
19:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> No.
19:21 <2wow136> people
19:21 <Hfeng> i said it because i am new to this wiki but not game
19:21 <Mountain717> BYE!
19:21 -!- Mountain717 has left Special:Chat.
19:21 <Hfeng> bye moutain!
19:21 <Hfeng> \
19:21 <WikiaFrog> We're glad to have you here.
19:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> $$$
19:21 <WikiaFrog> someone, do the !welcome thing
19:21 <Hfeng> thanks wikifrog
19:21 <WikiaFrog> for Hfeng
19:21 <2wow136> if anyone wants their name coolified
19:21 <2wow136> PM me
19:21 <Alexpink5> Ԁ: ƎWOSƎM∀ W∀ I
19:22 <Hfeng> what welcome?
19:22 <Alexpink5> ʎɹɹos˙˙
19:22 <Alexpink5> Its upside down :P
19:22 <AnonymousDuckLover> |¦|
19:22 -!- 2wow136 has left Special:Chat.
19:22 <WikiaFrog> DANG
19:22 <WikiaFrog> HE LEFT
19:22 <WikiaFrog> Ugh
19:23 <Hfeng> let wikia  frog say something!
19:23 <Hfeng> he or she id so nice
19:23 <Alexpink5> ¿uou∀ 'ǝldɹnd ʇı sı ʍoH
19:23 <Hfeng> is so nice
19:23 <AnonymousDuckLover> {¦{|{¦}|}¦}
19:24 <Hfeng> Alexpin's words are upsidedown again
19:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> |¦|
19:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> ^
19:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> |¦|
19:24 -!- C H U N K Y has joined Special:Chat
19:24 <C H U N K Y> hello!
19:24 <Alexpink5> ¿¡HƎWW∀H pƎƆIԀS ┴∀Λ HSI
19:24 <Alexpink5> Oh Haii
19:25 -!- Hfeng has left Special:Chat.
19:25 <C H U N K Y> I hate reading upside-down writing
19:25 <WikiaFrog> im a he
19:25 <WikiaFrog> CHUNKY
19:25 <WikiaFrog> Say !welcome Hfeng
19:25 <C H U N K Y> ?
19:25 <WikiaFrog> darn he left
19:25 <WikiaFrog> hes new
19:25 <C H U N K Y> lol
19:25 <C H U N K Y> i know
19:25 <Alexpink5> ʎ ɹǝʇʇǝl ɐ op ǝɯ ʇǝl ʇuoʍ ʇI I mean sometimes :P
19:26 <AnonymousDuckLover> ®€@ð
19:26 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
19:26 <AnonymousDuckLover> translation:read
19:26 <WikiaFrog> lol
19:26 <Blastthehedgehog> i have a crush on
19:27 <Blastthehedgehog> Blastthehedgehog
19:27 <Blastthehedgehog> hes good  looking :P
19:27 <Alexpink5> uou∀ ʇɐɥʇ ʍǝuʞ I
19:27 <AnonymousDuckLover>  ÿ out high vCard bug uhh Chavez cc b 
19:27 <Alexpink5> This dude that I was in primary with, he pointed to his sister on a picture and said her brothers the best looking person in the world,
19:28 <WikiaFrog> Ⓞⓟⓟⓐ Ⓖⓐⓝⓖⓝⓐⓜ Ⓢⓣⓨⓛⓔ!
19:28 <Mikeymkwii> Let
19:28 <WikiaFrog> ⓁⓄⓁ
19:28 <Mikeymkwii> oops
19:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> blank
19:28 <Mikeymkwii> i blanked?
19:28 <Mikeymkwii> nah..
19:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> @wikiafrog
19:28 <Alexpink5> Ɛ: uınƃuǝԀ qnlƆ
19:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> someone kick WIKIAFROG FOR blanking
19:29 <C H U N K Y> ?
19:29 <Blastthehedgehog> he didnt blank
19:29 <C H U N K Y> He didn't blank
19:29 <AnonymousDuckLover>  scroll up
19:29 <C H U N K Y> jinx
19:29 <Mikeymkwii> ✪
19:30 <Alexpink5> ¿˙˙ʍou ǝlʎʇs ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ op I plnoɥS
19:30 <C H U N K Y> i scrolled up but.. Frog didn't blank
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> YES HE DID
19:30 <Blastthehedgehog> he didnt
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> BEFORE I CAME
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> HE DID
19:30 <Alexpink5> ?
19:30 <AnonymousDuckLover> it shows a Blank on my devise
19:30 <WikiaFrog> i didnt blank...
19:30 <Alexpink5> Screenshot..
19:30 <Blastthehedgehog> thats a glitch anon
19:31 <WikiaFrog> take a pic
19:31 <C H U N K Y> Anyway, it doesn't matter
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> ◕ ‿ ◕
19:31 <C H U N K Y> Just leave it
19:31 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
19:31 <Alexpink5> ˙ʞuɐlq ʇupıp ƃoɹℲ ˙ʇı ɹǝʌo ʇǝƃ ʇsnſ O˙O
19:31 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <C H U N K Y> Also, stop talking upside down and in symbols
19:31 <Alexpink5> WB
19:31 <Alexpink5> Ok
19:31 <WikiaFrog> Ⓝⓞⓟⓔ, Ⓘ ⓓⓘⓓⓝⓣ.
19:31 <Blastthehedgehog> ko Y K N U H C
19:31 <WikiaFrog> OH
19:31 <WikiaFrog> Sorry
19:31 <WikiaFrog> my browser's slow
19:32 <C H U N K Y> doesn't matter
19:32 <Mikeymkwii> E̶v̶e̶r̶y̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶n̶i̶c̶e̶.̶
19:32 <Blastthehedgehog> OOT ENIM
19:32 <AnonymousDuckLover>  stop finding loop holes
19:32 <C H U N K Y> But next upside down text writer gets a free kick
19:32 <Mikeymkwii> LOL
19:32 <AnonymousDuckLover>  cool
19:32 <Blastthehedgehog> ?seloh pool
19:32 <WikiaFrog> you know how people do O_O?
19:32 <Blastthehedgehog> its backwards
19:32 <WikiaFrog> if you do Ⓞ_Ⓞ looks like eyes
19:32 <Blastthehedgehog> not upside down
19:32 <AnonymousDuckLover>  lol, that was upside down
19:32 <C H U N K Y> OR backwards
19:32 <Blastthehedgehog> aww
19:32 <Mikeymkwii> C H U N K Y
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> If you kick him...
19:33 <C H U N K Y> (STOP) using symbols plz! What's wrong with normal text?
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> ill talk backwards to cpchatbot
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> You will probably get demoted..
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> normal text is boring
19:33 <AnonymousDuckLover> racecar, I spelt that backwards
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> Because that is unfair kicking
19:33 <C H U N K Y> i won't
19:33 <WikiaFrog> i made a new email
19:33 <Alexpink5> I have @Chunky
19:33 <WikiaFrog>
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> racecar
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> i talked backwards too
19:33 <AnonymousDuckLover>  mom
19:33 <WikiaFrog> Why did i just sya that outloud?
19:33 <WikiaFrog> Ugh
19:33 <AnonymousDuckLover>  lol
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> dad
19:33 <C H U N K Y> ok, just leave the upside down thing now
19:33 <Blastthehedgehog> i said it backwards
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> PENGUIN PAL
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> hi
19:34 -!- CP Frost Bite has joined Special:Chat
19:34 <Alexpink5> wellm on chat.
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> i was disconnected and havent noticed it :/
19:34 <Alexpink5> well*
19:34 <Blastthehedgehog> look i said P-P backwards
19:34 <Blastthehedgehog> P-P
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> C H U N K Y is threatening to kick ppl when they do any text emotes.
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> feed?
19:34 <C H U N K Y> lol
19:34 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I said I backwards and upside down twice in this sentence.
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> @blast lol
19:34 <C H U N K Y> I didn't mikey
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> oh
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> YES YOU DID.
19:34 <C H U N K Y> ...
19:34 <Dororo111122> mikey caps
19:34 <Blastthehedgehog> Update logs
19:34 <Penguin-Pal> well, nobody kicks for emoticons :P unless its spam
19:34 <Alexpink5> hannaH 
19:35 <Alexpink5> I said that backwards.
19:35 <Blastthehedgehog> well we could talk up side down
19:35 <WikiaFrog> Ⓞ_Ⓞ
19:35 <Alexpink5> Can we talk upside down? :P @P-P
19:35 <AnonymousDuckLover> hah was said in reverse
19:35 <C H U N K Y> P-P pm
19:36 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I feel a slight bit of guilt starting this
19:36 <AnonymousDuckLover>  but not a lot
19:36 <Mikeymkwii> OH, ɪs ᴛʜɪs sᴘᴀᴍ?
19:36 <Dororo111122> yes
19:36 <Mikeymkwii> ...\
19:36 <Penguin-Pal> guys,but dont have conversations in flipped letters
19:36 <AnonymousDuckLover>  talk in code time
19:36 <Penguin-Pal> unlles its in pm
19:37 <C H U N K Y> sorry caps
19:37 <Blastthehedgehog> caps
19:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  caps
19:37 <Dororo111122> listen to your docter
19:37 <Penguin-Pal> lol
19:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  lol
19:37 <Blastthehedgehog> lol
19:37 <Alexpink5> Doctor* @Basco
19:37 <C H U N K Y> Ya broke the chain!
19:37 <Blastthehedgehog> alex you broke the chain
19:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Alex broke the chain
19:37 <Alexpink5> Yay :D
19:38 <C H U N K Y> :|
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> :|
19:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> !kick Alexpink5
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> I AM TALKING BINARY  
19:38 <Mikeymkwii>     0 0 0 0   numerical value 1
19:38 <Mikeymkwii>     1 0 0 0   numerical value 2
19:38 <Mikeymkwii>     0 1 0 0   numerical value 3
19:38 <Mikeymkwii>     1 1 0 0   numerical value 4 
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> you broke the chain anon
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> oops
19:38 <Alexpink5> BLANK
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> blank
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> GAHH
19:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Mickey, don't blank
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> new chain
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> P
19:38 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> :P
19:38 <Penguin Frost> Hey
19:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> :p
19:38 <Blastthehedgehog> DANG IT
19:38 <Alexpink5> Haii
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> Hay
19:38 <Penguin Frost> If you think Im new, Im not
19:38 <C H U N K Y> heya!
19:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  Hay
19:39 <Blastthehedgehog> hey
19:39 <Alexpink5> Ya OK
19:39 <Penguin Frost>
19:39 <Mikeymkwii> :0
19:39 <C H U N K Y> Ur shadows?
19:39 <Blastthehedgehog> gtg
19:39 <Blastthehedgehog> bye
19:39 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
19:39 <Penguin Frost> Yep
19:39 <Alexpink5> Slender kitty on CP xD
19:39 <C H U N K Y> This you're test/back-up account
19:39 <Penguin-Pal> btw, where is bsyew?
19:39 <Penguin Frost> No
19:39 <Apj26> Cake
19:39 <Penguin Frost> Shadows60 will be disabled
19:40 <Penguin Frost> Forever
19:40 <Alexpink5> Why..
19:40 <C H U N K Y> oh ok
19:40 <C H U N K Y> y?
19:40 <Penguin Frost> I want to have a fresh start back on Wikia
19:40 <AnonymousDuckLover> I wonder if I can get here as an anon
19:40 <Penguin Frost> Though I will lose all my popular wiki's
19:40 <Penguin Frost> (moody)
19:40 <Dororo111122> whos he
19:41 <Alexpink5> Brb for quite a while
19:41 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
19:42 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
19:43 <Cuppy99> i gtg bye
19:43 <Mikeymkwii> bye
19:43 <Cuppy99> (wave) bed time
19:43 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
19:43 <Super Miron> Hey
19:43 <Cuppy99> ill miss u guys
19:43 <Cuppy99> (wave) bye guys
19:43 -!- Cuppy99 has left Special:Chat.
19:43 <Penguin Frost> Hey
19:43 <Super Miron> Bye! @Cuppy
19:43 <Super Miron> Late.
19:43 <Penguin Frost> Super Miron
19:43 <Super Miron> Yes?
19:43 <Penguin Frost> Guess who this is
19:43 <Penguin Frost> Shadows60 (No Im not a Sockpuppet)
19:43 <Super Miron> ?
19:43 <Super Miron> Oh.
19:44 <Super Miron> Umm...
19:44 <Penguin Frost> I am disabling Shadows60
19:44 <Super Miron> Oh.
19:44 <Super Miron> Okay.
19:44 <Penguin Frost> Or... Wikia Staff I should say
19:44 <Super Miron> ?
19:44 <Super Miron> Why?
19:44 <C H U N K Y> He wants a fresh start
19:44 <Super Miron> Well, that means you're a sockpupp... oh.
19:44 <C H U N K Y> apparantly
19:45 <C H U N K Y> [[User Blog:C H U N K Y/Time to Eat]]
19:45 <Super Miron> brb
19:45 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
19:45 <C H U N K Y> *[[User Blog:C H U N K Y/Time to Eat!]]
19:45 <Mikeymkwii> --The Grape Lover
19:46 <C H U N K Y> :P
19:46 <C H U N K Y> GRAPES *drools*
19:46 <C H U N K Y> :P
19:46 <Dororo111122> vote
19:46 <Penguin-Pal> brb
19:46 -!- Penguin-Pal has left Special:Chat.
19:47 <Dororo111122> C H U N K Y voted yes
19:47 <Dororo111122> *i think*
19:47 <Shurow> I voted Yes :)
19:47 <Dororo111122> when did shurow get here..
19:48 <Mikeymkwii> same
19:48 <Mikeymkwii> I dunno
19:48 <Dororo111122> GHOST!
19:48 <Dororo111122> *eats some toast then runs*
19:48 <C H U N K Y> i voted yes @dororo
19:48 <Dororo111122> i saw the future!
19:48 <C H U N K Y> lol
19:48 <Dororo111122> victory (dance)!
19:49 <C H U N K Y> (dance emote) I was the cause of ur victory (dance emote)
19:49 <C H U N K Y> :)
19:49 <Dororo111122> actually the poll is a tie now
19:50 <C H U N K Y> lol
19:51 <Dororo111122> btw why is shadow disabling his account
19:51 <C H U N K Y> *rolls eyes*
19:52 <C H U N K Y> He wants a fresh start, for the third time
19:52 <Dororo111122> so does that mean he has 3 accounts?
19:54 <Penguin Frost> No
19:54 <Penguin Frost> Its because he has to tell you for the third time
19:54 <Penguin Frost> *It's
19:55 <Dororo111122> aand why exactly do you want a fresh start
19:56 <Penguin Frost> I dont want to...
19:56 <Penguin Frost> Blog, so much
19:56 <Penguin Frost> Watch, go to an article an see how much I have been editing
19:57 <Penguin Frost> Im aiming for 200 or more edits a day
19:58 -!- C H U N K Y has left Special:Chat.
19:59 <Penguin Frost> Hey
19:59 <Commander Bsyew> Hey
20:00 <Rhysw2002> gtg
20:00 <Penguin Frost> Bye
20:00 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
20:01 <Commander Bsyew> Bye
20:01 <Alexpink5> Back
20:01 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
20:01 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <Super Miron> Back.
20:01 <Commander Bsyew> WB Apj26
20:03 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Commander Bsyew> Hi
20:03 <Mikeymkwii> Hello
20:03 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> hi
20:03 <SomeSprites> Super Smash Flash 2 fans unite!
20:03 <Mikeymkwii> 2x Hello
20:04 <SomeSprites> ...
20:04 <Mikeymkwii> ...
20:04 <SomeSprites> can i say akward?
20:04 <Mikeymkwii> Sure/
20:04 <SomeSprites> ok
20:04 <Mikeymkwii> .*
20:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> I was just thinking the same thing @some
20:04 <SomeSprites> now this is akward
20:04 <SomeSprites> ok
20:04 <Dororo111122> who wants to hear the story of my block
20:04 <Dororo111122> on basco
20:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> me I guess
20:04 <SomeSprites> block?
20:04 <SomeSprites> is it a dirt block?
20:05 <Dororo111122> wait im almost done
20:05 <SomeSprites> or is it a stone block?
20:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> ?
20:05 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
20:05 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
20:05 <Super Miron> Sorry
20:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> ?
20:06 <Commander Bsyew> Hmm
20:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> ??
20:07 <SomeSprites> hi!!FROAKIE
20:07 <Mikeymkwii> HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
20:07 <SomeSprites> ???
20:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> ???
20:08 <Dororo111122> k i finished the story
20:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> ????
20:08 <Dororo111122> leader unblock and then pm me for it
20:09 <Commander Bsyew> Sorry leader.
20:09 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> ?????
20:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> why sorry?
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> Earlier.
20:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes...?
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> It was a fight in PM :P
20:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> ?
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> Then i blocked PM. Just applogizing.
20:11 <Dororo111122> bsyew do you wish to know thy full story of thy basco111122 block
20:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> I don't recall that PM fight
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> I know Dororo.
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> It was 2 days ago.
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> Thats why your PM was blocked.
20:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> I still don't recall us having a fight
20:12 <Dororo111122> FULL story
20:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> what was the fight about?
20:13 <Dororo111122> test
20:13 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
20:13 <Super Miron> Gtg
20:13 <Super Miron> bye!
20:13 <WikiaFrog> uh
20:13 <Dororo111122> why would you come to tell us your leaving..
20:13 <Commander Bsyew> It was about CP
20:13 <WikiaFrog> then why did you cmin?
20:14 <Super Miron> bye!
20:14 <Penguin Frost> Bye
20:14 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
20:14 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
20:14 <Dororo111122> i found fatewate on frog place wiki!
20:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> how long is fate's block here?
20:14 <Dororo111122> 2 weeks
20:15 <WikiaFrog> uh
20:15 <Alexpink5> :D
20:15 <Dororo111122> thats me!
20:15 <Alexpink5> Not
20:15 <Commander Bsyew> Oh yeah leader you blocked my Pm also
20:15 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's not you alex
20:15 <Dororo111122> thats not you because everybody thinks your videos are noobish.. @alex
20:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> bsyew, I don't remember a fight
20:16 <Alexpink5> I know :P @Custard
20:16 <Penguin Frost> YAY
20:16 <Commander Bsyew> Hmm
20:16 <Commander Bsyew> Okay
20:16 <Penguin Frost> CP Wiki (other one) is online :D
20:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> bsyew
20:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> remind me what happened
20:16 <Commander Bsyew> It was about CP. 
20:16 <Commander Bsyew> I frogot the rest.
20:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> I still really don't recall
20:17 <Dororo111122> its up?!
20:17 <Dororo111122> howd they get it up
20:17 <Alexpink5> told you its not me :P
20:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> What about cp?
20:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> pewwwdieepiee
20:18 <Commander Bsyew> I cant recall also Leader.
20:18 <Dororo111122> bsyew your on the IRC
20:18 <Alexpink5> different numbers for subs O.o
20:18 <Commander Bsyew> Yes.
20:18 <Alexpink5> Are slender videos allowed on chat..?
20:19 <Dororo111122> yes
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> lemme check
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> is it 31st october?
20:19 <Alexpink5> Naw
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> then I don't think so
20:19 <Alexpink5> 13th January
20:19 <Dororo111122> lie
20:19 <Alexpink5>
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> what's a lie?
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> @dororo
20:19 <Dororo111122> THE CAKE
20:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol
20:21 <Alexpink5> (cake)
20:21 <Ocean6100> Hey Frost!
20:21 <Dororo111122> alex i dare you to play slender
20:21 <Penguin Frost> Hey
20:21 <Ocean6100> PM meh.
20:21 <Penguin Frost> And You know who it is
20:22 <Alexpink5> I have @Basco
20:22 <Alexpink5> Wait
20:22 <Dororo111122> stop calling me basco!
20:22 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
20:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Ocean6100
20:22 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Ocean6100! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
20:22 <Alexpink5> No @Basco
20:22 <Dororo111122> leader alex wont stop calling me basco
20:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome my power level is over 9000!
20:22 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki my power level is over 9000!! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
20:23 <Penguin Frost> :P
20:23 <Penguin Frost> Leader
20:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> ?
20:23 <Penguin Frost> U know who I am?
20:23 <Alexpink5> !logs that are wooden
20:23 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
20:23 <Penguin Frost> Shadows60
20:23 <Alexpink5> Shadows..
20:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> You changed your name AGAIN!
20:23 <Penguin Frost> No
20:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> new acount?
20:23 <Alexpink5> Can you send slender videos in PM..?
20:23 <Dororo111122> no
20:23 <Penguin Frost> Wikia is Disabling Shadows60 (I want 'em to)
20:24 <Alexpink5> Not talking to you :P @Basco
20:24 <Dororo111122> leader didnt you do what i said in pm to do
20:24 -!- Carlos Mtz2 has joined Special:Chat
20:24 <Carlos Mtz2> (hi) Hi (hi)
20:24 <Alexpink5> Haii
20:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> done @dororo
20:25 -!- Jnk9 has joined Special:Chat
20:25 -!- Jnk9 has left Special:Chat.
20:25 -!- Jnk9 has joined Special:Chat
20:25 <Penguin Frost> 50 edits already
20:25 <Alexpink5> Dororo Custard called you a she!
20:25 <Jnk9> Hi
20:25 <Dororo111122> HAHA alex didnt call me basco
20:26 <Alexpink5> And again
20:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> Whoop whoop
20:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> mission accomplished
20:26 <Alexpink5>
20:27 <Dororo111122> faake
20:27 <Alexpink5> Naw
20:27 <Mikeymkwii> DORORO IS A HER?1
20:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> FAAKE
20:27 <Alexpink5> Nope
20:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yope
20:28 <Alexpink5> full picture >:P
20:28 <Penguin Frost>
20:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> faake
20:28 <Carlos Mtz2> :o
20:28 <Dororo111122> he corrected ;p
20:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> I was saying faake to alex
20:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
20:28 <Carlos Mtz2> I just saw Apj26 in CP!
20:29 <Alexpink5> Still, he called you a she @Dororo
20:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> I sure did
20:29 <Dororo111122> haha you cant call me basco ;p
20:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> oops..heh.. I mean didn't
20:29 -!- Edrussell1203 has joined Special:Chat
20:29 <Alexpink5> Mwuhaha
20:29 <Dororo111122> *throws alex down a hole that never ends*
20:30 -!- Finnona+finn has joined Special:Chat
20:30 <Finnona+finn> hello
20:30 <Alexpink5> *The hole actually is only a millimeter deep*
20:30 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Finnona+finn
20:30 <Alexpink5> Haii
20:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> :O
20:30 <Dororo111122> *hole turns into acid puddle*
20:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> look what alex said in PM
20:31 <Carlos Mtz2> Are you new?  @Finnona+finn?
20:31 -!- ShrimpPin has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <Dororo111122> SHRIMP!
20:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> she was probably trying to say it to dororo
20:31 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Shrimp!!
20:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> Shrimp :D
20:31 <ShrimpPin> Hi! Does anyone know/remember why MeVs was blocked?
20:31 <ShrimpPin> Hi!! :D
20:31 <Dororo111122> yes
20:31 <Dororo111122> look at my enemy list
20:31 <Carlos Mtz2> No, i don't remember
20:31 <Dororo111122> *which says look at his profile edit history*
20:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> look dororo
20:31 <Apj26> he is a troll
20:31 <Leader of CP Parties!>
20:31 <Dororo111122> pm block alex then!
20:31 <ShrimpPin> Uhh Hi, ShrimpPin, please send me a message or captured n00bs. Please remember to NOT be polite and sign with garbage ~~~~!
20:32 <Apj26> and he got5 banned 10 or more times
20:32 <Carlos Mtz2> LOL
20:32 <Dororo111122> thats not on my profile..
20:32 <ShrimpPin> Talk page XD
20:32 <Carlos Mtz2> Wow, Apj's igloo is awesome!
20:32 <Apj26>  MeVs is a troll
20:33 <Carlos Mtz2> MVZMW
20:33 <Apj26> Hello
20:33 <Dororo111122> look there ish
20:33 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Commander Bsyew
20:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome bsyew
20:33 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki bsyew! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
20:33 <Dororo111122> btw shrimp do youish want to know the full story of my block on basco
20:33 <Carlos Mtz2> I want to
20:33 <Apj26> Why was he blocked
20:33 <Dororo111122> ANGRY MOB AAHH
20:33 <Carlos Mtz2> Leader of CP Parties is a Chat Mod again? Cool! :D
20:34 <Carlos Mtz2> Aka Custard
20:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> WHHYY shrimp? YYY u quit?
20:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> carlos its calendar
20:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> thx anyway
20:34 <Apj26> No he is a cm for the day
20:34 <Dororo111122> shrimp are you still there
20:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
20:37 <Alexpink5> ...
20:38 <Edrussell1203> dead chat
20:38 <Carlos Mtz2> Apj, your igloo looks cool!
20:39 <Apj26> brb
20:39 <Carlos Mtz2> ok
20:39 -!- Apj26 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 <Carlos Mtz2> Apj26 is now offline :(
20:40 <Edrussell1203> dead chat (again
20:40 <Edrussell1203> )
20:41 -!- CPPerapin has joined Special:Chat
20:41 <CPPerapin> hello ocean6100 and shurow!
20:41 <Penguin Frost> Hey
20:41 <Commander Bsyew> Hello!
20:41 <CPPerapin> hello Penguin Frost and Commander Bsyew! :)
20:41 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Perapin
20:42 <CPPerapin> hi Carlos Mtz2
20:42 <Carlos Mtz2> you appeared in a CP Magazine
20:42 <Alexpink5> Haii
20:42 <CPPerapin> yup. :)
20:42 <Commander Bsyew> Peparin PM please :)
20:43 <CPPerapin> i just read Shurow's post on Club Penguin spending too much time on parties
20:43 <Carlos Mtz2> I am Agent Jet-Pack Guy in cp
20:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> I like CP spending tons of times on parties
20:43 <Carlos Mtz2> go to server Fog
20:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> it makes them so good
20:43 <Alexpink5> Have you seen Arts blog?
20:44 <Dororo111122> alex click the sorry note in pm
20:44 <Alexpink5> Never
20:44 <Dororo111122>
20:44 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: MOST SCARED! - Slender (Haunt) w/ Heartbeat Monitor - Part 2 - Duration: 09:05 - Uploaded: 2013-01-12 - Rating: 4.962996 - Views: 1,789,942 -
20:44 <Dororo111122> didnt click
20:45 <Dororo111122> THANKS CHATBOT
20:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> I can turn yt off if you want
20:45 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Yo
20:46 <Alexpink5> Haii
20:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
20:46 <Alexpink5> I thought you couldnt take screenshot..
20:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> yeah
20:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> me too
20:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> I found it
20:46 <Dororo111122> alex click the sorry link
20:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> !ytoff
20:46 <CPChatBot> Youtube info now OFF
20:46 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
20:46 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
20:46 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Hey!
20:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> dororo, quickly link it
20:47 <Dororo111122> link what
20:47 <Dororo111122> its not a vid
20:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> the video you just linked
20:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> Joey any rioting happening?
20:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> link it to dj
20:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Yes.
20:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wika wika
20:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> My sister's car went on fire today.
20:47 <Dororo111122> cadence click leader wants you to
20:47 <DjCadence ThePenguin> dun dun dun
20:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> !yton
20:47 <CPChatBot> Youtube info now ON
20:47 <Sir Jjoeyxx> And there is bottles and bombs being thrown outside.
20:47 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
20:47 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
20:48 <Dororo111122> that sounds so cool
20:48 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
20:48 <DjCadence ThePenguin> it isnt
20:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I advise you to stay away from 'the area'.
20:48 <DjCadence ThePenguin> 99 police officers have been injured
20:48 <DjCadence ThePenguin> as far as i know
20:48 <Dororo111122> how do YOU know
20:48 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Don't come shopping...
20:48 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
20:48 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i live near joey
20:48 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <Ocean6100> Hai, Perapin!
20:49 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wb
20:49 -!- CP Frost Bite has left Special:Chat.
20:49 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
20:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> I live in Unova
20:49 <Mikeymkwii> where does he live? I wanna see the news
20:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> in Aspertia City
20:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Northenr Ireland.
20:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> *northern*
20:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am with my Emboar
20:49 <Sir Jjoeyxx> It's UK news.
20:49 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
20:49 <DjCadence ThePenguin> yo
20:49 <Dororo111122> 29
20:49 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Hello
20:49 <Penguin Frost> Hey
20:49 <Penguin Frost> Pj
20:49 <Penguin Frost> Its me, Shadows60
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> who wants a mcdonalds book?
20:50 <Pj Monster 1 CP> Oh, Hello
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Shadows?!
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> You renamed yourself?!
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :O
20:50 <Penguin Frost> Well, Kind of
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Why oh why, Shadows?!
20:50 <Mikeymkwii> no
20:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome totally not Shadows60, heh heh heh hehe hehe
20:50 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki totally not Shadows60, heh heh heh hehe hehe! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Can we change our names back?
20:50 <Penguin Frost> Wikia is disabling Shadows60
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> why
20:50 <Penguin Frost> Cause I want them to
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> ok
20:50 <Penguin Frost> I wanna restart Wikia :d
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> ok
20:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> "Cause I want them to"
20:50 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :|
20:50 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :/
20:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :\
20:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> :|
20:51 <Pj Monster 1 CP> The Ask Aunt Arctic's in this newspaper None of the questions in latest newspapers sound like these questions.
20:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Cadence (the mascot, not the user) is super hot.
20:51 <Penguin Frost> :|
20:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> "The mascot"
20:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> "Not the user"
20:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> no certainly not :
20:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
20:52 <Sir Jjoeyxx> The :| killed the chat.
20:52 <Dororo111122> isnt the mascot the user
20:52 <Sir Jjoeyxx> What is my avatar?
20:53 <Dororo111122> idk
20:53 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Oh yeah, now I remember.
20:53 <Carlos Mtz2> Cadence is not hot
20:53 <Carlos Mtz2> its cool... in the cold
20:53 <Carlos Mtz2> (TROLLFACE)
20:53 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> eww
20:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> my arm hurts
20:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> '/
20:53 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :/
20:54 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
20:54 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
20:54 <Carlos Mtz2> Bye Penguin Frost
20:54 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi Penguin Frost
20:54 <Commander Bsyew> On sleet
20:54 <Penguin Frost> Hey
20:54 <Dororo111122> sir why would you say that xD
20:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> noo..just no
20:54 <Penguin Frost> The custom was made by Ocean
20:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> look what sir said about dj cadence
20:54 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
20:54 <Carlos Mtz2> Im in server fog
20:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> cadence
20:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> Someone has a crush on you...
20:55 <Carlos Mtz2> on who?
20:55 <Mikeymkwii> If you wanna know your IP, go here:;pageID=1608872023227397948
20:55 <Carlos Mtz2> Cadence?
20:55 <Mikeymkwii> OOPS
20:55 <Mikeymkwii> FAIL
20:55 <Carlos Mtz2> (sick)
20:55 <Carlos Mtz2> brb
20:55 <Dororo111122> it says i dont have permission
20:55 -!- Carlos Mtz2 has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Mikeymkwii> doror
20:56 <Mikeymkwii> o
20:56 -!- Apj26 has joined Special:Chat
20:56 <Mikeymkwii> go here:
20:56 <Dororo111122> but i wanna see my ip!
20:56 <Mikeymkwii> IT TELLS YOU YOUR IP
20:56 <Mikeymkwii> :p
20:56 -!- CPPerapin has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <Commander Bsyew> ??
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> YES
20:57 <Mikeymkwii> leader?
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> I CAUGHT A MEWTWO
20:57 <Mikeymkwii> ???
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> Not really
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> I caught something better
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> A M---AGIKARP
20:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> and a sunkern!
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> uh dororo
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> where r u
20:58 <Dororo111122> where
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> ?
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> i ish confused
20:58 <Dororo111122> *metapodes surround mikey*
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> D: ...
20:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> *metapods blow up*
20:59 <Mikeymkwii> What the...
21:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> Metapod used explosion!
21:00 <Mikeymkwii> ?
21:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> *metapods surround dororo*
21:00 <Mikeymkwii> Is that pokemon or something?
21:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> Metapods used explosion!
21:00 <Dororo111122> *jumps away*
21:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> BOOM
21:01 <Dororo111122> *shoots metapods with bowgun*
21:01 <Leader of CP Parties!> *metabods used string shot*
21:01 <Leader of CP Parties!> podS*
21:01 <Dororo111122> 
21:01 <Dororo111122> *tamama appears and uses tamama impact on metapods*
21:01 <Ph1n3a5and77>
21:01 <Ph1n3a5and77> comment
21:01 -!- Ph1n3a5and77 has left Special:Chat.
21:03 <Apj26> i have :|
21:03 <Leader of CP Parties!> same
21:04 <Penguin Frost> WB
21:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome Commander bsyew! you are new so I am welcoming you, it's not like you created me or anything no certainly not heh heh
21:05 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Commander bsyew! you are new so I am welcoming you, it's not like you created me or anything no certainly not heh heh! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> bsyew, your bot has turned against you O_O
21:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> ..
21:10 <Dororo111122> test
21:10 <Dororo111122> leader killed the chat!
21:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> ikr
21:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> NO I SWEAR
21:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> it was BOT
21:10 <Commander Bsyew> Lol
21:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome yes I killed chat mwhaha >:d
21:10 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki yes I killed chat mwhaha >:d! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:11 <Commander Bsyew> !restart
21:11 <CPChatBot> Now updating logs and rebooting...
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> Nooo! he will lose all memory!
21:11 <WikiaFrog> leader
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> he will lose all memory of the fun times me and him had
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> nooo
21:11 <WikiaFrog> say !welcome where you eat lots of pie
21:11 <Apj26> can you stop doing !welcomes
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome where you eat lots of pie
21:11 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki where you eat lots of pie! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:11 <WikiaFrog> goodbye chatbot.
21:11 <WikiaFrog> lol
21:11 <Dororo111122> *calls leader on phone*
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> I thought the bot was rebooting?!
21:11 <WikiaFrog> Welcome to the wiki where you eat lots of pie!
21:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> *picks up*
21:12 <Dororo111122> leader come get me im locked in a car
21:12 -!- Penguin Frost has left Special:Chat.
21:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
21:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> *gets bazooka*
21:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> *blows up car*
21:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> you can get out now
21:12 <Dororo111122> wait it was unlocked
21:12 <Dororo111122> and it was your car
21:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> O_O
21:13 <WikiaFrog> im making the first episode of my animated series.
21:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome who are you guys?! I have no memory? how old am I? where am i? oh no..brain rebotting.. dada? mumu?
21:13 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki who are you guys?! I have no memory? how old am I? where am i? oh no..brain rebotting.. dada? mumu?! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> aww poor bot
21:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> why bsyew?! whyyy did you reboot him?!
21:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> *cries*
21:14 <WikiaFrog> im making the first season
21:14 <Apj26> Leader stop 
21:14 <WikiaFrog> it will come i march 23
21:14 <Leader of CP Parties!> apj, you should of seen how many people were messing around with the welcomes earlier
21:15 <Apj26> and
21:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> and...?
21:17 <Commander Bsyew>  ?
21:17 <Apj26> i don'y need a story i just need you to stop now
21:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm not giving a story
21:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> and as I said, compared to earlier, thsi is nothing
21:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> so many people were using the welcome
21:20 <DjCadence ThePenguin> hi
21:20 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb
21:20 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <Mikeymkwii> lol
21:20 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has joined Special:Chat
21:20 <DjCadence ThePenguin> needed to refresh
21:20 <DjCadence ThePenguin> wanna see something scary?
21:20 <Dororo111122> brb
21:20 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
21:20 <DjCadence ThePenguin>
21:21 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> wanna see something scarier?
21:21 <123kitten1> :(
21:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> *links justin bieber*
21:21 <123kitten1> My nose was bleeding and my hands are now bloody
21:21 <DjCadence ThePenguin> *dies*
21:21 <123kitten1> I should wash them...
21:21 <DjCadence ThePenguin> good idea
21:21 <123kitten1> Be right back
21:21 <DjCadence ThePenguin> kk
21:21 <DjCadence ThePenguin> brb my self
21:22 <123kitten1> My hands look cleaner now...
21:22 <DjCadence ThePenguin> good
21:22 <DjCadence ThePenguin> i feel sick
21:22 <DjCadence ThePenguin> (barf )
21:23 <DjCadence ThePenguin> (barf)
21:23 <WikiaFrog> Lemme give you guys a riddle
21:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
21:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have one
21:23 <WikiaFrog> Ok
21:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> what starts with r, then has i then has d then has d then has l then has e
21:23 <WikiaFrog> tel; iot
21:23 <WikiaFrog> read!
21:23 <Leader of CP Parties!> no
21:23 <DjCadence ThePenguin> riddle
21:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> correct
21:24 <DjCadence ThePenguin> :/
21:24 <WikiaFrog> lol
21:24 <WikiaFrog> my turn
21:24 <WikiaFrog> What goes down, but dosent come back up?
21:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> IK
21:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> my mum
21:24 <WikiaFrog> no
21:24 <WikiaFrog> A meteor.
21:24 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have one
21:25 <DjCadence ThePenguin> gtg
21:25 -!- DjCadence ThePenguin has left Special:Chat.
21:25 <Mikeymkwii> No sooner spoken than broken. What is it?
21:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> what is called the time trekker, but is not not not not called the time trekker
21:25 <WikiaFrog> lol
21:25 <WikiaFrog> not not not not
21:25 <WikiaFrog> Idk
21:25 <WikiaFrog> i give up
21:25 <WikiaFrog> at BOTH leader and mikey
21:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> time trekker
21:25 <Mikeymkwii> A secret.
21:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> it was time trekker
21:26 <WikiaFrog> I got one. 
21:26 <Edrussell1203> ITS SNOWING WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!!
21:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> same
21:26 <WikiaFrog> It puts on a hat, and goes into a pocket
21:26 <WikiaFrog> what is it?
21:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> IK
21:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> my mum
21:26 <Mikeymkwii>  	
21:26 <Mikeymkwii> I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?
21:26 <Mikeymkwii> OOPS
21:26 <WikiaFrog> LOL
21:26 <WikiaFrog> No
21:26 <WikiaFrog> My awnser is...
21:26 <Mikeymkwii> I COPIED AND PASTED THAT
21:26 <WikiaFrog> BLANK!
21:27 <WikiaFrog> imean, my awnser is 
21:27 <Mikeymkwii> NOT MY FAULT
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> you could backspace the blank
21:27 <WikiaFrog> The show Grandpa In my Pocket
21:27 <WikiaFrog> clever, eh?
21:27 <123kitten1> Blanks aren't bad as long as you don't overuse them
21:27 <Mikeymkwii> I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> IK
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> AIR
21:27 <Mikeymkwii> nah
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> CHEESE
21:27 <Mikeymkwii> A hole.
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> PIE
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh
21:27 <123kitten1> Air has weight
21:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> ikr
21:27 <WikiaFrog> i got one
21:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> I was just shouting random stuff
21:28 <123kitten1> Hello
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> let's do hide and seek on cp please
21:28 <WikiaFrog> Red and small. what am i?
21:28 <WikiaFrog> An Ant\
21:28 <Commander Bsyew> Hi
21:28 <WikiaFrog> oops
21:28 <WikiaFrog> spoleed it
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> let's do hide and seek on cp please
21:28 <WikiaFrog> spoled
21:28 <Leader of CP Parties!> !welcome bsyew I totally have no idea who  you are or who anyone is.. oh wait my brain reebooted.. dah dah?
21:28 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki bsyew I totally have no idea who  you are or who anyone is.. oh wait my brain reebooted.. dah dah?! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:28 <WikiaFrog> spoled
21:28 <WikiaFrog> ugh
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> LOL
21:28 <WikiaFrog> *spoiled
21:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'll do hide and seek mikey
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> ok
21:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> what server?
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> only 2 ppl?!
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> bsyew
21:29 <Commander Bsyew> !welcome Lol Leader.
21:29 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Lol Leader.! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> wanna do it?
21:29 <Commander Bsyew> Hide and seek?
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> yea
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> on snow drift
21:29 <Commander Bsyew> Well i am busy right now but in a few min i will
21:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'll come
21:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> can I hide first?
21:30 <Mikeymkwii> sure
21:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> yayz
21:30 <Apj26> please do not be silly with the bot 
21:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> be warned, where I hide you can't see my name..mwhahaha, but I'll tell you when you're in the right room
21:30 -!- Penguin Frost has joined Special:Chat
21:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> apj, now is nothing to earlier
21:30 <Penguin Frost> Hey
21:30 <Mikeymkwii> hey leader... did you know i have the dubstep puffle t shirt?
21:31 <Commander Bsyew> Apj howabout cake? :)
21:31 <Mikeymkwii> SHADOWS
21:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have it too mikey
21:31 <123kitten1> I am blue, brown, and wet. What am I?
21:31 <Apj26> idc about  earlier i care about now
21:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> but apj
21:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> you should care about earlier
21:31 <Apj26> but no
21:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok so if you only care about the present then you woudln't care about this wiki being made
21:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> DUN DUN DUN
21:31 <123kitten1> no but what?
21:31 <Commander Bsyew> fish cake :D
21:32 <123kitten1> Gross
21:32 <123kitten1> Why would somebody put a fish in a cake?
21:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey
21:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> I am at snow drift town
21:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> waiting to start
21:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have a good hiding spot
21:32 <Mikeymkwii> ok
21:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> can I hide yet?
21:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok am hiding
21:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'll tell you when in right room
21:33 <WikiaFrog> leader
21:33 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes?
21:33 <WikiaFrog> have you heard of the show grandpa in my pocket?
21:34 <AnonymousDuckLover> Duck Diner™ has a new mascot!!!
21:34 <AnonymousDuckLover>™_the_New_Mascot_of_Ducky_Diner™
21:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> no wikia
21:34 <WikiaFrog> Frog Place™
21:34 <WikiaFrog> oh. ok
21:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey do you want a hint?
21:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> btw on jan 17th maybe we can do prehistoric hide and seek :)
21:34 <Mikeymkwii> yes i want a hint
21:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
21:35 <WikiaFrog> that would be fun
21:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hint: where I am now is the triceratops HQ during the prehistoric party
21:35 <WikiaFrog> a time travel party would be the best thing ever'
21:35 <WikiaFrog> we we could travel everywhere
21:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> and at prehistoric party hide and seek, whoever is seeking has to be T-rex (if your member)
21:35 <AnonymousDuckLover> I wonder how many people were born on the same day as Duckhopper.
21:35 <WikiaFrog> im gonna be a pterodactyle on cp (i know,its not a ptyrodactyl)
21:36 <WikiaFrog> my dad's older then duckhopper
21:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey, did you understand my hint?
21:36 <AnonymousDuckLover> do you know somebody who was born on the same day as Duckhopper?
21:37 <Mikeymkwii> i think so @leader
21:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> good job
21:38 <Mikeymkwii> thanks
21:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok now your turn to hide
21:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> btw do you wanna do prehistoric hide and seek on jan 17th? :D
21:38 <Mikeymkwii> sure!
21:38 <Mikeymkwii> ok find me
21:38 <Mikeymkwii> :p
21:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
21:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> hint please?
21:39 <Mikeymkwii> uhh...
21:39 <Mikeymkwii> i can't think of one that wouldn't give it away
21:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> :(
21:39 <Mikeymkwii> let me think
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> this room has a table
21:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> got ya
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> lol
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> good job 
21:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> thx
21:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> my turn?
21:41 <Mikeymkwii> sure
21:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok done
21:41 -!- Slimwitt97 has joined Special:Chat
21:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> your hint is: UGG UGG TIKI UGG ABOOT
21:42 <Slimwitt97> Hey guys!
21:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> hi
21:42 <Slimwitt97> Ive been playing CP since 2006 hbu?
21:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> 2008
21:42 <Slimwitt97> I miss the old CP :(
21:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey did you get my hint?
21:42 <Mikeymkwii> no
21:42 <Slimwitt97> Disney has made it too commercialized and the items are bad alot... i miss the old items...
21:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh come on slimwit, we're about to time travel and you miss OLD cp?
21:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey, ok I have a different hint, one of gary's inventions can be found here
21:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> add it up: UGG UGG TIKI UGG, Gary's inventions
21:44 <Mikeymkwii> i am confused
21:44 <Slimwitt97> I have some news for you guys I JUST found out.
21:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> A very cheap item is also found here
21:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> costing only 10 coins
21:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok slim what is it
21:45 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey, last hint: it is the room on the very bottom of the list on "teleport" on your spy phone
21:45 <Slimwitt97> Erin 202 is a new moderator on Club Penguin, he is 22 years old and his name is Joey. He is just joined the staff, and I met him on CP today. The reason I know is my Uncles Cousin, Adam works for Club Penguin offices.
21:46 <WikiaFrog> Guys
21:46 <WikiaFrog> meet me on
21:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> VEERY WARM
21:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> @mikey
21:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> VERY COLD
21:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> you left the room
21:47 <WikiaFrog> its a fun game like cp
21:47 <Slimwitt97> So yeah Erin 202 new moderator, He's on right now I don't know where though.
21:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> AWESOME
21:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> does your uncle's cousin have any info on prehistoric party?
21:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> or hollywood party
21:48 <Slimwitt97> He is always wearing the penguin band sweatshirt and he's usually blue. he's on my friends list.
21:48 <Slimwitt97> and No he won't tell me he thinks too much will get leaked sorry
21:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> aww
21:48 <AnonymousDuckLover> I just bought the rights to McRookie™!!!
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> mikey do you give up finding me?
21:49 <Slimwitt97> I DO know that there will be a really cool feature he told me but idk what
21:49 <Mikeymkwii> leader
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> Private chat feature
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> @slim
21:49 <Mikeymkwii> am i in the right room
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> spike hike said so on twitter
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> no mikey
21:49 <Apj26> Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, was afraid of mice
21:49 <Mikeymkwii> now?
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> No
21:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> give up?
21:49 <WikiaFrog> No
21:50 <Mikeymkwii> now?
21:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> No
21:50 <WikiaFrog> nno he wasnet, apj
21:50 <WikiaFrog> he had a pet mice when he was a kid
21:50 <Slimwitt97> Guys Erin 202 is on the server Yeti in the town! Im gonna go see him
21:50 <WikiaFrog> well, actually, he brung it to school
21:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> slim, are you sure erion 202 isn't you?....
21:50 <Slimwitt97> Sware to god Im Wittoutyouth
21:51 <Mikeymkwii> leader
21:51 <Mikeymkwii> i give up
21:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> yes?
21:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok
21:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> come to stage and I'll show where I was
21:51 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has joined Special:Chat
21:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> pay close attention to the switchbox
21:51 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I am in love with PH.
21:52 <Sir Jjoeyxx> I'm gonna tell her that at the puffle party.
21:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> your turn to hide
21:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> hint please mikey?
21:52 <Mikeymkwii> I am in a members only room
21:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> hmmm
21:53 <Slimwitt97> Now he's in the Pizza Parlor I think
21:54 <Mikeymkwii> no
21:54 <Mikeymkwii> i am not.
21:54 <Sir Jjoeyxx> Gtg.
21:54 -!- Sir Jjoeyxx has left Special:Chat.
21:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> I think I know where you are
21:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> underwater
21:54 <Slimwitt97> Im in the Pizza Parlor
21:55 <Slimwitt97> Anyone know where Erin 202 is
21:55 <Mikeymkwii> no @leader
21:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> hmm
21:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> I tried fire dojo and water dojo
21:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> can I have another hint?
21:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> try underwater
21:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> I did
21:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> GOT YA
21:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> FIRE DOJO
21:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> wait
21:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> guys
21:56 <Slimwitt97> Should you guys make a Wiki for Erin? 
21:56 -!- Marioworld02 has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <Marioworld02> Hey all!
21:56 <Slimwitt97> I NEED to confirm this first though.
21:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> the mineshack won't be there in prehistory..right?
21:56 <Slimwitt97> right.
21:57 <Marioworld02> Can someone give me permission to edit pages please?
21:57 <Slimwitt97> Can I make a new page for Erin? 
21:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> bye mikey
21:57 <Mikeymkwii> (wave)
21:57 <Marioworld02> Apj can you?
21:57 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
21:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> slim, no, we nood proof erin is a mod and not you
21:57 <Marioworld02> :(
21:58 <Slimwitt97> Alrighty what kind of proof do you need?
21:58 -!- Marioworld02 has left Special:Chat.
21:58 <Leader of CP Parties!> ask spike hike on twitter if erin is really a mod
21:58 <Leader of CP Parties!> that would be proof if he said yes
21:58 <Slimwitt97> Ok Who's spike hike
21:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> ...
21:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> oh, not new ceo of cp or anything
21:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> no certainly not
21:59 <Slimwitt97> I didn't hear of this?
21:59 <Apj26> gtg
21:59 -!- Apj26 has left Special:Chat.
21:59 <Penguin Frost> Bye
21:59 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
21:59 <Stick sean> hey
21:59 <Penguin Frost> Hey
21:59 <Stick sean> bye
22:00 <Stick sean> frost
22:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> so your uncle cousin didn't tell you about the new CEO but he told you of a random new "mod"
22:00 <Stick sean> :P
22:00 <Stick sean> btw
22:00 <Stick sean> I gtg
22:00 <Slimwitt97> Yes.
22:00 <Penguin Frost> Bye
22:00 <Slimwitt97> Apparently so.
22:00 <Penguin Frost> (wave)
22:00 <Stick sean> bye bye
22:01 <Leader of CP Parties!> speaking of going I have to do so in 59 mins
22:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> I own the rights to McPenguins™
22:01 <Penguin Frost> Cool
22:02 <AnonymousDuckLover> if kitten uses the names McPenguins™ or McRookie™, I can sue him.
22:02 <WikiaFrog> Leader
22:02 <WikiaFrog> go on
22:03 <WikiaFrog> its a game like cp
22:03 <WikiaFrog> dont have an account? register! (XD)
22:04 <Slimwitt97> Spike said yes about Erin,  I just PM'ed Him on Twitter.
22:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> back
22:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> I never said brb
22:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> sorry
22:04 <Leader of CP Parties!> slim, take picture proof
22:04 <Slimwitt97> Ok
22:04 <WikiaFrog> my neighbor was tested positive for the flu (:O)
22:05 <WikiaFrog> and he just came over on FRIDAY
22:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> Please god
22:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> I beg you
22:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> make it snow deeply on Jan 17th
22:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> so I don't have to go to school :P
22:05 <Leader of CP Parties!> and I can play prehistoric party
22:06 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:06 <WikiaFrog> amen
22:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm setting an iPad alarm for 6 AM on Jan 17th so I wake up a few hours before school >:d
22:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> So please god, make it snow so I can play heavenly CP and throw heavnely puke on those cunning pookies
22:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> Amen
22:06 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
22:06 <WikiaFrog> its thursday on the 17th
22:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> ik
22:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> and?
22:07 <WikiaFrog> so you can play on friday...
22:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> I like playing on the day it starts
22:07 <WikiaFrog> so do i.
22:07 <WikiaFrog> but mah mom said i could only go on the computer from friday-sunday
22:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> I remember when I was in the countdown party for marvel party, I was there right when it started, everyone lost connection and logged back on and it was there
22:07 <Leader of CP Parties!> I was one of the FIRST people to be in marvel party
22:08 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:08 <WikiaFrog> cool
22:08 <Leader of CP Parties!> I remember at countdown party there was someone wearing a knight costume from may saying "I'm medieval captain America!" :P
22:08 <123kitten1> Gimme all yo money fools!
22:08 <WikiaFrog> you musta been weevils lucky
22:08 <WikiaFrog> *gives fake 3,000,000,000 dollars
22:09 <123kitten1> Thanks
22:09 <WikiaFrog> *kitten thinks its real
22:09 <123kitten1> I'm going to buy food with it
22:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> what sucks is this is the first time polo and moose have not done a sneak peek since October
22:09 <WikiaFrog> *is in china by the time she gives it to the clerk and relizes its fake
22:09 <WikiaFrog> since December
22:09 <123kitten1> Cashier: Sorry, this isn't legal money. You have to be arrested
22:09 <WikiaFrog> they did the holiday party sneek peak
22:09 <Leader of CP Parties!> wikia
22:09 <123kitten1> Cashier: CUFF 'IM, BOYS
22:10 <WikiaFrog> yeah?
22:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'm saying that this is the first time they HAVE NOT done a sneak peek
22:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> since october
22:10 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
22:10 <Ocean6100> Hi all!
22:10 <WikiaFrog> oh
22:10 <WikiaFrog> :p
22:10 <123kitten1> oh no, it is Ocean!
22:10 <123kitten1> Hide!
22:10 <Ocean6100> O_o
22:10 <WikiaFrog> *the ocean floods the chat*
22:10 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:10 <Penguin Frost> Hey
22:10 <Penguin Frost> Thanks for the custom, BTW
22:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> Oh no! Global warming has taken effect!
22:10 <Leader of CP Parties!> The ocean is coming
22:11 <123kitten1> Ocean, where were you at 7:04 Am yesterday?
22:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> that or team aqua have succeeded
22:11 <Ocean6100> Hey!  Did any one of you ask for a custom penguin with a Cadence background, Watermelon Jungle Suit, Hawkeye Quiver and Bow, etc.?
22:11 <Ocean6100> Who was that?
22:11 <Ocean6100> PST?  LOL
22:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> *gets in my time trekker and goes back to prehistory*
22:11 <123kitten1> Yes, Penguin standard time
22:11 <Penguin Frost> As you may see, I am editing ALOT on Mainspace
22:11 <Leader of CP Parties!> ocean, do you do custom penguins?
22:12 <Ocean6100> Sorta.  I'm swamped.
22:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have a small request
22:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> I'll PM you
22:12 <Ocean6100> But, if you were to ask for one, PLEASE add the color!  :O
22:12 <Leader of CP Parties!> I will
22:12 <Penguin Frost> Why is in the Super Hero's Category?
22:13 <Leader of CP Parties!> LOL
22:13 <Ocean6100> Epic fail.
22:14 <Edrussell1203>  I sent u some mail about my custom artwork @ocean
22:14 <Slimwitt97> Hey anyone who wants to email Polo Field, His email is that's what my uncle told me, I sent him an email about this new mod for more proof.
22:15 <Edrussell1203> dead chat
22:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yup
22:16 <Leader of CP Parties!> What happened to chespin anyway? @ed
22:16 <Edrussell1203> i changed my profile pic
22:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> aww :(
22:17 <Leader of CP Parties!> poor chespin
22:18 <Edrussell1203> what about madbootdude?
22:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> He mad
22:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
22:18 <Leader of CP Parties!> guys, what happened to camiii
22:19 <Leader of CP Parties!> have not seen him for a while
22:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> I so can't wait to puke on pookies
22:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> making them PUKE-ies
22:20 <Leader of CP Parties!> hahaha
22:20 <123kitten1> These comments are getting out of hand
22:21 <123kitten1>
22:21 <WikiaFrog> have you ever wanted to make a cartoon, but didnt want to use your real vooice?
22:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> Yup
22:21 <123kitten1> Warning-Contains bad content
22:21 <Leader of CP Parties!> cuz my mic is so freaking anooying
22:21 <WikiaFrog> well
22:21 <WikiaFrog> i got a great website for you!
22:21 <WikiaFrog>
22:21 <WikiaFrog> Voice Forge
22:21 <WikiaFrog> use diffrent voices for cartoonsand stuff!
22:22 <WikiaFrog> click the person (or robot, or animal)
22:22 <WikiaFrog> and type in teh word!
22:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> (sick) eww GN! That is really bad for a CM to say
22:22 <Leader of CP Parties!> REALLY bad
22:23 <Master Dubstep> Anyone good at making Minecraft skins
22:24 <WikiaFrog> ...
22:24 <WikiaFrog> LOL GN!
22:24 <Slimwitt97> Guys here is a email reply from Polo Field himself about Erin...
22:24 <Slimwitt97>
22:24 <WikiaFrog> That would be great though....
22:24 <WikiaFrog> jk
22:24 <WikiaFrog> or am i?
22:25 <WikiaFrog>  (lol) i should keep my mouth shut (lol)
22:25 <Master Dubstep> slimwit
22:25 <Master Dubstep> Thats a fake Polo Field
22:25 <Master Dubstep> REAL Polo Field is
22:25 <Master Dubstep>
22:25 <Slimwitt97> My Uncle said this is his personal email.
22:25 <Leader of CP Parties!> for one, you never mentioned in your email to him, your uncle, "polo" just randomly made note of it
22:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> and polo seems to talk about the clothing the exact same way you did
22:26 <Slimwitt97> Im not kidding, Im being serious. Im following the email he gave me.
22:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> and I thought it was your uncle's cousin anyway
22:26 <Leader of CP Parties!> not your uncle
22:27 <Slimwitt97> Yep, My Uncles Cousin.
22:27 <Slimwitt97> But My Uncle talks to him and he gives info to me.
22:27 <Slimwitt97> If you don't believe me  tweet SpikeHike.
22:27 <Hermione6720>!
22:27 <Leader of CP Parties!> answer me this, you did not speak of your uncle in the email, yet he randomly made note of your uncle
22:27 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
22:28 <Slimwitt97> Because he knows.
22:28 <Slimwitt97> I know him.
22:28 <Master Dubstep> LOL LEADER
22:28 <Hermione6720> Please look at my blog... :)
22:28 <Hermione6720>!
22:29 <Slimwitt97> I've seen him twice.
22:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> why would polo randomly go, "tell your uncle I said hi!"
22:29 <Leader of CP Parties!> that's just creepy
22:29 <Slimwitt97> Dude Polo is 24.
22:30 <Slimwitt97> I have no freakin clue
22:30 <Slimwitt97> I gtg, Im not lying
22:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> you so are
22:30 <Leader of CP Parties!> that's not even polo's real email adress
22:30 <Slimwitt97> Ask Spike
22:30 <Slimwitt97> Bye
22:30 -!- Slimwitt97 has left Special:Chat.
22:30 <Shurow> Polo is older than 24....
22:30 <Shurow> he's married and has kids so im sure hes older that that...
22:31 <Hermione6720> lol
22:31 <Ocean6100> It's funny, actually.  When people are obviously lying, they say it's definitely true, then log off in a hurry.
22:31 <Leader of CP Parties!> my mum became married and had kids before 24
22:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> :O shurow! Hey! the truth comes out
22:32 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
22:32 <Shurow> lol
22:33 <AnonymousDuckLover> <victory dance> I own McPenguins™ <victory dance>
22:34 <Master Dubstep> ocean
22:34 <Master Dubstep> do you make minecraft skins (wary look)
22:34 <Hermione6720>! Can people Please look at this?
22:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> I did
22:34 <Leader of CP Parties!> pretty cool
22:35 <AnonymousDuckLover>™_the_New_Mascot_of_Ducky_Diner™ Look at this to see some of the many things I trademarked.
22:35 <Ocean6100> @Master Dubstep Nope.
22:35 <Leader of CP Parties!> I do MC skins master!
22:36 <Leader of CP Parties!> :)
22:36 <AnonymousDuckLover> I own McPenguins™ and Ducky Diner™
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> ok I have an announcement to make
22:37 <AnonymousDuckLover>  what
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> as you may know already, I love time travel stuff
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> and am looking forward to prehistoric party because of this
22:37 <Master Dubstep> you do leader?
22:37 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> no @master
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> so I present to you, from the makings of Ocean6100!
22:37 <Leader of CP Parties!> *drum roll*
22:37 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <Hermione6720> ?
22:37 <WikiaFrog> Lol
22:37 <Hermione6720> Uhm
22:37 <Ocean6100> :O
22:37 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:37 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Ocean6100> What could it be?  LOL
22:38 <WikiaFrog> What the heck?
22:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> A new custom penguin! ta-dah!
22:38 <AnonymousDuckLover>  week
22:38 <Hermione6720> Kool
22:38 <Ocean6100> :D Whoever did that did a really nice job, Leader.  LOL
22:38 <Vicyorus> hi
22:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> lol ocean
22:38 <Ocean6100> Hi, Vicyorus.
22:38 -!- 123kitten1 has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi kitten
22:38 <123kitten1> I come with terrible news
22:38 <Ocean6100> Oh, my.  That's not good.
22:39 <Vicyorus> U R gonna quit?
22:39 <123kitten1> I lost my shoe :(
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> Wait
22:39 <Vicyorus> :O
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> when did you lose it?
22:39 <AnonymousDuckLover>  kitten, I have rights to McPenguins™ now
22:39 <123kitten1> Nope
22:39 <WikiaFrog> speaking of time trekkers
22:39 <123kitten1> I do
22:39 <AnonymousDuckLover>  yep
22:39 <Master Dubstep> Guys I have real serious news
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> When did you lose your shoe*
22:39 <Vicyorus> Wait
22:39 <Vicyorus> WAIT
22:39 <WikiaFrog> whatever happened to Headlines?
22:39 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I have the rights
22:39 <Master Dubstep> Sniffybear got banned forever
22:39 <123kitten1> Show me the contract of me handing it over?
22:39 <Hermione6720> What? Why?
22:39 <Master Dubstep> so hes never coming back here again
22:39 <Vicyorus> Leader is a mod?
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> *gets in time trekker and goes to before kitten lost his shoes*
22:39 <AnonymousDuckLover>  should of trademarked it earlier
22:39 <123kitten1> For the day
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> *steals past kitten's shoes*
22:39 <WikiaFrog> Like i said'
22:39 <Vicyorus> Oh good
22:39 <123kitten1> CM Calender
22:39 <Leader of CP Parties!> *brings them back to present kitten*
22:39 <WikiaFrog> Whatever happened to Headlines?
22:40 <Hermione6720> Whyw as Sniffy banned? 
22:40 <123kitten1> YAY
22:40 <Vicyorus> I thought he was a perm mod
22:40 <123kitten1> They're too small
22:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> You grow within minutes?
22:40 <WikiaFrog> you know...
22:40 <123kitten1> Yes
22:40 <WikiaFrog> [[User:Headlines]]?
22:40 <Vicyorus> nyan
22:40 <WikiaFrog> the guy who likes newspaperd
22:40 <WikiaFrog> *newspapers
22:40 <Leader of CP Parties!> so your feet must be gigantic now
22:40 <Master Dubstep> OMG
22:40 <Master Dubstep> I FOUND A NEW PUFFLE IN THE FILES
22:40 <WikiaFrog> where is he?
22:40 <Master Dubstep> OMG OMG OMG
22:40 <WikiaFrog> we know
22:40 <Vicyorus> A.K.A. Hank
22:40 <Master Dubstep> ITS FOR FEBURARY
22:40 <123kitten1> On Jan 26, I will be a CM
22:40 <WikiaFrog> grey puffle
22:40 <Master Dubstep> NO
22:40 <Master Dubstep> ITS NOT GREY
22:40 <WikiaFrog> OK, Link it, then.
22:41 <AnonymousDuckLover> :0
22:41 <Penguin Frost> 100 edits, already
22:41 <123kitten1> here
22:41 <WikiaFrog> if you dont, your lying
22:41 <Master Dubstep> ALSO
22:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> PROOF
22:41 <WikiaFrog> LINK
22:41 <Master Dubstep> IT LOVES CANDY
22:41 <123kitten1> I DID
22:41 <Master Dubstep> AND
22:41 <Vicyorus> PIC
22:41 <Edrussell1203> im pretty sure its a bird puffle
22:41 <123kitten1>
22:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> PROOF
22:41 <Hermione6720> You were in Cp files :/
22:41 <Master Dubstep> ITS BOWL IS HOT PINK
22:41 <Hermione6720> Is that legal?
22:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> master, PROOF
22:41 <Master Dubstep> AND CANDY IS IN THE BOWL
22:41 <Vicyorus> BIRDS DON'T EXIST ON CP!
22:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> vic, we PLAY as birds
22:41 <AnonymousDuckLover>  lol
22:41 <Leader of CP Parties!> penguins ARE birds
22:41 <123kitten1> DUH
22:41 <Edrussell1203> but bird puffles do!
22:41 <123kitten1> PENGUINS ARE BIRDS
22:41 <Vicyorus> Apart from penguins, obiously.
22:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> master, proof
22:42 <Master Dubstep> OMG OMG OMG
22:42 <Leader of CP Parties!> PROOF
22:42 <AnonymousDuckLover>  they should make a penguin puffle
22:42 <Vicyorus> Master, give us proof
22:42 <Vicyorus> There are, ducky
22:42 <Edrussell1203> give proof 4 what?
22:42 <Vicyorus> What about the testers of CPIP
22:42 <Master Dubstep> BRB BRB BRB
22:42 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
22:42 <Vicyorus> Or on Puffle Party 2012
22:42 <WikiaFrog> lair
22:42 <WikiaFrog> *liar
22:42 <123kitten1> Don't click on this, it is highly inappropriate 
22:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> Notice how master's avatar has a hot pink puffle bow;l in it
22:43 <Vicyorus> Curiosity
22:43 <WikiaFrog> i clicked it
22:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> odd how his "dream comes true"
22:43 <123kitten1> DON'T CLICK IT
22:43 <WikiaFrog> whois it for, GN?
22:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  owning the rights to two restaurants is awesome
22:43 <Vicyorus> What is it Frog?
22:43 <WikiaFrog> its not innapropiate
22:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> I own a restaurant too
22:43 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <WikiaFrog> its just a penguin
22:43 <123kitten1> ADL, you only own 1
22:43 <Mikeymkwii> AHHAHAHHAHA
22:43 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I also own McRookie™
22:43 <Vicyorus> OH GOD IT'S A NAKED PENGUIN
22:43 <123kitten1> No
22:43 <Leader of CP Parties!> it's called The time cruiser
22:44 <Ocean6100> Vicyorus...
22:44 <123kitten1> ADL stop being a roller troller.
22:44 <Vicyorus> What?
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> I own a restaurant
22:44 <Ocean6100> Don't be so critical.  Trolling, etc.
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> called the time cruiser
22:44 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you should really trademark these things
22:44 <Vicyorus> Ocean, let me be ME
22:44 <123kitten1> Leader, do you sell "Leader Nuggets"?
22:44 <WikiaFrog> Kitten
22:44 <Ocean6100> ...
22:44 <123kitten1> WAT
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> yup, kitten
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> half price 
22:44 <123kitten1> Great
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> we're on a restaurant sale right now
22:44 <123kitten1> I'll take 
22:44 <123kitten1> 5
22:44 <Vicyorus> Hello
22:44 <WikiaFrog> i edited that pic you made, but im not showing anyone
22:44 <WikiaFrog> :p
22:44 <Leader of CP Parties!> *gives 5 leader nuggets*
22:45 <123kitten1> I didn't make it
22:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> ~~~~
22:45 <Vicyorus> Commander!
22:45 <Vicyorus> Hi
22:45 <Ocean6100> Howdown room?  Hmm... when could that be used?
22:45 <WikiaFrog> loljk
22:45 <WikiaFrog> or am i?
22:45 <Vicyorus> Y U NO SAY HI???
22:45 <Commander Bsyew> Hi
22:45 <WikiaFrog> (vicyorus)
22:45 <WikiaFrog> hi
22:45 <Vicyorus> That's my pic, don't waste it, kiddo.
22:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> OMG
22:46 <WikiaFrog> (vicyorus) (vicyorus) (vicyorus)
22:46 <Leader of CP Parties!> Prehistoric party is on early!!
22:46 <123kitten1> Oh god
22:46 <Commander Bsyew> Lol
22:46 <Commander Bsyew> ?
22:46 <AnonymousDuckLover> kick kitten
22:46 <123kitten1> -_-
22:46 <123kitten1> I didn't make it
22:46 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Vicyorus> ?Really
22:46 <123kitten1> Kick Green Ninja
22:46 <123kitten1> He made it
22:46 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:46 <Master Dubstep> Whats this?
22:47 <Master Dubstep> its not a normal car
22:47 <Edrussell1203> he made what?
22:47 <WikiaFrog> :o
22:47 <WikiaFrog> A BRAND NEW
22:47 <Master Dubstep> OMG
22:47 <123kitten1> He made...
22:47 <Master Dubstep> YOU KNOW THE SNOW TREKKER?
22:47 <WikiaFrog> Car
22:47 <Edrussell1203> yaa
22:47 <123kitten1>
22:47 <123kitten1> DON'T CLICK
22:47 <Leader of CP Parties!> TAKE PIC @master
22:47 <WikiaFrog> i clicked
22:47 <Edrussell1203> :O
22:48 <Leader of CP Parties!> brb need the loo
22:48 <Edrussell1203> me too!!!
22:48 <AnonymousDuckLover> kitten gives me nightmares
22:48 <123kitten1> It osn't me
22:48 <123kitten1> I didn't make them
22:48 <Edrussell1203> .../
22:48 <AnonymousDuckLover>  you made me look at it
22:48 <Vicyorus> Kitten, if I was me, I would've kicked you already
22:48 <Master Dubstep> OMG
22:48 <Vicyorus> Wait...
22:48 <123kitten1> Me too
22:48 <Master Dubstep> LOOK AT WHAT I HACKED LOL
22:48 <Master Dubstep>
22:48 <Vicyorus> BRAIN, WHAT?
22:48 <Vicyorus> HACKER!
22:48 <123kitten1> Wow D
22:49 <Vicyorus> Well, I can't lie
22:49 <Vicyorus> I downloaded Minecraft
22:49 <Vicyorus> FOR FREE
22:49 <Mikeymkwii> :d
22:49 <Commander Bsyew> :D
22:49 <Vicyorus> Feb 12th?
22:49 <Mikeymkwii> yea
22:49 <Edrussell1203> im gonna get it
22:49 <Leader of CP Parties!> back
22:49 <123kitten1> I don't like music
22:49 <Mikeymkwii> Abe Lincoln's birthday too
22:49 <Mikeymkwii> :P
22:49 <Vicyorus> I'll probably get a math quiz for my birthday...
22:49 <Vicyorus> :(
22:50 <123kitten1> You mean Mr.5 dollar bill?
22:50 <Vicyorus> 2 years in a row
22:50 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I never go to school on my birthday!!!
22:50 <Vicyorus> XZIBIT
22:50 <Master Dubstep> BEST BEST HACK EVER
22:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> same ADL
22:50 <Leader of CP Parties!> my birthday is on August 14th
22:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> master, does it show for other people?
22:51 <Mikeymkwii> MASTER
22:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> or is it client side?
22:51 <Vicyorus> Yo dawg, I herd you liek Trekkers, so we put a trekker on yo trekker, so you can trek while you trek.
22:51 <Mikeymkwii> TRY HACKING THIS: {"paper_item_id":183,"type":4,"cost":600,"is_member":true,"label":"Bling Bling Medallion","prompt":"Bling Bling Medallion","layer":4000,"is_bait":"1"}
22:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> mine is July 19
22:51 <WikiaFrog> gary's ugly nowadays
22:51 <Vicyorus> August 8th
22:51 <WikiaFrog>
22:51 <WikiaFrog> he looks so....
22:51 <Commander Bsyew> ?
22:51 <Vicyorus> Nuts?
22:51 -!- Commander Bsyew has left Special:Chat.
22:51 <Vicyorus> Crazy?
22:51 <Vicyorus> Derranged?
22:51 <WikiaFrog> whats the word...
22:51 <Vicyorus> Like a phsyco?
22:51 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
22:51 <Leader of CP Parties!> I like how dorky Gary looks as a "lad" in the back of the newspaper
22:51 <Vicyorus> Lad?
22:51 <123kitten1> ?
22:51 <Dogkid1> hi
22:52 <Dogkid1> (HI)
22:52 <Vicyorus> He's a NERD!
22:52 <123kitten1> Lad
22:52 <Vicyorus> NERD ALERT!
22:52 <Ocean6100> :|
22:52 <Dogkid1> no one says hi to me D;
22:52 <123kitten1> Nobody says lad except for Mr. Gariwald
22:52 <AnonymousDuckLover> NERD
22:52 <Ocean6100> *sighs*
22:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> kitten, gary said lad in the newspaper
22:52 <Master Dubstep> I CANT DRINK INSIDE MY CAR 
22:52 <Vicyorus> Dogkid, shush, we're busy ignoring you again.
22:52 <Vicyorus> Joking
22:52 <Vicyorus> Just joking
22:52 <123kitten1> Gary is a nerd, not a lad
22:52 <Ocean6100> See ya later.
22:52 <Vicyorus> Hi Dogkid
22:52 <WikiaFrog> Oh no! We're in Backwards cp wiki! AAAAH
22:52 <Dogkid1> :|
22:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> master, is that hack client side
22:52 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <Mikeymkwii> dubstep
22:52 <Leader of CP Parties!> or can other people see it
22:52 <Mikeymkwii> HACK THIS: {"paper_item_id":183,"type":4,"cost":600,"is_member":true,"label":"Bling Bling Medallion","prompt":"Bling Bling Medallion","layer":4000,"is_bait":"1"}
22:52 <123kitten1> *Lets ignore the kid that is a dog*
22:52 <Vicyorus> Leader, the 1st
22:53 <123kitten1> I am hacking it currently
22:53 <Dogkid1> ...
22:53 <Vicyorus> Like, someone else can see it?
22:53 <123kitten1> WHOA! It looks cool!
22:53 <Dogkid1> whats happening
22:53 <Vicyorus> Dogkid, don't worry, I am here
22:53 <123kitten1> I can only see it in game
22:53 <Vicyorus> Hello
22:53 <Edrussell1203> show us
22:53 <123kitten1> It doesn'tt show up on the player card
22:53 <WikiaFrog> OH NO
22:53 <WikiaFrog> GUYS
22:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> f is for fairytales nobody believes,
22:53 <Mikeymkwii> WHAT FROG
22:53 <Leader of CP Parties!> u is for u and me
22:53 <WikiaFrog> LOOK
22:53 <Dogkid1> what Frog
22:53 <WikiaFrog>
22:53 <WikiaFrog> :P
22:54 <Vicyorus> F is for FIRE!
22:54 <Dogkid1> ...
22:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> u is for undefined
22:54 <Vicyorus> U's for Uranium!
22:54 <Leader of CP Parties!> how did you do that frog?!
22:54 <Vicyorus> N is for NO SURVIVORS
22:54 <Mikeymkwii> HE USED PAINT
22:54 <123kitten1> Invert on paint
22:54 <WikiaFrog> :p
22:54 <123kitten1> I can even do that
22:54 <Vicyorus> -Sheldon Plankton
22:54 <123kitten1> SHELDON J PLANKTON 
22:54 <Dogkid1> (HMM)
22:54 <Vicyorus> S. J. Plankton
22:54 <WikiaFrog> uh
22:54 <AnonymousDuckLover>  n is for natious, annoying little brats that just broke the tv
22:54 <WikiaFrog> He asked me, guys
22:55 <Vicyorus> Sheldon *haha*
22:55 <WikiaFrog> i knever knew you guys were pengy
22:55 <WikiaFrog> :/
22:55 <Vicyorus> SHELDON *HAHA*
22:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> T is for tiles that go in your bathroom
22:55 <Edrussell1203> awesome!!!
22:55 <WikiaFrog> god, you guys are so rude.
22:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> i is for imps
22:55 <Vicyorus> SHELDON!!! *LOLOL*
22:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> m is for monkeys that chew up your sofa
22:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> e is for energy!
22:55 <Edrussell1203> :D
22:55 <Mikeymkwii> I AM NOT RUDE
22:55 <Mikeymkwii> THEY ARE
22:55 <Mikeymkwii> :/
22:55 <WikiaFrog> WAIT
22:55 <Dogkid1> :/
22:55 <Vicyorus> A is for AK-47 that kills those monkeys
22:55 <WikiaFrog> WAIT WAIT WAIT
22:55 <Vicyorus> I hate monkeys
22:55 <Vicyorus> I HATE THEM
22:55 <WikiaFrog> Leader, what are you spelling?
22:55 <Leader of CP Parties!> Time
22:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> Let'd do alphabet edition :D
22:56 <WikiaFrog> Oh
22:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> let's
22:56 <WikiaFrog> everyone refresh to go to year 10
22:56 <WikiaFrog> :d
22:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> A is for Ak-47 that shoots at some penguins
22:56 <Vicyorus> How about NO
22:56 <Vicyorus> B is for bomb!
22:56 <WikiaFrog> thats how you time travel
22:56 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
22:56 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <WikiaFrog> Im gonna travel to year 10
22:56 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
22:56 <Vicyorus> C is for C4!
22:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> B is for bombs
22:56 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> a is for.awesome everyday
22:56 <Leader of CP Parties!> C is for 4 that blows you up!
22:57 <AnonymousDuckLover>  c is for
22:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> D is for donkeys chewing up your sofa
22:57 <Vicyorus> ADL, are you Hugh Neutron??
22:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> I nearly said soda XD
22:57 <Dogkid1> c is for c4
22:57 -!- Carlos Mtz2 has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <AnonymousDuckLover>  no
22:57 <Vicyorus> Hmmm
22:57 <Carlos Mtz2> Hi
22:57 <Edrussell1203> A is 4 anonymous duck lover
22:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> E is for elephant puffles crushing up some chicken puffles
22:57 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I'm not stupid
22:57 -!- Blitzzy has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <Vicyorus> V is for VENDETTA!
22:57 <Edrussell1203> (anonymousducklover)
22:57 <Blitzzy> C is for Cookie
22:57 <Dogkid1> d is for (dogkid)
22:57 <Blitzzy> And cookie is for me
22:57 <WikiaFrog> AMAZING ! It seems i have time traveled to year 10!
22:57 <Leader of CP Parties!> F is for flabby old penguins that need smacking
22:58 <Vicyorus> V is for (vic)
22:58 <WikiaFrog> lol
22:58 <Carlos Mtz2> Rookie21 (pass rookie)
22:58 <Carlos Mtz2> for cp wiki
22:58 <WikiaFrog> W is for (wikiafrog)
22:58 <Blitzzy> ?
22:58 <123kitten1> SURRE
22:58 <Leader of CP Parties!> G is for God puffles, they like to godmod!
22:58 <Vicyorus> D is for DEATH STAR
22:58 <123kitten1> K is for kitten
22:58 <Vicyorus> H is for Hamburger??
22:58 <Leader of CP Parties!> H is for Hell puffles that are little demons
22:58 <Dogkid1> why are we doing this
22:58 <123kitten1> F is for-
22:58 <Vicyorus> Ffff
22:58 <123kitten1> Fun...
22:58 <Blitzzy> Framselberrys
22:58 <Dogkid1> fffffox
22:59 <WikiaFrog> lets do time travel roleplay
22:59 <123kitten1> No
22:59 <Vicyorus> NO
22:59 <Blitzzy> Alright
22:59 <AnonymousDuckLover>  x is for extreme approval by Patrick Star to shoot aquifers in the butt
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> I is for ipods texting up your girlfriend
22:59 <Blitzzy> Woah dudes I just came from the 1960s!
22:59 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Blitzzy> Radical
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> J is for jumping jacks!
22:59 <Jonah Simm> Yveltal in the house!
22:59 <Vicyorus> K is for
22:59 <Vicyorus> KFC?
22:59 -!- 123kitten1 has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> Hi Yveltal
22:59 <Blitzzy> Oh noes
22:59 <Blitzzy> Not generation 6
22:59 <Blitzzy> Not you too
22:59 <Blitzzy> It's spreading
22:59 <Jonah Simm> XD XD XD XD XD LOL JK
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> guys, I have just come back from the future
22:59 <Vicyorus> Or perhaps CFK, Corn Flakes from Kellogs
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> I played GEN 6
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> it was awesome
22:59 <Master Dubstep> CP Anyone?
22:59 <Leader of CP Parties!> then I played Gen 10
22:59 <Blitzzy> It's not realesed yet
22:59 <Jonah Simm> XD it no out yet
22:59 <Vicyorus> NO
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> I said I time traveled
23:00 <Dogkid1> ...
23:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> k is for kit Kats that you'll never eat
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> did you not see?
23:00 <Blitzzy> ohh
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> :
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> :P
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> I have to go now guys
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> see ya tomorrow
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> bye CM rights
23:00 <Blitzzy> I still haven't beat generation 5
23:00 <Vicyorus> So
23:00 <Vicyorus> Bye!
23:00 <Blitzzy> Bai
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> *gets in time trekker*
23:00 <Jonah Simm> Yveltal is epic Legendary!
23:00 <AnonymousDuckLover>  found my pencil
23:00 <Vicyorus> Em, at what time does the CM rights expire?
23:00 <Leader of CP Parties!> *flies off into the horizon and then disappears as I go through the time vortex to tomorrow to go on chat*
23:00 <Jonah Simm> Someone be Xerneas
23:00 <Vicyorus> According to WHAT CLOCK?
23:00 <Jonah Simm> we can RP
23:00 -!- Leader of CP Parties! has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <Vicyorus> No
23:01 <Dogkid1> i dont know can you?
23:01 <Jonah Simm> U no fun
23:01 <Vicyorus> U IS NOT FOR FUN!
23:01 <Vicyorus> U IS FOR URANIUM
23:01 <Vicyorus> BOMBS!
23:01 <Jonah Simm> BOMBS
23:01 <Blitzzy> N is for no survival
23:01 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're me
23:01 <Vicyorus> N IS FOR NO SURVIVORS, WHEN YOU...
23:01 <Jonah Simm> N IS FOR NO SURVIVORS
23:01 <Carlos Mtz2> i created a CP wiki mascot
23:01 <Carlos Mtz2> (In cp)
23:01 <Blitzzy> Whom might it be?
23:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> we are invincible
23:02 <Vicyorus> U IS FOR URANIUM, BOMBS
23:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men, we can save day
23:02 <Vicyorus> U IS FOR YOU AND ME
23:02 <Jonah Simm> U IS FOR YOUAND ME
23:02 -!- Blitzzy has left Special:Chat.
23:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  now that we're men
23:02 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
23:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  I changed my underwear
23:02 <Dogkid1> yo Dororo
23:02 <Dororo111122> WHATS WITH THE CAPW
23:02 <Dororo111122> *CAPS
23:02 <AnonymousDuckLover>  caps
23:02 <Dogkid1> IDK
23:03 <Vicyorus> WHY, CAN'T WE TALK IN CAPS?
23:03 <Dogkid1> ASK CHATBOT
23:03 <Vicyorus> IS IT ILLEGAL, NOW?
23:03 <Vicyorus> jk
23:03 <Vicyorus> Singing
23:03 <Vicyorus> Spongebob songs
23:03 <Jonah Simm> Dogkid, why is Froakie in your frofile pic?
23:03 <Edrussell1203> PM chatbot everyone!
23:03 <Carlos Mtz2> name for the In-game cp mascot: Pengy Greeny
23:03 <Vicyorus> F.U.N., Now that we're men, etc.
23:03 <Carlos Mtz2> (a green penguin)
23:03 <Vicyorus> A classic: Do the Sponge
23:03 <Jonah Simm> :o
23:04 <WikiaFrog> Iron Man 2 is coming on tonigh! I ALWAYS wanted to see that movie!
23:04 <Jonah Simm> (:o)
23:04 <Mikeymkwii> what channel
23:04 <Mikeymkwii> do you know
23:04 <Vicyorus> I saw it
23:04 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...
23:04 <WikiaFrog> yeah
23:04 <Edrussell1203> (nightofthelivingsled)
23:04 <Dogkid1> ..
23:05 <Jonah Simm> It's here, it's here, it's here it's here...  DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO IT'S HERE"
23:05 <Vicyorus> "French Narrator: Ah, the sea. So fascinating. So wonderful. Here, we see Bikini Bottom, teeming with life.Home to one of my favorite creatures, SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes, of course he lives in a pineapple, You silly.''
23:05 <Vicyorus> -Help Wanted
23:05 <Dogkid1> so bored
23:05 <Dororo111122> we need votes the poll is 5 to 5!
23:05 <Vicyorus> First words of a great series, may it R.I.P
23:06 <Vicyorus> Good Spongebob is dead
23:06 <Jonah Simm> It still has new episodes
23:06 <WikiaFrog> lets play truth or dare
23:06 <WikiaFrog> ill go first
23:06 <WikiaFrog> i pick truth
23:06 <WikiaFrog> The Truth is....I dont know how to read PST
23:06 <Jonah Simm> XD
23:06 <Dororo111122> i found marioworlds sock i think
23:06 <Vicyorus> Penguin Standard Time?
23:06 <Jonah Simm> I pik dare
23:06 <WikiaFrog> so i hate when people have parties at PST time
23:06 <WikiaFrog> Yeah
23:06 <Vicyorus> Um
23:07 <WikiaFrog> Yeah, Penguin Standard Time
23:07 <Vicyorus> What time zone do you live in?
23:07 <Carlos Mtz2> No
23:07 <WikiaFrog> EST
23:07 <Carlos Mtz2> PST is good!
23:07 <Jonah Simm> I PIK DARE
23:07 <Vicyorus> That's UTC-5 right?
23:07 <WikiaFrog> OK, Jonah
23:07 <Jonah Simm> I live in US Central
23:07 <WikiaFrog> I dare you to....
23:07 <Dogkid1> I live in mst
23:07 <Vicyorus> Sing TROLOLO
23:07 <WikiaFrog> No
23:07 <Dogkid1> TROLOLOL
23:07 <WikiaFrog> I dare you to spam
23:07 <WikiaFrog> loljk
23:07 <Vicyorus> :o
23:07 <Vicyorus> OOOOOH
23:07 <Jonah Simm> Troll ololololololol HA HA HA HA
23:08 <WikiaFrog> I dare you to....
23:08 <WikiaFrog> hmm.
23:08 <Dogkid1> ok I will spam!
23:08 <Dogkid1> spam
23:08 <WikiaFrog> I was joking, Jonah.
23:08 <WikiaFrog> DOGKID
23:08 <WikiaFrog> Truth or Dare?
23:08 <Jonah Simm> WHAT DO I DO
23:08 <Dogkid1> truth
23:08 <Carlos Mtz2> I want to play!
23:08 <Dogkid1> wait dare
23:08 <Carlos Mtz2> i want to play truth or dare!
23:08 <Dogkid1> DARE FROG
23:08 <Jonah Simm> I NEVER GOT MY DARE
23:08 <WikiaFrog> ok
23:08 <Vicyorus> "All right you inverte-brats! I'm gonna teach you how to do the Sponge!" -Doing the Sponge
23:08 <WikiaFrog> I dare you
23:08 <WikiaFrog> to
23:08 <Vicyorus> :O
23:08 <Dogkid1> :O
23:08 <WikiaFrog> Draw a picture of freddy kruger
23:09 <Vicyorus> AAAAHHH!
23:09 <WikiaFrog> every single wrinkle
23:09 <WikiaFrog> NO
23:09 <Dogkid1> ok
23:09 <WikiaFrog> DRAW TROLLFACE
23:09 <Jonah Simm> Teddy Juicer anyone
23:09 <WikiaFrog> NO MISTAKES!
23:09 <Vicyorus> AAAAHHHH!!!
23:09 <WikiaFrog> You cant make 1 mistake
23:09 <WikiaFrog> OK.
23:09 <WikiaFrog> Vicyorus
23:09 <WikiaFrog> Truth or Drae?
23:09 <WikiaFrog> *Dare
23:09 <Jonah Simm> TEDDY JUICER
23:09 <Edrussell1203> draw trollface! (trollface)
23:09 <Vicyorus> Truth
23:09 <WikiaFrog> OK
23:09 <Jonah Simm> (troll)
23:10 <Jonah Simm> (trollface)
23:10 <WikiaFrog> Is it true dat.....
23:10 <WikiaFrog> You.....
23:10 <WikiaFrog> ARE UNDERAGED?
23:10 <Shurow> Guys please dont go overboard on the Caps lock :/
23:10 <Vicyorus> No, I entered the Wikia underaged
23:10 <Dogkid1> ...
23:10 <Vicyorus> But NOBODY noticed
23:10 <WikiaFrog> K then/
23:10 <Jonah Simm> What is the minimum age requirement?
23:10 <WikiaFrog> Dog, are you done drawing trollface?
23:10 <Shurow> I was also underaged when I first joined the wiki
23:10 <Vicyorus> 13
23:10 <Dogkid1> 13
23:10 <Dogkid1> yeah Frog
23:10 <Jonah Simm> oh good
23:10 <WikiaFrog> showmeh
23:10 <Dogkid1> (TROLLFACE)
23:10 <Vicyorus> Shurow, give me a High 5
23:11 <WikiaFrog> -.-
23:11 <Shurow> *high five*
23:11 <Jonah Simm> AMAZING
23:11 <Dogkid1>
23:11 <Vicyorus> *high 5s Shurow, but misses and punches Dogkid*
23:11 <Dororo111122> shurow reply to the pm about marioworld
23:11 <Vicyorus> Whoops
23:11 <WikiaFrog> You didnt draw that.

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