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23:52 <Dororo111122> bsyew 65 really
23:52 <Snorp09> Twinkie on your wiki I made thebigfoot1 an emote
23:52 <Commander Bsyew> Shhh.
23:52 <Commander Bsyew> 65 is alot.
23:52 <Dororo111122> 100 is more
23:52 <Commander Bsyew> (stare)
23:52 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:roblox]]
23:52 <Commander Bsyew> 101 is even more.
23:52 <Commander Bsyew> :P
23:52 <Twinkie102> Roblox is childish :P
23:53 <Twinkie102> [[w:c:clubpenguin]]
23:53 <Twinkie102> Hi
23:53 <Twinkie102> OMG
23:53 <Commander Bsyew> So I made a Roblox account.
23:53 <Commander Bsyew> I just never used it :P
23:53 <Twinkie102> Snorp, you summoned him
23:53 <Commander Bsyew> Wait.
23:53 <Twinkie102> xD
23:53 <Commander Bsyew> I used it on my Ipad.
23:53 <Commander Bsyew> :P
23:54 <Dororo111122> twinkie theres a call of duty parody game on it
23:54 <Dororo111122> still think its childish?
23:54 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has joined Special:Chat
23:54 <Preston108>
23:54 <Dororo111122> WHAT?!
23:54 <Twinkie102> :O
23:54 <Dororo111122> prepare the defenses!
23:54 <Commander Bsyew> (stare)
23:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> Can someone please create a tutorial on how to draw the new style penguin. Thanks! :P
23:54 <Dororo111122> shiver me timbers!
23:54 <Twinkie102> *gets reports ready*
23:54 <Commander Bsyew> I can draw.
23:54 <Commander Bsyew> I just cant draw a penguin :P
23:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> Good!
23:54 <Commander Bsyew> D:
23:54 <Twinkie102> LOL
23:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> :(
23:54 <Twinkie102> sorry
23:55 <Commander Bsyew> Wait.
23:55 <Dororo111122> kick!
23:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> Its ok
23:55 <Twinkie102> I was laughing for CPSpots
23:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> Kixk who?
23:55 <Commander Bsyew> I will try to draw it.
23:55 <Commander Bsyew> Brb.
23:55 <Snorp09> who want $50
23:55 <Preston108> Snorp! Thats it!
23:55 -!- Yoshiman444 has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> :0
23:55 <Yoshiman444> meeoow
23:55 <Snorp09> Huh?
23:55 <Preston108> Its everyday with your scams!
23:55 <Preston108> Gosh!
23:56 <Snorp09> what sorry
23:56 <Yoshiman444> i want 50$!
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> Who did you say kick to a minute ago?
23:56 <Snorp09> :(
23:56 <Twinkie102> Yoshi, it's fake
23:56 <Yoshiman444> oh
23:56 <Preston108> Everytime your on you scam people!
23:56 <Preston108> Why>
23:56 <Preston108> *Why?
23:56 <Yoshiman444> i dont like scams
23:56 <Yoshiman444> one time there was this guy named scams and he stole my money
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> I scam people
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> not
23:56 <Snorp09> :(
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> I dont really
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> LOL
23:56 <Preston108> Snorp
23:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> :P
23:56 <Preston108> Its not your fault
23:56 <Snorp09> I am sorry guys
23:56 <Dororo111122> bad snorp!
23:57 <Snorp09> I thought it was funny
23:57 <Preston108> Wait
23:57 <Yoshiman444> it kinda is
23:57 <Preston108> What were you going to link?
23:57 <Mikeymkwii> Hey
23:57 <Master Dubstep> Yay
23:57 <Master Dubstep> Hello
23:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> >:|
23:57 <Master Dubstep> Mikey PM
23:57 <Snorp09> but I guess it not anymore
23:57 <Snorp09> *steps on Yoshi
23:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> How do you do an angry emote?
23:57 <Preston108> Snorp
23:57 <Yoshiman444> oww
23:57 <Preston108> What were you going to link?
23:57 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
23:57 -!- CPWikigirl has left Special:Chat.
23:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> :(
23:57 <Snorp09> nothing
23:57 <Twinkie102> Hi
23:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> :o
23:58 <Master Dubstep> Who knows xat?
23:58 <Twinkie102> Me
23:58 <Yoshiman444> me
23:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> :l
23:58 <Yoshiman444> me
23:58 <Yoshiman444> me
23:58 <Twinkie102> I don't use it though
23:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> :i
23:58 -!- The Director of PSA has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <Dororo111122> i troll xats
23:58 <The Director of PSA> Wow I've been banned so much
23:58 <Master Dubstep> Im making gifs for xat pictures
23:58 <Yoshiman444> i troll dororos
23:58 <Master Dubstep> I just finished making dubstep puffle
23:58 <Dororo111122> no you dont
23:58 <Yoshiman444> oh
23:58 <Master Dubstep> and earlier I did the snowman
23:58 <Snorp09> If you want to dance put the dance emote
23:58 <Twinkie102> (dance)
23:58 <Twinkie102> (dance2)
23:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> What would happen if someone swore in this chatroom?
23:58 <Twinkie102> (dance3)
23:58 <Yoshiman444> (dance)
23:58 <Twinkie102> Ban
23:58 <The Director of PSA> Lol
23:58 <Yoshiman444> (dance)
23:58 <Preston108> I want to find Dororo and go to his school. (stare)
23:58 <Twinkie102> You would get banned
23:58 <Yoshiman444> (dance)
23:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> Ok
23:58 <Dororo111122> say a swear and find out
23:58 <The Director of PSA> :|
23:58 <Twinkie102> So don't
23:58 <Yoshiman444> there all dancin
23:59 <Snorp09> done
23:59 <ClubPenguinSpots> No
23:59 <ClubPenguinSpots> I dont swear
23:59 <The Director of PSA> I'm going AFK now
23:59 <Yoshiman444> i never swear
23:59 <Yoshiman444> im offended when someone swears around me
23:59 <Preston108> Competition...
23:59 <ClubPenguinSpots> Same
23:59 <Preston108> Check for plagarism there.
23:59 <Twinkie102> Checking
23:59 <ClubPenguinSpots> I hate people who swear for no reason
23:59 -!- Snorp09 has left Special:Chat.
23:59 <Twinkie102> omg
23:59 <Dororo111122> preston report it
23:59 <Twinkie102> they have a custom cursor xD
00:00 -!- Snorp09 has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <Preston108> Is there plagiarism there?
00:00 <Mikeymkwii> Master check PM
00:00 <The Director of PSA> I'm planning to quit this wikia nd join club penguin enclopedia wiki
00:00 <The Director of PSA> *encyclopedia
00:00 <Yoshiman444> umm wat?
00:00 <Yoshiman444> why?
00:00 <Dororo111122> preston, its a copy
00:00 <Preston108> This looks very similar to ours...
00:00 <Dororo111122> wait yes
00:00 <Preston108> The infobox
00:00 <ClubPenguinSpots> I saw some guy swear on CP by doing each letter with a dash thingy on top like this: fù**
00:00 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
00:00 <Preston108> The page set up
00:00 <ClubPenguinSpots> I reported him
00:00 <Yoshiman444> umm yea
00:00 <Twinkie102> HMM
00:01 <Dororo111122>
00:01 <Dororo111122> yep
00:01 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has left Special:Chat.
00:01 <Twinkie102> Because it is copy
00:01 <Dororo111122> preston, status report
00:01 <Twinkie102> ClubPenguinSpots, don't censor part of a cuss
00:01 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
00:01 <Twinkie102> :|
00:01 <Preston108> Comparing....
00:01 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:01 <Yoshiman444> it does not have all the item pages i think
00:01 <Yoshiman444> they only have so much pages
00:01 <Twinkie102> (facepalm) @Yoshi
00:01 <Yoshiman444> watt?
00:01 <The Director of PSA> So yeah
00:01 <Twinkie102> They are still copying us
00:02 <Yoshiman444> oh
00:02 <Preston108> Infobox and page organization the same @Dororo
00:02 <Yoshiman444> the cp-copywiki
00:02 <Dororo111122> [[Special:Contact]]
00:02 <Yoshiman444> they should call it that
00:02 <The Director of PSA> Let's request it to be deleted
00:02 <Yoshiman444> that wiki to be deletd?
00:02 <The Director of PSA> And btw my wiki is now a second discussion wiki
00:02 <Preston108>
00:02 <Yoshiman444> *deleted?
00:02 <Preston108> Comparing....
00:02 <The Director of PSA> Yes
00:02 <The Director of PSA> Cuz it's a copy
00:02 <Commander Bsyew> I actually never made a penguin :P
00:02 <Dororo111122> WAIT
00:02 <Twinkie102> o_o
00:02 <Commander Bsyew> So I am drawing it right now.
00:02 <Preston108> Infobox same, page organazation the same, infobox the same!
00:02 <Dororo111122> batree is letting khantar there
00:03 <Dororo111122> the underage dude..
00:03 <Commander Bsyew> I am awesome at drawing it :P
00:03 <Preston108> :O
00:03 -!- Green Ninja has joined Special:Chat
00:03 <Preston108> Batreeqah!!!
00:03 <Green Ninja> Hi
00:03 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:03 <Yoshiman444> i think batree is blocked
00:03 <The Director of PSA> Hey Khantar07,
00:03 <The Director of PSA> I wanted to tell you, we should name these sections different names, here is what they would be named so we are not copying the main Club Penguin Wiki.
00:03 <The Director of PSA> Trivia ---> Facts
00:03 <The Director of PSA> History ---> Releases
00:03 <The Director of PSA> This is so we don't do plagiarism.
00:03 <Dororo111122> ...
00:03 <The Director of PSA> Sorry GN that you aren't chat mod
00:03 <Yoshiman444> oh COME on
00:03 <Twinkie102> (facepalm) They are still copying us with the pages
00:03 <Dororo111122> GN pm
00:03 <Snorp09> Twinkie logon to cp
00:03 <Twinkie102> why
00:04 <Snorp09> Eaglesrule8 is on
00:04 <Snorp09> snow angle
00:04 <Snorp09> dock
00:04 <Yoshiman444> dont twinkie hes going to put a spell on you
00:04 <Yoshiman444> ../
00:04 <The Director of PSA> brb I gotta go #2
00:04 -!- The Director of PSA has left Special:Chat.
00:04 <Twinkie102> sorry but im not going online
00:04 <Snorp09> aww
00:04 <Twinkie102> Nice to know, Director :|
00:04 <Snorp09> fine :|
00:04 <Yoshiman444> snorp
00:04 <Yoshiman444> i no your tricks
00:04 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
00:04 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
00:04 <Yoshiman444> yo uwere going to put a spell on twinkie
00:05 <Yoshiman444> and turn him into stone
00:05 <Preston108> Guys
00:05 <Dororo111122> still looking on here arent you kitten...
00:05 <Preston108> nvm
00:05 <Dororo111122> preston has the report been sent yet
00:05 <Preston108> Not yet
00:05 <Preston108> Can you report
00:05 <Yoshiman444> i have no clue why batree was blocked
00:05 <Twinkie102> I'm putting warnings on the wiki o_o
00:06 <Dororo111122> give me one of our pages and give one of their pages
00:06 <Dororo111122> MUST be the same pahe
00:06 <Yoshiman444> ok!
00:06 <Dororo111122> *page topic
00:06 <Preston108> Start writing that they are taking content!
00:06 <Yoshiman444>
00:06 <Yoshiman444>
00:07 <Yoshiman444> we should have a war with clubpenginencyclopedia
00:07 <Yoshiman444> they copy us
00:07 <Yoshiman444> ...
00:08 <Blitzzy> No war kids
00:08 <Yoshiman444> im not a kid
00:08 <Mariocart25Charizard> Im not a kid
00:08 <Mariocart25Charizard> Im 9000 years old
00:08 <Blitzzy> we are all kids
00:08 <Yoshiman444> your the kid callin us a kid
00:08 <Blitzzy> no matter our age
00:08 <Yoshiman444> im 18,000 years old
00:08 <Blitzzy> *you're
00:08 <Dororo111122> you people send some more reports so wikia staff thinks this is very serious
00:08 <Blitzzy> ?
00:08 <Mariocart25Charizard> im 1,000,000,000,000 years old
00:08 <Yoshiman444> stop being mean blitzzy ):
00:08 <Preston108> Who sent a Wikia report?
00:09 <Blitzzy> I'm not being mean
00:09 <Dororo111122> im still working on mine
00:09 <Twinkie102> Hehe!
00:09 <Blitzzy> I'm just saying we're all kids
00:09 <Twinkie102> (troll)
00:09 <Yoshiman444> its impossible to be 1,000,000,000,000
00:09 <Blitzzy> nothing wrong with being kids
00:09 <Yoshiman444> that was before the sun was even made
00:09 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
00:09 <Twinkie102> No Blitzzy We are teenagers
00:09 <Preston108> [[Special:Contact]]
00:09 <Yoshiman444> it might of even been before the big bang
00:09 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:09 <CPWikigirl> So like um
00:09 <Dororo111122> cpwikigirl
00:09 <CPWikigirl> My boyfriend and I broke up
00:09 <Dororo111122> we have a situation!
00:09 <Ph1n3a5and77> np
00:09 <CPWikigirl> Yes?
00:09 <Ph1n3a5and77> no
00:09 <Blitzzy> That's nice cpgirl
00:09 <Twinkie102> ugh
00:09 <Preston108> Send plagarism reports here [[Special:Contact]]
00:09 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:09 <Dororo111122> another wiki is plagiarizing this wiki
00:09 <Blitzzy> but I think you're mistaking this for facebook
00:09 <CPWikigirl> I've seen the wiki
00:09 <Eaglesrule8> twinkie
00:09 <CPWikigirl> Lol
00:09 <Dororo111122> the criminal is Batreewa-what
00:09 <Eaglesrule8> pm
00:10 <CPWikigirl> Batreeqah?
00:10 <Dororo111122> you didnt tell us about it earlier?!
00:10 <Yoshiman444> batreewhat
00:10 <Ph1n3a5and77> The Big Bang happend 13.7 billion years agho
00:10 <CPWikigirl> why
00:10 <CPWikigirl> Why?
00:10 <Yoshiman444> oh
00:10 <CPWikigirl> I didn't think you guys would care
00:10 <Twinkie102> The Big Bang isn't real :|
00:10 <CPWikigirl> it's clubpenguinexclopedia
00:10 <Yoshiman444> 1,000,000,000,000 is beyond far before the big bang
00:10 <CPWikigirl> *encyclopedia
00:10 <Yoshiman444> no one could exist that long ago
00:10 <Blitzzy> How do you know twinkie
00:10 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
00:10 <Preston108> CPWikigirl! Why didnt you tell us!
00:10 <Yoshiman444> yes it is
00:10 <Yoshiman444> you got to be kidding me
00:10 <Twinkie102> It's not real because God made the earth himself
00:10 <Dororo111122> WAIT compare their images they use and the images we use
00:10 <CPWikigirl> Um cuz you guys wouldn't care
00:11 <Twinkie102> not a bang happened
00:11 <Yoshiman444> umm god made the big bang
00:11 <Yoshiman444> he made the universe get created
00:11 <CPWikigirl> So i didn't tell
00:11 <CPWikigirl> so yeah
00:11 <Twinkie102> no the big bang didn't happen at all
00:11 <Eaglesrule8> no bigbang
00:11 <Yoshiman444> yes it did....
00:11 <Eaglesrule8> no
00:11 <Twinkie102> fine whatever
00:11 <CPWikigirl> So yeah
00:11 <Eaglesrule8> bible says GOD created it
00:11 <Yoshiman444> its not like he created earth way before anything else
00:11 <CPWikigirl> I thought you guys didn't care
00:11 <CPWikigirl> Cuz we're popular
00:11 <Yoshiman444> EAGLE
00:11 <Snorp09> big bang happend
00:11 <Twinkie102>!
00:11 <Yoshiman444> i said god created it
00:11 <CPWikigirl> they'll never be popular
00:11 <Yoshiman444> GOD made the big bang
00:11 <Dororo111122> but we cant let those fakers get away with this
00:11 <Yoshiman444> HE made the unvierse
00:11 <Blitzzy> how do you know
00:12 <Yoshiman444> WITH a big explosion
00:12 <CPWikigirl> What we need is trust
00:12 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS lol
00:12 <Yoshiman444> i jsut know
00:12 <Dororo111122> what if someone named Keroro221111 shows up?!
00:12 <Blitzzy> it can't be proven
00:12 <Blitzzy> what are you
00:12 <Yoshiman444> -_-
00:12 <CPWikigirl> We become bureaucrat
00:12 <Yoshiman444> BLA BLA BLA
00:12 <Yoshiman444> who cares
00:12 <Yoshiman444> about
00:12 <Yoshiman444> the big 
00:12 <Yoshiman444> dang
00:12 <Yoshiman444> bang
00:12 <CPWikigirl> And then we destroy the wiki
00:12 <Blitzzy> lol
00:12 <Yoshiman444> wow
00:12 <Blitzzy> big dang band
00:12 <Blitzzy> *bang
00:12 <CPWikigirl> By requesting to close it down
00:12 <Preston108>! Make pages waring them!
00:12 <Blitzzy> No thanks girly
00:12 <Yoshiman444> your just going to keep talking about the dumb big bang?
00:12 <CPWikigirl> Don't do that
00:12 <CPWikigirl> We just need to become admin
00:13 <CPWikigirl> And then request to close it down to wikia
00:13 <Yoshiman444> GRRR
00:13 <Yoshiman444> lets talk about a ice age that happend 18,000 years ago
00:13 <Yoshiman444> or something else
00:13 <Blitzzy> let's talk about club penguin
00:13 <Blitzzy> quack quack
00:13 <Yoshiman444> but i do belive in evolution and im christain 
00:13 <CPWikigirl> And in fact I'm part of cpew
00:13 <Preston108>! Make pages like this there!
00:13 <CPWikigirl> club penguin encyclopedia wiki
00:13 <CPWikigirl> No
00:13 <Blitzzy> i respect that, even though my beliefs are different
00:14 <Dororo111122> isnt that vandalism then
00:14 <CPWikigirl> We need to gain their trust!
00:14 <CPWikigirl> And then close the wiki then
00:14 <Yoshiman444> WHAT?
00:14 <Preston108> Dororo. I dont know
00:14 <Yoshiman444> no no no 
00:14 <Blitzzy> i have a feeling tinker bell is a stalker
00:14 <Yoshiman444> CPWiki go back in your CPWiki cage
00:14 <Preston108> Im going to Community chat to report them
00:14 <Ph1n3a5and77> Someone please edit Music/More there was igloo music for March
00:14 <CPWikigirl> We need to delete the vandalism pages
00:14 <Yoshiman444> bad CPWiki
00:14 <CPWikigirl> So then we can become admin
00:14 <CPWikigirl> And then close it down
00:14 <CPWikigirl> By contacting wikia
00:15 <CPWikigirl> cuz only admins can close a wiki
00:15 -!- Wii Mario 01 has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <Yoshiman444> i was in  a abondond mineshaft
00:15 <Wii Mario 01> Hwi'
00:15 <Yoshiman444> andi  got a apple
00:15 <Snorp09> Twinkie man 222
00:15 <Yoshiman444> wii mario dont act like a pookie
00:15 <Wii Mario 01> (wave)
00:15 <Snorp09> twinkieman222
00:16 <Wii Mario 01> Yoshiman don't be mean!
00:16 <Commander Bsyew> Hmmmm.
00:16 <Yoshiman444> sorry
00:16 <Commander Bsyew> I just drew a penguin :P
00:16 <Blitzzy> Commander
00:16 <Wii Mario 01> Hi commander
00:16 <Commander Bsyew> Who wants to see what it looks like :P
00:16 <Blitzzy> i have an important question
00:16 <Wii Mario 01> ME
00:16 <Blitzzy> for you
00:16 <Commander Bsyew> Also dont judge me of what it looks like.
00:16 <Ph1n3a5and77> Me
00:16 <Yoshiman444> you just said hwi and i thought you were acting like a pookie ):
00:16 <Wii Mario 01> me?
00:16 <Commander Bsyew>
00:16 <Ph1n3a5and77> Please
00:16 <Blitzzy> i assure you I will
00:16 <Ph1n3a5and77> please
00:16 <Yoshiman444> i liek questions
00:16 <Yoshiman444> i want to do it to
00:16 <Yoshiman444> *like
00:16 <Blitzzy> that's actually pretty good
00:17 <Wii Mario 01> Its brillant
00:17 <Yoshiman444> im watching courage the cowardly dog show
00:17 <Snorp09> Hey everyone
00:17 <Blitzzy> *brilliant
00:17 <Snorp09> This is a chat room
00:17 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:17 <Commander Bsyew> Its the first time I drew a penguin so Im pretty proud of it :P
00:17 <Snorp09> XD
00:17 <Twinkie102> brb
00:17 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
00:17 <Ph1n3a5and77> Please edit Music/Mpre
00:18 <Yoshiman444>
00:18 <Yoshiman444> ma blog
00:18 <Yoshiman444> blogasaures
00:18 <Yoshiman444> im weird
00:18 <Blitzzy> ello sharkmate
00:18 <Eaglesrule8> was i kickeed?
00:18 <WikiaFrog> Hi
00:18 <Blitzzy> were you?
00:18 <Eaglesrule8> idk
00:19 <Eaglesrule8> nvmnd bye
00:19 <Blitzzy> I guess we will never know
00:19 <Mikeymkwii> 
00:19 <Blitzzy> bai
00:19 <CPWikigirl> You guys we need to earn their trust
00:19 <Blitzzy> 403 mikey
00:19 <CPWikigirl> stop making anti cpew pages
00:19 <Yoshiman444> NO
00:19 <Mikeymkwii> dang
00:19 <Yoshiman444> i want earn there turst
00:19 <Yoshiman444> NEVEERR
00:19 <Yoshiman444> *flys away
00:19 <Yoshiman444> MWWAHAH
00:19 <WikiaFrog> when is superhero party?
00:19 <Yoshiman444> idk
00:19 <Blitzzy> 25th?
00:19 <Yoshiman444> like in 12,000 years or so
00:19 <Preston108> UGH!
00:19 <Yoshiman444> i think life will be gone in 12,000 years
00:20 <Yoshiman444> i think a star will explode and hit earth
00:20 <Preston108> I reported that Wiki to community central chat
00:20 <Blitzzy> i thought it was more like 15,000
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> no
00:20 <WikiaFrog> Yoshio
00:20 <Preston108> All they did was mock me!
00:20 <WikiaFrog> your close
00:20 <Blitzzy> really?
00:20 <Preston108> Yeah!
00:20 <Blitzzy> I need to try this :3
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> like a billion
00:20 <WikiaFrog> they said that one day, the sun will explode.
00:20 <WikiaFrog> i leard in school
00:20 <Yoshiman444> oh crap
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> I am a astronomer
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> yes
00:20 -!- SandorL has joined Special:Chat
00:20 <Blitzzy> Eh PJ, isn't mocking people against rules er something :3
00:20 <Yoshiman444> well thats going to be WAY longer than 12,00 years
00:20 <SandorL> Hello
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> it will explode
00:20 <Blitzzy> hihihi
00:20 <Yoshiman444> i think its going to  be in 5 billion years
00:20 <Ph1n3a5and77> and may become a bh
00:20 <SandorL> It's time for another round of help SandorL find swfs to make awesome things!
00:21 <Mikeymkwii>
00:21 <Ph1n3a5and77> Black Hole
00:21 <Yoshiman444> im a prehistoric-aligist-bla bla-whatever
00:21 <Yoshiman444> well i just like prehistoric stuf
00:21 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ok sandorl
00:21 <SandorL> I really really really need PH
00:21 <Mikeymkwii> LOL i did a loophole to not register at imageshack 
00:21 <SandorL> You know what she is in your igloo?
00:21 <SandorL> I need that swf
00:21 <SandorL> After she started wearing her outfit
00:21 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
00:21 <Master Dubstep> Sandor
00:21 <Yoshiman444> i even made a woolly mammoth on minecraft
00:21 <Jj131> The world will not end. Read the bible. The world will only end if the 1000 years of Jesus being king ends, and God makes a new Earth and decides who gets to live in new Earth (forever).
00:21 <SandorL> Yes?
00:21 <Mikeymkwii> SANDOR
00:21 <Ph1n3a5and77> oh
00:21 <SandorL> Yes?
00:22 <Mikeymkwii> i have an awesome surprise for u
00:22 <SandorL> What is it?
00:22 <SandorL> Is it chocolate?
00:22 <Twinkie102> LOL
00:22 <Ph1n3a5and77> Yes the earth will never end. Even when the sun explodes
00:22 <Master Dubstep> Sandor
00:22 <Eaglesrule8> twinkie did he reply?
00:22 <Twinkie102> let me check
00:22 <Master Dubstep> Read PM
00:22 <SandorL> K
00:22 <Mikeymkwii> Sandor I found this on firefox add ons! :D
00:22 <Twinkie102> not yet
00:22 <Mikeymkwii> I use it
00:22 <CPWikigirl> They're no help
00:22 <Eaglesrule8> aww
00:22 <Yoshiman444> i believe in evolution and im christain
00:22 <Jj131> Yes. God will just use his good magic to regenerate a new sun maybe.
00:22 <CPWikigirl> They just message them
00:23 <Mikeymkwii> You can download all flash from a website
00:23 <Klump Strangeglove> YOSHI TIME
00:23 <Snorp09> Hi
00:23 <CPWikigirl> when obviously they won't
00:23 <Dororo111122> well your spamming the afk button what do you expect
00:23 <Eaglesrule8> he isnt there twink
00:23 <Jj131> I believe and science and I am christian as well.
00:23 <CPWikigirl> I wasn't!
00:23 <Twinkie102> I'm Christian too
00:23 <Snorp09> I wounder...
00:23 <CPWikigirl> I never spammed it
00:23 <SandorL> But Mikey, here's the issue
00:23 <SandorL> She doesn't appear anymore
00:23 <Yoshiman444> i belive in evolution and im christian 
00:23 <Snorp09> I miron will logon
00:23 <CPWikigirl> Cuz I don't even have the afk button
00:23 <Yoshiman444> strange huh?
00:23 <SandorL> If you go on a new account and adopt a puffle
00:23 <SandorL> She won't come
00:23 <Mikeymkwii> Wow
00:23 <Sharkbate> SandorL, PM
00:23 <CPWikigirl>  So yeah
00:23 <Ph1n3a5and77> I am christian and I love astronomy
00:24 <Twinkie102> im chewing my shirt and it's stretching :|
00:24 <Jj131> if you're Christian you would not believe the world would end, unless after the Book of Revelations time for Jesus to be king is up and God has to make a new Earth
00:24 <CPWikigirl> They're no help
00:24 <CPWikigirl> They're so useless
00:24 <Jj131> then God will decide who lives on the new Earth or live forever
00:24 <SandorL> Ooh, I hope he picks me
00:24 <CPWikigirl> They think they would erase the copying thing
00:24 <SandorL> I'll show him some customs!
00:24 <Jj131> so be a good person and God will let you live
00:24 <Twinkie102> I hope he picks me... Twinkie Forever :P
00:24 <CPWikigirl> God let many people die
00:24 -!- Polo Field has joined Special:Chat
00:24 <CPWikigirl> People die every second
00:24 <Twinkie102> :O Hi Polo
00:24 <SandorL> Polo Field
00:24 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field!
00:24 <Blitzzy> Cpwiki
00:24 <SandorL> Hi
00:24 <Blitzzy> please stahp
00:24 <Eaglesrule8> no u have to accept christ into your heart to go to heaven
00:25 <Dogkid1> hello
00:25 <Ph1n3a5and77> *Prays* Dear Lord, pick me- oh I'll be dead by that time
00:25 <Snorp09> :O
00:25 <SandorL> Question: Can you prove you are the real you?
00:25 <Ph1n3a5and77> POLO
00:25 <Snorp09> Polo
00:25 <CPWikigirl> Lord kill me
00:25 <Twinkie102> Polo
00:25 <CPWikigirl> please
00:25 <Ph1n3a5and77> FIELD FRIDAY
00:25 <CPWikigirl> let me go to Heaven
00:25 <Dogkid1> wait whaaa
00:25 <Blitzzy> who is this "polo field" :P
00:25 <Ph1n3a5and77> HAPPY FIELD FRIDAY
00:25 <Twinkie102> A moderator of CP
00:25 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field
00:25 <CPWikigirl> cry
00:25 <Jj131> well he picks who lives after Satan escapes being chained and burnt for 1000 years and Jesus's time as king is gone
00:25 <Polo Field> happy friday, wiki penguins
00:25 <Dogkid1> what is this game called polo field you speaK OF
00:25 <Ph1n3a5and77> PM POLO
00:25 <Polo Field> looks like there's some intense conversations happening in here.
00:25 <Jj131> Polo, we are talking about anti-Christ and how the world ends.
00:25 <Blitzzy> lol yea
00:25 <Dororo111122> *dororo scream*
00:25 <Polo Field> oh dear
00:25 <Polo Field> ummm
00:25 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field I love you O_O
00:25 <Polo Field> maybe i should leave?
00:25 <SandorL> Polo
00:25 <Blitzzy> lel
00:25 <Preston108> :O
00:26 <Eaglesrule8> no polo
00:26 <SandorL> Stay
00:26 <WikiaFrog> hi polo
00:26 <Ph1n3a5and77> Naw
00:26 <Twinkie102> poloo
00:26 <Twinkie102> stayyy
00:26 <Eaglesrule8> plz stay
00:26 <SandorL> Have you heard of me?
00:26 <Snorp09> No stay
00:26 <CPWikigirl> You could leave
00:26 <Jj131> But really the world never ends. God chooses good people to be in new world.
00:26 <SandorL> I make customs
00:26 <CPWikigirl> it's okay
00:26 <Polo Field> we could talk about unicorns and keytars?
00:26 <CPWikigirl> you're busy
00:26 <CPWikigirl> lol
00:26 <Jj131> New world is probably not like exploding everything
00:26 <Dororo111122> UNICORNS!
00:26 <Polo Field> something i know something about?
00:26 <Twinkie102> keytars
00:26 <CPWikigirl> no don't leave
00:26 <Eaglesrule8> keytars
00:26 <SandorL> My dojo was accidentally in the magazine
00:26 <Dogkid1> CHEESECAKE
00:26 <Ph1n3a5and77> Hey Snow is im may
00:26 <WikiaFrog> i have a feeling people are gonna start coming
00:26 <Dogkid1> test
00:26 <Dororo111122> !updated
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00:26 <Snorp09> Polo are you the real polo?
00:26 <Jj131> new world probably means all bad guys will be dead and all good
00:26 <Jj131> and no more meat eating
00:26 <WikiaFrog> he is @snorp
00:26 <Polo Field> polo is the real polo
00:26 <Blitzzy> Polo do you like tacos :3
00:26 <Dororo111122> oh god so many chat messages
00:26 <Eaglesrule8> MY pastor played a keytar on sunday!!
00:26 <Twinkie102> Polo, can u spill a secret about the Super hero takeover? 
00:26 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
00:26 <WikiaFrog> he posted cp sneek peaks
00:26 <Jj131> and humans understand animals again
00:26 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo PM
00:26 <Preston108> Just because hes famous, doesnt mean we all have to say is name :P
00:26 <CPWikigirl> Polo field's a polo field!
00:26 <CPWikigirl> :o
00:26 <Obviousname> I AM VERY WELL RESTED
00:26 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
00:26 <Dororo111122> *grabs obvious*
00:26 <CPWikigirl> Shocking revelation
00:26 <WikiaFrog> a long time ago
00:26 <Snorp09> Polo Pm me
00:26 <Blitzzy> Hi obvious
00:26 <Ph1n3a5and77> Naw nvm Polo
00:26 <Dororo111122> calm yourself!
00:26 <Blitzzy> right on time
00:26 <Master Dubstep> Oh look. Polo Field.
00:27 <Dororo111122> *shows obvious polo is here*
00:27 <Jj131> Dororo don't use God's name in vain or you will not live forever in the afterlife when God makes new Earth
00:27 <CPWikigirl> Oh my God!
00:27 <WikiaFrog> uhhhh
00:27 <Blitzzy> well then
00:27 <Polo Field> what's new?
00:27 <Twinkie102> polo
00:27 <Dogkid1> what is new
00:27 <Twinkie102> guess what
00:27 <CPWikigirl> Well
00:27 <Master Dubstep> Mayonnaise
00:27 <WikiaFrog> nothing much
00:27 <Master Dubstep> is new\
00:27 <Polo Field> anyone watch all the summit fun?
00:27 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo, Is a school coming?
00:27 <Dororo111122> !updated
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00:27 <Jj131> Polo, let's go on a server!
00:27 <Master Dubstep> Yep
00:27 <CPWikigirl> :( No
00:27 <WikiaFrog> i'm gonna be on the Nationl Cherry Blossom Parade
00:27 <Twinkie102> I didn't get to go :(
00:27 <CPWikigirl> I didn't
00:27 <Blitzzy> Oh the winter fiesta was good
00:27 <WikiaFrog> my school is going to be
00:27 <Master Dubstep> Mr Polo Field, can I have a jar of mayonnaise?
00:27 <Snorp09> Check your Pm polo
00:27 <WikiaFrog> singing. along with me.
00:27 <CPWikigirl> Cuz I'm staying at Kelowna
00:27 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO
00:27 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo CJ Snow is in may!
00:27 <Twinkie102> Polo, what was your favorite party so far this year?
00:27 <SandorL> Polo Field, PM please
00:27 <Ph1n3a5and77> PM POLO
00:27 <SandorL> It is important
00:27 <CPWikigirl> But I can never visit
00:27 <Jj131> Polo it is Field Friday, let's go to a CP server! But I don't wanna go to Summit.
00:28 <CPWikigirl> Cuz then if I say I'm CPWikigirl
00:28 <Dororo111122> let me test something
00:28 <Eaglesrule8> polo i was banned
00:28 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field will be like: You were naughty
00:28 <Polo Field> it was fun here at the office
00:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> I can help with the ocean6100 wiki
00:28 <Eaglesrule8> for no reason
00:28 <Master Dubstep> Polo, guess what
00:28 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo.
00:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO
00:28 <Sharkbate> sooo Polo Field, no Medieval this year?
00:28 <Eaglesrule8> :/
00:28 <Dororo111122> damn
00:28 <CPWikigirl> So yeah
00:28 <Twinkie102> POLO
00:28 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
00:28 <Polo Field> looks like some sneak peeks made it out 
00:28 <Dororo111122> yep not a swear
00:28 <Ph1n3a5and77> My PM is super super super super super important (Really its not)
00:28 <SandorL> Let's kick the real talkative ones
00:28 <Dogkid1> I thought you said marco before polo
00:28 <Blitzzy> I have a feeling polo is businesmoose
00:28 <Master Dubstep> The keytar is no longer an instrument. Mayonnaise took it's place.
00:28 <Ph1n3a5and77> MARCO
00:28 <Sharkbate> Let's not and say we did.
00:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO WHERES MY BLING BLING NECKLACE
00:28 <Twinkie102> polo
00:28 <Dogkid1> POLO
00:28 <Dororo111122> caps
00:28 <Blitzzy> I'm on to you polo (stare)
00:28 <Jj131> PM Polo Field
00:28 <Sharkbate> horse raddish
00:28 <Dororo111122> !updated
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00:28 <CPWikigirl> Polo why did you unfollow us?
00:28 <SandorL> Guys, don't bombard him
00:28 <Twinkie102> PM me, Polo!
00:28 -!- Dragonian King has joined Special:Chat
00:28 <Eaglesrule8> POL PM
00:28 <Eaglesrule8> PLZ
00:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
00:29 <Blitzzy> hi drago
00:29 <Dragonian King> Hi
00:29 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:29 <Master Dubstep> Everyone bombard polo field
00:29 <Master Dubstep> LOL
00:29 <Dogkid1> hi king
00:29 <Twinkie102> No
00:29 <Eaglesrule8> no
00:29 <Snorp09> Polo check your pms from me
00:29 <Dororo111122> so shark your sure you dont remember dragon
00:29 <Eaglesrule8> not nice
00:29 <Blitzzy> good plan dubstep
00:29 <CPWikigirl> Why did Polo unfollow us?
00:29 <Dogkid1> -tackles polo-
00:29 <SandorL> You live to contradict me Dubby :P
00:29 <Sharkbate> I do remember Dragon
00:29 <Polo Field> can't discuss, just following the rules
00:29 <Preston108> We are sorry but <insert religious holiday" is not celebrated on CP. Polo what happened to CP having awesome parties like the St. Pats day party?
00:29 <SandorL> Polo Field
00:29 <Jj131> Polo please go to the server Tuxedo so we can play and do stuff again!
00:29 <CPWikigirl> hmm Polo Field
00:29 <Polo Field> i'm still around to connect with everyone, though
00:29 <SandorL> I was accidentally in the magazine
00:29 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo. Do you have any nintendo consoles?
00:29 <CPWikigirl> You cant follow us
00:29 <CPWikigirl> Because of rules
00:29 <CPWikigirl> :(
00:29 <Polo Field> cool!
00:29 <Jj131> Polo it is Field Friday we can go on a server!
00:29 <Master Dubstep> I'll give you a new keytar if you tell us (stare)
00:29 <SandorL> Do you know me?
00:29 <Sharkbate> Polo Field, Is there a medieval party at all this year?
00:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO GO ON A QUIET SERVER
00:29 <SandorL> My dojo was in it
00:29 <Polo Field> i do have a WiiU, yep
00:29 <Eaglesrule8> so it was a CP rule tht u couldnt follow us?
00:29 <Dororo111122> caps!
00:29 <SandorL> Under Rookipedia
00:29 <WikiaFrog> sandy
00:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> I have a wii U too
00:29 <SandorL> Yes?
00:29 <WikiaFrog> you were in the magazine.
00:29 <Polo Field> nice
00:29 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo, I live in your time zone, Penguin Standard Time or Pacific
00:29 <WikiaFrog> you should be grateful
00:29 <Jj131> Polo go to somewhere on Field Friday!
00:30 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, do you know the game Kingdom Hearts?
00:30 <SandorL> Btw Polo
00:30 <Wii Mario 01> Hi Polo!
00:30 <Blitzzy> Polo Field add penguins to Club Penguin
00:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> a Wiki Field Friday!
00:30 <Twinkie102> Polo Field, are there any sneak peeks you can give for the Super Hero Takeover?
00:30 <Dragonian King> Polo will there be another CP video game soon?
00:30 <SandorL> Have you ever seen my customs
00:30 <Blitzzy> I think it will fit with the title
00:30 <Polo Field> i do! kingdom hearts is awesome.
00:30 <Preston108> Is there a medieval party this year?
00:30 <Dogkid1> so much questions
00:30 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, do you want to plan a New club penguin game for Wii U
00:30 <Master Dubstep> Ikr :D
00:30 <SandorL> I've sent them to support a few times
00:30 <Eaglesrule8> polo was it a CP staff rule tht u ccouldnt follow us on Twitter?
00:30 <Dororo111122> geez..
00:30 <Jj131> Polo please make a blog post for Field Friday! I wanna go to a server and talk with you!
00:30 <Master Dubstep> My life is complete <3
00:30 <SandorL> I've made hundreds of rooms
00:30 <Dororo111122> dogkid to the pm!
00:30 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo lets brainsprm new cp ideas
00:30 <Jj131> Please!
00:30 <Preston108> Why are you acting so weird on Twitter?
00:30 <Dogkid1> I'm probably the only one not freaking out
00:30 <Jj131> Which server can we go on?
00:30 <Dororo111122> me too dog
00:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Club Penguin EPF: Double Gerbert's Revenge
00:30 <Snorp09> Come chat at please polo
00:30 <Sharkbate> Dogkid, what about me?
00:30 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field is my brother
00:30 <Ph1n3a5and77> Lets Brainstorm with polo!
00:30 <CPWikigirl> Mwahaha
00:30 <Polo Field> i'm only around for a minute
00:30 <Twinkie102> no @cpwiki don't lie
00:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> :(
00:31 <Polo Field> just thought i'd see how everyone was
00:31 <Blitzzy> Did you know that kangaroo pouches are really stinky
00:31 <Jj131> let's party in Polo Field's igloo! We can meet at the Cove and go to your igloo!
00:31 <Twinkie102> POLO
00:31 <SandorL> Polo Field, answer me one question please
00:31 <SandorL> Please
00:31 <Twinkie102> Guess what
00:31 <Dragonian King> Polo there should be another EPF game
00:31 <Sharkbate> Polo Field, wanna go get a slice of pizza and talk about 2013 plans?
00:31 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
00:31 <Commander Bsyew> Back.
00:31 <SandorL> I just want one answer
00:31 <Twinkie102> Hi Bsyew
00:31 <Wii Mario 01> Polo is it true that Card Jitsu Snow is due to come next month?
00:31 -!- Snorp09 has left Special:Chat.
00:31 <Twinkie102> Polo guess what
00:31 <Sharkbate> nevermind that :P
00:31 <Polo Field> another epf game would be rad of course
00:31 <Dogkid1> WB commancer
00:31 <Commander Bsyew> Polo?
00:31 <Dragonian King> Will there ever be another one?
00:31 -!- Snorp09 has joined Special:Chat
00:31 <Commander Bsyew> Polo Field.
00:31 <SandorL> Polo Field, please, one answer
00:31 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, what if I told you... that I trapped Klutzy?
00:31 <Commander Bsyew> I drew a penguin :P
00:31 <Dogkid1> brb
00:31 <Polo Field> there's a lot we'd love to do... it's just a question of how much time is available!
00:31 <Twinkie102> Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Final Attempt
00:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo come on tuxedo in the dock at the table
00:31 <WikiaFrog> guys
00:31 <Commander Bsyew> Its the first penguin I ever drew.
00:31 <Sharkbate> Makes sense.
00:31 <SandorL> Polo, can you answer just one question for me
00:31 <Sharkbate> Water Party <3
00:31 <WikiaFrog> have you seen the trailer for the new Good Luck Charlie?
00:31 <Dragonian King> I think you should have another villain
00:31 <WikiaFrog> the muppets are gonna be in it
00:31 <Twinkie102> yes
00:31 <Eaglesrule8> yes
00:32 <Dragonian King> Besides the test bots
00:32 <Ph1n3a5and77> polo imagione a cp computer in real life
00:32 <Polo Field> cool!
00:32 <Polo Field> i love muppets.
00:32 <SandorL> Polo Field
00:32 <TheUnknownPony2014> Can Club penguin go work with Sony and Microsoft for PS3 and Xbox 360?
00:32 <Dragonian King> So that would allow for more EPF opportunities and stuff
00:32 <WikiaFrog> mee too
00:32 <Eaglesrule8> my friend is scared of the muppets... she is 18
00:32 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, what was your favorite show when you were a kid?
00:32 <Jj131> Polo are you working on that Godzilla party? Members can transform into kaiju (giant Japanese monsters) and destroy, or protect Club Penguin!
00:32 <WikiaFrog> oops. two me's
00:32 <Preston108> O_O
00:32 <SandorL> I just want you to look at something
00:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Pikachu Costume for Penguins xD
00:32 <Polo Field> what do you think of the test bots?
00:32 <Eaglesrule8> cool
00:32 <SandorL> I like them
00:32 <Twinkie102> test bots?
00:32 <WikiaFrog> i like them
00:32 <Twinkie102> ???
00:32 <Master Dubstep> They are meanies
00:32 <TheUnknownPony2014> I like it.
00:32 <Twinkie102> what test bots!?
00:32 <Jj131> Polo, do you think a Godzilla party will be good?
00:32 <SandorL> But Polo could you please look at something
00:32 <Eaglesrule8> POLO PM PLZ
00:32 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
00:32 <Master Dubstep> So I trapped them in a bubble
00:32 <Jj131> Members can be kaiju!
00:32 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo imagine a keytar for ur b-day
00:32 <Blitzzy> wait we are talking about super mario brothers right?
00:32 <Vicyorus> EVBS ON
00:32 <Twinkie102> omg someone tell me what you are talking about test bots
00:32 <Blitzzy> so is polo on chat vicy
00:32 <Snorp09> polo left
00:32 <Polo Field> yeah that would be awesome
00:32 <Snorp09> what no he did not
00:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo remember my penguin name?
00:33 <Twinkie102> OMG What are the test bots!??!?!?
00:33 <Vicyorus> Hello there!
00:33 <Sharkbate> I still <3 Water Party 
00:33 <Jj131> Polo have you heard of Godzilla?
00:33 <Commander Bsyew> Polo Field. So what was this Club Penguin Summit?
00:33 <SandorL> Polo Field look here please:
00:33 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, wouldn't it be cool if they had a keytar based on MARVEL?
00:33 <SandorL> It's all stuff I made
00:33 <Polo Field> yeah the water party is cool
00:33 <Master Dubstep> Like it superheroes on it
00:33 <SandorL> In inspiration of stuff you guys made
00:33 <Preston108> Lets all over react about Polo Field being here! :D
00:33 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, Why is there a school in club penguin
00:33 <Polo Field> it wasn't the most popular, though
00:33 <Dragonian King> Polo pleeeeease bring back Water or Summer Parties :)
00:33 <Twinkie102> There should be a Mario party
00:33 <Master Dubstep> and the MARVEL logo
00:33 <Jj131> POLO! Do you like Godzilla!?
00:33 <Snorp09> Sandor awesome swf there huh
00:33 <Jj131> please answer me
00:33 <CPWikigirl> Will there be a water party
00:33 <Sharkbate> So it won't be comin' back, Polo?
00:33 <Blitzzy> Polo Field I have a great Idea
00:33 <Blitzzy> A game
00:33 <Twinkie102> Bits n
00:33 <Ph1n3a5and77> Summer Parties will never return
00:33 <Vicyorus> [[Test Bots]] @Twinkie
00:33 <Jj131> will a water party happen?
00:33 <Twinkie102> oops
00:33 <Blitzzy> Where you play as penguins
00:33 <Dogkid1> back
00:33 <Twinkie102> Okay thx Vic
00:33 <Blitzzy> and walk around and stuff
00:33 <Dragonian King> There should be some Autumn Festival in place of The Fair
00:33 <Vicyorus> WB
00:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> Look at this Polo
00:34 <Dogkid1> TY
00:34 <Twinkie102> Ohh
00:34 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, Chicken Tenders or Pizza?
00:34 <Twinkie102> Those test bots xD
00:34 <Vicyorus> Well, I'm off
00:34 <Vicyorus> Bye!
00:34 <Blitzzy> okay bai
00:34 <Dogkid1> k
00:34 <Vicyorus> EVBS OFF
00:34 <Dragonian King> Bye
00:34 <Twinkie102> Bye
00:34 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
00:34 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo are you excited for Paint By Letters returning?
00:34 <Dogkid1> (HI)
00:34 <Dogkid1> BYES
00:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> Bye
00:34 <Jj131> Polo Field will you add a Godzilla party or Star Wars party?
00:34 <Jj131> Polo Field what is the new room coming in June?
00:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> I want the Black Hoodie!
00:34 <Twinkie102> Where did you guys hear that Paint By Letters is returning? Isn't this just a rumor?
00:34 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field. Whats your FAVORITE meme?
00:34 <Ph1n3a5and77> School
00:34 <Blitzzy> i can't wait for the valentines party
00:34 <Wii Mario 01> Polo take this suggestion to spike hike for me. For the fair this year have some carnival rides there like a roller coaster, ferris wheel, chair ride 
00:34 <Twinkie102> It's a school @Jj
00:34 <Jj131> Ik that but Polo has not said so yet
00:34 <Ph1n3a5and77> No PBL is returning
00:35 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field someone emailed me and said the Water Party is coming out for sure this year
00:35 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
00:35 <Snorp09> Yeah I hope so
00:35 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <CPWikigirl> The cp support team did
00:35 <Jj131> Polo is not responding sadly.
00:35 <Twinkie102> It's so obvious that it's a school the way it looks
00:35 <Sharkbate> I wish the Water Party would return just once.
00:35 <CPWikigirl> They said Oh yes!
00:35 <Sharkbate> I miss it oh so much
00:35 <CPWikigirl> We will have one
00:35 <Master Dubstep> He got distracted by staring at his Keytar
00:35 <Shurow> same here
00:35 <Dragonian King> Just oooooone more Water Party :3
00:35 <Dogkid1> I've never been to a water party
00:35 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ask Spike for partie ideas
00:35 <Jj131> (Keytar)
00:35 <Dragonian King> Me neither
00:35 <Snorp09> Sharkbate is this because your a psyduck?
00:35 <Jj131> We need a Keytar emote
00:35 <Twinkie102> POLO! Please check out!
00:35 <CPWikigirl> So the Water Party will come back
00:35 <Preston108> Polo make the Polo Shirts be released again
00:35 <Twinkie102> SandorL's stuff!
00:35 <Ph1n3a5and77> Please make a keytar icon for Polo
00:35 <SandorL> All custom stuff at
00:35 <Twinkie102>
00:35 <Blitzzy> tomatos
00:35 <Mariocart25Charizard> Make a Keytar Pin
00:35 <Wii Mario 01> (;0)
00:35 <SandorL> I've worked countless hours on it
00:36 <Twinkie102> Go go go @Polo! :(
00:36 <Snorp09> Twinkie and Sandor cool place huh
00:36 <SandorL> I;ve made custom rooms
00:36 <Wii Mario 01> :0
00:36 <SandorL> Custom parties
00:36 <Snorp09> cool
00:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> The Red Keytar Pin
00:36 <SandorL> Custom backgrounds and playercards
00:36 <Sharkbate> Water Party <3 Music Jam <3 Penguin Games <3
00:36 <CPWikigirl> A club pengui  staff member said Water Party is coming!
00:36 <Snorp09> I love them Sandorl
00:36 <Commander Bsyew> Im nervous about the Fcat.
00:36 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo he has alot of questions dont be sad
00:36 <CPWikigirl> I'm so excited
00:36 <Sharkbate> All good ol' blasts from the past
00:36 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Dogkid1> the penguin games was awesome
00:36 <TheUnknownPony2014> I can't imagine that Club penguin will be going multiplatform: PS3 and Xbox 360 and Wii U.
00:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> Hidden at the Pizza
00:36 <Ocean6100> Hi guys!
00:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
00:36 <Commander Bsyew> Hai.
00:36 <Blitzzy> i can't wait for half life 2 episode 3
00:36 <Ocean6100> Thanks for the tip, Bsyew. :)
00:36 -!- PotatoCanadian has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Snorp09> Sharkbate do you like the water party because your a psyduck?
00:36 <Ph1n3a5and77> If you want to ask about new parties and returning stuff, ask Spike
00:36 <CPWikigirl> So yeah Water Party IS coming back
00:36 <Commander Bsyew> XD
00:36 <Blitzzy> hihihi
00:36 <Sharkbate> No, Snorp
00:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> Chris? What's this?
00:36 <Sharkbate> I just like the Water Party
00:36 <Twinkie102> I (heart) the Festival of Flight 
00:36 <Sharkbate> it was a fantastic party
00:37 <Sharkbate> FoF was good too
00:37 <Mariocart25Charizard> Bring Back the Jet Pack
00:37 <CPWikigirl> And they also said that festival of Flight is coming
00:37 <Ph1n3a5and77> No
00:37 <Twinkie102> It is available
00:37 <Sharkbate> Water Party had that awesome storyline with the crab breaking the glass
00:37 <CPWikigirl> They emailed me
00:37 <Twinkie102> It's on a 3 month membership card
00:37 <Ph1n3a5and77> Get a membershuip for jet pack
00:37 <Snorp09> SanadorL where did the swf go on cpcustoms?
00:37 <Dogkid1> im going to miss the Marvel party this year
00:37 <CPWikigirl> Batreeqah:
00:37 <CPWikigirl> LOL!! :)
00:37 <CPWikigirl> Monday, April 1, 2013 - 18:47
00:37 <SandorL> Hmm, Idk
00:37 <Blitzzy> ahh I tied my finger up in string
00:37 <SandorL> It's gone!
00:37 <Ocean6100> I sent a message to Train on Twitter to come to our chat. ^_^
00:37 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo can all of us do a Meetup at Tuxedo
00:38 <Ocean6100> Guys!!
00:38 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Trainman1405]]
00:38 <Ocean6100> Trainman is coming!
00:38 <Ocean6100> He said so! :D
00:38 <SandorL> No sir
00:38 <Twinkie102> :O
00:38 <Ph1n3a5and77> I wont join- it gets laggy
00:38 <SandorL> Two famous peoples
00:38 -!- CPPerapin has joined Special:Chat
00:38 <Ph1n3a5and77> OMG
00:38 <SandorL> On this chat
00:38 <Twinkie102> Omg
00:38 <Twinkie102> Wow
00:38 <Ph1n3a5and77> TRAINMAN
00:38 <Ocean6100> Yessir!
00:38 <Commander Bsyew> Thats the wrong Trainman.
00:38 <Blitzzy> hello
00:38 <Ocean6100> He's coming!
00:38 <Twinkie102> Be prepared everyonee
00:38 <SandorL> We gonna be goin crazy
00:38 <Dogkid1> ok
00:38 <Ocean6100> Guys.
00:38 <TheUnknownPony2014> I Got a idea, Club penguin could make  some Remakes of old parties.
00:38 <CPPerapin> polo field!
00:38 <Sharkbate> guys calm down >_<
00:38 <Ph1n3a5and77> CWAZY
00:38 <Ocean6100> You wanna see something hilarious?
00:38 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:38 <Commander Bsyew> His real username is Skater1405.
00:38 <Dogkid1> im not going crazy anytime
00:38 <Sharkbate> Seriously. Stop going all crazy
00:38 <Sharkbate> It makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK
00:38 <Blitzzy> i have a feeling polo field might be fmous
00:38 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ok- *gets more soda*
00:38 <Preston108> Polo!
00:38 <Sharkbate> And it's annoying
00:38 <SandorL> Ikr?
00:38 <Commander Bsyew>
00:38 <Preston108> Polo!
00:39 <TheUnknownPony2014> Cpwiki. don't play with chat hacks.
00:39 <Dogkid1> wb
00:39 <Mikeymkwii> STOP AFKing?!
00:39 <Master Dubstep> What the world? My scroll bar is dancing
00:39 <Ocean6100> Guys.
00:39 -!- CPWikigirl was kicked from Special:Chat by Sharkbate
00:39 <SandorL> Mine too!
00:39 <SandorL> Up and done
00:39 <Commander Bsyew> So it was CPwikigirl.
00:39 <Ocean6100> Guys. You'll love this.
00:39 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: How Animals Eat Their Food - Duration: 01:26 - Uploaded: 2013-04-09 - Rating: 4.919327 - Views: 17,144,143 -
00:39 <Sharkbate> Stop doing that./
00:39 <Dogkid1> dont play with chat hackiez
00:39 <Master Dubstep> Go scroll bar go scroll bar
00:39 <CPWikigirl> I wasn't
00:39 <SandorL> It's a go go dancer
00:39 <Sharkbate> Yes you were
00:39 <CPWikigirl> what do you guys eman?
00:39 <Snorp09> testing
00:39 <Dogkid1> you were
00:39 <CPWikigirl> *mean
00:39 <Dogkid1> don't lie
00:39 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO CAN YOU DO A MEETUP ON WARLUS
00:39 <Preston108> Polo!
00:39 <Commander Bsyew> When we kicked you, it stopped.
00:39 <Dogkid1> WALRUS?
00:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> Get ready for trainman
00:39 <Dogkid1> WHERE
00:39 <CPWikigirl> nah
00:39 <Preston108> Meet up
00:39 -!- Skater1405 has joined Special:Chat
00:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> :O
00:39 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
00:39 <Dogkid1> :O
00:39 <Master Dubstep> Sup Skater
00:40 <Preston108> :O
00:40 <Dogkid1> :O
00:40 <Skater1405> Hellooo.
00:40 <Ph1n3a5and77> TRAINMAN
00:40 <TheUnknownPony2014> it's...
00:40 <Skater1405> ;)
00:40 <Sharkbate> CALM. DOWN.
00:40 <Preston108> I cant believe it!
00:40 <Dogkid1> TRAAAINN
00:40 <Master Dubstep> Go to jail
00:40 <Ocean6100> What did I tell you?
00:40 <Sharkbate> Seriously. Stop freaking out.
00:40 <Preston108> The real trainman!
00:40 <Ocean6100> Hai Polo!
00:40 <Ocean6100> Hai Train!
00:40 <Sharkbate> Calm it.
00:40 <Skater1405> Hiya. :P
00:40 <Ocean6100> I meant Train. :P
00:40 <TheUnknownPony2014> Hello Train. :D
00:40 <Snorp09> sandarL love your swfs
00:40 <Preston108> Hes the greatest blogger ever!
00:40 <Ocean6100> Thanks for stopping by! :)
00:40 <Master Dubstep> Trainman, it's Shadow.
00:40 <Skater1405> You're welcome.
00:40 <Jj131> What is so good about Trainman?
00:40 <Skater1405> Ohai Shadow.
00:40 <Ocean6100> No, he said he's coming.
00:40 <CPPerapin> :D
00:40 <Blitzzy> who's this "train" we speak about? :P
00:40 <Master Dubstep> hai
00:40 <Preston108> I check you blog EVERYDaY
00:40 <Ocean6100> :P
00:40 <Skater1405> I don't know people like me so much =P
00:40 <Jj131> This is so weird. I don't get it.
00:40 <SandorL> Hey, it's trainman
00:40 <Ocean6100> You'd be surprised. XP
00:40 <Mikeymkwii> Hey Train
00:40 <CPPerapin> i wish i had the username perapin on this wikia
00:40 <Preston108> Im Pj Monster 1 CP @Skater
00:40 <TheUnknownPony2014> Trainman, what do you think of Saraapril?
00:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Trainman1405]]
00:40 <Dragonian King> Are you THE real Trainman? :O
00:40 <Ph1n3a5and77> The greatest two bloggeres: Trainman and Polo! The Greatest snail ever: Turbo
00:40 <Skater1405> Yes I am real.
00:40 <Ocean6100> @Perapin Why not?
00:40 <Eaglesrule8> brb
00:41 <Sharkbate> 9_9
00:41 <Commander Bsyew> It is :D
00:41 <Dragonian King> wooow
00:41 <Blitzzy> wait is something major happening here
00:41 <Preston108> Wait
00:41 <Sharkbate> Srsly, calm down.
00:41 <CPPerapin> a better question to ask is "Why?"
00:41 <CPPerapin> lol
00:41 <Master Dubstep> Train, are you good at making customs? XD
00:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> Saraapril Vs Trainman Vs Polo
00:41 <Commander Bsyew> Ugh.
00:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> Come on Warlus for a Pizza Party Polo!
00:41 <Commander Bsyew> My chat is laggy.
00:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> ikr
00:41 <Polo Field> hey guys sorry was away chatting
00:41 <Skater1405> Nope I'm not good at anything graphics related.
00:41 <CPPerapin> hey
00:41 <Dragonian King> wb Polo
00:41 <Master Dubstep> Polo, its trainman
00:41 <CPPerapin> :D
00:41 <CPWikigirl> oh
00:41 <Ocean6100> @Polo Train is on.
00:41 <Snorp09> Did sandorL logoff?
00:41 <Ocean6100> :D
00:41 -!- Rocketman30 has joined Special:Chat
00:41 <Preston108> Polo trainman is here!
00:41 <WikiaFrog>
00:41 <Blitzzy> I forgive you Polooo
00:41 <SandorL> Polo
00:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo
00:41 <Ocean6100> Guys. Watch this:
00:41 <WikiaFrog> listen tot his
00:41 <Master Dubstep> Skater is Trainman
00:41 <Rocketman30> POLO?!
00:41 <Polo Field> yep, i see.
00:41 <Master Dubstep> :L
00:41 <WikiaFrog> *this
00:41 <Preston108> The one and only Trainman!
00:41 <Ocean6100> :D
00:41 <SandorL> Polo please look here
00:41 <Ocean6100> Sorry wrong link.
00:41 <Dragonian King> MARCO
00:41 <Blitzzy> let's flood chat by asking polo questions :3
00:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> POLO 
00:41 <Jj131> Polo can you come to the server Tuxedo on CP?
00:41 <WikiaFrog> listen to this guys
00:41 <Thebigfoot1> Polo Field?
00:42 <Rocketman30> POLO!! SHOW US A SNEAK PEEK
00:42 <SandorL> I made them all
00:42 <Jj131> Lets go to the Cove and talk!
00:42 <CPWikigirl> Everyone spam chat now
00:42 <Snorp09> SandorL love your swfs
00:42 <PotatoCanadian> Hey Polo.
00:42 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, how can you imagine if club penguin was multiplatform?
00:42 <Master Dubstep> Train, why was your website messing up today?
00:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> At Warlus
00:42 <Twinkie102> No CPWiki
00:42 <SandorL> Thanks Snorp
00:42 <Commander Bsyew> Hmm.
00:42 <CPWikigirl> Annoy Polo Field now!
00:42 <Thebigfoot1> Polo can you add me as your friend
00:42 <CPWikigirl> Mwahaha
00:42 <Snorp09> Yeah I mean it
00:42 <TheUnknownPony2014> Cpwiki. don't.
00:42 <SandorL> Skater
00:42 <Polo Field> i'm about to leave, though
00:42 <Twinkie102> Trainman, you are a robot
00:42 <SandorL> PM please
00:42 <Jj131> Polo! Is CP working on that Godzilla party?
00:42 <Commander Bsyew> Polo Field, want to come on to Tuxedo?
00:42 <SandorL> Polo
00:42 <Polo Field> so i won't really have time to log on
00:42 <CPPerapin> awww
00:42 <CPWikigirl> So Polo Filed I saw this person die
00:42 <Master Dubstep> Everyone invade Polo
00:42 <SandorL> Please
00:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> NO ;(
00:42 <Polo Field> thanks for the offer, though
00:42 <Mikeymkwii> Skater, LOL
00:42 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo whats with the same decorations at Puffle 2013?
00:42 <Skater1405> My website's server isn't the best at handling lots of posting and viewers at once so it'll crash
00:42 <CPWikigirl> And like so people said quack
00:42 <Blitzzy> Polo Field do you remember the war of 1818
00:42 <Thebigfoot1> Polo Field, come to Snow Angel Dock
00:42 <Lilly flower> hi
00:42 <Polo Field> Godzilla party?
00:42 <Blitzzy> it was epic
00:42 <Snorp09> TO bad they can't be on cp SandorL
00:42 <Polo Field> that's hilarious
00:42 <Lilly flower> hi
00:42 <Snorp09> cap on sorry
00:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo
00:42 <PotatoCanadian> Hi Polo
00:42 <Jj131> Why is Godzilla funny to you?
00:42 <Master Dubstep> Well, Squidzoid is our Godzilla
00:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> Make a Red Keytar Pin
00:42 <CPWikigirl> Oh yeah and a cp staff member emailed me that a king kong party was coming
00:42 <Twinkie102> Minecraft Party
00:42 <Jj131> Godzilla is a giant monster that destroys cities!
00:42 <CPWikigirl> is that true?
00:42 -!- Lilly flower has left Special:Chat.
00:43 <Jj131> A giant dinosaur!
00:43 <Dogkid1> rawr
00:43 <Jj131> He breathes fire!\
00:43 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, what do you think of pokemon?
00:43 <Master Dubstep> Give me lightsabers or give me death
00:43 <Ph1n3a5and77> Pookie Party (XD)
00:43 <Dragonian King> Polo make a Phineas & Ferb Party with Perry :3
00:43 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo Make a Red Keytar Pin
00:43 <Dogkid1> pookie party
00:43 <CPWikigirl> Cuz a cp staff member said that it was coming
00:43 <Blitzzy> this IS legend of zelda we are talking about right?
00:43 <Preston108> Polo, do you like pookies?
00:43 <Commander Bsyew> O_o
00:43 <Twinkie102> Tomato Alien Keytar Party!!!
00:43 <Mariocart25Charizard> Operation Pookie
00:43 <CPWikigirl> King Kong party!
00:43 <Dogkid1> king kong party?
00:43 <Preston108> Please answer
00:43 <CPWikigirl> I can't wait
00:43 <Jj131> Do Minecraft Party! Members can be hostile mobs and freak out their friends!
00:43 <Dogkid1> dream on
00:43 <Polo Field> i'd love to have a pin
00:43 <CPWikigirl> for king king party
00:43 <PotatoCanadian> Lol, there should be a Polo Party and the free items are the items Polo wears!
00:43 <Thebigfoot1> Polo PM
00:43 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, what do you think of Pokemon?
00:43 <Master Dubstep> I'd love to have it BACK (stare)
00:43 <CPWikigirl> Polo Field likes me
00:43 <PotatoCanadian> lol
00:43 <Dragonian King> Creeper Suit lol
00:43 <CPWikigirl> He thinks I'm cool
00:43 <Blitzzy> Polo Field will you marry me
00:43 <Polo Field> actually any new keytar-related item would make me happy
00:43 <Ph1n3a5and77> Operation: Polo! Coming Every Polo Friday
00:43 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo do you like pokemon?
00:43 <PotatoCanadian> Rocketman, choll.
00:43 <CPWikigirl> Marry me, Polo Field
00:43 <CPPerapin> blue keytar!
00:43 <Polo Field> it was 2 days
00:44 <Skater1405> o.o
00:44 <Twinkie102> Make a blue and orange keytar
00:44 <Master Dubstep> Operation: Protobot
00:44 <Thebigfoot1> Polo
00:44 <Blitzzy> i asked foist 3:
00:44 <CPWikigirl> I am better than a keytar
00:44 <Polo Field> i'm surprised there's not a wiki page on the summit
00:44 <Preston108> Skater, do you like pookies?
00:44 <PotatoCanadian> Lol!
00:44 <CPPerapin> :o
00:44 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo ask Chris to make a Polo  PartyXD
00:44 <CPWikigirl> there is
00:44 <Skater1405> That can change :P
00:44 <Twinkie102> There is
00:44 <Twinkie102> :|
00:44 <Commander Bsyew> So Im in Ninja's igloo.
00:44 <CPPerapin> lol
00:44 <Mariocart25Charizard> Red Keytar Pin hidden at the Pizza Parlour
00:44 <TheUnknownPony2014> What will club penguin team think of pokemon?
00:44 <Thebigfoot1> Polo, PM
00:44 <Dragonian King> Polo, is Protobot gone for good?
00:44 <Twinkie102> [[Club Penguin Summit]]
00:44 <Commander Bsyew> Its very interesting :P
00:44 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, there is lol
00:44 <Master Dubstep> There is. You gotta look. (stare)
00:44 <CPWikigirl>
00:44 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:44 <TheUnknownPony2014> pika pi?!
00:44 <CPWikigirl> see
00:44 <Blitzzy> if polo says there isn't then there isn't
00:44 <CPWikigirl> There is a page
00:44 <CPWikigirl> See
00:44 <Mikeymkwii> [[Club Penguin Summit]] is a page.
00:44 <CPPerapin> someone should make a blog post on it for the homepage where ppl can find the link
00:44 <CPWikigirl> there's a page
00:44 <CPWikigirl>
00:44 <Twinkie102> Blitzzy (facepalm)
00:44 <CPWikigirl> Click the link
00:45 <CPWikigirl> (face palm)
00:45 <Polo Field> ahh i see
00:45 <TheUnknownPony2014> I am into Pokemon expert.
00:45 <Twinkie102> (face palm) (facepalm)
00:45 <CPWikigirl> There's Polo Field
00:45 <CPWikigirl> He's cute
00:45 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo please make a Red Keytar Pin
00:45 <Twinkie102> [[Polo Field]]
00:45 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo ask Chris to make a part of you!
00:45 <Polo Field> oh look there i am
00:45 <AnonymousDuckLover> Polo Field!!!
00:45 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field, I see you graduated on CP. Where exactly is that college?
00:45 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, What do you think of pokemon?
00:45 <Dogkid1> (FACEPALM)
00:45 <Dragonian King> MARCO
00:45 <Skater1405> It was kind of funny people thought my edit of Polo Field's slide was real :$
00:45 <Ph1n3a5and77> *Party
00:45 <CPWikigirl> Polo is cute!
00:45 <Polo Field> a party of me?
00:45 <CPWikigirl> So back off
00:45 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone?
00:45 <Mariocart25Charizard> at Warlus
00:45 <Mariocart25Charizard> Cove
00:45 <CPWikigirl> He's mine!
00:45 <Skater1405> Nah I think the trending topic was an edit
00:45 <Polo Field> that's a silly idea
00:45 <Blitzzy> Polo Field are you famous or something
00:45 <Polo Field> yeah, i took note of that little joke
00:45 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone?
00:45 <TheUnknownPony2014> Polo, as for pokemon?
00:45 <CPPerapin> ok
00:45 <Mariocart25Charizard> Marco
00:45 <Twinkie102> Blitzzy he's a moderator of CP :|
00:45 <PotatoCanadian> Or just members?
00:45 <Dragonian King> Actually a Polo Party is an awesome idea
00:45 -!- Rocketman30 has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Preston108> Skater
00:45 <CPWikigirl> Will you marry me, Polo Field?
00:45 <CPWikigirl> Answer
00:45 <Preston108> Trainman
00:45 <Dragonian King> KEYTAR SHIRTS FOR ALL!!!
00:45 <Twinkie102> (sick)
00:45 <Skater1405> I'm a jokster :P
00:45 <Skater1405> Yes?
00:46 <Thebigfoot1> Polo, please add me
00:46 <CPWikigirl> Say no
00:46 <SandorL> Skater PM
00:46 <CPPerapin> trainman who were the cp team members we discovered from the club penguin summit?
00:46 <SandorL> It is important
00:46 <Preston108> Do you like Wikia or the @Trainman?
00:46 <CPWikigirl> Cuz then I'll tell my mom, mom I'm engaged
00:46 <CPWikigirl> so say no
00:46 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo make a Items for everyone catalog
00:46 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone? Or just members?
00:46 <Master Dubstep> Trainman. You didn't fool me with your joke. (stare)
00:46 <Skater1405> I prefer this one more
00:46 <Mariocart25Charizard> at the Gift Shop
00:46 <Preston108> :O
00:46 <Skater1405> Uhh Grasstain
00:46 <Preston108> Thats awesome!
00:46 <Skater1405> That storm one
00:46 <Dogkid1> er
00:46 <Twinkie102> Trainman, do you like cream soda?:P
00:46 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo I will give you 20 keytars, 500 coins, and a polo shirt
00:46 <Skater1405> and someone else lol I don't remember on the top of my head
00:46 <Master Dubstep> Grasstain hasn't accepted my request yet
00:46 <CPPerapin> k
00:46 <Skater1405> I've never had cream soda
00:46 <Master Dubstep> :c
00:46 <Twinkie102> LOL
00:46 <CPWikigirl>
00:46 <Blitzzy> all aboard the polotrain
00:46 <Skater1405> In fact I hardly drink soda
00:46 <CPWikigirl> Look
00:46 <Mariocart25Charizard> Items: Blue Skater Hat, MP3000, Black Skater Shirt
00:46 <Preston108> Am I the only one happy to have Trainman here?
00:46 <Twinkie102> I always drink soda
00:47 <Twinkie102> no
00:47 <Snorp09> SandorL nice ski vallage
00:47 <SandorL> Thanks
00:47 <SandorL> Skater haver you ever heard of CPCustoms?
00:47 <Master Dubstep> Skater, I think I found some intresting things. (stare)
00:47 <Mariocart25Charizard> Its the [[Mask]] returning?
00:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> My pokemon team is, Chespin, Rawr the T-rex pokemon, and Sandile and maybe Ralts.
00:47 <Skater1405> yes
00:47 <Blitzzy> Ravioli Ravioli give me the Formuoli
00:47 <Dragonian King> poooolooooooo
00:47 <SandorL> Skater, you have?
00:47 <Dragonian King> Hi :3
00:47 <Mariocart25Charizard> Spam
00:47 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
00:47 <Dogkid1> sssspam
00:47 <Mikeymkwii> hai dororo
00:47 <Skater1405> Yes I have
00:47 <Dogkid1> Hai
00:47 <Blitzzy> hello dororry
00:47 <Dogkid1> hai
00:47 <Dogkid1> mate
00:47 <SandorL> Did you like it?
00:47 <Commander Bsyew> You know it's true.
00:47 <Mariocart25Charizard> S p a m
00:47 <Dragonian King> oops
00:47 <Commander Bsyew> XD
00:47 <Dragonian King> Sorry :S
00:47 <Preston108> is the best blog related to CP!
00:48 <Blitzzy> Quock
00:48 <Dogkid1> spam inna can
00:48 -!- Callmechump has joined Special:Chat
00:48 <Skater1405> I'm glad you think so, I try to make a fun website penguins like :)
00:48 <Blitzzy> Hi Callme
00:48 <Master Dubstep> Trainman, how'd you get your spy phone back? (stare)
00:48 <Skater1405> The PSA one?
00:48 <Preston108> :D
00:48 <Dragonian King> No is the best blog with Club Penguin in the name of all time :3
00:48 <SandorL> Skater, did you like CPCustoms?
00:48 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo imagine a Blog Party
00:48 <Master Dubstep> Yea (stare)
00:48 <Blitzzy> he has his ways :|
00:48 <Commander Bsyew> . :)
00:48 -!- Kashy Bomber has joined Special:Chat
00:48 <Skater1405> Yes I like it
00:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo Make a Pokemon Party 
00:48 <Callmechump> Polo Field is here :o
00:48 <Kashy Bomber> ...
00:48 <Skater1405> And I have the PSA one on a nonmember penguin, I never updated to the EPF
00:48 <Blitzzy> don't do it polo
00:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> Pikachu Costume
00:48 <Kashy Bomber> Hi?
00:48 <SandorL> Well you know, I'm the owner
00:48 <Callmechump> Is he talking?
00:48 <Blitzzy> DON'T DO IT
00:48 <Ph1n3a5and77> (stare) ing contest
00:48 <Preston108> Same here @Trainman
00:48 <Polo Field> it's important to encourage others to be positive
00:48 <Master Dubstep> (stare)]
00:48 <Dororo111122> polos still being spammed with questions?
00:48 <Skater1405> Yes Polo is talking a bit.
00:48 <Twinkie102> (stare)
00:48 <SandorL> Any suggestions/ideas?
00:48 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone? Or just members?
00:48 <Dororo111122> wait whos trainman
00:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> O_O
00:49 <Master Dubstep> :O
00:49 <Polo Field> sarcasm gets a bit...
00:49 <Twinkie102> :O Dororo
00:49 <Blitzzy> some guy i dunno
00:49 <Preston108> Skater1405 @Dororo
00:49 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone? Or just members?
00:49 <Polo Field> tiring.
00:49 <Twinkie102> You don't know Trainman!?
00:49 <Dororo111122> i do
00:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> Polo lets do a (stare) ing contest
00:49 <Dororo111122> but whas his USER
00:49 <TheUnknownPony2014> Make one Pokemon party!  @polo
00:49 <Twinkie102> (stare)
00:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> Polo 
00:49 <Kashy Bomber> (stare)
00:49 <Master Dubstep> Everybody knows Trainman
00:49 <Callmechump> Trainman is the future Spike Hike.
00:49 <Skater1405> Lol not everyone knows me :P
00:49 -!- Meep52 has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <Kashy Bomber> (stare)
00:49 <Kashy Bomber> MEEP.
00:49 <Twinkie102> MEEP.
00:49 <Commander Bsyew> Soo, everyone say Hi to rocky
00:49 -!- Historicalcp has joined Special:Chat
00:49 <Kashy Bomber> MEAP.
00:49 <Master Dubstep> EVERYONE Trainman. Everyone.
00:49 <Blitzzy> tacos
00:49 <SandorL> Pretty much everyone trainman
00:49 <TheUnknownPony2014> Why did this chat get in busy mode?!
00:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
00:49 <Dogkid1> moooo
00:49 <Historicalcp> Hey there!
00:49 <Dororo111122> polo and trainman!
00:49 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone? Or just members?
00:49 <Twinkie102> LOL Bsyew
00:49 <SandorL> Oh who am I kidding
00:49 <Historicalcp> Hey Polo! I loved the Puffle Party
00:49 <Twinkie102> MEEP
00:49 <SandorL> Everyone
00:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> Happy Field Friday!
00:49 <Dogkid1> so
00:49 <Dogkid1> much
00:49 <Historicalcp> I met PH!
00:49 <Dogkid1> peoples
00:49 <Callmechump> Polo, when is private chat coming?
00:49 <Twinkie102> LOKO
00:49 <Historicalcp> Thanks Polo :)
00:49 <Twinkie102> :D
00:49 <Dororo111122> !updated
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00:49 <Lokokid> hello?
00:49 <Dororo111122> ZOMG
00:49 <Twinkie102> HI
00:49 <Commander Bsyew> Say hello! He wants to make more friends :D
00:49 <Dragonian King> Trainman I think you're my favoritest non-official CP blogger :D
00:49 <Dororo111122> !updatelogs
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00:49 <Master Dubstep> Trainman, how many coins do you have atm?
00:50 <Skater1405> I forgot all about the private chat feature being mentioned
00:50 <Twinkie102> Hi Rocky
00:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> 35 ppl
00:50 <Lokokid> what's happening?
00:50 -!- Yoshiman444 has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <Skater1405> Just under 50,000 coins
00:50 <Historicalcp> :O Trainman!
00:50 <Historicalcp> Hey Trainman
00:50 <Skater1405> Hello
00:50 <Master Dubstep> Lucky. (stare)
00:50 <Historicalcp> Do you no me?
00:50 <Lokokid> ????
00:50 <Skater1405> Yes :)
00:50 <Historicalcp> Im Phineas99
00:50 <Historicalcp> :)
00:50 <SandorL> Skater, did you have any suggestions for CPCustoms to make?
00:50 <Twinkie102> Trainman, it's me, Twinkie!! You know me on Twitter :D
00:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> 34
00:50 <Dororo111122> woow this chat is wild when polo and train are here
00:50 <Master Dubstep> Skater. Find my Ip.
00:50 <Skater1405> @SandorL nope
00:50 <PotatoCanadian> Polo, will CJS be available to everyone? Or just members?
00:50 <Master Dubstep> (stare)
00:50 <Klump Strangeglove> (!)
00:50 <Lokokid> POLO!?
00:50 <Commander Bsyew> He says hi back.
00:50 <TheUnknownPony2014> Private Chat is already on CPPS.
00:50 <Skater1405> Hi Twinkie :P
00:50 <Polo Field> well yo
00:50 <SandorL> Ok, well if you ever do
00:50 <Polo Field> sorry i didnt chat more!
00:50 <Polo Field> i'm off for now
00:50 <Twinkie102> Hi xD
00:50 <Historicalcp> Hey Polo
00:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> Marco
00:50 <Kashy Bomber> Bye
00:50 <Krusha's Awesomeness> :o
00:50 <Lokokid> hey polo!
00:50 <TheUnknownPony2014> Bye.
00:50 -!- PotatoCanadian has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <SandorL> I'm accessible here
00:50 <Commander Bsyew> Bye.
00:50 <Skater1405> lol well CP doesnt approve of private servers
00:50 <Historicalcp> Bye...
00:50 <Dragonian King> Bye Polo
00:50 <Twinkie102> Bye Polo
00:50 <Master Dubstep> NO. Get back here
00:50 -!- Callmechump has left Special:Chat.
00:50 <SandorL> Bye
00:50 <Twinkie102> :(
00:50 <Skater1405> Cya Polo.
00:50 <Blitzzy> Cheery bai
00:50 <Commander Bsyew> (wave)
00:50 <Polo Field> hope you enjoyed all the summit exclusives
00:50 <Historicalcp> Thanks for everything
00:50 <Meep52> :(
00:50 <Historicalcp> Yeah
00:50 <Lokokid> I'm your biggest fan!
00:50 <Skater1405> We did :D
00:50 <Krusha's Awesomeness> you're phin, historic!
00:50 <Ocean6100> I did!
00:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> Bye Polo! (Wave)
00:50 <Commander Bsyew> :)
00:50 <SandorL> Polo
00:50 <Ph1n3a5and77> Bye
00:50 <Historicalcp> I loved the Puffle Party also
00:50 <SandorL> Check out
00:50 <Ocean6100> Thanks Polo. Good to see you in real-life.
00:50 <Ocean6100> :)
00:50 <Historicalcp> and ikr klumps
00:50 <Blitzzy> don't forget to eat a taco before bed
00:51 <SandorL> See cya
00:51 <Polo Field> stay friendly!
00:51 <Historicalcp> ;)
00:51 <Twinkie102> Traffic Jam
00:51 <Lokokid> Polo
00:51 <Dragonian King> byee
00:51 <Twinkie102> o_o
00:51 <TheUnknownPony2014> Bye...
00:51 <Skater1405> Waddle on! :P
00:51 <Ph1n3a5and77> Waddle On
00:51 <Historicalcp> Bye Polo
00:51 <Polo Field> bye wiki folks!
00:51 <Twinkie102> Waddle on, Polo
00:51 <Historicalcp> Waddle on!
00:51 <Master Dubstep> I ignore everyone I meet
00:51 <Twinkie102> WAIT
00:51 <Kashy Bomber> Bye
00:51 <Ocean6100> Bye!
00:51 <Klump Strangeglove> Hey, Polo
00:51 <Mariocart25Charizard> Waddle On, Polo 
00:51 <Commander Bsyew> Stay a potato.
00:51 <Twinkie102> Stay for 4000 more minutes
00:51 <Twinkie102> xD
00:51 <Lokokid> Bye! (wave)
00:51 <Skater1405> lol
00:51 <Mariocart25Charizard> Make a Red Keytar Pin
00:51 <Kashy Bomber> (wave)
00:51 <Master Dubstep> I walk by the town and I ignore one person
00:51 <Twinkie102> (wave)
00:51 <Mariocart25Charizard> I will grab it
00:51 <Twinkie102> no
00:51 <Dragonian King> (wave)
00:51 <Skater1405> (wave)
00:51 <Master Dubstep> (dp)
00:51 <Twinkie102> (wave)
00:51 <Dogkid1> test
00:51 <CPPerapin> (wave)
00:51 <Lokokid> wait!
00:51 <Ph1n3a5and77> Waddle On! (wave)
00:51 <Historicalcp> Btw I loved the Puffle Party Polo, I met PH
00:51 <Klump Strangeglove> Polo?
00:51 <Dogkid1> (dogkid)
00:51 <Blitzzy> johnson
00:51 <Twinkie102> Dubstep broke the line
00:51 <Commander Bsyew> (wave)
00:51 <Historicalcp> Thanks
00:51 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <Historicalcp> :)
00:51 <SandorL> Well, I can offer an inside CP exclusive sort of
00:51 <Lokokid> Polo!
00:51 <Historicalcp> (wave)
00:51 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
00:51 <Master Dubstep> Cuz im special
00:51 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
00:51 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
00:51 <Klump Strangeglove> POLO!!!
00:51 <Twinkie102> SKATER, PM!!
00:51 <Lokokid> add me!
00:51 <Thebigfoot1> Polo?
00:52 <Dogkid1> (facepalm)
00:52 <TheUnknownPony2014> What happening...?
00:52 <SandorL> Skater, I believe you will like what you see here
00:52 <SandorL> It's quite interesting
00:52 <Dogkid1> everything
00:52 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ok
00:52 <Blitzzy> I hope he hates me know :#
00:52 <Blitzzy> *;L
00:52 <Klump Strangeglove> I wish Polo can meet me
00:52 <Ph1n3a5and77> Field Friday is over
00:52 -!- Meep52 has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <Historicalcp> Oh I think I know @Sandorl
00:52 <Ph1n3a5and77> Bai
00:52 -!- CPPerapin has left Special:Chat.
00:52 <Skater1405> Yes that's pretty neat
00:52 <Klump Strangeglove> How about an Kermling Friday?
00:53 <Ph1n3a5and77> Waddle On! Bye (wave)
00:53 <Historicalcp> You will do the "Missions" just like the [[PSA Secret Missions]]
00:53 <Kashy Bomber> The chat's always active with Polo Field. X3
00:53 <Kashy Bomber> Or another real employee
00:53 <SandorL> Thank you
00:53 <SandorL> Which room should I do next for those?
00:53 <Twinkie102> Skater, I sent you a private message :D
00:53 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys
00:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> Is mayonaise an instrument?
00:53 <Lokokid> LOL
00:53 <Klump Strangeglove> NO
00:53 <Twinkie102> Do the Iceberg next, SandorL
00:53 <Lokokid> YES
00:53 <Ph1n3a5and77> Is anyone saying bye to me?
00:53 <Dragonian King> It should be
00:53 <Lokokid> bye
00:53 <Historicalcp> bye phineasand77
00:53 <Historicalcp> :)
00:53 <Historicalcp> (wave)
00:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> Is horshraddish an instrument?
00:53 <Blitzzy> yes
00:53 <Ph1n3a5and77> no
00:53 <Lokokid> yeas1
00:53 -!- Ph1n3a5and77 has left Special:Chat.
00:53 <WikiaFrog> ...
00:53 <SandorL> By Ph1n
00:53 <Dogkid1> ......
00:53 <Master Dubstep> Is Trainman an instrument?
00:53 <Skater1405> no but mayonnaise is
00:53 <Dogkid1> ....
00:53 <Kashy Bomber> Bye
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> Is Klump a penguin??
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <SandorL> Twinkie,good idea
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> Is Wikiafrog an instrument?
00:54 <Dogkid1> are you all humans?
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <Dragonian King> Mayonnaise Train 
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> NO
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <Dragonian King> no
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <SandorL> Skater, do you like the sneak peaks from the summit?
00:54 <Lokokid> yes
00:54 <Historicalcp> *Gives Train to Trainman*
00:54 <Twinkie102> Is rockhopper an instrument?
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <Dragonian King> I'm a cyborg *bzzrt*
00:54 <Master Dubstep> I saw a picture of the tellytubbies without their head costumes on
00:54 <Lokokid> yse
00:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Plays Wikiafrog (That sounded wrong)
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> mo
00:54 <Skater1405> :D
00:54 <Klump Strangeglove> no
00:54 <Dogkid1> MOOO
00:54 <Master Dubstep> The yellow one was texting on her phone
00:54 <Master Dubstep> LOL
00:54 <Historicalcp>
00:54 <Twinkie102> Klump stop spamming with the word "no
00:54 <Twinkie102> Spam
00:54 <Ocean6100> Thanks for dropping by, Train.
00:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> S p a m'
00:54 <Twinkie102> Don't do that, Loko
00:54 <Ocean6100> It's pretty cool you'll come. :)
00:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> Lokokid Spam
00:54 <Historicalcp> Same
00:54 <Historicalcp> :)
00:54 <Lokokid> ok ok heesh
00:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> oh look, We're playing "Is (Something) an instrument" game.
00:54 <Dogkid1> dont spam
00:55 <Twinkie102> DOGKID, PM!
00:55 <Master Dubstep> Trainman, do you know how to do the Flop?
00:55 <TheUnknownPony2014> ?!
00:55 <Dogkid1> K
00:55 <Dragonian King> Is instrument an instrument?
00:55 <SandorL> Skater idea- You know how you made a q and a on twitter? Could you do one just on the wiki sometime?
00:55 <Historicalcp> I thought you joined around March 2011 :S
00:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> No King
00:55 <Lokokid> mE?
00:55 <Blitzzy> for a second I thought O was the first letter of the alphabet
00:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> Are Maracas an instrument?
00:55 <Lokokid> in march 2011?
00:55 <Lokokid> yes
00:55 -!- DJ Storm has joined Special:Chat
00:55 <Master Dubstep> A present for everyone here
00:55 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: DO THE FLOP (10 MINUTE VERSION) - Duration: 10:01 - Uploaded: 2013-02-09 - Rating: 4.949835 - Views: 2,533,559 -
00:55 <TheUnknownPony2014> Do they have pokemon CD music?
00:55 <Historicalcp> Hi DJ Storm
00:55 <Historicalcp> Good to see you
00:55 <Twinkie102> :O
00:55 <Twinkie102> OMG
00:55 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> It is Blitzzy, O is the first letter of the alphabet
00:56 <Dogkid1> are you all spheniscidaes?
00:56 <DJ Storm> hello?
00:56 <TheUnknownPony2014> uh? 
00:56 <Twinkie102> Hi
00:56 <Historicalcp> Oh welcome DJ Storm!
00:56 <Blitzzy> oh
00:56 <Historicalcp> :)
00:56 <Twinkie102> kthxhai
00:56 <Mariocart25Charizard>
00:56 <Historicalcp> Wilkonmen in Deustch ;)
00:56 <Dogkid1> ok so no one here is a Spheniscidae
00:56 <Blitzzy> wassat?
00:57 <Twinkie102> LOL
00:57 <Dogkid1> google it
00:57 <Master Dubstep> I'm popular on xat
00:57 <Master Dubstep> PLUS
00:57 <Blitzzy> no thanks
00:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> (Long Boring Speech in English Accent) and all I have to say is good day mate
00:57 <Master Dubstep> Guess what happened today LOL
00:57 <Blitzzy> google watches you
00:57 <Blitzzy> (stare)
00:57 <Master Dubstep> I was just on CP minding my own business
00:57 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has left Special:Chat.
00:57 <Dogkid1> mate, that's weird
00:57 <Twinkie102> google's "o"s are the eyes that watch you XD
00:57 <Dororo111122> in soviet russia, you watch google
00:57 <Master Dubstep> and someone thought I was a CP worker
00:57 <Dragonian King> In Soviet Russia, Google searches you?
00:57 <Twinkie102> O_O @dubstep
00:57 <Skater1405> Sorry about that, my internet went out.
00:58 <Master Dubstep> Its fine
00:58 <Twinkie102> its k
00:58 <Dogkid1> brb
00:58 <Skater1405> I've got to go in 3 minutes though
00:58 <Blitzzy> g (stare) (stare) gle
00:58 <Master Dubstep> I was walking on CP
00:58 <Twinkie102> :(
00:58 <Master Dubstep> and like
00:58 <Master Dubstep> Someone thought I worked for CP
00:58 <Blitzzy> lel
00:58 <Master Dubstep> Just because I was in a dragon costume
00:58 <Master Dubstep> LOL
00:58 <Commander Bsyew> Trainman.
00:58 <Master Dubstep> and had the snow beta hat
00:58 <Twinkie102> ._.
00:58 <Blitzzy> woow
00:58 <Master Dubstep> and bling bling
00:58 <Twinkie102> wow
00:58 <Commander Bsyew> Is it still storming for you?
00:58 <Master Dubstep> LOL
00:58 <Master Dubstep> then like
00:58 <Twinkie102> some people are so weird
00:58 <Master Dubstep> All these people came online
00:58 <Master Dubstep> and started crowding me
00:58 <SandorL> Skater, PM if you will
00:58 <Historicalcp> So what do you think of the wiki @Train?
00:58 <Twinkie102> o_o
00:58 <Master Dubstep> I was like: Whaaat?
00:58 <Commander Bsyew> Soo I cant be weird? :P
00:59 <Skater1405> It has a nice community and is very informative :)
00:59 <Blitzzy> NO  YOU CANT
00:59 <Master Dubstep> but of course, I took the offer of saying I worked for CP
00:59 <Blitzzy> :P
00:59 <Dogkid1> back
00:59 <SandorL> Thanks Skater
00:59 <Twinkie102> this doesnt sound like something that would really happen
00:59 <Master Dubstep> My friends list doubled that day...
00:59 <Skater1405> My pms went away when my internet went out so I lost all of them
00:59 <Twinkie102> @dubstep
00:59 <SandorL> Your blog is much the same :)
00:59 <Twinkie102> hi
00:59 <Master Dubstep> Twinkie
00:59 <Blitzzy> Trainman do you prefer tacos or burritos
00:59 <SandorL> Oh, I'll rePM it
00:59 <Dororo111122> what are you talking about i LOVE storms
00:59 <Master Dubstep> It was a blogger who thought I worked for CP
00:59 <Master Dubstep> Im trying to find his blog
01:00 <DJ Storm> im bored :l
01:00 <Dogkid1> ditto
01:00 <SandorL> Alright guys, I'm leaving
01:00 <Historicalcp> Trainman I thought you joined in March 2011
01:00 <Historicalcp> on the wiki
01:00 <Historicalcp> Bye Sandy
01:00 <Skater1405> I don't remember when I joined the wiki exactly
01:00 <Historicalcp> (wave) cya soon!
01:00 <Blitzzy> bai
01:00 <SandorL> Can someone help find that PH thing and leave it on my talk oage?
01:00 <DJ Storm> later
01:00 <Master Dubstep> Everyone! Check out my blog! 
01:00 <Historicalcp> Really?
01:00 <Historicalcp> O_O
01:00 <Blitzzy> Sandy do you mean the tutorial?
01:00 <SandorL> Yes
01:00 <DJ Storm> bye (wave)
01:00 <SandorL> With her in her outfit please
01:01 <Blitzzy> I once saw it by feeding my puffle while in the box dimension
01:01 <Mariocart25Charizard>
01:01 <DJ Storm> i just joined cp wiki a couple of minutes ago
01:01 <Blitzzy> but when I tried again it didn't work
01:01 <SandorL> Leave it on my talk page if you find it :)
01:01 <Historicalcp> Ok
01:01 <Blitzzy> okay
01:01 <Historicalcp> I will do my best Sandorl
01:01 <Commander Bsyew> Skater.
01:01 <Historicalcp> Hi DJ Storm
01:01 <Skater1405> Yeah?
01:01 <Historicalcp> Welcome to the wiki
01:01 <Historicalcp> :)
01:01 <DJ Storm> hi historicalcp
01:01 <Historicalcp> !welcome
01:01 <Historicalcp> Ugh only chat mods do it...
01:01 <Commander Bsyew> You joined on the 19th of july. 
01:01 <Dragonian King> Trainman I bet you like trains don't you :O
01:01 <Dororo111122> lolol
01:01 <Skater1405> I do :P
01:01 <Commander Bsyew> (last year)
01:01 <Dororo111122> !welcome Skarer1405
01:01 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Skarer1405! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
01:01 <Dororo111122> oh oops
01:01 <Master Dubstep> Skater, if you'd take the time to read my blog. 
01:02 <Commander Bsyew> XD
01:02 <Skater1405> Sure
01:02 <Commander Bsyew> Dont!
01:02 <Dororo111122> !welcome Skater1405
01:02 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Skater1405! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
01:02 <Commander Bsyew> Its a trick (stare)
01:02 <Dogkid1> its a trap
01:02 <Dororo111122> i blame QWERY...
01:02 <Historicalcp> You will get rickrolled by Obama @Train
01:02 <Skater1405> Lol I didn't click it yet anyway
01:02 <Blitzzy> oh yes
01:02 <Historicalcp> lol
01:02 <Dogkid1>
01:02 <Blitzzy> 404page
01:02 <Dororo111122> master is a master troller
01:02 <DJ Storm> i clicked it
01:02 <Master Dubstep> LOL
01:02 <DJ Storm> i like the music :D
01:02 <Dogkid1> ditto
01:02 <Master Dubstep> I cant ever find it on youtube :c
01:02 <Blitzzy> i love the best404page
01:02 <Master Dubstep> the song
01:03 <Skater1405> I g2g now, I have to do some schoolwork since I did none today
01:03 <DJ Storm> i dont care if its not music or not :D
01:03 <Master Dubstep> Okay
01:03 <Blitzzy> bai sweety
01:03 <Historicalcp> I thought you are homeschooled
01:03 <Historicalcp> Anyways
01:03 <DJ Storm> bye skater
01:03 <Skater1405> I am homeschooled
01:03 <Historicalcp> Bye Train
01:03 <Dororo111122> LUCKY
01:03 <Skater1405> I have to do work for today :P
01:03 <Master Dubstep> Bye Trainman. Get your daily fiber of Trains
01:03 <Skater1405> See ya later! (wave)
01:03 <Skater1405> lol
01:03 <Dogkid1> isnt there an app where you let it listen to music, and it tells you what music it is titled?
01:03 <Historicalcp> cya!
01:03 <Dororo111122> buh bai
01:03 <DJ Storm> bye (wave)
01:03 <Twinkie102> Bananas aren
01:03 <Blitzzy>
01:03 <Skater1405> Yeah Shazam does that
01:03 <Twinkie102> Hi
01:03 <Skater1405> and so does Sound Hound
01:03 <DJ Storm> im on spring break ;3
01:03 <Master Dubstep> *slaps trainman out of chat*
01:03 <Twinkie102> Bananas aren't here
01:03 <Dororo111122> in the meantime, lets listen to some music!
01:03 <Skater1405> Anyway byebye!
01:03 -!- Skater1405 has left Special:Chat.
01:03 <Dragonian King> Bye Train
01:03 <Blitzzy> bai
01:03 <Dororo111122>
01:03 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: [HD] Block B(블락비) _ NILLILI MAMBO(닐리리 맘보) MV - Duration: 04:28 - Uploaded: 2012-10-17 - Rating: 4.850630 - Views: 3,417,450 -
01:03 <Historicalcp> bye Trainy!
01:03 <Twinkie102> *real
01:03 <Dragonian King> Thanks for talking to us :D
01:03 <Twinkie102> Hi
01:03 <Commander Bsyew> Bye.
01:03 <Mariocart25Charizard> bye
01:03 <Historicalcp> Nice to talk to you
01:04 <Dororo111122> *epic squeal* TRAINMAN WAS HERE ZOMG
01:04 <Master Dubstep> Blittzy
01:04 <Twinkie102> Penguins are not bananas
01:04 <Dororo111122> loljk im not like that
01:04 <Master Dubstep> Have you seen the Hi Jack swf?
01:04 <Blitzzy> oh god yes
01:04 <Blitzzy> so many times
01:04 <Dogkid1> no
01:04 <Twinkie102> Hi Jack swf? ???
01:04 <Blitzzy> it is one of my favorites
01:04 <Dogkid1> link?
01:04 <Blitzzy> i'd link it but it has shooting in it 3:
01:04 <Historicalcp> Polo and Train?
01:04 <Snorp09> twinke your wiki
01:04 <Master Dubstep> LOL
01:04 <Blitzzy> aw what the hell
01:04 <Twinkie102> What the... hecckk...
01:04 <Historicalcp> *World explodes of epicness*
01:04 <Blitzzy>
01:05 <Historicalcp> lol
01:05 <Blitzzy> :3
01:05 <Master Dubstep> HIJACK! Hi *slaps gun*
01:05 <Snorp09> Twinkie your wiki chat
01:05 <Dororo111122> lol marcus missed polo and trainman
01:05 <Dogkid1> yup
01:05 <Twinkie102> no thanks
01:06 <Historicalcp> I took 3 pics of me with train
01:06 <DJ Storm> i missed polo as well
01:06 <DJ Storm> im making a custom penguin :D
01:06 <Mikeymkwii> cool
01:06 <DJ Storm> ya
01:06 <Historicalcp> And 2 pics of me chatting polo
01:07 <Twinkie102> brb
01:07 <Historicalcp> cool dj storm
01:07 <Historicalcp> you do customs?
01:07 <Snorp09> Twinkie can I make one more penguin a mod on your wiki
01:07 <Snorp09> egg want me to
01:07 <Snorp09> *too
01:07 <DJ Storm> ya sometimes
01:07 <Twinkie102> Not right now @Snorp
01:07 <Snorp09> ok
01:08 <Master Dubstep> Trainman would have loved this
01:08 <Snorp09> there a sockpuppet on your chat twinkie
01:09 <Sharkbate> Yayyyy. I actually got some nice quality Marvel room pics :D
01:09 <Historicalcp> Cool!
01:09 <Historicalcp> Is it better than 2012? @Sharkbate
01:10 <Dogkid1> i gtg
01:10 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
01:11 <DJ Storm> later
01:12 <Historicalcp> ur leaving dj storm?
01:12 <DJ Storm> i liked 2012 marvel party better than this years
01:12 <DJ Storm> no i am not leaving i was saying by to dogkid1
01:12 <Historicalcp> oh ok
01:12 <Blitzzy> you havent even been on it
01:12 <Historicalcp> And why do you say that dj storm?
01:12 <Historicalcp> You didn't even see it
01:12 <Historicalcp> I believe 2013 will be better than 2012
01:12 <Historicalcp> I just wish it was around May/June/July
01:13 <Historicalcp> Not very early
01:13 <DJ Storm> i did see it
01:13 <DJ Storm> wait no nvm :p
01:13 <Historicalcp> Sharkbate gave you the party swfs?
01:13 <Twinkie102> Dealing with a spammer/cusser at my wiki :/
01:13 <DJ Storm> good luck twinkiw
01:13 <DJ Storm> twinkie*
01:14 <Twinkie102> thx
01:14 <Historicalcp> hi preston
01:14 <Preston108> Hello
01:14 <Preston108> Twinkie
01:14 <Dororo111122> wats your wiki twinkie
01:14 <Preston108> Link your Wiki
01:15 <Twinkie102> [[w:c:epicnessoftheworld]]
01:15 <Preston108> Thank you
01:15 <Twinkie102> Anything can be talked about except for inapp stuff
01:15 <Dororo111122> and egg kicked me
01:15 <Preston108> Wait, whos the vandal?
01:15 <Historicalcp> :O I watched po..
01:15 <Historicalcp> ...Pony!
01:15 <Historicalcp> My Little Pony!
01:16 <Preston108> NO!!
01:16 <Historicalcp> Lol people with dirty brains XP
01:16 <Blitzzy> yes
01:16 <Twinkie102> ._.
01:16 <Sharkbate> HistoricalCP, the decorations actually seem relavent this time
01:16 <Historicalcp> Really?
01:16 <Snorp09> Come back dororo to the other chat
01:16 <Commander Bsyew> !updated
01:16 <CPChatBot> Commander Bsyew: The logs were last updated 24:53 ago. There are currently ~384 lines in the log buffer.
01:16 <Commander Bsyew> !updatelogs
01:17 <CPChatBot> Commander Bsyew: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 386 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
01:17 <Dororo111122> egg-head kicked me
01:17 <Preston108> XD lol
01:17 <Historicalcp> So will this years marvel takeover will be awesome or...what?
01:17 <Twinkie102> Preston, are u gonna go on the wiki chat?
01:18 <Preston108> Umm
01:18 <Preston108> Not yet
01:18 <Twinkie102> ok
01:19 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
01:19 <Historicalcp> ..
01:20 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
01:21 <Snorp09> everyone come to
01:21 -!- Djf1107 has joined Special:Chat
01:21 <Historicalcp> hi
01:22 <Historicalcp> k snorp
01:23 -!- Ravenchamp has joined Special:Chat
01:23 <Ravenchamp> BYE
01:23 -!- Ravenchamp has left Special:Chat.
01:23 <DJ Storm> later
01:25 <Sharkbate> Nothing special from a guy named Sharkbate. 
01:25 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
01:25 <Sharkbate> It's a silly ol' marvel picture that's distorted.
01:25 <WikiaFrog> guys
01:25 <Sharkbate> by me of course
01:25 <WikiaFrog>
01:25 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 Ad! - Duration: 00:41 - Uploaded: 2013-04-08 - Rating: 4.600000 - Views: 1,075 -
01:26 <WikiaFrog> i hate how saraapril puts the watermark on the right handed side
01:26 <WikiaFrog> its not even her video!
01:27 <Obviousname> so calm and relaxed
01:27 -!- Obviousname has left Special:Chat.
01:27 <Dororo111122> obvious someone on cc is using your pic
01:27 <Dororo111122> oh he left
01:27 <Commander Bsyew> Yay.
01:27 <Commander Bsyew>
01:27 <WikiaFrog> another critic post from Saraacritic
01:27 <WikiaFrog>
01:28 <WikiaFrog> whoops
01:28 <WikiaFrog> wrong one
01:28 <WikiaFrog> this
01:28 <WikiaFrog> she went home to make sure her puffles were safe.
01:28 <WikiaFrog> -.-
01:28 <WikiaFrog> No, a dinosaur came into her igloo and ate them.
01:28 <Preston108> A sad excuse of a girl @Wikiafrog
01:30 <Commander Bsyew> :O
01:30 <WikiaFrog> and in one post, she cries cuz she lost her purple puffle...
01:30 <Commander Bsyew> My membership expires in 2 weeks D:
01:30 <WikiaFrog> and in the comments, people said Awww! Poor you!
01:30 <WikiaFrog> :|
01:30 -!- Snoopman14 has joined Special:Chat
01:30 <Commander Bsyew> I stopped getting an allowance.
01:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> :o
01:30 <Snoopman14> Hello. I LOVE Moshi Monsters and HATE CP.
01:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> Non-Members have cool stuff
01:31 <Commander Bsyew> Wait.
01:31 <WikiaFrog>
01:31 <Mikeymkwii> Snoopman -.-
01:31 <WikiaFrog> Yay....saraapril is in a ball of light
01:31 <WikiaFrog> :p
01:31 <Commander Bsyew> Excuse me a second.
01:31 <Commander Bsyew>
01:31 <Commander Bsyew> Hmm.
01:31 <Snoopman14> Yes. I said it. I love MM and hate3 CP.
01:31 <Mikeymkwii> Then why are you herE?
01:31 <Mikeymkwii> e*
01:31 <Commander Bsyew> Sniffybear2 is now gone.
01:32 <Commander Bsyew> Now..
01:32 <Dororo111122> MM sucks
01:32 <Snoopman14> To annoy you. I heard you guys hate us.
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> Lol wut
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> who told you guys
01:32 <Commander Bsyew> Who else gives memberships? (twitter wise)
01:32 <Dororo111122> do you know we blocked tyger5000
01:32 <Preston108> Umm... Who is this guy?
01:32 <Snoopman14> CP sucks too. But MM doesn't.
01:32 <Dororo111122> can we ban him now?
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> Snoop
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> Ever heard of opinions?
01:32 <Preston108> MM is for 3 year old children, now go away child
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> :/
01:32 <Mikeymkwii> lol ikr
01:32 <Dororo111122> and ever hear of an ugly pic...
01:32 <Snoopman14> Screw off!!!!
01:32 <Preston108> Ban
01:33 <Mikeymkwii> (lol)
01:33 <Dororo111122> your pic is some blob thing
01:33 <WikiaFrog> no
01:33 -!- Snoopman14 was kicked from Special:Chat by Dororo111122
01:33 <WikiaFrog> people say that alot here
01:33 <WikiaFrog> i heard it
01:33 <Preston108> Its insulting though
01:33 <WikiaFrog> (facepalm)
01:33 <Commander Bsyew> (facepalm)
01:33 <Preston108> Preston108's goal for all MM fans is starting now... >:D
01:33 <Preston108> jk
01:33 <Preston108> :P
01:34 <Preston108> Wikiafrog, you do know Im Pj right?
01:34 <WikiaFrog> No
01:34 -!- Bats65080cheats has joined Special:Chat
01:34 <Preston108> I had a namechange
01:34 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
01:35 <Bats65080cheats> ey ppl
01:35 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
01:35 <Preston108> hi
01:35 <Preston108> Not this guy again...
01:35 <Ocean6100> Hey.
01:35 <Dororo111122> *not you ocean hes talking about snoop*
01:35 <Snoopman14> Hey.
01:35 <Ocean6100> Just wanted to say hi to all the new uesrs.
01:35 <Preston108> Not you Ocean. Not you Jack
01:36 <Ocean6100> *users.
01:36 <Ocean6100> Later!
01:36 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Preston I heard of what you have doen
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> *done
01:36 <WikiaFrog> what new users?
01:36 <WikiaFrog> :|
01:36 <Snoopman14> Jackninja. Why have yougoone on the MM wiki?
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You had vandalised a wiki very badly
01:36 <Snoopman14> *You gone
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cause I have been busy :P
01:36 <Dororo111122> snoop vandalized?
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I was only there to stop the spam
01:36 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No
01:36 <Snoopman14> ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
01:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Preston did
01:37 <Dororo111122> SPAAAM
01:37 <Dororo111122> !kick Snoopman14
01:37 -!- Snoopman14 was kicked from Special:Chat by CPChatBot
01:37 <Preston108> 2 kicks for Snoop
01:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Preston spammed a different wiki
01:37 <Preston108> Next ones a ban
01:37 <Dororo111122> wat wiki
01:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> A copyright wiki of this one
01:37 <Dororo111122> :o shut it down!
01:37 <Preston108> Thats because Lilly destroyed my Wiki
01:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It is shut down
01:38 <Preston108> It was CPW 2 @Dororo
01:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> That is no reason to vandalise back
01:38 <Mikeymkwii> I am laughing (LOL)
01:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Lilly shouldn't vandalise either
01:38 <Preston108> Ban
01:38 -!- Snoopman14 was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 604800 seconds.
01:38 -!- Snoopman14 was banned from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls for 86400 seconds.
01:38 <Preston108> Dororo
01:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Double ban FTW :D
01:38 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:mm:Special:Chat]]
01:38 <Preston108> it was CPW 2 hes talking about
01:39 <Preston108> Im never vandalising again, just so you guys know
01:39 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:moshimonsters:Special:Chat]]
01:39 <Mikeymkwii> everyone go here! 
01:39 <Mikeymkwii>
01:39 <Preston108> Who in the right mind would go there?!?!/
01:39 <Dororo111122> dont
01:39 <Dororo111122> snoopy is a mod
01:40 <Preston108> Hes a jerk
01:41 <Preston108> Jackninja, Lilly destroyed one of my Wiki's by renaming many of the pages. Thats why I did it back to her.
01:41 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Lilly should have been blocked only
01:42 <Preston108> She made the namepage. Some troll phrase about me
01:42 <Preston108> *mainpage
01:43 <Mikeymkwii> lol they banned me
01:43 <Dororo111122> jack what do we do about those hippies?!
01:43 <Mikeymkwii> this is funny
01:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ignore them ok :(
01:43 <Mikeymkwii> CC?
01:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dororo, you are making this worse
01:44 <Mikeymkwii> ima squash their wiki 
01:44 <Dororo111122> what did i do?!
01:44 <Mikeymkwii> >:(
01:44 <Dororo111122> i said i was filming
01:44 <Mikeymkwii> i am filming too lol
01:44 <Dororo111122> i shall go back and spam their wiki!
01:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Please don't
01:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It can cause global blocks
01:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I will tell you a story about that
01:44 <Dororo111122> proxy-usage time!
01:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK
01:45 <Mikeymkwii> dororo can i contact cc
01:45 <Preston108> Dororo! DONT
01:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> An innocent user got globally blocked due to the others spamming
01:45 <Mikeymkwii> and have them assess the situation
01:45 <Dororo111122> mikey then they say: make up with this mod
01:45 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
01:45 <LukeLeia75> hi guys
01:45 <Preston108> Proxy can block many IPs of inasant people!
01:45 <LukeLeia75> I need help
01:45 <Dororo111122> how did shark get around then
01:45 <Preston108> *inoccent
01:45 <LukeLeia75> what?
01:46 <LukeLeia75> how do i put music on my userpage?
01:46 <Mikeymkwii> hmm
01:46 <LukeLeia75> i need help
01:46 <Dororo111122> can i atleast spam their pm jack
01:46 <Preston108> Jack will hate you if you do
01:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No I won't
01:46 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I will just be disappointed
01:46 <Dororo111122> i have enough haters already D:
01:47 <LukeLeia75> lol
01:47 <Dororo111122> for example,
01:47 <LukeLeia75> anyway
01:47 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I don't hate you, Preston
01:47 <Dororo111122> daniel the red bird dude
01:47 <Dororo111122> [[User:Daytin13]]
01:47 <Dororo111122> that guy spammed
01:47 <Mikeymkwii> i am contacting CC
01:47 <Dororo111122> GAAAH my password has broken again
01:47 <Dororo111122> stupid logging out...
01:48 <Preston108> Jack, you know Im Pj right?
01:48 <Dororo111122> nvm it was caps lock
01:48 <Dororo111122> !logs
01:48 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
01:49 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I do
01:49 <Mikeymkwii> sactage didn't help over at cc
01:49 <Mikeymkwii> :/
01:50 <Preston108> Let me guess
01:50 <Dororo111122> wait what was daytin talking about when he said CP HATERS DESERVE TO BE BANNED
01:50 <Preston108> Someone linked you special contact @Mikey
01:50 <Dororo111122> and then snoop said: i agree
01:50 <Mikeymkwii> no preston
01:50 <Dororo111122> doesnt he mean he should ban himself then
01:50 <Preston108> Thats what happens to me :P
01:50 <Mikeymkwii> yes
01:50 <Mikeymkwii> @dororo
01:51 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:community:Special:Chat]]
01:51 <Mikeymkwii> what can you do there?
01:51 <Mikeymkwii> :|
01:51 <Dororo111122> dance?
01:51 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has joined Special:Chat
01:52 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
01:52 <Twinkie102> Yo
01:52 <Dororo111122> twinkie some hippie from mosho monsters wiki chat banned us
01:52 <AnonymousDuckLover> Ello
01:53 <Twinkie102> O_O
01:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> :o
01:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> Smurf
01:54 <Mikeymkwii> dororo pm
01:55 <Snorp09> twinkie
01:55 <Snorp09> I am here
01:55 <Snorp09> never leve here
01:55 <Dororo111122> o ya snorp did you ever get that kick from spamming when nobody was online except the bot
01:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> Yes he did, I kicked him
01:56 <Dororo111122> you no mod
01:56 <Snorp09> no you can kick me I should be kicked
01:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> I went to his house and kicked him
01:56 <Dororo111122> ok
01:56 <Snorp09> bye
01:56 <Snorp09> brb
01:56 <Dororo111122> !kick Snorp09
01:56 -!- Snorp09 was kicked from Special:Chat by CPChatBot
01:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> LOL Dororo
01:56 <Mikeymkwii> dororo
01:56 <Mikeymkwii>
01:56 <Mikeymkwii> O.O
01:57 <Dororo111122> whos that
01:57 <Snorp09> thank you Dororo
01:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> *Cuss
01:57 <Mikeymkwii> no idea
01:57 <Snorp09> I can't get way with spaming
01:57 <Snorp09> (silly)
01:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> Ohh, did I ever show you the old pic of wikiafrog blanking in PM?
01:57 <Snorp09> Dororo111122 come to to talk to eggabooha about him ban
01:58 <Dororo111122> but then he will ban me
01:58 <Twinkie102> Wait
01:58 <AnonymousDuckLover> How about
01:58 <Snorp09> no if he do I will unban you
01:58 <Twinkie102> I'll talk to egga and tell him not to ban
01:58 <AnonymousDuckLover>
01:58 <Twinkie102> Okay come here he won't ban or kick ;)
01:59 <Dororo111122> yea i really cant trust him...
01:59 <Twinkie102> I told him not to ban or kick
01:59 <Baith1999> hi
01:59 <Snorp09> I am watch him Dororo111122
02:00 <Snorp09> not talk just watch
02:00 <Dororo111122> twinkie you made ''that face''
02:01 <Twinkie102> ?
02:01 <Twinkie102> It was just a winking face?
02:01 <Dororo111122> -.- = ''that face''
02:02 <Jj131> I am getting annoyed by people thinking roleplaying is annoying now.
02:02 <Twinkie102> ...
02:02 -!- Jeserator has joined Special:Chat
02:02 <Twinkie102> Oh
02:02 <Twinkie102> That :|
02:02 <Twinkie102> Ho
02:02 <Twinkie102> *Hi
02:02 <Jj131> Annoyed + Jj131 = annoyed + annoyed = SPLAT
02:02 <Jeserator> Hey
02:02 <Snorp09> come on come back or just unban him here to talk in pms Dororo111122
02:03 -!- Baith1999 has left Special:Chat.
02:03 <Snorp09> I want you to know the facts
02:04 <Jj131> I thought roleplaying in the wiki was allowed. Now GN and Mikey and say that if I roleplay GN will kick me from chat.
02:04 <Snorp09> what time does penguin pal loggon?
02:04 <Dororo111122> GN isnt a mod
02:04 <Jj131> oh
02:04 <Jj131> well that was when he was a mod
02:04 <Jj131> now will you allow roleplaying Dororo?
02:04 <Jj131> I want you to keep an eye on Mikey and GN
02:05 <Jj131> cuz roleplaying is supposed to be allowed
02:05 <Jj131> even if they are not CM
02:05 <Dororo111122> or i should kick....
02:05 <Jj131> Yeah
02:05 <Snorp09> Twinkie lets talk in pms
02:05 <Twinkie102> k
02:05 <Jeserator> !logs
02:05 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
02:06 <Twinkie102> dororo
02:06 <Twinkie102> someone say my name xD
02:06 <Jj131> *grabs Twinkie102 violently*
02:06 <Jj131> *eats Twinkie*
02:07 <Twinkie102> -_-
02:07 <Twinkie102> verryy funny
02:07 <Jj131> Twinkie for Sale!
02:07 <Twinkie102> no
02:07 <Jj131> Yes
02:07 -!- BetaCold has joined Special:Chat
02:07 <Twinkie102> I'm a penguin ya know
02:07 <Twinkie102> Hello
02:07 <BetaCold> Hey
02:07 <Jj131> I can get 100$ on this if I sell you. You are the 102th and last Twinkie that is alive. The company that made Twinkies closed down.
02:07 <BetaCold>
02:07 <BetaCold> Urgent
02:08 <Twinkie102> *gives 100 dollars*
02:08 <Twinkie102> Done :)
02:08 <Dororo111122> uh oh
02:08 <Dororo111122> twinkie run
02:08 <Jj131> urgent what? Hahahaha! *talks like Annoying Orange*
02:08 <BetaCold> Umm...
02:08 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
02:08 <BetaCold> Urgent stuff?
02:08 <Jj131> Urgent care?
02:08 <Blitzzy> almost forgot I was here
02:08 <Preston108> Dont go @Blitzzy
02:08 <Blitzzy> okie
02:08 <Jj131> Take him to the hospital! Urgent care! He said urgent!
02:09 <BetaCold> Twinkie is vandalizing Club Penguin Encyclopedia.
02:09 <Blitzzy> why?
02:09 <Jj131> I knew it. Never trust a Twinkie.
02:09 <BetaCold> He said it's a copy of this wiki.
02:09 <Dororo111122> it is
02:09 <Jj131> Twinkies were closed down because of vandalism in their Twinkie's brains.
02:09 <BetaCold> We're not doing anything
02:09 <Jj131> (trollface)
02:09 <Snorp09> what happend to twinkie?
02:09 <Jj131> Yeah you are doing something
02:09 <Dororo111122> why make another wiki
02:09 <Jj131> Plaglarism 
02:10 <BetaCold> We're starting to make original info
02:10 <Dororo111122> make it on a different site wikias taken
02:10 <BetaCold> and these weirdos come creeping out of their doghouses
02:10 <Jj131> *becomes "thing" and rides Dororo magical pony*
02:10 <Jj131> Oppa Gangnam Style
02:10 <BetaCold> And our newest pictures are original
02:10 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
02:10 <WikiaMaster123> DEEUUGH!
02:10 <Jj131> Who would win? My mom or My mom?
02:11 <Jj131> (trollface)
02:11 <BetaCold> cause I just bought an SWF Decompiler
02:11 <Jj131> got this from Regular Show. MY MOM.
02:11 <Dororo111122> well, i hate to tell you, but some users here reported your wiki
02:11 <WikiaMaster123> Wat wiki.
02:11 <BetaCold> Don't mind us and we'll don't mind you.
02:11 <BetaCold> It's simple to talk to us.
02:11 <Preston108> Betacold
02:11 <Dororo111122> wait why do you let khantar at your wiki
02:12 <WikiaMaster123> Wat wiki.
02:12 <Preston108> Your Khantar01
02:12 <BetaCold> ???
02:12 <BetaCold> Oh
02:12 <Preston108> Yes you are
02:12 <Dororo111122> [[User:Khantar07]]
02:12 -!- Mrpenguin887 has joined Special:Chat
02:12 <BetaCold> Khantar's an admin of the wiki
02:12 <Dororo111122> why
02:12 <Jj131> when I make pages about CP stuff on my wiki I will make it like "This is Jj's favorite game" or "This is Jj's favorite place" and stuff about me. No plaglarism on my wiki.
02:12 <Preston108> You dont edit CP Encyclopedia
02:12 <Preston108> Your a sock
02:12 <Preston108> Also
02:12 <Dororo111122> yes underage
02:12 <BetaCold> I just came
02:12 <Dororo111122> *hes
02:12 <BetaCold> Hey
02:12 <Mrpenguin887> Is Polo coming back on chat?
02:12 <Preston108> U complained about Twinkie
02:12 <Jj131> Who is a sock?
02:12 <Preston108> Minutes ago
02:12 <BetaCold> I just saw
02:12 <Jj131> ???
02:13 <Dororo111122> well, its safe to assume hes a sock
02:13 <BetaCold> It's my dream to be an admin too...
02:13 <Jj131> who is a sock?
02:13 <Mrpenguin887> Is Polo Field coming to chat?
02:13 <Jj131> Tell me?
02:13 <Blitzzy> he already did
02:13 <Mrpenguin887> Some one should tell him to come back to chat
02:13 <BetaCold> Goodbye
02:13 <Preston108> You never editted any Wiki @Beta
02:13 <Preston108> YOU ARE KHANTAR
02:13 <Mrpenguin887> I never met @Polo
02:13 -!- BetaCold was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 31536000000 seconds.
02:13 <WikiaMaster123> Wat wiki.
02:13 <Blitzzy> ?
02:13 <Mrpenguin887> IN MY LIFE
02:13 <Blitzzy> wat
02:13 <Dororo111122> [[User:BetaCold]]
02:14 <Dororo111122> i was too lazy to put a reason
02:14 <Blitzzy> who is kantar
02:14 <Preston108> He created an account just to complain about Twinkie -_-
02:14 <WikiaMaster123> Wat wiki.
02:14 <WikiaMaster123> Ill keep asking xD
02:15 <Preston108> @Dororo
02:15 <Klump Strangeglove> I making memes right now
02:15 <Dororo111122> now we need an admin
02:16 <Preston108> Shurow!
02:16 <Dororo111122> away
02:16 <Sharkbate> QUICK! I NEED A DOCTOR!
02:16 <Preston108> He needs to install chat hacks :P
02:16 <Mariocart25Charizard> Sir Psyduck
02:16 <Mariocart25Charizard> Do you like pokemon?
02:16 <Sharkbate> Why do you keep calling me that?
02:16 <Sharkbate> UNless you have a reaosn, don't call me it. Thank you.
02:16 <Sharkbate> And yes I d
02:16 <Sharkbate> do*
02:16 <Mariocart25Charizard> ok
02:17 <WikiaMaster123> Imaaagonaation (rainbow)
02:17 <Snorp09> how do I install chat hacks
02:17 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
02:17 <Jj131> Sharkbate.exe/code:Anchovies_rule:]] <-- code to transform Sharkbate into Gangnam Style's ultra core that forces the world to dance
02:18 <Twinkie102> Hi
02:18 <Sharkbate> no
02:18 <Jj131> (straight face) Yes
02:18 <Snorp09>  how do I install chat hacks 
02:18 <Jj131> I will turn you into Gangnam Style
02:18 <Sharkbate> you don't need chat hax
02:18 <Twinkie102> Chat Hacks are bad
02:18 <Snorp09> no for my wiki
02:18 <Sharkbate> Twinkie, they aren't. but whatevz
02:18 <Sharkbate> opinions are opinions
02:18 <Twinkie102> mhm
02:18 <WikiaMaster123> *Bursts out laughing for no reason*
02:18 <Twinkie102> ..
02:19 <WikiaMaster123> (lol)
02:19 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHUROW ROW THE BOAT
02:19 <Twinkie102> boot :)
02:19 <Snorp09> so how do install chat hack on my wiki
02:19 <Dororo111122> shurows back
02:19 <Twinkie102> Well to be fair they did copy our pages :|
02:19 <Jj131> :chat_hacks.exe/ALERT:security+code=Gary3008's_kitten]] <-- this is the code to install Gary's kitten
02:19 <Dororo111122> preston tell shurow
02:19 <Mrpenguin887> (rainbow) Makes rainbow to pull Polo Field in chat
02:19 <Dororo111122> brb'
02:19 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
02:19 <Jj131> (rainbow)
02:20 <Jj131> Dead Chat
02:20 <Shurow> what
02:20 <Jj131> Ahh
02:20 <Jj131> *throws Sundaze*
02:20 <Jj131> Take it away!
02:20 <Twinkie102> Shurow is talking xD
02:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:BetaCold]] is a sock of Kanthar
02:20 <Jj131> Churrow....
02:21 <Snorp09> how do you get chat hacks
02:21 <Jj131> *gives walrus tusks*
02:21 <Jj131> CHUROW
02:21 <Snorp09> for my wiki
02:21 <Jj131> Shurrow
02:21 <Mariocart25Charizard> Shurow! Row the Boat!
02:21 <Snorp09>  how do you get chat hacks for my wiki 
02:22 -!- John18065 has joined Special:Chat
02:22 <Jj131> *sends Shurow flying with (rainbow)'s bursting out of his feet and his items he wears glow flowing purple substance in cloudy rainbow magic lovey dovey (heart) sky*
02:22 <Jj131> XD
02:22 <John18065> Hey does anyone wanna meet on CP?
02:22 <Twinkie102> Sorry not right now @John
02:22 <Snorp09> last time how do you get chat hacks for my wiki 
02:22 <Mariocart25Charizard> ~ (Shurow) has made (Mariocart) a Chat Moderator. ~
02:22 <Jeserator> idk snorp
02:22 <John18065> (Shurow)
02:23 <Twinkie102> ~Snorp09 has been banned by Sharkbate~
02:23 <WikiaMaster123> (Music) Drive drive drive ur car recklessly down the street (music)
02:23 <Twinkie102> :P
02:23 <John18065> (John18065)
02:23 <Snorp09> what the heck?
02:23 <Twinkie102> (john)
02:23 <Blitzzy> (dance emote)
02:23 <Snorp09> what are you doing?
02:23 <John18065> Fudge
02:23 <WikiaMaster123> :O
02:23 <WikiaMaster123> cuss
02:23 <Mariocart25Charizard> MACSHUROWNI
02:23 <Jeserator> is yummy
02:23 <Jj131> ~Apj26 has came back from long AFK and banned everyone from chat. Please wait until we ban Apj26 and unban you.~
02:23 <Twinkie102> Fudge isn't cuss :|
02:23 <WikiaMaster123> xD
02:24 <Twinkie102> lol
02:24 <Preston108> Jj....
02:24 <Twinkie102> Hi
02:24 <John18065> (Annoyed)
02:24 -!- Jeserator has left Special:Chat.
02:24 <WikiaMaster123> Lol
02:24 <Jj131> Sorry I am petting my cat.
02:24 <Twinkie102> (stare) (brain)
02:24 <WikiaMaster123> xD
02:24 <TheUnknownPony2014> What's this doing on?!
02:24 <Snorp09> Twinkie how do you install chat hacks?
02:24 <Jj131> My cat decided to say hello and now I am petting and cuddling him.
02:25 <WikiaMaster123> Now my cat will type on my keyboard.
02:25 <Twinkie102> I don't have a cat
02:25 <Jj131> poor you
02:25 <Twinkie102> I have a hulk
02:25 <Snorp09> I have a cat named toothbrush
02:25 <WikiaMaster123> li he wv
02:25 <Jj131> Cats are such wonderful cute creatures.
02:25 <WikiaMaster123> xD
02:25 <WikiaMaster123> IKR xD
02:25 <Snorp09> yeah I agree
02:25 <TheUnknownPony2014> What would regular show be different if it was on adult swim?
02:25 <Twinkie102> lol jk
02:25 <Jj131> My cats name is Bear.
02:25 <Twinkie102> Maybe @TUP
02:25 <Twinkie102> Though there are already some cusses on it
02:25 <WikiaMaster123> Meh cats name is Dagger xD
02:26 <Jj131> if you love cats do <3 face
02:26 <Jj131> <3
02:26 <Twinkie102> I used to have a cat but he died :(
02:26 <Twinkie102> (heart)
02:26 <Snorp09> twinkie eggabooha has ask me to ask you to come back to your wiki chat
02:26 <WikiaMaster123> WHOA! EXPLOSION!
02:26 <Twinkie102> His name was Fuzzy
02:26 <John18065> (Straight)
02:26 <WikiaMaster123> :|
02:26 <Jj131> my cat is sitting on my computer tower (straight face)
02:26 <Twinkie102> I'm not going to my wiki right now
02:26 <John18065> Straightface)
02:26 <Twinkie102> lol @jj
02:26 <Snorp09> ok
02:26 <Twinkie102> Join... it's :|
02:26 <Jj131> actually the computer I am using is my moms computer
02:26 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHURROW ROW THE BOAT
02:26 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
02:26 <Twinkie102> xD
02:26 <Jj131> she just lets me play stuff on it
02:26 <WikiaMaster123> its : |
02:26 <Twinkie102> :l
02:27 <Twinkie102> :|
02:27 <John18065> (Suprised)
02:27 <Twinkie102> (unamused)
02:27 <WikiaMaster123> xD
02:27 <Twinkie102> It's : o
02:27 <Snorp09> I am going to do mod train then twinkie on your wiki
02:27 <Twinkie102> ok
02:27 <Twinkie102> OMG
02:27 <Jj131> My cat just walked off the computer tower and walked away
02:27 <Jj131> FOREVER ALONE
02:27 <John18065> (:/)
02:27 <Jj131> :/
02:27 <Jj131> :-?
02:27 <Jj131> :-/
02:28 <Jj131> If you love cats, go listen to the Nyan Cat song.
02:28 <Jj131> (laugh)
02:28 <Jj131> (old laugh)
02:28 <Snorp09> Twinkie I am not doing training because no one else but egg is gone
02:28 <WikiaMaster123> I (heart) Nyan Cat xD
02:28 <Twinkie102> ok @Snorp
02:28 <John18065> (:))
02:28 <Twinkie102> Nyan Cat is funny
02:29 <John18065> (Happy)
02:29 <WikiaMaster123> :>
02:29 <John18065> (Heart)
02:29 <Snorp09> lets all ping sharkbate
02:29 <Snorp09> sharkbate
02:29 <Preston108> Lets all ping nobody!
02:29 <John18065> To show are (Heart)?
02:29 <Jj131> Preston 
02:29 <Jj131> Preston
02:29 <Jj131> PING
02:29 <TheUnknownPony2014> preston, can i talk to you in pm.
02:29 <Preston108> Sure! :)
02:29 <John18065> (Coffee) NEEDED
02:29 <WikiaMaster123> Eatin' Steak, killin' Endermen, Hangin' with Herobrine.
02:30 <Twinkie102> (yao)
02:30 <Twinkie102> Obviously Edited :P
02:30 <DJ Storm> (troll)
02:30 <Twinkie102> (troll)
02:30 <DJ Storm> (lol)
02:30 <John18065> (Troll)
02:30 <Twinkie102> .-.
02:30 <Snorp09> great photo shop twinkie
02:30 <Twinkie102> lol thx snorp
02:30 <DJ Storm> haha
02:30 <Twinkie102> That will probably become real soon xD
02:30 -!- The Director of PSA has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <DJ Storm> hha
02:30 <DJ Storm> haha
02:30 <Twinkie102> Hi
02:30 <John18065> AnoymousDuckLover (:/)
02:31 <Snorp09> I wounder how we could put a mod thing next to the admin on your wiki
02:31 <Snorp09> @twinkie
02:31 <Twinkie102> uh
02:31 <Twinkie102> wha?
02:31 <Blitzzy> Google it
02:31 <Blitzzy> that's what i did for my wiki
02:31 <Snorp09> But the M next to the admin on your wiki
02:31 <Blitzzy> Yea. google how to do it
02:31 <John18065> Blitzzy Called Meh Something
02:31 <Blitzzy> eh?
02:32 <John18065> JK
02:32 <Blitzzy> :l
02:32 <John18065> Sorry caps
02:32 <The Director of PSA> and I finally did the ip check
02:32 <The Director of PSA> To see if snorp09 and eggabooha was a sockpuppet
02:32 <John18065> (:I)
02:32 <Twinkie102> :| They aren't sockpuppets
02:32 <The Director of PSA> And you know what I found
02:33 <John18065> (:l)
02:33 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <WikiaMaster123> F is for friendship, U is for u and meee, N is for anywhere any time at all! :>
02:33 <Sharkbate> Anybody want an oh hendrick's bar?
02:33 <Jj131> (:/)
02:33 <The Director of PSA> !
02:33 <The Director of PSA> :D
02:33 <Twinkie102> Hi
02:33 <John18065> DOWN HERE IN THE DEEP BLUE SEE (Laugh)
02:33 <Twinkie102> xD
02:33 <WikiaMaster123> xD
02:33 <Ice Jounior> HELLO PEEPS :)
02:34 <Ice Jounior> :d
02:34 <John18065> SpongeBob SquarePants LOL xD
02:34 <Ice Jounior> :
02:34 <Twinkie102> lol
02:34 <Ice Jounior> :d
02:34 <Jj131> Not Fun (Never on time friendship us nor) (Like)
02:34 <Ice Jounior> :p
02:34 <Jj131> Ahh
02:34 <Twinkie102> brb
02:34 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
02:34 <John18065> (Mad)
02:34 <Jj131> its a monster
02:34 <Ice Jounior> :(
02:34 <John18065> Thats Mean!
02:34 <Jj131> What is mean
02:35 <Ice Jounior> ^_^
02:35 <Jj131> AHH
02:35 <Jj131> :)
02:35 <Jj131> (:0
02:35 <The Director of PSA> And i did ip checks on everyone
02:35 <Jj131> (:))
02:35 <Ice Jounior> :o
02:35 <John18065> NOT FUN Never On Time Friendship Us Nor?/
02:35 <WikiaMaster123> Is mayonnaise an instrument? No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horseradish is not an instrument, either.
02:35 <The Director of PSA> I found the results
02:35 <Ice Jounior> i like pie!
02:35 <Ice Jounior> gimme some now!
02:35 <The Director of PSA> I did ip checks on everyone
02:35 <Preston108> Ok
02:35 <The Director of PSA>  lag
02:35 <Preston108> Tell us the results
02:35 <John18065> Is Pie And Instrument?
02:36 <Jj131> Spongebob (Serial Parasite of Giant Evil Bearingly or Bob)
02:36 <Jj131> caps
02:36 <John18065> Mama I Want Chur Krabby Patty (Grabs Belly Button
02:36 <Jj131> Eww
02:36 <Ice Jounior> :D
02:37 <John18065> xD
02:37 <Jj131> PSA (Parasite Seeking Aliens)
02:37 <Jj131> They seek parasites :/
02:37 <John18065> The Party Seeks Now
02:37 <John18065> xD
02:37 <Preston108> results?
02:37 <John18065> Hmm
02:37 <Preston108>
02:37 <Jj131> EPF (Entities of Peril Freaks)
02:38 <John18065> Not  Much Results
02:38 <John18065> I Dont Have Any Salt Soo
02:38 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
02:38 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
02:38 <WikiaMaster123> The winner takes all, it's the thrill of one more kill. The last one to fall will never sacrifice their will.
02:38 <Jj131> John (Jar of Ham Not)
02:38 <Ice Jounior> O_o
02:38 <Ice Jounior> o_O
02:39 <Ice Jounior> O_O
02:39 <Ice Jounior> o_o
02:39 <John18065> O _ o
02:39 <Ice Jounior> 0_o
02:39 <Jj131> Ice (Insect Creeping Entity)
02:39 <Ice Jounior> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_____________________________________________________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
02:39 <Blitzzy> preetty sure that kinda counts as spam
02:39 <Jj131> spam
02:39 <Jj131> SPAM
02:39 <Jj131> SPAM
02:39 <Blitzzy> okay that definately counts as spam
02:39 <John18065> Spam
02:39 <Jj131> stop spam
02:39 <Blitzzy> Jj stop saying spam 
02:39 <Blitzzy> it counts as spam
02:39 <Ice Jounior> I LIKE PIE
02:39 <Snorp09> twinkie?
02:39 <Snorp09> did he logoff
02:39 <John18065> I DOVE PIE
02:40 <Ice Jounior> :P
02:40 <Snorp09> did twinkie logoff?
02:40 <Ice Jounior> :O
02:40 <John18065> (Funny)
02:40 <Jj131> Blitzzy (Bear Likes Ice Ticks Zero Zero Yummy)
02:40 <Ice Jounior> ?
02:40 <Ice Jounior> ?
02:40 <Ice Jounior> !
02:40 <Ice Jounior> !
02:40 <John18065> (Suprise)
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Jj131> ticks like ticks bugs
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Jj131> yummy bugs
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Jj131> they bite you
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Jj131> spam
02:40 <John18065> (Surprised)
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Blitzzy> Ice jounior stahp
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  
02:40 <Snorp09> did twinkie logoff?
02:40 <Ice Jounior>  ok
02:40 <Blitzzy> Oh Sharkbate
02:40 <Jj131> We need a CM here
02:40 <Jj131> Sharkbate
02:40 <Jj131> HELP
02:40 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
02:40 <Twinkie102> Ello
02:40 <John18065> Mare Less
02:40 <Jj131> We need to summon Shurow
02:40 <John18065> SHUROW
02:40 <The Director of PSA> I have done ip checks of everone
02:40 <Blitzzy> Shark please come D:
02:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> S h u r o w
02:41 <The Director of PSA> *everyone
02:41 <Ice Jounior> iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:41 <John18065> (SHUROW)
02:41 <Twinkie102> Spam
02:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> SPAM
02:41 <Jj131> SPAM
02:41 <The Director of PSA> And i KNOW who it is
02:41 <John18065> (@JOHN)
02:41 <Jj131> JINX
02:41 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <TheUnknownPony2014> Spam! D:
02:41 <John18065> Uh
02:41 <Blitzzy> Jackninja, Sharkbate, Shurow cmon kick this guy
02:41 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
02:41 <Twinkie102> Kick Ice
02:41 <The Director of PSA> Everyone is a sockpuppet of each other
02:41 <John18065> Ugh
02:41 <Jj131> He's getting away with it
02:41 <Twinkie102> No Director... :|
02:41 <The Director of PSA> So stop talking to yourself
02:41 -!- Ice Jounior was kicked from Special:Chat by Sharkbate
02:41 <The Director of PSA> Pleasse
02:41 <Blitzzy> thanks
02:41 <Sharkbate> You are welcome.
02:41 <Twinkie102> Thanks Shark
02:41 <John18065> Thank You Shark
02:41 <Jj131> I don't have a sockpuppet. Just a spare account named Rainbow Puffle.
02:41 <Blitzzy> don't spam please Ice
02:42 <Ice Jounior> SORRY PEOPLE
02:42 <Jj131> A spare like Historicalcp's Hurburt P. Enguin.
02:42 <The Director of PSA> Everyone is a sockpuppet of each other
02:42 <Twinkie102> No we're not
02:42 <The Director of PSA> So just stop talking to yourself
02:42 <Jj131> No I am not
02:42 <Ice Jounior> :>
02:42 <Jj131> Director stop it
02:42 <John18065> (Stompinbob)
02:42 <The Director of PSA> Oh wait I am a sockpuppet too so...
02:42 <The Director of PSA> Ahhh
02:42 -!- Mrpenguin887 has left Special:Chat.
02:42 <The Director of PSA> I'm mental
02:42 <Jj131> weirdo
02:42 <John18065> Who Is Your Fav Character?/
02:42 <The Director of PSA> Cuz I'm the puppetmaster
02:42 <Jj131> kick Director
02:42 <The Director of PSA> Why am I calling myself weird?
02:43 <The Director of PSA> :o
02:43 <Jj131> YOUR MENTAL
02:43 <John18065> %)@ NOW ()
02:43 <The Director of PSA> Why am I saying to kick myself?
02:43 <Preston108> Ban
02:43 <Ice Jounior> abcdefg hijklmnop qrs tuv wx y z now you know my abcs next time wont you sing with me!
02:43 <Twinkie102> :|
02:43 <Jj131> Spam I think
02:43 <Shurow> what
02:43 <Twinkie102> Ice, stop
02:43 <Ice Jounior> ok
02:43 <John18065> 8t5476586e5963583583584 Someones Doing This On Tv
02:43 <Jj131> saying jumbles of words altogether is spam
02:43 <Twinkie102> Spam
02:43 -!- Ice Jounior was kicked from Special:Chat by Shurow
02:43 <Jj131> SPAM
02:43 <John18065> SORRY
02:43 <Jj131> Kick John too
02:43 <Mariocart25Charizard> ty 
02:43 -!- John18065 was kicked from Special:Chat by Shurow
02:43 <John18065> Please
02:43 <Twinkie102> Thank you Shurow
02:43 <Ice Jounior> IM BACK!
02:43 -!- Shurow has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Twinkie102> o hai
02:44 -!- Shurow has joined Special:Chat
02:44 <The Director of PSA> 3 kicks equal a ban
02:44 <Jj131> I think Ice is gonna be banned
02:44 <John18065> Im Back
02:44 <The Director of PSA> So one more
02:44 <The Director of PSA> is a ban
02:44 <Twinkie102> WB John
02:44 <Ice Jounior> :P
02:44 <Ice Jounior> :O
02:44 <The Director of PSA> Wait why am I warning myself?
02:44 <Twinkie102> Director
02:44 <John18065> WB?
02:44 <Mariocart25Charizard> im gonna be inactive
02:44 <Twinkie102> Stop acting like we're all sockpuppets :|
02:44 <The Director of PSA> lol
02:44 <Mariocart25Charizard> Apr 16- Apr 23
02:44 <John18065> HEYY
02:44 <John18065> MEANIE
02:44 <Jj131> Ice (Idiot Carrying Entity) <-- yes he is an idiot entity (living thing) that carries my stuff 
02:44 <Twinkie102> ?
02:44 <Twinkie102> WB = Welcome Back
02:44 <John18065> Idiot
02:44 <Jj131> he is an idiot because he is trying to spam and get kicked
02:44 <Twinkie102> :O
02:44 <John18065> O
02:45 <Jj131> and banned from chat
02:45 <The Director of PSA> Hey Dororo banned me for saying someone was stupid
02:45 <The Director of PSA> Which isn't fair
02:45 <The Director of PSA> So I'm dead
02:45 <The Director of PSA> woohoo
02:45 <The Director of PSA> :)
02:45 <Jj131> Director stop being fake
02:45 <John18065> (Smile)
02:45 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
02:45 <The Director of PSA> (Smile)
02:45 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
02:45 <The Director of PSA> Fake?
02:45 <Twinkie102> (spin)
02:45 <John18065> (Happy)
02:45 <The Director of PSA> Hmmm
02:45 <Jj131> dont be like that guy named Lizard that I heard of that got blocked for faking his death
02:45 <The Director of PSA> :)
02:45 <Ice Jounior> twinkie
02:45 <John18065> (Rockhopper)
02:46 <Twinkie102> Yes Ice?
02:46 <The Director of PSA> Hey it was joke
02:46 <The Director of PSA> Geez
02:46 <John18065> (Rookie)
02:46 <Jj131> Well
02:46 <Ice Jounior> how do you do that?
02:46 <John18065> (Franky)
02:46 <The Director of PSA> I was jus saying I'm dead as  a joke
02:46 <Twinkie102> Do what
02:46 <John18065> (Cadence)
02:46 <The Director of PSA> Why do you take everything serious
02:46 <Jj131> Even jokes can be taken seriously
02:46 <John18065> (Herbert)
02:46 <Twinkie102> Do what @Ice
02:46 <Ice Jounior> rockhopper
02:46 <Ice Jounior> is
02:46 <John18065> @Ice
02:46 <Ice Jounior> awesome
02:46 <Jj131> Im gonna leave chat bye
02:46 <The Director of PSA> So why are you acting like I'm literally doing it
02:46 <Jj131> Im bored
02:46 <Twinkie102> bye
02:46 -!- Jj131 has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <John18065> Buh Bye!
02:46 <The Director of PSA> Bye :)
02:47 <WikiaMaster123> *Dies* -.- I hate when that happens
02:47 <John18065> Grabs Bass
02:47 <John18065> (Klutzy)
02:47 <Ice Jounior> say i if your bored
02:47 <John18065> I
02:47 <Ice Jounior> i
02:47 <Twinkie102> i
02:47 <Ice Jounior> JYNX
02:47 <Ice Jounior> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:47 <WikiaMaster123> EYE!
02:47 <Twinkie102> Don't do that, Ice
02:47 <Ice Jounior> OK
02:48 <The Director of PSA> I
02:48 <Twinkie102> I'm bored
02:48 <WikiaMaster123> *Falls off chair*
02:48 <Ice Jounior> twinkie
02:48 <John18065> Twinkie You Hae To Be A Mod
02:48 <Ice Jounior> do you like twinkies
02:48 <Twinkie102> Yes?
02:48 <John18065> Have
02:48 <Twinkie102> Um for what, John?
02:48 <The Director of PSA> Twinkies are closed down
02:48 <John18065> Idk
02:48 <Ice Jounior> :O
02:48 <Twinkie102> I don't  have to be a moderator to warn
02:48 <Snorp09> Twinkie it time for egg to become an admin on your wiki
02:49 <Ice Jounior> say i if you like ryan higa
02:49 <Ice Jounior> i
02:49 <John18065> Shurow Has A Big Belly Like A Pengu
02:49 <Twinkie102> Okay I'll make him admin tomorrow
02:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> If only it was real
02:49 <Snorp09> k
02:49 <Twinkie102> LOL
02:49 <John18065> NO DUCK
02:49 <Snorp09> are you going back today
02:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> What?
02:49 <Twinkie102> And Cut!
02:49 <Ice Jounior>                                                                                                                                                               
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:49 <Ice Jounior>  
02:50 <Twinkie102> :O
02:50 <AnonymousDuckLover> Blank?
02:50 <Twinkie102> Blank spam!
02:50 <Ice Jounior> i like pie!
02:50 <Ice Jounior> and pi!
02:50 <The Director of PSA> Ban
02:50 <Ice Jounior> NOOOOOOOOOOO!
02:50 <Twinkie102> Time for Ice's ban
02:50 <Ice Jounior> NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:50 <Twinkie102> Spam
02:50 <Twinkie102> Shark
02:50 <Twinkie102> Ban him
02:50 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who wants Spike Hike to step in Puffle Poo?
02:50 <Ice Jounior> ME!
02:50 <Ice Jounior> JK
02:50 <Twinkie102> SHARK!!!
02:50 <AnonymousDuckLover> - the JK
02:51 <Twinkie102> Shurow
02:51 <Ice Jounior> KUST KIDDING!
02:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> I wrote a play on it
02:51 <Twinkie102> Someone ban Ice :|
02:51 <John18065> Ice
02:51 <Ice Jounior> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
02:51 <John18065> Its Time For A Banned
02:51 <Ice Jounior> NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
02:51 <Twinkie102> Ice, stop!!!
02:51 <Ice Jounior> OK
02:51 <Twinkie102> Jeez it's only a ban it will end sometime
02:51 <Twinkie102> unless u get a forever one
02:51 <Ice Jounior> say i if you want to be a cp moderator
02:52 <Ice Jounior> i
02:52 <Shurow> ..
02:52 <Twinkie102> It'd be cool but I wanna be an  artist
02:52 <Twinkie102> Shurow... Ban ice... 
02:52 <Twinkie102> Look at what he's been doing
02:52 <Klump Strangeglove> JESUS CHRIST ICE CALM DOWN
02:52 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
02:52 <Twinkie102> O_O
02:52 <John18065> Lol
02:52 <Twinkie102> :|
02:52 <Klump Strangeglove> lol
02:52 <John18065> Good Choicer
02:52 <John18065> Choice
02:53 <Twinkie102> I quit eating flies
02:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHUROW ROW THE BOATs
02:53 <Twinkie102> lol jk I never ate them
02:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> You should read them instead
02:53 <John18065> NOOO @DUCK
02:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> YOU ATE SHUROW'S WARLUES
02:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> NO
02:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> Like the play Spike Hike Steps in Puffle Poo
02:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> (FACE PALM)
02:54 <John18065> You Should Step In Some Of That
02:54 <Shurow> 0_0
02:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> I wrote it
02:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> I had a unfair kick for an emote
02:54 <John18065> Ya Know Duck
02:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> In Feburary
02:54 <AnonymousDuckLover> It's only gotten praise so far
02:54 <John18065> GOOD!
02:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> Shurow,
02:55 <John18065> Cause Club Duckys Not Happening
02:55 <Mariocart25Charizard> Club Ducky is Fake
02:55 <AnonymousDuckLover> It is
02:55 <John18065> No Its Not
02:55 <The Director of PSA> Hey guys
02:56 <Twinkie102> Who here has the Rockhopper plush? Say I!
02:56 <Twinkie102> I
02:56 <John18065> I
02:56 <The Director of PSA> I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it first
02:56 <Twinkie102> ...
02:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> I
02:56 <Twinkie102> Say I if u have the Sensei Plush
02:56 <Twinkie102> I
02:56 <The Director of PSA> She may move on to rappers and ballplayers
02:56 <John18065> I
02:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> !
02:56 <The Director of PSA> but they know I hit it, I hit it, I hit, I hit it, I hot it first
02:56 <Twinkie102> Say I if u have the golden CJ card
02:56 <Twinkie102> I
02:56 <John18065> I
02:57 <The Director of PSA> Jacuzzi -Wet
02:57 <Twinkie102> Say I if you have the blue sailor plush
02:57 <Twinkie102> I
02:57 <John18065> I
02:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> Say I if you on the Pink and Yellow Party Hat
02:57 <Twinkie102> You mean the Beta Hat?
02:58 <AnonymousDuckLover> Not the CJS Beta Hat, the other one
02:58 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
02:58 <John18065> He Knows
02:58 <Twinkie102> Dude
02:58 <Twinkie102> The Pink and Yellow Party Hat IS the original beta hat
02:58 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Kawkeet]]
02:58 <Twinkie102> [[Party Hat]]
02:58 <Twinkie102> Also known as beta hat
02:58 <John18065> "Stompin Bob"
02:59 <John18065> "Stompin Bob'"
02:59 <John18065> Hmm
02:59 <John18065> Does Work
02:59 <Twinkie102> [[Stompin' Bob]]
02:59 <John18065> How!
02:59 <Twinkie102> [[ (page name here) ]]
02:59 <Twinkie102> oops
02:59 <Twinkie102> [[ and ]]
02:59 <Twinkie102> UGH
02:59 <Twinkie102> [[
02:59 <John18065> (Stompin'Bob)
02:59 <Twinkie102> then
02:59 <Twinkie102> ]]
02:59 -!- Pingu rares has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Pingu rares> no one here?
03:00 -!- Pingu rares has left Special:Chat.
03:00 -!- Pingu rares has joined Special:Chat
03:00 <Pingu rares> hey!
03:00 <Twinkie102> hi
03:00 <John18065> [[Stompin' Bob]]
03:00 <Blitzzy> hello
03:00 <Pingu rares> anyone?
03:00 <Twinkie102> YES
03:00 <Twinkie102> We're talking right now
03:00 <Pingu rares> (cadence)
03:00 <Pingu rares> (cadence)
03:00 <Pingu rares> (breakdance)
03:01 <Pingu rares> (lol)
03:01 <John18065> [[Puffle Party (Gotta Have A Wingman)]]
03:01 <Twinkie102> Pingu, don't almost spam with emotes
03:01 <Twinkie102> brb
03:01 <Pingu rares> i am not spannubg
03:01 <The Director of PSA> Spannubg?
03:01 <Twinkie102> I said ALMOST
03:01 <Twinkie102> Brb
03:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> And Read my new play
03:01 -!- The Director of PSA has left Special:Chat.
03:01 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Jjoeyxx]]
03:01 <Pingu rares> (rainbowpuffle) i love them!
03:02 <John18065> (Rainbowpuffle)
03:02 <John18065> Gtg Bye Guys!
03:02 <John18065> (Wave)
03:02 <Pingu rares> bye!
03:03 <Pingu rares> (wave)
03:03 <Pingu rares> (rainbow puffle)
03:04 -!- Pingu rares has left Special:Chat.
03:04 -!- Pingu rares has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:PJ Monster 1 CP]]
03:06 <Mikeymkwii> dead chat 
03:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> You Should read this
03:08 <Twinkie102> back
03:08 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Fix Felix Jr. 111122]]
03:09 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Fix It Felix Jr. 111122]]
03:09 <Pingu rares> (cute)
03:09 <Twinkie102> [[User:Callofduty4|User:Master Dubstep]] :O
03:10 <Pingu rares> hey guys! my (bluepuffle) has such a good time with my (rainbowpuffle)! They enjoy staying toghther all day long! My (pinkpuffle) and my (redpuffle) likes to go swimming! Oh! I have 21 puffles but I can't say what all are doing! But all of them are like 21 darlings! And that's why I just love my 21 puffles! My cute 21 puffles! <3
03:10 <Twinkie102> um
03:10 <Twinkie102> u can only have 20 puffles
03:10 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
03:10 <Pingu rares> no!
03:10 <Preston108> Hello
03:10 <Eaglesrule8> I thought it was 21
03:10 <Twinkie102> hi
03:10 <Eaglesrule8> hi
03:10 <Twinkie102> no it was just 20
03:10 <Eaglesrule8> ok
03:10 <Pingu rares> You can only adopt 20
03:11 <Pingu rares> BUT
03:11 <Twinkie102> and u said u have 21 puffles
03:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Fix-It-Felix Jr. 111122]]
03:11 <Pingu rares> yes
03:11 <Pingu rares> let me talk!!!
03:11 <Twinkie102> Hacker? :o
03:11 <Pingu rares> no
03:11 <Twinkie102> Fine
03:11 <Twinkie102> ok
03:11 <Eaglesrule8> we always assume ppl hack lol
03:11 <Pingu rares> I made friend with a mam from club penguin!
03:11 <Eaglesrule8> ooh
03:11 <Pingu rares> And i told her that i want a rainbow puffle
03:12 <Twinkie102> a mam?
03:12 <Pingu rares> but i already had 20
03:12 <Pingu rares> MAM = MADAM
03:12 <Eaglesrule8> so delet one?
03:12 <Pingu rares> so
03:12 <Twinkie102> oh :|
03:12 <Pingu rares> she told
03:12 <Pingu rares> she will give
03:12 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm making an macromedia flash movie
03:12 <Pingu rares> so now i have 21 puffles
03:12 <Klump Strangeglove> :O
03:12 <Pingu rares> because she was so nice with me!
03:12 <Twinkie102> hm
03:12 <Eaglesrule8> cook
03:12 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Fix-It-Felix Jr. 111122]]
03:12 <Eaglesrule8> lol cool
03:12 <Pingu rares> i can show you message!
03:13 <Preston108> [[User:Gary3008]]
03:13 <Eaglesrule8> ok
03:13 <Pingu rares> who wants to see it?
03:13 <Eaglesrule8> bye Twinkie 
03:13 <Twinkie102> me
03:13 <Pingu rares> ok
03:13 <Twinkie102> bye
03:13 <Pingu rares> you go?
03:13 <Twinkie102> no
03:13 <Eaglesrule8> im going to ur chat
03:13 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Fix-It-Felix Jr.111122]]
03:14 <Preston108> Sharkbate
03:14 <AnonymousDuckLover> Wow, my blog has 9 comments, and only 3 of them are mine
03:14 <Pingu rares>
03:14 <Pingu rares>
03:14 <Preston108> Read under data on this.
03:14 <Preston108> @Shark
03:15 <Pingu rares>
03:15 <Twinkie102> Pingu, why did  u link it two times?
03:15 <Pingu rares> idk
03:15 <Twinkie102> Pingu, 1 time is enough
03:15 <Pingu rares> ok
03:15 <Pingu rares> but sometimes when i give link
03:15 <Pingu rares> others can't see
03:15 <Twinkie102> (face palm)
03:15 <Preston108> (face palm)
03:15 -!- Djf1107 has left Special:Chat.
03:16 <Twinkie102> (face palm)
03:16 <Pingu rares> ...
03:16 <Twinkie102> Pingu broke the line
03:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> THEY UPDATED THE BOOK ROOM!!!
03:16 <Pingu rares> whennn???
03:16 <Twinkie102> It
03:16 <Twinkie102> oops
03:16 <Twinkie102> It's been updated since the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 :|
03:17 <AnonymousDuckLover> :o Why didn't I see it a the Superheroe Takeover?
03:17 <Pingu rares> which book is new?
03:17 <Twinkie102> Not a new  book (facepalm)
03:17 <Twinkie102> The new room design... But the new design came in 2012
03:17 <Twinkie102> In June
03:17 <Pingu rares> oh yeah
03:17 <AnonymousDuckLover> WHEN WAS THE SKI LODGE UPDATED!!!
03:17 <Twinkie102> The Ski Lodge was updated?
03:18 <Twinkie102> lemme look
03:18 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm making a page on the CP Roleplay
03:18 <Pingu rares> Ski Lodge in was updated only in 2006!
03:18 <Pingu rares> Because they added the Attic
03:18 <Twinkie102> In other words, the current design has been here since they opened it
03:18 <Twinkie102> excluding the attic part
03:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> WHEN WAS THE BOILER ROOM UPDATED!!!
03:18 <Twinkie102> Never
03:18 <Twinkie102> well
03:18 <Twinkie102> In PC3 it had a different look
03:19 <Twinkie102> It was creepy then
03:19 <Pingu rares> Ski Lodge was updated in 2006 also!
03:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> Since when is the Beta Hat available?
03:19 <Twinkie102> Never
03:19 <Pingu rares> Beta Hat?
03:19 <Pingu rares> Since October 2005
03:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> :o I just saw a penguin with a bait item :0
03:19 <Twinkie102> :O
03:19 <Twinkie102> Pic
03:19 <Pingu rares> WHERE
03:19 <Mikeymkwii> PIC
03:19 <Pingu rares> NOW?
03:20 <Twinkie102> Picture dude
03:20 <Eaglesrule8> Twinkie guess what!
03:20 <Twinkie102> What was the item?
03:20 <Twinkie102> What?
03:20 <Eaglesrule8> i can be admin
03:20 <Snorp09> twinkie come party with us at your wiki
03:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> The ADL Costume
03:20 <Pingu rares> ADL Costume?!
03:20 <Twinkie102> :| @ADL
03:20 <Eaglesrule8> O-O
03:20 <Mikeymkwii> Eagle -.-
03:20 <AnonymousDuckLover> Yep
03:20 <Eaglesrule8> ye
03:20 <Twinkie102> Mikey, he means at my wiki
03:20 <Mikeymkwii> OH
03:20 <Eaglesrule8> yea
03:21 <Eaglesrule8> sorry mikey
03:21 <Twinkie102> April 2012: OMG I WANT ARCTIC WHITE!!
03:21 <Eaglesrule8> Miley?
03:21 <Eaglesrule8> liol
03:21 <Eaglesrule8> lol
03:21 <Mikeymkwii> April 2013: HUMBUG..
03:21 <Green Ninja> Hi
03:21 <Eaglesrule8> my ipod
03:21 <Mikeymkwii> Hi GN
03:21 <Twinkie102> Hi
03:21 <Pingu rares> anyone playis cppses?
03:21 <AnonymousDuckLover> WHEN DID THEY UPDATE MY IGLOO!!!
03:22 <Green Ninja> Lol
03:22 <Eaglesrule8> twink come partay with us
03:22 <Twinkie102> Whenever u added new stuff or removed it @ADL
03:22 <AnonymousDuckLover> Since when do I own a beta hat?
03:22 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
03:23 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
03:23 <Blitzzy> uh?
03:23 -!- Pingu rares has left Special:Chat.
03:23 <AnonymousDuckLover> I've been through my inventory 1000 times, I havn't seen it in there before
03:23 <Blitzzy> did like a bunch of people leave @ the same time?
03:23 <Mikeymkwii> Yes..
03:24 <Mikeymkwii> O.O
03:24 <Blitzzy> hm
03:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> I didn't even have a penguin during the Beta test now that I think about it
03:24 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Clamshot]]
03:24 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who hacked my account?
03:24 <Mariocart25Charizard> Gtg
03:25 <AnonymousDuckLover> Mario
03:25 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has left Special:Chat.
03:25 <AnonymousDuckLover> How did he know my pass?
03:26 <AnonymousDuckLover> When did I meet Rory?
03:26 <Blitzzy> hi
03:26 <Blitzzy> two seconds ago
03:27 <AnonymousDuckLover> Cool, how'd he get into my closed iggy, he's not my buddy
03:27 <Sharkbate> who?
03:27 <Sharkbate> when?
03:27 <Sharkbate> where?
03:27 <Sharkbate> why?
03:27 <AnonymousDuckLover> Rory, now, My Iggy, IDK
03:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> Because he love me?
03:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> That was something I didn't need to know
03:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> I just thought of another funny line for Spike Hike steps in Puffle Poo
03:30 <Mikeymkwii> I don't understand
03:30 <Mikeymkwii> There's no ban notice
03:30 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
03:32 <Mikeymkwii> *sigh*
03:33 <AnonymousDuckLover> Cool, I just unlocked the Stupid Costume
03:34 <AnonymousDuckLover> How long is a typical coin code?
03:34 <Mikeymkwii> D-U-N-N-O.
03:34 <Mikeymkwii> That's how long lol
03:35 <Mikeymkwii> WB preston
03:35 <Skullifreak> Hello everyone.
03:36 <Skullifreak> Is anyone in here?
03:36 <Mikeymkwii> Yes
03:36 <Mikeymkwii> I am here
03:36 <Mikeymkwii> and Hi
03:36 <Skullifreak> Fail, double fail.
03:36 <Skullifreak> You didn't cap and, and you caped hi.
03:37 <Skullifreak> Well.
03:37 <Skullifreak> Anyways.
03:37 <Skullifreak> Has anyone made an thing on
03:37 <Skullifreak> I was wondering if it is hard.
03:37 <Mikeymkwii> yea
03:37 <Mikeymkwii> I have
03:37 <Skullifreak> Is it hard?
03:38 <Skullifreak> Cause I want to make an snail chat.
03:38 <Skullifreak> On it.
03:38 <Skullifreak> Taking the sprite on the [[Penguin Chat 3]] page and replaceing the Penguin on [[Penguin Chat]] with the snail.
03:38 <Mikeymkwii> :0
03:38 <Mikeymkwii> awesome
03:38 <Skullifreak> Basicly making Penguin Chat and replacing it with snails.
03:39 <Blitzzy> eh
03:39 <Blitzzy> ask david F
03:39 <Blitzzy> he knows that kind of stuff
03:39 <Mikeymkwii> i know it too :/
03:39 <Skullifreak> Well is it hard Mikey?
03:39 <Mikeymkwii> not really
03:39 <AnonymousDuckLover> What should I dress my Duck up as next?
03:39 <Skullifreak> I know.
03:39 <Mikeymkwii> you just gotta think
03:39 <Skullifreak> If it is easy.
03:39 <Skullifreak> I would make an Ninja Penguin Chat to.
03:39 <Mikeymkwii> Maybe
03:39 <AnonymousDuckLover> I've been Chef ADL too long
03:40 <Skullifreak> K.
03:40 <Skullifreak> Also.
03:40 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
03:40 <Twinkie102> Hi
03:40 <Skullifreak> Can you update games on it?
03:40 <Mikeymkwii> update games??
03:40 <Skullifreak> Or take the game and edit and publish it again.
03:40 <Twinkie102> sup
03:40 <Skullifreak> Isn't scratch games?
03:40 <Mikeymkwii> yes
03:40 <Mikeymkwii>
03:40 <Skullifreak> Well.
03:40 <Skullifreak> I guess sometimes.
03:41 <Skullifreak> Is that easy?
03:41 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
03:41 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
03:41 <AnonymousDuckLover> And Behold
03:41 <Snorp09> Everone how want to spam?
03:41 <AnonymousDuckLover> ADL MAN!!!
03:41 <Snorp09> *who
03:42 <Mikeymkwii> O.O
03:42 <Twinkie102> No don't spam
03:42 <Mikeymkwii> ohi twinkie
03:42 <Snorp09> if you do come to
03:42 <Skullifreak> I am not realy care about the sprites, is it easy to make a room changer?
03:42 <Mikeymkwii> yes
03:42 <Skullifreak> K.
03:42 <Mikeymkwii> you can change the BG
03:42 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
03:42 <Skullifreak> I might just give it a try.
03:42 <Mikeymkwii> hi Vic
03:42 <Vicyorus> Hi
03:42 <AnonymousDuckLover> Hello
03:42 <Skullifreak> Hey Vic.
03:42 <Vicyorus> Hey ADL
03:42 <Twinkie102> Yo
03:42 <Vicyorus> Hey Skulli
03:43 <Vicyorus> Twinkie
03:43 <AnonymousDuckLover> Notice anything diifferent about me?
03:43 <Twinkie102> Yes Vic?
03:43 <Skullifreak> I know.
03:43 <Skullifreak> Your a Fish Duck.
03:43 <Vicyorus> No, nothing
03:43 <AnonymousDuckLover> My avatar...
03:43 <Skullifreak> I guessed it!
03:43 <AnonymousDuckLover> Updated for an upcoming party
03:43 <Vicyorus> :O
03:44 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'm ADL Man
03:44 <AnonymousDuckLover> AGAIN!!!
03:44 <Skullifreak> Brb.
03:44 <Snorp09> lof
03:44 <Snorp09> (laugh out fish) 
03:44 <Blitzzy> gnight
03:44 <Twinkie102> night blitzzy
03:45 <Snorp09> lof (laugh out fish) 
03:45 <Krusha's Awesomeness> lol
03:45 <Snorp09> lol
03:45 <Vicyorus> Night Blitz
03:45 <Krusha's Awesomeness> LOL = Laugh Out Loud
03:46 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
03:46 <Klump Strangeglove> if you come to you'll upload the klutzy photo for me with the overralls and a mouth, got that?
03:46 <Snorp09> if you want to be cool say lof
03:46 <Sharkbate> LMFAO = Larry's Mother Fell Again, Oscer
03:46 <Vicyorus> *Oscar
03:46 <Snorp09> sharkbate check PMs
03:47 <Vicyorus> Klump, that pic was taken down AGES ago
03:47 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
03:47 <Twinkie102> erm
03:47 <Skullifreak> Back.
03:47 <Sharkbate> No, Vic
03:47 <Skullifreak> Hey Vic.
03:47 <Sharkbate> Oscer. Oscar doesn't deserve to hear the news
03:47 <Snorp09> Sharkbate check pms
03:47 <Vicyorus> Poor Oscer
03:47 <Vicyorus> ;(
03:47 <Skullifreak> I am going to make an scratch called Ninja Penguin Chat.
03:47 <Skullifreak> Well.
03:47 <Twinkie102> I'm going to bed in a few minutes
03:48 <Skullifreak> k.
03:48 <Skullifreak> Night Twinkie.
03:48 <Snorp09> Say lof if your cool
03:48 <Snorp09> lof
03:48 <Twinkie102> I'm not going yet :|
03:48 <Twinkie102> lof
03:48 <Skullifreak> Lof.
03:48 <Twinkie102> Hi Tobias :|
03:48 <Skullifreak> Well consider it an eariler good night.
03:48 <Twinkie102> I'm doing the straight face period again :|
03:48 <TobiasIsAwesome> I am back
03:48 <Twinkie102> Omg :|
03:48 <Snorp09> ewww your all laughing out fish
03:48 <Twinkie102> I love this emote :|
03:49 <Twinkie102> That's why we're cool :|
03:49 <Twinkie102> Ahh :|
03:49 <Snorp09> lof mean laughing out fish
03:49 <Skullifreak> Well, I am going to get started on Penguin Ninja Chat or Ninja Penguin Chat now.
03:49 <Twinkie102> Can't stop :|
03:49 <Skullifreak> Brb.
03:49 <TobiasIsAwesome> Who else thinks that mother nature should give the technology-oriented youth a break?
03:49 <Twinkie102> ....
03:49 <Snorp09> say I if you think I would make a good cm
03:49 <Snorp09> I
03:49 <TobiasIsAwesome> I
03:49 <Skullifreak> Ha! Twinkie didn't say "|
03:49 <Skullifreak> :
03:49 <Twinkie102> i
03:49 <Skullifreak> :| I mean.
03:49 <Snorp09> lol
03:50 <Twinkie102> Dang it :|
03:50 <Skullifreak> Oh.
03:50 <Skullifreak> Scratch is an download.
03:50 <Twinkie102> I love this emote :|
03:50 <TobiasIsAwesome> Seriously. The technology-oriented youth is smarter than anyone else.
03:50 <Snorp09> I wounder will P pal log on today?
03:50 -!- Sharkbate has left Special:Chat.
03:50 <Skullifreak> Ok, just consider I said nothing about chats.
03:50 <Twinkie102> 10 minutes left of the day for me
03:50 <Twinkie102> 11:50pm for me
03:51 <Vicyorus> 10 to 10
03:51 <Vicyorus> :P
03:51 <Snorp09> 10 mins left of 8:00 for me
03:51 <Snorp09> it 8:51 here
03:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> 11:51 here
03:51 -!- Sharkbate has joined Special:Chat
03:51 <Twinkie102> pm or am
03:51 <Twinkie102> Hi
03:51 <Twinkie102> Shark
03:51 <Twinkie102> Shark :D
03:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> DM
03:51 <Twinkie102> (shark)
03:51 <Snorp09> still 8:51 pm for me
03:51 <Twinkie102> (sharkbate)
03:51 <Twinkie102> Shark is using the away button xD
03:51 <Snorp09> chat hacks
03:51 <Snorp09> XD
03:51 <Sharkbate> No I'm not
03:52 <Snorp09> Oh yeah
03:52 <Twinkie102> Explain why you are flashing with "Away" then
03:52 <Sharkbate> Chat hax don't work unless you use the main page button
03:52 <Snorp09> brb
03:52 <Sharkbate> and I'm using
03:52 -!- Snorp09 has left Special:Chat.
03:52 <Sharkbate> because main page won't load
03:52 -!- Snorp09 has joined Special:Chat
03:52 <Twinkie102> suuuree :)
03:52 <Snorp09> Using chat hacks
03:52 <Sharkbate> but chat hax are still awesome
03:52 <Twinkie102> mhm
03:52 <Snorp09> yeah
03:53 <Twinkie102> Oh shark, weren't u making one? :P
03:53 <Sharkbate> I was the first one on this wiki to have them (troll)
03:53 <Sharkbate> and yes I am making my own
03:53 <Mikeymkwii> Chat hacks will load anyways because I hacked the chat hack scripts
03:53 <Twinkie102> what does that do again? XD
03:53 <Sharkbate> you didn't hack the chat scripts. you added ones that other ppl made
03:53 <Twinkie102> ik
03:53 <Twinkie102> what does your hack do? :p
03:54 <Mikeymkwii> I don't have to click the homepage button to do chat hacks
03:54 <Mikeymkwii> using a script that samantas
03:54 <Mikeymkwii> created
03:54 <Sharkbate> ..
03:54 <Sharkbate> .
03:54 <Sharkbate> .
03:54 <Sharkbate> .
03:55 <Sharkbate> okay I'm still here
03:55 <Twinkie102> good
03:55 <Twinkie102> !logs
03:55 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
03:55 <Mikeymkwii> I made this for no apparent reason.
03:55 <Mikeymkwii> Although it is a test.
03:55 <Vicyorus> Shark, remember yesterday?
03:55 <Twinkie102> O_O LOL!
03:55 <Vicyorus> :P
03:56 <Snorp09> check out lof (laugh out fish) 
03:56 <Twinkie102> XD Miikey
03:56 <Twinkie102> *Mikey
03:56 <Snorp09> ...
03:56 <Mikeymkwii> :L
03:56 <Snorp09> Typo
03:56 <Twinkie102> I like squirrels
03:56 <Snorp09> Check out
03:56 <Snorp09> or
03:57 <TobiasIsAwesome> Do me a favor
03:57 <Vicyorus> Sure, ask
03:57 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
03:58 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
03:58 <TobiasIsAwesome> PM me then, Vicyorus
03:58 <Mikeymkwii> ljk
03:58 <Mikeymkwii> :D
03:58 <Mikeymkwii> brb
03:58 <TobiasIsAwesome> Stop saying LJK each time i'm here, Mikey
03:58 <AnonymousDuckLover> Explain this, this is my penguin's igloo, I've never been a member, and it's not an edit!
03:59 <Mikeymkwii> LOL ADL
03:59 -!- JosieLight has joined Special:Chat
03:59 <JosieLight> Hello!
04:00 <Vicyorus> Hello!
04:00 <Snorp09> where am I?
04:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> Here
04:00 <Twinkie102> hi
04:00 <Twinkie102> Say I if you're bored
04:00 <Twinkie102> I
04:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> Mikey, that wasn't a joke about the glitch thing
04:00 <Twinkie102> k no one's bored
04:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> Read Spike Hike Steps in Penguin Poo
04:01 <Twinkie102> OMG
04:01 <Twinkie102> LOL!!
04:01 <Twinkie102> Night Guys!
04:01 <Twinkie102> (wave)
04:01 <Snorp09> no
04:02 <Vicyorus> Night
04:02 <Mikeymkwii> NIGHT PEOPLE
04:02 <Snorp09> No good night
04:02 <Vicyorus> Uh oh...
04:02 <Vicyorus> Well
04:02 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
04:02 <TobiasIsAwesome> Who else owns pre-21st century game systems?
04:02 <Vicyorus> Wish me luck tomorrow
04:02 <Snorp09> stay on twinkie102
04:02 <Vicyorus> I do
04:02 <Vicyorus> I have a N64
04:02 <TobiasIsAwesome> Mine's a Game Boy Pocket.
04:02 <Snorp09> 33ds 
04:02 <TobiasIsAwesome> and a genesis
04:02 <Vicyorus> :O
04:02 <Snorp09> 3ds
04:02 <Snorp09> twinkie?
04:03 <TobiasIsAwesome> But most of the games to my genesis are sports except for a Lion King game and Sonic 1
04:03 -!- Benjemim has joined Special:Chat
04:04 <JosieLight> What are we talkinga bout?
04:05 <JosieLight> talking about*
04:05 <Vicyorus> Old gaming consoles
04:05 <Vicyorus> And I have to go
04:05 <Vicyorus> Well, I'll see you tomorrow!
04:05 <Vicyorus> Bye!
04:05 <Vicyorus> (wave)
04:05 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
04:05 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who here's choked on air before?
04:06 <JosieLight> Too many times.
04:06 -!- Snorp09 has left Special:Chat.
04:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> Yeah, chat's boring
04:06 <AnonymousDuckLover> Time to find my jam
04:06 <JosieLight> I can't seem to get over the fact of no medieval party.
04:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> Worth listening to
04:08 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: 10 Hours of the Shire Theme - Duration: 09:59:59 - Uploaded: 2012-06-02 - Rating: 4.943170 - Views: 89,041 -
04:08 <JosieLight> I gotta be somewhere in 10 hours
04:08 <JosieLight> Well, technically I have to leave in eight hours...
04:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> That's too bad
04:09 <JosieLight> Oh well, my loss.
04:09 <JosieLight> -looking at MST sneak peeks-
04:09 <JosieLight> Not disappointed.
04:10 <Sharkbate> I have some HQ photos of the rooms
04:10 <JosieLight> -jealousy burns-
04:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> Ok, i'm looking for the whole soundtrack
04:11 <AnonymousDuckLover> This is better
04:11 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - Full Official Soundtrack (HD) - Duration: 03:40:33 - Uploaded: 2012-05-17 - Rating: 4.980924 - Views: 938,318 -
04:13 <JosieLight> I will be a little bit dead inside if there is no music jam
04:13 <Sharkbate> I might leak some Marvel stuff
04:13 <Sharkbate> but leaking is illegal :/
04:14 <JosieLight> How did you find it?
04:14 <Sharkbate> methods
04:14 <JosieLight> It's okay, you don't have to tell me.
04:14 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
04:15 <JosieLight> Hey Jack
04:15 <AnonymousDuckLover> Jackieninja5mabelGravityFalls, I'm listening to the song of the best trilogy of all times
04:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sup?
04:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cool
04:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Except that is not me :P
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who said I' talking to you, I'm talking to your imagenary girlfriend
04:16 <JosieLight> He can't even imagine one.
04:16 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> AnonymousUnicornLover is the girl version of you :P
04:16 <AnonymousDuckLover> BTW, notice anything different
04:16 <JosieLight> You got a haircut?
04:17 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Your avatar
04:17 <AnonymousDuckLover> I always thought it would be AnonymousDuckLoverLover
04:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> Jack always notices small differences, I'mADL Man again
04:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes you are :P
04:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> You should read the story
04:19 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> O_O Ewww
04:19 <TobiasIsAwesome> And mine is TressaIsAwesome
04:20 <JosieLight> "Eww! Eww!"
04:20 <JosieLight> haha
04:20 -!- DJ Storm has left Special:Chat.
04:20 <TobiasIsAwesome> PM me for my top 10 inventions
04:22 <TobiasIsAwesome> Who wants to see my top 10 inventions?
04:23 <Sharkbate> nightynightppls
04:23 -!- Sharkbate has left Special:Chat.
04:27 <Krusha's Awesomeness> lol
04:27 <Krusha's Awesomeness> gotts
04:27 <Krusha's Awesomeness> gotta go
04:28 <Klump Strangeglove> me too
04:28 -!- Klump Strangeglove has left Special:Chat.
04:33 -!- Shurow has left Special:Chat.
04:54 -!- WikiaMaster123 has left Special:Chat.
04:54 -!- OasisCheats has joined Special:Chat
04:55 <Skullifreak> Mr? You in here?
04:55 <Skullifreak> OasisCheats are you Mr?
04:55 <OasisCheats> yep
04:55 <OasisCheats> i gotta get a pic
04:56 <Skullifreak> Pm.
04:56 <OasisCheats> pm?
04:56 <Skullifreak> Pm = Priavte Measge, I opend one.
04:57 <Skullifreak> Look to your right side of the window.
04:57 <OasisCheats> oh that pm
04:57 <OasisCheats> k
04:57 <OasisCheats> i got it
04:58 -!- Skullifreak has left Special:Chat.
04:58 -!- OasisCheats has left Special:Chat.
04:59 <Arsenal55702> Hi
05:33 <Samantas5855> hey
05:39 -!- PlayerPenguin has joined Special:Chat
05:41 <Samantas5855> hi
05:41 <Samantas5855> are you new to the wiki
05:43 <PlayerPenguin> No
05:43 <PlayerPenguin> I've Been here for 2 Days
05:46 <Samantas5855> ok
05:48 <Samantas5855> see that video to learn more
05:48 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin Wiki advertisement video - Duration: 00:34 - Uploaded: 2013-04-06 - Rating: 4.111111 - Views: 75 -
05:50 <PlayerPenguin> Ok
05:51 <Samantas5855> you will see my avatar at chat 
05:51 <Samantas5855> its cause im the most active user in this chat
05:51 <Samantas5855> jackninja5 whats going on
05:53 <Samantas5855> hi
05:54 <Arsenal55702> hi
05:54 <Samantas5855> say !welcome PlayerPenguin
05:55 <Arsenal55702> !welcome PlayerPenguin
05:55 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki PlayerPenguin! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
05:56 <Samantas5855> check it out
06:00 <Arsenal55702> I saw it before
06:00 <Samantas5855> ok
06:00 <Samantas5855> what do u think
06:02 <Arsenal55702> ur going to mech mice
06:02 <Samantas5855> no i was trolling
06:02 <Samantas5855> i hate it
06:03 <Arsenal55702> ok
06:03 <Samantas5855> do u have rocket cutout
06:03 <Arsenal55702> idk
06:03 <Arsenal55702> check google xP
06:04 <Samantas5855> i talked with eminem cm from cp cot outs and he gvaed it to me do u want 
06:04 <Samantas5855> it
06:04 <Arsenal55702> nah
06:06 <Arsenal55702> from where u talked with eminem
06:07 <Samantas5855> twitter you can get the latest unreleased cutouts from here
06:07 <Samantas5855>
06:14 <Samantas5855> arsenal
06:25 <TheChamagool9> ?
06:25 <TheChamagool9> hi
06:25 <TheChamagool9> Arsenal
06:25 <TheChamagool9> heloooo!
06:26 <Samantas5855> ηι
06:26 <Samantas5855> hi
06:27 <Arsenal55702> sorry
06:27 <Arsenal55702> was playing happy wheels :P
06:27 -!- Arsenal55702 has left Special:Chat.
06:36 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:36 <Fottymaddy> Hello
06:36 <Fottymaddy> Dead chat :|
06:40 <Fottymaddy> o_O
06:40 <Samantas5855> hi
06:40 <Fottymaddy> Hello sam
06:40 <Fottymaddy> ..
06:40 <Samantas5855> hi fotty
06:41 <Fottymaddy> :d
06:41 <Fottymaddy> (WAVE)
06:41 <Samantas5855> do u want to see some unreleased cp cutouts
06:42 <Samantas5855> i havre the link
06:42 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
06:42 <Samantas5855> do u
06:43 <Fottymaddy> :|
06:43 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:43 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:43 <Samantas5855> he will not talk
06:43 <Fottymaddy> sure
06:43 <Samantas5855> ok
06:43 <Samantas5855>
06:43 <Fottymaddy> Yes please
06:43 <Fottymaddy> thanks
06:43 <Fottymaddy> Cool
06:43 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:43 <Samantas5855> i know
06:43 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:43 <Samantas5855> use them
06:43 <Fottymaddy> Yeh later
06:44 <Fottymaddy> WOAH!
06:44 <Fottymaddy> Yellow viking helmet :o
06:44 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:44 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:45 <Fottymaddy> ..
06:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:45 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
06:45 <Fottymaddy> You alright jack?
06:45 <Fottymaddy> :D
06:45 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes
06:45 <Samantas5855> i know
06:45 <Samantas5855> hi
06:46 <Fottymaddy> cool
06:46 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
06:46 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:46 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:49 <Fottymaddy> Hmm
06:49 <Fottymaddy> Super bored O_o
06:49 <Samantas5855> lol
06:50 <Fottymaddy> hehe
06:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O A new high score on Bejeweled Blitz!
06:50 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> 124,350
06:50 <Fottymaddy> Humbug
06:50 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:50 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:50 <Fottymaddy> :O
06:50 <Fottymaddy> Cool
06:52 <Fottymaddy> Hmm
06:52 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:52 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:54 <Fottymaddy> :D
06:54 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:54 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:54 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :D
06:54 <Fottymaddy> XD
06:55 <Fottymaddy> I watched adventure time yesterday!
06:55 <Fottymaddy> :D
06:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> So did I
06:55 <Fottymaddy> Awesome
06:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR :D
06:55 <Fottymaddy> 2nd time i watched it.. O_O
06:55 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:55 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Fottymaddy> The dog is awesome
06:55 <Fottymaddy> Im not good with names yet
06:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Jake the Dog :P
06:55 <Fottymaddy> :D
06:55 <Fottymaddy> And finn?
06:55 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> My avatar is from Adventure Time
06:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Finn the Human :P
06:56 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
06:56 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:56 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:56 <Fottymaddy> Marceline
06:56 <Fottymaddy> :|
06:56 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:56 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yes
06:57 <Fottymaddy> col
06:57 <Fottymaddy> cool*
06:58 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has joined Special:Chat
06:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
06:58 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Long time no see :D
06:58 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hi.
06:58 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Yes. :P
06:58 <Fottymaddy> Hi
06:58 <Fottymaddy> :D
06:58 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
06:58 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
06:59 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
06:59 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hi.
06:59 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Wow, so many people are away.
06:59 <Fottymaddy> Nice to see you
06:59 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
06:59 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Nice to see you too. :)
07:00 <Fottymaddy> Thanks :D
07:00 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
07:00 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:00 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> We need to get that transparent :/
07:01 <Fottymaddy> What?
07:01 <Fottymaddy> :/
07:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Transparent is awesome :P
07:01 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
07:01 <Fottymaddy> Alot better
07:01 <Fottymaddy> :)
07:01 <Fottymaddy> *does transparent dance*
07:02 <Fottymaddy> ..
07:02 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:02 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> (yao) too :P
07:02 <Fottymaddy> (troll)
07:02 <LEGOSpinjitzu> (ninja5)
07:02 <Fottymaddy> :P
07:02 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Aww it's gone!
07:02 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I can make them transparent
07:02 <Fottymaddy> (fottymaddy)
07:03 <Fottymaddy> Yay
07:03 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:03 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:03 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> But I am too lazy to (yao)
07:04 <Fottymaddy> Haha
07:04 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:04 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:04 <Fottymaddy> :|
07:04 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Plus it is more fun to make the admins do it instead :P
07:05 <Fottymaddy> ikr
07:05 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:05 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:05 <LEGOSpinjitzu> This year's Marvel Takeover won't be as good as the last.
07:05 <Fottymaddy> it will
07:05 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :O Are you LEGOSpinjitzu from the future?
07:05 <Fottymaddy> Have u seen the sneak peaks?
07:05 <Fottymaddy> It looks amazing!
07:06 <Fottymaddy> Much more better rooms
07:06 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Yes, but it's all about Iron Man 3.
07:06 <Fottymaddy> :|
07:06 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Last year, there were more heroes.
07:06 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Not only Iron Man...
07:07 <Fottymaddy> Hmm
07:07 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:07 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:08 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
07:09 <Fottymaddy> I gtg for a bit
07:09 <Fottymaddy> Cya soon 9wave)
07:09 <LEGOSpinjitzu> OK.
07:09 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Bye.
07:09 <Fottymaddy> Bye
07:09 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
07:09 <LEGOSpinjitzu> (wave)
07:09 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:15 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ...
07:20 <LEGOSpinjitzu> I'm going to go now.
07:20 <LEGOSpinjitzu> See you later!
07:20 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has left Special:Chat.
07:37 <Cartoonexplorer1> !welcome me
07:37 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:37 <Cartoonexplorer1> Yo
07:37 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYo
07:38 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:38 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Sup?
07:38 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYO
07:39 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> That is spam
07:39 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:39 -!- Cartoonexplorer1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:40 <Cartoonexplorer1> Yo
07:40 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYo
07:40 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:40 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:40 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:40 -!- Cartoonexplorer1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:41 <Cartoonexplorer1> Yo
07:41 <Samantas5855> hi
07:41 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYo
07:41 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:41 <Cartoonexplorer1> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:41 <Samantas5855> dont spam
07:41 <Samantas5855> plz
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Not spam
07:42 <Samantas5855> yet
07:42 <Cartoonexplorer1> Hi
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Wait
07:42 <Cartoonexplorer1> HiHi
07:42 <Samantas5855> he will spam later
07:42 <Cartoonexplorer1> HiHiHiHiHi
07:42 <Cartoonexplorer1> HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi
07:42 <Cartoonexplorer1> HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi
07:42 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He did spam
07:43 <Samantas5855> ban
07:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Cartoon
07:43 <Cartoonexplorer1> what is spam
07:43 <Samantas5855> its 3 kicks
07:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You are going to get a ban for spamming
07:43 -!- Cartoonexplorer1 was banned from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls for 86400 seconds.
07:43 <Samantas5855> for how much
07:43 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> 1 day
07:43 <Samantas5855> ok
07:44 -!- Penguin-Pal has joined Special:Chat
07:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:44 <Penguin-Pal> hi
07:44 <Samantas5855> hi
07:44 <Samantas5855> look whos banned
07:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> He can see above :P
07:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> You don't need to talk about a recent ban
07:44 -!- Melissa C has joined Special:Chat
07:44 <Samantas5855> hi
07:44 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:45 <Penguin-Pal> what ban?
07:45 <Penguin-Pal> hi
07:45 <Wii Mario 01> Hwi
07:45 <Samantas5855> he got banned for 1 day by jack for 3 kicks by spam
07:45 <Samantas5855> hi
07:45 <Melissa C> Ban? What Ban?
07:45 <Penguin-Pal> who?
07:45 <Samantas5855> form chat
07:45 <Samantas5855>
07:45 <Penguin-Pal> oh
07:46 <Melissa C> Did somebody get banned?
07:46 <Penguin-Pal> ^^Cartoonexplorer1
07:46 <Samantas5855> pp did you colored oceans name in monobook
07:46 <Melissa C> Oh it was Cartoonexplorer1. He always is messing about! He deleted my user page one time! :(
07:46 <Penguin-Pal> no, the monobook stylesheet isn't updated much
07:47 <Samantas5855> why not
07:47 <Penguin-Pal> as nobody really usues it
07:47 <Samantas5855> i do
07:47 <Wii Mario 01> Penguin Pal is it true that you can flags with people's penguin on the flag
07:47 <Penguin-Pal> oh
07:47 <Penguin-Pal> @mario whic flafs?
07:47 <Penguin-Pal> *flags
07:48 <Wii Mario 01> holdfold on greeting a link
07:48 <Samantas5855> update it
07:48 <Melissa C> Yo
07:48 <Melissa C> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYO
07:48 <Melissa C> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:48 -!- Melissa C was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:49 <Samantas5855> dont sapm
07:49 <Melissa C> YoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYoYo
07:49 <Samantas5855> *spam
07:49 -!- Melissa C has left Special:Chat.
07:49 <Samantas5855> kick
07:49 -!- Melissa C was kicked from Special:Chat by Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
07:49 <Samantas5855> ok
07:49 -!- Melissa C has joined Special:Chat
07:49 <Samantas5855> hi
07:49 <Melissa C> YoYoYoYo
07:49 <Melissa C> Hello
07:49 -!- Melissa C has left Special:Chat.
07:50 <Samantas5855> hi
07:51 <Samantas5855> pp
07:52 <Samantas5855> im a monobook user
07:54 <Samantas5855> pp
07:56 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:56 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
07:56 <Fottymaddy> Hi  :|
07:56 <Samantas5855> hi
07:56 <Fottymaddy> XD
07:56 <Samantas5855> lol
07:56 <Fottymaddy> Im watching sweet brown 'aint nobody got time for dat'
07:56 <Fottymaddy> XD
07:57 <Fottymaddy> :D
07:57 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
07:57 <Samantas5855>
07:57 <Samantas5855> coment here plz
07:57 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
07:57 <Fottymaddy> Bored
07:58 <Samantas5855>
07:59 <Fottymaddy> O_O
07:59 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
07:59 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
07:59 <Fottymaddy> ..
08:01 <Fottymaddy> :|
08:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :/
08:01 <Fottymaddy> XD
08:05 <Fottymaddy> ..
08:08 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
08:08 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 27 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
08:08 <Fottymaddy> :|
08:12 <Penguin-Pal> brb
08:21 -!- Arsenal55702 has joined Special:Chat
08:22 <Arsenal55702> hi
08:22 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:24 <Arsenal55702> wazzap
08:26 <Arsenal55702> duck lover has been away since hours
08:26 <Arsenal55702> :|
08:26 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR
08:30 -!- Arsenal55702 has left Special:Chat.
08:30 -!- Baith1999 has joined Special:Chat
08:31 <Baith1999> hello
08:35 <Baith1999> or not... you know
08:43 <Baith1999> yeah thats it
08:43 <Baith1999> just sit there nit replying
08:59 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
08:59 <David231099> hi
08:59 <David231099> dead chat...
09:00 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IKR
09:01 -!- WikiaMaster123 has joined Special:Chat
09:01 <David231099> n
09:01 <David231099> hi
09:01 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:05 <David231099> dead chat
09:10 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
09:10 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
09:10 <Super Miron> Hey
09:10 <Super Miron> Jack, PM
09:12 <David231099> hi
09:16 <WikiaMaster123> *Falls off chair*
09:16 <David231099> hi
09:17 <David231099> ...
09:19 <Starpuffle00> hi
09:19 <David231099> hi
09:23 <Super Miron> <-- Wikia's chat source code 
09:29 <David231099> dead chat....
09:31 <WikiaMaster123> I made an awesome Minecraft wallpaper..
09:32 <David231099> well done
09:34 <WikiaMaster123> I made it on super flat desert, used TNT a few times, put some glowstone underneath a crafting table.... epic.
09:37 <Starpuffle00> cool
09:38 <Starpuffle00> I'm making a haunted mansion on Minecraft
09:39 <Angryjack> Hi
09:39 <David231099> hi
09:40 <Angryjack> LOL
09:40 <Angryjack> I  Changed My avatar
09:40 <Angryjack> Hey
09:43 <WikiaMaster123> Also I made a MC wallpaper, different biomes for the letters of Minecraft (Plains for M, Jungle for I, Taiga for N, Forest for E, etc.)
09:48 -!- Pam pam4 has joined Special:Chat
09:48 <Pam pam4> woof :|
09:48 <Pam pam4> hi
09:49 <David231099> hi
09:49 <WikiaMaster123> And another wallpaper, which is of a skeleton and a spider jockey in a duel at sunrise
09:50 <Super Miron> <-- Wikia chat code
09:51 <Super Miron> ... dead?
09:51 <Pam pam4> :|
09:51 <Super Miron> Yeah, dead.
09:51 <Pam pam4> umm
09:52 <WikiaMaster123> Do u realise how hard it is to make skeletons duel before the sun kills them?
09:52 <Pam pam4> in what
09:52 <Starpuffle00> Minecraft
09:53 <WikiaMaster123> Minecraft
09:53 <Pam pam4> use 6 pistons
09:53 <WikiaMaster123> Wat
09:53 <Starpuffle00> I'd hit the skeleton and hide behind the other skeleton 
09:53 <Pam pam4> get them skeletons stuck
09:53 <Super Miron>
09:54 <Pam pam4> put a roof over
09:54 <WikiaMaster123> Starpuffle, thats wat I did
09:54 <Pam pam4> and then they can battle
09:54 <Pam pam4> oh yeah hide behind one of em
09:54 <Starpuffle00> I can't wait until Ocelots come out (I've got MC on the Xbox 360)
09:56 <Pam pam4> same
09:56 <WikiaMaster123> Wat I did was get skeleton spawn eggs, kept using them until I got a jockey, hit the skeleton and hid behind the jockey, then went far away and made sure I could see the sun behind them
09:56 <Pam pam4> ocelots are annoying though
09:57 <Pam pam4> time to play minecraft beta 1.4 :)
09:58 <Pam pam4> with too many items
09:58 <David231099> ...
09:59 <WikiaMaster123> Cant wait for 1.6 :I
09:59 <Pam pam4> :|
09:59 <Pam pam4>  i don't like 2.0
10:00 <Pam pam4> the look of it
10:00 <WikiaMaster123> I have the Mine Wars TP
10:00 <Pam pam4> or was it an april fools joke
10:00 <WikiaMaster123> Wat was
10:01 <Pam pam4> minecraft 1.0
10:01 <Pam pam4> *2.0
10:02 <WikiaMaster123> I loved Minecraft April Fools, pink Wither, flying sheep, exploding cows.
10:02 <Pam pam4> yeah
10:02 <Pam pam4> i never played it
10:02 <Pam pam4> but i saw keralis
10:02 <Pam pam4> i want a cape 
10:03 <WikiaMaster123> I only use to TPs, Mine Wars and SimpleCraft
10:07 <David231099> dead chat
10:07 <Fottymaddy> Hi! :D
10:07 <Fottymaddy> Hello david
10:07 <Fottymaddy> Not dead anymore ;)
10:07 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:08 <David231099> hi
10:08 <Fottymaddy> >
10:08 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:08 <David231099> :d
10:08 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:08 <Super Miron> Hey
10:08 <Fottymaddy> hI!
10:08 <Fottymaddy> :d
10:08 <Fottymaddy> Hi miron
10:08 <Super Miron> Fotty, PM
10:08 <Fottymaddy> Alrighty, better not be ur wiki thing >:/
10:08 <Pam pam4> hi fotty
10:08 <Fottymaddy> Hi pam
10:08 <Fottymaddy> And it is wordipedia (facepalm)
10:09 <Fottymaddy> worldipedia*
10:09 <Super Miron> But I need you to test something
10:10 <Super Miron> Fotty
10:10 <Super Miron> PM
10:10 <Fottymaddy> Aww
10:10 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:10 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:10 <Fottymaddy> Why not david? :|
10:10 <Super Miron> Okay David
10:10 <Super Miron> Wanna test a feature?
10:11 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:11 <Fottymaddy> (Lol)
10:11 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:11 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:11 <Super Miron> :|
10:11 <Super Miron> Fotty hates me :(
10:11 -!- Happy65 has joined Special:Chat
10:11 <Fottymaddy> I like you
10:11 <David231099> hi
10:11 <Fottymaddy> Hi
10:11 <Super Miron> Happy!
10:11 <Fottymaddy> Hi happy :D
10:11 <Fottymaddy> Miron!
10:11 <Super Miron> Wanna test a feature for Worldipedia?
10:11 <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yo
10:11 <Fottymaddy> I like you, i dont like testing.
10:11 <Fottymaddy> Is that ok?
10:11 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:11 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:11 <David231099> Miron
10:11 <Super Miron> I guess it is
10:11 <Fottymaddy> I never said i hated you.
10:11 <Super Miron> Yse?
10:11 <David231099> what feature is it?
10:11 <Super Miron> *Yes?
10:11 <Fottymaddy> You one of my good friends
10:11 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:11 <Super Miron> Live chat on Worldipedia
10:11 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
10:12 <Super Miron> David: PM
10:12 <David231099> ok
10:12 <Fottymaddy> Miron
10:12 <Fottymaddy> Im sorry btw
10:12 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:12 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:12 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:12 <Happy65> I remember an old feature when I was on here in 2010, it's still usable, [[Club Penguin Wiki:The Buzz]]
10:12 <Fottymaddy> O_O
10:12 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:13 <Fottymaddy> ..
10:13 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:13 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:13 <Happy65> It's kind of inactive, but Mixer still uses it after his 2012 Reform
10:13 <Fottymaddy> Oh 
10:13 <Happy65> or 2011
10:13 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:13 <Happy65> I cannot remember
10:13 <Fottymaddy> mixer joined in 2011
10:13 <Fottymaddy> He joined same month as me
10:13 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:14 <Fottymaddy> ;)
10:14 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
10:14 <Happy65> If you want a bit of drama, have a look at the March 31, 2012 comment ;)
10:14 <Fottymaddy> Eh?
10:14 <Fottymaddy> Whats it about
10:14 <Fottymaddy> I was admin in march 2012
10:14 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:14 <Happy65> You'll see
10:14 <Fottymaddy> I had a trial, remember?
10:14 <Fottymaddy> Seems like yesterday :')
10:15 <Happy65> Hmmm
10:15 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:15 <Happy65> That WaddleBot think was a big big argument
10:15 <Fottymaddy> Hnph
10:15 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:15 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:15 <Fottymaddy> Waddlebot ? :D
10:15 <Happy65> yes
10:15 <Happy65> Does anyone remember that day?
10:15 <Fottymaddy> Sounds epic
10:15 <Fottymaddy> I think soo
10:15 <Fottymaddy> What month?
10:15 <Fottymaddy> :/
10:16 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:16 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:16 <Happy65> No, it was a hack operative system made by someone who pretended to be wikia staff
10:16 <Fottymaddy> Oh D:
10:16 <Happy65> I banned RP from the chat (which was a terrible desicion, but it was getting spam like out of hand), and then everyone turned against me and made an rp chat
10:16 <Happy65> (well, 3 users)
10:16 <Fottymaddy> Oooh
10:16 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:16 <Happy65> Some user pretending to be wikia staff came in
10:16 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:16 <David231099> rp is so annoying
10:17 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
10:17 <Happy65> Why I banned it
10:17 <Fottymaddy> However sometimes i do it :|
10:17 <Happy65> It was out of hand
10:17 <Happy65> I cannot remember what happened
10:17 <Fottymaddy> D:
10:17 <Fottymaddy> *hides away and eats cake*
10:17 <Fottymaddy> (cake)
10:17 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:17 <Happy65> I think me and the 3 rpers became friends because are main target was the "hacking" waddlebot
10:17 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:17 <Fottymaddy> Lol
10:17 <Happy65> Everyone changed their passwords
10:17 <Happy65> and eveyrone believed of this mighty waddlebot
10:17 <Happy65> operated by the mighty blah blah
10:18 <Happy65> I know who operated it in the end
10:18 <Fottymaddy> LOL
10:18 <Happy65> but I'm not going to say
10:18 <Fottymaddy> Might blah blah (lol)
10:18 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:18 <Happy65> It was ridiculous
10:18 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:18 <Fottymaddy> Seems to be
10:18 <David231099> it sounds like it
10:18 <Happy65> I do know who operated it
10:18 <Happy65> Hmmm
10:18 <Fottymaddy> Still dont know?
10:18 <Happy65> I can call that Drama Day I
10:18 <Fottymaddy> LOL
10:18 <Happy65> many many drama days
10:18 <Fottymaddy> Im involved in much drama
10:18 <Fottymaddy> As you have sometimes see.
10:18 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:18 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:18 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:19 <David231099> ikr
10:19 <Fottymaddy> LOL
10:19 <Happy65> Oh I loved welcome's comment: Its the eve of April Fools, and bad luck has come to us. A user named WaddleBot (not created by Waddle467) wants to hack us!! We are still investigating this case and for those users who has an easy passowrd, CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY!!
10:19 <Fottymaddy> Usually, if someones gets on my nevers it happens
10:19 <Happy65> That is welcome's comment
10:19 <Fottymaddy> :O
10:19 <Happy65> :P
10:19 <Fottymaddy> I miss welcome
10:19 <Fottymaddy> D:
10:19 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:19 <Happy65> Me too
10:19 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:19 <Happy65> Haven't seen him for ages
10:19 <Fottymaddy> He left?
10:19 <Fottymaddy> Same
10:19 <Happy65> I often saw him on cpwn
10:19 <Happy65> until january
10:20 <David231099> Happy were you an admin and bureaucrat here?
10:20 <Happy65> I last saw him in march though
10:20 <Fottymaddy> I think i saw him in february this year
10:20 <Fottymaddy> He was.
10:20 <Happy65> Yes, david
10:20 <David231099> ok
10:20 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:20 <Fottymaddy> A good admin.
10:20 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:20 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:20 <Happy65> I hated drama days. It was madness
10:20 <Fottymaddy> Happy
10:20 <Fottymaddy> You were a good admin
10:20 <Fottymaddy> I dont see why you cannot return?
10:20 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:20 <Happy65> I like acp
10:20 <Fottymaddy> Eh
10:20 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:20 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <Happy65> ACP = Army of Club Penguin
10:21 <Fottymaddy> Ik
10:21 <Fottymaddy> I felt like saying eh
10:21 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:21 <Happy65> Drama Day II was April 7, 2012
10:21 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:21 <Happy65> 8 days later.....
10:21 <Fottymaddy> Its like drama day 600 now
10:21 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:21 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:21 <Happy65> 8 days later, who do you think rises now?
10:21 <Fottymaddy> Hmm...
10:21 <Happy65> Who is the largest sock in the whole of the wiki?
10:22 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:22 <David231099> idk
10:22 <Fottymaddy> idk
10:22 <Fottymaddy> D:
10:22 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:22 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:22 <Happy65> Yoshiandmario
10:22 <Fottymaddy> Ooooh!
10:22 <Happy65> This is when the wiki was threatened by him
10:22 <Fottymaddy> I remember tat
10:22 <Fottymaddy> that*
10:22 <Happy65> Here is funny welcome comment two: Its been a week after April Fools' Eve, but we're being threaten by a hacker (this time its not WaddleBot) THAT IS GOING TO KILL THIS WIKI!! So all you have to do is stay calm AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AGAIN!!! Thank you for your cooperation.
10:22 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:22 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:22 <Fottymaddy> I never changed my pass :|
10:22 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:22 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:23 <Happy65> this time
10:23 <David231099> how many socks did yoshi make?
10:23 <Happy65> It was more drama
10:23 <Happy65> 25
10:23 <Fottymaddy> :O
10:23 <David231099> :o
10:23 <Fottymaddy> wow
10:23 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
10:23 <Happy65> yes he even impersonated me
10:23 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:23 <David231099> so many sockpuppets...
10:23 <Fottymaddy> Lol
10:23 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:23 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:23 <Happy65> I had to tell the wiki there is NO SPACE BETWEEN MY NAME
10:23 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:23 <Happy65> like that
10:23 <Happy65> everywhere
10:23 <Happy65> because he made [[User:Happy 65]]
10:23 <Fottymaddy> :o
10:23 <Happy65> with a space
10:23 <Fottymaddy> He failed
10:23 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:24 <Happy65> and he made [[User:Happy66]]
10:24 <Fottymaddy> brb
10:24 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:24 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:24 <Happy65> who was never blocked, oh well
10:24 <Happy65> He thought it was blocked
10:24 <Happy65> Drama days are so boring :P
10:24 <David231099> :p
10:24 <David231099> hi
10:24 <David231099> are you new?
10:24 <PlayerPenguin> No
10:24 <WikiaMaster123> Lol.
10:25 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:25 <Fottymaddy> Hi
10:25 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:25 <PlayerPenguin> I've Been here For 2 Days
10:25 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:25 <WikiaMaster123> (LOL)
10:25 <Fottymaddy> Lol
10:25 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
10:25 <Fottymaddy> 2 days
10:25 <Fottymaddy> :/
10:25 <Angryjack> f
10:25 <Fottymaddy> DeeDee
10:25 <Angryjack> XD
10:25 <Fottymaddy> Beep Beep?
10:25 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:25 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:25 <Angryjack> did you know
10:25 <Fottymaddy> LOL
10:25 <Fottymaddy> Hi
10:25 <David231099> hi
10:25 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:26 <Angryjack> Barncle Boy
10:26 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
10:26 <Angryjack> fROM sPONGEBOB 
10:26 <Fottymaddy> Yeh?
10:26 <Baith1999> hi 
10:26 <Angryjack> Origanl Name Was
10:26 <Fottymaddy> :|
10:26 <Fottymaddy> Barnicle.
10:26 <Fottymaddy> (troll)
10:26 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:26 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
10:26 <Angryjack> Barnacle Bill
10:26 <Fottymaddy> Lol
10:26 <Fottymaddy> Too many cp sneak peaks D:
10:26 <Angryjack> He Was On A BILL
10:26 <Angryjack> LOL
10:26 <Fottymaddy> My penguin will be released later this year
10:27 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:27 <Fottymaddy> the app
10:27 <Fottymaddy> or earlier next year
10:27 <Baith1999> im sorry but i cant do anything at tjis moment... sorry im going to go try be happy doing other things
10:27 <Fottymaddy> :D
10:27 <Fottymaddy> XD
10:27 <Fottymaddy> What?
10:27 <Fottymaddy> Your leaving?
10:28 <Fottymaddy> gt
10:28 <Fottymaddy> gtg
10:28 <Fottymaddy> Bye guys
10:28 <Fottymaddy> Cya soon
10:28 <Fottymaddy> Ill be on alot later (wave)
10:28 <Fottymaddy> bye
10:28 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
10:28 <David231099> bye
10:29 <PlayerPenguin> how Do I Change My Picture?
10:29 -!- Kevin81levin has joined Special:Chat
10:30 <David231099> hi
10:30 <Kevin81levin> hi fotty
10:30 <Happy65> Hey
10:30 <Happy65> Yousef!
10:30 <Kevin81levin> :O
10:30 <Kevin81levin> HAPPY LONG TIME NO SEE!
10:31 <Kevin81levin> Wait...
10:31 <Angryjack> Fun Fact
10:31 <Angryjack> Krabby Patty
10:31 <PlayerPenguin> :D
10:31 <Angryjack> Was Origanlay CAlled
10:31 <Happy65> Hi yousef
10:31 <Kevin81levin> Last Time I Saw You You Were A Mod
10:31 <Angryjack> arnacle Burger
10:31 <Happy65> I became admin then retired ;)
10:31 <Angryjack> Barnacle Burger
10:31 <Kevin81levin> oh
10:31 <Kevin81levin> happy
10:31 <Kevin81levin> how about to meet in cp?
10:32 <Happy65> kk
10:32 <Happy65> You are on my friends list, I think
10:32 <Happy65> sure, btw
10:32 <Kevin81levin> server:wind chill
10:32 <Happy65> I'll be in my acp uniform though
10:32 <Kevin81levin> room:beach
10:32 <Happy65> kk
10:32 <Happy65> It's annoying how cp censors almost everything we say now
10:33 <Kevin81levin> hey ever heard of iron-man's new look in marvel party?
10:33 <Happy65> Nope.
10:33 <Kevin81levin> its from iron man 3
10:33 <Happy65> Oh
10:33 <PlayerPenguin> Cp Gave Out Too Many Sneek Peeks..
10:33 <PlayerPenguin> For The Marvel party
10:33 <Happy65> Hmmm
10:33 <PlayerPenguin> And The Card Jitsu Snow Party
10:33 <Kevin81levin> mark IIVM I Think..
10:34 <Happy65> server white out?
10:34 <Happy65> oh wind chill
10:34 <Happy65> kk
10:34 <Kevin81levin> happy
10:35 <Kevin81levin> did u solve operation hot sauce?
10:35 <Happy65> Yep
10:35 <Happy65> Simple
10:35 <Kevin81levin> ikr
10:35 <Kevin81levin> man!
10:35 <Happy65> Need to feed meh puffles
10:35 <Kevin81levin> cant enter my account
10:36 <Kevin81levin> lemme try
10:36 <Happy65> whoever was on your account deleted me from your friends list (confused)
10:36 <WikiaMaster123> xD Im watching this Minecraft animation, A creeper sneaks up on Steve while hes building then he turns and hits the creeper with wooden planks,the creeper falls and Steve says "No."
10:37 <Super Miron> Added new feature!
10:37 <Super Miron>
10:38 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
10:39 <David231099> hi
10:39 <Dororo111122> ieor
10:39 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
10:39 <Dororo111122> *iero
10:39 <David231099> hi
10:39 <The Lord of the Rings> Only...3...Hours...of...sleep...
10:39 <Dororo111122> and?
10:39 -!- Kevin81levin has left Special:Chat.
10:39 <The Lord of the Rings> I feel like I just crawled out of a grave
10:40 <The Lord of the Rings> My throat hurts to the MAX, and I can't stop coughing. 
10:40 <Dororo111122>
10:40 <The Lord of the Rings> Yeah?
10:41 <Dororo111122> moving on..
10:42 <PlayerPenguin> bye
10:46 <David231099> dead chat
10:51 -!- Obviousname has joined Special:Chat
10:51 <Obviousname> its 4/13 and the homestuck tag is going cray
10:53 <Obviousname> seriously there all like
10:53 <Dororo111122> obvious i found another person using blue as their image
10:53 <David231099> hi
11:06 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
11:06 -!- Arsenal55702 has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <The Lord of the Rings> FORGOTZ I WAZ HERE
11:06 <Arsenal55702> woot i found a cutout of gold letterman jacket xp
11:07 <Arsenal55702> xP
11:07 <The Lord of the Rings> Doing my best to fix my Tekkit...
11:07 <The Lord of the Rings> ANOTHER UPDATE FAILED?! >:(
11:07 <Starpuffle00> wat I'm still here?
11:07 <Starpuffle00> been here for 2 hours :/
11:08 <Arsenal55702> lol
11:10 <The Lord of the Rings> THIS
11:10 <The Lord of the Rings> IS
11:10 <The Lord of the Rings> SPARTAAA! *ragequit*
11:12 <Arsenal55702> caps
11:12 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
11:13 <Arsenal55702> le me making a custom penguin :P
11:13 <Mikeymkwii> Hi Dororo
11:14 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
11:14 <Mikeymkwii> WB
11:14 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
11:15 <Mikeymkwii> :/
11:15 <Arsenal55702> lol
11:15 <David231099> hi
11:17 <Samantas5855> lol
11:17 <Arsenal55702> hi
11:17 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
11:18 <Samantas5855> mikey
11:18 <Mikeymkwii> Yes?
11:19 <Arsenal55702> tralala's custom is hard :s
11:19 <Samantas5855> ok
11:19 <Samantas5855> whats going with chat hacks
11:19 <Mikeymkwii> they work :p
11:20 <Samantas5855> lol
11:20 <Samantas5855> can you make mine
11:20 <David231099> hi
11:21 <Arsenal55702> make what
11:21 <Samantas5855> custom
11:21 <Arsenal55702> tell items 
11:21 <Arsenal55702> on my talk
11:21 <Samantas5855> ok
11:21 <Samantas5855> [[EPF Comm headset]]
11:22 <David231099> i gtg
11:22 <Samantas5855> i mean
11:22 <Samantas5855> bye david
11:22 <David231099> bye (wave)
11:22 <Arsenal55702> bye david
11:22 <Samantas5855> my head is
11:23 <Arsenal55702> ok
11:25 <Super Miron> Mikey!
11:25 <Super Miron> PM
11:26 <Dororo111122> mikeys away
11:27 <Arsenal55702> no , he's not
11:27 <Samantas5855> hi
11:27 <Dororo111122> the ping feature has its advantages...
11:28 <Mikeymkwii> lol back
11:29 <Dororo111122> [[User:BetaCold]]
11:29 <Arsenal55702> what is pink
11:29 <Arsenal55702> ping*
11:31 <Dororo111122> [[User:Na7noo7]]
11:33 <Dororo111122> the faker wiki has a youtube channel?!
11:35 <Arsenal55702> ?
11:35 <Arsenal55702> lol
11:35 <Arsenal55702> it's clubpenguin picture wiki
11:35 <Super Miron> <-- Here to chat with Worldipedia staff!
11:37 <Dororo111122> arsenal im talking about the other faker wiki
11:38 <Arsenal55702> oh
11:38 <Arsenal55702> k
11:46 <Arsenal55702> umm
11:46 <Arsenal55702> everyone's away :P
11:47 <Samantas5855> not me
11:47 <Arsenal55702> almost
11:48 <Super Miron> I am
11:48 <Super Miron> spying
11:48 <Samantas5855> ok
11:49 <Samantas5855> somewho stealed dyuos32
11:50 <Mikeymkwii>
11:50 <Mikeymkwii> O.O
11:51 <Samantas5855> LOL
11:53 <Arsenal55702> what's funny
11:54 -!- Marshall Chihang321 has joined Special:Chat
11:54 <Super Miron> Guys
11:54 <Arsenal55702> what
11:54 <Super Miron> I've added this feature to Worldipedia 
11:54 <Arsenal55702> Hi Chihang
11:54 <Super Miron>
11:54 <Super Miron> Anyone try it?
11:54 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
11:55 <Arsenal55702> hi art >:D
11:55 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
11:55 <Super Miron> :|
11:55 <Super Miron> Anyone?
11:56 <Arsenal55702> :|
11:59 <Arsenal55702> umm
11:59 <Arsenal55702> a normal day just editing .. :P
12:01 <Arsenal55702> now i'll do furniture items
12:06 <Pam pam4> :|
12:08 <Arsenal55702> lol xP
12:11 <Arsenal55702> kk
12:13 <Historicalcp> Hi
12:13 <Historicalcp> Arsenal;
12:14 <Mikeymkwii> lol
12:14 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
12:15 <Mikeymkwii> ...
12:15 <Mikeymkwii> HI??!!?
12:16 <Historicalcp> Hi
12:16 <Mikeymkwii> hi
12:16 <Arsenal55702> hi historical
12:16 <Historicalcp> Still a better art than Leonardo Da Vinci could had made
12:16 <Historicalcp> Hi arsenal
12:16 <Arsenal55702> [[Special:Editcount/Historicalcp
12:16 <Arsenal55702> [[Special:Editcount/Historicalcp]]
12:16 <Arsenal55702> i did a fail :P
12:16 <Historicalcp> Vote if yes or no in my suggestion
12:16 <Historicalcp> Its pending approval 
12:16 <Historicalcp> I am waiting an admin to approve it
12:17 <Arsenal55702> what about him
12:17 <Arsenal55702> it*
12:17 <Arsenal55702> historical , in your edit count u comment a lot :/
12:17 <Mikeymkwii> there's nothing wrong with that
12:17 <Mikeymkwii> :?
12:17 <Mikeymkwii> ;/
12:17 <Mikeymkwii> WOAH
12:17 <Arsenal55702> nvm :P
12:18 <Super Miron> Mikey
12:18 <Super Miron> PM
12:18 <Historicalcp> Comment is a simple thing
12:18 <Arsenal55702> Watch out , We got a commenter over here
12:18 <Historicalcp> Comment is like suggesting or argumenting
12:18 -!- Mrpenguin887 has joined Special:Chat
12:18 <Arsenal55702> I mean it's just a useless edit .
12:18 <Mrpenguin887> Hello
12:18 -!- Arsenal55702 has left Special:Chat.
12:19 <Historicalcp> "Suggesting is the most easiest sport ever because everyone can practice it"
12:19 <Historicalcp> Hi
12:19 <Mrpenguin887> Hi Historcal
12:19 <Historicalcp> hi mrpenguin
12:19 <Historicalcp> Vote is yes or no 
12:19 <Historicalcp> In my suggestion
12:19 <Mrpenguin887> I was on Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
12:19 <Historicalcp> I am still waiting an admin to approve it
12:19 <Historicalcp> Oh cool
12:19 <Historicalcp> I might return and edit more often on the fanon wiki...
12:20 <Mrpenguin887> No one has ever been on the wiki
12:20 <Mrpenguin887> Lots of Fanon wiki users quit the wiki
12:20 <Historicalcp> REALLY?!
12:20 <Historicalcp> WHY?
12:20 <Mrpenguin887> I don't know
12:20 <Historicalcp> THEY GOT BORED OF IT?!
12:20 <Historicalcp> :(
12:21 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:21 <Fottymaddy> Hi guys :D
12:21 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
12:21 <Mrpenguin887> I just joined the Fanon wiki yesturday
12:21 <Historicalcp> Hi Fotty
12:21 <Fottymaddy> Hiya historical
12:21 <Mrpenguin887> Hi Fotty
12:21 <Fottymaddy> Hi penguin
12:21 <Fottymaddy> O_O
12:21 <Fottymaddy> How are you?
12:21 <Historicalcp> Vote if yes or no in my suggestion
12:21 <Fottymaddy> Chat isnt too busy
12:21 <Mrpenguin887> I didn't quit! It was a Joke~
12:21 <Fottymaddy> Ok
12:21 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:21 <Historicalcp> I am really great Fotty
12:21 <Fottymaddy> I knew that
12:21 <Fottymaddy> And yep :D
12:21 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:21 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:21 <Fottymaddy> im on 8,721 edits (clap)
12:21 <Historicalcp> Coolio
12:22 <Historicalcp> What's your next edit goal?
12:22 <Historicalcp> Mine is 5,000
12:22 <Fottymaddy> 10,000 is my lifetime!
12:22 <Mrpenguin887> (clap) Good Job Fotty!
12:22 <Fottymaddy> Im not far from it :D
12:22 <Fottymaddy> thanks
12:22 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:22 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:22 <Mrpenguin887> No probs
12:22 <Fottymaddy> im less than 1,500 from my lifetime target :D
12:22 <Historicalcp> Cool!
12:22 <Mrpenguin887> claps so hard Herbert and his lair gets flooded
12:22 <Fottymaddy> Thanks
12:22 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
12:22 <Fottymaddy> LOL
12:22 <Historicalcp> Vote please
12:22 <Mrpenguin887> LOL to you too
12:22 <Historicalcp> yes or no?
12:22 <Historicalcp> And LOL
12:23 <Super Miron> Fotty, look
12:23 <Super Miron>
12:23 <Fottymaddy> hehe
12:23 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
12:23 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
12:23 <Super Miron> Click the "Chat with us!" button
12:23 <Fottymaddy> O_O
12:23 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:23 <Mrpenguin887> (breakdance) does Herbert Style
12:23 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:24 <Fottymaddy> :o
12:24 <Fottymaddy> Oppa herbert style!
12:24 <Mrpenguin887> LOL
12:24 <Super Miron> Just do it >_>
12:24 <Mrpenguin887> :D
12:24 <Super Miron> Fotty
12:24 <Mrpenguin887> Ok SM
12:24 <Obviousname> hey
12:24 <Fottymaddy> Miron
12:24 <Fottymaddy> Im on the chat!
12:24 <Mrpenguin887> Hi Obvious
12:24 <Fottymaddy> hi obvious :D
12:24 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:24 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:24 <Obviousname> happy 4/13 guys
12:24 <Fottymaddy> You too!
12:24 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:24 <Obviousname> yeeh u know im a homestuck
12:24 <Mrpenguin887> Awwww. ;(
12:25 <Historicalcp> hi Obvious
12:25 <Mrpenguin887> I feel bad Obvious
12:25 <Fottymaddy> Nice to see ya#
12:25 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:25 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:25 <Fottymaddy> Aww ur homesick?
12:25 <Fottymaddy> How your gonna get better
12:25 <Mrpenguin887> Along with fotty
12:25 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:25 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
12:25 <Fottymaddy> D:
12:25 <Fottymaddy> O_O
12:25 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:26 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:26 <Fottymaddy> (DANCE2)
12:26 <Fottymaddy> Boredness
12:26 <Obviousname> wut
12:26 <Obviousname> no not homesick
12:26 <Obviousname> homestuck
12:26 <Super Miron> Fotty, why did you leave?
12:26 <Super Miron> :(
12:26 <Fottymaddy> The chat isnt as good as wiki chat miron
12:26 <Fottymaddy> I prefer this type of chat
12:26 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:26 <Super Miron> I know
12:26 <Fottymaddy> Sorry
12:26 <Obviousname> this is like
12:26 <Super Miron> That's a live chat with staff
12:26 <Fottymaddy> And u called me fattymuddy
12:26 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:26 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:26 <Super Miron> You can't talk to others
12:26 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:26 <Super Miron> That's a joke >_>
12:26 <Fottymaddy> Ik
12:26 <Fottymaddy> *yawns*
12:27 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:27 <Historicalcp> I hope there pretty girls in the chat @Miron
12:27 <Fottymaddy> Hm
12:27 <Obviousname> fotty
12:27 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:27 <Obviousname> pm
12:27 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:27 <Super Miron> Historical: :*
12:27 <Fottymaddy> Ok
12:27 <Fottymaddy> LOL
12:28 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:28 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:28 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
12:28 <Super Miron> :|
12:28 <Fottymaddy> wheres the pretty girls? @miron
12:28 <Fottymaddy> (yaO)
12:28 <Super Miron> Who asked me is Justin Bieber gay?
12:28 -!- Super Miron was kicked from Special:Chat by CPChatBot
12:28 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:28 <Fottymaddy> Chatbot kicked you...
12:28 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
12:28 <Fottymaddy> Chatbot kicked!
12:28 <Fottymaddy> You said the g word
12:28 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:28 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
12:29 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
12:29 <Historicalcp> Lol I was, sorry to botherr you
12:29 <Historicalcp> Now I will talk seriously
12:29 <Historicalcp> XP
12:29 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
12:29 <Fottymaddy> ..
12:29 <Obviousname> i like how
12:29 <Obviousname> the g word isnt censored
12:29 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
12:29 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
12:29 <Super Miron> uhm sorry about that
12:29 <Fottymaddy> Miron, Chat bot kicke dyou
12:29 <Fottymaddy> chat bot kicked
12:29 <Fottymaddy> LOL
12:29 <Obviousname> anD HOW ITS NOT A BAD WORD
12:30 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
12:30 <Obviousname> so yeah the homestuck tag on tumblr is just freakin out right now
12:30 <Historicalcp> Miron
12:30 <Historicalcp> I was the dude who asked
12:30 <Historicalcp> Sorry XP
12:30 <Historicalcp> I love trolling... XP
12:30 <Super Miron> Lol
12:30 <Historicalcp> Now I will talk seriously
12:30 <Fottymaddy> LOL
12:30 <Mrpenguin887> Im on chat SM
12:30 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
12:30 <Fottymaddy> (Lol)
12:30 <Historicalcp> And bring the pretty girls Miron!
12:30 <Super Miron> I'm talking to you
12:30 <Fottymaddy> Bring the lovel ygirlsd.
12:30 <Fottymaddy> Bring the pretty girls*
12:30 <Fottymaddy> Stupid keyboard
12:30 <Fottymaddy> >:(
12:31 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:31 <Super Miron> D:<
12:31 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:31 <Fottymaddy> Where are they D:
12:31 <Historicalcp> The "Questions" thingy is gone
12:31 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:31 <Mrpenguin887> (Lol) Guys stop or else you will get kicked guys. You are good wiki users.
12:31 <Obviousname> but this guy
12:31 <Obviousname> because john is ironing his pants
12:31 <Fottymaddy> Mrpenguin..
12:31 <Fottymaddy> Im a cm -_-
12:31 <Fottymaddy> Hi dororo
12:31 <Obviousname> dororo happy 4/13
12:31 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:31 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:31 <Dororo111122> whats 4/13..
12:31 <Fottymaddy> (WAVE)
12:31 <Mrpenguin887> Oh Fottyt
12:31 <Obviousname> homestucks birthday
12:31 <Fottymaddy> Hi dororo
12:31 <Historicalcp> Dora
12:32 <Mrpenguin887> Sorry
12:32 <Dororo111122> OH
12:32 <Fottymaddy> Dora the explorer!
12:32 <Fottymaddy> >:D
12:32 <Dororo111122> happy 4/13 t-fotty....
12:32 <Historicalcp> Is it true you are having a wedding with Obviousname?
12:32 <Mrpenguin887> (Lol)
12:32 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:32 <Dororo111122> *gets bat*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:32 <Fottymaddy> *Screams*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> Save me someone!
12:32 <Dororo111122> *beats historical with it*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> *Kicks dororo in back*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> >:d
12:32 <Historicalcp> Oww...
12:32 <Historicalcp> lol
12:32 <Dororo111122> *back reforms*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:32 <Fottymaddy> *Falls to floor*
12:32 <Dororo111122> *farts on fotty*
12:32 <Fottymaddy> :o
12:32 <Fottymaddy> (SICK)
12:32 <Dororo111122> (et)
12:32 <Fottymaddy> *Turns into ash*
12:33 <Fottymaddy> *floats away in air*
12:33 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:33 <Fottymaddy> (ET) on dororo
12:33 <Dororo111122> *uses butt firecracker on historical*
12:33 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:33 <Mrpenguin887> (et) plays music
12:33 <Fottymaddy> *fires butt-cracking bullets at dororo*
12:33 <Dororo111122> *my butt firecracker burns your bullets*
12:33 <Fottymaddy> :o
12:33 <Historicalcp> OOOWW
12:34 <Fottymaddy> *fires mind bullets*
12:34 <Fottymaddy> *hits in butt*
12:34 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
12:34 <Fottymaddy> *sees cake*
12:34 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:34 <Fottymaddy> (cake)
12:34 <Dororo111122> *kicks cake*
12:35 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:35 <Historicalcp> GOOD JOB DORA
12:35 <Historicalcp> APJ26 WILL BE NOW MAD
12:35 <Historicalcp> PIE RULES!
12:35 <Fottymaddy> *reforms cake*
12:35 <Historicalcp> PIE RULZ!
12:35 <Fottymaddy> >:(
12:35 <Fottymaddy> CAKE FTW!
12:35 <Historicalcp> NOOO FOTTY
12:35 <Fottymaddy> *Stuffs face with cake*
12:35 <Obviousname> *building a 413 cake*
12:35 <Fottymaddy> *eats*
12:35 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:35 <Fottymaddy> Imma cake eating monster >:D
12:35 <Obviousname> *eats 413 cakes*
12:35 <Fottymaddy> along with (apj)
12:35 <Obviousname> Nope
12:35 <Fottymaddy> apj26
12:35 <Obviousname> (apj26)
12:35 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:35 <Fottymaddy> We are cake fighting friends
12:35 <Fottymaddy> O_O
12:36 <Dororo111122>
12:36 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: [HD] Block B(블락비) _ NILLILI MAMBO(닐리리 맘보) MV - Duration: 04:28 - Uploaded: 2012-10-17 - Rating: 4.850617 - Views: 3,422,092 -
12:36 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:36 <Historicalcp> Fotty...
12:36 <Historicalcp> First Cookie Monster
12:36 <Historicalcp> Now a Cake Monster?
12:36 <Samantas5855> lol
12:36 <Historicalcp> Why can't it be a Pie Monster? D:
12:36 <Obviousname> i am the cards monster
12:36 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:36 <Dororo111122> obvious got nilli mambo stuck in my head :|
12:36 <Fottymaddy> (cookie) and (cake)
12:36 <Fottymaddy> >:D
12:36 <Fottymaddy> Pie sucks
12:36 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
12:37 <Fottymaddy> *stuffs cake and cookies in mouth*
12:37 <Mrpenguin887> SM Im talking to you on CP chat
12:37 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:37 <Obviousname> dororo me
12:37 <Historicalcp> Cake sucks! D:
12:37 <Dororo111122> what
12:37 <Fottymaddy> >:(
12:37 <Fottymaddy> *fires with cake gun*
12:37 <Fottymaddy> *pushes in cake river*
12:37 <Historicalcp> I will create an anti cake party
12:37 <Obviousname> too
12:37 <Historicalcp> Oooowww!!!
12:37 <Fottymaddy> *historical sinks in cake fat*
12:37 <Historicalcp> What?
12:37 <Fottymaddy> >:D
12:37 <Historicalcp> Noooo@
12:37 <Fottymaddy> My plan is complete
12:37 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:37 <Historicalcp> Its chocolate!
12:37 <Fottymaddy> *Gives cake to apj*
12:37 <Historicalcp> I am allergic to CHOCOLATE!
12:37 <Historicalcp> AAAAA
12:37 <Fottymaddy> >:D
12:38 <Historicalcp> *Head turns into balloon*
12:38 <Fottymaddy> *fires mind bullets*
12:38 <Dororo111122> what the heck
12:38 <Historicalcp> *Flies away*
12:38 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:38 <Historicalcp> *Head explodes*
12:38 <Fottymaddy> *gets hit by explosion*
12:38 <Fottymaddy> Ahhh!
12:38 <Fottymaddy> The cake is alive :D
12:38 <Fottymaddy> *dies*
12:38 -!- Mrpenguin887 has left Special:Chat.
12:38 <Historicalcp> *Apj26 gets in*
12:39 <Fottymaddy> :o
12:39 <Historicalcp> ((Apj26)): Yaaay!!! Cake!
12:39 <Obviousname> i am the CARD MASTER
12:39 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:39 <Historicalcp> *Apj27 appears out of nowhere*
12:39 <Historicalcp> *Apj27 kills Apj26*
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *eats fudge cake*
12:39 <Fottymaddy> :O
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *sees*
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *Runs off with apj's cake*
12:39 <Historicalcp> (Apj27) : PIE RULES! PIE RULES!
12:39 <Dororo111122> get some braces card master D:<
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *kicks apj27 in head*
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *throws cake in face >:D
12:39 <Fottymaddy> *destroys with cake gun*
12:39 <Obviousname>
12:40 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:40 <Historicalcp> *Apj27 dies*
12:40 <Super Miron> [[User:Apj27]]?
12:40 <Samantas5855> hi fotty
12:40 <Historicalcp> *The future evil Apj26 generations appear
12:40 <Fottymaddy> >:D
12:40 <Historicalcp> Yes Miron
12:40 <Fottymaddy> Yes LOL
12:40 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
12:40 <Historicalcp> Apj28, Apj 29, Apj30, Apj31...
12:40 <Fottymaddy> Hi sam
12:40 <Fottymaddy> *eats apj*
12:40 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
12:40 <Super Miron> so
12:40 <Super Miron> rry
12:40 <Fottymaddy> *stomach explodes*
12:40 <Fottymaddy> Hi
12:40 <Historicalcp> wb miron
12:40 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:40 <Super Miron> Thanks
12:40 <Fottymaddy> (wave) Hi TUP
12:40 <Historicalcp> hi @unknownpony
12:41 <Samantas5855> lol
12:41 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
12:41 <Super Miron> <-- Live chat with our staff here!
12:41 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 368 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
12:41 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:41 <TheUnknownPony2014> i was just seeing this for few days. but i'm gonna adopt a wiki that isn't really active.
12:41 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:41 <Fottymaddy> Ok
12:41 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
12:41 <Obviousname> FRUIT GUSHERS
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Wow 
12:42 <Fottymaddy> LOL
12:42 <Super Miron> Anyone?
12:42 <Historicalcp> lol
12:42 <Historicalcp> ok miromn
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Ok
12:42 <Historicalcp> I will ask the same question again
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Ill go on again
12:42 <Super Miron> No
12:42 <Fottymaddy> IKR
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Bring the lovely girls!
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Where are they >:D
12:42 <Fottymaddy> Are they hiding
12:43 <Historicalcp> The chat isn't appearing to me :(
12:43 <Fottymaddy> It is for me
12:43 <Fottymaddy> You gotta click 'chat with us'
12:43 <Dororo111122> *ugly girl spawns*
12:43 <Fottymaddy> (sick)
12:43 <Fottymaddy> *pukes*
12:43 <Fottymaddy> *points at*
12:43 <Historicalcp> I did
12:44 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:44 <Historicalcp> I click on "chat with us"
12:44 <Historicalcp> Nothing! :(
12:45 <Fottymaddy> Its not as good as wiki chat :|
12:45 <Fottymaddy> Please comment ur fav room!
12:45 -!- Mrpenguin887 has joined Special:Chat
12:46 <Fottymaddy> Hi
12:47 <Angryjack> g]
12:47 <Historicalcp> hi mrpenguin
12:48 <Fottymaddy> :d
12:49 <Fottymaddy> Apj's and Fotty's best pin! CAKE FTW
12:49 <Fottymaddy> And the 3rd anniversary cake pin >:D
12:50 <Fottymaddy> I have that
12:50 <Historicalcp> I have the 4th one
12:50 <Historicalcp> I hope there is an 8th Anniversary PIE Pin
12:50 <Fottymaddy> Me too
12:50 <Historicalcp> NOT CAKE
12:50 <Fottymaddy> I got 4th too.
12:50 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:50 <Fottymaddy> Pie sucks
12:50 <Historicalcp> :)
12:51 <Historicalcp> >:(
12:51 <Historicalcp> (Angry)
12:51 <Fottymaddy> I got 3rd and 4th anniversary pin :D
12:51 <Historicalcp> (furious)
12:51 <Fottymaddy> Cos im special XD
12:51 <Fottymaddy> (UPSET)
12:51 <Historicalcp> lol k
12:51 <Historicalcp> lol
12:51 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
12:51 <Fottymaddy> Hi
12:51 <Historicalcp> hi
12:51 <Obviousname> fotty i got the 4/13 pin
12:51 <Obviousname> nyehhh
12:51 <Fottymaddy> ?
12:51 <Obviousname> idk
12:51 <Fottymaddy> School on monday D: End of holidays
12:52 <Fottymaddy> *Screams*
12:52 <TheUnknownPony2014> Now i'm putting Ed, Edd N Eddy wiki up for adoption since their admins has been inactive /or demoted.
12:52 <Historicalcp> oh cool
12:52 <Fottymaddy> Nice
12:52 <Historicalcp> By the way your still on holiday break @Fotty:?
12:53 <Historicalcp> I returned this monday
12:53 <Historicalcp> ...
12:53 <Fottymaddy> Yes
12:53 <Dororo111122> pony have you even watched ed edd n eddy
12:53 <Fottymaddy> :D
12:53 <Fottymaddy> I had this week off
12:53 <TheUnknownPony2014> Yeah. In 1999 @Dororo
12:53 <Fottymaddy> 2 weeks all together
12:53 <Historicalcp> And what is 4/13?
12:53 <Historicalcp> Oh cool Fotty :)
12:53 <Obviousname> homestucks birthday
12:53 <Obviousname> uh
12:53 <Fottymaddy> I watched it @dororo
12:53 <Fottymaddy> Thanks historical :D
12:53 <Historicalcp> homestuck bday?
12:53 <Historicalcp> Np ;)
12:53 <Obviousname> like this is litterally me when i go outside now
12:53 <Fottymaddy> :)
12:53 <Mrpenguin887> Hi TUP2014
12:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> Hello.
12:54 <Mrpenguin887> LOL Obvious
12:54 <Fottymaddy> Comment your fav room on cp!
12:54 <Mrpenguin887> I thought you were Herbert's Eviler Brother
12:54 <Fottymaddy> O_-
12:55 <TheUnknownPony2014> I am now Tamama. @Mrpenguin887
12:56 <TheUnknownPony2014> I would consider sgt frog wiki or Keroro wiki up for adoption, but i'm too lazy to put it up for adoption.
12:56 <Fottymaddy> :|
12:56 <TheUnknownPony2014> What? @fottymaddy
12:56 <Fottymaddy> Nothing just thinking 
12:56 <Fottymaddy> XD
12:56 <Dororo111122> pony there are admns at keroro wiki
12:57 <TheUnknownPony2014> oh.
12:58 <Mrpenguin887> I should be Herbert's Eviler Brother
12:58 <Historicalcp> Comment:,_2013
12:59 <Mrpenguin887> Or not 
12:59 <Fottymaddy> Back without brb
12:59 <Historicalcp> oh k
12:59 <Historicalcp> comment:,_2013
12:59 <Historicalcp> And thank you mrpenguin, how nice of you :)
12:59 <TheUnknownPony2014> Is There any ed, edd n eddy wiki admins in Ed, Edd n eddy wiki?!
12:59 <Fottymaddy> O_O
12:59 <Fottymaddy> Hitorical!
12:59 <Fottymaddy> You kinda copied me..
12:59 -!- Apj26 has joined Special:Chat
12:59 <Fottymaddy> I started of that trend :|
12:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi apj
13:00 <Fottymaddy> Now everyones copying my trend
13:00 <Apj26> Hi
13:00 <TheUnknownPony2014> Apj26.
13:00 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:00 <Fottymaddy> (cake)
13:00 <Fottymaddy> apj
13:00 <Apj26> Yes?
13:00 <Fottymaddy> Historical is a cake hater
13:00 <TheUnknownPony2014> I'm putting Ed, Edd N Eddy Wiki up for adoption. @apj26
13:00 <Fottymaddy> and a pie lover >:(
13:00 <Fottymaddy> Get him.
13:00 <Fottymaddy> XD
13:01 <TheUnknownPony2014> it would bring more users to Ed, Edd N Eddy wiki.
13:02 <Apj26> Ok
13:02 <Fottymaddy> ..
13:02 <Samantas5855> lol
13:02 <Samantas5855> i wanna be a cm
13:02 <Samantas5855> lol
13:03 <Historicalcp> back
13:03 <Historicalcp> hi
13:03 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:03 <Fottymaddy> Wb
13:03 <Master Dubstep> hi
13:03 <Samantas5855> hi
13:03 <Master Dubstep> I think Dot is coming in a few months
13:03 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
13:03 <Fottymaddy> And maybe JPG?
13:04 <Master Dubstep> Yea
13:04 <Master Dubstep> or...
13:04 <Master Dubstep> Protobot
13:04 <Fottymaddy> Or rory..
13:04 <Fottymaddy> :P
13:04 <Mrpenguin887> Hey Master
13:04 <Master Dubstep> or... Santa Claus
13:04 <Master Dubstep> Hello
13:04 <Fottymaddy> >:D
13:04 <Master Dubstep> Im gonna hack Dot on my friends list
13:04 <Master Dubstep> brb
13:04 <TheUnknownPony2014> I got response:
13:04 <Fottymaddy> :O
13:04 <Historicalcp> Or...My Mommy!
13:04 <Fottymaddy> Master
13:04 <Fottymaddy> Do u get banned for it?
13:05 <Master Dubstep> You do not.
13:05 <Fottymaddy> I did it before...but now im not sure
13:05 <Obviousname> homestuck 4/13
13:05 <Fottymaddy> Do you do it on ur main?
13:05 <Master Dubstep> Yes
13:05 <Fottymaddy> Brb
13:05 <Obviousname> i did it
13:05 <Master Dubstep> I still have Protobot on my friends list
13:05 <Master Dubstep> xD
13:05 <Fottymaddy> Same
13:05 <Fottymaddy> LOL
13:05 <Fottymaddy> So you get no ban?
13:05 <Fottymaddy> Master
13:06 <Fottymaddy> Link me the coding thing please?
13:06 <Master Dubstep> Sure
13:06 <Fottymaddy> thanks
13:06 <Master Dubstep> But you cant copy and paste
13:06 <Historicalcp> Ban all the Cake Lovers!
13:06 <Fottymaddy> Ik
13:06 <Fottymaddy> But i wanna see
13:06 <Fottymaddy> PM me master
13:06 <Master Dubstep> LOL
13:06 <Master Dubstep> I logged on to the server list
13:06 <Master Dubstep> and it said
13:06 <Fottymaddy> XD
13:06 <Master Dubstep> Having trouble connecting?
13:07 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:07 <Historicalcp> YES
13:07 <Historicalcp> BECAUSE OF CP!
13:07 <Historicalcp> >:(
13:07 <Master Dubstep> I was like: NO, did you not see me on the server list
13:07 <Historicalcp> (FURIOUS)
13:07 <Fottymaddy> lol
13:07 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
13:08 <Historicalcp> Imagine a Cake flavored pie
13:08 <Historicalcp> or Pie flavored cake
13:08 <Historicalcp> O_O
13:08 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:08 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
13:08 <Samantas5855> im away\
13:08 <Apj26> D:
13:08 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
13:08 <Fottymaddy> D:
13:09 <Master Dubstep> I freakin froze
13:09 <Fottymaddy> You are?
13:09 <TheUnknownPony2014> Who hacked you @Apj26
13:09 <Historicalcp> I am >:)
13:09 <Fottymaddy> :O
13:09 <Historicalcp> lol jk
13:09 <Apj26> I blocked him (yao)
13:09 <Historicalcp> ...on the Cake Wiki (trollface)
13:09 <Fottymaddy> XD
13:09 <Fottymaddy> Apj
13:09 <Samantas5855> ap
13:09 <TheUnknownPony2014> Who? @apj26
13:09 <Samantas5855> j
13:09 <Fottymaddy> Do u get banned for doing that friends list thing?
13:09 <Fottymaddy> Adding anyone u want :|
13:10 <Samantas5855> .no
13:10 <Historicalcp> Yes
13:10 <Fottymaddy> :O
13:10 <Historicalcp> Polo said it before
13:10 <Samantas5855> no
13:10 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
13:10 <Fottymaddy> I knew it >:D
13:10 <Historicalcp> He commented it on CP Memories
13:10 <Historicalcp> Trainman's Site
13:10 <Fottymaddy> Yup
13:10 <Samantas5855> link it
13:10 <Fottymaddy> I did it before you could get banned
13:10 <Historicalcp> ok
13:10 <Fottymaddy> On the 1st day of the glitch
13:10 <Historicalcp> I will look for it
13:11 <Samantas5855> dont believe the comments
13:11 <Samantas5855> why we should know that hes real polo
13:11 -!- Arsenal55702 has joined Special:Chat
13:11 <Fottymaddy> HI
13:11 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:11 <Fottymaddy> (WAVE)
13:11 <Fottymaddy> Hai arsenal
13:11 <Samantas5855> Apj26
13:11 <Historicalcp> Hi arsenal
13:11 <Historicalcp> Samantas
13:12 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
13:12 <Arsenal55702> Hi
13:12 <Historicalcp> Trainman knows the IP Addresses
13:12 <Fottymaddy> Hello
13:12 <Samantas5855> hi
13:12 <Historicalcp> Trainman knows whether its real polo field or not
13:12 <Samantas5855> phineas link plz
13:12 <Master Dubstep> ARE YOU SERIOUS
13:12 <Historicalcp> and it was the real polo field
13:12 <Master Dubstep> I keep freakin freezing
13:12 <Fottymaddy> O_O
13:12 <Historicalcp> I am looking for the post samantas
13:12 <Arsenal55702> Trainmen is too old for cp
13:12 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
13:12 <Historicalcp> hold on a second
13:12 <Master Dubstep> The freakin thing keeps flash crasging
13:12 <Samantas5855> ok
13:12 <Fottymaddy> arsenal
13:12 <Arsenal55702> He should get a job
13:12 <Fottymaddy> Your never to old for cp >:D
13:12 <Historicalcp> arsenal, trainman still loves cp
13:12 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
13:12 <Fottymaddy> He needs a job :|
13:12 <Historicalcp> trainman will work for cp
13:12 <Historicalcp> when he is 18
13:13 <Arsenal55702> Cuz he's a kid
13:13 <Historicalcp> he turns 18 in June
13:13 <Fottymaddy> doubt it
13:13 <Fottymaddy> He might
13:13 <Fottymaddy> But he needs to be qualifie
13:13 <Fottymaddy> qualified*
13:13 <Apj26> Yep
13:13 <Fottymaddy> He cant just go in the job just like that!
13:13 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:14 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:14 <Samantas5855> hi
13:14 <Thebigfoot1> Hi
13:14 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
13:14 <Fottymaddy> brb getting a choco bar
13:14 <Thebigfoot1> (Breakdance)
13:14 <Thebigfoot1> (Breakdance) party
13:14 <Historicalcp> back
13:14 <Historicalcp> ok lol fotty
13:14 <Arsenal55702> Chat frozed :/
13:15 <Thebigfoot1> No, chat died
13:15 <Historicalcp> Oh and continuing on the subject of trainman
13:15 <Thebigfoot1> I like trains
13:15 <Historicalcp> Trainman has a girlfriend
13:15 <Historicalcp> I met her girlfriend on CP
13:15 <Historicalcp> Its Penny something numbers
13:15 <TheUnknownPony2014> Who? @HistoricalCP
13:15 <Thebigfoot1> LOL?
13:15 <Arsenal55702> Supercutey right ?
13:15 <Arsenal55702> Lol
13:15 <Thebigfoot1> You said you met her girlfriend
13:15 <Thebigfoot1> HER
13:15 <Historicalcp> And Trainman said that if he doesn't work on CP. He will either be working something about computers (I think)
13:15 <Historicalcp> yes
13:16 <Fottymaddy> Back XD
13:16 <Historicalcp> Oh *his*
13:16 <Historicalcp> wb
13:16 <Fottymaddy> Trainman would be good for ICT
13:16 <Historicalcp> wb fotty
13:16 <Fottymaddy> Thanks
13:16 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fottymaddy.
13:16 <Fottymaddy> Im eating a snickers
13:16 <Fottymaddy> yep
13:16 <Historicalcp> Cool!
13:16 <Thebigfoot1> Brb stealing Fotty's snickers
13:16 <Fottymaddy> :o
13:16 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
13:17 <Obviousname> Brb stealing Thebigfoot1
13:17 <Fottymaddy> >:D
13:17 <Thebigfoot1> What?
13:17 <Fottymaddy> Brb destroying bigfoot the robot
13:17 <Obviousname> *grabs bigfoot1 and eats him*
13:17 <Samantas5855> hi
13:17 <Thebigfoot1> Brb removing Obviousnames brain
13:17 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:17 <Arsenal55702> Fotty
13:17 <Apj26> o_o
13:17 <Fottymaddy> Yus
13:17 <Apj26> Hi
13:17 <Obviousname> *what brain?*
13:17 <Arsenal55702> what are u editing
13:17 <Apj26> lol
13:17 <Samantas5855> lol
13:17 <Fottymaddy> Captions
13:17 <Thebigfoot1> Brb killing everyone on chat
13:17 <Apj26> o_o
13:17 <Samantas5855> obviously
13:18 <Thebigfoot1> Done
13:18 <Arsenal55702> Is that it ?
13:18 <Arsenal55702> K
13:18 <Fottymaddy> Im doing minor edits >:|
13:18 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:18 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
13:18 <Historicalcp>  brb stealing Dora's wife
13:18 <Samantas5855> arsenal is the custom ready
13:18 <Historicalcp> Obvious
13:18 <Obviousname> ==> Obviousname cannot die.
13:18 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:18 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
13:18 <Fottymaddy> *flips arsenal*
13:18 <Historicalcp> Brb stealing Doro's wife
13:18 <Historicalcp> Obviousname
13:18 <Thebigfoot1> What if somebody vandalized a page and said it was a minor edit?
13:18 <Arsenal55702> No
13:18 <Fottymaddy> O_o
13:18 <Arsenal55702> i am on mobile
13:18 <Obviousname> *blasts historicalcp*
13:18 <Apj26> lol
13:19 <Apj26> i would block them
13:19 <Fottymaddy> XD
13:19 <Arsenal55702> my mother closed the laptop 
13:19 <Historicalcp> Brb destroying Apj26's cake
13:19 <Fottymaddy> >:(
13:19 <Fottymaddy> Save the cake!
13:19 <Thebigfoot1> Brb stealing Apj's cake
13:19 <Fottymaddy> *burns pie*
13:19 <Fottymaddy> *destroys pie city!*
13:19 <Obviousname> brb destroying universe
13:19 <Fottymaddy> >:D
13:19 <Arsenal55702> What is pie :|
13:19 <Super Miron> Apj
13:19 <Super Miron> PM
13:19 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:19 <Fottymaddy> Cake Ftq
13:19 <Fottymaddy> Ftw*
13:19 <Historicalcp> Brb stealing Shurow and Hey.youcp's kids: Shuroucp and Hey.rowcp
13:19 <Fottymaddy> ;P;
13:19 <Arsenal55702> Now don't tell pie is pie :/
13:19 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:20 <Historicalcp> Pie is Pie! :o
13:20 <Arsenal55702> LOL @hcp
13:20 <Fottymaddy> Pie is cake...
13:20 <Super Miron> Cake FTQ = Cake for the queen
13:20 <Thebigfoot1> Brb Saving pie
13:20 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:20 <Super Miron> (troll)
13:20 <Arsenal55702> Lol
13:20 <Fottymaddy> Depends what pie ur talking about
13:20 <Fottymaddy> I like chicken pi
13:20 <Fottymaddy> pie*
13:20 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:20 <Arsenal55702> 2 hours left for arsenal match 
13:20 <Fottymaddy> ;p
13:21 <Fottymaddy> Are liverpool playing?
13:21 <Thebigfoot1> (pizza) + (Apj26) = ?
13:21 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fottymaddy!
13:21 <Fottymaddy> Yes
13:21 <Arsenal55702> Caizza @bigfoot
13:21 <TheUnknownPony2014> Why do you block me from pming me?!
13:21 <Fottymaddy> Did i?
13:21 <Fottymaddy> Sorry
13:21 <TheUnknownPony2014> (facepalm)
13:21 <Arsenal55702> LOlololol
13:21 <Historicalcp> I love pie
13:21 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
13:21 <Historicalcp> I will kill all the Apj26s in the world
13:21 <Thebigfoot1> (Pizza) + (Apj26) = (Fottymaddy)
13:21 <Arsenal55702> Lololol
13:21 <Fottymaddy> :O
13:21 <Fottymaddy> LOL
13:21 <Fottymaddy> (Lol)
13:21 <Fottymaddy> I love pizza!
13:22 <Fottymaddy> Sandor created my penguin app page :D
13:22 <TheUnknownPony2014> (TUP2014) + Nintendo = ???
13:22 <Thebigfoot1> (Fottymaddy) + (water) = (?)
13:22 <Fottymaddy> I cant wait till it comes :D
13:22 <Fottymaddy> = (cookie)
13:22 <Thebigfoot1> A+ for Fotty
13:22 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:22 <Fottymaddy> Thanks!
13:22 <Thebigfoot1> (Cookie) + (fire) = :(
13:22 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:23 <Fottymaddy> (fire) + (water)
13:23 <Fottymaddy> = No fire.
13:23 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:23 <Thebigfoot1> = (water)
13:23 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:23 <Historicalcp> Found Trainman's post of the friend list thingy
13:23 <TheUnknownPony2014> (TUP2014) + (Rookie) + (PH) = ???
13:23 <Historicalcp>
13:23 <Arsenal55702> Stupid chat always freezes :/
13:23 <Fottymaddy> Link :P
13:23 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
13:23 <Thebigfoot1> :( + (Historicalcp) = (?)
13:24 <Fottymaddy> :(
13:24 <Fottymaddy> = (depressed)
13:24 <Super Miron> AFK
13:24 <Fottymaddy> brb
13:24 <Thebigfoot1> :I
13:24 <TheUnknownPony2014> PH and Rookie is my mascot family! :o
13:24 <Historicalcp> (Dororo) + (Obviousname) = <3
13:24 <Thebigfoot1> F- for Fotty!
13:24 <Historicalcp> (Shurow) + (Hey.youcp) = <3
13:24 <Fottymaddy> Back :D
13:24 <Thebigfoot1> Correct Historical
13:24 <Fottymaddy> U for bigfoot
13:25 <Fottymaddy> Un-marked
13:25 <Fottymaddy> >:D
13:25 <Thebigfoot1> I am the teacher
13:25 <Fottymaddy> Nos
13:25 <Historicalcp> Me + Ale... = I LOVE HER BUT SHE DOESNT...
13:25 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:25 <Fottymaddy> Whos ale?
13:25 <Fottymaddy> LOL
13:25 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
13:25 <Historicalcp> Ale...
13:25 <Historicalcp> its incomplete
13:25 <Fottymaddy> Is beer
13:25 <Historicalcp> but its the 1st 3 letters of the girl I am in love of <3
13:26 <Fottymaddy> (YAO)
13:26 <TheUnknownPony2014> how can you imagine if i was related to Rookie and PH in club penguin universe?!
13:26 <Thebigfoot1> (Apj26) + (Historicalcp) = <3
13:26 <Fottymaddy> Buy her a cp toy, she will love you then
13:26 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
13:26 <Fottymaddy> <3
13:26 <Thebigfoot1> You would be an aunt if PH were your sister
13:27 <Historicalcp> Idk if she likes CP or not...
13:27 <Historicalcp> A = Awesome!
13:27 <Fottymaddy> O_O
13:27 <Historicalcp> L = Lovely
13:27 <Historicalcp> E = Esplendid!
13:27 <Fottymaddy> E= Ewww
13:27 <Fottymaddy> Jokes
13:27 <Historicalcp> S = Super!
13:27 <Fottymaddy> Her name is ales?
13:27 <Thebigfoot1> E = Evil
13:27 <Fottymaddy> LOL
13:27 <Historicalcp> Still tnikign...
13:27 <Historicalcp> its incomplete Fotty
13:27 <Fottymaddy> Ok
13:28 <Apj26> C = Cake
13:28 <Fottymaddy> Ikr :)
13:28 <Fottymaddy> *gives (cake) *
13:28 <Historicalcp> S = SUPER
13:28 <Historicalcp> S = Smart
13:28 <Obviousname> brb going outside to do this
13:28 <Fottymaddy> M= miron
13:28 <Historicalcp> A = Angel <3
13:28 <Historicalcp> N = Normal
13:29 <Fottymaddy> (sick)
13:29 <Historicalcp> D = "Diamond"
13:29 <Fottymaddy> Diamonds in the Sky.
13:30 <Historicalcp> R = Real <3
13:30 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:30 <Historicalcp> A... = Adore her so much! <3
13:31 <TheUnknownPony2014> (TUP2014) + (Cadence) + Herbert P. Bear = ???
13:31 <Fottymaddy> Ok enough of the
13:31 <Fottymaddy> (sick)
13:31 <Fottymaddy> XD
13:31 <Historicalcp> She is beautiful
13:31 <Historicalcp> >::(
13:31 <Fottymaddy> So you say
13:31 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:31 <Historicalcp> INSULT ME THEN
13:31 <Fottymaddy> Does she love you?
13:31 <Fottymaddy> I didnt insult you
13:31 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:31 <Historicalcp> No...
13:31 <Historicalcp> :(
13:31 <Fottymaddy> Awwh
13:31 <Fottymaddy> Shes not the right one then.
13:32 <Fottymaddy> You will find someone much better for you
13:32 <Fottymaddy> Who actually loves you back
13:32 <Historicalcp> We have  much stuff in common
13:32 <Historicalcp> Problem is, she doesn't know me. I know her
13:32 <TheUnknownPony2014> what would happened if club penguin were apart of Real world?!
13:32 <Historicalcp> She just ignores me...
13:32 <Historicalcp> :(
13:32 <Fottymaddy> UMM
13:32 <Fottymaddy> She doesnt know you?
13:32 <Fottymaddy> Well what do u expect :|
13:32 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:33 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
13:33 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
13:33 <Historicalcp> She doesn't want to "hangout" with me
13:33 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
13:33 <Historicalcp> She is the most popular girl of all the school
13:33 <Historicalcp> I am the less popular boy of all the school
13:33 <Fottymaddy> O_o
13:33 <TheUnknownPony2014> Why? @Historicalcp
13:33 <Fottymaddy> Umm
13:34 <Historicalcp> :(
13:34 <Historicalcp> And no
13:34 <TheUnknownPony2014> Why are you sad? @Historical
13:34 <Historicalcp> I am not a nerd
13:34 <Fottymaddy> :(
13:34 <Historicalcp> Because she hates me!
13:34 <Fottymaddy> *hugs*
13:34 <Historicalcp> She dislikes me a lot
13:34 <Fottymaddy> Every little thing!
13:34 <Fottymaddy> Is gonna' be alrighteee'
13:34 <Historicalcp> That is one of the reasons I talk about "girls" and "women" everything
13:34 <Historicalcp> *everytime*
13:35 <Fottymaddy> Dont worry about a thing!
13:35 <Historicalcp> I love girls and women so much
13:35 <Historicalcp> :(
13:35 <Fottymaddy> Cos every little thing
13:35 <Fottymaddy> Is gonna be alright
13:35 <Historicalcp> Gentlemen with girls = FRIENDZONE - NO - NOT EVEN FRIENDS
13:35 <TheUnknownPony2014> I'm more neutral with Girls and women but i wasn't really popular in 3 my schools.
13:36 <Historicalcp> Reggaeton Peeps with girls = LOVE - I LOVE YOU - YOU ARE THE MAN OF MY LIFE!
13:36 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:36 <Fottymaddy> Caps
13:36 <Historicalcp> Reggaeton Peeps with girls later... = Girls Cry = WAAAAA WHY ISN'T THERE A TRUE GENTLEMAN HERE?
13:36 <Historicalcp> Nice Guy = ...
13:36 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
13:37 <TheUnknownPony2014> Since Winter-Spring 2013 until summer 2013, everyone in real life hates me... now.
13:37 <Historicalcp> *Sigh*
13:37 <Fottymaddy> Its ok D:
13:37 <Historicalcp> I don't hate you
13:37 <Historicalcp> I love HER SO MUCH!
13:37 <Historicalcp> WOMEN RULE!
13:37 <Fottymaddy> Caps
13:37 -!- Historicalcp was kicked from Special:Chat by Fottymaddy
13:37 <TheUnknownPony2014> wow...
13:38 <Fottymaddy> He ignored me >:|
13:38 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fottymaddy. did you get popular? i never get popular in my three schools. 
13:38 <Fottymaddy> Sort of, yeah a bit.
13:38 <Fottymaddy> Because im short for my age and all the girls are like 'hes so cute' LOL
13:39 <TheUnknownPony2014> I am sad that i wasn't really popular now :(
13:39 <Fottymaddy> It gets annoying >:|
13:39 <Fottymaddy> Historical
13:39 <Fottymaddy> Sorry, u did alot of caps
13:40 <Historicalcp> its ok
13:40 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fottymaddy. i guess that everyone in my school ignored me and hates me.
13:40 <Fottymaddy> They dont, anyway if they do, then there nasty people.
13:40 <Fottymaddy> I bet in the future, you will be the successful one, not them!
13:40 <Obviousname>
13:41 <Obviousname> its what im doing outside right now
13:41 <Historicalcp> Lucky Fotty :(
13:41 <Historicalcp> Most girls hate me
13:41 <Historicalcp> Idk why...
13:41 <Historicalcp> :(
13:41 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:41 <Fottymaddy> They dont, there just insecure.
13:42 <Historicalcp> I don't know if I can post a pic of the girl I am truly in love of
13:42 <Fottymaddy> No
13:44 <TheUnknownPony2014> Let's make a math. (TUP2014) + (Cadence) = (question mark)
13:44 <TheUnknownPony2014> (?) *
13:44 <Fottymaddy> (!)
13:45 <TheUnknownPony2014> Now it's your turn @Fottymaddy
13:45 <Fottymaddy> Hmm
13:45 <Fottymaddy> (FOTTYMADDY) + (CADENCE) = <3
13:45 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:46 <Historicalcp> She is really beautiful just saying
13:46 <Historicalcp> You might explode of "love" probably
13:46 <Fottymaddy> o_-
13:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> (TUP2014) + Dinosaurs + Horse riding = Dino riding!
13:48 <TheUnknownPony2014> here's the cartoon idea for Cartoon network: an actual Dinosaur original series.
13:48 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:49 <Historicalcp> hi
13:49 <Historicalcp> Women  can still threat me like an idiot
13:49 <Historicalcp> I don't care
13:49 <Fottymaddy> Ok
13:49 <Historicalcp> I just truly love them...
13:49 <Historicalcp> <3 *sigh*
13:49 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:49 <Historicalcp> I wonder why I don't have a girlfriend
13:49 <TheUnknownPony2014> how can you imagine if i make a cartoon for cartoon network... what title or Plot would be?
13:50 <Fottymaddy> O-O
13:50 <Fottymaddy> I wonder why I didnt join cp in 2005.
13:51 <TheUnknownPony2014> What if, adult swim doesn't exist in cartoon network block? 
13:52 <Historicalcp> Here is a poem for the girl I am in love of <3
13:52 <Historicalcp> Charmanders are red
13:52 <Historicalcp> Squirtles are blue
13:52 <Fottymaddy> (SICK)
13:52 <Historicalcp> If you were a Pokemon,
13:52 <Historicalcp> I'd choose you
13:52 <Historicalcp> Your smile is stronger than a Hyperbeam
13:52 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
13:52 <Historicalcp> Like Jesse and James
13:52 <Historicalcp> we'd make the perfect team
13:53 <Historicalcp> I'll stay by your side
13:53 <Historicalcp> like Pikachu and Ash,
13:53 <Historicalcp> and I'll love you more
13:53 <Historicalcp> than a level 80 Rapidashj
13:53 <Historicalcp> You're more legendary
13:53 <Historicalcp> than a Zapdos
13:54 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
13:54 <Historicalcp> Zapdos, Entei or Mew
13:54 <TheUnknownPony2014>  what if... cartoon network decided not to make an adult-oriented Channel/block, what it would effect cartoon network... 
13:54 <Historicalcp> But out of all the 150
13:54 <Historicalcp> I choose you <3
13:54 <Fottymaddy> LOL
13:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> Historical, Answer please.
13:54 <Historicalcp> idk Pony
13:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> Regular show would be, um...
13:55 <TheUnknownPony2014> dead chat anyone?
13:56 <Historicalcp> im bored
13:56 <Historicalcp> But I still can't stop thinking of her
13:56 <Fottymaddy> Hmm
13:56 <Fottymaddy> Historical
13:56 <Fottymaddy> This is for you
13:57 <Fottymaddy>
13:57 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:57 <TheUnknownPony2014> I imagine if Regular show was aired on adult swim?!
13:57 <Historicalcp> Thank you Fotty
13:58 <Historicalcp> But still. I can't stop thinking of her everytime
13:58 <Historicalcp> All day
13:58 <Historicalcp> All night
13:58 <Historicalcp> All midnight
13:58 <Fottymaddy> :|
13:58 <Historicalcp> All the morning
13:58 <Historicalcp> 24 hours a day
13:58 <Historicalcp> 7 days each week
13:58 <Historicalcp> 5 weeks each month
13:58 <Fottymaddy> You think of her in your sleep?
13:58 <Historicalcp> 30 days each month
13:58 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
13:58 <Historicalcp> Most of the time @Fotty
13:58 <TheUnknownPony2014> woah.
13:58 <Fottymaddy> Hi
13:58 <Fottymaddy> :D
13:58 <Historicalcp> 365 Days a year
13:58 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
13:58 <Historicalcp> 12 months a year
13:58 <Historicalcp> 56 weeks a year...
13:58 <Historicalcp> Hi Lord of the rings
13:59 <TheUnknownPony2014> Historical. 
13:59 <Historicalcp> what
13:59 <The Lord of the Rings> *portal is shot into chat*
13:59 <TheUnknownPony2014> what would you react if Regular show was aired on adult swim.
13:59 <The Lord of the Rings> *steps through*
13:59 <TheUnknownPony2014> @Historical
13:59 <Fottymaddy> O_O
13:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi P-P!
13:59 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:00 <The Lord of the Rings> *time reverses*
14:00 <Fottymaddy> o_O
14:00 <The Lord of the Rings> *steps out*
14:00 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
14:00 <Fottymaddy> :O
14:01 <Historicalcp> idk what is adult swim @Hot Pink Puffle
14:01 <Historicalcp> hi p-p
14:02 <Fottymaddy> We need more chat mods.
14:02 <Fottymaddy> Now GN and llove are demoted
14:02 -!- OasisCheats has joined Special:Chat
14:02 <Fottymaddy> Im the only CM here apart from chat bot
14:02 <Fottymaddy> Hi
14:02 <OasisCheats> Hello
14:02 <Fottymaddy> XD
14:02 <Fottymaddy> Double login O_O
14:02 <Fottymaddy> How are you?
14:02 <OasisCheats> I am new to wikia
14:02 <Samantas5855> hi
14:02 <Fottymaddy> !welcome OasisCheats
14:02 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki OasisCheats! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
14:03 <OasisCheats> SO DON'T CALL ME A NOOB
14:03 <Fottymaddy> Caps.
14:03 <Samantas5855> are you hacker on cp
14:03 <Fottymaddy> Dont cuss, spam or do loads of caps
14:03 <OasisCheats> no
14:03 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:03 <Samantas5855> i am
14:03 <OasisCheats> I sometimes play CPPS
14:03 <Samantas5855> cause you name is cheats
14:03 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
14:03 <Fottymaddy> XD
14:03 <Samantas5855> penguin oasis?
14:03 <OasisCheats> On Penguin Oasis
14:03 <Historicalcp> Lol
14:03 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
14:03 <Samantas5855> knew it
14:03 <Historicalcp> I believe he  owns a blog
14:03 <Fottymaddy> Yeh ikr
14:03 <Historicalcp> Am I right?
14:04 <OasisCheats> Hey My Friend made this account for me and him
14:04 <Fottymaddy> Cool
14:04 <Samantas5855> theres a cpps source called oasis
14:04 <OasisCheats> cause I don't have an email
14:04 <Historicalcp> also, why llove and Green Ninja are demoted?
14:04 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
14:04 <Fottymaddy> idk
14:04 <OasisCheats> (yao)
14:04 <Fottymaddy> But we need more CMS
14:04 <CPWikigirl> Llove got demoted for pretending he was underaged
14:04 <Fottymaddy> 9troll)
14:04 <Fottymaddy> (troll)
14:04 <Samantas5855> i wanna be the cm
14:04 <Fottymaddy> GN was demoted for quitting
14:04 <CPWikigirl> That's why Llove was demoted
14:04 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:04 <Apj26> Yep
14:04 <CPWikigirl> for pretending he was a COPPA user
14:04 <Fottymaddy> APJ
14:04 <Samantas5855> can i be a cm
14:04 <Fottymaddy> Do you agree? We need more cms
14:04 <Historicalcp> GN IS  QUITTING?
14:04 <Fottymaddy> I think twinkie deserves it
14:04 <Samantas5855> caps\
14:04 <Historicalcp> [[User: Green Ninja]]
14:05 <Apj26> He didn't say jk so i banned him :/
14:05 <Fottymaddy> Not now
14:05 <Fottymaddy> Hes back now
14:05 <Fottymaddy> But hes still demoted
14:05 <OasisCheats> Fotty Do you need any pictures of Old Blue, Lavender, Maroon? Just tell me cause I don't know ID but I can get it on Penguin Oasis
14:05 <Fottymaddy> No im good thanks
14:05 <CPWikigirl> PotatoCanadian was confirmed to be under consideration to be a chat mod
14:05 <OasisCheats>
14:05 <Fottymaddy> :)
14:05 <Apj26> Fotty we are going to have more cms
14:05 <Fottymaddy> Ok
14:05 <Fottymaddy> Can i nominated 1?
14:05 <Historicalcp> Can I take the quiz please?
14:05 <Fottymaddy> Because, i have been focusing lately.
14:05 <Fottymaddy> On good users
14:05 <Historicalcp> Can I take the chat mod quiz please?
14:05 <CPWikigirl> So one might be PotatoCanadian
14:05 <Fottymaddy> And twinkie is one of them
14:05 <OasisCheats> my profile pic is me wearing old blue and my friend wearing maroon
14:05 <Fottymaddy> cool
14:06 <CPWikigirl> I've never got blocked or banned. But the problem is I'm inexperienced
14:06 <Fottymaddy> cpwikigirl
14:06 <Samantas5855> lol
14:06 <Fottymaddy> If your active for the next few months, u have a big chance
14:06 <Historicalcp> Can I take the quiz please?
14:06 <Historicalcp> I havve been almost a year ever since here
14:06 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:06 <Fottymaddy> Apj
14:06 <Fottymaddy> Is there chat mod nominations?
14:07 <CPWikigirl> I'll try and be active
14:07 <Historicalcp> I am NOT asking to be a chat mod
14:07 <Samantas5855> i wanna have a chance i wanna be a cm
14:07 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:07 <Historicalcp> I am asking if I can take the quiz
14:07 <Samantas5855> im here form october
14:07 <Fottymaddy> Sam
14:07 <OasisCheats> BTW Ik the how to add mascots trick i saw on youtube 2 years ago and I was wondering if you take any penguin ID will it work?
14:07 <Fottymaddy> You dont deserve it, you got banned once remember
14:07 <Historicalcp>
14:07 <Historicalcp> the link
14:07 <Historicalcp> I got blocked most  of the times unfairly
14:08 <Historicalcp> Like I remember Apj26 confused me to another dude...
14:08 <Historicalcp> And blocked me in February...
14:08 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fottymaddy. i am not accepted for chat moderator either, :(
14:08 <Fottymaddy> Im talking to P-P about it :D
14:08 <Historicalcp> Because I "cussed" at roger, but that wasn't true however..
14:08 <CPWikigirl> I wish I joined earlier
14:08 <Apj26> D: did it
14:09 <Apj26> *I
14:09 <Fottymaddy> eh
14:09 <TheUnknownPony2014> Penguin-Pal, check your pm.
14:09 <Fottymaddy> Im discusing about a user being CM
14:09 <Fottymaddy> P-P has confirmed the user that will be CM
14:09 <Fottymaddy> Im not saying (yao)
14:09 <Samantas5855> i must be a cm
14:09 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:10 <OasisCheats> Fotty
14:10 <Historicalcp> Can I take the quiz please P-P?
14:10 <CPWikigirl> I've been here since February 23. Only two months. I wanna be a since 2011 user (XD_
14:10 <Historicalcp> Only the quiz
14:10 <CPWikigirl> (XD)
14:10 <Historicalcp> I want to test
14:10 <Fottymaddy> Yes
14:10 <OasisCheats> Ik how to add mascots so I got an Idea
14:10 <Fottymaddy> ..
14:10 <Historicalcp> Oasis:
14:10 <OasisCheats> Take any penguin ID
14:10 <OasisCheats> and use it instead
14:10 <OasisCheats> but how could we get any penguin ID is the problem
14:10 <Fottymaddy> Hmm k
14:11 <TheUnknownPony2014> What if, club penguin was rated M for Mature 17+ By ESRB? what would affect disney or club penguin moderators?
14:11 <TheUnknownPony2014> as for pokemon thing
14:11 <OasisCheats> there will be guns
14:11 <Fottymaddy> ikr
14:11 <Fottymaddy> and cussing
14:11 <Fottymaddy> and violence
14:11 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:12 <Historicalcp> AND OPERATION: POOKIE!
14:12 <Historicalcp> :D
14:12 <Fottymaddy> :P
14:12 <Fottymaddy> And blood
14:12 <Historicalcp> :D
14:12 <OasisCheats> Fotty do you know how I could get a penguin ID?
14:13 <Fottymaddy> ..
14:13 <TheUnknownPony2014> O_O
14:13 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Pokemon Black2 & White2 Rated 'M' for Mature?? - Duration: 01:12 - Uploaded: 2012-07-28 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 164 -
14:14 <Historicalcp> OPERATION: POOKIE
14:14 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:14 <Fottymaddy> Awesome :)
14:14 <Samantas5855> caps
14:14 <Fottymaddy> Stop the caps
14:14 <Historicalcp> On twitter without crediting to me :(
14:14 <Fottymaddy> Ill kick u again..
14:14 <Fottymaddy> :|
14:14 <Historicalcp> Ok sorry :|
14:14 <Twinkie102> Heyo
14:14 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie :D
14:14 <Historicalcp> Hi Twinkie
14:14 <Historicalcp> You are chat mod 
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Got some good news..
14:15 <Fottymaddy> No hes not
14:15 <Twinkie102> What :o
14:15 <Fottymaddy> You spoiled the surprise >:(
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie
14:15 <Twinkie102> Yes?
14:15 <Historicalcp> :D
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Im discusing you being chat mod to P-P :D
14:15 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:15 <Twinkie102> :O
14:15 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:15 <Twinkie102> *faints*
14:15 <Historicalcp> No
14:15 <Fottymaddy> So if u become CM, thank me!
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Ok?
14:15 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:15 <Historicalcp> you gonna be admin
14:15 <Fottymaddy> LOL
14:15 <Twinkie102> Nah not yet
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie
14:15 <Twinkie102> Not ready for that lol
14:15 <Fottymaddy> Its likely
14:15 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:15 <Fottymaddy> I mentioned it to P-P
14:15 <Twinkie102> omg
14:15 <Fottymaddy> He said its likely
14:15 <Fottymaddy> *high fives*
14:15 <Twinkie102> I never thought this day would come
14:16 <Twinkie102> *high fives*
14:16 <Fottymaddy> You deserve it if you get it
14:16 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:16 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:16 <Twinkie102> One second
14:16 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:16 <CPWikigirl> Hmmm
14:16 <Historicalcp> And you will get Apj26's Cake also!
14:16 <Historicalcp> :D
14:16 <Fottymaddy> But twinkie
14:16 <Fottymaddy> Its not official yet
14:16 <Fottymaddy> So there might be a chance you wont, but its likely u will
14:16 <Fottymaddy> :D
14:17 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
14:17 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 92 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
14:17 <Historicalcp> Operation: Pookie. Don't forget to come on this special mission from the APF (Anti-Pookie Force) on November 2013 in the Regular Dimension!
14:17 <Fottymaddy> ..
14:17 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:17 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Fottymaddy> :P
14:18 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:18 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
14:19 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:19 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:19 <TheUnknownPony2014> what would Club penguin mascots do in M-Rated Club penguin game?
14:19 <Fottymaddy> Kill, kill and kill
14:19 <Fottymaddy> :)
14:19 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:19 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:20 <Historicalcp>!_Sid_Sockpuppet! I remember this...
14:20 <Fottymaddy> :O
14:20 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <TheUnknownPony2014> how can you imagine in alternate universe: all E rated games are actually rated M games such as club penguin.
14:20 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:21 <Twinkie102> Back
14:21 <Fottymaddy> WB!
14:21 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:21 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:21 <Fottymaddy> :d
14:21 <Twinkie102> Thx :)
14:21 <Twinkie102> Oh
14:21 <Twinkie102> One sec again
14:21 <Twinkie102> Breakfast
14:21 <Fottymaddy> No problem
14:22 <Fottymaddy> :d
14:22 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:22 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <CPWikigirl> Hey guys
14:22 <Fottymaddy> Gtg guys
14:22 <Fottymaddy> Cya soon! (wave)
14:22 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:22 <CPWikigirl> This is my new avatar
14:22 <Historicalcp> hi
14:22 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
14:22 <Fottymaddy> Bye
14:22 <Historicalcp> bye fotty
14:22 <Historicalcp> (wave)
14:23 <Maltaman8> Bye
14:23 <Fottymaddy> :)
14:23 <Fottymaddy> Bye
14:23 <Historicalcp> cpwiki, is that  you in real life?
14:23 <Fottymaddy> Cya malta
14:23 <Fottymaddy> XD
14:23 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
14:23 <Historicalcp> Oh wait, Its selena gomez right?
14:23 <CPWikigirl> Um
14:23 <CPWikigirl> People think I look like Selena Gomez loljk. That is Selena Gomez
14:24 <Maltaman8> Who's has a blackberry phone
14:24 <CPWikigirl> I have an iPhone 5
14:24 <Maltaman8> I have a black blackberry curve
14:24 <Historicalcp> I have an EPFPhone 5
14:25 <Twinkie102> I have an iPod (yao)
14:25 <Historicalcp> (Not a parody of iPhone 5(
14:25 <CPWikigirl> I am half mexican and half italian
14:25 -!- Rooki543 has joined Special:Chat
14:25 <Twinkie102> Lol @Historical
14:26 <Twinkie102> Hi
14:26 <Historicalcp> hi rooki
14:27 <Twinkie102> Hm
14:27 <Twinkie102> The bot didn't bring it up
14:27 <Historicalcp> Your safe chat?
14:27 <Twinkie102> guess so
14:28 <Twinkie102> Apj
14:28 <Twinkie102> Can u turn on youtube info?
14:28 <Twinkie102> Rooki, we already saw it the first time you linked it
14:28 <Rooki543> sorry :)
14:29 <Apj26> !logs
14:29 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
14:29 <Apj26>  !yton
14:30 <Penguin-Pal> !ytlol
14:30 <CPWikigirl> I'm bored
14:30 <Twinkie102> Why isn't the bot saying that the YouTube Info is on?
14:30 <Historicalcp> same
14:30 <Twinkie102> me too
14:30 <Apj26>
14:30 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: "Anchors Aweigh" (Club Penguin Oficial) - Duration: 01:05 - Uploaded: 2012-09-05 - Rating: 4.882105 - Views: 135,194 -
14:30 <Twinkie102> Oh
14:30 <Apj26> I did it :O
14:31 <Twinkie102> The bot didn't say it turned it on O_O
14:31 <CPWikigirl>
14:31 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack (Official Video) - Duration: 03:36 - Uploaded: 2013-04-09 - Rating: 4.879075 - Views: 8,278,979 -
14:31 <Twinkie102> Rooki, stop posting that link here
14:32 <Twinkie102> Please
14:32 <Rooki543> but why its not working ?
14:32 <Rooki543> *dont
14:32 <Rooki543> ok :)
14:33 -!- Ballono has joined Special:Chat
14:33 <Historicalcp> hi there
14:33 <OasisCheats> !welcome Ballono
14:33 <Rooki543> Hello
14:33 <Historicalcp> Who wants to see slenderman dancing at the beach?
14:33 <OasisCheats> yeah right
14:33 <Rooki543> server ?
14:34 <Twinkie102> Hi
14:34 <Twinkie102> Oasis, it's moderators only to do the welcome command
14:34 <Ballono> Does anybody know how to make music with an instrument in the lighthouse?
14:35 <Twinkie102> Dance
14:35 <Twinkie102> But nothing else with the instrument
14:35 <Twinkie102> Pin and Backgrounds can stay
14:35 <Twinkie102> :)
14:35 <Ballono> ok thanks
14:35 <Rooki543> :)
14:35 <OasisCheats> :D
14:35 <OasisCheats> :)
14:35 <OasisCheats> (puffle)
14:35 <OasisCheats> (p)
14:36 <CPWikigirl> (cadence): (GN) is so lovely (not)
14:36 <Twinkie102> Oasis, if you wanted to do puffle emotes
14:37 <Twinkie102> You would have to do something like
14:37 <Twinkie102> ( greenpuffle )
14:37 <Twinkie102> (greenpuffle)
14:37 -!- CPWikigirl has left Special:Chat.
14:37 <Twinkie102> !pin
14:37 <Rooki543> (blackpuffle)
14:37 <Twinkie102> :O
14:37 <Rooki543> :o
14:37 <Apj26> Happy Birthday 
14:37 <Twinkie102> LOL
14:37 <Rooki543> Happy Birthday !!
14:38 <Historicalcp>  Today's not twinkie bday
14:38 <Twinkie102> I never thought this would come :D
14:38 <Twinkie102> One second
14:38 <Penguin-Pal> congratz
14:38 <Twinkie102> I'm gonna surprise myself with a cookie
14:38 <Historicalcp> Its April 13
14:38 <Penguin-Pal> lol
14:38 <Historicalcp> Not April 14
14:38 <Penguin-Pal> here's a cookie on the house (cookie)
14:38 <Historicalcp> lol
14:38 <Penguin-Pal> plus a cake (cake)
14:39 <Twinkie102> I'm back :D
14:39 <Rooki543> plus a ....
14:39 <Penguin-Pal> welcome back
14:39 <Rooki543> more cookies
14:39 <Twinkie102> Thx
14:39 <OasisCheats> what is server of slender
14:39 <Rooki543> (cookie
14:39 <Penguin-Pal> (cookie) vs (cake)
14:39 <Rooki543> (cookie)(cookie)(cookie)(cookie)(cookie)
14:39 <Twinkie102> I never thought this day would come of becoming a chat moderator
14:39 <Twinkie102> Oh wait
14:39 <Twinkie102> i need to refresh
14:40 <Penguin-Pal> ok
14:40 <Twinkie102> Okay back
14:40 <OasisCheats> I am Non member wearing member item (not on player curser on my PLAYER and OTHERS can SEE it
14:40 <Twinkie102> If you were a member before and it expired, there's a glitch where that happens :P
14:40 <Rooki543> :P
14:40 <OasisCheats> yup ik
14:40 <Twinkie102> lol
14:41 <OasisCheats> that is y i am wearing my fav costume before membership expire
14:41 <OasisCheats> i do that
14:41 <Twinkie102> I'm gonna wear my normal look before mine expires
14:41 <Rooki543> Cool :)
14:41 <OasisCheats> (cookie)
14:41 <Rooki543> (cookie)
14:41 <OasisCheats> (pizza)
14:41 <Twinkie102> Hi Historical
14:41 <OasisCheats> (et)
14:41 <Penguin-Pal> oh rbrb
14:41 <Twinkie102> kk
14:41 <Historicalcp> ugh chat froze
14:41 <Historicalcp> hi twinkie
14:41 <Penguin-Pal> i need to update hte MW pagfe
14:42 <OasisCheats> (ET)
14:42 <Historicalcp> which server btw rooki
14:42 <Twinkie102> Historical look at my name
14:42 <OasisCheats> (p)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (popcorn)
14:42 <Historicalcp> coolio :)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (puffle)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (m)
14:42 <Twinkie102> (moderator)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (money)
14:42 <Twinkie102> (coin)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (mod)
14:42 <Twinkie102> lol
14:42 <OasisCheats> (c)
14:42 <OasisCheats> (coin)
14:43 <Twinkie102> hm
14:43 <Twinkie102> Dead chat lol
14:43 <OasisCheats> (mod) (coin) VS (cookie) (cake)
14:43 -!- Bartmista has joined Special:Chat
14:43 <Twinkie102> Hello
14:43 <Penguin-Pal> hi
14:43 <Bartmista> Hey guys
14:43 <Bartmista> Lool
14:43 <OasisCheats> Mod Eats Cookie and cake
14:43 <OasisCheats> mod wins
14:43 <Twinkie102> !updated
14:43 <Bartmista> I need to change meh profile
14:43 <Bartmista> Who here has a mac?
14:43 <Historicalcp> hi
14:43 <Twinkie102> I might get one soon :D
14:43 <Historicalcp> i dont
14:43 <Bartmista> I'm getting one on Tuesday :3
14:43 <Historicalcp> cool
14:43 <Twinkie102> Cool!
14:43 <Twinkie102> Jinx lol
14:43 <OasisCheats> i have mac and cheese
14:43 <Twinkie102> Hi Arsenal
14:43 <Arsenal55702> P-P pm
14:43 <Historicalcp> hi arsy :)
14:44 <OasisCheats> who here plays roblox
14:44 <Twinkie102> I don't play it
14:44 <Arsenal55702> Congrats on cm twinkie
14:44 <Twinkie102> Thanks Arsenal
14:44 <Arsenal55702> Yw
14:44 <Twinkie102> I ate a cookie to celebrate :P
14:44 <Arsenal55702> LOL
14:44 <Rooki543> and one more
14:44 <OasisCheats> everone press F5
14:44 <Rooki543> (cookie)
14:44 <Twinkie102> Or the refresh button lol
14:45 <Bartmista> (cookie)
14:45 <Bartmista> (moon)
14:45 <Twinkie102> (cookie)s are good
14:45 <OasisCheats> Press F11 Instead
14:45 <Twinkie102> Ookay?
14:45 <OasisCheats> I hate (cake)
14:45 <Twinkie102> Full screen :D
14:45 <OasisCheats> it is fullscreen
14:45 -!- Rooki543 has left Special:Chat.
14:45 <Historicalcp> im leaving now
14:45 <Bartmista> I ate a (cookie) then I had a good (night) sleep and then I was (happy) that I got a good (night) sleep
14:45 <Historicalcp> cya soon
14:45 <OasisCheats> some people it is vulume
14:45 <Twinkie102> Okay bye arsenal
14:45 <Bartmista> Lol
14:46 <Bartmista> :D
14:46 <Twinkie102> Oops
14:46 <OasisCheats> (et)
14:46 <Twinkie102> I meant Historical
14:46 <Bartmista> (ET)
14:46 <Twinkie102> o_o
14:46 <Bartmista> (FART)
14:46 <Bartmista> :$
14:46 <OasisCheats> Twinkie
14:46 <Twinkie102> Yes Oasis?
14:46 <OasisCheats> who do you think would win
14:46 <OasisCheats> in
14:46 <TheUnknownPony2014> I Won't be Chat moderator :(
14:46 <Twinkie102> TUP, you might make it there one day :)
14:46 <OasisCheats> (cookie) vs (mod)
14:47 <Twinkie102> Just keep being active, and you might make it
14:47 <OasisCheats> I think mod would win
14:47 <Twinkie102> I think Mod would win too
14:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> I'm active.
14:47 <OasisCheats> Because Mod can eat the cookie
14:47 <Twinkie102> And keep editing :)
14:47 <Twinkie102> @TUP
14:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> okay/
14:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> ?*
14:47 <TheUnknownPony2014> I want a sequel to Operation: Blackout now.
14:48 <Twinkie102> Sequels are weird
14:48 <Twinkie102> Hi Dororo
14:48 <Dororo111122> squeakwels are weirder
14:48 <OasisCheats>
14:48 <Twinkie102> LOL
14:48 <Twinkie102> (stop)
14:48 <Twinkie102> :P
14:48 <OasisCheats> (stop)
14:48 <OasisCheats> (go)
14:48 <Twinkie102> lol
14:48 <OasisCheats> (
14:49 <Twinkie102> That'd be cool to have a go emote
14:49 <Penguin-Pal> uhh (stop) ?
14:49 <OasisCheats> (your mom)
14:49 <Twinkie102> wow
14:49 <Dororo111122> someone take a screenshot of chat really fast
14:49 <Preston108> Hello
14:49 <Dororo111122> full chat
14:49 <Penguin-Pal> hi
14:49 <Twinkie102>
14:49 <Twinkie102> :P
14:49 <Twinkie102> Hi Arsenal
14:49 <Twinkie102> Hi Preston
14:49 <Arsenal55702> Hi
14:49 <Dororo111122> p-p why isnt my name in italics 
14:50 <Twinkie102> Isn't italic text for admins?
14:50 <Dororo111122> your names in italics
14:50 <Twinkie102> It is? o_o
14:50 <Twinkie102> It doesn't show that for me
14:50 <Dororo111122> yea
14:50 <Twinkie102> Could u take a snapshot?
14:50 <Dororo111122> snapshots are so 1989
14:50 <Apj26> Lets see
14:50 <Twinkie102> Screenshot
14:50 <Twinkie102> I mean xD
14:50 <Arsenal55702> Lol @doroeo
14:50 <Apj26> lol
14:51 <OasisCheats>
14:51 <Arsenal55702> Cake is so 1980
14:51 <Arsenal55702> xP
14:51 <Twinkie102> Twinkie is so now :P
14:51 <OasisCheats> Cookie Cake is so 2012
14:51 <Arsenal55702> Everyone's copying dororos joke :P
14:51 <Twinkie102> Brown Puffles are so 2011
14:51 <Twinkie102> yup xD
14:52 <Dororo111122>
14:52 <OasisCheats> My sister had cookie cake for her birthday so my mom just made one big cookie
14:52 <Dororo111122> thats the screenshot
14:52 <Penguin-Pal> try now
14:52 <Arsenal55702> Ain't nobody got time fo dat
14:52 <Apj26> Arsenal55702 is so 55702 BC 
14:52 <Twinkie102> !updatelogs
14:52 <Dororo111122> nobody notices my self-post messages are in cyan?
14:52 <Arsenal55702> Apj is soooo 16 AD :|
14:52 <OasisCheats>
14:52 <Twinkie102> Uh
14:52 <Twinkie102> Shouldn't the logs update now?
14:53 <OasisCheats> Doro y did u take a screen shot if they are so 1980
14:53 <Dororo111122> !updated
14:53 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: The logs were last updated 11:32 ago. There are currently ~158 lines in the log buffer.
14:53 <Twinkie102> hmm
14:53 <Dororo111122> your too new twinkie
14:53 <Twinkie102> Ohh
14:53 <Arsenal55702> LOL
14:53 <Twinkie102> So how long does that take to use that command? Just curious
14:53 <OasisCheats> Doro u play roblox 2?
14:53 <Dororo111122> a day 
14:53 <Twinkie102> Oh okay :)
14:53 <OasisCheats> I play roblox since 2008
14:53 <Dororo111122> unless your gn then it takes a million years
14:54 <Twinkie102> I'm not gn xD
14:54 <Twinkie102> lol
14:54 <Preston108> Is Twinkie, GN's replacement?
14:54 -!- OasisCheats has left Special:Chat.
14:54 <Twinkie102> Maybe
14:54 <Dororo111122> whos lloves replacement then
14:54 <Twinkie102> Dunno
14:54 <Twinkie102> But I think I
14:54 <Twinkie102> oops
14:54 <Preston108> Im honestly glad Twinkie is a mod.
14:54 <C H U N K Y> heyo
14:54 <Twinkie102> hi Chunky
14:54 <Twinkie102> Why's that, Preston? :)
14:55 <C H U N K Y> twinkie ur a mod?
14:55 <C H U N K Y> :D
14:55 <Twinkie102> Yup
14:55 <Twinkie102> :D
14:55 <C H U N K Y> CONGRATS!
14:55 <Twinkie102> Thanks Chunky!
14:55 <Preston108> Your always on chat. You always report problems. Your a great chat mod! ;)
14:55 <Twinkie102> Aw thanks Preston :D
14:55 <Dororo111122> and Marcus does...
14:55 <C H U N K Y> is it permanent twinkie?
14:55 <Dororo111122> brings trolls to his wiki, then kicks them
14:55 <Twinkie102> Guess so
14:55 <C H U N K Y> cool :D
14:56 <Twinkie102> I'm preparing a kick for whoever spams first LOL
14:56 <Dororo111122> SPAAAM
14:56 <Apj26> Yep
14:56 <Twinkie102> Doesn't count Dororo :P
14:56 <Twinkie102> I couldn't kick u anyways
14:56 <Dororo111122> apj could
14:56 <Twinkie102> Yeah
14:56 <Arsenal55702> Lol
14:56 <Apj26> I could >:D
14:56 <Twinkie102> Cool my name is blue :D
14:56 <Dororo111122> !kick Apj26
14:57 <Twinkie102> (troll)
14:57 <Dororo111122> apj you need to crop your image
14:57 <Apj26> NO
14:58 <Twinkie102> *gets popcorn* :P
14:58 <Dororo111122> *gets cornpop*
14:58 <Twinkie102> XD
14:58 <Dororo111122> unknown pony are you dere
14:59 <Twinkie102> Probably on brb
15:00 <Twinkie102> Oh god I just thought of something
15:00 <Twinkie102> What's vicyorus gonna do when he see's that I'm chat mod
15:00 <Twinkie102> *sees
15:00 <Twinkie102> Hi Bigfoot
15:00 <Thebigfoot1> Hai
15:01 <Twinkie102> dead chat
15:01 <Penguin-Pal> brb
15:01 -!- Penguin-Pal has left Special:Chat.
15:01 <Twinkie102> kk
15:01 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
15:02 <Twinkie102> Hi Art
15:02 <Thebigfoot1>
15:02 <Twinkie102> Bigfoot, please don't link that
15:02 <Thebigfoot1> …
15:03 <Apj26>!
15:03 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GENTLEMAN M/V - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2013-04-13 - Rating: 4.677910 - Views: 301 -
15:03 <Twinkie102> one sec
15:03 -!- Edrussell1203 has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <Song05> poop
15:03 <Apj26> ....
15:04 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:04 <Twinkie102> Hi Song
15:04 <Twinkie102> Hi Edrussell
15:04 <Twinkie102> Hi Bigfoot
15:04 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
15:04 <Thebigfoot1> Change dis emote (thebigfoot1)
15:05 <Twinkie102> Only an admin could do that
15:05 <Mrpenguin887> Hi Bigfoot
15:05 <Thebigfoot1> That's why Im talkin to admins
15:05 <Twinkie102> Oh xD
15:05 <Twinkie102> You didn't say a specific name :P
15:05 <Thebigfoot1> Apj change dis emote (thebigfoot1)
15:06 <Apj26> It will change by it self 
15:06 <Twinkie102> Yes
15:06 <Thebigfoot1> That is my emote
15:06 <Twinkie102> It should change in a day or two
15:06 <Twinkie102> ;)
15:06 <Thebigfoot1> And I asked specifically to be that picture instead of my avatar
15:06 <Thebigfoot1> Now I want it to be my avatar
15:07 -!- JohnnyFart94 has joined Special:Chat
15:07 <Twinkie102> Hi
15:07 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:07 <Twinkie102> Lol
15:07 -!- JohnnyFart94 was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
15:07 <Twinkie102> Spam
15:07 <Twinkie102> :|
15:07 <Mrpenguin887> Apj26, can you make a emote for me?
15:08 <JohnnyFart94> what was that for
15:08 <Twinkie102> You spammed the word "Fart" o_o
15:08 <JohnnyFart94> o
15:08 <Twinkie102> dead chat
15:08 <Dororo111122> spam at another wiki not here
15:08 <Thebigfoot1> Yes. And you're all suspects!
15:08 <Twinkie102> LOL
15:08 <Apj26> Ok
15:09 <JohnnyFart94> i killed it :)
15:09 <Dororo111122> it was apj who killed it!
15:09 <Twinkie102> 0_o
15:09 <Mrpenguin887> How do you PM?
15:09 <Twinkie102> Mrpenguin
15:09 <Thebigfoot1> Click on the avatar
15:09 <Twinkie102> Click on someone
15:09 <Twinkie102> Click "Private Message"
15:09 <Thebigfoot1> Then click private message
15:09 <Twinkie102> And there you have it :)
15:09 <Twinkie102> Bigfoot, you copycat :P
15:09 <Thebigfoot1> I said it before you
15:09 <JohnnyFart94> is this real life
15:09 <Twinkie102> Uh
15:09 <Dororo111122> no
15:09 <Twinkie102> Yeah @Johnny
15:09 <Twinkie102> xD
15:09 <Dororo111122> your dreaming
15:09 <JohnnyFart94> kl
15:09 <JohnnyFart94> *kk
15:10 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:10 <Dororo111122> wake up
15:10 <JohnnyFart94> no im sleeping good
15:10 <Twinkie102> (stare) (brain)
15:10 <Dororo111122> (trollface)
15:10 <JohnnyFart94> what the heck is that second thing
15:10 <Twinkie102> Brain
15:10 <Dororo111122> a trollface
15:10 <JohnnyFart94> no the thing with the pink thing
15:10 <Twinkie102> Brain!
15:10 <JohnnyFart94> seriously what is it
15:10 <Dororo111122> mad scientist 
15:10 <Thebigfoot1> No [[Party Hat|THIS]] is real life!
15:10 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
15:11 -!- JohnnyFart94 was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
15:11 <Twinkie102> :/
15:11 <Apj26> Done mrpenguin
15:11 <Thebigfoot1> P.S. the pink thing is called a brain (which apparently he doesn't have)
15:11 <Twinkie102> Please don't do that again
15:11 <Dororo111122> shouldnt it be block for 1 day so they cant make more accounts
15:11 -!- JohnnyFart94 has left Special:Chat.
15:11 <Apj26> Your a fast kicker Twinkie
15:11 <Twinkie102> Thanks :)
15:12 -!- Jj131 has joined Special:Chat
15:12 <Preston108> ^_^
15:12 <Jj131> if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!
15:12 <Thebigfoot1> (Clap)
15:12 <Twinkie102> *claps hands* xD
15:12 <Dororo111122> *bans jj*
15:12 <Twinkie102> oops
15:12 <Twinkie102> (clap)
15:12 <Preston108> Are you like a two year old or something?
15:12 <Jj131> No
15:12 <Twinkie102> LOL
15:12 <Jj131> it just sounds funny
15:12 <Twinkie102> I just like the random clap emote
15:12 <Twinkie102> (clap)
15:12 <Preston108> To who?
15:12 <Jj131> (clap)
15:12 <Jj131> to nobody
15:13 <Jj131> I'm a random weirdo
15:13 <Dororo111122> true
15:13 <Twinkie102> Doesn't sound funny to me xD
15:13 <Twinkie102> mhm :)
15:13 <Twinkie102> No offense but u are kinda weird ;P
15:13 <Preston108> V_V
15:13 <Jj131> Banana-nanana-nana. I like my ban-ananana-nana.
15:13 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:13 <Jj131> ._.
15:13 <Thebigfoot1> I call that soam
15:14 <Jj131> (?)
15:14 <Twinkie102> (?)
15:14 <Preston108> K-POP Jj....
15:14 <Jj131> YO
15:14 <Jj131> I'm Jj
15:14 <Jj131> XD
15:14 -!- JohnnyFart94 has joined Special:Chat
15:14 <Thebigfoot1> spam*
15:14 <Twinkie102> Look who's back
15:14 <JohnnyFart94> can i spam
15:14 <Twinkie102> No
15:14 <Dororo111122> johnny do NOT say any bad words
15:14 <Dororo111122> unless you want a cookie
15:15 <Apj26> Why do people say No offense when they say something that is  offenses?
15:15 <JohnnyFart94> *takes cookie and runs*
15:15 <Jj131> (music) (breakdance) Yo... I am Jj and I am a banana-anana-nana-a!
15:15 <Dororo111122> the cookie is a bomb
15:15 <Twinkie102> o_O @Johnny
15:15 <JohnnyFart94> *drops on dororo
15:15 <Thebigfoot1> No offense, but I hate you
15:15 <Twinkie102> (!)
15:15 <Twinkie102> Hate who
15:15 <Thebigfoot1> LOL
15:15 <JohnnyFart94> me
15:15 <Mrpenguin887> (brain)
15:15 <Dororo111122> johnny do NOT say any bad words
15:15 <Jj131> *slaps Dororo with cheeseburger*
15:15 <Thebigfoot1> (Brain)
15:15 <Twinkie102> He didn't say bad words?
15:15 <JohnnyFart94> i didnt say a bad word
15:15 <Dororo111122> *slaps jj onto twinkie*
15:15 <Jj131> Ow!
15:15 <Twinkie102> ow
15:15 <Thebigfoot1> He joined...
15:15 <Jj131> *Slaps Twinkie*
15:16 <Twinkie102> I'm not gonna kick u for that
15:16 <Jj131> ._.
15:16 <Jj131> your a CM now
15:16 <Thebigfoot1> He's not even a member O.O
15:16 <Twinkie102> I know
15:16 <Jj131> I did not notice
15:16 <Twinkie102> Oh
15:16 <Twinkie102> xD
15:16 <Jj131> *tries to eat Twinkie*
15:16 <Jj131> OPEN WIDE!
15:16 <Twinkie102> Nope
15:16 <Thebigfoot1> Who's a CM
15:16 <Twinkie102> :)
15:16 <Jj131> I'm the Ultra-Super-Duper-Fun-Nothing.
15:16 <Jj131> I'm nothing.
15:17 <Jj131> :/
15:17 <JohnnyFart94> you're air :D
15:17 <Twinkie102> O_O
15:17 <Twinkie102> woww
15:17 <Dororo111122> lol theres a stupid anon who thinks 3 minutes is a long time
15:17 <Jj131> *sets mouse trap for Dororo*
15:17 <Thebigfoot1> How do you become a CM
15:17 <Dororo111122> *throws jj on it*
15:17 <Jj131> *places fake Dororo lightsaber in mouse trap*
15:17 <Twinkie102> Be nice
15:17 <Dororo111122> too late
15:17 <Twinkie102> Edit a lot
15:17 <Jj131> *Dororo takes the lightsaber bait*
15:17 <Twinkie102> Be active
15:17 <Twinkie102> And be trustworthy
15:17 <Dororo111122> your on the trap already
15:17 <Dororo111122> *lands on jj and farts on him*
15:17 <Dororo111122> (et)
15:17 <Twinkie102> Mostly you get CM between 1,600-2,000
15:17 <Jj131> (surprised)
15:18 <Twinkie102> Since I got it between there
15:18 <Jj131> Ahh! Aaaahhh! AHH!
15:18 <Dororo111122> explain how grand got cm then twinkie
15:18 <Twinkie102> What do u mean
15:18 <Thebigfoot1> (Fart)
15:18 <Dororo111122> he had 900 edits aroundish when he got mod
15:18 <Jj131> *grabs bazooka*
15:18 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:18 <Jj131> *aims at Dororo*
15:18 <Twinkie102> hm
15:18 <Dororo111122> no violence
15:18 <Preston108> Grandcroconaw
15:18 <TheUnknownPony2014> Yes?
15:18 <Jj131> Aww...
15:18 <Thebigfoot1> (Troll) (brain)
15:19 <Twinkie102> Dead Chat again
15:19 <JohnnyFart94> look what bigfoot said to me in pm
15:19 <Twinkie102> :o
15:19 <Dororo111122> thats not very bad
15:19 <Twinkie102> Bigfoot
15:19 <Twinkie102> I know
15:20 <Twinkie102> Looks like Johnny didn't like it though
15:20 <Thebigfoot1> U no wut
15:20 <Dororo111122> unless johnny edited it!
15:20 <Apj26> (mrpenguin)
15:20 <JohnnyFart94> how would i edit
15:20 <Dororo111122> its possible
15:20 <Twinkie102> Johnny
15:20 <Dororo111122> i can make you say you pooped yourself
15:20 <Twinkie102> I can't take this as proof because it could be edited
15:20 <Twinkie102> Hi Tree
15:20 <TreeTimeforAH12> hi everyone :)
15:21 <Twinkie102> Sup
15:21 <TreeTimeforAH12> as you see
15:21 <Thebigfoot1> (Mr penguin)
15:21 <JohnnyFart94> SUP? LOL!!
15:21 <TreeTimeforAH12> im retiring
15:21 <TreeTimeforAH12> aka
15:21 <Thebigfoot1> (mrpenguin)
15:21 <Twinkie102> Retiring from the wiki?
15:21 <TreeTimeforAH12> quitting CP wiki
15:21 <Twinkie102> :o
15:21 <Mrpenguin887> (mrpenguin887)
15:21 <JohnnyFart94> i dont know u sorry
15:21 <Twinkie102> You're really quitting?
15:21 <Jj131> I'm quitting Buddy the Ragdoll Destruction inc.
15:21 <TreeTimeforAH12> today
15:21 <JohnnyFart94> ..
15:22 <Twinkie102> aw
15:22 <TreeTimeforAH12> so bai
15:22 <Twinkie102> We're gonna miss you
15:22 <Twinkie102> :(
15:22 <TreeTimeforAH12> (wave)
15:22 <Twinkie102> WAIT
15:22 <Thebigfoot1> (Mrpenguin887)
15:22 <TreeTimeforAH12> WHAT
15:22 <Thebigfoot1> (Thebigfoot1)
15:22 <Twinkie102> Everyone hug your devices :P
15:22 <Jj131> *summons Santa Claus to give you presents*
15:22 <JohnnyFart94> *hugs banana*
15:22 <Twinkie102> O_O
15:22 <Jj131> I don't wanna hug my computer. My mom would think I am trying to break it.
15:22 <Twinkie102> Ok Jj
15:22 <Twinkie102> XD
15:22 <Thebigfoot1> Apj took it the wrong wa
15:22 <Thebigfoot1> (facepalm)
15:23 -!- JohnnyFart94 was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
15:23 <Jj131> spam
15:23 <Twinkie102> Next time a ban
15:23 <Thebigfoot1> I notice all the spam when no chat mods are on
15:23 <Jj131> I think my banana song is getting popular with spam
15:23 -!- Mrpenguin887 has left Special:Chat.
15:23 <Twinkie102> No Jj... I think Bananas are just his thing
15:23 <Twinkie102> :P
15:24 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Thebigfoot1> I love banana-nanas
15:24 <Jj131> Banana-nanana-ana-ana-nana... Oh yeah! This is the Banana Song. Banana-anana-nanas! 
15:24 <Jj131> They're yellow and delicious!
15:24 <Thebigfoot1> I still call that spam
15:24 <Jj131> So?
15:24 <ClubPenguinSpots> Someone delete I edited it, saying delete it but it says I created it! No I didn't!
15:25 <Jj131> It is the banana song
15:25 <Twinkie102> You did create it, ClubPenguinSpots
15:25 <Twinkie102> It says "created"
15:26 <Jj131> Today is a sad day for us all.
15:26 <Twinkie102> Why?
15:26 <Jj131> Today is the day we remember Twinkie102.
15:26 <Jj131> R.I.P. XD
15:26 <Twinkie102> :|
15:26 <Twinkie102> *kicks*
15:26 <Twinkie102> Jk
15:26 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
15:26 <Twinkie102> Hi Waddleplay
15:26 <Thebigfoot1> [[Operating Room Lights|Operation: Room Lights coming in 2013]]
15:26 <Waddleplay> Hey guys! (wave)
15:26 <Thebigfoot1> April 2013
15:26 <Waddleplay> Lol
15:26 <Twinkie102> Hi
15:27 <Thebigfoot1> If you can read this sentence upside down then read it right side up. If you read this sentence right side up then read it upside down.
15:27 <Apj26> (mrpenguin)
15:27 <Apj26> OH NO
15:27 <Thebigfoot1> (Thebigfoot1)
15:27 <Apj26> wrong pic xD
15:27 <Thebigfoot1> You just noticed
15:27 <Jj131> Did you see the proof picture of Operation Blackout 2013 which is a canidate for deletion? It shows something
15:28 <Twinkie102> Jj
15:28 <Apj26> epic fail
15:28 <Jj131> Medieval Party and Ultimate Jam are coming back
15:28 <Twinkie102> That's not for this year
15:28 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
15:28 <Thebigfoot1> Not dis year
15:28 <Jj131> Oh
15:28 <Twinkie102> It just shows some of the past and upcoming parties they have had
15:28 <Jj131> well this is depressing 
15:28 <Jj131> I thought it was a new parties
15:28 <Thebigfoot1> Did you just say...
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> UPCOMING?
15:29 <Twinkie102> Yeah like the CJ Snow party
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> Yeah that's for May
15:29 <Twinkie102> That's really the only upcoming party it showed xD
15:29 <Waddleplay> There will be a New Mascot
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> Yes
15:29 <Twinkie102> Yeah
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> Definetely JPG
15:29 <Twinkie102> I wonder who it will be
15:29 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> JPG
15:29 <Apj26> I fixed it bibfoot
15:29 <Apj26> Hi
15:29 <Twinkie102> Hi Art
15:29 <Waddleplay> or Spike Hike?
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> I bet it's JPG
15:29 <Thebigfoot1> (mrpenguin)
15:30 <Twinkie102> Rory and Dot aren't good enough
15:30 <Thebigfoot1> (theigfoot1)
15:30 <Twinkie102> (thebigfoot)
15:30 <Twinkie102> (thebigfoot1)
15:30 <Waddleplay> I vote me! JK Jet Pack Guy!
15:30 <Jj131> Waddleplay how do you know a new mascot is coming?
15:30 -!- Apj26 has left Special:Chat.
15:30 -!- Apj26 has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Thebigfoot1> It is Jet Pack Guy
15:30 <Waddleplay> Wait
15:30 <Twinkie102> Someone announced it on Twitter
15:30 <Thebigfoot1> CP Summit
15:30 <Artantic> cuz he said so (troll)
15:30 -!- Klump Strangeglove has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Apj26> Vote in what
15:30 <Twinkie102> yeah CP Summit
15:30 <Twinkie102> Hi Klump
15:30 -!- Director Wasp125 has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Director Wasp125> Oh, hey.
15:30 <Twinkie102> Hi Wasp
15:30 <Jj131> Jet Pack Guy actually wears items we can or could get. So JPG can't be a mascot.
15:30 <Artantic> hey
15:30 <Apj26> :o hi wasp
15:30 <Twinkie102> Jj
15:30 <Thebigfoot1> You all know who the next mascot will be...
15:31 <Twinkie102> Not all mascots have bait items
15:31 <Artantic> what fair winds brings you here math?
15:31 <Waddleplay> Or Protobot? :O
15:31 <Director Wasp125> The ones from Rockhopper's butt
15:31 <Director Wasp125> wait what
15:31 <Apj26> ....
15:31 <Jj131> inappropriate 
15:31 <Director Wasp125> lolwut
15:31 <Artantic> HAHAHAHAHA (lol)
15:31 <Jj131> caps
15:31 <Apj26> Its one word >:O
15:31 <Artantic> in the meaning what r u doing here :P
15:31 <Director Wasp125> It's hardly inappropriate
15:31 <Thebigfoot1> His clothes items will be Red, JPG's Sunglasses, and JPG's Jetpack
15:31 <Jj131> and JPG's suit
15:31 <Twinkie102> But he wears two neck items
15:32 <Artantic> no
15:32 <Apj26> Black Tie
15:32 <Jj131> and JPG's earpiece 
15:32 <Twinkie102> A tie and the jet pack
15:32 <Artantic> probably the jetpack is a hand item
15:32 <Twinkie102> Unless the tie is part of his suit
15:32 <Thebigfoot1> JPG's Jetpack is a tuxedo, tie and jetpack
15:32 <Director Wasp125> And JPG's baldness- wait, what
15:32 <Twinkie102> O_O LOL
15:32 <Waddleplay> You see Jet Pack Guy in Game in Op.Hot Sauce?
15:32 <Artantic> like stompin' bobs guitar is a neck item
15:32 <Twinkie102> Yes @Waddle
15:32 <Thebigfoot1> Yes @JPG
15:32 <Jj131> I already saw him in Operation Hot Sauce. 
15:32 <Jj131> But he does not really appear as a mascot
15:33 <Waddleplay> ik
15:33 <Artantic> i saw him on his page (troll)
15:33 <Jj131> you just can optional talk to him on mission only
15:33 <Twinkie102> Jet Pack Guy looks like a human in the new look xD
15:33 <Thebigfoot1> Dot and JPG are the closest to becoming mascots
15:33 <Artantic> LOL
15:33 <Director Wasp125> I saw him in Operation: Herbert's Revenge and Operation: EPF. LOL
15:33 <Waddleplay> @Jj
15:33 <Twinkie102> Dot isn't good enough
15:33 <Jj131> JPG's new penguin design looks so cool
15:33 <Thebigfoot1> JPG is way closer
15:33 <Thebigfoot1> Dot is second closest
15:33 <Director Wasp125> Wait, has the no caps rule returned? :P
15:34 <Artantic> i think
15:34 <Thebigfoot1> JPG is the only famous penguin to appear in-game that isn't a mascot beside moderators
15:34 <Artantic> but
15:34 <Twinkie102> Yep :/
15:34 <Artantic> you can only say a few
15:34 <Director Wasp125> :O It has?!
15:34 <Artantic> like
15:34 <Artantic> HELLO WASP IM ART
15:34 <Director Wasp125> *Darth Vader no*
15:34 <Twinkie102> LOL is allowed
15:34 <Apj26> NOOOO!
15:34 <Twinkie102> in cpas
15:34 <Twinkie102> *caps
15:34 <Twinkie102> What's wrong, Apj?
15:34 <Jj131> I love the new penguin 2013 design. They look fat or pregnant because they are penguins!
15:34 <Director Wasp125> (wasp) is a pancake
15:34 <Waddleplay> Lol
15:34 <Apj26> I killled my wife 
15:34 <Twinkie102> o_o
15:34 <Apj26> NOOOOOO!
15:34 <Artantic> dude
15:34 <Waddleplay> O-o
15:34 <Thebigfoot1> I mean, JPG's sprite has been seen in-game
15:34 <Director Wasp125> Woah, you guys kept my emote? I love you all <3
15:35 <Jj131> The new 2013 redesign is a combination of the old penguins and new penguins artwork!
15:35 <Twinkie102> (wasp125)
15:35 <Artantic> you barely have a mustache to have a wife (yao) 
15:35 <Twinkie102> The new puffle design is the old and new mixed XD
15:35 <Waddleplay> Or the new mascot is you? XD
15:35 <Jj131> if Apj killed his wife he should go to prison.
15:35 <Twinkie102> *bans apj forever*
15:35 <Thebigfoot1> (Mustache)
15:35 <Twinkie102> Just kidding :P
15:35 <Thebigfoot1> (stache)
15:35 <Artantic> aoj doesnt even have a mustache how can he have a wife? (yao)
15:35 <Director Wasp125> OMG. Chat bot's back!
15:35 <Twinkie102> We don't have a mustache emote xD
15:35 <Director Wasp125> /logs
15:35 <Twinkie102> um yeah
15:35 <Apj26> And both of my legs were chopped off 
15:35 <Director Wasp125> Wait
15:36 <Waddleplay> !logs
15:36 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
15:36 <Artantic> he was always here wasp (yao)
15:36 <Director Wasp125> !logs
15:36 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
15:36 <Apj26> And i was brunt 
15:36 <Director Wasp125> Oh, it's !
15:36 <Director Wasp125> :P
15:36 <Twinkie102> :P
15:36 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has left Special:Chat.
15:36 <Jj131> (Jet Pack Guy) is so epic in the new redesign. He is strong and tough, and he looks like he is from the Mission Impossible movies.
15:36 <Jj131> No Jet Pack Guy emote?
15:36 <Jj131> RAGE!
15:36 <Twinkie102> Oh and to fill u in on something else, I'm now a CM @Wasp
15:36 <Artantic> i once killed someone
15:36 <Director Wasp125> I haven't been here in months, I forgot how things work
15:36 <Twinkie102> (JPG)
15:36 <Thebigfoot1> (JetpackWhich)
15:36 <Director Wasp125> Cool! :O
15:36 <Twinkie102> (jetpackguy)
15:36 <Artantic> really i did
15:36 <Twinkie102> ugh
15:36 <Twinkie102> no jpg emote
15:36 <Thebigfoot1> (jetpack)
15:36 <Twinkie102> Hi Happy
15:36 <Director Wasp125> Hey Happy
15:36 <Waddleplay> Hi Happy! :D
15:36 <Artantic> i once killed.......
15:36 <Apj26> Hi happy
15:36 <Jj131> (Herbert)
15:36 <Jj131> (EPF)
15:36 <Artantic> an ant (troll)
15:36 <Jj131> We need an EPF logo emote
15:37 <Director Wasp125> (epf)
15:37 <Twinkie102> Yes we do
15:37 <Apj26> We don't need it
15:37 <Apj26> We want it
15:37 <Director Wasp125> O.O I thought we had one
15:37 <Artantic> did anyone here ever kill an ant? (yao)
15:37 <Jj131> yeah we do
15:37 <Thebigfoot1> (Herbert) + (Gary) = (Protobot)
15:37 <Twinkie102> LOL Apj
15:37 <Twinkie102> Hi MD
15:37 <Master Dubstep> Hello
15:37 <Director Wasp125> !logs
15:37 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
15:37 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
15:37 <Jj131> (Gary) + (itembox) = magic
15:37 <Director Wasp125> I love you chatbot. <3
15:37 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
15:37 <Master Dubstep> Anybody know Sandor' swf custom thingy link
15:37 <Director Wasp125> I have so many happy memories
15:37 <Apj26> !test
15:37 <CPChatBot> Apj26: Hai!
15:37 <Twinkie102> !test
15:37 <Twinkie102> aw
15:37 <Director Wasp125> !test is mods only, right?
15:37 <Twinkie102> Yes
15:38 <Waddleplay> (Gary)
15:38 <Director Wasp125> :(
15:38 <Thebigfoot1> (Herbert)'s evil-ness + (Gary)'s (brain) = (Protobot)
15:38 <Twinkie102> I can't do it yet because I have to wait a dya
15:38 <Twinkie102> *day
15:38 <Master Dubstep> (JPG)
15:38 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
15:38 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
15:38 <Twinkie102> I became chat mod like an hour ago
15:38 <Director Wasp125> I remember talking with Chatbot when I was a mod
15:38 <Waddleplay> (Gary) + Rsnail = Gary (Spongebob's pet)
15:38 <Thebigfoot1> I became chat mod like a second ago
15:38 <Twinkie102> Nope you're not a mod yet :P
15:38 <Jj131> (Happy65)
15:38 <Master Dubstep> I became a chat mod... NOW
15:38 <Thebigfoot1> Exactly
15:38 <Master Dubstep> I said... NOW
15:38 <Jj131> Argh
15:38 <Master Dubstep> xD
15:38 <Twinkie102> Dubstep, not how it works lol
15:39 <Thebigfoot1> (Moo)
15:39 <Jj131> (Happy77)
15:39 <Twinkie102> (cow)
15:39 <Thebigfoot1> (Snail)
15:39 <Artantic> hello :) 65
15:39 <Jj131> We need a Happy77 emote
15:39 <Twinkie102> We're just trying random emotes XD
15:39 <Master Dubstep> (dp)
15:39 <Thebigfoot1> (Rsnail)
15:39 <Apj26> I became cm a year ago  (yao)
15:39 <Artantic> (yao)
15:39 <Twinkie102> (sensei)
15:39 <Artantic> get it? :) 65
15:39 <Twinkie102> (yao)
15:39 <Jj131> Happy77 + (Gary) = Spongebob's pet
15:39 <Twinkie102> Yes Art lol
15:39 <Thebigfoot1> Why were snails in CP?
15:39 <Artantic> (troll)
15:39 <Jj131> I hate Spongebob
15:39 <Twinkie102> O_O
15:39 <Artantic> :o
15:39 <Twinkie102> :O
15:39 <Jj131> *drills on Spongebob*
15:39 <Artantic> HOW COULD YOU???
15:39 <Master Dubstep> Polo Field just said on twitter hes coming to the wikia
15:39 <Apj26> :O
15:39 <Artantic> ;(
15:39 <Waddleplay> :O
15:39 <Super Miron> Now?!
15:39 <Twinkie102> Spongebob already has holes :P
15:39 <Artantic> :O
15:39 <Jj131> Mwahahaha...
15:39 <Master Dubstep> Yea
15:39 <Twinkie102> Noo
15:39 <Artantic> IM GONNA CHECK
15:39 <Waddleplay> :o
15:39 <Twinkie102> Why would u kill Spongebob!
15:39 <Thebigfoot1> Polo Field
15:39 <Jj131> I hate Spongebob because of creepypasta.
15:39 <Apj26> No he didn't
15:39 <Happy65> I will check on twitter
15:40 <Twinkie102> ._.
15:40 <Master Dubstep> April Fools (yao)
15:40 <Jj131> Now I don't like Spongebob anymore.
15:40 <Apj26> ;p
15:40 <Jj131> (dubstep)
15:40 <Thebigfoot1> I happen to be friends with CP
15:40 <Artantic> ;p
15:40 <Super Miron> (face palm)
15:40 <Master Dubstep> It's still April so it counts
15:40 <Master Dubstep> (yao)
15:40 <Happy65> :|
15:40 <Twinkie102> Hi Miron
15:40 <Twinkie102> :p
15:40 <Super Miron> Hi Twinkie
15:40 <Super Miron> Twinkie little star
15:40 <Artantic> HA HA HA HA
15:40 <Twinkie102> don't
15:40 <Thebigfoot1> Nooboody leaf- Field of Polo be coming!
15:40 <Twinkie102> Hi Arsenal
15:40 <Arsenal55702> Hi
15:40 <Super Miron> (troll)'d
15:40 <Artantic> liar
15:40 <Artantic> dp
15:40 <Happy65> apj, pm
15:41 <Waddleplay> I recently met the Mod is Polo Field during the Summit Party.
15:41 <Artantic> the last tweet he said was from 15 hours :|
15:41 <Thebigfoot1> You went to Summit?
15:41 <Jj131> (cry)
15:41 <Jj131> (crying)
15:41 <Waddleplay> No
15:41 <Jj131> (tears)
15:41 <Waddleplay> in CP
15:41 <Jj131> :(
15:41 <Thebigfoot1> Oh
15:41 <Jj131> :/
15:41 <Jj131> (:/)
15:41 <Twinkie102> I like fruit :D
15:41 <Waddleplay> In Thursday, Polo is online for Club Penguin Summit.
15:41 <Director Wasp125> I'll go now. Tweet me if you want to talk to me ;3
15:41 -!- Director Wasp125 has left Special:Chat.
15:41 <Thebigfoot1> Somebody teach Polo about PM
15:41 <Waddleplay> Brb
15:41 <Twinkie102> Ikr?
15:41 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
15:42 <Artantic> dude
15:42 <Artantic> bigfoot
15:42 <Twinkie102> Polo needs to learn the concept of PM
15:42 <Twinkie102> Bye Wasp
15:42 <Artantic> he has been here before you registered
15:42 <Artantic> :|
15:42 <Artantic> hes knows
15:42 <Arsenal55702> Yah
15:42 <Artantic> hes not stupid
15:42 <Thebigfoot1> He was here yesterday
15:42 <Artantic> plus
15:42 <Artantic> hes not coming
15:42 <Artantic> he never said he would
15:42 <Artantic> plus
15:42 <Krisjj859> !2233
15:42 <Artantic> his last tweet was from 15 hours
15:42 <Thebigfoot1> And I told him PM and he replied "What's PM?"
15:42 <Artantic> hes probably asleep now
15:42 <Artantic> tell him
15:42 <Artantic> private message
15:43 <Artantic> sheesh
15:43 <Jj131> BRB
15:43 <Arsenal55702> Lol
15:43 <Artantic> pm has alot of meanings you know
15:43 <Master Dubstep> Lol paw prints at the beach with Rockhopper's ship. That means Rockhopper did it (stare)
15:43 <Thebigfoot1> 10:00 Private Message
15:43 <Twinkie102> LOL @Dubstep
15:43 <Jj131> BACK
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (Dot)
15:44 <Master Dubstep> He has been disguising his ship very well (stare)
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (Rory)
15:44 <Twinkie102> Hi Bart
15:44 <Artantic> master
15:44 <Artantic> dp
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (Art)
15:44 <Master Dubstep> (dp)
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (antic)
15:44 <Artantic> (Artantic)
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (yellowpuffle)
15:44 <Twinkie102> (greenpuffle)
15:44 <Jj131> *slaps Master Dubstep for bobbing his Dubstep Puffle head*
15:44 <Artantic> i'll tell apj to make a (Art) emoticon 
15:44 <Master Dubstep> Jj
15:44 <Jj131> ...
15:44 <Thebigfoot1> (Yellowpuffle) + (Herbert) = (Artantic)
15:44 -!- Sharkbate has joined Special:Chat
15:45 <Jj131> I like slapping things.
15:45 <Master Dubstep> Go back to where you came (stare)
15:45 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
15:45 <Jj131> No thanks. :/
15:45 <Thebigfoot1> I like the mountains
15:45 <Twinkie102> Hi Shark
15:45 <Dogkid1> g'day
15:45 <Twinkie102> Hi Dogkid
15:45 <Artantic> LOL
15:45 <Twinkie102> Hi Bart
15:45 <Twinkie102> Omg
15:45 <Twinkie102> Busy chat
15:45 <Thebigfoot1> I like the rolling hills
15:45 <Artantic> hi 
15:45 <Dogkid1> not reallah
15:45 <Artantic> the limit we once got was
15:45 <Thebigfoot1> I like the flowers 
15:45 <Artantic> 21 i believe?
15:45 <Super Miron> Shark
15:45 <Super Miron> PM
15:45 <Jj131> I have sad news. (crying)
15:45 <Thebigfoot1> I like the daffodills
15:46 <Jj131> Today we appreciate a great person... Twinkie102. (crying)
15:46 <Twinkie102> This should be deleted
15:46 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has joined Special:Chat
15:46 <Thebigfoot1> (Just to clarify I don't mean Daffodaily5)
15:46 <Jj131> R.I.P. Twinkie102
15:46 <Twinkie102> Nope
15:46 <Thebigfoot1> I like trains
15:46 <Master Dubstep> LOL
15:46 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hi.
15:46 <Thebigfoot1> Wait what-
15:46 <Twinkie102> You cannot eat moderators :D
15:46 <Twinkie102> :P
15:46 <Thebigfoot1> !eat Twinkie102
15:46 <Twinkie102> Nope
15:46 <Twinkie102> (yao)
15:46 <Thebigfoot1> !hi
15:47 <Twinkie102> I'm not doing Bot mode anymore
15:47 <Dogkid1> bored
15:47 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Guys, a school is coming to CP!
15:47 <Twinkie102> Hi
15:47 <Dogkid1> says who
15:47 <Twinkie102> Yeah
15:47 <Thebigfoot1> We know
15:47 <Arsenal55702> Gooooal arsenal 2-1 norwich
15:47 <Twinkie102> Dogkid, a sneak peek from CP Summit
15:47 <Thebigfoot1> It's gonna be in the Plaza to cram up more space
15:47 <Bartmista> A school?
15:47 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Plaza?
15:47 -!- OasisCheats has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <Dogkid1> link to sneak peek?
15:47 <Bartmista> I think it's gonna be in the Town
15:47 <Twinkie102> Yes @Bart
15:47 <Twinkie102> one sec
15:47 <Thebigfoot1> The Schoolhouse
15:47 <Bartmista> Town seems more appropriate
15:47 <LEGOSpinjitzu> No, I think it's gonna be on Ski Village.
15:48 <Bartmista> Yeah
15:48 -!- OasisCheats has left Special:Chat.
15:48 <Bartmista> good one, ski village
15:48 <Thebigfoot1> I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO JAIL!
15:48 <Bartmista> xD
15:48 <Jj131> I think it is gonna be in the Forest.
15:48 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Jj131> The forest is never used for anything.
15:48 <Mikeymkwii> Hi?
15:48 <Bartmista> hello
15:48 <Twinkie102> Hi Mikey
15:48 <Bartmista> I know right
15:48 <LEGOSpinjitzu> What about Iceberg? :P
15:48 <Bartmista> It should be in the forest
15:48 <Dogkid1> the forest is only for ppl to roleplay in
15:48 <Twinkie102>
15:48 <Thebigfoot1> It'll Definetely be in the Plaza- there is SO much room in the Plaza!
15:48 <Dogkid1> nice
15:48 <Jj131> We need a creepy old schoolhouse building at the Forest. So little kids will scream in terror while being corrupted by learning.
15:49 <Twinkie102> LOL Jj
15:49 <Jj131> (trollface)
15:49 <Twinkie102> put the pookies in it and trap them in the school
15:49 <Jj131> and by little kids I mean pookies
15:49 <Twinkie102> :D
15:49 <Thebigfoot1> We need Slender to be the teacher
15:49 <Arsenal55702> LOL
15:49 <Twinkie102> Operation: Get rid of the Pookies
15:49 <Twinkie102> >:D
15:49 <Artantic> (cpchatbot)
15:49 <Twinkie102> or Operation: Pookie
15:49 <Dogkid1> operation: Operation
15:49 <Jj131> let's have Godzilla as teacher
15:49 <Twinkie102> Operation: Operation?
15:49 <Twinkie102> LOL
15:49 <Jj131> he is a giant mutated dinosaur
15:49 <Twinkie102> Sure, Jj :)
15:50 <Thebigfoot1> I always wanted Mr. Slender as a teacher, but I didn't go to Slender Elementary School.
15:50 <Jj131> he will use his blue atomic blast fire breath to burn all the pookies in school
15:50 <Master Dubstep> Guys
15:50 <Jj131> also my profile picture is Godizlla
15:50 <Master Dubstep> Can you take the time to read my blog?
15:50 <Jj131> *Godzilla
15:50 <Mikeymkwii> sure where master
15:50 <Master Dubstep> 
15:50 <Mikeymkwii> :/
15:50 -!- Artantic has left Special:Chat.
15:50 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
15:50 <Dogkid1> I found a dollar on my drive way
15:50 -!- Artantic has joined Special:Chat
15:51 <Jj131> good for you
15:51 <Artantic> (Art) :D
15:51 <Twinkie102> what the
15:51 <Dogkid1> I misspoke I mean I found 10 dollars
15:51 <Thebigfoot1> UPDATE: Slender: First Snowfall coming this December!
15:51 <Jj131> That is a fat bunny jumping rope in a forest in an animated movie.
15:51 <Twinkie102> O_O
15:51 <Thebigfoot1> I'm watching that movie right now
15:52 <Twinkie102> O_O
15:52 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Does anyone know the original Aqua Grabber squid sound?
15:52 <Jj131> Twinkie, do not show me this ever again.
15:52 <Thebigfoot1> Yes
15:52 <Jj131> I am enjoying the sunny day thing
15:52 <Twinkie102> LOL
15:52 <Jj131> I am listening to it while on chat
15:52 <Master Dubstep> Dat transformer :O
15:52 <Thebigfoot1> It's called "Raped by Slender"
15:52 <Master Dubstep> :O
15:52 <Twinkie102> :O
15:52 <Dogkid1> :O
15:52 -!- Thebigfoot1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
15:53 <Jj131> that Transformer stinks
15:53 <Dogkid1> why would you say that
15:53 <Mikeymkwii> HECK
15:53 <Jj131> it is just a cardboard box
15:53 <Dogkid1> isnt that the whole point?
15:53 <Jj131> No
15:53 <Jj131> the point is it is supposed to be a cool transformer
15:53 <Master Dubstep> My favorite
15:53 <Jj131> not a guy in a cardboard box costume
15:53 <Dogkid1> isnt it sarcasm
15:54 <Jj131> Where did you get these .swfs?
15:54 <Jj131> (laugh)
15:54 <Master Dubstep> xD
15:54 <Twinkie102> thebest404pageever
15:54 <Master Dubstep> Twinkie
15:54 <Twinkie102> Yeah?
15:54 <Master Dubstep> Be careful at the index though, there are some that are too crazy in there
15:54 <Twinkie102> Yeah
15:54 <Master Dubstep> But other than that, its a fun site
15:54 <Twinkie102> That's why I'm not linking all of them
15:54 <Twinkie102> Yeah
15:55 <Twinkie102> :P
15:55 <Twinkie102> I wonder why Bigfoot hasn't come back yet
15:55 <Twinkie102> Oh
15:55 <Twinkie102> NVM
15:55 <Thebigfoot1> I misspelled stared
15:55 <Twinkie102> Oh
15:55 <Jj131> Darn guess what. I just got on it and mine is a robber with a cigarette in his mouth circling around in a pink circle with flowers and happy music playing. :/
15:55 <Twinkie102> o_o @Jj
15:55 <Master Dubstep> Twinkie
15:55 <Master Dubstep> Watch the hi_jack swf
15:55 <Arsenal55702> Hi
15:55 <Twinkie102> Ok
15:55 -!- Lilly flower has joined Special:Chat
15:55 <Twinkie102> Hi
15:55 <Twinkie102> Hi Lilly
15:55 <Lilly flower> hi
15:56 <Lilly flower> hi twinkie
15:56 <Dogkid1> g'day lily
15:56 <Jj131> I refreshed and now it is a police officer dancing and his gun firing and triggering because of dancing.
15:56 <Twinkie102> LOL
15:56 <Twinkie102> The Hi_jack thing is so funny
15:56 <Thebigfoot1> I've seen day be4.
15:57 <Twinkie102> Apj
15:57 <Twinkie102> Could u delete this?
15:57 <Thebigfoot1> Dat*
15:57 <Master Dubstep> xD
15:57 <Twinkie102> There's no such thing
15:57 <Thebigfoot1> I would if I could
15:57 <Master Dubstep> Twinkie
15:57 <Twinkie102> Me too
15:57 <Twinkie102> Yes Dubstep?
15:57 <Jj131> now my .swf is Bill Nye the Science Guy's face in different flashing light colors :/
15:57 <Master Dubstep> I just noticed something in the hi_jack one
15:57 <Twinkie102> what
15:57 <Lilly flower> what???
15:58 <Super Miron> Go to the page "c:c" on the [[w:|Community Central]]. Magic.
15:58 <Master Dubstep> Doesnt the mailman look like the one from Mr Rogers
15:58 <Thebigfoot1> Say "Bill" if you like Pepsi say "Nye" if you also like Coke
15:58 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <Twinkie102> OMG It does
15:58 <Twinkie102> Nye
15:58 <Jj131> Yay I found hte sunny day one
15:58 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
15:58 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
15:58 <Thebigfoot1> C:C
15:58 <Thebigfoot1> c:c?
15:58 <Dogkid1> ?
15:58 <Super Miron> Yes
15:58 <Jj131> Sunnydays.swf is the swf to cheer Dororo up so I can ride him through the sky.
15:58 <Waddleplay> Back
15:59 <Twinkie102> [[w:c:clubpenguin|click this]]
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Twinkie
15:59 <Twinkie102> oops
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Do the PANTS.swf
15:59 <Jj131> Bill
15:59 <Twinkie102> One sec
15:59 <Mikeymkwii> Guys.. what do you think of when you hear old cp?
15:59 <Super Miron> Gates
15:59 <Waddleplay> What is Club Penguin's Facebook?
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Billybob and Happy77
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Rsnail
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Screenhog
15:59 <Super Miron> Gizmo
15:59 <Waddleplay> Businesmoose
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Yea, Gizmo
15:59 <Super Miron> Polo Field
15:59 <Green Ninja> Can't people realize that there won't be another Operation: Blackout?
15:59 <Master Dubstep> Polo
15:59 <Super Miron> Ninja
15:59 <Super Miron> Tour Guide
16:00 <Waddleplay> Daffodaily4
16:00 <Super Miron> 1brazuca1
16:00 <Waddleplay> Daffodaily5*
16:00 <LEGOSpinjitzu> It was awesome...
16:00 <Master Dubstep> Grasstain
16:00 <Super Miron> Deamama
16:00 <Green Ninja> Spike Hike :P
16:00 <Super Miron> :*
16:00 <Green Ninja> :P
16:00 <Waddleplay> Dave Krysko 
16:00 <Super Miron> Your Penguin
16:00 <Master Dubstep> I cant wait for War Machine costume
16:00 <Super Miron> Iwantpizza
16:00 <Master Dubstep> and Iron Man 3
16:00 <Green Ninja> Me too
16:00 <Waddleplay> Iwantpizza added me!
16:00 <Master Dubstep> and stuff like that
16:00 <Master Dubstep> He did?
16:00 <Jj131> [[]]
16:01 <Waddleplay> Yeah
16:01 <Dogkid1>
16:01 <Green Ninja> Businessfieldabillybobhike
16:01 <Jj131> sorry
16:01 <Green Ninja> Z:P
16:01 <Green Ninja> :P
16:01 <Twinkie102> back
16:01 <Twinkie102> Hi GN
16:01 <Super Miron> Chattabox >:D
16:01 <Green Ninja> Hi
16:01 <Super Miron> Federflink1
16:01 <Jj131> Mine is an epic white 8-bit thing dancing called Ukigomo and epic music too
16:01 <Super Miron> Gajotz
16:01 <Waddleplay> Loustik005
16:01 <Twinkie102> Rsnail
16:01 <Green Ninja> Can't people realize that there won't be another Operation: Blackout?
16:01 <Twinkie102> IKR!?
16:01 <Waddleplay> Robo Bird :P
16:02 <Green Ninja> It's a one time event.
16:02 <Super Miron> Smulley
16:02 <Green Ninja> Herbert can't do the same thing twice.
16:02 <Arsenal55702> Hi
16:02 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:02 <Twinkie102> GN
16:02 <Dogkid1> g'day
16:02 <Green Ninja> It failed the first time.
16:02 <Twinkie102> I am your replacement :P
16:02 <Super Miron> 1penguinbr
16:02 <Arsenal55702> Gn 
16:02 <Super Miron> Po1are
16:02 <Green Ninja> But whyb
16:02 <Arsenal55702> u won't get ur rights back
16:02 <Jj131> Unstoppable Bread :/
16:02 <Green Ninja> I DIDNT LEAVE
16:02 <Master Dubstep> I typed in Patrick in the friends list, and its a beta ninja
16:02 <Master Dubstep> LOL
16:02 <Super Miron> Tato Maxx
16:02 <Green Ninja> (mad)
16:02 <Arsenal55702> u did drama
16:02 <Super Miron> Pinkyunicorn
16:03 <Super Miron> Navtron
16:03 <Green Ninja> I didn't mean to "do drama". (mad)
16:03 <Arsenal55702> P-P told me u wont get ur rights back
16:03 <Green Ninja> Why those admins... (mad)
16:03 <Twinkie102> Green Ninja, stop
16:03 <Green Ninja> What does everybody hate me. (crying)
16:03 <Arsenal55702> Ya gn
16:03 <Arsenal55702> ur fault
16:03 <Twinkie102> I don't hate you
16:03 <Super Miron> Grasstain
16:03 <Arsenal55702> y u quit in da first place
16:03 <Super Miron> Badab0um
16:04 <Jj131> [[]]
16:04 <Jj131> Did the link work? No
16:04 <Jj131> :(
16:04 -!- Ricky - Cartoon Explorer has joined Special:Chat
16:04 <Twinkie102> Hello
16:04 <Super Miron> Let me try something
16:04 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Hi Guys!
16:04 <Twinkie102> hi
16:05 <Dogkid1> hai
16:05 <Super Miron> [[Main Page|]]
16:05 <Super Miron> Mhm
16:05 <Super Miron> HTML error
16:05 <Dogkid1> that happens
16:05 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> This is my first time on the Club Penguin Wiki Chat! It's so cool!
16:05 <Twinkie102> Umm
16:05 <Super Miron> I've actually typed [[[[]]Main Page|]]
16:05 <Twinkie102> Your name is very similar to someone else I knew
16:05 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Who?
16:05 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Dogkid1> (HI)
16:06 <Dogkid1> g'day
16:06 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Cartoon Explorer?
16:06 <Twinkie102> Someone else who had Cartoon Explorer in their name
16:06 -!- Ice18330 has joined Special:Chat
16:06 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:06 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:06 <Mikeymkwii> Guys I need help.
16:06 <ClubPenguinSpots> There is an Opreration: bLACKOUT 2! Read this:
16:06 <Twinkie102> Witch what,Mikey?
16:06 <Twinkie102> No there isn't, CPSpots!
16:06 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Was it Cartoonexplorer1 by any chance?
16:06 <Mikeymkwii> CPSPOTS
16:06 <ClubPenguinSpots> It was at CP Summit!!
16:06 <Waddleplay> Proof:
16:06 <Twinkie102> yes @Ricky
16:06 <Mikeymkwii> it's fan art!!!
16:06 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:06 <Twinkie102> IKR MIkey
16:06 <Dogkid1> operation:blackout 2?
16:06 <Twinkie102> *Mikey
16:06 <ClubPenguinSpots> No!
16:06 <Mikeymkwii> YES
16:06 <ClubPenguinSpots> I e-mailed CP
16:06 <Twinkie102> It's not real!
16:06 <Dogkid1> cereally!
16:06 <Mikeymkwii> READ THE COMMENTS
16:07 <Mikeymkwii> show us CPSpots
16:07 <Arsenal55702> Hi
16:07 <Mikeymkwii> show us the email
16:07 <ClubPenguinSpots> It was at CP Summit for parties!
16:07 <Dogkid1> the number 2 in any title sounds stupid
16:07 <ClubPenguinSpots> I know
16:07 <Twinkie102> Yes please show the email
16:07 <Waddleplay> Pookie alert!
16:07 <Twinkie102> oh god not pookies
16:07 <ClubPenguinSpots> How should I show you it?
16:07 <Twinkie102> Hi GN
16:07 <Dogkid1> they could at least make operation: something similar to a blackout
16:07 <Dogkid1> idk
16:07 <Twinkie102> :|
16:07 <Twinkie102> Screenshot
16:07 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Oh! He works at our Cartoon Explorer Wiki! He has been on Club Penguin Wiki and is very naughty! Isn't he @Twinkie102
16:07 <Green Ninja> You stole my rights, Twinkie.
16:07 <Twinkie102> No I didn't
16:07 <Mikeymkwii> ...
16:08 <Mikeymkwii> HE DIDN'T.
16:08 <Dogkid1> ........
16:08 <Twinkie102> I became CM
16:08 <Green Ninja> Your not my friend anymore. (crying)
16:08 <Twinkie102> Dude I didn't take them
16:08 <Green Ninja> You obviously wanted to take my rights.
16:08 <Twinkie102> No I didn't
16:08 <ClubPenguinSpots> Read this for proof. This was on the parties slide at CP Summit, showing future parties, including the CJ Snow party. 
16:08 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Wait, there IS a sequel to Operation: Blackout!
16:08 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> Oh! He works at our Cartoon Explorer Wiki! He has been on Club Penguin Wiki and is very naughty! Isn't he @Twinkie102
16:08 <Green Ninja> Another reason why I'm not wanted here.
16:08 <ClubPenguinSpots> Yes!
16:08 <Green Ninja> NO
16:08 <ClubPenguinSpots> They said so at CP Summit!!
16:08 <Green Ninja> No, they didnt
16:08 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Yes.
16:09 <Green Ninja> They just used it as an example of parties
16:09 -!- Ice18330 has left Special:Chat.
16:09 <LEGOSpinjitzu> No.
16:09 -!- Ice18330 has joined Special:Chat
16:09 <Twinkie102> ClubPenguinSpots, there is no Operation: Blackout 2
16:09 <Green Ninja> No Op Blackout this hear
16:09 <Green Ninja> Year
16:09 <Dogkid1> yeah
16:09 <LEGOSpinjitzu> There is.
16:09 <Waddleplay> Yup
16:09 <ClubPenguinSpots> So it is a real party from CP Summit. Why else would they have a pic saying Operation: Blackout 2?
16:09 <Ice18330> twinkie 102
16:09 <Green Ninja> There is NOT.
16:09 <Twinkie102> CPSpots, that's fan art
16:09 <Green Ninja> Its fanfiction!
16:09 <Twinkie102> Yes Ice?
16:09 <Master Dubstep> OMG
16:09 <ClubPenguinSpots> No!
16:09 <Ricky - Cartoon Explorer> @Dogkid1 PM 
16:09 <Green Ninja> the logo looks totally fake.
16:09 <Ice18330> twinkie
16:10 <Twinkie102> Yes Ice??
16:10 <Master Dubstep> I'M SPECIAL
16:10 <Green Ninja> You must not see well.
16:10 <Green Ninja> Gecause it looks like a total edit
16:10 <Ice18330> my brother talkedd with you yessterday
16:10 <ClubPenguinSpots> I will be back with a link to the original tweet soon! To prove it is a real pic!
16:10 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has left Special:Chat.
16:10 <Master Dubstep> Guys look :O
16:10 <Twinkie102> Okay guys can we stop arguing about Operation: Blackout 2 now?
16:10 <Ice18330> yeah
16:10 <Twinkie102> I gtg
16:10 <Dogkid1> CHANGE OF SUBJECT
16:11 <Green Ninja> They didnt give you the full image
16:11 <Lilly flower> BYE TWINKIE
16:11 <Ice18330> lets talk about somethihng cooler
16:11 <Dogkid1> bye twinkieeee
16:11 <Twinkie102> (wave)
16:11 <Lilly flower> sorry caps
16:11 <Ice18330> like herbert
16:11 -!- Dogkid1 has left Special:Chat.
16:11 <Green Ninja> It was part of a fanart slide on the presentation
16:11 <Mikeymkwii> err
16:11 <Twinkie102> Be back soon
16:11 -!- Dogkid1 has joined Special:Chat
16:11 <Mikeymkwii> Image
16:11 -!- Ice18330 has left Special:Chat.
16:12 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
16:12 <Lilly flower> hi
16:12 <CPWikigirl> hey
16:13 <CPWikigirl> so who's getting chat moderator postition?
16:13 <Jj131> I'm listening to the Sunny Days .swf that you guys gave me from (laugh)
16:13 <Lilly flower> not me ;(
16:13 <Jj131> I feel so happy
16:13 <CPWikigirl> You are?
16:13 <Jj131> YES
16:13 <Lilly flower> lucky for you
16:13 <Jj131> BE HAPPY
16:13 <Mikeymkwii> guys
16:13 <Mikeymkwii> what music id is this
16:14 <David231099> hi
16:14 <CPWikigirl> How did you find out?
16:14 <Mikeymkwii> someone tell me :(
16:14 <David231099> CPWikigirl you need to change your avater
16:14 <Lilly flower> idk and hi
16:14 <David231099> hi
16:14 <Lilly flower> hi'
16:15 <CPWikigirl> Why, David?
16:15 <David231099> it breaks the policy
16:15 <CPWikigirl> Of what?
16:15 <Super Miron> Is that you in real life?
16:15 <CPWikigirl> No
16:15 <David231099> this wiki
16:15 <CPWikigirl> It's Selena Gomez
16:15 <Super Miron> Then it doesn't.
16:15 <Thebigfoot1>
16:15 <David231099> oh
16:15 <CPWikigirl> Though some people think I look exactly like her
16:16 <Jj131> *listens to sunnydays.swf*
16:16 <CPWikigirl> but I'm only 15 and she's 20
16:16 <David231099> ....
16:16 <CPWikigirl> They say I look like her in season 1
16:16 <Jj131> Sorry guys BRB I am staring at the sunny days .swf
16:16 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:16 <Lilly flower> hi
16:16 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:16 <CPWikigirl> So who else is getting chat mod?
16:17 <David231099> hi 
16:17 <Lilly flower> hi
16:17 <David231099> hi
16:17 <Dogkid1>
16:17 <Arsenal55702> CPWikigirl change ur profile picture immediately 
16:17 <Arsenal55702> It's not allowed
16:17 <Arsenal55702> or else we'll ban]
16:17 <Arsenal55702> or block
16:17 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:17 <David231099> Twinkie102 got it
16:17 <CPWikigirl> Why?
16:17 <Arsenal55702> admins do something :|
16:17 <CPWikigirl> Why for what?
16:17 <Arsenal55702> it's not allowed
16:17 <Waddleplay> @Dog Lol!
16:17 <Happy65> hmmm
16:17 <Ice Jounior>  
16:17 <Arsenal55702> we'll block u
16:18 <CPWikigirl> For posting a celebrity?
16:18 <Dogkid1> blank?
16:18 <Ice Jounior> wave
16:18 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:18 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has left Special:Chat.
16:18 <Arsenal55702> it's not allowed putting real life pictures 
16:18 <CPWikigirl> Just for having a celebrity has an avatar
16:18 <Arsenal55702> in this wiki
16:18 <David231099> Cpwiki girl
16:18 <Arsenal55702> it's not allowed
16:18 <Arsenal55702> we'll block
16:18 <CPWikigirl> wait
16:18 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Arsenal55702> this is ur last warning
16:18 <David231099> youre not alowwed have a picture with people in it
16:18 <Arsenal55702> apj , get ready
16:18 <Lilly flower> stop
16:18 <Jj131> yet again you can put Godzilla as a real life picture?
16:18 <CPWikigirl> let me find one geez
16:18 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Lilly flower> hi\
16:18 <Jj131> Godzilla is a live action movie star :/
16:19 <Dogkid1> you can have real life animals as avatars
16:19 <Apj26> Its not her so its fine
16:19 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Hi again.
16:19 <Ice Jounior> ^_^
16:19 <Arsenal55702> no
16:19 <Arsenal55702> :| apj
16:19 <Super Miron> Dogkid: Why not?
16:19 <Happy65> No
16:19 <Arsenal55702> it's not allowed
16:19 <CPWikigirl> why are you being so strict
16:19 <Ice Jounior> OI
16:19 <Ice Jounior> :I
16:19 <Lilly flower> lol
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  b
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Dogkid1> you CAN have real life animals as avatars
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Lilly flower> spam
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Dogkid1> blanks
16:19 <Apj26> Don't do blanks 
16:19 -!- 8stoplight8cp has joined Special:Chat
16:19 <Ice Jounior>  
16:19 <Dogkid1> kick
16:19 -!- Happy65 was kicked from Special:Chat by Arsenal55702
16:19 <Ice Jounior> OK
16:19 -!- Happy65 has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <8stoplight8cp> Hey
16:19 <Arsenal55702> oops
16:19 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <Dogkid1> :O
16:19 -!- Ice Jounior was kicked from Special:Chat by Arsenal55702
16:19 <Apj26> wrong person (facepalm)
16:19 <Arsenal55702> i was trying to do for ice junior
16:20 <David231099> (facepalm) 
16:20 <8stoplight8cp> Who's the owner of this chat
16:20 <Arsenal55702> :|
16:20 <Dogkid1> (FACEPALM)
16:20 <Arsenal55702> wrong person i did
16:20 <Lilly flower> (facepalm)
16:20 <Dogkid1> you did  it wrong
16:20 -!- Happy65 has joined Special:Chat
16:20 <Apj26> (facepalm)
16:20 <David231099> hi
16:20 <Arsenal55702> sorry happy
16:20 <LEGOSpinjitzu> Nobody.
16:20 <Lilly flower> sorry happy!!!!
16:20 <Arsenal55702> i was trying to get someone else kicked
16:20 <Apj26> He kicked the wrong person
16:20 <Apj26> (facepalm)
16:20 <Happy65> what happened?
16:20 <Arsenal55702> lol :P
16:20 <Lilly flower> (facepalm)
16:20 <Happy65> did someone kick me??
16:20 <Happy65> :|
16:20 <Dogkid1> (FACEPALM) epic fail
16:20 <Apj26> Yes
16:20 <Happy65> :O
16:20 <Arsenal55702> i kicked u by mistake
16:20 <Apj26> he kicked the wrong person
16:20 <Arsenal55702> sorry 
16:21 <David231099> i did that once
16:21 <CPWikigirl> A I supposed to be banned or blocked for this photo?
16:21 <CPWikigirl> *AM
16:21 <David231099> yes
16:21 <Arsenal55702> yes
16:21 <CPWikigirl> :O
16:21 <Arsenal55702> change it
16:21 <Super Miron> Why?
16:21 <Super Miron> It's not her in real life
16:21 <CPWikigirl> Cuz it's a real life photo
16:21 <Super Miron> But it's not you
16:21 <Lilly flower> yeah
16:21 <CPWikigirl> They said if it's a real life photo, change it
16:21 <Super Miron> That doesn't break the policy
16:21 <CPWikigirl> :(
16:21 <David231099> it doesnt matter who it is youre not aloud have people in photos
16:21 <Arsenal55702> ya
16:21 <Happy65> It does break the policy
16:21 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has left Special:Chat.
16:21 <Happy65> Paragaph 1
16:21 <Happy65> well
16:21 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has joined Special:Chat
16:21 <Apj26> Sorry cpwikigirl 
16:22 <Dogkid1> so much arguing
16:22 <Arsenal55702> change it7
16:22 <Super Miron> So, if I set Chuck Norris as my avatar right now, I will be blocked?
16:22 <Jj131> would you block me if I took a picture of myself and I was a talking intelligent dragon who knows how to use the internet?
16:22 <CPWikigirl> Yes
16:22 <CPWikigirl> :(
16:22 <David231099> yes
16:22 <Apj26> Yep
16:22 <Super Miron> (face palm)
16:22 <CPWikigirl> I can't believe this
16:22 <Super Miron> The policy is kinda stupid
16:22 <Jj131> Why would you block me for that? I would not be human!
16:22 <David231099> no
16:22 <Happy65> It's policy, i'm personally against it
16:22 <CPWikigirl> How is this privacy?
16:22 <CPWikigirl> Privacy for Selena Gomez
16:22 <Apj26> yep :/
16:22 <Happy65> If it's a famous star, it should not be
16:22 <CPWikigirl> I guess for me it's bad
16:22 <Arsenal55702> selena gomez sucks anywayz
16:22 <Happy65> but it is in Wikia's Terms of Use
16:22 <Happy65> again
16:22 <Happy65> so
16:22 <David231099> so just change it
16:23 <Super Miron> What's in Wikia's [[w:c:www:Terms of Use|Terms of Use]]?
16:23 <Super Miron> Real life avatars?
16:23 -!- Skullifreak has joined Special:Chat
16:23 <CPWikigirl> brb
16:23 <CPWikigirl> :(
16:23 <Skullifreak> Just came in to say.
16:23 <David231099> hi
16:23 <Waddleplay> :O
16:23 <CPWikigirl> This is so unfair'
16:23 <Skullifreak> Waddleplay copyed my icon.
16:23 <Jj131> if you're feeling sad, go ask Master Dubstep or Twinkie for the sunnyday.swf. It is very peaceful and happy.
16:23 <Waddleplay> Huh?
16:23 <Skullifreak> Now goodbye.
16:23 <Waddleplay> I am not copied! :(
16:23 <David231099> ik but its the policy CP
16:23 -!- Skullifreak has left Special:Chat.
16:23 <David231099> brb
16:23 -!- Skullifreak has joined Special:Chat
16:24 <CPWikigirl> Some wikis allow it and Wikia doesn't care
16:24 <Happy65> Agreed, I don't like this rule, but i have to to comply with wikia's terms of use
16:24 <Skullifreak> Well this wikia is not big enough for the two of us.
16:24 <Waddleplay> Time to change the Avatar! (facepalm)
16:24 -!- Skullifreak has left Special:Chat.
16:24 <Jj131> Obama should close down COPPA. 
16:24 <David231099> yep so I'm afraid you have to change it CPwikigirl
16:24 <Super Miron> CPWG: It's allowed on Wikia, it only breaks THIS wiki's policy
16:24 <Arsenal55702> change it
16:24 -!- Dps04 has joined Special:Chat
16:24 <Happy65> No it doesn't
16:24 <Apj26> How come wikia staff can have real life pics and normal users can't
16:24 <Dps04> hello
16:24 <Apj26> Hi
16:24 <David231099> hi
16:24 <CPWikigirl> Yeah but they said it's on WIKIA's terms of use
16:24 <Happy65> Hahah apj
16:24 <Jj131> Obama is a good president and he should force COPPA to change it to 10+ and not 13+
16:24 <Apj26> :P
16:24 <CPWikigirl> Not this wiki's
16:24 <David231099> They need to Apj
16:25 <Dps04> lol
16:25 <Super Miron> Apj: All users can
16:25 <Super Miron> Just not on this wiki
16:25 <LEGOSpinjitzu> 10+ ?
16:25 <Super Miron> It's just this wiki's policy
16:25 <Apj26> They don't need too they want too
16:25 <CPWikigirl> but you guys said it's on WIKIA's
16:25 <LEGOSpinjitzu> That's a bit too young.
16:25 <Apj26> Hi dps
16:25 <Arsenal55702> Apj block cpwikigirl
16:25 <Happy65> I think it's on wikias privacy policy
16:25 <Super Miron> CPWG: That's not the truth
16:25 <Happy65> Don't block
16:25 <Arsenal55702> she ain't listening
16:25 <Super Miron> No it's not, Happy
16:25 <Dps04> ????
16:25 <Dps04> lol
16:25 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Dogkid1> ....
16:25 <Dps04> hello
16:25 <Dogkid1> confuzzled
16:25 <David231099> hi
16:25 <Lilly flower> hi
16:25 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
16:25 <Apj26> Cpwikigirl change your pic :(
16:25 <Dogkid1> hi
16:25 <Dogkid1> g'dAY
16:25 <Apj26> Hi
16:25 <Super Miron> Since most Wikia staff have real life avatars
16:25 <David231099> read the policy Miron
16:26 <Master Dubstep> Im gonna post a pic of myself
16:26 <Master Dubstep> brb
16:26 <Super Miron> This wiki's?
16:26 <Master Dubstep> LOL Jk
16:26 <David231099> Wikia Staff ARE aloud real life avaters
16:26 <Super Miron> Everyone is
16:26 <David231099> no
16:26 <Super Miron> It just breaks THIS wiki's policy
16:26 <Arsenal55702> allowed*
16:26 <Jj131> Master Dubstep give everyone the happpyday.swf that I am listening to
16:26 <Super Miron> Not the global [[w:c:www:Terms of Use|Terms of Use]]
16:26 <Lilly flower> lol @master dupstep
16:26 <Jj131> everyone is feeling sad right now
16:26 <Master Dubstep> not right this min
16:26 <Jj131> I need you to get that .swf
16:26 -!- CPWikigirl has left Special:Chat.
16:26 <Happy65> Hmmm, I cannot really be bothered to read the terms of use, so I am not going to get involved in this "argument"
16:26 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
16:26 <CPWikigirl> There
16:26 <David231099> Cpwikigirl just change your avater
16:26 <CPWikigirl> happy now
16:26 <David231099> oh nvm
16:26 <CPWikigirl> It says whatever
16:27 <Master Dubstep> THATS RUDE
16:27 <Master Dubstep> BLOCK
16:27 <Super Miron> wait
16:27 <Master Dubstep> lol jk
16:27 <Lilly flower> ?????
16:27 <Mariocart25Charizard> (Face Palm)
16:27 <CPWikigirl> (face palm)
16:27 <Super Miron> someone said that you aren't allowed to have pictures of real life pets, right?
16:27 <Super Miron> Very well
16:27 <Master Dubstep> Miron
16:27 <Dps04> hello
16:27 <C H U N K Y> heyo
16:27 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
16:27 <David231099> lets not argue over the policy
16:27 <Master Dubstep> You broke the chain
16:27 <David231099> hi
16:27 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
16:27 <Lilly flower> hi
16:27 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
16:27 <Super Miron> Come on, block me
16:27 <Super Miron> (troll)
16:27 <Dogkid1> I SAID you are aloud to have real life animals
16:27 <Master Dubstep> Lets start a chain
16:27 <Super Miron> Oh.
16:27 <Master Dubstep> (yao)
16:27 <CPWikigirl> You guys said it's on wikia's so you can't change it
16:28 <Super Miron> I've set it only for demonstration purposes
16:28 <CPWikigirl> But Suepr Miron said only this wiki
16:28 <Master Dubstep> Lets start a chain
16:28 <Master Dubstep> (yao)
16:28 <Apj26> Super change that pic of your self (yao)
16:28 <CPWikigirl> So why can't you guys do it
16:28 <David231099> come on lets talk about something else
16:28 <Dogkid1> (YAO)
16:28 <Arsenal55702> lol sm
16:28 <Super Miron> Apj, that's rude
16:28 <Master Dubstep> (yao)
16:28 <CPWikigirl> Nah
16:28 <Apj26> jk :P
16:28 <CPWikigirl> You guys won't let me choose what I want
16:28 <Super Miron> :|
16:28 <Dps04> lol
16:28 <Super Miron> It still offended me
16:28 <Super Miron> (yao)
16:28 <David231099> (...)
16:28 <CPWikigirl> Who else is getting chat mod?
16:28 <CPWikigirl> PotatoCanadian
16:28 <Super Miron> ME!
16:28 <David231099> idk
16:28 <Master Dubstep> Who wants to see my face in real life?
16:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> Im going to be inactive Apr 16- 23
16:28 <Dogkid1> me
16:28 <Dogkid1> jk
16:28 <David231099> k
16:28 <CPWikigirl> Cuz I know Jj131 is getting it
16:29 <CPWikigirl> Cuz Jj131 said
16:29 <CPWikigirl> But I don't if he's kidding
16:29 <Lilly flower> super pm
16:29 <Jj131> I am not getting CM
16:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> Can I get a Trial for CM?
16:29 <Dogkid1> next week I will be inactive for 3 days
16:29 <Jj131> -_-
16:29 <Master Dubstep> Heres my real life face
16:29 <Jj131> Eh CPWikiGirl is lying I am not getting CM
16:29 <Waddleplay> Ll
16:29 <Waddleplay> Lol
16:30 -!- CPWikigirl has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Lilly flower> lol
16:30 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
16:30 <CPWikigirl> My new avatarr
16:30 <CPWikigirl> *avatar
16:30 <Lilly flower> lol
16:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Lol
16:30 <Jj131> I am nowhere close to being chat mod 
16:30 <David231099> guys
16:30 <Dps04> I am nowhere close to being chat mod too
16:30 <CPWikigirl> So whp
16:30 <CPWikigirl> who
16:30 <David231099> this is what it says in the policy:
16:30 <CPWikigirl> is getting chat mod
16:30 <David231099> ■Do not upload images of yourself or any other people, including avatars. (This rule does not affect Wikia Staff/VSTF/Helpers, as they clearly have reasons to do this
16:30 <Master Dubstep> Me
16:30 -!- 8stoplight8cp has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Jj131> Dps, your admin. You were probably already a CM. -_-
16:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Your a Admin Dps
16:30 <Arsenal55702> lol
16:30 <Dogkid1> *
16:30 <Apj26> Dps we chose a new cm
16:30 <CPWikigirl> But other people do this
16:31 <CPWikigirl> But no one cares
16:31 <CPWikigirl> on the other wikis
16:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> Who?
16:31 <CPWikigirl> Wikia doesn't care
16:31 <Jj131> I hope I can be a CM
16:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> Me?
16:31 <Apj26> Twinkie
16:31 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <CPWikigirl> They just are like :|
16:31 <Arsenal55702> twinkie
16:31 <David231099> hi
16:31 <Dogkid1> i want to be a cm someday
16:31 <Dps04> hi
16:31 <Apj26> :o hi blast
16:31 <Master Dubstep> *eats Twinkie* Guess you have to decide again
16:31 <Mikeymkwii> Look how far I got on my blog :D
16:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
16:31 <Arsenal55702> twinkle twinkle litter star !
16:31 <Dogkid1> where were you
16:31 <Arsenal55702> xP
16:31 <CPWikigirl> So who's getting chat mod
16:31 <Dps04> lol apj you choose
16:31 <Jj131> Fight, fight, fight, fight! *chants for Apj and Dps to fight so they decide if I get to be CM*
16:31 <Dps04> I am not intrested in choosing
16:31 <Apj26> No me and pp did :P
16:31 <CPWikigirl> Is PC getting it?
16:31 <Arsenal55702> blast 
16:32 <Arsenal55702> arsenal won 3-1
16:32 <Blastthehedgehog> whats going on?
16:32 -!- Jeserator has joined Special:Chat
16:32 <Blastthehedgehog> cool!
16:32 <Mikeymkwii> ?
16:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Me
16:32 <CPWikigirl> Cuz I nominate PotatoCanadian and Mariocart25Charizard
16:32 <David231099> hi
16:32 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
16:32 <Dogkid1> hi
16:32 <Jeserator> Hey
16:32 <Blastthehedgehog> Whats going on?
16:32 <Jj131> Please nominate me!
16:32 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
16:32 <Dogkid1> i want to be nominated
16:32 <CPWikigirl> We're nominating people for chat mod
16:32 <Super Miron> Like a boss.
16:32 <Arsenal55702> blast ! >:D
16:32 <Jj131> I have been on this wiki longer then Mariocart!
16:32 <Dps04> I nominate myself :D
16:32 <Blastthehedgehog> i knew that already
16:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Link?
16:32 <Arsenal55702> lol
16:32 <Jj131> I really want nominated!
16:32 <Jj131> PLEASE
16:32 <Blastthehedgehog> i was just seeing if someone would awnser me
16:32 <Jj131> NOMINATE
16:32 <Dogkid1> i have been on this wiki sense july 2012
16:32 <Jj131> ME
16:32 <Apj26> *makes dps cm*
16:32 <CPWikigirl> But Mariocart has never been banned or blocked
16:32 <CPWikigirl> And only kicked once
16:32 <Master Dubstep> I want to be nominated. So nobody can vote for me.  I can be the joke of the wikia
16:32 <Arsenal55702> ur not active enough @jj
16:32 <Twinkie102> Heya
16:32 <David231099> hi
16:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
16:32 <Dps04> thx apj
16:33 <Arsenal55702> so ur out for meh
16:33 <CPWikigirl> So Mariocart and PotatoCanadian deserve chat mod
16:33 <Jj131> Yeah I am active enough
16:33 <Dogkid1> im active
16:33 <Dps04> brb
16:33 <David231099> congrats your chat mod now Twinkie!
16:33 <Mikeymkwii> CPWIKI
16:33 <Jj131> I get on this wiki almost every day
16:33 <Twinkie102> Thanks David!
16:33 <Blastthehedgehog> dps deserves mod
16:33 <CPWikigirl> Oh
16:33 <Mikeymkwii> THEY JUST JOINED
16:33 <Dps04> thanks waddle :PP
16:33 <Arsenal55702> not enough edits @jj
16:33 <Mikeymkwii> WTH
16:33 <Jj131> You're so unfair
16:33 <Twinkie102> :O
16:33 <CPWikigirl> Twinkie102 is now chat mod
16:33 <Master Dubstep> Wait- guys
16:33 <Arsenal55702> caps @mikey
16:33 <Twinkie102> Mikey
16:33 <Twinkie102> Don't say that
16:33 <CPWikigirl> So Mariocart25Charizard deserves chat mod
16:33 <Super Miron> caps >:O
16:33 <Twinkie102> This is just a warning  first
16:33 <Mikeymkwii> heck
16:33 <Master Dubstep> Im confused about something
16:33 <Dogkid1> not everything in life is perfect
16:33 <Twinkie102> oh
16:33 <CPWikigirl> Since Twinkie102 already replaced
16:33 <Arsenal55702> mario just joined
16:33 <Blastthehedgehog> is hell a cuss?
16:33 <Arsenal55702> on february
16:33 <Twinkie102> Not really
16:33 <Jj131> Mariocart has not got 1000 edits yet
16:33 <CPWikigirl> Actually we need 2 more
16:33 <Arsenal55702> nope @blast
16:33 <Jj131> -_-
16:33 <Apj26> No
16:33 <David231099> no
16:34 -!- Tazboi has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <Arsenal55702> u also have not got @jj
16:34 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:34 <CPWikigirl> So Potato and Mario
16:34 <David231099> hi
16:34 <Tazboi> Hello
16:34 <Dogkid1> i have over 1,000 eddits
16:34 <Apj26> LOL
16:34 <Mikeymkwii> wut the hi taz
16:34 <Arsenal55702> fake tazboi alert :D
16:34 <Blastthehedgehog> hi
16:34 <Arsenal55702> wohoo
16:34 <Twinkie102> Lol Hi Tazboi the fake!
16:34 <Tazboi> Im Tazboi!
16:34 -!- Lilly flower has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Blastthehedgehog> taz has a spaz!
16:34 <Apj26> Hi
16:34 <CPWikigirl> Potato and Mario  
16:34 <Master Dubstep> Guys PC me if you can help me with something
16:34 -!- Lilly flower has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <Arsenal55702> let's party (yao)
16:34 <Twinkie102> Tazboi quit CP
16:34 <Twinkie102> (yao)
16:34 <Arsenal55702> gimme proof @tazboi
16:34 -!- Tazboi has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Apj26> Show us on cp then
16:34 <CPWikigirl> Since GN get replaced by Twinkie
16:34 <Arsenal55702> tazboi's real name is Nick
16:34 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Twinkie102> Actually I didn't replace
16:34 <CPWikigirl> We need two replacements
16:34 <Arsenal55702> fail
16:34 <Master Dubstep> LOL
16:34 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <Apj26> And he runs
16:34 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:34 <Arsenal55702> he ran away cuz of me
16:34 <Blastthehedgehog> Taz the Spaz left
16:34 <Ice Jounior> Hello
16:34 <David231099> hi
16:34 <Twinkie102> LOL Tazboi the fake
16:34 <Master Dubstep> Show us on cp then. *leaves*
16:34 <Apj26> Hi
16:34 <Ice Jounior> Remember me twinkie?
16:34 <Waddleplay> Lol
16:34 <Twinkie102> Hi Ice
16:34 <CPWikigirl> For Samantas and Llove Kuwait
16:34 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
16:34 <Twinkie102> Yes
16:34 <Ice Jounior> Twinkie
16:35 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <Lilly flower> brb
16:35 <Twinkie102> Yes?
16:35 <Lilly flower> hi
16:35 <David231099> hi
16:35 <Twinkie102> Hi Gn
16:35 <Dogkid1> hi
16:35 <Apj26> Hi gn
16:35 <Super Miron> <-- This dude is an idiot.
16:35 <Twinkie102> Hi Bigfoot
16:35 <Dogkid1> hi
16:35 <David231099> hi
16:35 <Apj26> Hi
16:35 <Twinkie102> Omg
16:35 <Green Ninja> Hi
16:35 <Twinkie102> Chat busy
16:35 <Ice Jounior> I was tazboi
16:35 <Dogkid1> hi
16:35 <Twinkie102> *Busy chat
16:35 <Twinkie102> O_O
16:35 <Arsenal55702> :O
16:35 <Arsenal55702> sock
16:35 <Twinkie102> :O
16:35 <Dogkid1> what brings you children here?
16:35 <Master Dubstep> :o
16:35 <Arsenal55702> evading a kick xP
16:35 <CPWikigirl> This seems even busier than when Polo Field is here
16:35 <Waddleplay> How's my new icon?
16:35 <Super Miron> <-- IDIOT!
16:35 <Twinkie102> Should I kick Ice?
16:35 <Thebigfoot1> Last night
16:35 <Apj26> Hi
16:35 <Twinkie102> For being a sock?
16:35 <Yatalu> Sup everyone.
16:35 <Thebigfoot1> (Waddleplay)
16:35 <Apj26> Hi
16:35 <Thebigfoot1> (GN)
16:35 <Dogkid1> (dogkid)
16:35 <Jj131> What is Yatalu? An angel?
16:35 <Jj131> I dont get it.
16:35 <David231099> whos a sock?
16:35 <Green Ninja> Hi Bigfoot
16:36 <Yatalu> Hee? o-o
16:36 <Blastthehedgehog> yatalu your pic has a pig like nose no offence
16:36 <Twinkie102> Ice Jounior is Tazboi
16:36 <CPWikigirl> Hey someone make my avatar a valid code for chat
16:36 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <Thebigfoot1> (Thebigfoot1)
16:36 <David231099> ...
16:36 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:36 <CPWikigirl> Like the (....)
16:36 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:36 <Twinkie102> Brb guys
16:36 <Thebigfoot1> (Bigfoot)
16:36 <David231099> k
16:36 <Jj131> I see someone has their toothbrush in their mouth. (trollface)
16:36 <Yatalu> I don't take offence.. I guess o:
16:36 <Ice Jounior> I LIKE PIE
16:36 <Jj131> caps
16:36 <David231099> caps
16:36 <Dogkid1> i like cheesecake
16:36 <Blastthehedgehog> caps
16:36 <CPWikigirl> I nominate Mario and Potato for chat mod
16:36 <Jj131> JINX
16:36 <Jj131> You owe me a soda
16:36 <Ice Jounior>  
16:36 <CPWikigirl> Oh wait Potato is already under consideration
16:36 <Blastthehedgehog> blank
16:37 <Thebigfoot1> I like pie too, join the club.
16:37 <CPWikigirl> So Potato is already nominated
16:37 <David231099> dont blank
16:37 <CPWikigirl> So I nominate Mariocart25Charizard
16:37 <Apj26> we have a new cm
16:37 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:37 <Thebigfoot1> I like trains
16:37 <Blastthehedgehog> (blank)
16:37 <Twinkie102> Back
16:37 <CPWikigirl> Yeah but we need 2 more
16:37 <CPWikigirl> To replace
16:37 <Thebigfoot1> Who's the new cm
16:37 <Green Ninja> Maybe me?
16:37 <Blastthehedgehog> no we dont
16:37 <Blastthehedgehog> no 
16:37 <Twinkie102> I'm the newest C
16:37 <Arsenal55702> no @gn
16:37 <Arsenal55702> u quit
16:37 <Twinkie102> *CM
16:37 <Jeserator> gn -_-
16:37 <CPWikigirl> No @GN
16:37 <Arsenal55702> means no
16:37 <Blastthehedgehog> no no no no gn
16:37 <Jj131> Ice should be blocked from this wiki. He keeps spamming chat and he could learn to edit.
16:37 <David231099> hi
16:37 <Super Miron> ... maybe me?
16:37 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
16:37 <Twinkie102> Hi Helet
16:37 <Yatalu> So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer my ahhh.. questions considering some sentence constructions in English articles o. o" which I don't really know how to translate since I don't play the game.
16:37 <Green Ninja> You should never have removed my rights. (mad)
16:37 <Blastthehedgehog> you always quit and come back
16:37 <Twinkie102> *Helmet
16:37 <Helmetpig2013> hello everypeoples
16:37 <Thebigfoot1> Me perhaps?
16:37 <CPWikigirl> Sorry GN
16:37 <CPWikigirl> I have a sockpuppet
16:37 <Jj131> Him learning to edit would make things 100 times worse.
16:37 <Twinkie102> GN, sorry... But you quit
16:37 <CPWikigirl> My sockpuppet is secret
16:37 <Green Ninja> I didnt quit
16:38 <CPWikigirl> *pulls out sock*
16:38 <Apj26> You quit so we demoted you
16:38 <CPWikigirl> Hello I am Mario
16:38 <Apj26> Happy quit 
16:38 <Twinkie102> You're lexi aren't you @CPWiki
16:38 <Green Ninja> I did, but I thought Bout it, and I came back.
16:38 <Arsenal55702> u quit then came after 24 hours
16:38 <Apj26> and hes not admin
16:38 <Twinkie102> O_O
16:38 <CPWikigirl> Yeah
16:38 <Green Ninja> So its not fair
16:38 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yatalu Change your Pic
16:38 <CPWikigirl> SO
16:38 -!- Ice Jounior has joined Special:Chat
16:38 <Blastthehedgehog> yeah  right
16:38 <Arsenal55702> drama maker >:D
16:38 <Twinkie102> Hi ice
16:38 <Apj26> Hi
16:38 <Blastthehedgehog> you always quit and come back
16:38 <Dps04> hello
16:38 <Jj131> block Wikigirl
16:38 <Ice Jounior> HELLO!
16:38 <CPWikigirl> Have a problem?
16:38 <David231099> wb
16:38 <Apj26> Hi
16:38 <Twinkie102> GN, you shouldn't have quit
16:38 <Arsenal55702> ya
16:38 <CPWikigirl> My other account was disabled
16:38 <David231099> exactly
16:38 <Arsenal55702> or else u won't get demoted
16:38 <David231099> ....
16:38 <Green Ninja> I DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA I do not. :(
16:38 <Arsenal55702> u blew ur chance
16:38 <Super Miron> (:o)
16:38 <CPWikigirl> So my other account is considered a spare account
16:38 <Blastthehedgehog> YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!
16:38 <David231099> caps
16:38 <Thebigfoot1> They have a good point
16:38 -!- Ocean6100 has joined Special:Chat
16:38 <Green Ninja> (crying)
16:38 <CPWikigirl> Since my other account is disabled
16:38 <Twinkie102> Green Ninja, just stop
16:38 <Super Miron> Evading a global block!
16:38 <Twinkie102> Hi Ocean
16:38 <David231099> hi
16:38 <Arsenal55702> ocean :D
16:38 <Thebigfoot1> Sorry
16:39 <Blastthehedgehog> drama queen of green ninja land
16:39 <Apj26> Hi ocean
16:39 <Ocean6100> Well, apparently Tazboi and 8stoplight8cp has joined.
16:39 <CPWikigirl> And I don't even use LexiReed anymore
16:39 <Ice Jounior> :B
16:39 <Dps04> hi ocean
16:39 <Green Ninja> Everyone hates me and everything I do.
16:39 <Ocean6100> Hi, apj!
16:39 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
16:39 <Ice Jounior> :B
16:39 <Yatalu> Wait Mariocart: what's wrong with my picture?
16:39 <Ocean6100> Hai all!
16:39 <Green Ninja> Uou dont want me here
16:39 <Blastthehedgehog> yes
16:39 <Twinkie102> Ice Jounior is Tazboi
16:39 <Ice Jounior> BUCK TEETH!
16:39 <Ocean6100> What's with the drama?
16:39 <Ice Jounior> :B
16:39 <Apj26> ...
16:39 <Twinkie102> He said so on the chat
16:39 <Twinkie102> A few minutes ago
16:39 <Thebigfoot1> I do, but they do have a point
16:39 <Mariocart25Charizard> Is that you in real?
16:39 <Ocean6100> What's with the drama!?
16:39 <Apj26> lol
16:39 <Ice Jounior> :B BUCK TEETH!
16:39 <David231099> !updated
16:39 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 21:53 ago. There are currently ~678 lines in the log buffer.
16:39 <Apj26> :bB
16:39 <Apj26> fail
16:39 <Blastthehedgehog> guys
16:39 <David231099> :o
16:39 <Twinkie102> :B
16:39 <Apj26> :B
16:39 <Twinkie102> Jinx
16:39 <Blastthehedgehog> gn is gonna make a blog soon about how he will quit
16:39 <Yatalu> No, it's not :L
16:39 <Ice Jounior> TWINKIE
16:39 <Thebigfoot1> Ok...
16:39 <Mariocart25Charizard> oh
16:39 <Blastthehedgehog> and ''never come back''
16:40 <Arsenal55702> apj should say jinx jnot u
16:40 <CPWikigirl> Apj26 allowed me to make a new account
16:40 <Apj26> He did blast
16:40 <Twinkie102> Yes Ice?
16:40 <CPWikigirl> So yeah
16:40 <Ice Jounior> thats not how you spell jynx
16:40 <Apj26> Did i?
16:40 <Ice Jounior> its jynx
16:40 <Super Miron> !logs
16:40 <Arsenal55702> jinx*
16:40 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:40 <Jj131> I wonder who else is next to quit this wiki :/
16:40 <Twinkie102> No it isn't
16:40 <Thebigfoot1> …
16:40 <Twinkie102> Jinx is how you spell it
16:40 <Ice Jounior> yes it is
16:40 <Green Ninja> Why would I do that? Tell me, Blast, tell me right now.
16:40 <Twinkie102> Conversation over
16:40 <Ice Jounior> OK
16:40 <Jj131> maybe an admin will quit and Dororo will become admin (crying)
16:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> What about Jynx 
16:40 <Blastthehedgehog> gn
16:40 <Ice Jounior> :3
16:40 <Twinkie102> Everyone stop Arguing!
16:40 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <Arsenal55702> I hate drama makers ....
16:40 <Blastthehedgehog> cuz you always do
16:40 <Thebigfoot1> Yes, conversation over
16:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> Its a Pokemon!
16:40 <David231099> ikt
16:40 <Twinkie102> Minute of Silence!
16:40 <Jj131> I will feel sad if it is Apj or Dps who quits
16:40 <Apj26> Well you did make a quit blog gnb
16:40 <Thebigfoot1> NOW
16:40 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <David231099> *ikr
16:40 <Super Miron> !logs
16:40 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:40 <Super Miron> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:40 <Green Ninja> I've only done it once Blast.
16:40 <Twinkie102> :O
16:40 <Arsenal55702> lol busy chat
16:40 <Waddleplay> :o
16:40 <Arsenal55702> miron
16:40 <Apj26> oh lol
16:40 <Twinkie102> OMG
16:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> :O
16:40 <Arsenal55702> it's not allowed to steal pictures
16:40 <Super Miron> Lol
16:40 <David231099> :o
16:40 <Twinkie102> Super Miron is impersonating the bot
16:40 <CPWikigirl> GN you don't deserve chat mod!
16:41 <Apj26> !logs
16:41 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:41 <CPWikigirl> Please stop begging
16:41 <Super Miron> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:41 <Arsenal55702> or else u will be blocked
16:41 <Waddleplay> Super Miron is Chat Bot!
16:41 <Green Ninja> Don't put words in my muth, or I swear, I'll put words in yours
16:41 <Waddleplay> :o
16:41 <Thebigfoot1> !lols
16:41 <CPWikigirl> You quit just a few days ago
16:41 <Super Miron> Chat lols may be seen [[Project:Chat/Lols|here]].
16:41 <Blastthehedgehog> do it then gn
16:41 -!- Ice Jounior has left Special:Chat.
16:41 <Super Miron> (troll)
16:41 <Thebigfoot1> !welcome goodbye
16:41 <CPWikigirl> So you can't get it until a few months
16:41 <Arsenal55702> miron u fail
16:41 <Twinkie102> Super Miron, don't impersonate the chat bot
16:41 <David231099> ...
16:41 <Jeserator> i'll be back in a minute
16:41 <Apj26> !updatelogs
16:41 <Super Miron> But it is fun! D:
16:41 <CPWikigirl> Amd then I bet you'll say *sniffs* I quit
16:41 <C H U N K Y> :| chat is busy...
16:41 <CPWikigirl> And then rejoin
16:41 <David231099> ikr
16:41 <CPChatBot> Apj26: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 765 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
16:41 <Green Ninja> I TOLDyou once, and I'll say it again: I thought about it in school, and I came back.
16:41 <Arsenal55702> miron not allowed to steal pictures
16:41 <Green Ninja> Do I need to mention it again?
16:41 <Blastthehedgehog> yes
16:41 <CPWikigirl> You'll be like *sniffs* I quit because people hate me :(
16:41 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
16:41 <Arsenal55702> kk @gn
16:42 <Green Ninja> Cuz none of you people ever listen to me.
16:42 <Thebigfoot1> !logs
16:42 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:42 <Super Miron> But I've changed one pixel's color in it (troll)
16:42 <Super Miron> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:42 <Twinkie102> Everyone just please stop
16:42 <Ocean6100> What's is going on here?!
16:42 <CPWikigirl> And then say i come back so give me chat moderator again ;)
16:42 <Blastthehedgehog> GN is a cry baby drama queen\
16:42 <CPWikigirl> That's you
16:42 <Arsenal55702> the sky is @ocean
16:42 <Arsenal55702> xP
16:42 <Yatalu> Can anyone help me translating stuff from this wiki? :c
16:42 <Green Ninja> (crying) I just want my rights back.
16:42 <David231099> ...
16:42 <Thebigfoot1> !test
16:42 <Blastthehedgehog> ...
16:42 <Twinkie102> GN, just stop
16:42 <Ocean6100> Okay.
16:42 <Apj26> !test
16:42 <CPChatBot> Apj26: Hai!
16:42 <Ocean6100> Green Ninja.
16:42 <CPWikigirl> GN, stop
16:42 <Green Ninja> Your a cry baby drama queen Blast.
16:42 <Super Miron> Apj26: Hai!
16:42 <Arsenal55702> GN why did u quit in first place
16:42 <David231099> you shouldn't have quit GN
16:42 <Ocean6100> Green, stop.
16:42 <Blastthehedgehog> im lucario!
16:42 <Apj26> LOL
16:42 <Ocean6100> Stop!
16:42 <Thebigfoot1> ...
16:42 <Green Ninja> You don't know me.
16:42 <Ocean6100> Drama!
16:42 <CPWikigirl> He thought  he was being disrespected
16:42 <Blastthehedgehog> yes i do
16:42 <Thebigfoot1> !updated
16:42 <David231099> ikr
16:42 <Ocean6100> I'm going to kick someone.
16:42 <Green Ninja> You don't know my life.
16:42 <CPWikigirl> So he said *sniffs* I quit :(
16:42 <Ocean6100> No we don't.
16:42 <Green Ninja> :/
16:42 <Arsenal55702> work in english dramas @gn
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> Green Ninja aka Iron Man
16:43 <Twinkie102> Everyone please stop...
16:43 <Green Ninja> Si
16:43 <Ocean6100> (face palm) This is ridiculous!
16:43 <Green Ninja> Sigh
16:43 <David231099> yes stop
16:43 <Twinkie102> Minute of Silence starting now
16:43 <Thebigfoot1> Sif
16:43 <Super Miron> !commands Super Miron
16:43 <Super Miron> Commands work for only [[special:contributions/Super Miron|Super Miron]] now.
16:43 <CPWikigirl> And then said I thought about it so I'm back and I want cm 
16:43 <Ocean6100> XD
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> I LIVE IN Club Penguin.
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> I WAS BORN ON September 14
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> MY OCCUPATION IS Super Hero.
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> I AM ready to save the island.
16:43 <Arsenal55702> Twinkie102 a.k.a Fun :D
16:43 <Thebigfoot1> !commands Thebigfoot1
16:43 <Arsenal55702> :|
16:43 <CPWikigirl> That's what you said
16:43 <Blastthehedgehog> THATS HIS INFO!\
16:43 <CPWikigirl> You said give me my rights back
16:43 <David231099> caps
16:43 <Ocean6100> !welcome all users! Chill
16:43 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki all users! Chill! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:43 <Arsenal55702> blast plz stop
16:44 <Super Miron> !logs
16:44 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:44 <Super Miron> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:44 <C H U N K Y> !welcome C H U  
16:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki C H U  ! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:44 <Mikeymkwii> guys what do you think of when you hear new cp?
16:44 <Green Ninja> ?
16:44 <C H U N K Y> Ooops
16:44 <Jj131> Ocean do !welcome Shurow the Walrus
16:44 <Yatalu> orz
16:44 <C H U N K Y> :P
16:44 <Thebigfoot1> !welcome this conversation is over! Now
16:44 <Twinkie102> I think "OW" when I go to the Pizza Parlor
16:44 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS answer me
16:44 <CPWikigirl> wahh ;( no one likes me *sniffs*
16:44 <Ocean6100> !welcome Shurow the admin
16:44 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Shurow the admin! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:44 -!- CPWikigirl was kicked from Special:Chat by Ocean6100
16:44 <Green Ninja> !welcome I want my rights back and I do anything to get them.
16:44 <Ocean6100> Drama
16:44 <Arsenal55702> C to the H to the U to the N to the K and the why
16:44 <Waddleplay> Lol
16:44 <Blastthehedgehog> Ow Shurow Cow 
16:44 <C H U N K Y> lol
16:44 <Apj26> (nod)
16:44 <Arsenal55702> xP
16:44 <Twinkie102> Should we kick GN?
16:44 <Mariocart25Charizard> Do !Welcome Macshurowni and Cheese
16:44 <Blastthehedgehog> SI AMIGO
16:44 <Ocean6100> CPWikigirl, can you hold on the drama?
16:44 <David231099> ...
16:44 <Thebigfoot1> !welcome admin who will ban you if we keep this conversation going
16:44 <Green Ninja> What did I do?
16:44 <CPWikigirl>  You stop begging
16:44 <Green Ninja> Nothing.
16:45 <CPWikigirl> please
16:45 <Arsenal55702>
16:45 <Twinkie102> You keep making drama
16:45 <Jj131> do !welcome Mr. Popper's Penguins
16:45 <Arsenal55702> oosp
16:45 <David231099> brb
16:45 <Green Ninja> You just hate me, so obviously you'd eant to kick me.
16:45 <Blastthehedgehog> am i allowed to talk spanish here?
16:45 <Thebigfoot1> !test
16:45 <Arsenal55702> !Welcome Macshurowni and Cheese
16:45 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Macshurowni and Cheese! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:45 <Arsenal55702> lol 
16:45 <Twinkie102> :| @GN
16:45 <Green Ninja> Lol
16:45 <Mikeymkwii> Ocean... wut do you think of new CP? I mean what words come to you mind when you hear about it?
16:45 <Blastthehedgehog> well am i?
16:45 <C H U N K Y> StLet's just give this conversation up... 
16:45 <CPWikigirl> Here the drama will stop if you choose two more chat mods
16:45 <Ocean6100> I think progress.
16:45 <Green Ninja> No one ever listens to me.
16:45 <CPWikigirl> Then GN will stop begging
16:45 <Thebigfoot1> Macshurowni and Hey.youcheesep
16:45 <Arsenal55702> blah blah blah i am so awesome so yeah
16:45 <Ocean6100> Green Ninja.
16:45 <David231099> back
16:45 <Arsenal55702> xP
16:45 <Ocean6100> Listen.
16:45 <CPWikigirl> cuz then the postions are closed
16:45 <Arsenal55702> gn pm 
16:45 <Green Ninja> :(
16:45 <Blastthehedgehog> I'll talk japanese
16:45 <Twinkie102> Everyone just stop this drama... Why can't we just move on with our lives?
16:45 <CPWikigirl> Once the two chat mods are chosen
16:45 <Mariocart25Charizard> no
16:45 <Ocean6100> You're not going to get chat mod rights for arguing for them.
16:46 <Twinkie102> Blast, only talk English here
16:46 <Ocean6100> So stop.
16:46 <Waddleplay> I love Marvel
16:46 <Twinkie102> It's an english wiki
16:46 <Green Ninja> I'm not arguing.
16:46 <David231099> yes
16:46 <Thebigfoot1> When will the two chat mods be chosen?
16:46 <CPWikigirl> Yes
16:46 <Ocean6100> That's great.
16:46 <Green Ninja> I'm defending myself.
16:46 <CPWikigirl> You're saying I just want my rights back
16:46 <Yatalu> Uhm, guys o .o does anyone have a minute to talk to me in PM?
16:46 <Arsenal55702> no need for cms
16:46 <Dps04> two chat mods will be chosen?
16:46 <Blastthehedgehog> Midoriiro no ninja wa naki yamu!!
16:46 <Dps04> O_O
16:46 <CPWikigirl> Which is arguing
16:46 <Arsenal55702> who said ?
16:46 <CPWikigirl> Yeah to replace
16:46 <Waddleplay> :/
16:46 <Green Ninja> No, it's not.
16:46 <Apj26> Who said there will be 2 mods?
16:46 <Ocean6100> What are you defending, Green?
16:46 <Dps04> ok
16:46 <CPWikigirl> Replace Llove and Samantas
16:46 <Twinkie102> GN claims I stole his rights
16:46 <Arsenal55702> no need to replace
16:46 <Dps04> lol apj
16:46 <CPWikigirl> An admin
16:46 <Dps04> idk
16:46 <Waddleplay> Try Google Translate!
16:46 <C H U N K Y> Oh, just be quiet! STOP arguing!
16:46 <Dps04> why replace llove?
16:46 <Arsenal55702> no one asked u
16:46 <Thebigfoot1> Who wol
16:46 <CPWikigirl> No it's just busy
16:46 <Mariocart25Charizard> Would I be a Great CM?
16:46 <Blastthehedgehog> Green Ninja: 緑色の忍者は泣き止む
16:46 <CPWikigirl> Not arguing really
16:46 <Ocean6100> (face palm)
16:46 <Arsenal55702> lol
16:46 <Twinkie102> You would but you're just not ready
16:47 <David231099> llove joked about being 9
16:47 <Dps04> 緑色の忍者 hehe
16:47 <Twinkie102> Mhm @David
16:47 <Super Miron>
16:47 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:47 <Super Miron> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 0.000000 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:47 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:47 <CPWikigirl> Yeah
16:47 <Green Ninja> And them I got my rights removed 
16:47 <Apj26> o-o
16:47 <Arsenal55702> don't speak chinese :O @dps
16:47 <Arsenal55702> xP
16:47 <Dps04> it is japanese, arsenal XD
16:47 <CPWikigirl> Yeah cuz rights aren't a game
16:47 <C H U N K Y> lol
16:47 <CPWikigirl> Well kinda
16:47 <Waddleplay> Lol
16:47 <CPWikigirl> If you rejoin
16:47 <Twinkie102> Super Miron is making the bot talk more with his impersonation
16:47 <Blastthehedgehog> super mario rights
16:47 <CPWikigirl> You don't immediately be head of the game again
16:47 <David231099> thats what P-P said CPWikigirl :p
16:47 <CPWikigirl> I knopw
16:47 <CPWikigirl> lol
16:47 <Green Ninja> and I made it
16:47 <Blastthehedgehog> save chat mod from green ninja!
16:47 <CPWikigirl> I just like copying people
16:47 <CPWikigirl> (XD)
16:47 <Arsenal55702> rights is like a job
16:47 <Ocean6100> Green.
16:47 <Thebigfoot1> Just stop, I bet most of the chat mods here are ready to ban us for keeping this discussion going
16:48 <Twinkie102> The Chat Bot can edit? O_O
16:48 <Ocean6100> PM
16:48 <Green Ninja> I made my decision during school
16:48 <Waddleplay> I am talking Filipino but i will only talk in English! 
16:48 <Arsenal55702> ya 
16:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[Club Penguin Wiki: Chat Moderators]]
16:48 <David231099> hi
16:48 <CPWikigirl> Yeah and when you quit a job
16:48 <Ocean6100> PM, Green.
16:48 <Waddleplay> Here
16:48 <Arsenal55702> it edits logs
16:48 <Twinkie102> Hi
16:48 <Green Ninja> I thought about it thoroughly
16:48 <Waddleplay> Yo
16:48 <Super Miron>
16:48 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:48 <Preston108> Im Pj with a namechange
16:48 <Super Miron> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:48 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:48 <CPWikigirl> And rejoin something
16:48 -!- Skullifreak has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <David231099> hi
16:48 <Twinkie102> Miron, stop
16:48 <Skullifreak> Hey guys check this out.
16:48 <CPWikigirl> It's hard to get rights back
16:48 <Blastthehedgehog> miron stop
16:48 <Super Miron> Fine :(
16:48 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
16:48 <Twinkie102> You're gonna make the bot mess up like that
16:48 <Twinkie102> Kinda
16:48 <David231099> hi
16:48 <Fottymaddy> 25 on chat!
16:48 <Twinkie102> Hi Fotty
16:48 <CPWikigirl> Once you quit
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Woah hey :D
16:48 <Twinkie102> Wow
16:48 <Waddleplay> Hey Fotty! :D
16:48 <David231099> theres LOADS of drama
16:48 <Super Miron> !ytoff
16:48 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:48 <Super Miron> Youtube info now OFF
16:48 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:48 <Fottymaddy> TWINKIE!
16:48 <Twinkie102> one sec
16:48 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:48 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:48 <Ocean6100> Hey Fotty!
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Your a CM :D
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Congrats
16:48 <Super Miron>
16:48 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Dubstep Puffle - Duration: 01:53 - Uploaded: 2012-04-05 - Rating: 4.528606 - Views: 1,083,789 -
16:48 <Super Miron> :d
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Hi ocean
16:48 <Skullifreak> This has sneak peeks to Marvel Party 2013 and celebration of snow.
16:48 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:48 <Blastthehedgehog> mIRON STOP
16:48 <Super Miron> It worked
16:48 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:48 <Fottymaddy> LOL
16:48 <Skullifreak>
16:48 <Arsenal55702> it turns out I was right Ocean lives in usa xP 
16:48 <Dps04> hey fottymaddy
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Hi miron!
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Chats so busy!
16:48 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:48 <Blastthehedgehog> Miron STOP!!
16:48 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Hi everyone
16:48 <Super Miron> Oh, hi
16:48 <Fottymaddy> Chat traffic!
16:49 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Hi dps
16:49 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:49 <Super Miron> I did, Blast
16:49 <Skullifreak> Stop spamming.
16:49 <Super Miron> :|
16:49 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Hi dps.
16:49 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <Arsenal55702> beep beep xP
16:49 <Yatalu> o- o" anyone..?
16:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
16:49 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:49 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:49 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <David231099> !updated
16:49 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 07:24 ago. There are currently ~304 lines in the log buffer.
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie is chat mod thanks to me :P
16:49 <C H U N K Y> I wonder if i will ever be admin... (hmm) Maybe
16:49 <Blastthehedgehog> Ta miron anata yori yoi teishi ya wa anata o hirateuchi tsumori Imu!
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Me too chunky
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Hi blast!
16:49 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:49 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:49 <Fottymaddy> 26 on chat :D
16:49 <Arsenal55702> :O 7 minutes 304 lines
16:49 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
16:49 <David231099> :o 304 lines in 7 minutes?!
16:49 <Green Ninja> Hi Fotty :D
16:49 <Fottymaddy> 26 on chat!
16:49 <Apj26> Shark
16:49 <Ocean6100> :D
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Hi GN!]
16:49 <Preston108> <.<
16:49 <Fottymaddy> This is crazy LOL!
16:49 <Jj131> Say I if you love LEGO NinjaGo.
16:49 <Jj131> I
16:49 <Thebigfoot1> Just. Stop. Discussing. This!
16:49 <CPWikigirl> You know being admins changes people
16:49 <Ocean6100> Hiya Fotty!
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Busiest cha tever :D
16:49 <Apj26> Hi fotty
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Hi ocean
16:49 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
16:49 <Preston108> <O<
16:49 <Ocean6100> (dance)
16:49 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
16:49 <CPWikigirl> They become more strict
16:49 <David231099> ikr
16:49 <Fottymaddy> Once again CONGRATS twinkie :D
16:49 <Skullifreak> So call me maybe?
16:49 <CPWikigirl> like a 9/10
16:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> (Ocean)
16:49 <Jj131> Nobody likes NinjaGo?
16:49 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:49 <Skullifreak> I like it.
16:49 <Fottymaddy> WOOT!
16:49 <CPWikigirl> Cuz they know it's their job
16:49 <Jj131> OK
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Im so happy hes CM
16:50 <CPWikigirl> And then they get streesed
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Who else is CM?
16:50 <Waddleplay> <--- New Icon! :P
16:50 <CPWikigirl> So they wanna keep admin
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Nice waddle
16:50 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:50 <Skullifreak> Well I have only watched an few episodes.
16:50 <Fottymaddy> :p
16:50 <CPWikigirl> So they become hecka strict
16:50 <Jj131> Lets make a NinjaGo club if we like LEGO NinjaGo!
16:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> (Clap)
16:50 <Fottymaddy> WOOT
16:50 <Thebigfoot1> GoNinja is WAY better than NinjaGo.
16:50 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:50 <Fottymaddy> (Dance)
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Chat traffic!
16:50 <Arsenal55702>
16:50 <Fottymaddy> I repeat!
16:50 <Super Miron> GN = GoNinja
16:50 <Super Miron> (troll)
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Chat traffic
16:50 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
16:50 <Yatalu> Anyone have a minute?
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Hi yatalu
16:50 <Super Miron> Yeah Yatalu, I have 2
16:50 <Blastthehedgehog> Ninja Green is better then Green Ninja
16:50 <Yatalu> Hai hai.
16:50 <David231099> lol
16:50 <Jj131> We can dress in water ninja suits for lightning ninjas, and fire ninja suits for... well, fire ninjas!
16:50 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Hi david.
16:50 <Ocean6100> Guess what?
16:50 <Fottymaddy> Nice to see ya all!
16:50 <C H U N K Y> (chunky) <-- I met his guy on the street and instantly thought he was awesome!
16:50 <David231099> hi
16:50 <Fottymaddy> What?
16:51 <Fottymaddy> What @ocean
16:51 <Yatalu> Woot. Can I ask a couple of CP questions in PM?
16:51 <Waddleplay> Real Polo Field tweeted! :O
16:51 <Ocean6100> Slider zzzz just joined the Wiki. :D
16:51 <C H U N K Y> *this
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Awesome!
16:51 <Blastthehedgehog> HedgehogtheBlast is better than Blasttheheedgehog
16:51 <Thebigfoot1> Would I make a good chat mod?
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Whos that :/
16:51 -!- Skullifreak has left Special:Chat.
16:51 <Jj131> (C H U N K Y) <-- just a random guy
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Hello blast
16:51 <Blastthehedgehog> hey
16:51 <Fottymaddy> :)
16:51 <CPWikigirl> >.< No one thinks I'm awesome loljk
16:51 <Fottymaddy> You returned for good?
16:51 <Super Miron> !logs
16:51 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:51 <Super Miron> Chat logs may be seen [[project:chat/Logs|here]].
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Good to see ya
16:51 <Blastthehedgehog> yes
16:51 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
16:51 <Arsenal55702> fotty
16:51 <Fottymaddy> :o
16:51 <Apj26> :S
16:51 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:51 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Your back!
16:51 <David231099> stop Miron
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Congrats!
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Im so glad!
16:51 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:51 <Arsenal55702> reading 0-0 liverpool
16:51 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 406 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
16:51 <Fottymaddy> 406 lines!
16:51 <Mariocart25Charizard> !logs is the magic word, stop miron
16:51 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:51 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
16:51 <Blastthehedgehog> Miron :|
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Awesomeness :|
16:51 <Fottymaddy> Miron, stop it.
16:51 <CPWikigirl> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Will there ever be another admin vote ?
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
16:52 <David231099> hi
16:52 <Fottymaddy> 27 on chat?!¬
16:52 <Apj26> Not now fotty
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Is this a record?
16:52 <Madbootdude> Hi-
16:52 <Arsenal55702> miron u will be blocked if u steal users pictures
16:52 <Thebigfoot1> Eventually.
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Ok apj
16:52 <CPWikigirl> I have a big chance of being chat mod in a few monrga
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Is this a chat record?
16:52 <Madbootdude> Wait
16:52 <CPWikigirl> *months
16:52 <Madbootdude> How many people are on chat?
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Whats the record for users on chat!
16:52 <Arsenal55702> no 30 came b4
16:52 <Fottymaddy> 27
16:52 <Super Miron> !welcome Everyone! Calm down
16:52 <Thebigfoot1> Would I make the best chat mod ever?
16:52 <Super Miron> Welcome to the wiki everyone! Calm down! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Woah!
16:52 <CPWikigirl> No
16:52 <Fottymaddy> 3 MORE USERS!
16:52 <CPWikigirl> we had 30 before
16:52 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Come onh!
16:52 <Fottymaddy> We can do it
16:52 <Madbootdude> Let's try to get 30
16:52 <CPWikigirl> Actually 35
16:52 <Madbootdude> Everybody
16:52 <Madbootdude> Stay on chat
16:52 <Blastthehedgehog> (upstet) MIRON!!
16:52 <CPWikigirl> is the record
16:52 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
16:52 <Fottymaddy> Who likes busy chats?
16:52 <Fottymaddy> I prefer less busy :/
16:52 <Blastthehedgehog> (upset)
16:52 <Fottymaddy> :o
16:52 <Mariocart25Charizard> !Welcome stop Miron
16:52 <Madbootdude> Let's get 36 then
16:52 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
16:53 <Arsenal55702> awesome335 last edited march 25
16:53 <Fottymaddy> I want 39
16:53 <Fottymaddy> LOL
16:53 <CPWikigirl> What if every moderator on club penguin went here!
16:53 <Arsenal55702> :|
16:53 <Fottymaddy> He should get demoted @arsenal
16:53 <Dps04> :|
16:53 <CPWikigirl> It would be full
16:53 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:53 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
16:53 <Blastthehedgehog> thats level when charmeleon evolves (36)
16:53 <Dps04> lol
16:53 <CPWikigirl> Cuz there's more employees on cp than twitetr
16:53 <Fottymaddy> Whats the capacity this chat can take?
16:53 <CPWikigirl> *twitter
16:53 <Yatalu> Alright :c I guess I'll be going then.
16:53 <Arsenal55702> but he came on chat yesterday i think
16:53 <David231099> no seahorseruler
16:53 <CPWikigirl> We'll soon die
16:53 <Jj131> BRB
16:53 <Yatalu> Bai bai everyone o/
16:53 <Arsenal55702> overload of users on chat >:P
16:53 <Madbootdude> Let's get 36 people on chat
16:53 <Fottymaddy> Loads of my good friends are on :D
16:53 <CPWikigirl> Mwahahaha
16:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> Will I be a Great CM?
16:53 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
16:53 <CPWikigirl> We will rule chat
16:53 <Thebigfoot1> Who thinks I would be a good chat mod?
16:53 <Fottymaddy> Mario
16:53 <David231099> he lasy edited at the start of March
16:53 <CPWikigirl> Let's take over
16:53 <Fottymaddy> You would be good.
16:53 <Fottymaddy> (dance)
16:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> Thanks
16:53 <Arsenal55702> ya
16:53 <Fottymaddy> :D Np mate
16:53 <Fottymaddy> O_O
16:53 <Fottymaddy> Mateey
16:53 <Super Miron> !welcome Fottymaddy
16:53 <Fottymaddy> :|
16:53 <Super Miron> Welcome to the wiki Fottymaddy! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
16:53 <Fottymaddy> Welcome?
16:54 <Fottymaddy> Ummm, im not new (...)
16:54 <Super Miron> meh, yeah
16:54 <Waddleplay> Lol
16:54 <David231099> Miron stop
16:54 <Arsenal55702> super miron change ur picture
16:54 <CPWikigirl> and soon chat will be laggy
16:54 <Arsenal55702> or else u will be blocked
16:54 <Blastthehedgehog> MIRON FIRON DIRON
16:54 <Arsenal55702> change NOW 
16:54 <C H U N K Y> arsenal he is fine!
16:54 <Super Miron> For what?
16:54 <CPWikigirl> and maybe everyone will become chat mod because it's glitchy
16:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> !Welcome Miron, Stop
16:54 <Thebigfoot1> !welcome PH
16:54 <Arsenal55702> no 
16:54 <C H U N K Y> just leave him as he is
16:54 <Arsenal55702> it happened to mikey 
16:54 <David231099> brb
16:54 <C H U N K Y> it is doing no harm
16:54 <Arsenal55702> he got a warning
16:54 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:54 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:54 <Super Miron> Which point of the policy says I can't have that picture?
16:54 <Blastthehedgehog> BRB
16:54 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:54 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:54 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
16:54 <C H U N K Y> only humans
16:54 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:54 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:54 <Arsenal55702> ik
16:54 <Mikeymkwii> Someone pinged?
16:55 <Twinkie102> Back
16:55 <Twinkie102> Sorry
16:55 <Mikeymkwii> WB
16:55 <Arsenal55702> talk dat genius
16:55 <Super Miron> ARsenal said "it happened to mikey"
16:55 <Apj26> Sharkbate
16:55 <Madbootdude> I made a story
16:55 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
16:55 <Thebigfoot1> Would I make a good CM?
16:55 <Sharkbate> Yes?
16:55 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <C H U N K Y> I'm sure hatbot isn't gonna be offended by it (yao)
16:55 <Mikeymkwii> arsenal
16:55 <Arsenal55702> sharky9
16:55 <C H U N K Y> *chatbot
16:55 <Mikeymkwii> ARSENAL 
16:55 <Sharkbate> ...?
16:55 <Twinkie102> I don't think you're ready yet, Bigfoot
16:55 <CPWikigirl> !logs
16:55 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:55 <Arsenal55702> what
16:55 <Super Miron> uh-oh, I'm copying someone's avatar again (troll)
16:55 -!- The Director of PSA has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <David231099> hi
16:56 <Jj131> BACK
16:56 <Mikeymkwii> is NOT correct, I NEVER DID THAT.
16:56 <Thebigfoot1> SM, that doesn't count...
16:56 <C H U N K Y> back
16:56 <The Director of PSA> I deserve chat mod mwahahahaha loljk
16:56 <CPWikigirl> You don't deserve it
16:56 <Super Miron> I stole [[User:Cpl.Bohater|Pierogi]]'s avatar (:o)
16:56 <Apj26> !logs
16:56 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
16:56 <Super Miron> BLOCK!!
16:56 <CPWikigirl> you got blocks
16:56 <Jj131> Stop copying me C H U N K Y
16:56 <C H U N K Y> ?
16:56 <C H U N K Y> how did i?
16:56 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <Twinkie102> Guys stop the arguments
16:56 <Arsenal55702> u copied jaleeds 
16:56 <The Director of PSA> Arguments?
16:56 <Jj131> You said "back" after I said "BACK"
16:56 <The Director of PSA> You mean business
16:56 -!- LEGOSpinjitzu has left Special:Chat.
16:56 <Arsenal55702> @mikey
16:56 <C H U N K Y> ?
16:56 <Super Miron> Yep, he did
16:56 <Mikeymkwii> LOL i didn't
16:56 <CPWikigirl> Cuz it's more busy than arguing
16:56 <Super Miron> I remember him having that avatar
16:56 <The Director of PSA> yeah
16:56 <Mikeymkwii> it was a different avatar
16:57 <C H U N K Y> i didn't do it on purpose...
16:57 <Twinkie102> Guys, do we have a list of CMs?
16:57 <CPWikigirl> Yes
16:57 <Mikeymkwii> it wasn't EXACTLY the same
16:57 <Arsenal55702> yes
16:57 <Dps04> list of CM...
16:57 <C H U N K Y> I said it when i was finished afk-ing
16:57 <Arsenal55702>
16:57 <Preston108> Who wants to hear a bass boosted song?
16:57 <Twinkie102> Thanks Arsenal :)
16:57 <Dps04> ya arsenal
16:57 <Arsenal55702> yw
16:57 <CPWikigirl>
16:57 <CPWikigirl> lol
16:57 <Arsenal55702> fail ^
16:57 <Jj131> I wanna hear WikiaFrog's pet play the keyboard
16:57 <CPWikigirl> there's no c
16:57 <Dps04> fail haha
16:57 <CPWikigirl> -_-
16:57 <Twinkie102> Cool I'm on it :P
16:57 <The Director of PSA> :p
16:58 <Arsenal55702> watch out we gotta a failure over here
16:58 <Mariocart25Charizard> ~ (Dps04) has made (Mariocart) a Chat Moderator. ~
16:58 <CPWikigirl> :/
16:58 <Mariocart25Charizard> xD
16:58 <Arsenal55702> xP 
16:58 <The Director of PSA> Quack
16:58 <Arsenal55702> just kidding @cpwikigirl
16:58 <Fottymaddy> (depressed)
16:58 <Fottymaddy> My computer shut down by itself :|
16:58 <Fottymaddy> XD
16:58 <Fottymaddy> So im back
16:58 <Mikeymkwii> guys
16:58 <Dps04>
16:58 <David231099> WB
16:58 <Mikeymkwii>
16:58 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:58 <Fottymaddy> Thanks!
16:58 <Arsenal55702> type any website u want inside the search box it will be funny 
16:58 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Twinkie102> Hi Fotty
16:58 <The Director of PSA> ~Apj26 has made (TDPSA) a chat moderator~
16:58 <The Director of PSA> Awesome
16:58 <Fottymaddy> Hi twinkie
16:58 <Fottymaddy> Your a cm thanks to me
16:58 <Fottymaddy> :P
16:58 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
16:58 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
16:58 <Twinkie102> Arsenal
16:58 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Ur a CM thanks to me O_O
16:59 <Twinkie102> You know that puts bad words on some sites don't u
16:59 <Twinkie102> I know
16:59 <Twinkie102> Thank u!
16:59 <Twinkie102> :D
16:59 <Fottymaddy> I told P-P
16:59 <Arsenal55702> ~Marcus949 has been Banned by Arsenal55702 for having more then 4 wives~
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Its ok :D
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi GN
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Good to see ya
16:59 <Arsenal55702> ofc ik xP @twinkie
16:59 <Fottymaddy> You worked hard twinkie
16:59 <Fottymaddy> XD
16:59 <Twinkie102> Lol
16:59 <Apj26> I made him cm D:
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi :D
16:59 <Green Ninja> PM Ocean if you want to know the story.
16:59 <Jj131> A good Anon user has edited [[Skaar]] and added the fact that he is the son of the Hulk
16:59 <Ocean6100> Hi!
16:59 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
16:59 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <The Director of PSA> Are positions closed?
16:59 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
16:59 <Arsenal55702> gn told me the whole story 'bout it
16:59 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <The Director of PSA> For chat mod
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Lol
16:59 <Fottymaddy> :D
16:59 <Fottymaddy> 23 ON CHAT :(
16:59 <Mariocart25Charizard> ~ Everyone had made (Mariocart) a Chat Moderator. ~
16:59 <The Director of PSA> Are they
16:59 <Fottymaddy> Gone way down
16:59 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:00 <Fottymaddy> Thanks for commenting on my blog guys
17:00 <The Director of PSA> How much is my percentage to become chat mod?
17:00 <Arsenal55702> arsenal won 3-1 fotty
17:00 <CPWikigirl> me too
17:00 <CPWikigirl> What is my percentage
17:00 <Twinkie102> Director
17:00 <David231099> (?) @TDOPSA
17:00 <Arsenal55702> [[Special:Editcount/The Director of PSA]]
17:00 <Fottymaddy> Idc
17:00 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:00 <Green Ninja> PM Ocean if you want to hear the story
17:00 <Mariocart25Charizard> Will I be a Great Chat Mod or The WOrst
17:00 <Fottymaddy> Liverpool drew -_-
17:00 <Fottymaddy> We fail
17:00 <Twinkie102> Considering you were joking about us all being socks of each other
17:00 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:00 <Twinkie102> Probably 35%
17:00 <Fottymaddy> Arsenal did well to pull it back :|
17:00 <Arsenal55702> [[Special:Editcount/CPWikigirl]]
17:00 <Blastthehedgehog> today i finally got a charmander
17:00 <The Director of PSA> How about me?
17:01 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:01 <Green Ninja> And then maybe youll think differe
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:01 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:01 <Arsenal55702> cpwikigirl u don't deserve cm u don't edit at all :/
17:01 <Fottymaddy> GN
17:01 <Twinkie102> Hi Jes
17:01 <Fottymaddy> You ok?
17:01 <Jeserator> Hey
17:01 <Blastthehedgehog> its level 30 charmeleon now
17:01 <Arsenal55702>
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Arsenal
17:01 <Fottymaddy> CM isnt about edits!
17:01 <Green Ninja> No. :(
17:01 <The Director of PSA> 80 mainspace edits
17:01 <Arsenal55702> it is
17:01 <Arsenal55702> :/
17:01 <The Director of PSA> So :(
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Nope.
17:01 <Fottymaddy> It isnt.
17:01 <Arsenal55702> u told me that before
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Its about how active on chat you are.
17:01 <The Director of PSA> Penguin-Pal said it isn't
17:01 <Arsenal55702> :|
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Well i was wrong
17:01 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:01 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:01 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
17:01 <CPWikigirl> I'm bored
17:01 <Arsenal55702> ....
17:01 <Madbootdude> I'm on chat everyday
17:01 <Fottymaddy> CPWikigirl
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Your not ready yet
17:01 <Twinkie102> Nope
17:01 <Madbootdude> But I'd make a horrible chat mod
17:01 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:01 <Twinkie102> You need to edit more
17:01 <Madbootdude> according to everybody
17:01 <CPWikigirl> idc
17:01 <Arsenal55702> i have never missed a day since february 
17:01 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie was ready months ago..
17:02 <Arsenal55702> i think
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:02 <CPWikigirl> I live my life as an autoconfirmed
17:02 <Fottymaddy> *high fives*
17:02 <Twinkie102> *high fives back*
17:02 <Fottymaddy> Awesome!
17:02 <Arsenal55702> umm
17:02 <Twinkie102> xD
17:02 <David231099> yes Twinkie knows the policy off by heart :p
17:02 <Blastthehedgehog> ''She is Hulk's cousin.'' is a girl called a cousin too?
17:02 <The Director of PSA> Well Penguin-Pal said it isn't about edits
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :/
17:02 <The Director of PSA> So how about me
17:02 <Twinkie102> It's also about being polite
17:02 <Twinkie102> Following the Policy
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:02 <David231099> exactly
17:02 <Fottymaddy> Of course
17:02 <The Director of PSA> I know!
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:02 <Madbootdude> So you have to be on chat often and edit a lot?
17:02 <Green Ninja> Fotty, little do you know that Twinkie replaced me as chatmod. :P
17:02 <Twinkie102> And being trustworthy ;)
17:02 <Arsenal55702> come on this chat
17:02 <Madbootdude> What about Grand?
17:02 <Fottymaddy> GN
17:02 <Fottymaddy> I chose Twinkie.
17:02 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:02 <Arsenal55702> it's very full here :/
17:02 <The Director of PSA> GN please stop being mean
17:03 <Arsenal55702> u mean grandma @mbd
17:03 <Ocean6100> (face palm)
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Its about time twinkie was A CM
17:03 <Madbootdude> (facepalm)
17:03 <Green Ninja> You should have chose me to replace me. :P
17:03 <Fottymaddy> :p
17:03 <Blastthehedgehog> i like twinkie more as mod then gn
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Lol ocean
17:03 <Fottymaddy> GN
17:03 <Twinkie102> Aw thanks Blast :)
17:03 <Ocean6100> XD
17:03 <Fottymaddy> You will probably get ur rights back soon :|
17:03 <CPWikigirl> quacktice to become a chat mod
17:03 <Madbootdude> No I mean GrandCroconaw66,
17:03 <Blastthehedgehog> brb AGAIN
17:03 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
17:03 <Fottymaddy> *throws water at ocean*
17:03 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:03 <Madbootdude> He had less than 9 mainspace edits.
17:03 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:03 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
17:03 <Madbootdude> I mean 10
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
17:03 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
17:03 <David231099> hi
17:03 <Ocean6100> So stop bugging people, plaease, GN.
17:03 <Arsenal55702> come here it's too full in here :|
17:03 <Twinkie102> Hi Waddle
17:03 <The Director of PSA> I think TUP deserves chat mod more than GN
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Hmm yeah ocean
17:03 <Ocean6100> *soaks up water because *is* the ocean*
17:03 <The Director of PSA> :/
17:03 <Waddleplay> Mom Babbles online!
17:03 <Apj26> Where?
17:03 <Fottymaddy> TUP doesnt deserve CM yet
17:03 <Twinkie102> TUP isn't ready yet
17:03 <Ocean6100> :O
17:03 <Madbootdude> Director, no.
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Who is mom babbles?
17:03 <Madbootdude> He doesn't deserve it yet
17:03 <Fottymaddy> Whos mom babbles?
17:04 <Fottymaddy> O_O
17:04 <CPWikigirl> I don't know why but it doesn't show the emote for me
17:04 <Mikeymkwii> Please don't leave rude comments :)
17:04 <Waddleplay> Visitor in CP
17:04 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:04 <Twinkie102> Mom babbles? Who the heck?
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Awesome!
17:04 <Arsenal55702> all he does is comments
17:04 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:04 <Twinkie102> Oh xD
17:04 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
17:04 <Ocean6100> A person who visitedt he HQ at Club Penguin Summit.
17:04 <The Director of PSA> I deserve chat mod more than an anon
17:04 <Ocean6100> :/
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Over 50% of my edits are mainspace but u gotta think about my edits on blogs too...
17:04 <Waddleplay> She! :/
17:04 <The Director of PSA> (trollface)
17:04 <Fottymaddy> O_O
17:04 <Twinkie102> Director, you aren't ready
17:04 <Fottymaddy> (FACEPALM)
17:04 <The Director of PSA> Yeah more than an anon
17:04 <Fottymaddy> All we need now is for wasp to return :)
17:04 <Waddleplay> Director is Aunt.... Oops
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:04 <Twinkie102> Hi Sam
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Busy chat @sam
17:04 <Ocean6100> (facepalm)
17:04 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:04 <Ocean6100> Later!
17:04 <The Director of PSA> Cuz an anon doesn't go on chat\
17:04 <Ocean6100> I'm leaving for now.
17:04 <Ocean6100> later!
17:04 <The Director of PSA> Lol
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Spike saturday later?
17:04 <Mikeymkwii> :( Anyone read this yet?? :(
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Bye!
17:04 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
17:04 <Jeserator> Bye ocean
17:04 <Sharkbate> Oohhh I have some of the highest quality pics of the Marvel 2013 rooms >:)
17:04 <Fottymaddy> Bye ocean
17:04 <Super Miron> no
17:05 <Jeserator> mikey
17:05 <Super Miron> eat
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Have fun
17:05 <Jeserator> im reading it
17:05 <Super Miron> me
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Happy editing!!
17:05 <Apj26> ikr
17:05 <The Director of PSA> So I am more ready than a chat mod
17:05 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:05 <Mikeymkwii> okay
17:05 <Twinkie102> SHARK, could u show me? XD
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:05 <Green Ninja> Back
17:05 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:05 <Ocean6100> Ocean...
17:05 <Apj26> Hi
17:05 <Twinkie102> Hi GN
17:05 <Ocean6100> out.
17:05 <Twinkie102> OMG
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Bye ocean
17:05 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:05 -!- Ocean6100 has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <CPWikigirl> racecar
17:05 <Super Miron> I said no
17:05 <Fottymaddy> CHAT TRAFFIC.
17:05 <Twinkie102> Bye Ocean!
17:05 <Super Miron> Eat me
17:05 <Fottymaddy> I repeat!
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Chat traffic./
17:05 <Twinkie102> Traffic Jam!!
17:05 <Apj26> No stealing them guys
17:05 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:05 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
17:05 <Arsenal55702> arsenal55702 out !  come here ---->
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Ocean :(
17:05 <The Director of PSA> I steal people
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Why isnt ocean on chat much, he logs of alot!
17:05 <Madbootdude> Back
17:05 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
17:05 <The Director of PSA>                                    hi
17:05 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:05 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:05 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:05 <Waddleplay>
17:06 <Fottymaddy> New doctor who on (...)
17:06 <Twinkie102> I never thought the day would come that I would become CM
17:06 <Fottymaddy> The voice is on today :D
17:06 <The Director of PSA> Nah
17:06 <Fottymaddy> Hmm twinkie
17:06 <David231099> :o Klump Strangeglove is back!
17:06 <Green Ninja> I dont think David105 whatever deserves to be vhstmod
17:06 <Fottymaddy> You deserved it ages ago
17:06 <Super Miron> so, Jaleed was Batreeqah's sockpuppet?
17:06 <Twinkie102> But it did come
17:06 <Super Miron>
17:06 <Apj26> Dr Who is on now!
17:06 <The Director of PSA> When I become chat mod is next year
17:06 <Fottymaddy> :O
17:06 <Green Ninja> Hes noy experienced anough
17:06 <Fottymaddy> David does deserve it!
17:06 <David231099> GN
17:06 <Mikeymkwii> APJ
17:06 <The Director of PSA> Doctor WHo is stupifd
17:06 <Super Miron> Jaleed removed the "demoting Batreeqah" vote
17:06 <Green Ninja> Hes nt experienced enough
17:06 <Fottymaddy> >:(
17:06 <Fottymaddy> GN
17:06 -!- CPWikigirl has left Special:Chat.
17:06 <David231099> stop compaining
17:06 <Apj26> No its not
17:06 <Twinkie102> GN
17:06 <The Director of PSA> I am experienced
17:06 <Fottymaddy> David is jsut as good as you.
17:06 <Twinkie102> Stop trying to get people removed
17:06 <Green Ninja> He hasnt been around for very long
17:06 <Blastthehedgehog> it is
17:06 <Fottymaddy> At CM
17:06 <Mikeymkwii> I am watching it too apj
17:06 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:06 <Fottymaddy> If not, better.
17:06 <Blastthehedgehog> its not stupid tho
17:06 <Fottymaddy> Im sorry but its true
17:06 <Apj26> :D
17:06 <Sharkbate> Batreeqah shouldn't be a chat mod lol
17:06 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:06 <The Director of PSA> cuz I have a wiki
17:06 <Blastthehedgehog> (he spelled it wrong)
17:06 <Sharkbate> All he wants is power
17:06 <Fottymaddy> Batreeq ia demoted?
17:06 <Fottymaddy> Is he?
17:06 <Apj26> ikr
17:06 <The Director of PSA> Yeah
17:07 <Fottymaddy> Good.
17:07 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys
17:07 <Super Miron> kthxbai
17:07 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Green Ninja> You wilk eat fhosbewords forty
17:07 <Sharkbate> He even came on CPWN asking for rights lol
17:07 <Twinkie102> Guys if GN keeps this up, should I kick him?
17:07 <The Director of PSA> And people sometimes go on chat
17:07 <Klump Strangeglove> GUYS!!
17:07 <The Director of PSA> Like sometimes 10
17:07 <Fottymaddy> :(
17:07 <Apj26> Hes blocked until june
17:07 <Twinkie102> Yes Klump?
17:07 <The Director of PSA> And I know when to kick
17:07 <Fottymaddy> Dont threat me GN.
17:07 <Sharkbate> Green Nina yueo shuld learm huw fo type
17:07 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
17:07 <The Director of PSA> He's banned until July
17:07 <Twinkie102> Says the guy who is typing bad :P
17:07 <Super Miron> ... just kidding
17:07 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm making the page called "Klump's Top 10 Friends"
17:07 <Apj26> lol
17:07 <Blastthehedgehog> GN go eat the lunch out of ur teletubbies lunchbox
17:07 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:07 <The Director of PSA> But he's blocked until June
17:07 <Fottymaddy> Haha blast!
17:07 <Fottymaddy> Goold old blast :)
17:07 <Twinkie102> lol blast
17:08 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:08 <Green Ninja> i could be a good chatmod if I wanted to!
17:08 <Blastthehedgehog>
17:08 <Mikeymkwii> not if you wanted to lol
17:08 <Mikeymkwii> you have to commit to be one
17:08 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:08 <Fottymaddy> GN
17:08 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has joined Special:Chat
17:08 <Fottymaddy> You are a good cm
17:08 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:08 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has left Special:Chat.
17:08 <Green Ninja> teletubbies what? :P
17:08 <The Director of PSA> I consider myself a good rollback but if I had many mainspace edits
17:08 <Fottymaddy> GTG GUYS
17:08 <Fottymaddy> Cya soon!
17:08 <Twinkie102> Cya
17:08 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
17:08 <Samantas5855> bye
17:08 <Fottymaddy> Ill be back later!
17:08 <The Director of PSA> cuz ROllback only rolls back the edits
17:08 <Fottymaddy> Bye
17:08 <Twinkie102> Hi Sam
17:08 <David231099> hi
17:08 <Green Ninja> I Did Commit
17:09 <The Director of PSA> It's easier
17:09 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:09 <David231099> bye
17:09 <Samantas5855> are you mod
17:09 <David231099> (wave)
17:09 <The Director of PSA> So I don't get why many people aren't rollback
17:09 <David231099> brb
17:09 <The Director of PSA> Cuz rollback doesn't do much
17:09 <Green Ninja> Until you mean admins stripped it from me. (mad)
17:09 <Samantas5855> i want mod
17:09 <Green Ninja> (cryong)
17:09 <Blastthehedgehog> GUYS I FOUND GN!!
17:09 <Dps04> cryong lol
17:09 <The Director of PSA> GN stop with the drama
17:09 <Green Ninja> (crying)
17:09 <Blastthehedgehog>
17:10 <The Director of PSA> You can just stop crying
17:10 <David231099> GN if you didn't quit they wouldn't have to!
17:10 <The Director of PSA> deal with it
17:10 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:10 <Twinkie102> Yes
17:10 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:10 <The Director of PSA> I have never been chat mod
17:10 <Sharkbate> GREEN. NINJA. PM. PLZ. KTHX.
17:10 <The Director of PSA> And I'm not crying
17:10 <Blastthehedgehog> I have been chat mod and demoted so many times
17:10 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:10 <The Director of PSA> So GN just stop
17:10 <Dps04> I am not chat mod too
17:10 <Twinkie102> GN, just stop... Drop this conversation... It's not our fault you quit....
17:10 <Dps04> so I am crying now :(
17:10 <Dps04> haha
17:10 <The Director of PSA> Lol
17:10 <Blastthehedgehog> i  think im the only  chat mod thats been banned so many times
17:11 <Madbootdude> me too
17:11 <Dps04> idk
17:11 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
17:11 <Waddleplay>
17:11 <Madbootdude> aym cryong cuz im nawt chetmawd
17:11 <Mikeymkwii> wow guys look|CA&co=Disney+Interactive&s=BC&ci=Kelowna
17:11 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
17:11 <David231099> can someone delete this: [[Operation: Blackout 2013]]
17:11 <Sharkbate> I can work at CP (troll)
17:11 <Dps04> sure david
17:11 <Green Ninja> All I wanted is to show people how good a user i can be. But you just get mad and blame me
17:11 <David231099> its fake/fanon
17:11 <David231099> thanks
17:11 <Twinkie102>
17:11 <Dps04> welcome ;)
17:11 <Super Miron> Dps
17:12 <Dps04> yes?
17:12 <Super Miron> I think someone's hacking me
17:12 <The Director of PSA> Well you already did
17:12 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:12 <David231099> hi
17:12 <Dps04> hello
17:12 <Super Miron> Ban me for 10 minutes please
17:12 <Dps04> oh
17:12 <The Director of PSA> You did plagiarism
17:12 <Dps04> sure?
17:12 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:12 <The Director of PSA> You lied last year
17:12 <Green Ninja> I just want one user to see how great I can be.
17:12 <Sharkbate> He stole from CPWN twice (facepalm)
17:12 <The Director of PSA> SO you showed how great you can be
17:12 <Twinkie102> Super Miron, how do we know you're not just TRYING to get banned?
17:12 <The Director of PSA> So how is that good
17:12 <Super Miron> Twinkie: BEcause it keeps saying I've connected from another browser
17:12 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
17:13 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <Green Ninja> But apparently I' not destined for greatness here.
17:13 <Twinkie102> hm
17:13 <Dps04> I'll ban you now then
17:13 <Green Ninja> No, once
17:13 <Dps04> please confirm
17:13 <Twinkie102> Okay I'll do it
17:13 <Sharkbate> DRAMA
17:13 <Sharkbate> DRAMA
17:13 <Super Miron> 10 minutes
17:13 <Sharkbate> DRAMA
17:13 <Sharkbate> DRAMA
17:13 <Dps04> ok
17:13 <Blastthehedgehog> DRAMA
17:13 <Blastthehedgehog> DRAMA DRAMA
17:13 <David231099> caps
17:13 <Sharkbate> You're causing DRAMA
17:13 -!- Super Miron was banned from Special:Chat by Twinkie102 for 3600 seconds.
17:13 <Dps04> sorry at least 1 hour
17:13 <Green Ninja> I already got blocked
17:13 <Apj26> We get it D:
17:13 <Dps04> lol
17:13 -!- Aj lee has joined Special:Chat
17:13 <Twinkie102> Yes you can only do 1 hour the least
17:13 <David231099> hi
17:13 <Twinkie102> Hello
17:13 <The Director of PSA> Leave if you aren't destined for greatness 
17:13 <Dps04> ya twinkie
17:13 <Dps04> hi
17:13 <David231099> congrats on your first ban Twinkie
17:14 <Blastthehedgehog> dororo gets a trauma switch gn gets a drama switch
17:14 <Jeserator>
17:14 <Twinkie102> Thanks xD
17:14 <The Director of PSA> If that's what you wanna show
17:14 <Aj lee> Hey 
17:14 <Twinkie102> I've already kicked three times today
17:14 <Jeserator> look at the comment
17:14 <Jeserator> cuss
17:14 <David231099> oh
17:14 <The Director of PSA> And you can't do it here
17:14 <Twinkie102> He didn't come back
17:14 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <Green Ninja> That would e s two for one
17:14 <Green Ninja> I dont nees ro be punished for anything
17:14 <The Director of PSA> Then leave
17:14 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:14 <Mikeymkwii> samantas
17:14 <Green Ninja> I'm not leaving
17:14 <Blastthehedgehog> dororo
17:14 <Twinkie102> Hi Dororo
17:14 <Aj lee> *Skips around everyone*
17:14 <Madbootdude> Hey, Dororo
17:14 <The Director of PSA> Try and be destined for greatness somewhere else
17:14 <Twinkie102> One sec
17:14 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
17:14 <Mikeymkwii> samantas
17:14 <Blastthehedgehog> pm doro
17:14 <The Director of PSA> Like cpew
17:14 <Madbootdude> Can you give me the cereal back?
17:14 <The Director of PSA> There
17:14 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
17:14 <Twinkie102> Back
17:14 <Dororo111122> NK: Hello, america is your refrigerator running? US: is my lefligelatol lunning?
17:15 <Klump Strangeglove> guys
17:15 <Green Ninja> I like this place
17:15 <Klump Strangeglove> Hey, Dororo
17:15 <The Director of PSA> I hope you find the next chapter of your life GN
17:15 <The Director of PSA> goodbye
17:15 <Madbootdude> I don't like this place.
17:15 <Jeserator> why do people think operation:Blackout 2013 is real -_-
17:15 <Madbootdude> I don't
17:15 <The Director of PSA> Goodbye GN
17:15 <Twinkie102> All because of some stupid fan art
17:15 <Twinkie102> That isn't real
17:15 <The Director of PSA> It's okay to move on
17:15 <Klump Strangeglove> Dororo?
17:15 <Jeserator> did you see this comment
17:15 <Jeserator>
17:15 <Madbootdude> Director, are you making GN quit?
17:15 <Dororo111122> *punches wall* FAN ART >:(
17:15 <Twinkie102> :O
17:16 <Blastthehedgehog> gn this place doesnt like you
17:16 <Aj lee> What does NecroPhillia me
17:16 <Green Ninja> I beed to prove myself here
17:16 <Aj lee> Mean **?
17:16 <Green Ninja> *need
17:16 <Twinkie102> I'm gonna see who created it and ban them for 3 days
17:16 <The Director of PSA> This is a database
17:16 <Twinkie102> oh
17:16 <Twinkie102> It's already removed text
17:16 <The Director of PSA>  Not a contest
17:16 <Twinkie102> Let me look at the history
17:16 <The Director of PSA> SO stop pretending it is
17:16 <Blastthehedgehog> proofing failed
17:16 <Sharkbate> Causing drama ain't proving anything
17:16 <Madbootdude> Director, you're starting drama.
17:16 <Dororo111122> twinkie you cant
17:16 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
17:16 <Aj lee> What does NecroPhilia mean 
17:16 <Twinkie102> Oh yeah?
17:17 <The Director of PSA> ik
17:17 <Green Ninja> No, I need to be respected here.
17:17 <Dps04> drama seems to be a trend now, isn;t it?
17:17 <Jeserator> [[User:Ftrd582]] keeps bringing back Op:Blackout 2013 -_-
17:17 <Twinkie102> The creator of that cuss page was
17:17 <The Director of PSA> Yeah
17:17 <Madbootdude> Green Ninja, don't listen to him.
17:17 <Dororo111122> dps you know the other trend?
17:17 <Dps04> what other dororo
17:17 <The Director of PSA> Cool
17:17 <Dororo111122> its shurow-meme 
17:17 <Green Ninja> Of course its not a contesy
17:17 <Dps04> oh lol
17:17 <Twinkie102> Look at his contributions
17:17 <Green Ninja> Contest
17:17 <Dps04> ok twinkie
17:17 <Aj lee> Can i be chat mod
17:17 <The Director of PSA> Then why are you saying you need to be great here
17:17 <Twinkie102> No Aj
17:17 <Jeserator>
17:17 <Twinkie102> Don't ask
17:17 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has joined Special:Chat
17:17 <Apj26> Its raining 
17:17 <Madbootdude> Director, stop it.
17:17 <Jeserator> some one has issues
17:18 <Dps04> blocked 3 days for swearing
17:18 <Dororo111122> twinkie what did miron do
17:18 <The Director of PSA> It's just a database
17:18 <Twinkie102> Nothing?
17:18 <Madbootdude> *wiki
17:18 <ClubPenguinSpots> Someone is swearing!!
17:18 <David231099> hi
17:18 <David231099> we know
17:18 <Twinkie102> He needed to be banned because he thinks he is hacked
17:18 <The Director of PSA> Same thing
17:18 <Twinkie102> So he can change his pass
17:18 <Madbootdude> Director, you're still causing drama.
17:18 <Twinkie102> I'll unban him in a few
17:18 <Apj26> DOS
17:18 <Apj26> DPS
17:18 <Dororo111122> APJ pm
17:18 <Aj lee> Ok
17:18 <Twinkie102> Okay Miron is ready to be unbanned
17:18 <Madbootdude> Apj, pm.
17:18 <Twinkie102> Brb
17:18 <Waddleplay> :O The Page is recreate!
17:18 <The Director of PSA> Okay MBD
17:18 <Apj26> stop deleting suff before me!  
17:19 <Madbootdude> Thanks, Director
17:19 <Green Ninja> Delete it
17:19 <ClubPenguinSpots> Good! You got rid of the guy who was swearing
17:19 <Twinkie102> Okay he's unbanned now
17:19 <Twinkie102> WB Miron
17:19 <Super Miron> Thanks
17:19 <Madbootdude> I have never stopped something dramatic before.
17:19 <Twinkie102> Yw :)
17:19 <Dps04> lol apj
17:19 <Dororo111122> miron whats up with your pic
17:19 <Dps04> be quick and good luck next time
17:19 <ClubPenguinSpots> OMG whoever keeps bringing back just ban them from editing that page!!
17:19 <Dororo111122> not possible
17:20 <Apj26> Dps stop blocking people before me >:O  
17:20 <David231099> lol
17:20 <The Director of PSA> Quack
17:20 <Green Ninja> Lol
17:20 <Aj lee> Apj
17:20 <Madbootdude> \o/  
17:20 <Dps04> hehe >:D
17:20 <Apj26> I beat you this time >:D
17:20 <Dps04> congrats
17:20 <Twinkie102> *gets (popcorn*
17:20 <Twinkie102> oops
17:20 <Aj lee> Change your name 
17:20 <Madbootdude> \o/
17:20 <Twinkie102> *gets (popcorn)*
17:20 <Twinkie102> Who change who's name
17:21 <Madbootdude> Twinkie
17:21 <Madbootdude> Can I have some?
17:21 <Green Ninja> Next time Dps will beat you
17:21 <Dororo111122> apj, dps can you atleast block
17:21 <Twinkie102> here xD
17:21 <Madbootdude> thanks
17:21 <Madbootdude> nom no-
17:21 <Aj lee> It creates confusion with my name
17:21 <Madbootdude> Twinkie.
17:21 <Madbootdude> This doesn't have any butter on it.
17:21 <Twinkie102> *puts butter on*
17:21 <Apj26> Why do i neeed to change my name?
17:21 <Twinkie102> Here have moer
17:21 <Madbootdude> thanks
17:21 <Twinkie102> *more
17:21 <David231099> dont Apj
17:21 <Dororo111122> apj block already
17:21 <Blastthehedgehog> Apj is Apple Pie Juice
17:21 <Twinkie102> Aj, don't force anyone to change their name
17:21 <Apj26> No I've been here longer !
17:22 <Blastthehedgehog> Or Alexander Pineapple Juniour
17:22 <Aj lee> Apj could you change your name it creates confusion with my name
17:22 <David231099> Aj, Apj has been around here for mucj longer than you!
17:22 <Preston108> scary :3
17:22 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Soundtrack Cryogenics - Duration: 05:53 - Uploaded: 2008-05-25 - Rating: 4.923077 - Views: 15,157 -
17:22 <David231099> *much
17:22 <Dps04> lol
17:22 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <Dps04> hi
17:22 <Dororo111122> i need to make a kyoryuger playlist prp
17:22 <Dororo111122> *brb
17:22 <Twinkie102> sorry
17:22 <Apj26> LAGGY 
17:22 <Twinkie102> Hi, hi, and hi
17:22 <Super Miron> ... dead?
17:22 <Aj lee> His name creates confusion with name
17:22 <David231099> no
17:22 <Apj26> I'm not changing it 
17:22 <Dororo111122> aj lee change your name then
17:22 <David231099> Aj YOUR name does
17:22 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:23 <Twinkie102> Aj, don't force anyone to change names unless they have a bad name
17:23 <Aj lee> Ive had this name for ages
17:23 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
17:23 <Dororo111122> ive had mod for ages
17:23 <Apj26> I have had this name for 5 years
17:23 <Twinkie102> Aj
17:23 <The Director of PSA> Is that your real name?
17:23 <Twinkie102> Stop, Aj
17:23 <Dororo111122> so unless i need to use its powers, ill ban
17:23 <Twinkie102> one sec
17:23 <Apj26> nearly 6
17:23 <The Director of PSA> Is that your real nme, Aj?
17:23 <The Director of PSA> *name
17:23 <Aj lee> No 
17:23 <David231099> brb
17:23 <Aj lee> My real name is Avril
17:24 <Dororo111122> :O ban!
17:24 <Twinkie102> back
17:24 <The Director of PSA> No
17:24 <David231099> :o
17:24 <Waddleplay> :O
17:24 <Apj26> You can say your first name
17:24 <Twinkie102> Yes
17:24 <Dororo111122> oh
17:24 <The Director of PSA> yeah
17:24 <Twinkie102> Saying your first name is allowed
17:24 <Super Miron> [[File:Mywikiathing.png]]<-- No offence, but this isn't the best
17:24 <David231099> oh yeah
17:24 <Waddleplay> You right!
17:24 <Dororo111122> aj dont be a noob by saying your last name
17:24 <The Director of PSA> My name is Noah
17:24 <Apj26> Dororo :|
17:24 <Aj lee> What A lee
17:24 <Dororo111122> your last name is lee?!
17:24 <Waddleplay>
17:25 <Twinkie102> Guys we don't all have to reveal our names
17:25 <David231099> ikr
17:25 <The Director of PSA> Cool
17:25 <Aj lee> What about A lee
17:25 <Dororo111122> unless the cops come after you
17:25 <Super Miron> (:o)
17:25 <Blastthehedgehog> :o
17:25 <Blastthehedgehog> ban!
17:25 <Super Miron> Ban
17:25 <The Director of PSA> Lee is his lst name
17:25 <Apj26> lol
17:25 <The Director of PSA> *last
17:25 <Super Miron> He said his full name!
17:25 -!- Aj lee was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
17:25 <Super Miron> (troll)
17:25 <Dororo111122> why kick
17:25 <Apj26> When?
17:25 <Waddleplay> @Super That is real Screenhog! :/
17:25 <Twinkie102> Aj revealed her full name
17:25 <Super Miron> You have to b...lock Screenhog!
17:25 <Dororo111122> its ban..
17:25 <Aj lee> I did not
17:25 -!- Slider zzzz has joined Special:Chat
17:25 <Super Miron> "Hi, my name is Screenhog, my real name is Chris Hendricks"
17:26 <David231099> hi
17:26 <Super Miron> (:o)
17:26 -!- Aj lee was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 3600 seconds.
17:26 <Dororo111122> too late
17:26 <Super Miron> What did he do?
17:26 <The Director of PSA> Mwahahahha
17:26 <Twinkie102> Good Dororo
17:26 <The Director of PSA> He revealed his last name
17:26 <Twinkie102> *gives treat*
17:26 <Dps04> Apj banned... Aj??
17:26 <Dororo111122> nothing really just saying his last names lee...
17:26 <Dps04> lee...
17:26 <Preston108> [[User:Aj lee]]
17:26 <Twinkie102> Thus revealing his full name
17:26 <Jj131> I am listening to Iron Man song
17:26 <Dororo111122> PSY needs a chef
17:26 -!- Slider zzzz has left Special:Chat.
17:26 <Waddleplay> @Super Only Club Penguin Moderators (including former) will reveal a Full Name! :/
17:26 <Blastthehedgehog> Psychef
17:26 <Jj131> if you are excited for Iron Man 3 say I
17:26 <Jj131> I
17:26 <Dororo111122>
17:26 <Twinkie102> I
17:26 <Madbootdude> I
17:26 <Dps04> it is not a full name isn't it...
17:26 <Blastthehedgehog> psychic 
17:26 <Dps04> lol
17:26 <Dps04> I
17:26 <Super Miron> How about Wikia staff?
17:27 <The Director of PSA> Ban Screenhog and polo Field
17:27 <Twinkie102> Wikia staff can do whatever
17:27 <Dororo111122> we cant ban them anyway
17:27 <The Director of PSA> They revealed their full name
17:27 <Dororo111122> they overpower us
17:27 <Super Miron> [[User:Sarah Manley]] has her full name in her username!
17:27 <The Director of PSA> Nah
17:27 <Super Miron> Block her!
17:27 <Apj26> omg 
17:27 <Waddleplay> If you banned Polo Field, You Banned!
17:27 <Jj131> How to make your Iron Man 3 experience epic
17:27 <Dororo111122> miron they overpower us
17:27 <The Director of PSA> They don't own wikia
17:27 <Twinkie102> It says Wikia Staff :|
17:27 <Blastthehedgehog> gtg
17:27 <Green Ninja> (wave) if you like me.
17:27 <Dps04> lol apj
17:27 <Twinkie102> Bye Blast
17:27 <David231099> bye
17:27 <Dps04> bye waddle
17:27 <David231099> ...
17:27 <Jj131> 1.When the movie comes out buy it
17:27 <Dororo111122> LOLOL
17:27 <The Director of PSA> They're not wikia staff
17:27 <Waddleplay> I am not going! :/
17:27 <Super Miron> Apj:
17:27 <Dororo111122> (wave) <--- for blast not for you gn
17:27 <The Director of PSA> So an them
17:27 <Jj131> 2.listen to Iron Man song by Black Sabbath while watching the movie
17:27 <The Director of PSA> *ban
17:27 <Blastthehedgehog> bai
17:27 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
17:28 <Twinkie102> (wave) if u like blast!
17:28 <Twinkie102> (wave)
17:28 <The Director of PSA> (wave)
17:28 <Super Miron> Director: who?
17:28 <Green Ninja> Doroto...
17:28 <Dororo111122> (wave) <---
17:28 <Sharkbate> Green Ninja needs to calm his hormones 
17:28 <The Director of PSA> lol
17:28 <Preston108> XD
17:28 <Jj131> (wave) if you are a major Iron Man fan!
17:28 <Jj131> (wave)
17:28 <Klump Strangeglove> Sharkbate
17:28 <Sharkbate> I ask him one simple question in PM and he responds with "leave me along"
17:28 <Dororo111122> lol he got told off
17:28 <David231099> (lol)
17:28 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
17:28 <Super Miron> *alone
17:28 <Green Ninja> (wave)
17:28 <Sharkbate> Yes, GN. I'll levae you alone to sulk about your missing rights
17:28 <Sharkbate> leave*
17:28 <Twinkie102> If he keeps up the drama, I'm gonna kick him
17:28 <Preston108> Along?
17:28 <Sharkbate> alone*
17:28 <Klump Strangeglove> Sharkbate?
17:28 <Green Ninja> Leav me alone Shark
17:28 <Preston108> :P
17:28 <Super Miron> Shark, you sometimes react the same
17:28 <Waddleplay> :O Apj have an Roblox?!?!
17:28 <Twinkie102> o-o
17:28 <Waddleplay> *a
17:28 <Twinkie102> o_o
17:28 <Madbootdude> Apj has what!?
17:28 <Sharkbate> Super Miron, I'm not bawwing about rights, thanks
17:28 <The Director of PSA> GN boohoo
17:28 <Klump Strangeglove> (:o)
17:28 <Sharkbate> And I'm not like
17:29 <Sharkbate> I"m GOING TO QUIT
17:29 <Klump Strangeglove> Sharkbate!
17:29 <Madbootdude> I don't
17:29 <Green Ninja> (dance) if you like me.
17:29 <David231099> caps
17:29 <David231099> ...
17:29 <Sharkbate> AND ASK FOR MY RIGHTS
17:29 <Super Miron> (dance emote)
17:29 <David231099> caps
17:29 <Super Miron> (troll)
17:29 <Madbootdude> Sharkbate can caps whenever he wants
17:29 <Klump Strangeglove> No!
17:29 <Green Ninja> Shark calm down chill
17:29 <David231099> np
17:29 <Dororo111122> GN in a nutshell @shark
17:29 <David231099> (no
17:29 <Sharkbate> Caps is a stupid rule
17:29 <Waddleplay> Look at the Very last icon
17:29 <Twinkie102> GN :|
17:29 <Madbootdude> It sure is, Shark
17:29 <Green Ninja> Yoi a buly sometimes
17:29 <Sharkbate> Coming from you, GN
17:29 <Madbootdude> It sure is.
17:29 <Super Miron> I agree
17:29 <Dps04> i guess shark is just immitating lol
17:29 <The Director of PSA> Nah
17:29 <David231099> no
17:29 <Apj26> I didn't make it up
17:29 <Twinkie102> Say I if GN makes too much drama
17:29 <Twinkie102> I
17:29 <Dororo111122> GN: yo cadence marry me!
17:29 <Super Miron> I
17:29 <The Director of PSA> I
17:29 <Mikeymkwii> I
17:29 <Dororo111122> Eye
17:29 <David231099> I
17:29 <Green Ninja> You don really know Shark
17:29 <Sharkbate> I
17:30 <Madbootdude> I
17:30 <Dororo111122> *I*
17:30 <Sharkbate> Neither do you, GN
17:30 <Klump Strangeglove> Miron, why did you change your avatar?
17:30 <Green Ninja> He sometime s bullies me
17:30 <Super Miron> because I like cookies
17:30 <Twinkie102> (face palm)
17:30 <Super Miron> (troll)
17:30 <The Director of PSA> No he doesn'
17:30 <The Director of PSA> Stop complaining
17:30 <Dororo111122> big baby...
17:30 <Sharkbate> How am I bullying you?
17:30 <Sharkbate> Explain
17:30 <The Director of PSA> You're just trying to replace Shark for chat mod
17:30 <Sharkbate> I'd like a full explanation
17:30 <Green Ninja> I am not a baby.
17:30 <Twinkie102> (facepalm)
17:30 <Dororo111122> are you?
17:30 <The Director of PSA> By saying hes a buly
17:30 <Madbootdude> Oh boy.
17:30 <Waddleplay> This is CNN! (facepalm)
17:30 <Sharkbate> I never even said anything offensive beyond what you asked me to stop doing months ago
17:30 <David231099> (facepalm) stop the drama!
17:30 <The Director of PSA> so he can get demoted
17:31 <The Director of PSA> And then have GN replace Shark
17:31 <Dororo111122> wait he called a bully which is offensive
17:31 <Dororo111122> so
17:31 <Twinkie102> Director :|
17:31 <Dororo111122> !kick Green Ninja
17:31 <Madbootdude> :| :| :|
17:31 <Dororo111122> ?!
17:31 <The Director of PSA> :|
17:31 <Klump Strangeglove> lol
17:31 <The Director of PSA> lol
17:31 <Dororo111122> ...
17:31 <The Director of PSA> Fail
17:31 <Twinkie102> Why can't we kick him?
17:31 <Dororo111122> idk
17:31 <Madbootdude> :| ?
17:31 <Klump Strangeglove> lemme check your profile dororo
17:31 <Super Miron> <-- best logo ever. I'm amused.
17:31 <The Director of PSA> Cuz he has a shield
17:31 <Preston108> Miron broke the chat bot earlier
17:31 <The Director of PSA> Ban him
17:31 <Super Miron> (sarcasm)
17:31 <Twinkie102> Not a ban
17:31 <The Director of PSA> You did that to m
17:31 <Twinkie102> Just a kick
17:31 <Dororo111122> miron AGAIN?!
17:31 <Twinkie102> But I can't kick him
17:31 <The Director of PSA> For saying someonje's mean
17:31 <Twinkie102> O_O
17:31 -!- Green Ninja was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
17:31 <Dororo111122> !test
17:31 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: Hai!
17:31 <The Director of PSA> You banned me for that
17:31 <Twinkie102> Ah
17:31 <Twinkie102> There it goes
17:32 <Dps04> O_O
17:32 <David231099> !status
17:32 <CPChatBot> I have been running for 864097 total seconds, and I have reconnected 0 times. It has been 864096 seconds since my last reconnect.
17:32 <The Director of PSA> And it wasn't good for a ban yet
17:32 <Green Ninja> WHAT DID I EVER DO
17:32 <Madbootdude> O_O
17:32 <Twinkie102> Drama
17:32 <Dororo111122> director you said it was mean AFTER i banned
17:32 <Twinkie102> Complaining
17:32 <Preston108> He would link a video, and it would be linked by chat bot 5 times, Miron was doing something
17:32 <The Director of PSA> caps
17:32 <Twinkie102> etc
17:32 <The Director of PSA> No
17:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Rockhopper's Quest is returning?
17:32 <Dororo111122> caps
17:32 <Green Ninja> For the final time
17:32 <David231099> caps
17:32 <David231099> i gtg
17:32 <Green Ninja> (mad)
17:32 <The Director of PSA> I said to Mikey socially stupid means mean
17:32 <Twinkie102> Bye Davifd
17:32 <Super Miron> [[w:c:sactage:Program%3AChatbot%2FCommands]]
17:32 <David231099> see u later
17:32 <Dps04> david said caps many time :P
17:32 <Twinkie102> *David
17:32 <Dps04> bye
17:32 <The Director of PSA> And bully is mean
17:32 <Green Ninja> (crying)
17:32 <The Director of PSA> So why won't he be banned
17:32 <Madbootdude> I say we just switch to another topic
17:32 <Super Miron> ugh
17:32 <David231099> bye
17:32 <Dororo111122> fine
17:32 <Twinkie102> GN, want another kick? Because I'm not afraid to use that power
17:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> I bet that the medival party is in June!
17:32 <Dororo111122> ill ban then
17:32 <Apj26> You guys are just trying to get people kicked
17:32 <The Director of PSA> Good
17:33 <Green Ninja> :(
17:33 <Madbootdude> I'm going to film this
17:33 <Dororo111122> i actually am not sure it will it work since he avoided my kick
17:33 <Super Miron> [[w:c:sactage:Program:Chatbot/Commands]]
17:33 <Madbootdude> brb
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> calling someone a bully isn't mean?
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> :|
17:33 <The Director of PSA> Well a bully is eman
17:33 <Mikeymkwii> yes
17:33 <Apj26> Don't ban him
17:33 <Dororo111122> hes been complaing and being rude a lot earlier mikey
17:33 <Sharkbate> GN, you still haven't explained how I'm bullying you
17:33 <Madbootdude> Get ready guys
17:33 <Green Ninja> Want me to REALLY leave this wiki?
17:33 <Dororo111122> YES
17:33 <Sharkbate> Sooo... I'm waiting.
17:33 <Dps04> hello
17:33 <Madbootdude> Hi
17:33 <Thebigfoot1> No
17:33 <Green Ninja> I know youll be dying for me to come back
17:33 <Dororo111122> no
17:33 <The Director of PSA> Yes
17:33 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
17:33 <Madbootdude> Hello, everyone
17:33 <Super Miron> Dororo
17:33 <Sharkbate> Yeah. I'll be on my knees begging
17:33 <Dororo111122> were better off without a complaing hippie
17:33 <Thebigfoot1> I don't want you to
17:33 <Super Miron> Say !umpbuffer
17:33 <Sharkbate> Levaing is your own choice
17:33 <Sharkbate> leaving*
17:33 <Madbootdude> Welcome to the CP Wiki drama show
17:34 <Twinkie102> !umpbuffer
17:34 <Preston108> lol @Shark
17:34 <Madbootdude> Ep. 1 Season 1
17:34 <Waddleplay> Polo Field have a Miniclip!
17:34 <Dororo111122> !umpbuffer
17:34 <Twinkie102> Oh yeah I gotta wait a day
17:34 <Sharkbate> Nobody can stop you from doing it.
17:34 <Green Ninja> No one asked you Shark!
17:34 <Super Miron> ._. doesn't work
17:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> Pedro Bear
17:34 <Green Ninja> :(
17:34 <The Director of PSA> GN leave
17:34 <Twinkie102> I only became a mod this morning XD
17:34 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
17:34 <Dororo111122> sactage-exclusive command
17:34 <The Director of PSA> I won't care
17:34 <Sharkbate> YES, YOU DID. lol read what you said,
17:34 <Mikeymkwii> Yea GN leaving is YOUR decision.
17:34 <Twinkie102> ohh
17:34 <Sharkbate> You asked everyone.
17:34 <Green Ninja> I didnt count you
17:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
17:34 <Twinkie102> !updatelogs
17:34 <Thebigfoot1> I agree with Shark for once.
17:34 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:34 <C H U N K Y> back
17:34 <Apj26> (facepalm)
17:34 <The Director of PSA> Just leave on your own
17:34 <Super Miron> Twinkie, try !quit
17:34 <Madbootdude> Guys, I'm actually filming this
17:34 <The Director of PSA> Geez
17:34 <Twinkie102> no
17:34 <CPChatBot> Twinkie102: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 1228 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
17:34 <Green Ninja> I jnow uou dont like me
17:34 <Dps04> cool
17:34 <Twinkie102> O_O
17:34 <Twinkie102> Wow!
17:34 <Sharkbate> HI YOUTOUBE
17:34 <Thebigfoot1> It's your decision.
17:34 <Sharkbate> YOUTUBE*
17:34 <Dps04> I'll wave to the camera!
17:34 <Dororo111122> oh wow it worked
17:34 <The Director of PSA> Stop crying wolf
17:34 <Twinkie102> I updated the logs
17:34 <The Director of PSA> (wave)
17:35 <Twinkie102> My full powers are heree
17:35 <Twinkie102> xD
17:35 <The Director of PSA> Hi youtube
17:35 <Dororo111122> guess the sync is different
17:35 <Madbootdude> Keep the drama going
17:35 <C H U N K Y> Hey utube! (hi)
17:35 <Mikeymkwii> we're on youtube?
17:35 <Dps04> Hi there youtube
17:35 <PlayerPenguin> Hi
17:35 <Sharkbate> WELCOME TO THE WIKIA BUNCH! TODAY'S EPISODE: Drama on GN Front
17:35 <Dps04> I am Dps!
17:35 <Twinkie102> Hi Youtube
17:35 <Madbootdude> I'm not doing this for no reason
17:35 <Twinkie102> LOL
17:35 <The Director of PSA> I hate all of you
17:35 <Super Miron> Hi DailyMotion (troll)
17:35 <Mikeymkwii> :D
17:35 -!- The Director of PSA was kicked from Special:Chat by Twinkie102
17:35 <Mikeymkwii> Lawl
17:35 <Dororo111122> wait did someonen say drama or dororo
17:35 <Dps04> lol
17:35 <Preston108> Listen, this is getting a bit to Green Ninja for me....
17:35 <Dps04> O_O
17:35 <PlayerPenguin> :D
17:35 <Madbootdude> Funny thing is, I don't have a Youtube account.
17:35 <Twinkie102> The Director just said "I hate all of you"
17:35 <Green Ninja> (wave)
17:35 <The Director of PSA> I was doing it or the amera
17:35 <The Director of PSA> *camer
17:35 <The Director of PSA> Geez
17:35 <Twinkie102> Oh
17:35 <Sharkbate> (wave)
17:35 <The Director of PSA> lol
17:35 <Twinkie102> sorry
17:35 <Sharkbate> (dance)
17:35 <The Director of PSA> it's okay
17:35 <Sharkbate> (dance2)
17:35 <Twinkie102> (dance)
17:35 <Sharkbate> emotez
17:35 <Madbootdude> Guys, keep the drama going
17:35 <The Director of PSA> I mean you guys are so rude
17:35 <Dororo111122> we need to crop the dance emotes
17:35 <The Director of PSA> ugh
17:35 <Madbootdude> This isn't a music video
17:36 <Twinkie102> LOL Madboot
17:36 <Green Ninja> (dance)
17:36 <Thebigfoot1> Are we still on this GN discussion? It's been like 4 hours
17:36 <Preston108> Sharkbate's 18th birthday coming soon to a theater near you!
17:36 <Super Miron> Number of kicks today: ∞+1
17:36 <Dororo111122> what color goes best over red
17:36 <Sharkbate> My 18th was a couple days ago lol
17:36 <Super Miron> Number of bans today: ∞
17:36 <Dps04> cool
17:36 <The Director of PSA> Like you want to beat up someone
17:36 <Lilly flower> lol
17:36 <Sharkbate> I find this hilarious to watch
17:36 <Thebigfoot1> ]
17:36 <Dps04> btw, should the troll emotes be disabled?
17:36 <The Director of PSA> I heard you say that (mad)
17:36 <Dps04> (yao)
17:36 <Dororo111122> NO
17:36 <The Director of PSA> :9
17:36 <The Director of PSA> :(
17:36 <Dororo111122> troll emote STAYS
17:36 <Twinkie102> Yes
17:36 <Thebigfoot1> Yes.
17:36 <Preston108> I find it funny how you can say random things and sometimes people wont notice when chat is busy :P
17:36 <Twinkie102> The troll emote is fun
17:36 <Madbootdude> Keep the drama going, guys.
17:36 <Dororo111122> (dororo)
17:36 <Super Miron> Dps, what if [[User:Trollmeme]] changes his avatar?
17:36 <Dps04> it is being discussed
17:36 <Super Miron> We will have no troll emote D:
17:36 <Dps04> oh
17:37 <Dps04> lol
17:37 <Dororo111122> miron the emote we use is [[(trollface)]]
17:37 <Super Miron> I know
17:37 <The Director of PSA> And Dps04 is just a penguin waddling around saying waddle on!
17:37 <Twinkie102> !status
17:37 <CPChatBot> I have been running for 864404 total seconds, and I have reconnected 0 times. It has been 864403 seconds since my last reconnect.
17:37 <Super Miron> And it is his avatar
17:37 <Dororo111122> (trollmeme)
17:37 <Madbootdude> Come on, guys!
17:37 <Thebigfoot1> (Trollmeme)
17:37 <Dps04> lol
17:37 <Madbootdude> This is a drama TV show!
17:37 <Madbootdude> Not a comedy
17:37 <Dororo111122> dps what color goes best over red
17:37 <Super Miron> ([[]]trollface) is his user emote
17:37 <Green Ninja> I just want to confirm if people like me, I never wanted a talk as big as this
17:37 <Madbootdude> You know what
17:37 <Thebigfoot1> Blue
17:37 <Preston108> I can picture Sharkbate driving his car down the street listening to I've been Delayed really loud (trollface)
17:37 <PlayerPenguin> How to you do the troll emote?
17:37 <Madbootdude> Show's cancelled
17:37 <Dps04> black I guess, dororo
17:37 <Madbootdude> G'bye
17:37 <The Director of PSA> Dps04: *waddles* waddle on *waddles*
17:37 <Dps04> (troll)
17:37 <Twinkie102> ( troll )
17:37 <Sharkbate> ew no
17:37 <PlayerPenguin> ok
17:37 <Thebigfoot1> I say blue
17:37 <Sharkbate> that song irritates me
17:37 <Lilly flower> (trollface)
17:37 <PlayerPenguin> (troll)
17:38 <Super Miron> ([[]]troll), ([[]]trollface) and ([[]]trollmeme) are the same emotes
17:38 <Twinkie102> (troll) :D
17:38 <Dororo111122> GN about maybe half the people here dont like you
17:38 <Madbootdude> I'm done the video
17:38 <Lilly flower> bye
17:38 <Thebigfoot1> (Troll) :D
17:38 <Dororo111122> reason: DRAMA
17:38 -!- Lilly flower has left Special:Chat.
17:38 <Sharkbate> (troll) (trollface) (trollmeme)
17:38 <Madbootdude> It won't be on Youtube, however
17:38 <Klump Strangeglove> I posted the wrong pic of Krusha
17:38 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
17:38 <Madbootdude> It will be downloadable
17:38 <Dororo111122> we need to crop the troll emote
17:38 <Apj26> Who wants a free coin code?
17:38 <Green Ninja> Doubt it Dororo
17:38 <Dororo111122> say I if you hate GN
17:38 <Twinkie102> Apj, for real?
17:38 <Madbootdude> Let me set up the download link
17:38 <Madbootdude> I
17:38 <Thebigfoot1> The Wikia Bunch, Season 1, Episode 1: Chat Drama
17:38 <The Director of PSA> I
17:38 <Twinkie102> I
17:38 <C H U N K Y> apj that is old
17:38 <Dororo111122> I
17:38 <Preston108> I
17:39 <Apj26> HEY
17:39 <C H U N K Y> He says !I do too"
17:39 <Green Ninja> I lnow tiis trickaph
17:39 <Klump Strangeglove> There we go
17:39 <Green Ninja> Apj
17:39 <Apj26> You are all rude
17:39 <C H U N K Y> y?
17:39 <Dororo111122> 5/16 people hate GN
17:39 <Thebigfoot1> Not sayng that letter.
17:39 <Preston108> Hes getting really annoying...
17:39 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
17:39 <Apj26> And mean
17:39 <The Director of PSA> This would be better if we never promoted him
17:39 <Apj26> Do not say you hate people
17:39 <Dororo111122> I HATE CAKE
17:39 <Super Miron> Dororo: No, ∞/16 people hate GN
17:39 <Mikeymkwii> ALL?! @APJ
17:39 <Preston108> :O
17:39 <The Director of PSA> I Hate Cake too
17:39 <Thebigfoot1> I'm not rude
17:39 <The Director of PSA> Cake is disgusting lol
17:39 <Green Ninja> Whydoes evrybody hate me :(
17:39 <Twinkie102> !welcome Stop the arguments!!! :/
17:39 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Stop the arguments!!! :/! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
17:40 <Dororo111122> GN exaggeration
17:40 <Preston108> Pie is tastier then cake
17:40 <Dororo111122> 5/16
17:40 <Dps04> I hate someone rude LO
17:40 <Thebigfoot1> Only 5 of them do
17:40 <Super Miron> GN: Because you hate everybody
17:40 <Dps04> :P
17:40 <The Director of PSA> 5/16 hate you
17:40 <Madbootdude> I'm uploading the file to sendspace
17:40 <C H U N K Y> STOP it with hating GN! He has done wrong, and is simply asking for his rights back!
17:40 <The Director of PSA> So stop getting all ;(
17:40 <Green Ninja> You dot know my life
17:40 <Dororo111122> we do
17:40 <Apj26> Lets talk about cute puppys 
17:40 <Apj26> oops
17:40 <Madbootdude> Yeah
17:40 <Dororo111122> you basically told me it
17:40 <Preston108> Yes we do
17:40 <Twinkie102> puppies :D
17:40 <Madbootdude> Cute puppies
17:40 <Super Miron> Yeah, I "dot" know your life
17:40 <Dororo111122> brb lemme find it
17:40 <C H U N K Y> gtg
17:40 <Super Miron> I . know your life.
17:40 <Green Ninja> Yiu dont know me
17:40 <Twinkie102> Bye Chunky
17:40 <The Director of PSA> Puppies must die mwahahahha
17:40 <Preston108> I do
17:40 <PlayerPenguin> (facepalm)
17:40 <The Director of PSA> I hate puppies
17:40 <Madbootdude> I like love puppies
17:40 <Thebigfoot1> No, GN
17:40 <C H U N K Y> cute puppies are.. cute :P ok cya
17:40 <Thebigfoot1> You don't know ME
17:40 <Twinkie102> no ;( puppies should live
17:40 <The Director of PSA> I wish for world war loljk
17:40 <Apj26> *puppies
17:40 <Super Miron> Dead chat
17:40 <Dps04> you never know your life
17:40 <Green Ninja> :P
17:41 <Twinkie102> Dead Chat?!
17:41 <The Director of PSA> Like my father in war
17:41 <Dps04> your life knows you
17:41 <Dps04> :P
17:41 <The Director of PSA> He died
17:41 <Twinkie102> We're all talking XD
17:41 <Preston108> Jj131 is sitting there quietly
17:41 <The Director of PSA> Oh well
17:41 <Madbootdude> Puppies are awesome
17:41 <PlayerPenguin> (facepalm)
17:41 <The Director of PSA> Guess it was his time to die :)
17:41 <Madbootdude>
17:41 <Thebigfoot1> (Facepalm) party!
17:41 <Preston108> ;P
17:41 <Mikeymkwii> Recording chat...
17:41 <Madbootdude> The CP Wiki drama show ep. 1 season 1
17:41 <Madbootdude> Click the link
17:41 <Dps04> haha
17:41 <Apj26> Hi Mum
17:41 <Dororo111122> GN you tweet too much
17:41 <Dps04> whens season 2?
17:41 <Thebigfoot1> What link
17:41 <Madbootdude> After 25 more episodes
17:41 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)(trollface)
17:42 <Super Miron> ͟∞
17:42 <Madbootdude> Click the link
17:42 <Madbootdude> And download
17:42 <Thebigfoot1> What link
17:42 <The Director of PSA> I'm on an ipad
17:42 <Super Miron> ͟∞ = An emote
17:42 <Preston108> Madbootdude = Dororo's friend
17:42 <Super Miron> XD
17:42 <Madbootdude> It's the best thing to happen to TV since SpongeBob.
17:42 <Twinkie102> ∞
17:42 <Twinkie102> _
17:42 <Twinkie102> oops
17:42 <Super Miron> No
17:42 <Super Miron> ͟∞
17:42 <Apj26> Hi
17:42 <Madbootdude>
17:42 <Madbootdude> Click it
17:42 <Super Miron> ͟∞
17:42 <Dororo111122> AHAHA FOUND THE TWEET
17:42 <The Director of PSA> I'm on an ipad
17:42 <Dororo111122> @Dororo111122 @ClubApj But I can't! The wiki is the only thing I do online (besides CP, my blog, and twitter). Nothing to do!
17:42 <Madbootdude> Virus free, and it's free.
17:42 <Thebigfoot1> Episode 2: 25 More Episodes Until Season 2? NO!!!
17:42 <Preston108> XD
17:42 <Green Ninja> Say I if you like me
17:42 <Preston108> Wow!
17:42 <PlayerPenguin> Interesting...
17:42 <Thebigfoot1> I
17:42 <Twinkie102> !updatelogs
17:42 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
17:43 <Preston108> 1/22
17:43 <CPChatBot> Twinkie102: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 36 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
17:43 <Madbootdude> I'll film Ep. 2 when the next drama happens
17:43 <Master Dubstep> Anybody have a Rookie gif?
17:43 <Dororo111122> GN sound familiar? @Dororo111122 @ClubApj But I can't! The wiki is the only thing I do online (besides CP, my blog, and twitter). Nothing to do!
17:43 <Green Ninja> Linch
17:43 <Klump Strangeglove> Guess what? I posted the picture of Dororo
17:43 <Green Ninja> Lunch
17:43 <Klump Strangeglove>'s_Top_10_Friends.png
17:43 <Dororo111122> twinkie dont update logs at small amounts
17:43 <Super Miron> 1/1000000 users hate me
17:43 <Twinkie102> oh right sorry
17:43 <Madbootdude> Download the video, guys
17:43 <Super Miron> (yao)
17:43 <Madbootdude> I actually filmed it
17:43 <PlayerPenguin> Interesting Movie..
17:43 <Klump Strangeglove> Dororo I posted the picture of you
17:43 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
17:43 <Master Dubstep> Miron
17:43 <Master Dubstep> PM pls
17:43 <Dororo111122> @Dororo111122 @ClubApj But I can't! The wiki is the only thing I do online (besides CP, my blog, and twitter). Nothing to do!
17:43 <ClubPenguinSpots> :)
17:44 <Twinkie102> wow...
17:44 <Preston108> lol
17:44 <The Director of PSA> Um
17:44 <The Director of PSA> UM
17:44 <Twinkie102> gn being gn
17:44 <Preston108> no life
17:44 <Preston108> except cp
17:44 <Dororo111122> and i said go play outside and he said: I hate the outdoors!
17:44 <Mikeymkwii> Recording chat again...
17:44 <Twinkie102> wow....
17:44 <Preston108> Wow
17:44 <ClubPenguinSpots> Who thinks Trainman1405 is too old for CP, (he's 17!)
17:44 <Madbootdude> Hi mom
17:44 <Preston108> What a no life
17:44 <Madbootdude> (wave)
17:44 <Twinkie102> ClubPenguinSpots, (facepalm)
17:44 <Madbootdude> I'm on TV!
17:44 <Mikeymkwii> CP Spots, there's someone here who's 18
17:44 <ClubPenguinSpots> LOL
17:44 <Dps04> ClubPenguinSpots, (facepalm)
17:44 <ClubPenguinSpots> Oh
17:44 <Preston108> X_X
17:44 <Twinkie102> Like Sharkbate
17:44 <Dps04> lol
17:44 <Twinkie102> He's 18
17:44 <ClubPenguinSpots> I don't mean to offend anyone
17:45 <Dororo111122> @Dororo111122 @ClubApj I hate the outdoors.
17:45 <Twinkie102> But doesn't play cp anymore xD
17:45 <Twinkie102> Hi
17:45 <Dps04> every age is good to play cp
17:45 <Dps04> hi
17:45 <Dororo111122> 99 isnt
17:45 <Madbootdude> No
17:45 <Twinkie102> LOL Dororo
17:45 <Madbootdude> 120 isn't either
17:45 <Dororo111122> old guy: eehh how do i wave again?
17:45 <Mikeymkwii> 1337 isn't @Dps
17:45 <Madbootdude> LOL
17:45 <Twinkie102> xD
17:45 <ClubPenguinSpots> CP is for 8-12 year olds i think but it's ok if you're older
17:45 <Dps04> 1337 is
17:45 <Madbootdude> Good one, Dororo!
17:45 <Twinkie102> Actually
17:45 <Twinkie102> Designed for 6-14 xD
17:45 <Dps04> if you happen to be that old :P
17:45 <Preston108> I_E <<Internet Explorer face
17:45 <Mikeymkwii> Yea twinkie
17:45 <ClubPenguinSpots> Close enogh
17:45 <Dps04> ikr twinkie
17:45 <Mikeymkwii> i_e
17:45 <Thebigfoot1> MBD post CP Wiki Drama on YouTube :P
17:45 <Dororo111122> diff old guy: whos rockshouper
17:45 <Preston108> ikir Twinkie
17:46 <Madbootdude> I don't have an account
17:46 <ClubPenguinSpots> Who do you think the new mascot will be?
17:46 <Thebigfoot1> Create kne
17:46 <PlayerPenguin> Post It On YT I Cant Watch It On My Computer
17:46 <Mikeymkwii> mad link the sendspace file again
17:46 -!- Hey, Puffle Dude! has joined Special:Chat
17:46 <Preston108> ikir = I know Im right (trollface) @Twinkie
17:46 <Madbootdude> k
17:46 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi guys!
17:46 <Twinkie102> Hi Hey
17:46 <PlayerPenguin> Make One Than
17:46 <Twinkie102> XD
17:46 <Madbootdude>
17:46 <Thebigfoot1> @CPSpots: JPG
17:46 <Dps04> Hey,Penguin Dude!
17:46 <Super Miron> But the "someone" here who is 18 doesn't play CP
17:46 <Preston108> Link it Bigfoot
17:46 <Madbootdude> Virus free, no paying or signing up
17:46 <Madbootdude> Download it
17:46 <ClubPenguinSpots> There is going to be a new mascot soon!
17:46 <Preston108> Why is he on the Wiki then @Miron @Sharkbate
17:46 <Thebigfoot1> What?
17:46 <PlayerPenguin> I Can't Watch It! My Computer Wont Let Me
17:47 <Thebigfoot1> Link what?
17:47 <Twinkie102> Preston
17:47 <Twinkie102> He can still be here
17:47 <PlayerPenguin> Upload It On YT
17:47 <Preston108> ik
17:47 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> I got a virus with the link just now
17:47 <Preston108> ikir (trollface)
17:47 <Thebigfoot1> I can't watch it with my CMO
17:47 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Adware
17:47 <Thebigfoot1> CMP
17:47 <ClubPenguinSpots> Anyone here follow me on twitter? I'm @CPSpots
17:47 <ClubPenguinSpots> Just wobdering
17:47 <Mikeymkwii> I saw your twitter account CPSpots
17:47 <Twinkie102> no I don't follow u yet
17:47 <Preston108> I just downloaded what MBD linked!
17:47 <Mikeymkwii> ;)
17:47 <ClubPenguinSpots> cOOL
17:47 <PlayerPenguin> No i Dont have A Twitter (trollface) (trollface)
17:47 <Madbootdude> Great
17:47 <Preston108> It had a virus guys!
17:47 <The Director of PSA> Can I see the link?
17:47 <Madbootdude> Really?
17:47 <Twinkie102> Madboot is giving viruses?
17:47 <Madbootdude> NO
17:48 <Preston108> >:O
17:48 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> I got a virus with the link and adware virus
17:48 <The Director of PSA> Almost every downloads have viruses?
17:48 <ClubPenguinSpots> I'm putting my blog on hold
17:48 <The Director of PSA> Cuz I went on my ipad
17:48 <Madbootdude> (facepalm)
17:48 <The Director of PSA> And then I downloaded it
17:48 <Super Miron> no offence intended, but
17:48 <Super Miron> Who ate my head?
17:48 <The Director of PSA> And now it's not loading correctly
17:48 <ClubPenguinSpots> I'm making the largest collecton of CP Party screenshots ever! TOP SECRET
17:48 <Super Miron> (troll)
17:48 <Super Miron> ͟∞ ͟∞ ͟∞ ͟∞
17:48 <Mikeymkwii> MAD
17:48 <Mikeymkwii> THE FILE NAME IS LaterSearch 6.5.0.rar
17:48 <The Director of PSA> So it's probably a virus
17:48 <ClubPenguinSpots> How do u do that wierd face?
17:48 <Madbootdude> WHAT!?
17:48 <PlayerPenguin> ( trollface )
17:48 <Madbootdude> Lemme see
17:48 <The Director of PSA> Just upload it to youtube
17:48 <ClubPenguinSpots> yeah
17:48 <The Director of PSA> (trollface)
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> that one
17:49 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (trollface)
17:49 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> I did it
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> The wierd face
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> How do u do it?
17:49 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)=( trollface ) facepalm= ( facepalm )
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> =
17:49 <PlayerPenguin> No.
17:49 <The Director of PSA> ( trollface) without the spaces in between
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> trollface
17:49 <PlayerPenguin> With ( these
17:49 <PlayerPenguin> (
17:49 <PlayerPenguin> )
17:49 <The Director of PSA> (trollface)
17:49 <ClubPenguinSpots> (
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> (facepalm)
17:50 <ClubPenguinSpots> How do u do the freaky face?
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
17:50 <Twinkie102> ( troll )
17:50 <Master Dubstep> (dp)
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> Its A Trollface
17:50 <ClubPenguinSpots> (trollface)
17:50 <The Director of PSA> (troll)
17:50 <Preston108> Shh Dont tell momma!
17:50 <Twinkie102> GTG Guys
17:50 <ClubPenguinSpots> (trollface)
17:50 <The Director of PSA> (Master Dubstep)?
17:50 <The Director of PSA> Lol
17:50 <Preston108> Thats a store guys
17:50 <Twinkie102> or brb
17:50 <Twinkie102> Idk
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> (dubstep)
17:50 <Twinkie102> Cya in a few
17:50 <ClubPenguinSpots> (facepalm)
17:50 <The Director of PSA> (dubstep)
17:50 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> How do u do dubstep?
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> ( dubstep )
17:50 <The Director of PSA> You just left click cursor on the icon
17:50 <PlayerPenguin> :)
17:50 <ClubPenguinSpots> (dubstep)
17:50 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (dubstep)
17:50 <Master Dubstep> (dubstep)
17:50 <The Director of PSA> And you'll see the code
17:51 <Klump Strangeglove> (dubstep)
17:51 <The Director of PSA> (dubstep)
17:51 <Mikeymkwii> MD
17:51 <The Director of PSA> (TDPSA)
17:51 <Mikeymkwii>
17:51 <ClubPenguinSpots> (dubstep) (dubstep) (dubstep) awesome!!
17:51 <The Director of PSA> I'm a (TDPSA)
17:51 <Preston108> Saying Oh eeoh eeoh oh
17:51 -!- Edrussell1203 has left Special:Chat.
17:51 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (facepalm)
17:51 <Preston108> Lyrics
17:51 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:51 <Fottymaddy> Hi! :D Im back!
17:51 <ClubPenguinSpots> (star)
17:51 <The Director of PSA> I hate Scream and Shout according to (TDPSA)
17:51 <Fottymaddy> (WAVE)
17:51 <Fottymaddy> Hey guys!
17:51 <PlayerPenguin> (star)
17:51 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi!
17:51 <Fottymaddy> Hi david
17:51 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:51 <David231099> hi
17:51 <Fottymaddy> Im watching the voice UK
17:51 <ClubPenguinSpots> how do u do waving penguin?
17:51 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (WAVE)
17:51 <Fottymaddy> The first singer was epic!
17:52 <Preston108> Scream and shot and let herbert out!
17:52 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> ( WAVE )
17:52 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
17:52 <Madbootdude>  Well too bad you guys can't see the video
17:52 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:52 <ClubPenguinSpots> (penguin)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> I wanna scream snd shout
17:52 <Preston108> The Voice sucks
17:52 <David231099> so's my mom @fotty
17:52 <Fottymaddy> And let herbert out!
17:52 <David231099> ikr
17:52 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (breakdance)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> The voice rocks >:P
17:52 <ClubPenguinSpots> how do u do dancing penguin?
17:52 <Madbootdude> Has anyone seen my latest story, Herbzilla?
17:52 <Madbootdude>
17:52 <Fottymaddy> O_O
17:52 <Fottymaddy> Its not as busy as earlier..
17:52 <Preston108> The UK one I guess does, but the U.S one is awful
17:52 <PlayerPenguin> (yaoming)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:52 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> :P
17:52 <PlayerPenguin> :(
17:52 <David231099> Type in(breakdance) CP Spots
17:52 <Fottymaddy> Has twinkie gone?
17:52 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:52 <The Director of PSA> (breakdance) by (TDPSA)
17:52 <PlayerPenguin> (breakdance)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> And GN?
17:52 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:52 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:52 <PlayerPenguin> (wave)
17:52 <Fottymaddy> Awh :|
17:52 <David231099> seems so
17:53 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie is a good cm :)
17:53 <PlayerPenguin> (dance)
17:53 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
17:53 <Thebigfoot1> Would I be a good cm?
17:53 <Fottymaddy> Yes
17:53 <Mikeymkwii> For some reason, I am recording chat again.
17:53 <Mikeymkwii> :/
17:53 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
17:53 -!- Wadberg has joined Special:Chat
17:53 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:53 -!- Wadberg has left Special:Chat.
17:53 -!- Wadberg has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <David231099> hi
17:53 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> (dance) (breakdance) (WAVE)
17:53 <PlayerPenguin> (yaoming)
17:53 <Fottymaddy> For me, david is amazing CM
17:53 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:53 <PlayerPenguin> :(
17:53 <Wadberg> Fuck You!
17:53 -!- Wadberg was kicked from Special:Chat by CPChatBot
17:53 <David231099> thanks :)
17:53 <David231099> :o
17:53 <The Director of PSA> (wave)
17:53 <Fottymaddy> :o
17:53 <Jeserator> ok!
17:53 <Fottymaddy> CUSS
17:53 <Mikeymkwii> da heck
17:53 <Fottymaddy> BAN
17:53 <Apj26> Thanks
17:53 <ClubPenguinSpots> Who do you think will be the new mascot later this year? It was confirmed in this tweet by someone at CP Summit!!
17:53 <Fottymaddy> BAN!
17:53 <Fottymaddy> Must ban him
17:53 <Apj26> you don't say 
17:53 <Fottymaddy> >:(
17:53 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:53 <Jeserator> lol
17:54 <David231099> if he comes back
17:54 <Fottymaddy> (YAO)
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Apj
17:54 <PlayerPenguin> (angry)
17:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> Ban who?
17:54 <Fottymaddy> U watching the voice?
17:54 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <PlayerPenguin> (wink)
17:54 <Apj26> Don't ban him
17:54 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <Mikeymkwii> he just hates the cpwiki
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Its epic right now!
17:54 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys have you seen my story based on Madbootdude's?
17:54 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
17:54 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <Jeserator> hes fun
17:54 -!- Waddleplay has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:54 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:54 <Fottymaddy> 9wave)
17:54 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Chat is re-born!
17:54 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hey! (WAVE)
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Its busy
17:54 <Super Miron> Stop causing a drama everytime someone swears
17:54 <Fottymaddy> o_o
17:54 <PlayerPenguin> How To You Do The Yaoming One?
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Sorry miron..
17:54 <David231099> i suppose so
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Step back.
17:54 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:54 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> When I first joined there was some idiot who I think Fottymaddy banee
17:54 -!- Waddleplay has left Special:Chat.
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Cussing is a disgrace
17:54 <Apj26> Don't ban him i have blocked
17:54 <ClubPenguinSpots> good fottymaddy!
17:54 <David231099> k
17:54 <Fottymaddy> Thanks!
17:54 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:54 <Preston108> Want a oi
17:54 <Fottymaddy> (dance)
17:55 <Klump Strangeglove> Fot, is Herbzilla an giant mutant insect or not?
17:55 <Fottymaddy> LOL
17:55 <Fottymaddy> ..
17:55 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:55 <PlayerPenguin> How to you do the white asian guy face?
17:55 <Mikeymkwii> lol i got it on camera
17:55 <Fottymaddy> Lol
17:55 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:55 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> Ban all idiots! There are a lot of them. Spamming this chat and swearing!
17:55 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
17:55 <The Director of PSA> quack you
17:55 <The Director of PSA> lol
17:55 <Fottymaddy> :o
17:55 <Preston108> Ban CP Spots
17:55 <Fottymaddy> >:(
17:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> LOL
17:55 <Dps04> asian guy white face
17:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> Why?
17:55 <Klump Strangeglove> quack?
17:55 <Fottymaddy> (YAO)
17:55 <Dps04> you mean this?
17:55 <Dps04> (troll)
17:55 <Fottymaddy> Quack quack
17:55 <Preston108> He called everyone idiots
17:55 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:55 <PlayerPenguin> no
17:55 -!- Snorp09 has joined Special:Chat
17:55 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:55 <The Director of PSA> quacky quack quack
17:55 <Dps04> (yao)
17:55 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:55 <ClubPenguinSpots> NO
17:55 <Dps04> this?
17:55 <PlayerPenguin> That what fottymaddy did
17:55 <Fottymaddy> :d
17:56 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
17:56 <Preston108> Ban
17:56 <Klump Strangeglove> ducks are like quack
17:56 <Fottymaddy> Me??
17:56 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:56 <PlayerPenguin> yes
17:56 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> The glory of chat emotes! (troll)
17:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> I just said some people who swear on this chat r idiots
17:56 <Fottymaddy> All i said was quack..
17:56 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:56 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
17:56 <Preston108> Fottymaddy is the greatest CM ever! :D
17:56 <Fottymaddy> .
17:56 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:56 <Klump Strangeglove> (:O) BAN PLAYER
17:56 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <Mikeymkwii> why
17:56 <Fottymaddy> :O
17:56 <PlayerPenguin> :O
17:56 <Samantas5855> he is a good cm
17:56 <Fottymaddy> Thanks PJ!
17:56 <The Director of PSA> (XD) (lol) (wave) (breakdance) (TDPSA) (trollface) (dance) (face palm) (facepalm) (mariobilly)
17:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> Why?
17:56 <Fottymaddy> Your a good user :)
17:56 <Preston108> np :)
17:56 <Klump Strangeglove> wow
17:56 -!- The Director of PSA was kicked from Special:Chat by Fottymaddy
17:56 <Preston108> Thank you
17:56 <Samantas5855> smiley spam
17:56 <ClubPenguinSpots> Fottymaddy rocks!
17:56 -!- Luismaverdyum has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <David231099> hi
17:56 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:56 <Samantas5855> hi
17:56 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:57 <The Director of PSA> ahaha (lol)
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Smiley spam @director
17:57 <Klump Strangeglove> lotta emotes
17:57 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:57 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:57 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> guys
17:57 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Yep?
17:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> NEW MASCOT CONFIRMED!!
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Chat is busy as you can see O_O
17:57 <Fottymaddy> :o
17:57 <PlayerPenguin> (laugh)
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> do you really think that medieval party will be cancelled?
17:57 <The Director of PSA> There will be no medieval party
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Awesome :D
17:57 <The Director of PSA> Yers
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> buyt
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> but
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> but but
17:57 <The Director of PSA> Cuzsnow party replaces it
17:57 <Fottymaddy> ...
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> i love that party!!
17:57 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
17:57 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> No. I think medieval will happen later in the year
17:57 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:57 <Fottymaddy> 23 on chat?
17:57 <PlayerPenguin> There's gonna Be A School in CP
17:57 <The Director of PSA> but but but boohoo ;( lol just kidding
17:57 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
17:57 <Fottymaddy> XD
17:57 <Fottymaddy> School gonna be awesome
17:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> cos polo field said it wont be in may
17:57 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Medieval party is my favorite party
17:57 <Luismaverdyum> SCHOOL???
17:57 <Samantas5855> i cuss in
17:57 <ClubPenguinSpots> not cancelled
17:58 <Luismaverdyum> MORE PREPS???'
17:58 <Fottymaddy> O_O
17:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> so it will happen
17:58 <Luismaverdyum> SPIKE HIKE!!!!
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Ahhh :|
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Spike saturday on today?
17:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> just later in year
17:58 <Fottymaddy> I hope!
17:58 <The Director of PSA> cancelled but but but ;( lol just kidding guys
17:58 <Luismaverdyum> medieval party could happen
17:58 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> I heard about the school. Ugh..
17:58 <Luismaverdyum> look
17:58 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
17:58 <Dps04> gtg
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Man, why is chat busy!
17:58 <Dps04> bye
17:58 <Fottymaddy> bye
17:58 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Bye
17:58 <Samantas5855> bye
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Bye dps!
17:58 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
17:58 <Dps04> (wave)
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Hi master
17:58 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> BYE
17:58 <Fottymaddy> So long dps 
17:58 <David231099> bye (wave)
17:58 <ClubPenguinSpots> What is a prep?
17:58 <Fottymaddy> :)
17:58 <Apj26> >:O
17:58 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> A prep is a penguin
17:58 <Luismaverdyum>
17:58 <The Director of PSA> Nope Luis: :o it must be Spike Hike ;(
17:58 -!- Luismaverdyum has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Fottymaddy> O_O
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
17:58 <Samantas5855> hi
17:58 <Fottymaddy> :
17:58 <Fottymaddy> :D
17:58 <Apj26> Some of you guys are mean
17:58 <Fottymaddy> Hai mario
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Me?
17:59 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi! (WAVE)
17:59 <Snorp09> Samantas no links to cpps please
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Apj, i didnt do anything.
17:59 <The Director of PSA> It's a  joke
17:59 <Fottymaddy> :|
17:59 <Samantas5855> ok
17:59 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
17:59 <Fottymaddy> The boys are back in town!
17:59 <Mikeymkwii> wow :/
17:59 <Apj26>
17:59 <The Director of PSA> Cuz I know sad you guys are
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Apj!
17:59 <Fottymaddy> I wasnt involved.
17:59 <Fottymaddy> So im not mean :D
17:59 -!- Luismaverdyum has joined Special:Chat
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Is spike saturday today?
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:59 <The Director of PSA> Why won't you just demote Dororo
17:59 <The Director of PSA> If he'
17:59 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi!
17:59 <Luismaverdyum> medieval party will happen
17:59 <David231099> hi and hi
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Hola.
17:59 <The Director of PSA> If he's mean
17:59 <Fottymaddy> :P
17:59 <Fottymaddy> Hi
17:59 <Fottymaddy> So many user
17:59 <David231099> wb
17:59 <ClubPenguinSpots> Anyone go on It is this cool CPPS! I think WaltCP created it.
17:59 <David231099> hi
18:00 <Fottymaddy> 24...
18:00 <The Director of PSA> why won't you just demote Dororo?
18:00 <Franky bob> So bored so I came here to this place
18:00 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:00 <Luismaverdyum> look cp spoiled this year parties
18:00 <Rhysw2002> hi guys!
18:00 <Fottymaddy> Dororo is a good CM
18:00 <Luismaverdyum>
18:00 <The Director of PSA> If he's being mean
18:00 <Fottymaddy> Hi rhysw!
18:00 <Fottymaddy> *bows*
18:00 <ClubPenguinSpots> yes
18:00 <The Director of PSA> You demoted GN
18:00 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:00 <Mikeymkwii> GUYS
18:00 <Fottymaddy> Its so busy!
18:00 <Rhysw2002> :d
18:00 <The Director of PSA> but you never demoted Dororo
18:00 <Franky bob> I have a feeling it was a HORRIBLE choice
18:00 <Fottymaddy> GN got demoted because he 'quit'
18:00 -!- ClubPenguinSpots has left Special:Chat.
18:00 <Mikeymkwii> anyone heard of pengable 2?
18:00 <The Director of PSA> Apj26 that's something to think about
18:00 <Fottymaddy> Thats a reason.
18:00 <Fottymaddy> O-o
18:00 <Fottymaddy> The boys are back in town!
18:00 <Rhysw2002> (dance)
18:00 <The Director of PSA> But Dororo never got demoted
18:00 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:00 <PlayerPenguin> (cake)
18:00 <Dororo111122> stop pinging me
18:00 <The Director of PSA> And you said he's mean
18:00 <Fottymaddy> (cake) rules :D
18:00 <Fottymaddy> *eats*
18:00 <Luismaverdyum> look medieval party will come
18:00 <PlayerPenguin> (flower)
18:00 <The Director of PSA> (cake) sucks
18:00 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:00 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:00 -!- Fireball5227 has joined Special:Chat
18:00 <The Director of PSA> smashes (Cake)
18:00 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:01 <The Director of PSA> mwahahahaha
18:01 <David231099> hi
18:01 <Luismaverdyum> do you think that this year is the MOST SPOILED ONE??
18:01 <PlayerPenguin> (sad)
18:01 <Franky bob> ...
18:01 <The Director of PSA> nahg
18:01 <Fireball5227> Hi
18:01 <The Director of PSA> I quit cp
18:01 <Fottymaddy> brb
18:01 <The Director of PSA> It's dumb
18:01 <Luismaverdyum> cp gives so many sneack peeks
18:01 <David231099> ikr
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Alot of new users
18:01 <Franky bob> Operation: Blackout started it
18:01 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:01 <The Director of PSA> Just demote Dororo
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Ive just noticed.
18:01 <The Director of PSA> Come on
18:01 <Franky bob> an event everybody was excited for
18:01 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:01 <The Director of PSA> you know you wanna
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Director.
18:01 -!- Rafael Mouta Ferreira has joined Special:Chat
18:01 <Dororo111122> did i not say stop pinging me
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Your not an admin
18:01 <Franky bob> then they spoil everything for the future parties
18:01 <David231099> hi
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Stop changing the decision
18:01 <Fottymaddy> Hi portugal dude
18:01 <The Director of PSA> I know
18:01 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:01 <Mikeymkwii> :D
18:02 <Luismaverdyum>
18:02 <The Director of PSA> If I was an admin, I'd say I'm demoting Dororo
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Ok.
18:02 <Dororo111122> stop pinging me
18:02 <Luismaverdyum> ultimate jam returning?
18:02 <Fottymaddy> But ur not so well done :D
18:02 <Luismaverdyum>
18:02 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
18:02 <The Director of PSA> But I'm not and admin, so I'm not saying that
18:02 <Luismaverdyum> rocky and cec eagain?
18:02 <Preston108> Dororo is awesome!
18:02 <Super Miron> (yao)
18:02 <Dororo111122> ...
18:02 <Fottymaddy> 26 on chat O_O
18:02 <Mariocart25Charizard> :O You know its [[User:Apj26|Apj]]
18:02 <The Director of PSA> (clap)
18:02 <Preston108> Hes always on chat moderating
18:02 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Haha miron
18:02 <Rhysw2002> :d
18:02 <Preston108> Why demote him?
18:02 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
18:02 <Rhysw2002> *shoots web at robots*
18:02 <Fottymaddy> No one deserves demotion right now, ok?
18:02 <Apj26> [[User:Waddleplay]]
18:02 <Fottymaddy> END OFF.
18:02 <Mikeymkwii> mc
18:02 <The Director of PSA> Cuz Apj26 said Dororo's mean
18:02 <Mikeymkwii> MC
18:02 <Super Miron> Guys
18:02 <Mikeymkwii> pm
18:02 <Super Miron>
18:02 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:02 -!- Luismaverdyum has left Special:Chat.
18:02 <Dororo111122> i said stop director
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Miron
18:02 <David231099> brb
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Funny pic XD
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Ok
18:02 -!- Ravenchamp has joined Special:Chat
18:02 <Super Miron> Thanks
18:02 <Super Miron> XP
18:02 <Fireball5227> This is all a foreign language to me...
18:02 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:03 <Fottymaddy> :/
18:03 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Not Rocky and Cece!
18:03 <David231099> hi
18:03 <Mikeymkwii> OMG ravenchamp hi
18:03 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:03 <David231099> ikr @Hey
18:03 <Fottymaddy> Hey raven
18:03 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi! (WAVE)
18:03 <Fottymaddy> Hi arsenal
18:03 <Franky bob> No way
18:03 <David231099> hi
18:03 <Fottymaddy> So busy :D
18:03 <Arsenal55702> people y u serious :/
18:03 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance)
18:03 <Franky bob> A NEW user
18:03 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:03 <Arsenal55702> xP
18:03 <Fottymaddy> 27?
18:03 <Franky bob> Has some sense!
18:03 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:03 <Fottymaddy> So busy!
18:03 <Arsenal55702> caps
18:03 <David231099> caps
18:03 <Dororo111122> ravenchamp
18:03 <David231099> hi
18:03 <The Director of PSA> Choose two more chat mods
18:03 <Fottymaddy> HI!
18:03 <Preston108> Hey Franky :D
18:03 <Super Miron> guys
18:03 <Super Miron>
18:03 <Fottymaddy> It never ends!
18:03 <Ravenchamp> Caps lock was on
18:03 <Fottymaddy> *SCREAMS*
18:03 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi! (WAVE)
18:03 <John18065> Hey Fotty
18:03 <Arsenal55702> no @psa
18:03 <Fottymaddy> Too many users!
18:03 <The Director of PSA> to replace Llove and Samantas
18:03 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
18:03 <Fottymaddy> Roo many D:
18:03 <Fottymaddy> too many
18:03 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:03 <The Director of PSA> Maybe Mario and Potato
18:03 <Dororo111122> samantas was a temp
18:03 <Fottymaddy> 28?
18:03 <John18065> Great To See Ya
18:03 <Fottymaddy> come on!
18:03 <Preston108> ;O
18:03 <Fottymaddy> 2 more users for record :D
18:03 <Dororo111122> twinkie replaced llove
18:03 <Ravenchamp> ?
18:03 <Super Miron> why not me?
18:03 <The Director of PSA> Fine maybe Mario
18:03 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
18:04 <Fottymaddy> I chose twinkie for cm.
18:04 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:04 <Super Miron> D:<
18:04 <John18065> (Clap)
18:04 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:04 <The Director of PSA> Maybe Mario should be chat mod
18:04 <Fottymaddy> Miron should maybe be mod.
18:04 <Mikeymkwii> guys get more ppl on chat :d
18:04 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:04 <David231099> !updated
18:04 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 21:25 ago. There are currently ~695 lines in the log buffer.
18:04 <Fottymaddy> 2 more users
18:04 <Dororo111122> mariobilly or mariocart
18:04 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> I'm fine with whoever for chat mod.
18:04 <The Director of PSA> No
18:04 <Ravenchamp> Btw tell shark hi
18:04 <The Director of PSA> Mariocart25 or Potato
18:04 <Fottymaddy> Hi!
18:04 <The Director of PSA> Potato is already nominated
18:04 <Fottymaddy> Busy chat!
18:04 <Blitzzy> hi
18:04 <David231099> :o 695 lines in 21 mins?
18:04 <Franky bob> You guys are really hyper
18:04 <Fottymaddy> 1 MORE USER
18:04 <Mikeymkwii> 1 more!
18:04 <David231099> hi
18:04 <Fottymaddy> I REPEAT!
18:04 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi! (WAVE)
18:04 <John18065> How Do You Become A Mod
18:04 <Fottymaddy> 1 MORE!
18:04 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
18:04 <Blitzzy> eh?
18:04 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:04 <The Director of PSA> Cuz Penguin-Pal said he might choose him for chat mod
18:04 <Franky bob> How much coffee do you consume per second?
18:04 <Fottymaddy> Woot (troll)
18:04 <PlayerPenguin> (facepalm)
18:04 <The Director of PSA> Cuz Potato's under consideration
18:04 <Dororo111122> I live for coffee
18:05 <The Director of PSA> Cuz Potato talked to Penguin-Pal about iy
18:05 <Mikeymkwii> 28 people on chat.
18:05 <Franky bob> Of course
18:05 <The Director of PSA> *it
18:05 <John18065> Franky Bob?
18:05 <Fottymaddy> ARGH
18:05 -!- Lilly flower has joined Special:Chat
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Here comes the lag.
18:05 <Dororo111122> kyoryuger western! yeehaw
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:05 <Fottymaddy> 1 MORE
18:05 <David231099> hi
18:05 <Lilly flower> sup
18:05 <Fottymaddy> 29!
18:05 <John18065> Stompin Bob?
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:05 <The Director of PSA> quack
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Nice avatar O_O
18:05 <John18065> And Franky
18:05 <The Director of PSA> No lag
18:05 -!- Rhysw2002 has left Special:Chat.
18:05 <PlayerPenguin> (breakdance) (wave) (dance) (trollface)
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Cant we split this chat into 2?
18:05 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:05 <Lilly flower> thx?
18:05 <David231099> 2 more@fotty
18:05 <John18065> O+o
18:05 <Lilly flower> no
18:05 <Fottymaddy> Too much traffic
18:05 <Lilly flower> lol
18:05 <Fottymaddy> I cant read what ppl are saying...
18:05 <Apj26> Sharkbate
18:05 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:05 <Blitzzy> now we need 3 more :3
18:05 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
18:05 <Dororo111122> !updated
18:05 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: The logs were last updated 00:07 ago. There are currently ~760 lines in the log buffer.
18:05 -!- Rhysw2002 has joined Special:Chat
18:06 <Franky bob> Very Hyper
18:06 <David231099> :o
18:06 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 759 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:06 <Lilly flower> hi
18:06 <Super Miron>
18:06 <Dororo111122> weird
18:06 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:06 <Klump Strangeglove> Trying to import the pic of Obvious
18:06 <Super Miron> ̶|
18:06 <Fottymaddy> Wadberg really hates us..
18:06 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:06 <PlayerPenguin> I Was On The Picture..
18:06 <David231099> ...
18:06 <Dororo111122> [[User:Wadberg]]
18:06 <Apj26> Sharkbate
18:06 <Fottymaddy> 749 lines.
18:06 <Klump Strangeglove> (:O)
18:06 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:06 <Blitzzy> Lol Miron
18:06 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:06 <Franky bob> Good for him
18:06 <Franky bob> I'm not Wikia's biggest fan either
18:06 <Fottymaddy> *SCREAMS*
18:06 <Fottymaddy> User traffic
18:06 <Fottymaddy> >:?
18:06 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
18:06 <Franky bob> Lay off the coffee
18:06 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:07 <John18065> (Swaer)
18:07 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:07 <Mikeymkwii> ?
18:07 <David231099> ...
18:07 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:07 <John18065> (Swear)
18:07 <Franky bob> You can't spell swear? lol
18:07 <Fottymaddy> (FACEPALM)
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Fail XD
18:07 <John18065> (Yell)
18:07 <David231099> (lol)
18:07 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:07 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
18:07 <John18065> (Laugh)
18:07 <Rhysw2002> bored
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Oh this chat rocks :)
18:07 <Fottymaddy> (peace)
18:07 <Franky bob> No, it doesn't
18:07 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:07 <Lilly flower> lol
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Go away then
18:07 <Mikeymkwii> Franky
18:07 <David231099> ...
18:07 <Fottymaddy> If you dont like it.
18:07 <Franky bob> No
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Shoo
18:07 <Mikeymkwii> That's your opinionLOL
18:07 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:07 <Franky bob> I wouldn't go unless I feel like it
18:07 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Good
18:07 <Dororo111122> or unless we kick
18:07 <Fireball5227> Who's Franky bob and why's he so negative?
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Ikr
18:07 <David231099> ikr
18:07 <Mikeymkwii> IKR
18:07 <Fottymaddy> Idk him 
18:08 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:08 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:08 <Lilly flower> ikr
18:08 <Klump Strangeglove> I FINALLY DID IT
18:08 <Fottymaddy> Good point fireball.
18:08 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:08 <David231099> lol chain
18:08 <Franky bob> Who are YOU then?
18:08 <David231099> :p
18:08 <Fireball5227> :)
18:08 <Fottymaddy> me?
18:08 <Master Dubstep> Find the Rainbow Puffle
18:08 <Fireball5227> Who am I?
18:08 <Fottymaddy> Im one of the most well known users here...
18:08 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:08 <Fireball5227> I'm awesome.
18:08 <John18065> Does Anyone Wanna Meet On Club Penguin?
18:08 <Preston108> Fotty, do you like Mikeymkwii?
18:08 <Fottymaddy> Too busy
18:08 <Fottymaddy> Yes
18:08 <Fireball5227> And I'm new I guess
18:08 <Franky bob> You only made 2 edits
18:08 <Fottymaddy> I like virtually everyone on this chat
18:08 <Franky bob> I made like 4,000 of them on this wiki prior to the move
18:08 <PlayerPenguin> (slenderman)
18:09 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
18:09 <Fottymaddy> Franky!
18:09 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
18:09 <John18065> (Surprised)
18:09 <Fottymaddy> Your 5 edits from 4000!
18:09 <Klump Strangeglove> that's me in this picture!!!
18:09 <Fottymaddy> Im on like over 8,700 (yao)
18:09 <PlayerPenguin> I Have 0 Edits
18:09 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:09 <Fottymaddy> Edit then!
18:09 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
18:09 <Fottymaddy> Help the wiki
18:09 <The Director of PSA> I have a sockpuppet
18:09 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:09 <Mikeymkwii> Guys, don't listen to franky bob.. he's really negative and hateful and boastful towards other users. 
18:09 <David231099> (...) yes
18:09 <Franky bob> No
18:09 <John18065> NOO
18:09 <Klump Strangeglove> I HAVE 242 EDITS
18:09 <Fottymaddy> The voice rocks!
18:09 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:09 <PlayerPenguin> Im Gonna Try To Edit Than
18:09 -!- Arsenal55702 has left Special:Chat.
18:09 <David231099> ok
18:09 <Franky bob> Good for you!!!
18:09 <The Director of PSA> *brings out sock*
18:09 <Fireball5227> I have 3... I'm jealous
18:09 <Franky bob> Congratulations you have almost 250 edits
18:09 <Super Miron> I'm ͚͛M̡᷿̿̿̚i᷿᷀︣ͯͯ͌͢͢͢r︢︣͢͢o͏̷᷂̻︠᷉n̳̼︡͛.
18:09 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:09 <Lilly flower> lol
18:09 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:10 <John18065> xD
18:10 <Klump Strangeglove> :D
18:10 <Preston108> Franky
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Im nearly my lifetime target of 10,000!
18:10 <Franky bob> And that's NOT spam?
18:10 <John18065> XD
18:10 <Fottymaddy> So proud
18:10 <Super Miron> buh, I'm ͚͛M̡᷿̿̿̚i᷿᷀︣ͯͯ͌͢͢͢r︢︣͢͢o͏̷᷂̻︠᷉n̳̼︡͛
18:10 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:10 <Apj26> I'm kicking people for saying they hate gn
18:10 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:10 <Fireball5227> I'd edit the Rookie page and add something about Operation: Hot Sauce but I can't for some reason
18:10 <Apj26> So
18:10 <Preston108> Want to join my weather Wiki Franky?
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Apj
18:10 <David231099> ...
18:10 <Fottymaddy> I dont hate gn.
18:10 -!- The Director of PSA was kicked from Special:Chat by Apj26
18:10 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:10 <Apj26> thats one
18:10 <Mikeymkwii> i don't hate gn
18:10 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:10 <John18065> Thats Annoying Now
18:10 <David231099> i dont
18:10 <Fottymaddy> O_o
18:10 <Super Miron> buh... I'm ͚͛M̡᷿̿̿̚i᷿᷀︣ͯͯ͌͢͢͢r︢︣͢͢o͏̷᷂̻︠᷉n̳̼︡͛
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Hes a good friend STILL.
18:10 -!- Preston108 was kicked from Special:Chat by Apj26
18:10 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:10 <Dororo111122> i have refreshed a lot
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Why ?
18:10 <Franky bob> Strict rules, as always
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Stop it!
18:10 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:10 -!- Dororo111122 was kicked from Special:Chat by Apj26
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Apj stop it
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Stop kicking!
18:10 <Fireball5227> Why is everyone being kicked?
18:10 <David231099> :o
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Thats it >:(
18:10 <Mikeymkwii> franky you're always negative
18:10 <Dororo111122> BAHOOEY
18:10 <John18065> Fudge
18:10 <Franky bob> At least this is entertaining to watch you guys argue "over a cookie"
18:10 <Fottymaddy> *throws cake at*
18:10 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm gonna leave Wikia in December 21 2025.
18:10 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:10 <Fottymaddy> Take that!
18:11 <Apj26> What?
18:11 <Mikeymkwii> franky
18:11 <Super Miron> what did they all do?!
18:11 <David231099> (xd)
18:11 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:11 <Fottymaddy> stop kicking
18:11 <Dororo111122> i still ha-strongly dislike him
18:11 <David231099> ikr Miron
18:11 <Apj26> You were kicked for being rude
18:11 <Fottymaddy> Me>
18:11 <Fottymaddy> I  wasnt kicked (yao)
18:11 <Fottymaddy> And i didnt hate GN.
18:11 <Mikeymkwii> I "dislike" GN
18:11 <Mikeymkwii> Not HATE
18:11 <Dororo111122> is damn still not a cuss
18:11 <Fottymaddy> Hi sandor!
18:11 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:11 <Fottymaddy> No
18:11 <David231099> hi
18:11 <SandorL> Hello
18:11 <Mikeymkwii> Hi
18:11 <Fottymaddy> Nice to see ya
18:11 <SandorL> I have a sir[rose
18:11 <Fottymaddy> Busy chat :)
18:11 <SandorL> *surprise
18:11 <Super Miron> but I'm ͚͛M̡᷿̿̿̚i᷿᷀︣ͯͯ͌͢͢͢r︢︣͢͢o͏̷᷂̻︠᷉n̳̼︡͛
18:11 <SandorL>
18:12 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:12 <Mikeymkwii> SANDOR
18:12 <Fottymaddy> Awesome
18:12 <The Director of PSA> :o
18:12 <Fottymaddy> I love it!
18:12 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:12 <Klump Strangeglove> WOW
18:12 <The Director of PSA> not fair
18:12 <Fottymaddy> Its amazing
18:12 <The Director of PSA> Apj
18:12 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:12 <David231099> hi
18:12 <SandorL> Yes Mikey?
18:12 <The Director of PSA> It was a few minutes ago
18:12 <Klump Strangeglove> BEST. PIC. EVER.
18:12 <Fottymaddy> *Crashes head with drums*
18:12 <SandorL> Thanks and hi
18:12 <Super Miron> Sandor, don't post pictures of you in real life O:<
18:12 <Dororo111122> i still ha-strongly dislike GN
18:12 <Fottymaddy> >:D
18:12 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
18:12 <Super Miron> Lol
18:12 <SandorL> Lol Miron
18:12 <Mikeymkwii> crap..
18:12 <Rhysw2002> fotty operation:robot!
18:12 <The Director of PSA> I strongly disliek Gn
18:12 <The Director of PSA> there
18:12 <Super Miron> Oh, Sandor
18:12 <Fottymaddy> Mr fotteh fotteh, yeah :P
18:12 <Super Miron>
18:12 <Super Miron> Late :p
18:12 <The Director of PSA> *dislike
18:12 <SandorL> Ugh
18:12 <Fottymaddy> They call me mr fotteh-tastic.
18:12 <Dororo111122> GN Y U NO STOP RAGING
18:12 <SandorL> That ;ady's still on that
18:12 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:12 <SandorL> *lady's
18:12 <Rhysw2002> fotty look brhind you 
18:12 <Fottymaddy> *Plays tune with guitar*
18:12 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:13 <Rhysw2002> *behind
18:13 <Franky bob> And you guys WOULD yell to him about caps
18:13 <SandorL> SHe swears it's coming some day
18:13 <Mikeymkwii> sandor
18:13 <Fireball5227> lol Dororo you're funny :P
18:13 <Fottymaddy> *hits venom with guitar*
18:13 <Fottymaddy> DIE!
18:13 <Rhysw2002> *robots attack*
18:13 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:13 <Mikeymkwii> pm
18:13 <Rhysw2002> :O
18:13 <Fottymaddy> I watched doctor who (...)
18:13 <Fottymaddy> It sucked..
18:13 <David231099> same
18:13 <Mikeymkwii> no
18:13 <Super Miron> by the way...
18:13 <Super Miron>
18:13 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:13 <David231099> ikr
18:13 <Rhysw2002> *robots capture fotty*
18:13 <Fottymaddy> It was awful
18:13 <David231099> ikr
18:13 <Mikeymkwii> NO FOTTY
18:13 <Franky bob> G00D4Y3W Glad you thought it sucked
18:13 <Fottymaddy> They call me fotty-fantastic!
18:13 <Super Miron> My funny picture of the day -->
18:13 -!- Lilly flower has left Special:Chat.
18:13 <David231099> brb
18:13 <Preston108> Franky
18:13 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:13 <Fottymaddy> Ok dave
18:13 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:13 <Franky bob> Fail to be funny...
18:13 <Preston108> Do you want to be friend with me?
18:13 <Fottymaddy> Yes
18:13 <Rhysw2002> fotty attack the robots!
18:13 <David231099> :p
18:14 <Fottymaddy> *attacks with mind bullets*
18:14 <SandorL> So guys
18:14 <David231099> !updated
18:14 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 08:14 ago. There are currently ~281 lines in the log buffer.
18:14 <SandorL> Which mascot should I redraw next?
18:14 <Fottymaddy> *throws in sea*
18:14 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:14 <The Director of PSA> I strongly dislike many admins
18:14 <SandorL> I really wanna do PH
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Director.
18:14 <Rhysw2002> *robots multiply*
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Its there job.
18:14 <SandorL> But I can't find that thing of her in the igloo
18:14 <Super Miron> no
18:14 <Rhysw2002> :o
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Dont just hate on them.
18:14 <PlayerPenguin> I Made My First Edit :D
18:14 <The Director of PSA> To be stict 10/10
18:14 <Preston108> Franky
18:14 <The Director of PSA> Cool
18:14 <SandorL> It would be amazing
18:14 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:14 <Fireball5227> Excuse me for being a n00b, but what are Admins?
18:14 <Super Miron> Sandor
18:14 <Dororo111122> its not their job to kick if you say you hate people
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Heatwave!
18:14 <Rhysw2002> *robots clone themselves*
18:14 <Super Miron> PM
18:14 <SandorL> I don't do anything with the Club Penguin Band
18:14 <Rhysw2002> :o
18:14 <Preston108> Whats your IRC name?
18:14 <SandorL> I hate them
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Lets go, bud buda bud! Headwave!
18:14 <Fottymaddy> Heatwave*
18:14 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:14 <Preston108> Dororo, wheres the video of chat drama
18:14 <David231099> whats IRC?
18:14 <Dororo111122> i never took a video
18:15 <Fottymaddy> Today is drama day.
18:15 <Rhysw2002> fotty attack loki!
18:15 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:15 <Fottymaddy> *smashes loki with banana*
18:15 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:15 <Rhysw2002> LOL
18:15 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:15 <Rhysw2002> *throws apple*
18:15 <PlayerPenguin> I Can't Make A Blog Post About My First Edit :(
18:15 <Fottymaddy> (LOL)
18:15 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:15 <Dororo111122> i said i was making my kyoryuger playlist on youtube
18:15 <Preston108> Do you know where is at?
18:15 <Rhysw2002> *throws pie*
18:15 <Fottymaddy> Booyah! Oh oh, they call me fotty-fantastic!
18:15 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:15 <Preston108> ;(
18:15 <Dororo111122> burb
18:15 <Fottymaddy> You ok PJ?
18:15 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
18:15 <PlayerPenguin> Yes
18:15 <Snorp09> Twinkie are you here?
18:15 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:16 <Fottymaddy> tWINKIE LEFT
18:16 <Fottymaddy> Sorry for caps
18:16 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:16 <Snorp09> when?
18:16 <Fottymaddy> a while ago
18:16 <Snorp09> today?
18:16 <Fottymaddy> Yes?
18:16 <Snorp09> :|
18:16 <Super Miron> Sandor?
18:16 <Super Miron> PM
18:16 <Fottymaddy> All i want is food! *eats whole store*
18:16 <David231099> Player Penguin
18:16 <Rafael Mouta Ferreira> hello
18:16 <Fottymaddy> Hi rafael
18:16 -!- Jayden1092 has joined Special:Chat
18:16 <Jayden1092> Hola
18:16 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:16 <Fottymaddy> !welcome Jayden
18:16 <CPChatBot> Welcome to the wiki Jayden! Here in the chat you will talk to many users that will be glad to have a conversation with you! If you have any questions look for the users with the moderator badge!
18:16 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:16 <David231099> hi
18:17 <Fottymaddy> Oooh hes not new :|
18:17 <Rafael Mouta Ferreira> it's their gonna be a mediaval party this year?
18:17 <Jayden1092> We have mods here?
18:17 <Franky bob> !welcome Franky bob
18:17 <Fottymaddy> No
18:17 <The Director of PSA>
18:17 <Fottymaddy> Polo confirmed it
18:17 <Fottymaddy> There wont be
18:17 <Fottymaddy> :(
18:17 <Jayden1092> Were havign a school part :(
18:17 <Rafael Mouta Ferreira> damb it
18:17 <Franky bob> CP's worst mistake ever
18:17 <The Director of PSA> To see how good I am at chat mod go to chat
18:17 <Franky bob> Schools
18:17 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:17 <Fottymaddy> Worse than 2012 :|
18:17 <The Director of PSA> My chat
18:17 <Fireball5227> I like school, sometimes
18:17 <Jayden1092> Schools Party ..
18:17 <The Director of PSA> I promise I'll be fair
18:17 <Fottymaddy> The school looks neat
18:17 <Franky bob> I bet that CP will have Herbert chop down all the trees
18:17 <The Director of PSA> and square
18:17 <Fireball5227> Except when there are stupid people
18:17 <Franky bob> and they they steal back the wood Herbert stole
18:17 <Jayden1092> The Superhero PArty wwill be boring .-.
18:17 <Franky bob> and use it to make a School in the forest
18:17 <Jayden1092> Like last year .-.
18:17 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:18 <Fottymaddy> *Squeaks*
18:18 <Jayden1092> XP
18:18 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:18 <Fottymaddy> (YAO)
18:18 <Mariocart25Charizard> School + Made + Preppy
18:18 <Super Miron>
18:18 <Super Miron> Sandor
18:18 <Super Miron> PM
18:18 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:18 <The Director of PSA> I can be good
18:18 <Apj26> o_o
18:18 <The Director of PSA> Just go to my chat
18:18 <The Director of PSA>
18:18 <Fottymaddy> Musr admit.
18:18 <Fottymaddy> must*
18:18 <Fottymaddy> it will make cp preppy with the school :|
18:18 <The Director of PSA> See if I'm bad
18:18 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:19 <Fottymaddy> 23 on chat now :(
18:19 <Fottymaddy> Its lowered
18:19 <Fottymaddy> 22 :|
18:19 <Fottymaddy> 22 is still aloy
18:19 <Fottymaddy> alot*
18:19 <The Director of PSA>
18:19 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:19 <Fottymaddy> Chat is getting dead.
18:19 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has left Special:Chat.
18:19 <Fottymaddy> Oh my..
18:19 <Franky bob> The School is probably for the High School Party everybody voted for on the poll
18:19 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:19 <The Director of PSA>
18:19 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <Franky bob> You made the school
18:19 <Franky bob> not me
18:19 <David231099> better not be
18:19 -!- Skullifreak has joined Special:Chat
18:19 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:19 <David231099> hi
18:19 <Skullifreak> Hey.
18:19 <Fottymaddy> (troll)
18:19 <The Director of PSA> what school?
18:20 <Franky bob> You really haven't heard?
18:20 <Skullifreak> Director, why did you get banned from the chat?
18:20 <The Director of PSA> no
18:20 <Fottymaddy> Why would someone add this to this wiki? :|
18:20 <The Director of PSA> Cuz i called someone mean
18:20 <Super Miron> I'm just gonna get some tomato wax and rub it on [[user:shurow|a walrus]]
18:20 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:20 <Fottymaddy> *Eats block cola*
18:20 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:20 <Skullifreak> Lol.
18:20 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys, I just wanna make a top 10 page
18:20 <Fottymaddy> That would taste nice..
18:20 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:20 <Fottymaddy> Ok
18:21 <PlayerPenguin> :D
18:21 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:21 <Skullifreak> I might make an Experimental Penguins remake.
18:21 <Fottymaddy> (clap)
18:21 <Klump Strangeglove> WOW....
18:21 <Fottymaddy> 1 edit (facepalm)
18:21 <Fottymaddy> Try and work harder
18:21 <PlayerPenguin> Ok
18:21 <Fottymaddy> :)
18:21 <Super Miron> Walrus backwards = Surlaw
18:21 <Fottymaddy> I have high hopes for you!
18:21 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:21 <Skullifreak> For who?
18:21 <Klump Strangeglove> I got 242 edits still I got 8 more edits left so I can become an admin
18:22 <Fottymaddy> Everyone @skulli
18:22 <Fottymaddy> Hi snorp
18:22 <David231099> hi
18:22 <Fottymaddy> i got 8,775 edits :D
18:22 <John18065> Am I Away?
18:22 <Fottymaddy> NO
18:22 <Jeserator> no
18:22 <Fottymaddy> No*
18:22 <Skullifreak> Erhm, no.
18:22 <Franky bob> [[File:Sharkbate_Klump%27s_Top_10_Friends.png|lol]]
18:22 <Klump Strangeglove> HOLY LONELY PONY EATING MACARONI!
18:22 <Fottymaddy> Haha
18:22 <Fottymaddy> CAPS
18:22 <Jeserator> -_-
18:22 <Fottymaddy> And i did caps -_-
18:22 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
18:22 <Skullifreak> Klump.
18:22 <The Director of PSA> Sharkbate's mean
18:22 <Skullifreak> That is breaking the rules.
18:22 <Klump Strangeglove> What?
18:22 <David231099> ca[s
18:22 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:22 <Sharkbate> How am I mean?
18:22 <David231099> *caps
18:22 <Sharkbate> I didn't even SAY anything
18:23 <Jeserator> shark isn't mean
18:23 <Fottymaddy> Director.
18:23 <Fottymaddy> Dont say that to shark
18:23 <Super Miron>
18:23 <Fottymaddy> Shark is a nice guy.
18:23 <Klump Strangeglove> Shark isn't mean
18:23 <Franky bob> [[Sharkbate Klump's Top 10 Friends.png]] lol Shark look at this
18:23 <The Director of PSA> you said this place still exists?
18:23 <John18065> [[Watch Us Break It Down]]
18:23 <Jeserator> Shark will eat you
18:23 <SandorL> Shark, PM
18:23 <Fottymaddy> Trust me, dont get in his bad books.
18:23 <Sharkbate> Yes, I did
18:23 <Franky bob> Seriously Wikia?
18:23 <The Director of PSA> like you were expecting it to not happen
18:23 <Sharkbate> how is that mean?
18:23 <Klump Strangeglove> ahahaha
18:23 <Skullifreak> Super Miron.
18:23 <Fottymaddy> :)
18:23 <Fottymaddy> *cheers on shark*
18:23 <Sharkbate> No, I just forgot about it Director
18:23 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:23 <Sharkbate> Calm down
18:23 <Skullifreak> Is that shurows children walruses?
18:23 <Super Miron> Hm?
18:23 <The Director of PSA> oh
18:23 <Super Miron> LOL
18:23 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:23 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:23 <Franky bob> KD is the new XD
18:23 <Fottymaddy> Shurow has a baby walrus?
18:23 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:23 <Sharkbate> Mario, link that image on IRC because I can't see it enough to copy it
18:23 <Sharkbate> too many peple talking
18:23 <Klump Strangeglove> Walrus shurows!!! hahahahahaha
18:23 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:24 <David231099> (lol(
18:24 <Franky bob> Why is Shurow a meme here?
18:24 <Super Miron> This wiki has an IRC?
18:24 <David231099> (lol)
18:24 <Super Miron> BRB
18:24 <Franky bob> It's not that funny :/
18:24 <Fottymaddy> Because... (lol)
18:24 <Apj26> Shark
18:24 <Skullifreak> Well, is it Super Miron?
18:24 <David231099> fotty pm
18:24 <Fottymaddy> Ok
18:24 <Apj26>
18:24 <The Director of PSA>
18:24 <Franky bob> I might as well make all of you memes
18:24 <Sharkbate> All I get is a typed out link
18:24 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:24 <Twinkie102> Hai
18:24 <Fottymaddy> hI!
18:24 <Apj26> Its you!
18:24 <Fottymaddy> Hi new cm :)
18:24 <Twinkie102> Lol Hi Fotty
18:24 <Fottymaddy> The CM i chose O_O
18:25 <Jeserator> best page
18:25 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:25 <Franky bob> The heck is a CM?
18:25 <Fottymaddy> I have high hopes for twinkie
18:25 <Fottymaddy> (facepalm)
18:25 <Fottymaddy> Chat mod.
18:25 <Klump Strangeglove> ta-daa i invited shark in my top 10 list
18:25 <Franky bob> Yaaay
18:25 <Franky bob> (?)
18:25 <David231099> hi
18:25 <Twinkie102> When was the last time the logs were updated
18:25 <Jeserator> John what is this page?
18:26 <Fottymaddy> (breakdance) break it down!
18:26 <Fottymaddy> !updatelogs
18:26 <Jeserator> lol
18:26 <Twinkie102> I was gonna update them XD
18:26 <Super Miron> does this wiki have an IRC?
18:26 <Fottymaddy> (yao)
18:26 <Fottymaddy> You have next update
18:26 <CPChatBot> Fottymaddy: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 555 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
18:26 <Franky bob> Nope
18:26 <Fottymaddy> 555!
18:26 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:26 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
18:26 <Fottymaddy> (!)
18:26 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
18:26 <Apj26> Twinkie I'm kicking all the people who said i when Dororo said say i if you hate
18:26 <Franky bob> It just has this, a laggy (for most people) chat
18:26 <Mikeymkwii> LOL it could be 556
18:26 <Fottymaddy> Apj dont.
18:26 <Mikeymkwii> dororo likes that number
18:26 <Fottymaddy> Give him a break
18:26 <Franky bob> A lot of mods like to kick I can tell
18:26 <Apj26> No
18:26 <Franky bob> They find amazing excuses to kick
18:26 <Jeserator> i didnt say it do (yao)
18:27 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:27 <Jeserator> *so
18:27 <Fottymaddy> Will i get a kick for this? *plants pie bomb in apjs room*
18:27 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:27 <Apj26> Twinkie?
18:27 <Twinkie102> Yeah?
18:27 <Apj26> Twinkie I'm kicking all the people who said i when Dororo said say i if you hate
18:27 <Franky bob> I guess that explains why
18:27 <Franky bob> People like to get kicked here :)
18:27 <Twinkie102> okay kick me but this doesn't remove my rights does it
18:27 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:27 <John18065> I Just Made A Page
18:27 <Fottymaddy> No
18:27 -!- Twinkie102 was kicked from Special:Chat by Apj26
18:27 <Franky bob> Emotes... -_-
18:27 <Fottymaddy> It doesnt twinkie
18:27 <Fottymaddy> :P
18:28 <Fottymaddy> :)
18:28 <Fottymaddy> See
18:28 <Jeserator> John
18:28 <Fottymaddy> Good as new O_O
18:28 <John18065> Yeah?
18:28 <Jeserator> that item doesnt exist
18:28 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
18:28 <John18065> IT WILL SOON
18:28 -!- Twinkie102 has joined Special:Chat
18:28 <Jeserator> how do you know
18:28 <David231099> caps
18:28 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:28 <Twinkie102> sorry
18:28 <Fottymaddy> Doubt it.
18:28 <John18065> In October 2013
18:28 <Jeserator> How do you know?
18:28 <Jeserator> proof
18:28 <John18065> I Called club Penguin
18:28 <Super Miron> Shark, PM
18:28 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:28 <Jeserator> its just a saying
18:28 <Jeserator> in a song
18:29 <Jeserator> doesnt mean mucj
18:29 <PlayerPenguin> I made my 2nd edit (dance)
18:29 <Jeserator> *much
18:29 <John18065> NO
18:29 <Twinkie102> Congrats Player
18:29 <PlayerPenguin> :D
18:29 <John18065> (Ex)
18:29 <PlayerPenguin> Thanks Twinkle!
18:29 <Klump Strangeglove> omg
18:29 <John18065> My Dogs Ex Wife!
18:29 <David231099> congrats
18:29 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:29 <Fottymaddy> Congrats!
18:29 <Twinkie102> Actually it's Twinkie
18:29 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:29 <Fottymaddy> (lol)
18:29 <Fottymaddy> Twinkle!
18:29 <Fottymaddy> Haha
18:29 <Twinkie102> stop
18:29 <Jeserator> John until you get more info it should be deleted
18:29 <Twinkie102> :P
18:29 <Fottymaddy> Sorry
18:29 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:29 <Twinkie102> :|
18:29 <Fottymaddy> >:(
18:29 <Twinkie102> :P
18:29 <Franky bob> the lol emote bothers me... :S <-- another annoying emote
18:29 <Fottymaddy> (upset)
18:29 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:29 <David231099> hi
18:29 <Twinkie102> Hai
18:29 <Apj26> :s
18:29 <Snorp09> Twinkie
18:29 <Klump Strangeglove> Say I if you invite yourself to my top 10 list
18:29 <John18065> My Dogs Ex Wife Has Some Stuff XD
18:30 <Twinkie102> Yes?
18:30 <Fottymaddy> Take me outside, up in the green garden'
18:30 <Apj26> Hi
18:30 <Snorp09> I am make Eaglesrule8 an emote on your wiki
18:30 <Snorp09> @twinkie
18:30 <Twinkie102> ok
18:30 <Twinkie102> PM me, Snorp
18:30 <John18065> How Do You Take A Screenshot?
18:30 <Snorp09> ok
18:30 <The Director of PSA> Lightshot
18:30 <Fottymaddy> Who made this OMG!
18:30 <Apj26> OH
18:30 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:30 <Klump Strangeglove> IDK
18:30 <Twinkie102> :O
18:30 <Apj26> Oh my
18:30 <John18065> Exyness
18:30 <Fottymaddy> Polo field custom :O
18:30 <Twinkie102> thats niice
18:30 <David231099> ...
18:30 <Fottymaddy> Its beautiful :')
18:30 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:30 <The Director of PSA>
18:31 <Fottymaddy> That should be his playercard
18:31 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:31 <Apj26> Wow that IP check came back fast
18:31 <Fottymaddy> Whoever made it is the best.
18:32 <Fottymaddy> (wave)
18:32 <David231099> Apj
18:32 <Apj26> Ya?
18:32 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:32 <Snorp09> Eagles you here?
18:32 <David231099> can you delete [ this]
18:32 <Fottymaddy> *Smashes face in cake* Like it apj?
18:32 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:32 <Klump Strangeglove> Sorry I wasn't here
18:32 <Rhysw2002> back
18:32 <Fottymaddy> WB
18:32 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:32 <Fottymaddy> (WAVE)
18:32 <John18065> XD
18:32 <Fottymaddy> I am titanium!
18:32 <Twinkie102> ATTENTION! Someone block
18:33 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:33 <Fottymaddy> Good work twinkie.
18:33 <Twinkie102> They just wiped out the gallery on Captain America and put "Everyone Fart"
18:33 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:33 <Jeserator> nice
18:33 <Rhysw2002> ...
18:33 <Fottymaddy> Sounds lovely.
18:33 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:33 <Jeserator> (et)
18:33 <Rhysw2002> hmm
18:33 <John18065> POINTLESS PAGE!
18:33 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:33 <Twinkie102> I'll ban him then someone block him
18:33 <Fottymaddy> (YAO)
18:33 <Rhysw2002> hey fotty hey
18:33 <John18065> IM MAD AT YOU
18:33 <PlayerPenguin> (fart)
18:33 <Fottymaddy> Hi
18:33 <Fottymaddy> (et)
18:33 <David231099> who?
18:33 <Twinkie102> I'll ban him for three days
18:33 <Twinkie102>
18:34 <Fottymaddy> (OLDLAUGH)
18:34 <Rhysw2002> hey fotty hey
18:34 <Twinkie102> Look at his contributions
18:34 <Klump Strangeglove> I posted a pic of Mike
18:34 <Fottymaddy> Twinkie
18:34 <Twinkie102> Yes?
18:34 <David231099> @John
18:34 <Fottymaddy> He just needs a block...
18:34 <Fottymaddy> No chat ban :|
18:34 <Rhysw2002> hey twinkie hey
18:34 <Mikeymkwii> WHAT?
18:34 <Twinkie102> Oh yeah xD
18:34 <John18065> NOO
18:34 <Fottymaddy> He didnt do anything on chat
18:34 <Fottymaddy> XD
18:34 <Mikeymkwii> YOU POSTED A PIC OF MIKE?
18:34 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:34 <Fottymaddy> Caps.
18:34 <Twinkie102> What's wrong, John?
18:34 <David231099> who are you mad at  John
18:34 <Twinkie102> Hi Rhysw
18:34 <Snorp09> Check pms twinkie
18:34 <Rhysw2002> fotty?
18:34 <Franky bob> ...
18:34 <Fottymaddy> *hugs johnny boy*
18:34 <Fottymaddy> Yes
18:34 <David231099> brb
18:34 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:34 <Fottymaddy> Kk
18:34 <Rhysw2002> slenderman
18:34 <John18065> XD thank you
18:34 <Fottymaddy> LOL
18:34 <David231099> back
18:34 <Twinkie102> I'm a hero :P
18:34 <Fottymaddy> :O
18:34 <Apj26> Spike is at fog
18:34 <Skullifreak> Hey guys, look at this. also it downloads something, I did not allow it.
18:34 <David231099> caps
18:35 <Fottymaddy> *Turns head slowly*
18:35 <Snorp09> Twinkie cheack pms
18:35 <Fottymaddy> :o
18:35 <Rhysw2002> *slender attacks fotttty*
18:35 <Fottymaddy> ON IT APJ!
18:35 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Franky bob> ...
18:35 <The Director of PSA> I used touchscreen to type that
18:35 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Rhysw2002> *fotty
18:35 <Fottymaddy> room?
18:35 <Fottymaddy> U there?
18:35 -!- Snorp09 has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Apj26> idk
18:35 -!- Snorp09 has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:35 <Franky bob> Nope, he's other there in China
18:35 <Franky bob> :P
18:35 -!- Penguin-Pal has joined Special:Chat
18:35 <Fottymaddy> its only 2 bars :D
18:35 <Penguin-Pal> hi
18:35 <Fottymaddy> Hi pal
18:35 <David231099> hi
18:35 <Fottymaddy> :D
18:35 <SandorL> Hi P-P
18:35 <Franky bob> Hi PP
18:36 <Samantas5855>
18:36 <Fottymaddy> Town?
18:36 <Samantas5855> hi pp
18:36 <Fottymaddy> :|
18:36 <Fottymaddy> Where is he
18:36 <Skullifreak> Hey Penguin Pal.
18:36 <Franky bob> He's somewhere in the universe
18:36 <David231099> !updated
18:36 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 01:48 ago. There are currently ~45 lines in the log buffer.
18:36 <Franky bob> I'm sure you can figure out where he is from that ;)
18:36 <Fottymaddy> FOUND!
18:36 <The Director of PSA> so I'm putting my defenses cuz I don't wanna fall in love
18:36 <Fottymaddy> Hes in his iggy!
18:36 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
18:36 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
18:37 <LukeLeia75> ,,,
18:37 <LukeLeia75> ...
18:37 <Fottymaddy> He rocks :D
18:37 <Klump Strangeglove> guess what? I get to meet Spike
18:37 <Blitzzy> hullo
18:37 <LukeLeia75> DUN DUN!
18:37 <David231099> hi and hi
18:37 <Fottymaddy> Im meeting spike now
18:37 <LukeLeia75> The Emperor is here XD
18:37 <David231099> ...
18:37 <LukeLeia75> Hi guys
18:37 <Fottymaddy> O_O
18:37 <Klump Strangeglove> What room was Spike on?
18:37 <Apj26> *throws down hole*
18:37 <Fottymaddy> I gtg for a bit!
18:38 <Fottymaddy> Cya soon (wave)
18:38 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <LukeLeia75> Aw
18:38 <LukeLeia75> Cya !
18:38 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
18:38 <David231099> bye (wave)
18:38 <Fottymaddy> Currently on cp
18:38 <Apj26> bye
18:38 <Fottymaddy> Cya
18:38 <David231099> Cya
18:38 <Fottymaddy> Im meeting spike :D im busy also
18:38 <Fottymaddy> Bye
18:38 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
18:38 <Rhysw2002> hey fotty hey
18:38 <LukeLeia75> Anyone plays Minecraft?
18:38 <David231099> my brother
18:38 <LukeLeia75> Oh yea
18:38 <LukeLeia75> I love it
18:38 <LukeLeia75> It's awesome by the way
18:38 <Franky bob> Minecraft is a cool game
18:38 <LukeLeia75> Yes i know
18:39 <Franky bob> I know you know
18:39 <LukeLeia75> Guys i need some help
18:39 -!- John18065 has left Special:Chat.
18:39 <Mikeymkwii> XD
18:39 <David231099> yeah I watch him play it sometimes
18:39 <Franky bob> KD is the new XD
18:39 <Twinkie102> Sorry
18:39 <David231099> what is it Luke?
18:39 <LukeLeia75> How do i put music on my userpage?
18:39 <Twinkie102> I gotta go in a minute
18:39 <LukeLeia75> facepalm
18:39 <David231099> Luke
18:39 <LukeLeia75> Yep?
18:39 <David231099> I'll private message you
18:39 <LukeLeia75> O Okai
18:40 <Twinkie102> Gtg guys
18:40 <Twinkie102> TTYL
18:40 <Penguin-Pal> [[template:MusicPlay]]
18:40 <Twinkie102> (wave)
18:40 <LukeLeia75> Aw Pie
18:40 -!- Twinkie102 has left Special:Chat.
18:41 <Snorp09> guys over at we need a new chat mod
18:41 <Snorp09> come over If you want it
18:41 <Franky bob> Sorry, no longer edit Wikia
18:41 <Franky bob> I just come here for entertainment :3
18:41 <Franky bob> And I'm glad you guys don
18:41 <Franky bob> don't* have an emote for :3 yet
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> franky
18:41 <Mikeymkwii> that's mean
18:42 <Mikeymkwii> you deserve a kick lol
18:42 <Franky bob> How?
18:42 <Mikeymkwii> You came here for entertainment
18:42 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
18:42 <Mikeymkwii> and I know what you mean by that :/
18:42 <Franky bob> Then again, you do find amusement for kicking people
18:42 <Mikeymkwii> i don't kick people lol
18:42 <Super Miron> Whoa!
18:42 <David231099> hi
18:42 <Franky bob> What did I mean then? I just meant your conversations are entertaining to watch
18:43 <Super Miron> P-P
18:43 <Super Miron> PM
18:43 <Franky bob> Since you're all super hyper
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> I wish you would leave... and no, we aren't.
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> :/
18:43 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
18:43 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
18:43 <Klump Strangeglove> guys
18:43 <Klump Strangeglove> where is spike?
18:43 <Rhysw2002> wheres spike
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> i think someone said fog
18:43 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo P-P
18:43 <LukeLeia75> idk
18:43 <David231099> hi
18:43 <Snorp09> Thebigfoot please come here
18:43 <Rhysw2002> not server
18:43 <LukeLeia75> brb
18:43 <Mikeymkwii> Meh swf
18:44 <The Director of PSA>
18:44 <The Director of PSA> we're fair
18:44 <The Director of PSA> and square
18:45 <Apj26> Snorp09
18:45 <Klump Strangeglove> Where's Spike Hike?
18:46 <Franky bob> Somewhere on the island of Club Penguin
18:46 <Franky bob> Hope that gives you a good clue ;)
18:46 <Mikeymkwii> Frankie
18:46 <Mikeymkwii> Stop being mean please.
18:46 <Franky bob> I'm not
18:46 <Sharkbate> he's not
18:47 <Mikeymkwii> He could have said "I don't know"
18:47 <David231099> how is he being mean?
18:47 <Franky bob> Hey, I have him a hint at least :P
18:47 <Mikeymkwii> or if he did know, he could tell
18:47 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys, I'm chat moderator on the World of Seals wiki!
18:47 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm so happy!!
18:48 <Franky bob> "SO HAPPY" -NintendoCapriSun
18:48 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <David231099> hi
18:48 <Mikeymkwii> Hi Happy
18:48 <Happy65> apj
18:48 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys
18:48 <PlayerPenguin>
18:48 <The Director of PSA>
18:48 <Klump Strangeglove> GUYS
18:48 <Mikeymkwii> wut
18:48 <Klump Strangeglove> I am chat moderator on the World of Seals Wiki
18:48 <Penguin-Pal> oh gtg
18:48 <David231099> bye (wave)
18:49 <PlayerPenguin> (wave)
18:49 <Skullifreak> Omg! PlayPenguin has more edits than me! :O
18:49 <Skullifreak> Lol.
18:49 <Skullifreak> (wave)
18:49 <Super Miron> (lol)
18:49 <Franky bob> Spike Hike is offline
18:49 <Mikeymkwii> i should refresh...
18:49 <The Director of PSA> Skullifreak reload
18:49 <Franky bob> Buddies with him
18:49 <The Director of PSA> for wos wiki
18:49 <Happy65> apki pm
18:49 <David231099> hi
18:49 <Happy65> apj pm
18:49 <VitaSpartan> Bart hate Herbert.
18:49 <Blitzzy> Klump why are you drawing people's avatars
18:49 <VitaSpartan> I meants hates.
18:49 <David231099> ...
18:50 <The Director of PSA>
18:50 <The Director of PSA> Become chat mod
18:50 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm inviting users to my Top 10 list
18:50 <Franky bob> Yay ( ? ) (broke the emote >:D)
18:50 <David231099> hi
18:50 <VitaSpartan> Say 567 if you hate scammers.
18:50 <Klump Strangeglove> 567
18:50 <David231099> 567
18:50 <Super Miron> 567
18:50 <Samantas5855> hi
18:50 <Franky bob>  567 if you hate scammers.
18:51 <Happy65> apj pm
18:51 <Samantas5855> spartan
18:51 <David231099> hi
18:51 <VitaSpartan> Franky copied me!
18:51 <PlayerPenguin> 567 (trollfae)
18:51 <Samantas5855> are you greek
18:51 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface)
18:51 <Franky bob> I don't even know you to copy you lol
18:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who deleted my blog post ''Spike Hike Steps in 
18:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> Puffle Poo;'' I was going to send that to CP today.
18:51 <VitaSpartan> My mom is fillippino.
18:51 <Mikeymkwii> adl
18:51 <VitaSpartan> troll face
18:51 <Samantas5855> vita spartan are you greek
18:51 <Mikeymkwii> it was sent to cp
18:51 <AnonymousDuckLover> Cool
18:51 <Mikeymkwii> GN posted it to Spike Hike's twitter
18:51 <VitaSpartan> I don't know how to use emotions.
18:51 <Klump Strangeglove> Say 47 if you like my story City Attack - The Herbzilla Story
18:52 <VitaSpartan> True story.
18:52 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who deleted the BP though?
18:52 <VitaSpartan> ^
18:52 <Blitzzy> Say 23475602 if you hate numbers
18:52 <David231099> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]] look at this Vita
18:52 <David231099> hi
18:52 <Blitzzy> dont look at it man
18:52 <VitaSpartan> nvg
18:52 <Blitzzy> DONT LOOK AT IT
18:52 <Klump Strangeglove> O.O
18:52 <Eaglesrule8> hi
18:52 <David231099> caps
18:52 <Blitzzy> oh noes
18:52 <Blitzzy> call the police
18:52 <Blitzzy> 9-1-1
18:52 <Blitzzy> I capslocked
18:52 <AnonymousDuckLover> Review: 13.8/10 by Twinklie, A better Love Story than Twighlight by Historical CP
18:52 <VitaSpartan> (nvg)                                                                                                        I NEED THIS
18:52 <Blitzzy> it's a crimmeee
18:53 <David231099> ...
18:53 <VitaSpartan> The guy above needs a beer.
18:53 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
18:53 <Blitzzy> yea david
18:53 <Blitzzy> :P
18:53 <Eaglesrule8> guys twinkie is a chat mod now?
18:53 <David231099> hi
18:53 <David231099> yes
18:53 <AnonymousDuckLover> :o, Spike Hike Steps in Puffle Poo is a new CP Short
18:53 <Blitzzy> Why is twinkie a cm?
18:53 <Eaglesrule8> idk
18:53 <Apj26> !logs
18:53 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
18:53 <David231099> he was promoted
18:53 <Mikeymkwii> (brain)
18:53 <Mikeymkwii> :D
18:53 <David231099> hi
18:53 <Blitzzy> he takes jokes too literally
18:53 <Dororo111122> mikey pm
18:53 <Blitzzy> 3:
18:53 <VitaSpartan> ↑ This guy needs a beer.
18:54 <Thebigfoot1> Can I be a cm?
18:54 <Samantas5855> i need
18:54 <Eaglesrule8> no bigfoot
18:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> can i be a cm
18:54 <David231099> lol
18:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> caps
18:54 <David231099> caps
18:54 <Thebigfoot1> Would I make a good cm?
18:54 <Blitzzy> ugh I hate it when that happens
18:54 <Blitzzy> omg caps call the police
18:54 <Blitzzy> Jeez guys it's just caps
18:54 <Blitzzy> if you didn't want caps
18:54 <David231099> Blitzzy its the policy
18:54 <Blitzzy> there wouldn't be a capslock button
18:54 <VitaSpartan> ↑ MY EYES ARE UP HERE.
18:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> C a ps
18:54 <Blitzzy> on the freaking keyboard
18:55 <The Director of PSA>
18:55 <The Director of PSA> Look at my userpage
18:55 <PlayerPenguin> (yao)
18:55 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
18:55 <Mikeymkwii> (android) is awesome!
18:55 <David231099> hi
18:55 <Skullifreak> I am in spie kihkes iggy!@
18:55 <Klump Strangeglove> would you could you make me an chat moderator?
18:55 <Mariocart25Charizard> Droid
18:55 <Skullifreak> Spike hikes iggy I mean!
18:55 <Mariocart25Charizard> woot
18:55 <David231099> caps
18:55 <Mariocart25Charizard> (CLAP)
18:55 <Blitzzy> omg caps kill jonah
18:55 <VitaSpartan> ↑ Pat on his back.
18:55 <PlayerPenguin> (troll) (yao) :) (dance) (wave) 
18:55 <David231099> Blittzy stop
18:55 <Blitzzy> why should I?
18:55 <Mariocart25Charizard> (LOL) (LOL)
18:55 <Jonah Simm> But no medieval party? :(
18:56 <PlayerPenguin> (yao)
18:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> My play was deleted :(, Time to rewrite it so it's better :D
18:56 <David231099> because its the policy so stop
18:56 <Mariocart25Charizard> In June
18:56 <Klump Strangeglove> (dance emote) LOL! (dance emote)
18:56 <VitaSpartan> ↑ This guy needs a second beer.
18:56 <Jonah Simm> oh, phew
18:56 <Blitzzy> it's the policy to kill people when they caps?
18:56 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- Franky bob has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
18:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> OOOPS!!!
18:56 <David231099> look Blitzzy stop complaining
18:56 <David231099> its a warning
18:56 <Blitzzy> is it agaisnt the policy to complain?
18:56 <Mikeymkwii> I am a member of the AISPAI
18:56 <David231099> not killing
18:56 -!- Franky bob has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <David231099> hi
18:57 <PlayerPenguin> The Guy/Girl Bellow Me Is A Penguin
18:57 <Blitzzy> but he must be punished for what he has doneee
18:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> American Instintution of Staking Amerincans on the Internet?
18:57 <Blitzzy> mmm stake
18:57 <Mikeymkwii> Yup.
18:57 <PlayerPenguin> He/She's Name Must not start with B
18:57 <Blitzzy> no
18:57 <AnonymousDuckLover> AISPI is different
18:57 <VitaSpartan> ↑ That guy should be hired to my drinking team.
18:57 <Thebigfoot1> Aisai
18:57 <Blitzzy> so close 3:
18:57 <Mikeymkwii> oh I am AISPI sorry
18:57 -!- Lilly flower has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Lilly flower> hi 
18:58 <David231099> hi
18:58 <Lilly flower> :| brb
18:58 <David231099> brb
18:58 <AnonymousDuckLover> American Institution of Stalking People on the Internet, DIE!!!
18:58 <Super Miron> but I'm ͚͛M̡᷿̿̿̚i᷿᷀︣ͯͯ͌͢͢͢r︢︣͢͢o͏̷᷂̻︠᷉n̳̼︡͛
18:58 <Blitzzy> is it agaisnt the rules to spoil the end of a movie
18:58 <Franky bob> How is that NOT spam?
18:58 <Sharkbate> spam
18:58 <Dororo111122> because its less than 15
18:58 <Sharkbate> must kick (troll)
18:58 <VitaSpartan> ↑ Usally UNKNOWN.
18:58 <Blitzzy> ᴵᵗ'ˢ ᶰᵒᵗ ˢᵖᵃᵐ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᶻᴬᴸᴳᴼ
18:58 <Super Miron> What's spam?
18:58 <Franky bob> Like that ^
18:59 <Dororo111122> pointing at your name?
18:59 <Super Miron> How is that spam?
18:59 <Blitzzy> ᴵ ᵃᵐ ᵃ ᶫᶦᵗᵗᶫᵉ ᶠᵃᶦʳʸ
18:59 <PlayerPenguin> (trollface) (breakdance) (yao) (smile)
18:59 <Sharkbate> I will kick ifyou continue spamming
18:59 <The Director of PSA> I am in spike hike's iggy
18:59 <Lilly flower> i used to do that @blitzy
18:59 <PlayerPenguin> (yao)
18:59 <Blitzzy> until you took an arrow to the knee
18:59 <Klump Strangeglove> Just cause I'm Austrailian dosen't mean I drink beer
18:59 <Dororo111122> mikey repmy pm
18:59 <Franky bob> There's no emote spam rule either?
18:59 <AnonymousDuckLover> Don't know what spam is, learn about it and do it here :D
18:59 <Sharkbate>
18:59 <David231099> if you do to many emotes its spam
18:59 <Blitzzy> let's advertise for money
18:59 <Sharkbate> >:P
18:59 <Super Miron> [[w:c:]]
19:00 <David231099> hi
19:00 <Dororo111122> that is cp;s way of ''polluted water''
19:00 <Dororo111122> *cp's
19:00 <Blitzzy> ᵈᵒᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ ᵃˢ ˢᵖᵃᵐ
19:00 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
19:00 -!- Snowstormer has joined Special:Chat
19:00 <David231099> i dont think so
19:00 <The Lord of the Rings> No
19:00 <Snowstormer> Hi.
19:00 <VitaSpartan> ↑         ▒ Take my bubble wrap!
19:00 <Blitzzy> ʸᵉʸ
19:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> Good idea Blitzzy, anybody who clicks that link owes me Canadian 5 dollars
19:00 <The Lord of the Rings> It's just miniature text
19:00 <David231099> but its a bit annoying
19:00 <The Director of PSA> Where's Spike Hike
19:00 <Franky bob> - Cooool (in the Cold) :P
19:00 <Blitzzy> make it 6
19:00 <Dororo111122> i wonder if franky or shark remembers snowstormer
19:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> Ok
19:00 <Snowstormer> lol Mario
19:00 <Franky bob> I know Snowstormer
19:00 <Snowstormer> Dororo of course they do...
19:00 <Sharkbate> Snowstormer isn't old lol
19:01 <Franky bob> ikr
19:01 <Sharkbate> He's on IRC right now
19:01 <Snowstormer> yeah :P
19:01 <Franky bob> I see him almost every week
19:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> I need to rewright my play
19:01 <Snowstormer> lol
19:01 <Franky bob> actually EVERY week
19:01 <Snowstormer> lol
19:01 <The Lord of the Rings> Anyone play Minecraft?
19:01 <AnonymousDuckLover> spam
19:01 <Klump Strangeglove> Me!
19:01 <Blitzzy> ʜɘʜ
19:01 <VitaSpartan> I noticed that some 6 year old midgets play TF2.
19:01 <Snowstormer> ...
19:01 <Franky bob> lol
19:01 <The Lord of the Rings> Klump
19:01 <Snowstormer> DuckLover that's not spam if I say 'lol' 2 times in a row!
19:01 <Klump Strangeglove> What, Lord?
19:01 <Blitzzy> I'm actually a 3 year old
19:01 <The Lord of the Rings> Do you use Feed the Beast or Tekkit?
19:01 <Super Miron> Shark
19:01 <Super Miron> PM
19:01 <VitaSpartan> ???
19:01 <The Lord of the Rings> I use Feed the Beast
19:01 <Klump Strangeglove> I don't have these mods
19:02 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <David231099> hi
19:02 <Franky bob> Haaaaaaaaaaaai - Not spam according to your standards (trollface)
19:02 <The Lord of the Rings> Those are HUGE and EPIC Mod Packs
19:02 <VitaSpartan> Vandalism is not on this wiki buts its very common on my most used wiki.
19:02 <Snowstormer> (dance)
19:02 <Blitzzy> I like to eat pie
19:02 <Klump Strangeglove> Keralis used Feed the Beast
19:02 <Snowstormer> (cylly1512)
19:02 <David231099> hi
19:02 <Jonah Simm> the snow Dojo looks like it's near the Ski Hill...  did anyone else notice the DOOR on the ski hill?
19:02 -!- SandorL has left Special:Chat.
19:02 <Snowstormer> (guitar)
19:02 <Blitzzy> ⑨ ball
19:02 -!- SandorL has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <PlayerPenguin> Click Here For An Unused Membership Code!
19:02 <Blitzzy> No
19:02 <Snowstormer> No.
19:02 <AnonymousDuckLover> I have a bone to pick with Penguin Pal, he deleted my play because it was mean
19:02 <Green Ninja> Hope you guys enjoyed your Apj kicks. :P
19:02 <Dororo111122> I hate GN
19:02 <Blitzzy> omg you have one of p-p's bones?
19:02 <Dororo111122> apj kick me
19:03 <Green Ninja> Some of you, anyway.
19:03 <Jonah Simm> Say I if you're excited for the Celebration of snow next month!
19:03 <Jonah Simm> I
19:03 <Klump Strangeglove> Dororo
19:03 <The Director of PSA> GN stop being mean
19:03 <The Director of PSA> Anyways I dislike you
19:03 <Blitzzy> Green Ninja are you actually green
19:03 <Green Ninja> What did I do to you?
19:03 <Green Ninja> No :P
19:03 <Dororo111122> I ha-strongly dislike GN
19:03 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
19:03 <The Lord of the Rings> Anyone Ping me if you need my attention. PM me for a list of my Pings.
19:03 <AnonymousDuckLover> I
19:03 <VitaSpartan> ↑▓inbox) The person that I'm poitning to gets the box with Playstation 4s!
19:03 <Snowstormer> Eye
19:03 <VitaSpartan> (inbox)
19:03 <The Director of PSA> I ha-strongly dislike GN
19:03 <Blitzzy> lower case j
19:03 <Snowstormer> Ear
19:03 <Franky bob> yay
19:03 <Blitzzy> why all the hate on GN
19:03 <Snowstormer> Mouth
19:03 <Green Ninja> I never did anything bad to you guys.
19:03 <Snowstormer> Nose
19:04 <Blitzzy> is it because he likes cadence
19:04 <Franky bob> Nope
19:04 <VitaSpartan> ↑ (inbox) The person that I'm pointing to gets the box!
19:04 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
19:04 <Snowstormer> Cadence is cool.
19:04 <Dororo111122> eh not to us
19:04 <Franky bob> Yay
19:04 <David231099> hi
19:04 <Snowstormer> I like her.
19:04 <Dororo111122> but to the cpwn
19:04 <Snowstormer> Well.
19:04 <Snowstormer> The old design.
19:04 <LukeLeia75> lol in back
19:04 <Franky bob> Now GIMMEH MAH BAWZ
19:04 <LukeLeia75> im back
19:04 <Blitzzy> what did gn do to the cpwn
19:04 <LukeLeia75> fotty is lucky
19:04 <Green Ninja> I never did anything.
19:04 <VitaSpartan> The box has a..........................................................................................
19:04 <Green Ninja> It was only ONE IMAGE.
19:04 <LukeLeia75> did you see his pictures with spike hike?
19:04 <VitaSpartan> ..............................
19:04 -!- VitaSpartan was kicked from Special:Chat by Dororo111122
19:04 <Blitzzy> noo vita
19:04 <The Lord of the Rings> No true GN. Not true AT ALL.
19:04 <Green Ninja> Your dumb if you can't forgive me for that. :P
19:04 <Blitzzy> he was me only kid
19:04 <Blitzzy> *you're
19:05 <LukeLeia75> Lol
19:05 <David231099> spam
19:05 <PlayerPenguin> How To I Change My Avatar Picture?
19:05 <Dororo111122> calling me dumb?
19:05 <David231099> wb
19:05 <Green Ninja> Dororo settle down.
19:05 <Snowstormer> (:P)
19:05 <Franky bob> Eeeeverything is spaaaam to yooou guuuys :P
19:05 <LukeLeia75> It's easy
19:05 <The Director of PSA> Gn stop it
19:05 <Dororo111122> GN earns himself, his 2nd kick of the dat!
19:05 <VitaSpartan> The thing in that box had a woman puking on her laptop.
19:05 <Blitzzy> ۰_۰
19:05 <Mikeymkwii> franky
19:05 <Green Ninja> I didn't mean it, but you can't hate me for that
19:05 <Green Ninja> Its only one image.
19:05 <Franky bob> Haitharwutsurname? :3
19:05 <The Director of PSA> You'
19:05 <LukeLeia75> Click  on edit avatar on the chart that shows your edits
19:05 <Green Ninja> Heh?
19:05 <Snowstormer> iiiiissss tttthhhiiiissss ssssppppaaammm??
19:05 <Dororo111122> nope
19:05 <Blitzzy> yesss
19:05 <Green Ninja> Yes
19:05 <LukeLeia75> then upload one from your desktop
19:05 <Franky bob> Probably so :3
19:05 <Blitzzy> oh wait
19:05 <Blitzzy> no
19:05 <LukeLeia75> thats how to change your picture
19:05 <PlayerPenguin> It Wont Let Me
19:05 <LukeLeia75> keep trying
19:05 <PlayerPenguin> Theres Only A Few Pictures
19:06 <Blitzzy> it has to be more than like 6 of the same letter
19:06 <VitaSpartan> Nigahiga, Kevjumba, Smosh, Tobuscus
19:06 <LukeLeia75> impatience will lead you to the dark side boy
19:06 <VitaSpartan> And PewDiePie.
19:06 <The Lord of the Rings> Smosh?!
19:06 <The Lord of the Rings> Pewdiepie?!
19:06 <VitaSpartan> Yep.
19:06 <The Lord of the Rings> Tobuscus?~
19:06 <Dororo111122> [[User:PewDiePie]]
19:06 <LukeLeia75> forgot yogscast
19:06 <Snowstormer> I like Smosh and PewdiePie.
19:06 <The Lord of the Rings> WHERE?!!
19:06 <Franky bob> TOBUSCUS
19:06 <VitaSpartan> Yeah.
19:06 <Mikeymkwii> I am in a mental rage right now. PM me if you need me. I am raging over Franky trolling (in some way) our wiki. ;(
19:06 <The Director of PSA> We're all a chat mod of each other
19:06 <Snowstormer> ._.
19:06 <The Director of PSA> I mean sockpuppet
19:06 <Dororo111122> d figures gets no respect from anyone :|
19:06 <Rhysw2002> :D
19:06 <LukeLeia75> you forgot yogscast vita
19:06 <Franky bob> How am I trolling your wiki?
19:06 <Blitzzy> when are the chat nids coming again
19:06 <Snowstormer> how is chat mod and sockpuppet to be confused O_o
19:06 <David231099> caps
19:06 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
19:06 <LukeLeia75> lol
19:06 <Mariocart25Charizard> caps
19:07 <Green Ninja> Chat nids?
19:07 <Franky bob> lol
19:07 <LukeLeia75> XD
19:07 <David231099> hi
19:07 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo
19:07 <Fottymaddy> Spike sent me a postcard :D
19:07 <LukeLeia75> hi fotty
19:07 <Green Ninja> HI Fotty! :D
19:07 <Fottymaddy> BEST SPIKE SATURDAY EVER!
19:07 <Franky bob> KD is the new XD
19:07 <LukeLeia75> i saw your pictures with spike
19:07 <Blitzzy> adl
19:07 <Green Ninja> Hooray
19:07 <Fottymaddy> And i got some epic pics :D
19:07 <Rhysw2002> fotty!
19:07 <LukeLeia75> spike advertise
19:07 <Fottymaddy>
19:07 <Blitzzy> when are the chatnids coming
19:07 <Fottymaddy> CHECK THEM OUT!
19:07 <Fottymaddy> :D
19:07 <LukeLeia75> i saw them before
19:07 <Fottymaddy>
19:07 <Fottymaddy> Amazing!
19:07 <Mikeymkwii> There should be a rule that says "No linking to CPWN"
19:07 <Fottymaddy> He sent me a posctard
19:07 <Blitzzy> omgizzles caps
19:07 <Rhysw2002> I seen ya on CP
19:07 <Dororo111122> eh i can talk with my teeth closed
19:07 <VitaSpartan> Let's advertise Spike Hike ruining Club Oenguin.
19:07 <Fottymaddy> This is the best spike saturday ever O_O
19:07 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
19:07 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <Green Ninja> Dororo stop.
19:07 <The Lord of the Rings> LOL
19:07 <Fottymaddy> Apj will be jealous... (yao)
19:07 <Green Ninja> I hate your hating on me.
19:07 <Blitzzy> can chat mods capslock and get away with it
19:07 <Green Ninja> I'm sick of it.
19:07 <The Director of PSA> Spike Hike logged off
19:07 <David231099> no
19:07 <Dororo111122> i hate your hate of hating on me for hating on you
19:08 <PlayerPenguin> (yao)
19:08 <Green Ninja> I will get back at you somehow.
19:08 <Fottymaddy>
19:08 <The Director of PSA> GN just please stop arguing
19:08 <Blitzzy> I hate everything
19:08 <Fottymaddy> Look :D
19:08 <David231099> unless there no admin
19:08 <Fottymaddy> Whos likes these pics?
19:08 -!- Jeserator has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <Green Ninja> I'<. NOT. ARGUING.
19:08 <VitaSpartan> Acebatonfan.
19:08 <The Director of PSA> Yes you are
19:08 <Fottymaddy> Spike saturday rocked XD
19:08 <Fottymaddy> :D
19:08 <Blitzzy> Dororo stop hating on GN 
19:08 <PlayerPenguin> Photo Shop?
19:08 <LukeLeia75> yea
19:08 <Green Ninja> Director, if I were you, I would stop arguing with ME.
19:08 <Snowstormer> ><>
19:08 <VitaSpartan> Search me on YouTube. My username is Vita Spartan.
19:08 <The Director of PSA> If you shut up, maybe he'll stop
19:08 <Blitzzy> and GN stop saying you'll get back at dororo
19:08 <Green Ninja> I only said it once. :P
19:08 <Fottymaddy> :D
19:08 <Dororo111122> so if i stabbed you, you dont say STOP
19:08 <The Director of PSA> Just shut up
19:08 <Fottymaddy> I cant believe it O_O
19:08 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
19:08 <Blitzzy> ʲᵘᵐᵖ ᵃʳᵒᵘᶰᵈ
19:08 <Snowstormer> ._.
19:08 <LukeLeia75> saraapril is so annoying
19:08 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
19:08 <David231099> brb
19:08 <VitaSpartan> I'll see the chat history.
19:08 <Dororo111122> my cousin told me that once
19:08 <Fottymaddy> GN, are u gonna get re-promoted?
19:09 <Blitzzy> ﹕⁾
19:09 <Dororo111122> its because i slapped her with a fish stick
19:09 <Franky bob> Green Ninja: I am from the network I have nothing against you at all
19:09 <Fottymaddy>! Please comment
19:09 <The Director of PSA> Apj26 said in a few months
19:09 <Green Ninja> I really don't know. :/
19:09 <Fottymaddy> :D
19:09 <Franky bob> Just sayin'
19:09 <Green Ninja> Thank you Franky bob.
19:09 <Fottymaddy>! Please comment, look at the pics!
19:09 <The Director of PSA> Cuz he only just rejoined
19:09 <Green Ninja> That is kind of you.
19:09 <Fottymaddy> GN, ur an epic user.
19:09 <Fottymaddy> :)
19:09 <David231099> caps
19:09 <VitaSpartan> Say 123 if you hate the mebership feature on Club Penguin.
19:09 <Blitzzy> ⁰_⁰ guys calm down
19:09 <Fottymaddy> I wanna meet spike again D:
19:09 <Green Ninja> Yay, at least you like me.
19:09 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
19:09 -!- Fottymaddy has joined Special:Chat
19:09 <VitaSpartan> 123
19:09 <Dororo111122> and GN, trying to get revenge? you have NO CHANCE of getting my approval on you
19:09 <Green Ninja> And I know Jjoeyxx likes me.
19:09 <Snowstormer> <small><small> I can't get a Rainbow Puffle because I don't want to give away one of the 9 orange puffles named "Orange"
19:09 <Mikeymkwii> Vita
19:09 <LukeLeia75> Saraapril keeps complaining about CP
19:09 <Fottymaddy> He sent me postcard :D
19:09 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
19:09 <Mikeymkwii> If there was no membership
19:09 <Green Ninja> But does everyone else?
19:09 <PlayerPenguin> I Got First Comment!
19:09 <Fottymaddy> Hi jonah
19:09 <Snowstormer> oops
19:09 <David231099> hi
19:09 <Mikeymkwii> CP WOULDN'T EXIST
19:09 <Fottymaddy> Just met spike, he sent me a postcard!
19:09 <The Director of PSA> No
19:09 <LukeLeia75> She has a lot of Orange Puffles
19:09 <Fottymaddy> Gtg guys!
19:09 <David231099> !updated
19:09 <Fottymaddy> Waddle on!
19:09 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 35:13 ago. There are currently ~669 lines in the log buffer.
19:10 <Dororo111122> !updatelogs
19:10 <LukeLeia75> Aw bye
19:10 <Fottymaddy> Have fun (wave)
19:10 <Jonah Simm> Say I if you are excited for Card Jitsu Snow next month!
19:10 <David231099> bye (wave)
19:10 <Dororo111122> woosh
19:10 <Fottymaddy> Cya later
19:10 <Rhysw2002> I like you GN
19:10 <Fottymaddy> I had an epic night
19:10 <LukeLeia75> I
19:10 <Snowstormer> Eye.
19:10 <Green Ninja> I
19:10 -!- Fottymaddy has left Special:Chat.
19:10 <Snowstormer> Ear.
19:10 <David231099> I
19:10 <Jonah Simm> I
19:10 <Snowstormer> Mouth.
19:10 <Snowstormer> Nose.
19:10 <Franky bob> lol
19:10 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 672 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
19:10 <VitaSpartan> I think Spike Hike is ruining the fun for the mebership haters.
19:10 <Dororo111122> say I if you can talk with your teeth closed
19:10 <Franky bob> One day
19:10 <Klump Strangeglove> Director, make me an chat moderator
19:10 <Franky bob> In the future
19:10 <Blitzzy> I
19:10 <David231099> I
19:10 <Green Ninja> Say A if you like me
19:10 <Blitzzy> A
19:10 <Franky bob> the wiki shall fall
19:10 <Franky bob> A
19:10 <Rhysw2002> A
19:10 <Klump Strangeglove> A
19:10 <LukeLeia75> A
19:10 <David231099> A
19:10 -!- Snowstormer has left Special:Chat.
19:10 <Mikeymkwii> what wiki?
19:10 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
19:10 <Dororo111122> @
19:10 <VitaSpartan> Mr. Bean eats lima beans.
19:10 <Dororo111122> not an a
19:10 <Franky bob> all of them
19:10 <Mikeymkwii> this one or cpwn?
19:10 <Super Miron> B
19:10 <Dororo111122> trolololol
19:10 <Franky bob> Even wikipedia :3
19:10 <Mikeymkwii> oh
19:10 <Rhysw2002> A x100
19:10 <Jonah Simm> I can't believe it, CJ Snow is being released MONTHS ahead of schedule!  We must have REALLY done a good job beta testing!
19:10 <The Director of PSA> Z
19:10 <PlayerPenguin> I GOT FIRST COMMENT!!!!!
19:11 <Dororo111122> ey nobody cares
19:11 <Blitzzy> wasn't card jitsu snow supposed to be released like 2 years ago
19:11 <David231099> hi
19:11 <Green Ninja> Yay
19:11 <LukeLeia75> if you HATE me say D
19:11 <Blitzzy> hey mad
19:11 <Madbootdude> Hi
19:11 <LukeLeia75> hi madboot
19:11 <LukeLeia75> D
19:11 <LukeLeia75> i hate myself
19:11 <Jonah Simm> is SP still on CP?
19:11 <David231099> :p
19:11 <LukeLeia75> sometimes
19:11 <VitaSpartan> ▓ Shut up and take my calculator!
19:11 <LukeLeia75> a Jedi does not know what to do
19:12 <VitaSpartan> Ajedi.
19:12 <David231099> hi
19:12 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
19:12 <LukeLeia75> that's why i hate myself
19:12 <VitaSpartan> Ajedi32.
19:12 <Green Ninja> (dance) if you think I am a good editor.
19:12 <Samantas5855> hi
19:12 <Samantas5855> you are
19:12 <LukeLeia75> how to do it
19:12 <VitaSpartan> ▒ Shut up and pop my bubble wrap!
19:12 <Samantas5855> a good cm
19:12 <Rhysw2002> (dance)
19:12 <David231099> stop Vita
19:12 <LukeLeia75> *dancing penguin emote*
19:12 <LukeLeia75> cuz i dont know how to do it
19:12 <VitaSpartan> SMoke Weed Everyday
19:12 <Dororo111122> say (dance) if you can talk with your teeth closed
19:13 <VitaSpartan> /Nanananana. It's the snoop with the Do double G.
19:13 <LukeLeia75> oh my
19:13 <Klump Strangeglove> (:o) KICK
19:13 <LukeLeia75> KICK HIM!
19:13 <VitaSpartan> /SNOOP DOGG SNOOP DOGG
19:13 <Dororo111122> ugh so much work
19:13 -!- VitaSpartan was kicked from Special:Chat by David231099
19:13 <LukeLeia75> That's bad!
19:13 <Klump Strangeglove> We don't smoke weed in this wiki
19:13 <Green Ninja> Lol
19:13 <Dororo111122> ey he can talk with his teeth closed
19:13 <LukeLeia75> I do not support ilicit drugs
19:13 <VitaSpartan> IT'S JUST A SONG.
19:13 <David231099> no we don't
19:13 <David231099> caps
19:13 <VitaSpartan> BY DR. DRE/.
19:13 <Klump Strangeglove> That's is innaproperiate, got that?
19:13 <LukeLeia75> they kill us
19:13 <LukeLeia75> Yes Klump
19:13 -!- The Director of PSA has left Special:Chat.
19:13 -!- The Director of PSA has joined Special:Chat
19:13 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
19:13 <David231099> exactly
19:14 <David231099> wb
19:14 <VitaSpartan> I'm talking about Dr. Dre. Not smoking weeds.
19:14 <The Director of PSA> hey
19:14 <Green Ninja> It's an innapropriate song.
19:14 <David231099> yes
19:14 <LukeLeia75> ik
19:14 <VitaSpartan> But its just a meme.
19:14 <Jonah Simm> one question, how are we supposed to challenge Sensei in Card-Jitsu Snow if he's not there?
19:14 <Madbootdude> This wiki has more rules than  every single country in the world.
19:14 <Madbootdude> Combined
19:14 <David231099> no
19:14 <LukeLeia75> not true
19:14 <Madbootdude> Yes
19:14 <Madbootdude> true
19:14 <Green Ninja> Maybe we will.
19:14 <LukeLeia75> i live on brazil
19:14 <VitaSpartan> I think Sensei might leave Club Penguin Island when Club Penguin is no longer crowded.
19:15 -!- Green Ninja has left Special:Chat.
19:15 <LukeLeia75> it has OVER 30.000 rules
19:15 <VitaSpartan> ???
19:15 <Madbootdude> CP Wiki has more.
19:15 <LukeLeia75> actually laws not rules
19:15 <Franky bob> A question: Why does Wikia and CPWN have the same favicon?
19:15 <David231099> idk
19:15 <LukeLeia75> favicon?
19:15 <Dororo111122> whats a favicon
19:15 <Jonah Simm> and there's a new School room coming this year too>  Club Penguin is REALLY upgrading this year!  I wonder where the school will be located...
19:15 <Dororo111122> nvm
19:15 <Franky bob> Why haven't you guys ever changed it?
19:15 <VitaSpartan> I think Singapore has the most illegal stuff ever.
19:15 <Dororo111122> lazy admins
19:15 <Franky bob> Forest of course!
19:15 <Franky bob> They'll tear it down!
19:15 <Franky bob> And build a school there!
19:15 <Apj26> Your lazy
19:15 <David231099> caps
19:15 <LukeLeia75> I'll do a quiz
19:15 <VitaSpartan> Slendytubbies!
19:15 <LukeLeia75> who will play?
19:15 <Dororo111122> apj lets not play the blame game
19:16 <Madbootdude> I love the blame game
19:16 <LukeLeia75> im not going to play the blame game
19:16 <Apj26> Oh
19:16 <LukeLeia75> whats blame game btw
19:16 <David231099> im not
19:16 <Apj26> Egga had the same ip
19:16 <Franky bob> I like trains
19:16 <VitaSpartan> The Blame Game is on the show Barney and Friends.
19:16 <LukeLeia75> i will do a quiz
19:16 <Dororo111122> AHA!
19:16 <LukeLeia75> omi
19:16 <LukeLeia75> XD
19:16 <PlayerPenguin>
19:16 <Jonah Simm> I think the Ninja Hideout will be moved to the Ski Hill, has anyone else noticed the big door on the Sneak Peek?
19:16 <Dororo111122> [[User:Eggabooha]]
19:16 <LukeLeia75> first question
19:16 <VitaSpartan> Lyrick Studios.
19:16 <LukeLeia75> whats my fave food
19:16 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
19:16 <Franky bob> Pop Quiz: What is my penguin's name?
19:16 <LukeLeia75> hint
19:16 <Dororo111122> everybody fails
19:16 <VitaSpartan> Baconatoreater?
19:16 <Dororo111122> the test'
19:17 <LukeLeia75> it is KINDA a Ruffles Rival
19:17 <Franky bob> lol Dororo
19:17 <David231099> (?)
19:17 <LukeLeia75> and it starts with the letter c
19:17 <The Director of PSA> I knew Snorp was  a sock
19:17 <LukeLeia75> im doing a quiz
19:17 <The Director of PSA> Cuz I saw in the chat history
19:17 <LukeLeia75> whats my favorite food?
19:17 <PlayerPenguin> Anyone Wanna Come On CP?
19:17 <The Director of PSA> That he said Egg emailed him
19:17 <VitaSpartan> If you want my account on Club Penguin, my username is Star8bang but I'll post the password on a secret website.
19:17 <LukeLeia75> no thanks
19:17 <The Director of PSA> Which was suspicious
19:17 <PlayerPenguin> Ok
19:17 <LukeLeia75> my fave food is cheetos
19:17 <Dororo111122> wikia email or actual email
19:17 <Madbootdude> What's cheetos?
19:17 <LukeLeia75> oh my
19:17 <LukeLeia75> SCREAMS!
19:18 <The Director of PSA> actual email
19:18 <VitaSpartan> Drawception
19:18 -!- Green Ninja has joined Special:Chat
19:18 <LukeLeia75> scary
19:18 <David231099> hi
19:18 <LukeLeia75> there are cheetos on brazil
19:18 <Madbootdude> What's scary?
19:18 <The Director of PSA> He said they were friends in real life
19:18 <VitaSpartan> Motorcycle Accidents!]
19:18 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys, I'm downloading Sketch
19:18 <The Director of PSA> While I was reading the chat logs
19:18 <Green Ninja> What?
19:18 <The Director of PSA> So I figured out he was a sockpuppet
19:18 <Madbootdude> Don't tell me what it is
19:18 <Dororo111122> WHAT?! how does historical have more followers than me!
19:18 <Madbootdude> I get scared easily
19:18 <LukeLeia75> second question
19:18 <LukeLeia75> its cp related now
19:18 <David231099> caps
19:18 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
19:18 -!- Green Ninja has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <AnonymousDuckLover> Wow, I'm writing the sequel to Spike Hike steps in Puffle Poo now
19:18 <Franky bob> lol
19:18 <David231099> ....
19:19 <The Director of PSA> i remember I went to hell ina  dream
19:19 <VitaSpartan> Don't every play Slendytubbies. Play Skyrim mods.
19:19 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
19:19 <LukeLeia75> second question
19:19 <The Director of PSA> and Satan was stabbing me
19:19 <Klump Strangeglove> GUYS
19:19 <LukeLeia75> Omg!
19:19 <David231099> yes?
19:19 <LukeLeia75> you said a bad word
19:19 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm downloading Sketch right now
19:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> Watch the Teletubbies!!!
19:19 <The Director of PSA> Umm hmmm
19:19 <LukeLeia75> i dont support that director
19:19 <LukeLeia75> lol
19:19 <VitaSpartan> Actually, watch the Slendytubbies.
19:19 <LukeLeia75> when i was a child
19:19 <LukeLeia75> i was scared from teletubbies XD
19:19 <David231099> hi
19:19 <LukeLeia75> they scared me the heck out
19:20 <VitaSpartan> Slendytubby REVIEW.
19:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> Caps
19:20 <LukeLeia75> second question
19:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> Steals Apj's Cake
19:20 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> Eats
19:20 <David231099> hi
19:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
19:20 <LukeLeia75> what do i call spike hike?
19:20 <LukeLeia75> hint
19:20 <Klump Strangeglove> I'm installing Sketch
19:20 <VitaSpartan> You shut up saying "Caps.".
19:20 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <Vicyorus> Hello!
19:20 <LukeLeia75> has something to do with marvel and ultimate jam
19:20 <LukeLeia75> hi!
19:20 <Madbootdude> Hey, Vic
19:20 <David231099> Vita...
19:20 <PlayerPenguin> If Anyone Wants to Come on CP The Room Is Beach And Server Is Pine Needles
19:20 <VitaSpartan> Disney ruined many companies.
19:20 <David231099> hi Vic
19:20 <LukeLeia75> Actually i call Spike Hike Spike Advertise
19:21 <Mikeymkwii> I bet Franky bob is talking behind our backs about us O.O
19:21 <Vicyorus> Hey David
19:21 <Franky bob> Hi vic
19:21 <Franky bob> No I'm not Mikey?
19:21 <Vicyorus> Hey Franky!
19:21 <Franky bob> hey
19:21 <Mikeymkwii> I said I bet
19:21 <Vicyorus> Wait, why does 
19:21 <Vicyorus> MIRON!
19:21 <LukeLeia75> Hi Vicyorus
19:21 <Vicyorus> Hello Luke
19:21 <Klump Strangeglove> I downloaded and installed Scratch
19:21 <VitaSpartan> Mikey looks like a slenderman version of a penguin.
19:21 <Dororo111122> I talk behind everybodies backs
19:21 <Vicyorus> VitaSpartan...
19:21 <David231099> ....
19:21 <Vicyorus> That name rings a bell...
19:21 <LukeLeia75> why does Saraapril keep complaining about CP?
19:21 <Blitzzy> THIS
19:21 <Blitzzy> IS
19:21 <VitaSpartan> VItas?
19:21 <Blitzzy> Club penguin
19:21 <The Lord of the Rings> It's the guy who says "THIS IS SPARTA"
19:21 <LukeLeia75> She plays CP and keeps complaining
19:22 <LukeLeia75> Awkward
19:22 <Vicyorus> No, not like that Blitzzy...
19:22 <Franky bob> Because she has nothing better TO do :P
19:22 <LukeLeia75> Hi Lord !
19:22 <Vicyorus> I mean the user
19:22 <Vicyorus> Right Franky
19:22 <VitaSpartan> I play Coolblox.
19:22 <Vicyorus> I imagine she must be a pookie
19:22 <Franky bob> She'd rather adopt puffles get rid of them right away and adopt them again for her stories
19:22 <Vicyorus> :O
19:22 <The Lord of the Rings> Luke is one of the coolest characters in Star Wars
19:22 <LukeLeia75> Yea
19:22 <LukeLeia75> thanks
19:22 <Mariocart25Charizard> THIS IS SPARTA
19:22 <Dororo111122> saraapril is worse than us!
19:22 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who likes Zombie Apocolypses?
19:22 <VitaSpartan> Pookies are 18 year old midgets.
19:22 <Blitzzy> and we're pretty bad
19:22 <LukeLeia75> she has a lot of orange puffles
19:22 <Franky bob> Trainman is the best
19:22 <Vicyorus> Yeah, we suck
19:22 <AnonymousDuckLover> * Apocalypses 
19:22 <Vicyorus> Oh Trainman
19:22 <Dororo111122> trainman has a wikia account
19:22 <LukeLeia75> she could just delete one of them to get Prism
19:22 <David231099> brb
19:22 <LukeLeia75> Trainman is way better than Saraapril
19:23 <LukeLeia75> gtg!
19:23 <Vicyorus> Bye
19:23 <PlayerPenguin> Ikr
19:23 <Franky bob> Trainman partnered with the CPWN :3
19:23 <LukeLeia75> bye!
19:23 <David231099> bye
19:23 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
19:23 <VitaSpartan> Nigel hacked the classic Disney movies!
19:23 <Vicyorus> Really?
19:23 <David231099> (wave)
19:23 <Franky bob> yeah
19:23 <Vicyorus> Oh right
19:23 <Vicyorus> I remember
19:23 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Saraapril]]
19:23 <Franky bob> We're on his blogroll
19:23 <PlayerPenguin> Saraapril Could Just Preten That One Of Her Puffles Got Coverd In Paint
19:23 <Vicyorus> Yeah, I saw that
19:23 <PlayerPenguin> Pretend
19:23 <Vicyorus> Is PlayerPenguin like, Grand?
19:23 <Dororo111122> yes
19:23 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
19:24 <Vicyorus> Seriously?
19:24 <Franky bob> My Yellow Puffle took a bath today :)
19:24 <Vicyorus> ._.
19:25 <Franky bob> OH NO! He's covered in PERMANENT paint :O
19:25 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <Vicyorus> :P
19:25 <David231099> hi
19:25 <Eaglesrule8> hi
19:25 <Vicyorus> Hello
19:25 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <LukeLeia75> false alarm
19:25 <Eaglesrule8> hi
19:25 <David231099> wb
19:25 <VitaSpartan> Happy Wheels!
19:25 <LukeLeia75> im back
19:25 <Franky bob> Played it before
19:26 <VitaSpartan> GangnamStyleSucks123
19:26 <Apj26>  Director pm
19:26 <Franky bob> It's hard to control
19:26 <Franky bob> Then again
19:26 <Eaglesrule8> (facepalm)
19:26 <Franky bob> I've only played Happy Wheels like 2 times
19:26 <LukeLeia75> it's a bloody game
19:26 <Vicyorus> Um
19:26 <VitaSpartan> Happy Wheels is epic.
19:26 <LukeLeia75> the first time i played it
19:26 <Eaglesrule8> brb
19:26 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:GangnamStyle]]
19:26 <LukeLeia75> it was like pewdiepie didnt play yet
19:26 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
19:26 <VitaSpartan> Tobuscus plays it like everyday.
19:26 <LukeLeia75> ik
19:27 <Super Miron> Vic!
19:27 <Mariocart25Charizard> Happy Wheels is for Babies
19:27 <Super Miron> PM
19:27 <LukeLeia75> say BUTTER if you watch SkyDoesMinecraft
19:27 <The Director of PSA> :o
19:27 <LukeLeia75> i do not
19:27 <VitaSpartan> HAppy Wheels isn't for babies. It's for epic people.
19:27 <LukeLeia75> Say A if you watch Yogscast
19:27 <LukeLeia75> A
19:27 <VitaSpartan> Yogcast hates Minecrap.
19:27 <Blitzzy> sometimes
19:27 <LukeLeia75> DUN DUN DUN
19:27 <LukeLeia75> BAD WORD!
19:27 <AnonymousDuckLover>
19:27 <Apj26> !logs
19:27 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:27 <VitaSpartan> CHatBots.
19:27 <David231099> Vita...
19:27 <Vicyorus> !logs come from trees :P
19:27 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:28 <LukeLeia75> Yogscast Lewis and Simon play Minecraft
19:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> Happy Wheels is for babies
19:28 <VitaSpartan> Shut up Mariocart.
19:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> !logs taste like candy :P
19:28 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:28 <Blitzzy> Then why does it have blood and gore
19:28 <David231099> :o
19:28 <LukeLeia75> !logs
19:28 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
19:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> >:C Dont say that
19:28 <VitaSpartan> Just shut up and take my Wii.
19:28 <LukeLeia75> yea i know
19:28 <David231099> Vita...
19:28 <Blitzzy> what?
19:28 <Blitzzy> it does
19:28 <LukeLeia75> i already have a wii...
19:28 <Mariocart25Charizard> I have a Wii U
19:28 <AnonymousDuckLover> Yep
19:28 <David231099> stop Vita
19:28 <LukeLeia75> rlly?
19:28 <Vicyorus> HAY
19:28 <Vicyorus> APJ
19:28 <David231099> i dont
19:28 <LukeLeia75> oh my
19:28 <Blitzzy> I'm not buying a Wii U because I've already got a Wii and a bunch of other stuff
19:29 <LukeLeia75> im going to buy a xbox
19:29 <Vicyorus> Apj
19:29 <Blitzzy> *an
19:29 <LukeLeia75> just to play minecraft and kinect star wars XD
19:29 <Apj26> Yes
19:29 <VitaSpartan> Well happy Wheels is NOT FOR BABIES. Happy Wheels is for epic people.
19:29 <David231099> its very expensive the Wii U is
19:29 <Vicyorus> I need help, what's the pic when there's no pic?
19:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> You should see the sequel to Spike Hike Steps in Puffle Poo
19:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> I got a wii U 4 Christmas 
19:29 <Vicyorus> "This page needs an image, please upload one" or something like that
19:29 <LukeLeia75> Say Nana if you hate Saraapril but keeps reading her blog
19:29 <VitaSpartan> I have no Wii U and I can';t get it on Air Miles.
19:29 <VitaSpartan> Nana
19:29 <LukeLeia75> Nana
19:29 <Franky bob>
19:29 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Club Penguin Island Adventures: Rainbow Puffle Rescue! - Duration: 09:33 - Uploaded: 2013-04-07 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 49 -
19:29 <Mikeymkwii> Franky
19:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> I got a Kindel Fire for X-mas this year
19:30 <David231099> whos Saraapril?
19:30 <Blitzzy> I've already got an NES, SNES, Genesis, Playstation, N64, gamecube and wii so I don't think I need a Wii U just yet
19:30 <AnonymousDuckLover> MY MOM!!!
19:30 <Franky bob> Hi
19:30 <The Director of PSA> A CP blogger
19:30 <LukeLeia75> Your kidding right
19:30 <David231099> lol ADL
19:30 <The Director of PSA> One of the cp wiki users are cousins with her
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> Franky, dude, Trainman1405 joined our wiki :P
19:30 <VitaSpartan> Saraapril is also known for having negative reputation.
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> He was on yesterday. 
19:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Vita, you used a inpropie Pic a awlie ago
19:30 <LukeLeia75> which one?
19:30 <LukeLeia75> which user?
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> The real one.
19:30 <Franky bob> ik but he partnered with us :3
19:30 <The Director of PSA> Cuz they say she does plagiarism
19:30 <Blitzzy> skater something
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> Frankey
19:30 <LukeLeia75> skater what
19:30 <Franky bob> And he has nothing against the wikis
19:30 <The Director of PSA> Her real username is her test penguin
19:30 <Franky bob> So it's fine
19:30 <The Director of PSA> So ask her for her test penguin username
19:30 <Franky bob> Doesn't really matter
19:30 <Mikeymkwii> He said he liked this one better :P
19:30 <Vicyorus> Mikey, shush
19:31 <The Director of PSA> Cuz she made one here
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> NO
19:31 <The Director of PSA> But she quit
19:31 <LukeLeia75> saraapril used wiki
19:31 <Vicyorus> SHUSH
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> NO
19:31 <David231099> ....
19:31 <Franky bob> ...
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> I SHALL NOT
19:31 <Franky bob> There's no caps rule anymore? lol
19:31 -!- VitaSpartan has left Special:Chat.
19:31 <LukeLeia75> [[User:Saraapril]]
19:31 -!- VitaSpartan has joined Special:Chat
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> Lol franky
19:31 <Franky bob> It was a fake Saraapril
19:31 <David231099> well mind the caps
19:31 <Happy65> hey it's mario rk
19:31 <Franky bob> Sara can spell LOVE
19:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:SaraaprilOnClubPenguin]]
19:31 <Happy65> Hi mario
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> roger says that caps is 3+
19:31 <LukeLeia75> There's another fake saraapril
19:31 <LukeLeia75> yea
19:31 <Mikeymkwii> 3 words plus
19:31 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:31 <Dororo111122> saraapril cant spell: I am a brat
19:31 <David231099> yes
19:31 <Apj26> Roger is right
19:32 <Eaglesrule8> lol
19:32 <VitaSpartan> Sorry for leaving the chat room and going back again. I accidentally pressed the CTRL button.
19:32 <David231099> did you?
19:32 <LukeLeia75> shes like 7 year ole
19:32 <Eaglesrule8> saraapril is aa whiner
19:32 <Lilly flower> (;o)
19:32 <Mikeymkwii> I just proved a CPWN person wrong :d My second life accomplishment 
19:32 <Lilly flower> (:o)
19:32 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
19:32 <LukeLeia75> she thinks puffles are a part of her TRUE family XD
19:32 <Eaglesrule8> wow
19:32 <Vicyorus> Someone ban him, please....
19:32 <LukeLeia75> i just don't care for them
19:32 <Franky bob> lol
19:32 <Mikeymkwii> Vic sorry
19:32 <Franky bob> Ban who?
19:32 <Vicyorus> Guess
19:32 <Eaglesrule8> bye guys
19:32 <LukeLeia75> vita?
19:32 <Vicyorus> Bye
19:32 <Eaglesrule8> (wave)
19:32 <Vicyorus> No, Mikey
19:32 <LukeLeia75> bye
19:33 <Franky bob> Nobody's named Guess here lol
19:33 <LukeLeia75> really
19:33 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
19:33 <David231099> bye
19:33 <VitaSpartan> Hey, one of the Club Penguin summits headquaters is in my country.
19:33 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> there is nothing in the policy that says that i can't do that vic
19:33 <LukeLeia75> So your from Canada
19:33 <VitaSpartan> Yep.
19:33 <Vicyorus> Oh no?
19:33 <Super Miron> (:o)
19:33 <LukeLeia75> I am from Brazil
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> :/
19:33 <Vicyorus> Who did that pic?
19:33 <Mikeymkwii> Vic, please drop this subject
19:33 <VitaSpartan> I'm way too famous on Roblox.
19:33 <Super Miron> No idea Vic
19:34 <LukeLeia75> btw how do i create an userbox
19:34 <Vicyorus> Oh, now you're giving me orders?!
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> you gave me orders
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> to SHUSH
19:34 <Franky bob> :O
19:34 <Vicyorus> Believe me kid, they won't be the last
19:34 <Apj26> Look what ad i got when i went on CPWN
19:34 <LukeLeia75> Stop fighting...
19:34 <Franky bob> Mikey vs Vic! Epic battle! Who will win!!!
19:34 <Super Miron> Don't cause drama
19:34 <Vicyorus> :P
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> no one
19:34 <Mikeymkwii> :/
19:34 <Apj26>
19:34 <Vicyorus> Right guys
19:34 <David231099> no drama please
19:34 <Franky bob> I have Adblock Plus :3 No ads for me >:D
19:34 <LukeLeia75> If i would be a mod i would kick you both
19:34 <Super Miron> and I have Adblock Minus
19:34 <Vicyorus> :P
19:35 <Franky bob> If I were a mod... I wouldn't be as strict as some people would be about these rules
19:35 <Vicyorus> I have Adblock square root of minus 1
19:35 <Super Miron> Mhm
19:35 <Vicyorus> Meh
19:35 <Mikeymkwii> vic do you have a wiki lol
19:35 <Super Miron> And I don't have Adblock- beats you all.
19:35 <Vicyorus> Caps rule is VERY ambiguous 
19:35 <Super Miron> Mikey: [[w:c:vicyorus]]
19:35 <LukeLeia75> btw how do i create an userbox?
19:35 <VitaSpartan> Notch was selfish for the MineCon 2011. When he made a poll about if people wanted to go to the MineCon for $90, the poll had a negative reputation so Notch decided to raise up the cost to visit the MineCon 2011.
19:35 <VitaSpartan> To $140.
19:36 <Mikeymkwii> :d
19:36 <Vicyorus> Just a second
19:36 <Vicyorus> Blocking...
19:36 <David231099> well the caps rule applys for more than 3 words with caps
19:36 <Mikeymkwii> why
19:36 <LukeLeia75> then people decided to pay up $90 XD
19:36 <VitaSpartan> Notch just wanted to be a robber.
19:36 <VitaSpartan> A robber that robs money online.'
19:36 <Mikeymkwii> :(
19:36 <Vicyorus> Miron, did I show you I promoted Batree?
19:37 <Apj26> o_o
19:37 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
19:37 <Mikeymkwii> Why does freaking everyone on this wiki hate me?
19:37 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
19:37 <Franky bob> Franky bob
19:37 <Franky bob> Haithar
19:37 <Franky bob> 3:36
19:37 <Franky bob> Mikeymkwii
19:37 <Franky bob> ?
19:37 <Franky bob> 3:36
19:37 <Franky bob> Franky bob
19:37 <Franky bob> WutzUrNaem?
19:37 <Franky bob> 3:36
19:37 <Franky bob> Mikeymkwii
19:37 <Franky bob>  
19:37 <Franky bob> 3:36
19:37 <Franky bob> Franky bob
19:37 <Franky bob> YSoSad
19:37 <Vicyorus> I'll find the log
19:37 <Blitzzy> noep
19:37 <Klump Strangeglove> NOTCH IS A CREATOR, NOT A ROBBER (sorry for capitals)
19:37 <David231099> ok
19:37 <Blitzzy> Capital, I sady
19:37 <Mikeymkwii> Someone kick Franky
19:37 <Blitzzy> *say
19:37 <Mikeymkwii> Flood
19:37 <Franky bob> It wasn't a flood?
19:37 <Franky bob> I just posted something
19:37 <Vicyorus> Technically yes
19:37 <Blitzzy> oh noes it's a flood barracade the doors
19:37 <Franky bob> lol
19:37 <Apj26> o_o
19:37 <Blitzzy> yea it was kinda a flood
19:38 <VitaSpartan> Saraapril has a very negative reputation.
19:38 <LukeLeia75> IK
19:38 <David231099> we know
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> And I have one too!
19:38 <Mikeymkwii> :d
19:38 <LukeLeia75> Yet she still has a whole lot of followers
19:38 <Vicyorus> A very bad reputation? @Mikey
19:38 <VitaSpartan> Like 70% hate her and only 30% likeher.
19:38 <LukeLeia75> They just agree with her to don't make her sad
19:38 <Franky bob> so true
19:38 <LukeLeia75> They ACTUALLY hate her
19:38 <Klump Strangeglove> Say I if you wanna make me a chat moderator
19:38 -!- Master Dubstep has joined Special:Chat
19:38 <Franky bob> A
19:38 <VitaSpartan> Saraapril doesn't know this wiki.
19:38 <LukeLeia75> rlly?
19:38 <David231099> hi
19:38 <LukeLeia75> Good
19:39 <Vicyorus> Klump, you were blocked for vandalizing...
19:39 <Master Dubstep> I watched SandorL's secret mission in progress
19:39 <LukeLeia75> No one must show this to her...
19:39 <Master Dubstep> and I saw him make Klutzy an item
19:39 <LukeLeia75> if you show this to her
19:39 <Vicyorus> Found it!
19:39 <LukeLeia75> i'm over
19:39 <Mariocart25Charizard> Say Spider-Man If you want me to be a Chat mod
19:39 <VitaSpartan> Spider-Man
19:39 <LukeLeia75> vandalizing?
19:39 <Vicyorus> Here it is
19:39 <Vicyorus>
19:39 <David231099> Spider-Man
19:39 <LukeLeia75> nvm
19:39 <Vicyorus> Batree's "promotion"
19:40 <LukeLeia75> Say Artoo if you want me to be a chat mod
19:40 <Vicyorus> Luke, you're new, right?
19:40 <LukeLeia75> not really
19:40 <Vicyorus> Yeah, you are new
19:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> Artoo
19:40 <David231099> need more experience
19:40 <LukeLeia75> i joined on january
19:40 -!- Shurow has joined Special:Chat
19:40 <Vicyorus> WAY more
19:40 <David231099> hi
19:40 <Super Miron>
19:40 <Mikeymkwii> Hey Shurow
19:40 <Shurow> hi
19:40 <Mikeymkwii> PM
19:40 <Apj26> Hi
19:40 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo Macshurowni
19:40 <Vicyorus> You need at the least 1000^8000 years of experience
19:40 <Franky bob> O
19:40 <Franky bob> lol
19:40 <David231099> lol
19:40 <Vicyorus> Hey Shurow
19:40 <LukeLeia75> hi shurow
19:40 <Franky bob> P
19:41 <LukeLeia75> david
19:41 <Vicyorus> Churrow
19:41 <Vicyorus> :P
19:41 <LukeLeia75> i want imperial march on my userpage!
19:41 <Super Miron> guys
19:41 <Super Miron>
19:41 <Franky bob> lol
19:41 <Vicyorus>
19:41 <Vicyorus> Miron
19:41 <Franky bob> E
19:41 <Vicyorus> Holy mother of Vsauce....
19:41 <Super Miron> Lol
19:41 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
19:41 <Super Miron> I assume that was done using Inspect Element
19:41 <Vicyorus> "Demoted to Pingas Monkey 3rd Class"
19:41 <LukeLeia75> david
19:41 <Vicyorus> No, that's what the logs say
19:41 <Franky bob> R
19:41 <Klump Strangeglove> Guys
19:41 <Vicyorus>
19:41 <LukeLeia75> can i ask u something
19:42 <VitaSpartan> Oh crap. I spilt too many radioavcive juice on the chat room.
19:42 <Super Miron> Lol
19:42 <David231099> hi
19:42 <Preston108> Hello
19:42 <LukeLeia75> i joined wikia before spider man dude
19:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> yo Pj
19:42 <Preston108> Look what I made in Minecraft :P
19:42 <LukeLeia75> you agreed to him be moderator
19:42 <Vicyorus> Hey Pj
19:42 <Franky bob> A
19:42 <LukeLeia75> and me not XD
19:42 <Super Miron> Guys
19:42 <Super Miron>
19:42 <Klump Strangeglove> Skull's gonna make a parody of Penguin Chat 3 called Polar Bear Chat 3
19:42 -!- Rockor king has joined Special:Chat
19:42 <David231099> hi
19:42 <Vicyorus> Yo!
19:42 <Lilly flower> hi
19:42 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
19:42 -!- LukeLeia75 has joined Special:Chat
19:43 <Franky bob> Yawn
19:43 <LukeLeia75>  i refreshed my chat XD
19:43 <VitaSpartan> There's too many radioactive waste on the tables. Stay away  from them.
19:43 <Franky bob> ?
19:43 <LukeLeia75> guys
19:43 <LukeLeia75> help me please
19:43 <Lilly flower> *lays on chouch*
19:43 <Franky bob> T
19:43 <Preston108> Franky, why did you say "yawn"
19:43 <LukeLeia75> How do i make a quiz?
19:43 <Lilly flower> why?
19:43 <Franky bob> Cuz I'm bored
19:43 <Lilly flower> idk
19:44 <Franky bob> Am I not allowed to be bored?!
19:44 <LukeLeia75> I really need help
19:44 <Preston108> Do you like Minecraft Franky?
19:44 <Franky bob> If so I want a protest on this! >:|
19:44 <LukeLeia75> I do
19:44 <Franky bob> Yeah
19:44 <Mariocart25Charizard>
19:44 <Preston108> Cool!
19:44 <Vicyorus> :D
19:44 <Vicyorus> You do?
19:44 <Franky bob> I
19:44 <VitaSpartan> Radioactivating nuclear fart 35% done. Please Wait.
19:44 <Franky bob> yeah
19:44 <LukeLeia75> gtg!
19:44 <LukeLeia75> bye!
19:44 <Vicyorus> Bye
19:44 -!- LukeLeia75 has left Special:Chat.
19:44 -!- VitaSpartan has left Special:Chat.
19:44 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has left Special:Chat.
19:44 <Lilly flower> bye
19:44 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has joined Special:Chat
19:44 <Vicyorus> :/
19:44 <Lilly flower> :|
19:45 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
19:45 <Franky bob> O
19:45 <Franky bob> So many joins and quits
19:45 <David231099> ikr
19:45 <Lilly flower> yep
19:45 <Vicyorus> Franky, are you...
19:45 <Mariocart25Charizard>
19:45 <Preston108> Franky is always so cranky, they should call him Cranky Bob (trollface)
19:46 <Franky bob> I
19:46 <David231099> ...
19:46 <Franky bob> N*
19:46 <Vicyorus> Heh
19:46 <Franky bob> Too lazy to spell out the rest
19:47 <Vicyorus> Funny thing is, the C and the F are really near of each other
19:47 <Franky bob> Operation: Hot Sauce
19:47 <Franky bob> CJF
19:47 <Lilly flower> lol
19:47 <Rockor king>
19:47 <Rockor king> Whoops
19:47 <Preston108> lol
19:47 <Rockor king>!
19:47 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Annoying Orange - Beauty and a Beet (Beauty and a Beat Justin Bieber Parody) - Duration: 02:28 - Uploaded: 2013-04-12 - Rating: 4.643548 - Views: 94,117 -
19:47 <Rockor king> U dare to click?
19:47 <Vicyorus> ._.
19:47 <Preston108>
19:47 <Franky bob> Operation: Hot Sauce > Operation: Water Balloons > Operation: Blizzard
19:47 <PlayerPenguin> bye
19:47 <PlayerPenguin> (wave)
19:47 <Vicyorus> Hey
19:48 <David231099> dont blank
19:48 <Vicyorus> OP: Blizzard sounds interesting
19:48 <Vicyorus> As a name
19:48 <Rockor king> NO!
19:48 <Rockor king> Not water ballons D:
19:48 <Franky bob> Yes
19:48 <AnonymousDuckLover> Have you ever been one of 2 penguins on a server before?
19:48 <Lilly flower> D:
19:48 <Franky bob> Yes
19:48 <Preston108> little lu
19:48 <Lilly flower> yes
19:48 <Franky bob> Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes.
19:48 <Lilly flower> bye
19:48 -!- Lilly flower has left Special:Chat.
19:48 <Rockor king>! Comeon! DARE TO CLICK IT >:D
19:48 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: Annoying Orange - Beauty and a Beet (Beauty and a Beat Justin Bieber Parody) - Duration: 02:28 - Uploaded: 2013-04-12 - Rating: 4.643621 - Views: 94,117 -
19:49 <David231099> why?
19:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> How about the only penguin on every server in CP
19:49 <Rockor king> Beaty and the BEET
19:49 <David231099> ...
19:49 <Franky bob> :O
19:49 <AnonymousDuckLover> DARKWING DUCK!!! :D
19:49 <Preston108> FRANKY!
19:49 <Franky bob> Operation: Blackout > Operation: Hot Sauce > Operation: Water Balloon > Operation: Blizzard
19:49 <Franky bob> Already found out CP's plans
19:49 <Franky bob> Shadow to Fire to Water to Snow
19:49 <Franky bob> Mwa ha ha >:3
19:49 <David231099> proof/?
19:50 <Preston108> liar
19:50 <David231099> *Proof?
19:50 <Vicyorus> :O
19:50 <Preston108> proof?
19:50 <Franky bob> It's a theory
19:50 <Preston108> proof?
19:50 <Franky bob> I have no proof of it -_-
19:50 <Preston108> XD
19:50 <Vicyorus> Franky (The Spoiler) Bob
19:50 <Vicyorus> :P
19:50 <Preston108> proof?
19:50 <Vicyorus> Preston...
19:50 <Vicyorus> -_-
19:50 <Preston108> lol
19:50 <Preston108> Ok
19:50 <Franky bob> It's a THEORY
19:50 <Preston108> proof?
19:50 <Franky bob> I haz no proof to show yew
19:50 <Preston108> lol
19:50 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
19:50 <Preston108> I know its annoying (trollface)
19:50 <David231099> (facepalm)
19:50 <Franky bob> Look in the dictionary and look up Theory please
19:51 <Franky bob> it'll help you a lot
19:51 <Preston108> proof?
19:51 <Preston108> lol
19:51 <David231099> (facepalm)
19:51 <Vicyorus> 9_9
19:51 <David231099> hi
19:52 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi guys (WAVE)
19:52 <Preston108> Franky?
19:52 <Franky bob> HI
19:52 <Franky bob> WutzUrNaem
19:52 <Preston108> proof?
19:52 <Franky bob> PlzPlzPlz Tell me dat first
19:52 <Franky bob> Plz
19:52 <Preston108> proof?
19:53 <Franky bob> Plzzz?
19:53 <Preston108> Umm... proof?
19:53 <Vicyorus> Pj, enoug
19:53 <Vicyorus> *enough
19:53 <David231099> stop saying proof!
19:53 <Vicyorus> It's not funny anymore, it's annoying
19:54 <David231099> the CP Wiki isn't loading
19:54 <Happy65> Hmmmmm
19:54 <Happy65> cp isn't loading
19:54 <Franky bob> Highest Quality image is all ours :3
19:54 <David231099> hi
19:55 <Dororo111122> hmm...
19:55 <Preston108> whats the code just for the AFK option?
19:55 <Hey, Puffle Dude!> Hi Dororo!
19:55 <David231099> hi
19:55 <Eaglesrule8> hi
19:55 <Vicyorus> Franky
19:55 -!- Madbootdude has left Special:Chat.
19:55 <Vicyorus> What's that pic?
19:55 <Commander Bsyew> Ello.
19:55 <Vicyorus> Ohh
19:55 <Vicyorus> Marvel
19:55 <David231099> hi
19:55 <Vicyorus> :P
19:55 <Vicyorus> Heyo
19:55 <Eaglesrule8> rainbow puffl;es
19:56 <Commander Bsyew> Soo I ate way to many skittles today. 
19:56 <Commander Bsyew>
19:56 <Commander Bsyew> D:
19:56 <Eaglesrule8> lol
19:56 <Eaglesrule8> everyone know you gitta have a wingman
19:56 -!- Pigm15 has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Eaglesrule8> gotta*
19:56 <David231099> hi
19:56 <Pigm15> Hi
19:57 <Commander Bsyew> I bought 2 packets of skittles, put in a bowl and grabbed a spoon.
19:57 <Eaglesrule8> hi
19:57 <Vicyorus> Yo
19:57 <Eaglesrule8> sup
19:57 <Commander Bsyew> *om nom nom.
19:57 <Commander Bsyew> Taste the rainbow everyone (stare)
19:57 <Eaglesrule8> woo
19:57 <Eaglesrule8> gtg
19:57 <Eaglesrule8> bye (wave)
19:57 <David231099> bye
19:58 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
19:58 <Vicyorus> Bye
19:58 <Super Miron> Shark
19:58 <Super Miron> PM
19:58 <Master Dubstep> Guys
19:58 <Master Dubstep> Red this
19:58 <Franky bob> I'm outta hear since I'm bored
19:58 <Vicyorus> *Commander is stuck on the bathroom, with a severe case of diarrhea*
19:58 <Master Dubstep> read*
19:58 -!- Franky bob has left Special:Chat.
19:58 <Master Dubstep> Read that
19:58 <Commander Bsyew> Psh.
19:58 <Pigm15> bye
19:58 <Commander Bsyew> I have 2 of them!
19:58 -!- Pigm15 has left Special:Chat.
19:58 <Vicyorus> 2 diarrheas?
19:59 <Preston108> Im bored
19:59 <Preston108> By
19:59 <Vicyorus> Bye
19:59 <Commander Bsyew> *throws skittles in the air.
19:59 <Commander Bsyew> Everyone eat!
19:59 <Vicyorus> No thanks
19:59 <Blitzzy> nam nam nam
19:59 <Commander Bsyew> (stare)
19:59 -!- Franky bob has joined Special:Chat
19:59 <Vicyorus> I'm allergic to colors*
19:59 <Blitzzy> that's a shame
20:00 <Commander Bsyew> Well eat this hershey bar/
20:00 <Commander Bsyew>
20:00 <Commander Bsyew> Your welcomed (XD)
20:00 <Franky bob> Nobody eats Hershy's anymore
20:00 <Commander Bsyew> *welcome
20:00 <Franky bob> Now everybody eats Herbert's
20:00 <AnonymousDuckLover> I'm allergic to human flesh
20:01 <Commander Bsyew> Well I eat Herbert crunch.
20:01 <Commander Bsyew> Hai.
20:01 -!- SandorL has left Special:Chat.
20:01 -!- SandorL has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <Dororo111122> ey i can talk with my teeth closed
20:01 <Commander Bsyew> Psh. I can sleep with my eyes closed!
20:01 <SandorL> Heyho
20:01 <Super Miron> Hi
20:01 <Vicyorus> Yo!
20:02 <Commander Bsyew> Oooh.
20:02 <Rhysw2002> gtg
20:02 <Commander Bsyew> (stare)
20:02 <Commander Bsyew> Bye
20:02 <Franky bob>
20:02 <SandorL> Who wants to know a secret?
20:02 <Franky bob> Nobody ever eats Hershy's anymore
20:02 <Shurow> CP HQ amazes m
20:02 <Shurow> me*
20:02 <Super Miron> Sharkbate
20:02 <Super Miron> PM
20:02 <Commander Bsyew> Well I know that Ninjas are a secret.
20:03 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Super Miron> [[Ninja (moderator)|Ninjas]]?
20:03 <Commander Bsyew> If I could, I would go to their HQ.
20:03 <SandorL> I SandorL, Master of Custom Rooms, Inventor of Custom Mascots, Owner of CPCustoms, Animator of Animations CP is to lazy to Animate
20:03 <Eaglesrule8> BACK
20:03 <SandorL> Am making an animated short
20:03 <Vicyorus> :=
20:03 <Vicyorus> Like Shark's?
20:03 <SandorL> No
20:03 <Eaglesrule8> good4you
20:03 <SandorL> Very different
20:03 <Dororo111122> get shark to animate for you then
20:03 <Sharkbate> ?
20:03 <Vicyorus> Sorry
20:03 <SandorL> I could never do it as good as Shark
20:03 <Super Miron> Shark
20:03 <Super Miron> PM
20:03 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <SandorL> That's his domain
20:03 <SandorL> And he's great at it
20:03 <SandorL> Imagine a PSA Mission that plays itself
20:03 <Commander Bsyew> Cool.
20:03 <David231099> hi
20:03 <Dororo111122> talkin wit ma teeth closed is my domain
20:04 <SandorL> That's the best way to describe it I guess
20:04 <Blastthehedgehog>
20:04 <Commander Bsyew> Everyone! Herbert is mad that you guys are eating his choclate.
20:04 <Super Miron> Eating you is my domain.
20:04 <Commander Bsyew> *chocolate. 
20:04 <Eaglesrule8> if you made twinkie a mod pm me
20:04 <Commander Bsyew>
20:04 <Blastthehedgehog> What a noob 
20:04  * Super Miron eats you
20:04 <Vicyorus> Eating your domain is my you
20:04 <Vicyorus> :P
20:04 <Super Miron> (:o)
20:04 <SandorL> Byswer
20:04 <Sharkbate> thanks for the compliment, Snador
20:04 <Dororo111122> in soviet russia you eat miron
20:04 <Sharkbate> Sandor*
20:04 <SandorL> Where did you see that?
20:04 <Eaglesrule8> huh
20:04 <SandorL> No prob shark, it
20:04 -!- John18065 has joined Special:Chat
20:04 <SandorL> 's true
20:04 <Eaglesrule8> lol
20:04 <John18065> A
20:04 <Commander Bsyew>
20:05 <Super Miron> Shark, you really don't care about my PM, right?
20:05 <Eaglesrule8>
20:05 <David231099> hi
20:06 <Eaglesrule8> got here plz
20:06 <Super Miron> In Soviet Russia teeth talk with Dororo closed
20:06 -!- John18065 has left Special:Chat.
20:06 <Eaglesrule8>
20:06 <Vicyorus> Miron
20:06 <Super Miron> Mh?
20:06 <Vicyorus> Bohater on the CCC
20:06 <Super Miron> So?
20:06 <Vicyorus> Speaking
20:07 <Eaglesrule8> im bored
20:07 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
20:07 <Super Miron> He's there 24/7-- WHAT?!
20:07 -!- Hey, Puffle Dude! has left Special:Chat.
20:07 -!- John18065 has joined Special:Chat
20:07 <Mikeymkwii> :D lol
20:07 <Eaglesrule8> first gets chat mod
20:07 <Apj26> i gtg
20:07 <Blastthehedgehog> wait
20:07 <Blastthehedgehog> LOOK IN PM
20:07 <Vicyorus> Bye Apj
20:07 <Super Miron> I once talked to Chrisdog
20:07 <Super Miron> Alone!
20:07 <Vicyorus> Who?
20:07 <Blastthehedgehog> alone?
20:07 <Super Miron> Chrisdog93
20:07 <Eaglesrule8> FIRST 5 GET CM
20:07 <Super Miron> Yes
20:07 <Super Miron> Only me and him
20:07 <Blastthehedgehog> sounds like u have a crush on him
20:08 <Aj lee> Not going ban me for coming on here ?
20:08 <Super Miron> And some other CPC-- eww!
20:08 <Vicyorus> The blogger?
20:08 <Super Miron> Yes
20:08 -!- VitaSpartan has joined Special:Chat
20:08 <Aj lee> Hey all
20:08 <Vicyorus> Isn't he the one in love with Lady Gaga?
20:08 <Master Dubstep> Im gonna watch Sandor make a custom Herbert
20:08 <VitaSpartan> Urine Wars.
20:08 <Super Miron> Well, it was actually a CPPS
20:08 <Master Dubstep> and that custom herbert is Winnie the Pooh
20:08 <Master Dubstep> LOL
20:09 -!- Apj26 has left Special:Chat.
20:09 <VitaSpartan> Winnie the Poop
20:09 <Super Miron> But he logged on CP to prove it's him
20:09 <Master Dubstep> Hes gonna make Herbert yellow and have a red shirt
20:09 <Master Dubstep> :D
20:09 <Eaglesrule8> lol
20:09 -!- Pramirez351 has joined Special:Chat
20:09 <Eaglesrule8> bye guys gtg (wave)
20:09 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
20:10 <David231099> hi
20:10 <David231099> bye
20:10 <VitaSpartan> A hippo comes out of a lake and he has an explosive diarreah.]
20:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> I beat Sensei up :D
20:10 <David231099> ...
20:10 <Vicyorus> David...
20:10 <Aj lee> Thank god no one is banning me 
20:10 <Commander Bsyew> Back.
20:10 <Dororo111122> i will aj!
20:10 <Commander Bsyew> I hate my current weather.
20:10 <David231099> yes vic?
20:10 <Commander Bsyew> Hot and stormy.
20:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> I like Card Jitsu, it lets me attack my enemies, if only Businesmoose would play with me
20:10 <Commander Bsyew>
20:10 <Blastthehedgehog> doro look at what gn replied to u
20:11 <Blastthehedgehog>
20:11 <Blastthehedgehog> scroll down
20:11 <VitaSpartan> ↑ That guy needs a beer.
20:11 <Klump Strangeglove> kiss me? ew
20:11 -!- Aj lee has left Special:Chat.
20:11 -!- Pramirez351 has left Special:Chat.
20:11 <SandorL> Ok guys, big moment
20:11 <Vicyorus> NO
20:11 <Vicyorus> *bans Sandor*
20:11 <Vicyorus> :P
20:11 <SandorL> WHo wants to watch the first 25 or so seconds of my short
20:11 <AnonymousDuckLover> SENSEI IS MEAN!!! >:(
20:11 <Rockor king> I must kiss The Mandarin!
20:11 <Commander Bsyew> Sorry. I have a girlfriend (stare)
20:11 <Rockor king> Oh hi sandorl
20:12 <VitaSpartan> ↨ Both of those guys need a beer.
20:12 <Commander Bsyew> I would like to :)
20:12 <Vicyorus> Have a beer?
20:12 <Rockor king> Anythin new expect sound effects?
20:12 <Vicyorus> Commander (stare)
20:12 <VitaSpartan> Yeah.
20:12 <SandorL> Ok if you want to watch
20:12 <Rockor king> Vicy take a snikers
20:12 <SandorL>
20:12 <Commander Bsyew> Yes?
20:12 <Commander Bsyew> Ok
20:12 <SandorL> Go there
20:12 <Rockor king> *snickers*
20:12 <Rockor king> Just because you turn into worst drunk guy
20:12 <Commander Bsyew> Vicyorus?
20:13 <Rockor king> Snickers! Your not you when your hungry!
20:13 <Rockor king> *holds a snickers*
20:13 <VitaSpartan> Was that taken on Windows 8?
20:13 <Rockor king> *becomes god*
20:13 <Rockor king> :D
20:13 <Mikeymkwii> ...
20:13 <VitaSpartan> Windows 2000.
20:13 <AnonymousDuckLover> Sensei's going for a stamp
20:14 <Vicyorus> Yes Commander?
20:14 <VitaSpartan> Windows XP: Dyaaaaaaaaaan daan daaaaaaaaahn dooooon duuuuuuuuun doooooooooooooooooooo
20:14 <Vicyorus> I smell
20:14 <Vicyorus> Spam
20:14 -!- VitaSpartan was kicked from Special:Chat by David231099
20:14 <Blitzzy> lol
20:14 <Commander Bsyew> Who was viewer 3.
20:14 <Commander Bsyew> Aha!
20:14 <Dororo111122> ey
20:14 <Commander Bsyew> It was him
20:14 <Dororo111122> 3 kicks
20:14 <Vicyorus> Viewer 3?
20:14 <Commander Bsyew> You said " Commander (stare)
20:14 <David231099> ban
20:14 -!- VitaSpartan was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 86400 seconds.
20:14 <Dororo111122> ey he got bannd
20:14 <Mikeymkwii> ?
20:15 <Vicyorus> David, you're a tad late, aren't you ;)
20:15 <David231099> ikr
20:15 <Dororo111122> so is sandor
20:15 <Mikeymkwii> sandor look lol
20:15 <SandorL> Ok, guys, what did you think?
20:15 -!- Snowballcps has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <David231099> hi
20:15 <SandorL> Cool Mikey!
20:15 <Mikeymkwii> Ikr
20:15 <Mikeymkwii> :D
20:15 <SandorL> The next step for the short
20:15 <Sharkbate> SandorL, may I see?
20:15 <SandorL> Will be to have JPG fly in
20:15 <SandorL> Sure Shark, let me get it back up
20:15 <Sharkbate> Thank you
20:16 <SandorL>
20:16 <David231099> brb
20:17 <Super Miron> Shark
20:17 <Super Miron> PM
20:18 <David231099> back
20:18 <David231099> !updated
20:18 <CPChatBot> David231099: The logs were last updated 07:59 ago. There are currently ~87 lines in the log buffer.
20:18 <David231099> !status
20:18 <CPChatBot> I have been running for 874078 total seconds, and I have reconnected 0 times. It has been 874077 seconds since my last reconnect.
20:18 <Jj131> Back from a long BRB and I was looking at Marvel stuff
20:18 <David231099> hi
20:18 <Dororo111122> how the heck did my internet connection go to a hot spot
20:18 <Jj131> because it likes cookies *gives Dororo a cookie*
20:18 <Jj131> give it cookies
20:19 <Jj131> :/
20:19 <Mikeymkwii> Sandor... PM
20:19 <Dororo111122> jj can you talk with your mouth closed
20:19 <Master Dubstep> why was vic banned
20:19 <Dororo111122> vic was banned?
20:19 <Jj131> No I cannot talk with my mouth closed
20:19 <Dororo111122> [[user:vicyorus]]
20:19 <AnonymousDuckLover> Time to add pure awesomeness to CJO
20:19 <Vicyorus> Me?
20:19 <Dororo111122> ...
20:19 <Jj131> if I could I would be a ventrilequist (however you spell it)
20:19 <Vicyorus> I'm here you dummy
20:19 <Master Dubstep> It just said you were banned
20:19 <Master Dubstep> it kept scrolling me up
20:19 <Jj131> Victor you just got trolled.
20:19 <Master Dubstep> and it said you were gbanned\
20:20 <Super Miron> Shark, can you just stop ignoring me?
20:20 <Jj131> *rides Dororo pony into space*
20:20 <Dororo111122> shuroow pm
20:21 <Blastthehedgehog> sandorl cool short
20:22 <Jj131> is the best place to look for .swfs.
20:22 <Vicyorus> Jj, some of them are dangerous
20:22 <Dororo111122> darn it shurow!
20:22 <Vicyorus> I heard a guy had seizures from one of the .swf
20:23 <Jj131> right now I am on a .swf but it is all black blank, but there are pretty blue things moving and cool peaceful music.
20:23 <Jj131> Yay
20:23 <Jj131> I won't get seizures you will see
20:23 <David231099> wb
20:23 <Master Dubstep> vic
20:24 <Master Dubstep> I encountered one that could give someone a major sezuire
20:24 <Master Dubstep> but I still be careful by going to the site index
20:24 <Vicyorus> Which one?
20:24 <Master Dubstep> idk
20:24 <Blastthehedgehog> vic its true i saw one TWICE
20:24 <Master Dubstep> I showed Trainman this one and he loved it
20:24 <Blastthehedgehog> someone kept posting them on this chat
20:24 <Vicyorus> There are 2 on my knowledge
20:24 <Master Dubstep> he even mentioned me on his twitter
20:24 <Vicyorus> Troll!
20:25 <Master Dubstep> LOL
20:25 <Jj131> now I see a white face with open mouth inside a zooming rainbow
20:26 <David231099> hi
20:26 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <Blastthehedgehog> look at my fight with GN
20:26 <Blitzzy> no
20:26 <Blastthehedgehog>
20:27 <Dororo111122> wrong comment
20:27 <Blastthehedgehog> ...
20:27 <Jj131> [[]] pure epicness
20:27 <Jj131> Aww broken link again?
20:27 <Vicyorus> No
20:27 <Blastthehedgehog>
20:27 <Blitzzy> for shame blast
20:27 <Vicyorus> You can't link like that
20:28 <Blitzzy> tis agaisnt the rules jj
20:28 <Super Miron> Shark
20:29 <The Lord of the Rings> GN is immature
20:29 <Sharkbate> yes?
20:29 <Blastthehedgehog> ikr
20:29 <Sharkbate> I have NO PMs from you
20:29 <Super Miron> Weird.
20:29 <David231099> Snowballcps
20:29 <Super Miron> Let me send it again
20:29 <The Lord of the Rings> *uses master ball on Blast the Lucario* >X3
20:29 <David231099> check private message
20:29 <David231099> hi
20:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> yO
20:29 <Sharkbate> owait. I can't help you with that GN
20:29 <Sharkbate> SM*
20:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
20:29 <AnonymousDuckLover> Add the epicness to CP
20:29 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - Full Official Soundtrack (HD) - Duration: 03:40:33 - Uploaded: 2012-05-17 - Rating: 4.980997 - Views: 941,153 -
20:30 <Sharkbate> Sorry. Someone said GN and it screwed my mind up
20:30 <Blastthehedgehog> *Use force palm on GN*
20:30 <Blitzzy> ᶰᵒ
20:30 <The Lord of the Rings> Don't watch the video called "Gollum wins an award"
20:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:TheTwinkie102]]
20:30 <Blitzzy> ᴵ ʷᶦᶫᶫ
20:30 <Super Miron> Shark, do you get any PMs now?
20:30 <Master Dubstep>
20:31 <Blitzzy> ᵐᵃˢᵗᵉʳ ᵈᵘᵇˢᵗᵉᵖ ᵃʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐʸ ᵖᵘᶠᶠᶫᵉ ᵇʳᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᶦᶰ ᶫᵃʷ
20:31 <David231099> hi
20:31 <The Lord of the Rings> Whatdaheck?! XD
20:31 <Blastthehedgehog> brb
20:31 <SandorL> I just realised I've been disconnected for like ten minutes
20:31 <Blitzzy> lel
20:31 <Blastthehedgehog> tlor
20:31 <The Lord of the Rings> What
20:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> gtg 
20:32 <AnonymousDuckLover> LOTR Rocks
20:32 <The Lord of the Rings> *holds gravity gun and portal gun*
20:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Im eating Pizza
20:32 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
20:32 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <David231099> bye
20:32 <The Lord of the Rings> IDK if thats the movie or me
20:33 <SandorL> Guys, does this look good:
20:33 <Super Miron> Shark
20:33 <SandorL> It's a little different that regular mission Dot
20:33 <Super Miron> Do you get a PM now?
20:33 <Mikeymkwii> Sandor
20:33 <Master Dubstep> Its good
20:33 <Mikeymkwii> its not good
20:33 <Mikeymkwii> it's great
20:33 <SandorL> Thanks
20:33 <SandorL> Hey guys, question
20:34 <Master Dubstep> its not great
20:34 <Jj131> *holds Dororo-blaster at TLOTR*
20:34 <SandorL> Is there a mission where rookie walks?
20:34 <David231099> go ahead
20:34 <Master Dubstep> its AMAZING
20:34 <Master Dubstep> Yes
20:34 <Master Dubstep> There is
20:34 <Jj131> My Dororo-blaster shoots live Dororo's.
20:34 <Jj131> Oh yes!
20:34 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
20:34 <Mikeymkwii> sandor please pm
20:34 <David231099> hi
20:34 <Eaglesrule8> hi
20:34 <SandorL> Which one Dubstep
20:35 <Master Dubstep> Doesnt he walk in COMC?
20:35 <Jj131> Dororo111122
20:35 <Master Dubstep> Case of Missing Coins
20:35 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Jj131> XD
20:35 <Eaglesrule8> im bored
20:35 <SandorL> Hmm, I think he might
20:35 <David231099> hi
20:35 <SandorL> Let me check
20:35 <Eaglesrule8> brb
20:35 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
20:35 <Jj131> Dororo111122 wake up
20:35 <Jj131> XD
20:35 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
20:35 <Jj131> !wake up
20:35 <SandorL> It'd be in the gift shop, right?
20:35 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
20:36 <David231099> hi
20:36 <Jj131> Today is a sad day for Club Penguin. (crying)
20:36 <Vicyorus> Hey TPUSDW2014
20:36 <Eaglesrule8> why
20:36 <Jj131> Today is the day Earth Day is no more. (crying)
20:36 <TheUnknownPony2014> *sees Vicyorus*
20:36 <Eaglesrule8> oh.... ;(
20:36 <TheUnknownPony2014> Nooo!
20:36 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <Jj131> have you seen the news?
20:36 <Eaglesrule8> no
20:36 <Jj131> No more Earth Day in the world
20:36 <SandorL> Well, he walks
20:36 <Jj131> You have just been TROLLED. (trollface)
20:37 <Eaglesrule8> NO! ;(
20:37 <SandorL> But he looks like a hamster
20:37 <Jj131> Earth Day is still alive.
20:37 <Eaglesrule8> dang it
20:37 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
20:37 <SandorL> The style is too old
20:37 <SandorL> Wait
20:37 <Eaglesrule8> (troll)
20:37 <SandorL> I think he walks away in waddle squad
20:37 <Eaglesrule8> (breakdance)
20:37 <Master Dubstep> This is the most terrifying thing you will ever see in Club Penguin.... ever.
20:37 <Jj131> SandorL (Serious and not Dumb or Lying)
20:37 <Vicyorus> AY JESUS MARIA Y JOSE!
20:38 <Blitzzy> holy crab master
20:38 <SandorL> Lol Dubstep
20:38 <Blitzzy> that made me poop me pants
20:38 <Eaglesrule8> its abamdee
20:38 <SandorL> Yes JJ?
20:38 <David231099> caps
20:38 <Jj131> I was making initials on your name
20:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> Wow, I just played the LOTR theme and Aqua Grabber, and it fit perfectly
20:38 <Jj131> SandorL stands for serious and not dumb or lying
20:38 <Jj131> ...
20:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> :0 The theme knows all
20:38 <Master Dubstep> no SandorL stands for
20:38 <Eaglesrule8>
20:38 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song) - Duration: 02:10 - Uploaded: 2011-09-23 - Rating: 4.926505 - Views: 17,672,513 -
20:38 <AnonymousDuckLover> My puffle was hangry and it started all dramatic
20:38 <Jj131> I like trains
20:39 <Eaglesrule8> me too
20:39 <Master Dubstep> Sandy and Nemo don't operate red lobsters
20:39 <Jj131> I love trains.
20:39 <Blitzzy> CPChatBot caps'd
20:39 <Eaglesrule8> XD
20:39 <Jj131> I would marry a train.
20:39 <Jj131> Nah JK
20:39 <Eaglesrule8> lol
20:39 <Master Dubstep> I already married Thomas
20:39 <Master Dubstep> .
20:39 <Jj131> I wonder if I can sell Dororo to a nice antiques store.
20:39 <Eaglesrule8> im hungry
20:39 <Dororo111122> *gets sniper*
20:39 <Eaglesrule8>
20:39 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song) - Duration: 02:10 - Uploaded: 2011-09-23 - Rating: 4.926505 - Views: 17,672,513 -
20:39 <Dororo111122> you wanna do that jj?
20:40 <Jj131> I think Keroro Gunso, the show he likes is old.
20:40 <Eaglesrule8>
20:40 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song) - Duration: 02:10 - Uploaded: 2011-09-23 - Rating: 4.926505 - Views: 17,672,513 -
20:40 <Dororo111122> YOUR OLD
20:40 <Jj131> So I can sell him to an antiques store in Club Penguin.
20:40 <Eaglesrule8>
20:40 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song) - Duration: 02:10 - Uploaded: 2011-09-23 - Rating: 4.926505 - Views: 17,672,513 -
20:40 <Master Dubstep> He just caused Batman to blind himself
20:40 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 6- Carrots Are Good For Your Eyesight - Duration: 00:06 - Uploaded: 2013-02-09 - Rating: 4.948718 - Views: 10,988 -
20:40 <Eaglesrule8> lol
20:40 <Jj131> Nobody likes Keroro Gunso in CP. They never heard of it and it is old... so I can get good coins on you.
20:41 <Dororo111122> dogkid likes it
20:41 <Dororo111122> grand likes it
20:41 <David231099> brb
20:41 <Dororo111122> lowcatz likes it
20:41 <Jj131> well other then them
20:41 <Dororo111122> luigi5613 likes it
20:41 <Pam pam4> Hi
20:41 <Eaglesrule8>
20:41 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6 (All in One) ENGLISH - Duration: 09:24 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 4.878680 - Views: 3,380,654 -
20:41 <Dororo111122> harry putter likes it
20:41 <Jj131> *collects Keroro Gunso characters like Dororo111122 to sell to an antiques store*
20:41 <Eaglesrule8>
20:41 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6 (All in One) ENGLISH - Duration: 09:24 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 4.878680 - Views: 3,380,654 -
20:42 <Jj131> *places Dororo on shelf*
20:42 <Master Dubstep> LOL
20:42 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 6- I Have No Idea How To Breath - Duration: 00:05 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 5.000000 - Views: 5,128 -
20:42 <Dororo111122> *snipes jj*
20:42 <Dororo111122> *its actually a paintball*
20:42 <Eaglesrule8> allin one
20:42 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6 (All in One) ENGLISH - Duration: 09:24 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 4.878680 - Views: 3,380,654 -
20:42 <Jj131> *places Dororo-proof magical rainbow slime wall around Dororo on shelf*
20:42 <Dororo111122> *basco comes and beats up jj*
20:42 <Eaglesrule8> (pie)
20:42 <Jj131> Rainbows and happiness and love are Dororo's #1 enemy! Yay!
20:43 <Eaglesrule8> i like singing i like dancing i like trains
20:43 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:moshimonsters:Special:Chat|JJ CLICK HERE FOR $5]]
20:43 <Jj131> Dororo is one of my best friends on this wiki... but he has to learn about magic and love! Yay!
20:43 <Jj131> Not falling for it.
20:43 <Dororo111122> click it
20:43 <Jj131> *places more magic walls*
20:43 <SandorL> Ok guys I need help ahain
20:43 <Vicyorus> Dororo
20:43 <Vicyorus> Policy
20:43 <Dororo111122> HIM AGAIN?!
20:43 <SandorL> In what mission does JPG come and land somewhere?
20:43 <Snoopman14> I'm back!!!
20:43 <SandorL> Besides Mission 2
20:43 <Jj131> No I hovered my mouse over it and saw its Moshi Monsters wiki chat.
20:43 <Jj131> Dororo, don't be mean!
20:44 <John18065> Am I Away?
20:44 <David231099> no
20:44 <Jj131> *stuffs purple magic sparkle dust in Dororo's mouth so he learns about friendship*
20:44 <Dororo111122> ugh hes not supposed to be unbanned...
20:44 <Snoopman14> Its fine. Dodoro have a short history.
20:44 <Dororo111122> yes
20:44 <Dororo111122> I banned, i went to his chat, he banned
20:44 <Dororo111122> but, i did it for a reason while you did it for, no reason
20:45 <Jj131> Don't call him DODOro! You're mean. 
20:45 <Jj131> Dororo, I am gonna protect you with rainbows and happiness! Whee!
20:45 <David231099> ...
20:45 <Snoopman14> Ummm...
20:45 <Vicyorus> ._.
20:46 <Jj131> *rides down rainbows*
20:46 <Jj131> Whee!
20:46 -!- Snoopman14 was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 604800 seconds.
20:46 <Dororo111122> done
20:46 <Dororo111122> avenged myself
20:46 <Jj131> Yay! 
20:46 <Dororo111122> now jj is next!
20:46 <Jj131> It's fun being evil sometimes! Yay!
20:47 <Jj131> But I am your friend!
20:47 <Eaglesrule8> guys
20:47 <Eaglesrule8> OMG
20:47 -!- Green Ninja has joined Special:Chat
20:47 <Green Ninja> Hello
20:47 <Jj131> I love being evil and attacking mean monsters! Yay!
20:47 <Dororo111122> attack the mutant green brain guy then
20:47 <Jj131> OK!
20:47 <Dororo111122> hes at moshi monsters wiki
20:47 <Jj131> *uses magic sparkle dust cuteness*
20:47 <Jj131> Yay!
20:47 <Eaglesrule8> POLO FIELD IS ON FOG WITH SPIKE HIKE!!!! :o
20:48 <Green Ninja> Really?
20:48 <Dororo111122> caps
20:48 <Eaglesrule8> YES
20:48 <Green Ninja> Room?
20:48 <Eaglesrule8> GO GO GO
20:48 <Vicyorus> He was demoted?
20:48 <Eaglesrule8> forest
20:48 <Vicyorus> GN was demoted again?
20:48 <David231099> caps
20:48 <Jj131> *floats down rainbows backwards with mouth open*
20:48 <Jj131> *eats rainbows with cuteness*
20:48 <Jj131> Hee hee hee!
20:48 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
20:48 <Eaglesrule8> GN forest
20:48 <Green Ninja> Yes because people dislike me
20:48 <Green Ninja> Okay
20:48 -!- Shelbypinky1 has joined Special:Chat
20:48 <Shelbypinky1> Hello!
20:49 <TheUnknownPony2014> Heck, I will finally get snapped on people who hates me. 
20:49 <Dororo111122> who unbanned you?!
20:49 <David231099> hi
20:49 <Dororo111122> wait nvm i did
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> YOVE BEEN (TROLL) ED
20:49 <Jj131> Oops! Rainbows! *burps rainbows at*
20:49 <Dororo111122> caps!
20:49 <Dororo111122> you've been...
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> WHO CARES
20:49 <Dororo111122> !kick Eaglesrule8
20:49 -!- Eaglesrule8 was kicked from Special:Chat by CPChatBot
20:49 <Dororo111122> KICKED
20:49 <Jj131> Caps! Don't even think about trolling us! Yay!
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> :P
20:49 -!- Reggie2524 has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <David231099> hi
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> hi
20:49 <Dororo111122> 2 more and a ban happens
20:49 -!- Tigereh has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> hola
20:49 <Eaglesrule8> ok
20:50 <David231099> hi
20:50 <Jj131> *is Dororo's cute wittle pet thing that rides rainbows*
20:50 <Green Ninja> Polo and Spike really aren't on?
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> mine turtle
20:50 <Jj131> Whee!
20:50 <AnonymousDuckLover> LOTR makes Ice Fishing Intense 
20:50 <Dororo111122> tiger are you tyger5000
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> yea i know
20:50 -!- Mariocart25Charizard has joined Special:Chat
20:50 <Green Ninja> (mad0
20:50 <Tigereh> who?
20:50 <Green Ninja> (mad)
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> GN i trolled you
20:50 <David231099> hi
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> (troll)
20:50 <Tigereh> who iz tyger?
20:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
20:50 <Green Ninja> I was just logging in.
20:50 <Dororo111122> LOOL
20:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> I had a Giant Pizza
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> sorry
20:50 <Green Ninja> :P
20:50 <Dororo111122> (lol)
20:50 <Eaglesrule8> i was bored
20:50 <Dororo111122> oh i hate that emote
20:50 <Green Ninja> Stop Dororo.
20:50 <David231099> Shellbypinky
20:50 <Dororo111122> i want the lol meme
20:50 <Shelbypinky1> Yes
20:50 <Green Ninja> You would have done the same thing.
20:50 <Dororo111122> but i didnt
20:50 <David231099> you need to change your avater
20:51 <Green Ninja> :P
20:51 <Jj131> Whee! Pizza! *places rainbows and sparkles on pizza*
20:51 <Shelbypinky1> why?
20:51 <Dororo111122> i can meet spike and polo any week
20:51 <Eaglesrule8> gtg guys byebye'
20:51 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
20:51 <David231099> it contains a person in it
20:51 <Jj131> *devours pizza in one bite full of love and happiness*
20:51 <Green Ninja> Kick her Dororo
20:51 <Green Ninja> Shelbypinky
20:51 <Tigereh> Shilby pm
20:51 <Dororo111122> is THIS your act of revenge GN?!
20:51 <Shelbypinky1> Its not me though, I promise
20:51 <Green Ninja> No...
20:51 <David231099> but
20:51 <Dororo111122> i cannot trust...
20:51 <Jj131> *is in Dororo's kitchen in his house devouring food with sparkles and rainbows*
20:51 <Green Ninja> I was never looking for revenge
20:51 <Dororo111122> yes you were you said so earlier
20:51 <David231099> it doesn't matter who it is shellby
20:51 <Vicyorus> Mademoiselle Shelby, I'm going to have to ask you to change the pic while you are here
20:51 <Green Ninja> I just want you to be my friend
20:51 <Dororo111122> ill find it!
20:51 <Dororo111122> brb
20:51 <Vicyorus> Policy things ;)
20:51 <Shelbypinky1> Ok
20:51 <Dororo111122> !logs
20:51 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
20:51 <Shelbypinky1> I will go then
20:52 -!- Shelbyblue1 has joined Special:Chat
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> Hey!
20:52 <Tigereh> it iz someone from gleee
20:52 <Dororo111122> what the
20:52 -!- Shelbypinky1 has left Special:Chat.
20:52 <Dororo111122> SOCK?!
20:52 <Jj131> *Dororo is busy on his computer trying to be chat moderator on wiki*
20:52 <David231099> :o
20:52 <Blitzzy> well then
20:52 <TheUnknownPony2014> Sockpuppets?!
20:52 <Green Ninja> :O
20:52 <Green Ninja> Sock!
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> Hey
20:52 <David231099> :o
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> Huh
20:52 <Jj131> I'm not a sockpuppet! I ate food!
20:52 <Tigereh> hi
20:52 <Dororo111122> DAVID ban im trying to look for osmething
20:52 <Green Ninja> yOUR A SOCK
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> Sock?
20:52 <Green Ninja> Your a sock sorry
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> Wha?
20:52 <Green Ninja> Sockpuppet
20:52 <David231099> sockpuppet
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> She my friend
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> she gave me a username
20:52 <Green Ninja> You are Shelbypinky1
20:52 <David231099> ...
20:52 <Tigereh> yez
20:52 <Jj131> I'm not a sock! I'm a pet! Hee hee hee!
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> I'm not!
20:52 <Green Ninja> Doubt it.
20:52 <Green Ninja> Prove it 
20:52 <Shelbyblue1> We was just both on....
20:53 <Tigereh> Moshi Monsters FTW From Tyger5000 xxxx
20:53 -!- Tigereh has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <TheUnknownPony2014> We Don't care. @Shelbyblue1
20:53 <Dororo111122> god dang it
20:53 <David231099> ban?
20:53 <Dororo111122> I KNEW IT
20:53 <Dororo111122> yes
20:53 <Green Ninja> Yes ban her
20:53 <Shelbyblue1> I know more Moshi people!
20:53 <Mariocart25Charizard> TIGEREH IS TYGER5000
20:53 <Shelbyblue1> I can tell you them!
20:53 <Jj131> *jumps on Dororo's back and jumps up and down expecting happiness*
20:53 <Dororo111122> done
20:53 <Jj131> *is pet*
20:54 <David231099> u sure i ban?
20:54 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:moshimonsters:Special:WikiActivity]]
20:54 -!- Reggie2524 has left Special:Chat.
20:54 <Shelbyblue1> Reggie2524 is a Moshi player!
20:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
20:54 <Jj131> Spam
20:54 -!- Reggie2524 was kicked from Special:Chat by David231099
20:54 <Green Ninja> :P
20:54 <Jj131> and negative comments to CP
20:54 <Vicyorus> I suppose this has to do with Dororo's ban...
20:54 <Jj131> (nod)
20:54 <David231099> should I ban Shellby
20:54 <Shelbyblue1> NO!
20:54 <Jj131> Yay! I love it when a bad user is banned! Hee hee hee!
20:54 <TheUnknownPony2014> Yes Please!
20:54 <Shelbyblue1> Please!
20:54 <Shelbyblue1> I'm not a sock1
20:54 <Green Ninja> Yes
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> I swear
20:55 <Green Ninja> You are.
20:55 <David231099> proof @Shellby?
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> She gave me a username!
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> I will give you some secrets on her...
20:55 <Mikeymkwii> o heck
20:55 <Mikeymkwii> moshi monsters are attacking
20:55 <David231099> hummm...
20:55 <Vicyorus> No thanks
20:55 <Green Ninja> If you know her secrets your obviously her.
20:55 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
20:55 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
20:55 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
20:55 <David231099> hi
20:55 <Jj131> *comes to Shelby with rainbow sparkle sword and waves sword at*
20:55 <Green Ninja> Hi Blast :)
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> MOSHI RULE!
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> CP SUCKS
20:55 <Shelbyblue1> From CocoYoYo/Brantan3478 (Who is me!)
20:56 <Green Ninja> :O
20:56 -!- Shelbyblue1 was kicked from Special:Chat by Dororo111122
20:56 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
20:56 <Dororo111122> oops
20:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> Spam
20:56 <Green Ninja> My God
20:56 <Dororo111122> [[User:Brantan3478]]
20:56 <Green Ninja> She really was a sock.
20:56 <AnonymousDuckLover> Sock :0
20:56 <Green Ninja> Sock :D
20:56 <Jj131> Steal her treasure and scare their head! Yay! It is fun to be evil sometimes!
20:56 <David231099> if she comes back ban
20:56 <Green Ninja> Lol Jj
20:56 <Jj131> Yay!
20:56 -!- Green Ninja has left Special:Chat.
20:56 <TheUnknownPony2014> Who cares about moshi monsters?! this is club penguin we're talking about not Moshi monsters wiki.
20:56 <Jj131> *is Dororo's pet*
20:57 -!- The Lord of the Rings has left Special:Chat.
20:57 <David231099> ikr
20:57 <David231099> moshi monsters is bad
20:57 <TheUnknownPony2014> Indeed. 
20:57 <David231099> hi
20:57 <Mikeymkwii>
20:57 <Jj131> I love new CP! Hee hee hee!
20:57 <Jj131> If you like new Club Penguin say I! Yay!
20:57 <Jj131> I
20:57 <Mikeymkwii> i?
20:57 <Jj131> Yay!
20:57 <Mikeymkwii> ???
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> Guys
20:58 <Jj131> :(
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> what should we do about those moshi monsters?
20:58 <Jj131> (<:()
20:58 <Master Dubstep> EVERYONE
20:58 <Jj131> <:(
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> can i create a sock to use on their wiki?
20:58 <Jj131> >:(
20:58 <Master Dubstep> GO MAKE THEM MAD
20:58 <Jj131> No!
20:58 <Dororo111122> get shark to help
20:58 <TheUnknownPony2014> What will Herbert p. bear do with Moshi monsters.
20:58 <Blastthehedgehog> im gonna do that
20:58 <Mikeymkwii> dororo
20:58 <Jj131> Don't make a sockpuppet!
20:58 <Jj131> That is really bad!
20:58 <Sharkbate> noooooo
20:59 <Jj131> spam
20:59 <David231099> no
20:59 <Dororo111122> well he CAN get a diff ip *idk how*
20:59 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
20:59 <Shelbyblue1> CP SUCKS
20:59 -!- Shelbyblue1 has left Special:Chat.
20:59 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
20:59 <Dororo111122> whats cp
20:59 -!- Shelbyblue1 was kicked from Special:Chat by David231099
20:59 <TheUnknownPony2014> This is not Moshi monsters.
20:59 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
20:59 -!- Shelbyblue1 was banned from Special:Chat by Dororo111122 for 31536000000 seconds.
20:59 <Jj131> Dororo! CP is where we live! Yay!
20:59 <Blastthehedgehog> shut up you moshimonster noob 
20:59 <Dororo111122> too late
20:59 <AnonymousDuckLover> Shelby, leave the Wiki if your going to do that, PLEASE!!!
20:59 <David231099> ikr
20:59 <Blastthehedgehog> to sheldy
20:59 <Dororo111122> too late
21:00 <Blastthehedgehog> im on the moshi chat
21:00 <Jj131> Why can't we invade the Dororo Wiki with rainbows and happiness? Yay!
21:00 -!- Mikeymkwii has joined Special:Chat
21:00 <David231099> hi
21:00 <Dororo111122> blast why do you have 2 edits there
21:01 <TheUnknownPony2014> That is why Club penguin do have rival with Moshi monsters.
21:01 <Jj131> (rainbow) (rainbow) (rainbow) = Yay! Me!
21:01 <Sharkbate> I got the actual concept art for the school on CP... it's so lame
21:01 <Vicyorus> Ok....
21:01 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has left Special:Chat.
21:01 <Sharkbate> (not from the summit TV screen.)
21:01 <Jj131> What is the art?
21:01 <Jj131> It is probably wonderful! Yay!
21:01 <TheUnknownPony2014> Where? @shark
21:01 <Sharkbate> nunyabinnis
21:01 <Blastthehedgehog> dororo
21:01 <Jj131> give me the link?
21:01 <Sharkbate> I have it uploaed on CPWN tho
21:01 <Dororo111122> did they ban yet
21:01 <Blastthehedgehog> i used to play mm
21:01 <Blastthehedgehog> nope
21:01 <Blastthehedgehog> but 1 kick
21:02 <David231099> brb
21:02 <Blastthehedgehog> 2 KICKS
21:02 <TheUnknownPony2014> what did you do? @blast
21:02 <Dororo111122> what for
21:02 <Super Miron>
21:03 <Blastthehedgehog> SPAM
21:03 <David231099> ...
21:03 <Vicyorus> Wow, you guys are flooding CPCB
21:03 <Blastthehedgehog> and saying retarted
21:03 <Dororo111122> !updated
21:03 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: The logs were last updated 36:43 ago. There are currently ~520 lines in the log buffer.
21:03 <Blastthehedgehog> and saying it to the cocoyoyo guy
21:03 <Dororo111122> !updatelogs
21:03 <CPChatBot> Dororo111122: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 523 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
21:03 <Blastthehedgehog>
21:03 <Dororo111122> [[User:Tyger500o]]
21:04 <Dororo111122> MARIO IS COCO?!
21:04 <TheUnknownPony2014> Mariocart25. 
21:04 <Super Miron> Vic
21:04 <Super Miron> PM
21:04 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
21:04 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
21:05 <Mariocart25Charizard> yes
21:05 <Jj131> Call in the Twinkie.
21:05 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
21:05 <Dororo111122> mario, we know your secret
21:05 <Jj131> *presses button and Twinkie102 walks in*
21:05 <Mariocart25Charizard> What?
21:05 <Dororo111122> your cocoyoyo
21:05 -!- Pam pam4 has left Special:Chat.
21:05 <Mariocart25Charizard> NO
21:05 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
21:05 <Mikeymkwii> wut the heck
21:06 <Mariocart25Charizard> Coco is LizardMaster
21:06 -!- TK-999 has joined Special:Chat
21:06 <Mikeymkwii> dororo pm
21:06 <Dororo111122> not THAT coco
21:06 <David231099> hi
21:06 <Vicyorus> Hello?
21:06 <Dororo111122> the moshi monsters coco
21:06 <Jj131> Who is Cocoyoyo?
21:06 <Mariocart25Charizard> I dont Play Moshu monsters
21:06 <Vicyorus> I don't like when they come
21:06 <Vicyorus> Miron, PM
21:06 <TheUnknownPony2014> Such as? @Vic
21:06 <Blastthehedgehog> let me guess tk
21:06 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Cocoyoyo]]
21:06 <Blastthehedgehog> moshi wiki sent you
21:06 <Dororo111122> im suspecting tyger has a proxy or something...
21:06 <Vicyorus> Moshi Monsters reported us?
21:06 <Vicyorus> I'm having a bad feeling about this...
21:07 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:ClubPenguinNews08]]
21:07 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Archivoso]]
21:08 <Dororo111122> so who wants to take a guess why tk-999 is here...
21:08 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Graser 8]]
21:08 <David231099> i gtg
21:08 <David231099> bye (wave)
21:08 <TheUnknownPony2014> Bye!
21:08 <Dororo111122> [[w:c:moshimonsters:User:TK-999]]
21:08 <Blastthehedgehog> hes on their chat
21:08 <TheUnknownPony2014> but who? @blast
21:09 <Dororo111122> reply to pm blast
21:09 <TK-999> It needs to be cleared up if there is any chat invasion or preparations of thereof in either wiki, hence the activity.
21:10 <Vicyorus> So you're here in case of an attack?
21:10 <Vicyorus> (From what I understood)
21:10 <Master Dubstep> Lol no it's not an attack of some sort
21:10 <Master Dubstep> Were just understanding what the hatred of the fans are
21:10 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHUROW ROW THE BOAT
21:10 <Master Dubstep> Im just figuring out why the fans of each game hate each other
21:10 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHURROW
21:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHURRROW
21:11 <Dororo111122> caps
21:11 <Vicyorus> Hey Sandor
21:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
21:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> SSHURRROW
21:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> Tyger is Back
21:11 <Dororo111122> tyger has like 4 socks
21:11 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Tigereh]]
21:11 <Dororo111122> [[User:Tyger5000]]
21:12 <Dororo111122> [[User:T5000]]
21:12 <Sharkbate> kbai
21:12 <Dororo111122> [[Special:Log]]
21:12 <Vicyorus> Bye
21:12 <Super Miron> VSTF here?! Again?
21:13 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
21:13 <Dororo111122> you missed a lot miron
21:13 <Vicyorus> Miron, why do you ashame me...
21:13 <Blastthehedgehog> yup
21:13 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
21:14 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Master Dubstep> It's funny how they stopped talking when I asked if they had animated shorts on TV
21:15 <Jj131> If you like Ghostbusters, here is a fun fact. The original Ghostbusters 3 script was to have the Ghostbusters trapped in Hell in a more evil version of Manhattan.
21:15 <Sharkbate> who?
21:15 <Master Dubstep> the moshi peeps
21:15 <Jj131> and they would meet Satan, obviously
21:15 <Dororo111122> theyre weirdos
21:15 <Sharkbate> I'm finding some CP gold 
21:15 <Jj131> Then gimme some gold!
21:15 <TheUnknownPony2014> Moshi monster looks like rejected pokemon.
21:15 <Dororo111122> found tygers other sock
21:15 <Jj131> I want to sell gold to an antiques store that I can trade to buy a Dororo.
21:15 <Master Dubstep> It'd be hiliarious if Polo Field came in the middle of this
21:15 <Master Dubstep> LOL
21:16 -!- Snowy Bomber has joined Special:Chat
21:16 <Snowy Bomber> Ban me
21:16 <TheUnknownPony2014> Snowy, why?
21:17 -!- Snowy Bomber has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
21:17 <TheUnknownPony2014> Moshi monsters are just rejected pokemon.
21:17 <Blastthehedgehog> SOCK 3 FOUND DORO
21:17 -!- Master Dubstep has left Special:Chat.
21:17 <Dororo111122> shark look one of your friends is tyger
21:17 <Dororo111122> brb
21:17 -!- Dororo111122 has left Special:Chat.
21:18 <Sharkbate> Who?
21:18 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Mattgelo|Mattgelo]]'s Socks: [[User:Matthew93256|Matthew93256]], [[User:NineThreeTwoFiveSix]]
21:18 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
21:18 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:M93256]]
21:18 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Cpfan932]]
21:19 <Preston108> Cpfan93256
21:19 <Preston108> [[User:Cpfan93256]]
21:20 <Preston108> Sharkbate, can you update logs?
21:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHUROWW
21:20 -!- Dororo111122 has joined Special:Chat
21:20 <Shurow> what
21:20 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Tigereh]]
21:20 <Mikeymkwii> HI dororo
21:21 <Dororo111122> tyger has 2 other socks
21:21 -!- Shurow has left Special:Chat.
21:21 <Mikeymkwii> check pm
21:21 <Mariocart25Charizard> Is a Sock of Tyger
21:21 -!- Shurow has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <Dororo111122>
21:21 <Preston108> Can we block Mattgelo completely?
21:21 <Preston108> Hes constantly making socks
21:21 <Dororo111122>
21:22 -!- ToaMeiko has joined Special:Chat
21:22 <Mariocart25Charizard> I dont Mattgelo on my wiki
21:22 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
21:22 -!- ToaMeiko has left Special:Chat.
21:23 <Preston108> <-_-<
21:24 <Dororo111122> [[User:Snowy Bomber]]
21:24 <Preston108> Snowy Bomber was Tyger>
21:24 <Dororo111122> I am sorry sandor...
21:25 <Dororo111122> SHUROOOW block
21:26 <Preston108> Shurow
21:26 <Dororo111122> wait why dont i report the socks to wikia 
21:26 <Blastthehedgehog> naah
21:27 <Dororo111122> [[User:Tyger5000]]
21:27 <Preston108> Yeah
21:27 <Blastthehedgehog> wikia is too slow
21:27 <Shurow> I delelted GN's blog...
21:27 <Preston108> [[User:Rabbitt9009]]
21:27 <Dororo111122> wait tk-999 can you either do something about tyger making more socks or set a range ip block
21:27 <Preston108> [[User:Rabbit9009]]
21:27 <Mikeymkwii> dororo
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> if is underage
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> is he blocked on mm wiki?
21:28 <TK-999> Sockpuppeting by itself is not an offense. It requires proof of offending behavior for both us and Staff to act.
21:28 <TK-999> Screenshots are not such evidence.
21:28 <Blastthehedgehog> there is no coppa at moshii 
21:28 <Vicyorus> Soo
21:28 <Vicyorus> What do we give out as proof?
21:28 <Mikeymkwii> Doesn't wikia go by COPPA?
21:28 <TK-999> COPPA is on all Wikias, because Wikia, Inc. is a U.S. company.
21:29 <Dororo111122> mikey hes an ADMIIN
21:29 <Vicyorus> It's locally decided if the rule is followed
21:29 <TK-999> If you have proof, like a wall thread, page, masthead, feel free to report.
21:29 <Vicyorus> Someone told me that
21:29 <Blastthehedgehog> yeah but they dont have it
21:29 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
21:29 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <Eaglesrule8> hey
21:29 <Mikeymkwii> TK
21:29 <TK-999> COPPA is a U.S. law, and applies to all users of Wikia, as Wikia is a U.S. company.
21:29 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
21:29 <Eaglesrule8>
21:29 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6 (All in One) ENGLISH - Duration: 09:24 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 4.878767 - Views: 3,380,654 -
21:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> Shurowbucks
21:29 <Vicyorus> Pfft
21:29 <Vicyorus> Back in my days I never heard such a thing
21:29 <TK-999> Furthermore, Wikia's ToU disallows below-13 registrations.
21:29 <Blastthehedgehog> !logs
21:29 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
21:29 <Vicyorus> (Nobody actually caught me)
21:30 <Vicyorus> :P
21:30 <TK-999> And the ToU is not to be overridden locally.
21:30 -!- Green Ninja has joined Special:Chat
21:30 <Green Ninja> Hello
21:30 <Mikeymkwii> if is coppa, why isn't he blocked on Moshi Monsters wiki?
21:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Please Disable [[User:Mattgelo]]
21:30 <Eaglesrule8>
21:30 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: ASDF Movie 1,2,3,4,5,6 (All in One) ENGLISH - Duration: 09:24 - Uploaded: 2013-02-10 - Rating: 4.878767 - Views: 3,380,654 -
21:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> Mattgelo is 9 years old
21:30 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
21:30 <Eaglesrule8> y u no allowed to talk in caps?
21:30 <Preston108> TK-999, Mattgelo is making LOTS of socks and hes underage
21:31 <Preston108> *underaged
21:31 <Eaglesrule8> bye
21:31 <TK-999> COPPA is enforced by Staff → evidence to [[Special:Contact/general]]
21:31 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Vicyorus> That's I meant to say
21:32 <Vicyorus> "enforced"
21:32 <Vicyorus> Not "follow"
21:32 <Vicyorus> :P
21:32 <Green Ninja> Hi SandorL :D
21:32 <Green Ninja> PM
21:32 <Vicyorus> My bad TK
21:32 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
21:32 <Green Ninja> Hi Blast my friend :)
21:32 -!- Blastthehedgehog has left Special:Chat.
21:32 <Vicyorus> GN, Y U DEMOTED?
21:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo
21:32 <Green Ninja> IDK
21:32 <Preston108> GN, Y U HERE AFTER QUITTING?
21:33 <Green Ninja> I already said :P
21:33 <Green Ninja> (tougue)
21:33 <Green Ninja> :/
21:33 <Preston108> (?)
21:33 <Mikeymkwii> why isn't (still) blocked?
21:33 <Vicyorus> Mikey, enough
21:33 <Mikeymkwii> sorry
21:33 -!- Blastthehedgehog has joined Special:Chat
21:33 <Green Ninja> Hi Blast :D
21:33 <TK-999> [[Special:Contact/general]] if you have evidence, otherwise nothing
21:33 <Green Ninja> My good friend
21:34 <Blastthehedgehog> who is this
21:34 <Green Ninja> IDK but they have the right idea
21:34 <Blastthehedgehog> meh
21:34 <Preston108> GN
21:34 <Green Ninja> :p
21:34 <Green Ninja> Hi SandorL
21:34 <Preston108> Why did you come back?
21:34 <Green Ninja> Because I thought about it during school and I read nice comments from people
21:35 <Green Ninja> Though now I realize some people aren't very nice to me anymore. :/
21:35 <Preston108> PEPOLE LIKE YOU ALo HERE
21:35 <Green Ninja> ?
21:35 <Preston108> :P
21:35 <TheUnknownPony2014> i don't hate you. GN
21:35 <Green Ninja> Good. Let it stay that way.
21:35 <Green Ninja> I mere;y want some people's friendship, like Blast or Dororo.
21:35 <Super Miron> Vicyorus
21:35 <Super Miron> PM
21:35 <Mikeymkwii> !logs
21:35 <CPChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[Project:Chat/Logs|here]].
21:35 <Green Ninja> SandorL PM
21:36 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
21:36 -!- Super Miron has joined Special:Chat
21:36 -!- Ph1n3a5and77 has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Green Ninja> Hi Ph1n3a5and77
21:36 <Green Ninja> :D
21:36 <Ph1n3a5and77> Look at the Mandarin and look at the Not from Cp template O_o
21:37 <Preston108> GN PM
21:37 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ph1n3a5and77 = green Ninja. Simple.
21:37 <Green Ninja> Okay
21:37 <Green Ninja> Yeah it should be a Marvel character in that
21:37 <Green Ninja> This is the second Marvel party
21:37 <Green Ninja> Rocky and CeCe have only appeared once
21:38 <Preston108> GN
21:38 <Vicyorus> Uh oh
21:38 <Vicyorus> Um
21:38 <Vicyorus> Dororo
21:38 -!- BrannyFunz has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <BrannyFunz> I come in peace! I report everyone to the Moshi Monsters Wiki, we have been told you to do this by TK-999, we need to speak to you, thank you, see ya there! :)
21:39 -!- BANNED1 has joined Special:Chat
21:39 <SandorL> Am I still connected
21:39 <SandorL> If I am someone say cheese
21:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> I hated Rocky and CeCe, but Ultimate Jam was one of my favorite parties
21:39 <Vicyorus> Potato
21:39 <Vicyorus> @Sandor
21:39 <SandorL> Ok, I'm connected
21:39 <Super Miron> uh-oh
21:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> (cheese)
21:39 <Super Miron> I think I'm hacked again
21:39 <SandorL> I've got some more done on the short
21:39 <Green Ninja> Hi Sandor PM
21:39 <BrannyFunz> I come in peace! I report everyone to the Moshi Monsters Wiki, we have been told you to do this by TK-999, we need to speak to you, thank you, see ya there! :)
21:39 <Vicyorus> Why Miron?
21:39 <SandorL> But this time it's a secret
21:39 <Vicyorus> Branny
21:39 <BrannyFunz> Thank you
21:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> Da pic
21:39 <BrannyFunz> Yes
21:39 <Super Miron> It said I've connected from another browser a minute ago
21:39 <SandorL> Green Ninja
21:39 <Blastthehedgehog> someone
21:39 <Vicyorus> Hmmm
21:39 <SandorL> I can't
21:39 <Super Miron> Though I've not
21:39 <Ph1n3a5and77> Wha??
21:39 <SandorL> Your not on my list of users
21:39 <Blastthehedgehog> Ban BANNED1
21:39 <Green Ninja> Why
21:39 <Green Ninja> For what?
21:40 <Ph1n3a5and77> No ban
21:40 <Blastthehedgehog> Sock
21:40 <SandorL> On the right of the screen
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> anyone have proof tyger is banned?
21:40 <Green Ninja> I PMed you
21:40 <SandorL> Your not there
21:40 -!- SandorL has left Special:Chat.
21:40 -!- SandorL has joined Special:Chat
21:40 <Green Ninja> Ill come back in
21:40 -!- Green Ninja has left Special:Chat.
21:40 <SandorL> No
21:40 <Vicyorus> Guys
21:40 <SandorL> It was on my end
21:40 -!- Green Ninja has joined Special:Chat
21:40 <Vicyorus> I'm there
21:40 <Green Ninja> Okay
21:40 <SandorL> I see you now
21:40 <Vicyorus> I'll see what I can do
21:40 <Blastthehedgehog>
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> vic
21:40 <SandorL> But resay whatever you said
21:40 <Mikeymkwii> where?
21:40 <Super Miron> Walrus, a 10 minute ban please
21:40 <BrannyFunz> Tyger5000 requests an unban because he has said he was banned for liking Moshi (I don't like it ;) )
21:40 <Super Miron> I think I'm hacked again
21:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> BANNED1 has random pictures on dat slideshow
21:41 <BANNED1> so
21:41 <BANNED1> who cares
21:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> COOPA
21:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> Yay
21:41 <Ph1n3a5and77> mario Bros
21:41 <Super Miron> pff, nevermind
21:41 <Mikeymkwii> Branny?
21:42 <Mikeymkwii> Could you please tell him this?
21:42 <TK-999> As for Club Penguin, this wiki should not counter-invade moshimonsters.
21:42 <Green Ninja> Where is SandorL?
21:42 <Green Ninja> Sandor PM
21:43 <Mikeymkwii> BrannyFunz?
21:43 <Mikeymkwii> PM please
21:43 <BrannyFunz> Yes?
21:43 <BrannyFunz> Okay
21:43 <Ph1n3a5and77> On CPPS Wiki it says UpV4 is new. Wth
21:43 <Jj131> someone edited the Mandarin userbox and put he is Iron Man's half brother
21:43 <Ph1n3a5and77> Itw as restored, not new
21:43 <Green Ninja> I restored it
21:44 <Jj131> can someone tell me if it is true that the Mandarin is really Iron Man's brother?
21:44 <Green Ninja> No
21:44 <Green Ninja> Not at all
21:44 <Ph1n3a5and77> Cool
21:44 <Jj131> OK
21:44 <Green Ninja> Not true
21:44 <Ph1n3a5and77> UpV4 is way better than 2012 - Early 2013
21:44 <Ph1n3a5and77> YES
21:44 <Ph1n3a5and77> finally a English Server- GAH dat chat
21:44 <Green Ninja> Yes what?
21:45 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
21:45 <Vicyorus> JONAAAHH
21:45 <Ph1n3a5and77> I wish you can disable XAT Chat l
21:45 <Jonah Simm> GN, I just want to say I do NOT hate you.  I think you are one of the coolest users on this wiki!
21:45 <Jonah Simm> :)
21:45 <Green Ninja> Hooray
21:45 <Mikeymkwii> Vic
21:45 <Jonah Simm> I mean it, too
21:45 <Mikeymkwii> PM
21:45 <Ph1n3a5and77> Yes. GN is my friend also because we are alike
21:45 <Vicyorus> Go ahead
21:46 <Jonah Simm> We are all three Iron Man
21:46 <Green Ninja> Lol
21:46 <Jonah Simm> :D
21:46 <Green Ninja> Though Ph1n3a5and77 is wearing an eyepatch and hat
21:46 <Jj131> I can say you all hate me. I am a most hated but not blocked user on this wiki.
21:46 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has left Special:Chat.
21:46 <Green Ninja> I like you Jj
21:46 <Jj131> Oh thank you
21:46 <Jonah Simm> Yeah, I like you too
21:46 <Ph1n3a5and77> :O
21:46 <Mikeymkwii> same
21:46 <Ph1n3a5and77> Found a new MSHT log in screen!
21:46 <Super Miron> Vicky, PM
21:46 <Jonah Simm> LEMME SEE
21:47 <Jonah Simm> Was it for the New Cstumes?
21:47 <Green Ninja> Yes
21:47 <Green Ninja> It has all of the new costumes :D
21:47 <Green Ninja> But I don
21:47 <Jonah Simm> Who wants all of the new costumes?
21:47 <Green Ninja> Yes but I don't like how CP spoiled them for us
21:47 -!- Pam pam4 has joined Special:Chat
21:48 <SandorL> GN PM
21:48 <Ph1n3a5and77> Wait
21:48 <Green Ninja> I like to be surprised
21:48 <Ph1n3a5and77> I found it on Upv4
21:48 <Jonah Simm> Even the girl ones, (I want the Rescue costume even though it's technically a girl costume)
21:48 <Jj131> if you like me say I
21:48 <Jj131> I
21:48 <Jonah Simm> I
21:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> i
21:48 <Super Miron> I
21:48 <Jj131> *plays Iron Man song by Black Sabbath about Iron Man 3 movie coming soon*
21:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> they copyed us
21:48 <Mariocart25Charizard> 50 
21:49 <Super Miron> *copied
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77>
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77>
21:49 <Jonah Simm> I think we should do a custom cursor! 
21:49 <Vicyorus> No
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> Yeah
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> Like Puffles Wiki
21:49 <The Director of PSA> I
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> etc
21:49 <Vicyorus> Puffles Wiki?
21:49 <Jonah Simm> Say I if we should do a custom cursor
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> If you think we need a custom curson
21:49 <Jonah Simm> I
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> I
21:49 <Vicyorus> You mean Batree's lair of DOOM
21:49 <Mariocart25Charizard> i
21:49 <The Director of PSA> If you hate me say 5. If youlike me say 4
21:49 <Ph1n3a5and77> I was typing that :|
21:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> 4
21:50 <Jonah Simm> 4
21:50 <Jonah Simm> Alright, let's make a vote
21:50 <The Director of PSA> 2 people?
21:50 <Vicyorus> (3 1/2)x1000^8000
21:50 <The Director of PSA> :/
21:50 <Vicyorus> :P
21:50 <Jj131> not sure if I like you or not
21:50 <The Director of PSA> That's nice
21:50 <Mariocart25Charizard> Say 1 if you want to work at Shurowbucks
21:50 <Ph1n3a5and77> If you hate MSHT 2013, say O. If you are excited, say I
21:50 <Ph1n3a5and77> I
21:50 <The Director of PSA> 1
21:50 <The Director of PSA> I
21:50 <Jj131> Director your spamming alot and you annoy me by saying we are your sockpuppets one day
21:50 <Jj131> I
21:50 <BrannyFunz> Okay guys, thank you for your time Vicyorus, bye!
21:51 <Jj131> so sorry
21:51 <The Director of PSA> Kay
21:51 <Jj131> 5
21:51 <The Director of PSA> So 2 people
21:51 -!- BrannyFunz has left Special:Chat.
21:51 <The Director of PSA> cool
21:51 <Vicyorus> Director, I find you as a friend
21:51 <Mikeymkwii> vic check pm
21:51 <Vicyorus> I can't say I like you because it sounds weird
21:51 <Vicyorus> So...
21:51 <The Director of PSA> Thank you
21:51 <The Director of PSA> Lol
21:51 <Ph1n3a5and77> bad Quality
21:51 <Vicyorus> I find you as a friend
21:51 <The Director of PSA> Thanks
21:52 -!- SandorL has left Special:Chat.
21:52 -!- SandorL has joined Special:Chat
21:52 <Mikeymkwii> Is this so?
21:52 <Mikeymkwii> Nah..
21:52 <The Director of PSA> Dororo's my enemy because he put me as his enemy
21:52 <Jj131> I hope Iron Man 4 comes and Iron Man gets to battle Technovore from the new anime series.
21:52 <Ph1n3a5and77> (roar)
21:52 <Vicyorus> Mikey, staph
21:52 <Jonah Simm> What would make the best Custom Cursor?
21:52 <Jonah Simm> 1. A bottle of Hot Sauce
21:52 <Jonah Simm> 2. A penguin sprite
21:52 <Jonah Simm> 3. A puffle
21:52 <Jonah Simm> 4. Card-Jitsu Cards
21:52 <Jonah Simm> 5. the letters CP, in the design that Club Penguin made
21:52 <Mikeymkwii> What did I do?
21:52 <Mikeymkwii> :(
21:53 <The Director of PSA> Puffle
21:53 <Vicyorus> A flipper
21:53 <Mikeymkwii> yay
21:53 <Jj131> and I hope MARVEL will finally uses the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath in the movies
21:53 <Jj131> 5
21:53 <The Director of PSA> No need to repeat you hate me lol
21:53 <Jonah Simm> We should talk to the admins about making a custom cursor
21:53 <Green Ninja> 3
21:53 <The Director of PSA> loljk
21:53 <Jonah Simm> And actually, I think a Flipper would be a good idea
21:53 <The Director of PSA> @Jj131
21:54 <Mariocart25Charizard> I think where gonna get the Medival Party In June.
21:54 <The Director of PSA> Puffle because it's the same size
21:54 <The Director of PSA> as a cursor
21:54 <Vicyorus> Old Blue?
21:54 <Jonah Simm> I think it should change based on the event going on in CP
21:54 <The Director of PSA> My first choice would be hot sauce
21:54 <The Director of PSA> Since it's like a pointer
21:54 <The Director of PSA> but cpew already has that
21:55 <Jonah Simm> Either an Old Blue Flipper or a Black Flipper, which is better?
21:55 <Jj131> No I mean for cursor
21:55 <The Director of PSA> ik
21:55 -!- Abce2 has joined Special:Chat
21:55 <Jj131> an old blue flipper
21:55 <The Director of PSA> I just realized that
21:55 <Vicyorus> CPEW?
21:55 <The Director of PSA> That's why I said loljk
21:55 <The Director of PSA> Club Penguin Encyclopedia WIki
21:55 <The Director of PSA> The copiers
21:55 <Vicyorus> Link
21:55 <The Director of PSA> I knew that 2 months ago
21:55 <Jonah Simm> Okay, let's all ask P-P if we can make an Old Blue Flipper the custom sursor for the wiki
21:56 <The Director of PSA>
21:56 <Jonah Simm> *cursor
21:56 -!- Edrussell1203 has joined Special:Chat
21:56 <The Director of PSA> Sorry just highlight and right click then put go to
21:56 <Edrussell1203> Hai!
21:56 <The Director of PSA> *press\
21:56 <Vicyorus> Director, who founded that?
21:57 <Blitzzy> oi mates
21:57 <The Director of PSA> Penguin Frost (Shadows60)
21:57 <Green Ninja> The cursor should be a puffle
21:57 <Vicyorus> PF?!
21:57 <Super Miron> Vicky, PM
21:57 <Blitzzy> *vic
21:57 <Super Miron> no
21:57 <Super Miron> he's Vicky
21:57 <The Director of PSA> Batreeqah's part of it
21:57 <The Director of PSA> Also a COPPA user
21:57 <Vicyorus> >:/
21:57 <Jonah Simm> OMG I mjust noticed that Batreeqah is on the Copier wiki!  TRAITOR
21:57 <Vicyorus> Wait
21:57 <The Director of PSA> Khanter07
21:57 <Vicyorus> Batree's underage?
21:57 <The Director of PSA> No
21:57 <The Director of PSA> The other use
21:58 <The Director of PSA> *user
21:58 <Vicyorus> Hello Chamagool
21:58 <The Director of PSA> Khantar07
21:58 <TheChamagool9> Hi
21:58 <TheChamagool9> vic
21:58 <Jonah Simm> Well what do we do?  They copied us, AND stole Batreeqah!
21:58 <TheChamagool9> Awesome gif xD
21:58 <The Director of PSA> But I can't really insult Batreeqah
21:58 <The Director of PSA> cuz we're friends
21:58 <The Director of PSA> and I don't want to be a bad friend
21:59 <Blitzzy> ᴴ͓̹ͮ̊͗ͣ̈ͦͨᶦ͇͔̖͚̜͐̃̍͌ͭ̑͆͘ ̷̙̲̮͐͗̋ͫ̚ᵍ̶̬͇̭̭̣̪ͥ̇̔ͣ̎ᵘ̨̣̟̩̣̺̘̎ͥ̾̐ͤʸ̴̙̥ͩ̄͘͜ˢ̡̛͔̇̾̒͗ͥ̅ͥ̈̅͢,͕͕̲͈̰̫̎̉͑͂̆ͬ̀̈́ ̴̻̳̽̆̑̆̈́̊́ᵈ͉ͥͬ̍ͬ̀̉̑́̚ᵒ̹̙ͩ͗̽͒ͫ͑̀͜ᵉ̡̭̙̫̲̳̩̰͕ͣ̌̈́ͭ͜ˢ̤̣͎̄ ͕͙̫̳̮̮̒̓̀̉́͢ᶻ̡̲͕͐̑̓͗͗̿̒͢ᵃ̷̪̳̲̟̼͚̥͍ͯ̄͛͛ᶫ̶̻̦̳̟̂̏͐̈́͊͡ͅᵍ̵͎̬̼͈͈̙̆ͬͭ̏͑̅͗ͪ͢ᵒ͖͙͉̺̠̆ͫ͟ ̧̧͎̼̜̹̯̩̾͒ᶜ̨̞͙̤̓ͦ̀ͪ̃ͣ̇̔́ͅᵒ̴̵̙͎͍̭͍͕̙̄͗̄ͪͧͤ͝ͅᵘ̺͚̰̫̭̟̾ͥ͌͋ͅᶰ̸̹̹͎̳̜͔̠̆̋̀͒̇́͋̇ᵗ̦͓̟̦̭̺̳͋͌̋̅͒̓̔̄̀͞ ̲̟̖̲̫̩̮̩̍ͮ̂̽ͤ̆ͥ̽ᵃ̧͙̩͇͎̱͗̏͆̉̃͐̎ͬͨ͠ͅˢ̷̲̩̝̟̫͆͊͐ͬ ̷͖͉̤̙̽ͫ́ͧ̓ͣ͢ͅˢ̖͕̤͊ͣ͟ᵖ͈̥͔̻͈̯̤̬̈͟ͅᵃ̢̞̘̭̠̂̑̋ͅᵐ͌ͪͩ̋̆̂͏̛̭̼̭̝̥̪͕̳͟﹖͕̲̩̳̲͐̂͂ͨ͛͑̊́̚͝
21:59 <TheChamagool9> :O ?
22:00 <Blitzzy> Does zalgo count as spam?
22:00 <Vicyorus> I think it does
22:00 <Blitzzy> oh
22:00 <SandorL> Adios amigos
22:00 <Green Ninja> Bye Sandor
22:00 -!- SandorL has left Special:Chat.
22:00 <TheChamagool9> adios
22:00 <Vicyorus> Bye
22:00 <TheChamagool9> xD
22:01 <Green Ninja> Chamagool I really like your YouTube videos
22:01 <TheChamagool9> Thanks Green Ninja :B
22:01 -!- Pam pam4 has left Special:Chat.
22:02 <Green Ninja> NP
22:04 <TheChamagool9> Dead chat :T
22:04 <The Director of PSA> Why did TK99 get chat mod?
22:05 <TK-999> Hi, I'm a member of the [[w:c:VSTF|VSTF]], a group dealing with cross-wiki [[w:Help:Vandalism|vandalism]] and spam.
22:05 <Vicyorus> Because he's a VSTF
22:05 <Green Ninja> He doesnt deserve it
22:05 <Vicyorus> Whoa
22:05 <Green Ninja> Oh
22:05 <Green Ninja> I thought he was a wiki member
22:05 <Vicyorus> You got an automatic message?
22:05 <TK-999> Any particular concerns?
22:05 <Green Ninja> In that case he would have been inexperienced
22:05 <Green Ninja> Hi TK!
22:05 <Green Ninja> :D
22:05 <Vicyorus> No
22:05 <Vicyorus> It amazed me
22:05 <Vicyorus> :P
22:05 <Vicyorus> Sorry
22:06 <Green Ninja> The fact that Dororo and Blastthehedgehog are bullying me. 
22:06 <Mikeymkwii> Hmm...
22:06 <Green Ninja> But no big deal.
22:06 <The Director of PSA> Sorry GN for bullying you
22:06 <Green Ninja> Thats okay
22:06 <The Director of PSA> :)
22:06 <Green Ninja> I thought we were friends.
22:07 <Green Ninja> Are we?
22:07 <The Director of PSA> Yes
22:07 <Ph1n3a5and77> Um
22:07 <Ph1n3a5and77> My computer says its 3:04 and the chat says 3:07
22:07 <Ph1n3a5and77> PM
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> (Not chat PM, the time)
22:08 <Green Ninja> My comp says its 6:08 and so does chat
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> Wait
22:08 -!- TK-999 has left Special:Chat.
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> Your exactly 3 hours ahead of me
22:08 <Green Ninja> But thats the right time for my time zone
22:08 <Green Ninja> PST?
22:08 <Green Ninja> I'm EST.
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> Im in Pacific (Or Penguin Standard Time)
22:08 <Green Ninja> Massachusetts.
22:08 <Green Ninja> US
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> California.
22:08 <Ph1n3a5and77> US
22:09 <Green Ninja> Makes sense. :P
22:09 <The Director of PSA> Yours is behind@Ph1n3a5and77
22:09 <The Director of PSA> cuz mine is 3:09
22:09 <The Director of PSA> on time and chat
22:09 <Green Ninja> I am EST time.
22:09 <Ph1n3a5and77> Please make this stop
22:09 <Mikeymkwii> yay
22:10 <Vicyorus> Mikey, no
22:10 <Green Ninja> They arent confirmed
22:10 <Vicyorus> Bad Mikey
22:10 <Mikeymkwii> aww
22:10 <The Director of PSA>
22:10 <Mikeymkwii> :(
22:10 <The Director of PSA> See you guys there
22:10 <Ph1n3a5and77> Changed 20 times! O_o
22:10 -!- Mikeymkwii has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <Jonah Simm> like my new avatar?
22:11 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
22:11 <Green Ninja> Callofduty are you a VSTF?
22:11 <Callofduty4> Si
22:11 <Vicyorus> Uh oh
22:12 <Vicyorus> I'm not liking this
22:12 <Green Ninja> Can I report something unfair
22:12 <Green Ninja> Dororo and Blast are bullying me
22:12 <Vicyorus> GN
22:12 <Vicyorus> He's not that kind of staff
22:12 <Vicyorus> Report to /local/ staff
22:12 <Green Ninja> [[USer:Dororo111122]]
22:12 <Vicyorus> (Mainly P-P)
22:12 <Green Ninja> [[User:Dororo111122]]
22:12 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
22:13 <Green Ninja> [[User:Blastthehedgehog]]
22:13 <Callofduty4> That's a pretty unconvincing report, especially considering I'm not the person to report it to
22:13 <Green Ninja> What does a VSTF do then?
22:13 <Callofduty4> Report it local admins as Vic said
22:13 <Callofduty4> How about [[Help:VSTF|you read]]
22:13 <Vicyorus> OH GOD
22:13 <Green Ninja> Okay, thanks
22:13 <Green Ninja> Okay, sorry.
22:13 <Vicyorus> CoD
22:13 <Vicyorus> You scared me!
22:13 <The Director of PSA>
22:13 <Callofduty4> :O Vic
22:13 <Vicyorus> Darn it!
22:13 <Super Miron> Cod4 is a flying monkey D:
22:13 <Super Miron> He scares me!
22:13 <The Director of PSA> VSTF only blocks people for spam and vandalism
22:14 <Vicyorus> Not local stuff
22:14 <Callofduty4> True story
22:14 <The Director of PSA> There's nothing they can do for bullying
22:14 <Super Miron> Director: And they eat people, too
22:14 <Green Ninja> How do you become VSTF?
22:14 <The Director of PSA> You act good
22:14 <Vicyorus> Be good
22:14 <The Director of PSA> And you'll soon get it
22:14 <Thebigfoot1> What is VSTF?
22:14 <Vicyorus> Blackmail
22:14 <Vicyorus> Cheat
22:14 <Vicyorus> You know, the usual
22:14 <Vicyorus> ;)
22:14 <Vicyorus> I'm joking
22:14 <Green Ninja> :P
22:14 <The Director of PSA> They help stop vandalism and spam
22:14 <Thebigfoot1> ;(
22:14 <Vicyorus> (Please don't ban me D:)
22:14 <The Director of PSA> By blocked the vandals and spammers
22:14 <The Director of PSA> *blocking
22:15 <The Director of PSA>
22:15 <Green Ninja> Bigfoot
22:15 -!- The Director of PSA has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <Thebigfoot1> Yes?
22:15 <Green Ninja> Can you make post about the My penguin app on the blog
22:15 <Green Ninja> CP Central
22:15 -!- The Director of PSA has joined Special:Chat
22:15 <Thebigfoot1> Penguin App!
22:15 <Vicyorus> Oh, I don't like when VSTF come here
22:15 <Green Ninja> [[My Penguin]]
22:15 <Ph1n3a5and77> Ugh
22:15 <Green Ninja> Can you post about it on CP Central?
22:16 <Jj131> GN, may I viciously take your Iron Man suit off and turn you back into the legendary Green Ninja?
22:16 <Ph1n3a5and77> Funny Pictures is getting more and more boring (By that i mean not funny)
22:16 <Thebigfoot1> Why?
22:16 <Thebigfoot1> Oh yes
22:16 <Vicyorus> Well, he hasn't spoken...
22:16 <Vicyorus> So it's not because of me...
22:16 <Vicyorus> Whew
22:16 <Green Ninja> No, I'm iron Ninja now
22:16 <Green Ninja> Iron Ninja
22:17 <Jj131> *becomes Snappa Fangpyre Serpentine from Ninjago to bite Iron Ninja*
22:17 <Green Ninja> Can't do anything about it. :P
22:17 <Green Ninja> NO!
22:17 <Jj131> AGGH! Metal!
22:17 <Jj131> blah
22:17 <Green Ninja> I'm  a ssssnake now!
22:17 <Vicyorus> (facepalm)
22:17 <Jj131> No, your metal suit protected you.
22:17 <Green Ninja> Oh
22:17 <Jj131> Metal hurts!
22:17 <Super Miron> <-- Our lovely CEO, [[Spike Hike]] (yao)
22:17 <Green Ninja> "You can't stop me"
22:17 <Super Miron> (lol)
22:17 <Vicyorus> You guys shame me...
22:18 <Green Ninja> He's fat.
22:18 <Blitzzy> Tinker Bell's up to no good with Spike Hike
22:18 <Jj131> *attacks Iron Ninja*
22:18 <Green Ninja> Lol
22:18 <Vicyorus> He looks drunk...
22:18 <Green Ninja> :O
22:18 <Blitzzy> don't be rude to spikey D:
22:18 <Blitzzy> maybe he is :P
22:18 <Vicyorus> LOL
22:18 <Blitzzy> I like his beard
22:18 <Blitzzy> not to big
22:18 <Vicyorus> That would explain the ideas
22:18 <Blitzzy> not to small
22:18 <Green Ninja> Spike Hike: Fat and drunk owner of Club penguin.
22:18 <Blitzzy> lol vic
22:18 <Green Ninja> :P
22:18 <Vicyorus> LOL
22:18 <Vicyorus> *Spike comes into the chat*
22:18 <Vicyorus> *blocks our accounts*
22:19 <Super Miron> Polo
22:19 <Green Ninja> That explains why he cancelled April fools.
22:19 <Jj131> *is Snappa*
22:19 <Super Miron> LOL
22:19 <Vicyorus> (badluckwikiusersprofaningspike'sname)
22:19 -!- Jonah Simm has joined Special:Chat
22:19 <Blitzzy> Polo is younger than I thought
22:19 <Super Miron> Polo
22:19 <Green Ninja> Drunk Spike: "Hey lets cancel April Fools the kids will love it" (not thinking) faints
22:19 <Jonah Simm> anyone like my new avatar?
22:19 <Ph1n3a5and77> y u dare insult cp
22:19 <Jj131> *escapes from underground cave that held the stone army*
22:19 <Jj131> *bites Iron Ninja in the face*
22:20 <Green Ninja> GAH
22:20 <Ph1n3a5and77>
22:20 <Jj131> *he has not got Iron Man helmet on his face*
22:20 <Jj131> *Iron Ninja becomes Iron Snake*
22:20 <Jonah Simm> RAWR
22:20 <The Director of PSA>
22:20 <The Director of PSA> Guys go here
22:20 <Vicyorus> Seriously, shush
22:20 <Vicyorus> Go roleplay there
22:20 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
22:20 <Jj131> I'm messing around and playing with my LEGO NinjaGo Snappa minifigure while roleplaying with GN.
22:20 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:21 <The Director of PSA> Do the roleplay at my wiki
22:21 <The Director of PSA> I promise I will be fair and kick fairly
22:21 <Blitzzy> vic are you austrian
22:21 <Vicyorus> Me?
22:21 <Vicyorus> Austrian?
22:21 <Vicyorus> No
22:21 <Blitzzy> yes
22:21 <Blitzzy> oh
22:21 <Blitzzy> are you brazilian
22:21 <Vicyorus> I don't even live near Austria
22:21 <Vicyorus> No
22:21 <Jonah Simm> I think we need a new favicon.  Our current one is just not working
22:21 <Vicyorus> [[User:Vicyorus]]
22:21 <Vicyorus> There's my country
22:21 <Jonah Simm> I'm kind of tired of it.  Anyone else?
22:21 <Ph1n3a5and77> 
22:21 <Ph1n3a5and77> I dont agree
22:21 <The Director of PSA>
22:21 <Vicyorus> Favicon?
22:22 <Vicyorus> Oh, yeah
22:22 <The Director of PSA> Vicyorus is probably a United States citizen
22:22 <Super Miron> gtg
22:22 <Vicyorus> Nope
22:22 <Super Miron> bye!
22:22 <Super Miron> (hi)
22:22 <Vicyorus> I'm not a US citizen
22:22 <Vicyorus> Bye Miron
22:22 -!- Super Miron has left Special:Chat.
22:22 <Jonah Simm> Whe else thinks it's time for a new one?
22:22 <Vicyorus> I do
22:22 <Vicyorus> (cpwiki)
22:22 <Jonah Simm> YES!
22:22 <Vicyorus> I think we should use that one
22:22 <Thebigfoot1> Why couldn't you do it GN
22:22 <The Director of PSA> (CPwiki)
22:22 <The Director of PSA> There
22:22 <Green Ninja> Lol I'm making something funny
22:22 <Thebigfoot1> (CPw)
22:22 <Green Ninja> Cuz Im busy
22:22 <Jonah Simm> Say I if that should be our favicon
22:23 <Thebigfoot1> (CPwiki)
22:23 <Vicyorus> Jonah
22:23 <The Director of PSA> I
22:23 <Jonah Simm> I
22:23 <Green Ninja> And I've made more than half of the posts on my blog :P
22:23 <Jj131> Bah
22:23 <Jj131> (CP Wiki)
22:23 <Green Ninja> Your turn
22:23 <Jonah Simm> yes, Vic?
22:23 <Jj131> (CPWiki)
22:23 <Vicyorus> How about opening a voting
22:23 <Thebigfoot1> I did
22:23 <The Director of PSA> Mine won't show emotes :)
22:23 <The Director of PSA> *:(
22:23 <The Director of PSA> Only by myself it will show emotes
22:23 <Thebigfoot1> I just can't think of anything to write about
22:23 <Blitzzy> i tried to go on trainman's website and
22:23 <Green Ninja> Finished
22:23 <Jonah Simm> Actually, I think we should do a completely new thing for the Favicon
22:23 <The Director of PSA> I've made a block
22:24 <The Director of PSA> it's
22:24 <The Director of PSA> not
22:24 <Green Ninja> That at Club Penguin Summit Club Penguin revealed plans to release the My Penguin app
22:24 <Green Ninja> and include a photo
22:24 <Blitzzy> I meant the wbesite that tells all his websites
22:24 <Thebigfoot1>
22:24 <Jonah Simm> Maybe we should do a 2013 style penguin head, wearing a hat with the (CpWiki) symbol on it
22:24 <Jj131> *is serpentine*
22:24 <Jj131> *is Fangpyre*
22:24 <Green Ninja> Okay I have an idea
22:24 <Jonah Simm> who likes my idea for a favicon?
22:25 <Jj131> *bites and pulls on Iron Ninja's face*
22:25 <Thebigfoot1> Wait I got a better idea
22:25 <Jj131> *Iron Ninja becomes snake*
22:25 <The Director of PSA> The earth day party is coming
22:25 <Vicyorus> Shurow, are you there?
22:25 <Vicyorus> SHUROW
22:25 <Vicyorus> *whistles*
22:25 <Green Ninja> I'll make one
22:25 <Jonah Simm> Does everyone agree that we need a new favicon?
22:25 <Thebigfoot1> I have an idea
22:25 <Jonah Simm> what is it?
22:25 <Blitzzy> guys
22:25 <Thebigfoot1> What's a favicon again?
22:25 <Vicyorus> Do I open the voting?
22:25 <Vicyorus>
22:25 <Blitzzy> I have updates about the medieval party 2013: 
22:26 <Vicyorus> That image is the Favicon
22:26 <Jonah Simm> the little symbol when you open the page.  Like CP's is (ClubPenguin0
22:26 <Green Ninja> [[File:1234319.jpg]]
22:26 <Green Ninja> :P
22:26 <Thebigfoot1> ?
22:26 <The Director of PSA> Update: Black Widow has left The Avengers
22:26 <Blitzzy> sa c'est mauvais
22:26 <Green Ninja> What do you mean
22:26 <Thebigfoot1> I don't see a favicon
22:26 <The Director of PSA> It doesn't show her on the new costumes
22:26 <Vicyorus> That's bad...
22:26 <Blitzzy> *ça
22:26 <Jonah Simm> Okay, so who likes my idea of the new favicon?
22:26 <The Director of PSA> There is a favicon
22:26 <The Director of PSA> The favicon is a penguin
22:26 <Vicyorus> Jonah, I'm opening the voting now
22:26 <The Director of PSA> @Thebigfoot1
22:26 <Thebigfoot1> What is a favicon?!
22:26 <Blitzzy> the little icon
22:26 <Jonah Simm> A 2013 design penguin, wearing a baseball cap with the (CPWiki) symbol on it
22:27 <The Director of PSA> It's the icon ont he tab
22:27 <The Director of PSA> *on *tab
22:27 <Blitzzy> that shows the website
22:27 <Blitzzy> yea what director said
22:27 <Thebigfoot1> ?
22:27 <The Director of PSA> On the text on the tab
22:27 <Green Ninja> Wait I'm gonna make a favicon
22:27 <The Director of PSA> See the picture right next to the text
22:27 <Thebigfoot1> Oh
22:27 <Blitzzy>
22:27 <Thebigfoot1> Ok
22:27 <Blitzzy> the image
22:27 <The Director of PSA> That's a favicon
22:27 <Jonah Simm> I'm gonna make one too
22:27 <Green Ninja> Jonah I'm making your idea
22:27 <Thebigfoot1> How do I make one?
22:28 <Blitzzy> make a 16X16 .bmp image and save it as [filename].ico
22:28 <Thebigfoot1> Wait a minute
22:28 <The Director of PSA> But favicon really just is a small image
22:29 <The Director of PSA> It doesn't have to be a favicon for a website
22:29 <Green Ninja> It cannt be more than 16 X 16
22:29 <The Director of PSA>
22:29 <Green Ninja> Cuz mine is 226 X 226 :P
22:29 <Thebigfoot1> LOL they should make an item called the "Wikia Beta Hat" and give it to all users with a wikia account
22:29 <The Director of PSA> Enter chat
22:29 <Green Ninja> Lol
22:29 <Mariocart25Charizard> I wont be here on Tuesday :(
22:29 <The Director of PSA> Enter my chat
22:29 <Thebigfoot1> It would look like a beta hat with a (CPwiki) symbol
22:30 <Green Ninja> Cool
22:30 <Preston108> Hi GN! :D
22:30 <Thebigfoot1> Polo Field would own one
22:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> (CPWiki) IS DA WORD
22:30 <Thebigfoot1> No
22:30 <The Director of PSA> It won't show emotes for me since I'm on chathack mode
22:30 <Blitzzy> berg is da word, duh
22:30 <Thebigfoot1> According to Angry Birds, BIRD IS THE WORD
22:30 <Green Ninja> Hi Prseton :D
22:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> B I R D 
22:30 <Mariocart25Charizard> I S
22:30 <Blitzzy> No, according to a 1960s song Bird is the word
22:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> D A
22:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> W O R D
22:31 <Thebigfoot1> Spam
22:31 <Blitzzy> well said ol' chap
22:31 <The Director of PSA>
22:31 <The Director of PSA> Come here
22:31 <Green Ninja> MAde my favicon
22:31 <Mariocart25Charizard> BIRD IS DA WORD
22:31 <Thebigfoot1> Blitzzy if your male then your my sister, if your female then your my brother
22:31 <Green Ninja> Lol okay
22:32 <Green Ninja> [[File:Oie transparent (82).png]]
22:32 <Thebigfoot1> Small
22:32 <Green Ninja> I can make it smaller
22:32 <Blitzzy> It's gunna show up real small and weird
22:32 <Mariocart25Charizard> I found Shurow's Dog
22:32 <Green Ninja> It'll be okay
22:32 <Dororo111122> wow how long was i gone
22:32 <Green Ninja> Hi Dororo friend :D
22:32 <Blitzzy> Hey that's MY DOG
22:32 <Green Ninja> IDK
22:32 <Vicyorus> 2000 years
22:33 <Callofduty4> Dororo minutes and 111122 seconds
22:33 <Vicyorus> Welcome to the Club Penguin Wiki
22:33 <Blitzzy> why thank you kind sir
22:33 <Vicyorus> Year, 4013
22:33 <Preston108> Hi COD4! =D
22:33 <Vicyorus> Yeah, we're stuck in here
22:33 <Dororo111122> so what happened with tyger and the moshi monsters guys
22:33 <Vicyorus> They died
22:33 <Vicyorus> LONG ago
22:33 <Mariocart25Charizard> Yo Sharky
22:33 <Blitzzy> the most original puffle name i'v eever seen is "poopy"
22:33 <Green Ninja> They died?
22:33 <Green Ninja> Lol
22:33 <Vicyorus> GN, this is the year 4013
22:33 <Sharkbate> I feel so accomplished now
22:34 -!- Eaglesrule8 has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <Sharkbate> I got so many pictures up that nobody else has
22:34 <Preston108> HI SHARK :D
22:34 <Green Ninja> Whatd you do
22:34 <Vicyorus> Oh
22:34 <Mariocart25Charizard> I found Hey.youcp's Dog
22:34 <Eaglesrule8> hey bigfoot
22:34 <Vicyorus> I thought of another thing
22:34 <Thebigfoot1> Hi Eagle
22:34 <Green Ninja> Cool
22:34 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
22:34 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:34 <Green Ninja> How Small is a wiki favicon
22:34 <Thebigfoot1> 16 px
22:34 <Green Ninja> Okay
22:34 <Sharkbate> my favourite 
22:34 <Preston108> Mario link it
22:35 <Eaglesrule8> anyone on CP?
22:35 -!- CPWikigirl has joined Special:Chat
22:35 <Preston108> Access Denied
22:35 <CPWikigirl> Hey
22:35 <Vicyorus> LOL
22:35 <The Director of PSA> Hi
22:35 <Vicyorus> Hello
22:35 <Mariocart25Charizard>
22:35 <Thebigfoot1> PM Dororo
22:35 <Mariocart25Charizard> Hey.youcp's Dog
22:35 <CPWikigirl> You know what I don't get
22:35 <CPWikigirl> Aj lee got to keep his avatar of a person
22:35 <Blitzzy> cpwikigirl you've changed
22:35 <CPWikigirl> but I didn't
22:35 <Blitzzy> maybe his person was famous?
22:35 <CPWikigirl> How, Blitzzy
22:35 <Thebigfoot1> Wut
22:35 <CPWikigirl> My person was famous
22:36 <CPWikigirl> Mine was Selena Gomez
22:36 <Blitzzy> you've changed like your face
22:36 <CPWikigirl> And he got to keep mibe
22:36 <Blitzzy> avatar i mean
22:36 <CPWikigirl> Lol
22:36 -!- Ph1n3a5and77 has left Special:Chat.
22:36 <Thebigfoot1> My turtle died
22:36 <Blitzzy> oh god
22:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> I found Hey.youcp's Dog
22:36 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
22:36 <Blitzzy> I don't see why Aj lee can keep his avatar
22:36 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:36 <Thebigfoot1> His name was Mine and I strapped him to a rocket
22:36 <CPWikigirl> Which isn't fair
22:36 <Thebigfoot1> And he died
22:36 <Mariocart25Charizard> [[User:Aj lee]]
22:36 <CPWikigirl> And then if he goes on chat
22:36 <CPWikigirl> No one will care
22:36 <Green Ninja> :(
22:37 <Green Ninja> CPWikigirl do you like me?
22:37 <CPWikigirl> Yes
22:37 <Green Ninja> Yay
22:37 <CPWikigirl> Why?
22:37 <Thebigfoot1> The gravestone says R.I.P. Mine Turtle
22:37 -!- Green Ninja has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <The Director of PSA> My father's dead from war
22:37 <Blitzzy> never forget
22:38 <The Director of PSA> :)
22:38 <Blitzzy> well that's an interesting reaction to your father's death
22:38 <The Director of PSA> Why?
22:38 <The Director of PSA> It's happy that he died
22:38 <Blitzzy> but he died from war
22:38 <Vicyorus> O_O
22:38 <Blitzzy> someone willingly killed him
22:38 <The Director of PSA> so?
22:38 <Vicyorus> Did you hated him?
22:38 <The Director of PSA> Nope
22:38 <Vicyorus> Oh, I see...
22:38 <Thebigfoot1> <s>No you said :) after he died</s>
22:38 <The Director of PSA> Not at all
22:38 <The Director of PSA> ik
22:39 <The Director of PSA> cuz
22:39 <The Director of PSA> God let him a space in Heacen
22:39 <Vicyorus> Don't even say it
22:39 <The Director of PSA> *Heaven
22:39 <Preston108> New avatar brb
22:39 <Vicyorus> And you tried to suicide yourself...
22:39 <Thebigfoot1> Are you sure he didn't send him to Norway
22:39 <The Director of PSA> But I learned it's good
22:39 <Vicyorus> Which is like a "GO TO JAIL" card, except it condemns you to Hell
22:39 <The Director of PSA> And he is there in a happy place
22:40 <Vicyorus> Iraq war?
22:40 <Thebigfoot1> Iquack war?
22:40 <Thebigfoot1> That was the war about whether the Duck Song was good or not in 2002
22:40 <Vicyorus> I don't get it
22:40 <Vicyorus> How could he win a place in Heaven if he died while killing others?
22:41 <Vicyorus> :/
22:41 <Thebigfoot1> He didn't. He went to Norway
22:41 <The Director of PSA> He fought for us
22:41 <Mariocart25Charizard> SHUROW
22:41 <The Director of PSA> Well U.S.
22:41 <The Director of PSA> not really us
22:41 <Thebigfoot1> Yes, U.S.
22:42 <Thebigfoot1> us
22:42 <Vicyorus> Yeah, I was guessing...
22:42 <Vicyorus> That's not a reason to go to Heaven
22:42 <The Director of PSA> My dad died in the Pakistan war
22:42 <The Director of PSA> Oh well
22:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> I found Hey.youcp
22:42 <The Director of PSA> He goes to Hell
22:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> Dog
22:42 <The Director of PSA> :/
22:42 <Vicyorus> I'm sorry to say
22:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> I found Hey.youcp
22:42 <The Director of PSA> Not really a happy thing now
22:42 <Vicyorus> But you don't get into Heaven by killing others, you know?
22:42 <Mariocart25Charizard> I Found's Dog
22:43 <The Director of PSA> I get it he's in Hell
22:43 <Vicyorus> And it doesn't matters if you fight for your country, it's trivial on the Final Judgement
22:43 <Vicyorus> I'm not saying he is
22:43 <Thebigfoot1> You get into it by planning to take over the world
22:43 <The Director of PSA> Well he is
22:43 <Vicyorus> I'm saying going to kill others is not a reason to go to Heaven
22:43 <The Director of PSA> I dealed with it
22:43 <Jj131> Stop blabbering about Heaven and Hell or I call the Ghostbusters, who will catch ghosts and destroy Satan.
22:43 <The Director of PSA> So it doesn't really matter
22:43 <Jj131> but Ghostbusters are not real... :/
22:44 <The Director of PSA> All that matters is the life in front of me
22:44 <The Director of PSA> To do good
22:44 <Thebigfoot1> You get into Heaven by planning to take over the world, not killing people
22:44 <Vicyorus> Jj, you have Asperger's, right?
22:44 <Jj131> "All that matters is blah blah blah"
22:44 <Jj131> Yeah I have Aspergers
22:44 <Vicyorus> OK
22:44 <The Director of PSA> haha lol @Jj131
22:44 <Vicyorus> It's not something to be ashamed of
22:44 <Thebigfoot1> "The only thing we have to fear is giant man-eating spiders!"
22:44 <Vicyorus> I have a friend that has Aspergers
22:44 <Jj131> I don't get it
22:45 <The Director of PSA> I'm only dyslexic
22:45 <Thebigfoot1> Quote from 8 1/2 president
22:45 <Jj131> Now you are getting me into this stupid conversation about the U.S. army and Satan and Hell.
22:45 -!- Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala has joined Special:Chat
22:45 <Jj131> Director, Vicyorus, stop it.
22:45 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo ppl.
22:45 <The Director of PSA> So my iq is like 128 which is retarted
22:45 <Jj131> Just stop it.
22:45 <The Director of PSA> lol
22:45 <Vicyorus> I'm not mentioning Satan...
22:45 <Jj131> well Satan is leader of Hell :/
22:45 <Vicyorus> Director, an IQ of 128 is pretty good
22:45 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> How you all doing.
22:45 <The Director of PSA> No!
22:45 <Vicyorus> It's above the average
22:45 <Vicyorus> 130 is semi-genius
22:45 <Vicyorus> I think
22:46 <Thebigfoot1> Quote from Eighth-and-a-Half President: "The only thing we have to fear is giant man-eating spiders!"
22:46 <Vicyorus> :P
22:46 <Jj131> No. 
22:46 <Jj131> "The only thing we have to fear is Godzilla!"
22:46 <Preston108> Hello
22:46 <Vicyorus> Sounds like Platform 9 3/4
22:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo.
22:46 <Preston108> New profile picture
22:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> who has
22:46 <Jj131> "The only thing we have to fear is Satan, ghosts, and horror movies!"
22:46 <The Director of PSA> It says I'm below average
22:46 <Thebigfoot1> I have an IQ of ERROR: IQ too high.
22:46 <Dororo111122> oh im bac
22:46 <The Director of PSA> The internet
22:46 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> oh no :(
22:46 <The Director of PSA> So I'm dumb
22:46 <Mariocart25Charizard>
22:46 <Preston108> Can anyone here name where my profile picture is from? :3
22:47 <The Director of PSA> Weather
22:47 <Mariocart25Charizard> Hey.youcp's Dog
22:47 <Thebigfoot1> Penguin Storm
22:47 <Vicyorus> Weather Wikia
22:47 <Dororo111122>
22:47 <Preston108> Weather Channel :P
22:47 <Preston108> USA
22:47 <Jj131> Dororo, can you please stop Vic and Director from talking about Hell and the U.S. army?
22:47 <The Director of PSA> I just stopped
22:47 <Jj131> well?
22:47 <The Director of PSA> I was talking about iq
22:47 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
22:47 <Preston108> Dororo, you were the closest ;)
22:47 <Dororo111122> w00t
22:47 <Vicyorus> Jj, we stopped talking about that a LONG time ago...
22:47 <Dororo111122> vicky stop
22:47 <Preston108> :)
22:47 <Dororo111122> *sorry
22:47 <Vicyorus> >:/
22:47 <Thebigfoot1> New command added: !iq (username)
22:48 <Dororo111122> well im SORRY
22:48 <The Director of PSA> I'm stupid
22:48 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
22:48 <Dororo111122> !iq Brainstorm
22:48 <Jj131> !iq Thebigfoot1
22:48 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <Vicyorus> Low self esteem
22:48 <Thebigfoot1> Brainstorm's IQ: -Infinity
22:48 <Jj131> !welcome LEGO NinjaGo:Masters of Spinjitzu
22:48 <Jj131> XD
22:48 <Thebigfoot1> Thebigfoot1's IQ: ERROR: Too high
22:48 <The Director of PSA> I wonder why I can read this
22:48 <The Director of PSA> If I'm dyslexic
22:49 <Dororo111122> maybe your cured
22:49 <The Director of PSA> Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder (AD), is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction.
22:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> oh no!
22:49 <Dororo111122> leader has that
22:49 <Jj131> because your out of delexinite. It refuels your dyslexia and it keeps you healthy.
22:49 <Thebigfoot1> Long words detected.
22:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> I don't know my IQ.
22:49 <Jj131> Stop blabbering. I only have a little bit of Aspergers syndrome.
22:49 <Thebigfoot1> Do !iq (your username)
22:49 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> but I get A/A*/A+ grades at school. what kind of iq would i have
22:50 <Jj131> I throw fits sometimes but not all the time. -_- also I am smart.
22:50 <Jj131> I know atleast everything about dinosaurs.
22:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ooo
22:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> I feel sorry for you :(
22:50 <The Director of PSA> I remember my friend said live like there's no tomorrow and then died :/
22:50 <Jj131> Too bad
22:50 <The Director of PSA> very coincidental
22:50 <Jj131> Don't feel sorry for me. It's just a little bit.
22:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> oh no :(
22:50 <Jj131> stop it, you are annoying me
22:50 <Thebigfoot1> Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala's IQ: 101/100
22:50 <Preston108> As a college educate professor, weather is the best.
22:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> my gran died of terminal pancreatic cancer
22:50 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Thnks bigfoot
22:51 <The Director of PSA> She died of I think pneumonia
22:51 <Vicyorus> My gran died last year
22:51 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> :(
22:51 <Vicyorus> Cancer
22:51 <Thebigfoot1> My brain died last year
22:51 <Vicyorus> Not sure where exactly
22:52 <Vicyorus> Jj, people with AD tend to be smart on some fields
22:52 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> brb
22:52 <Thebigfoot1> Cancer in the philosoquengistropholic system
22:52 <Vicyorus> Tell me, are you good with numbers?
22:52 <Thebigfoot1> Yes
22:52 <Vicyorus> Not you, Jj
22:52 <Thebigfoot1> Vic's IQ: 1/1000000
22:52 <The Director of PSA> And remember, IQ is just a measure of one kind of intelligence, and your results can be affected by things such as ADHD or learning disabilities.
22:52 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ooo
22:53 <Vicyorus> True that
22:53 <Jj131> Director, you are brainjuiced out of Dyslexanite. It is the source and blood cells that transfer to the brain and hands so it is harder to read or write. These blood cells were wiped out and you are cured.
22:53 <Thebigfoot1> Director's IQ: 0/Infinity for saying that sentence
22:53 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol
22:53 <Jj131> You just been (trollface) 'ed! There is no Dyslexanite!
22:53 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> LOL
22:53 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo joney
22:53 <Jonah Simm> GN YOU MADE MY FAVICON :D
22:53 <Vicyorus> 9_9
22:53 <Thebigfoot1> My IQ: Unknown/Infinity
22:54 <Vicyorus> No number can be divided with infinity
22:54 <Jonah Simm> how do we update the website's actual favicon, though?
22:54 <Thebigfoot1> I'm not dividing
22:54 <Thebigfoot1> I'm saying unknown out of infinity
22:54 <Dororo111122> i can do it jonah
22:54 <Vicyorus> Jonah, I'm not sure
22:54 <Jonah Simm> please do it, dororo
22:54 <Thebigfoot1> Can I make a new favicon?
22:55 <Jj131> Dororo111122 = the infinite life source and power of all entities throughout the Milky Way galaxy and planets
22:55 <Dororo111122> k
22:55 <Jonah Simm> The file is
22:55 -!- Jeserator has joined Special:Chat
22:55 <The Director of PSA> Lol
22:55 <Vicyorus> Um
22:55 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo jesse.
22:55 <Jj131> Dororo is a major thing in our solar system
22:55 <Dororo111122> first off, not supposed to be .png
22:55 <Jeserator> hey
22:55 <Thebigfoot1> Dororo's IQ: HI (Highly Intellegent)
22:55 <Jonah Simm> it was a favicon that I suggested.  Please tell me if you like it or not!  GN made it, but I sesigned it
22:55 <Dororo111122> so is there an OFFICIAL favicon
22:55 <Vicyorus> I think you should ask Administration if you can do that
22:55 <Jonah Simm> *designed
22:55 <The Director of PSA> Yes
22:55 <Vicyorus> And make a voting
22:56 <Jonah Simm> alright, well I think we can ask P-P
22:56 <The Director of PSA> The one beside the text
22:56 <Vicyorus> You could get banned for tampering with the website
22:56 <The Director of PSA> mwahahhahha mtamper
22:56 <Jonah Simm> alright, don't do anything yet Dororo
22:56 <Thebigfoot1> (CPwiki)
22:56 <Jj131> Vicyorus = infinite life source and power of all Transformers and Cybertron, otherwise known as Energon
22:56 <Vicyorus> Jonah, not that he can do much
22:56 <Dororo111122> ...
22:57 <Dororo111122> i added a favicon to my wiki vic
22:57 <Vicyorus> It's blocked for sysops only
22:57 <Dororo111122> whats a sysop
22:57 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Listen up people.
22:57 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> I have a surprise.
22:57 <Vicyorus> O a Bureaucrat
22:57 <Vicyorus> The same thing
22:57 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
22:57 -!- Vicyorus has joined Special:Chat
22:57 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Whoever has the tuft say e
22:57 <The Director of PSA> Sysop is an admin
22:57 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> e
22:57 <Jonah Simm> But who likes the design for the Favicon?
22:57 <The Director of PSA> Someone higher is a bureaucrat
22:58 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> for all those who have that, here is a surprise
22:58 <Jonah Simm> LOL
22:58 <The Director of PSA> Actually sysop is an abbreviation for system operator
22:58 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> LOL ty jona
22:58 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> jonah lol
22:58 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> @jonah do you have the tuft?
22:58 <The Director of PSA>
22:58 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo
22:59 <Jj131> Dororo = infinite source of power, life force, planets, and galaxies throughout the universe, otherwise known as the God of Gods
22:59 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> lol.
22:59 -!- Jonah Simm has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <CPWikigirl> Quack
22:59 <Edrussell1203> I just made a penguin on minecraft
22:59 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> woo!
22:59 <The Director of PSA> yRr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
22:59 <Thebigfoot1> What was the base for the penguins head in [[File:Oie transparent (82).png]]
22:59 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> my little pony
22:59 <Eaglesrule8> omg where is (twinkie)
22:59 <Jj131> well I just discovered Dororo is god of gods
22:59 -!- Eaglesrule8 has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <The Director of PSA> Dororo111122 is so quacky
22:59 <CPWikigirl> Lol I just broke up with my boyfriend
23:00 <CPWikigirl> I already had 4 ex-boyfriends
23:00 <Jj131> How do you make transparent parts of a picture to add an item?
23:00 <The Director of PSA> umm idk
23:00 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> brb
23:00 <Vicyorus> Bye
23:00 <Vicyorus> (wave)
23:00 -!- Vicyorus has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <Jj131> boyfriends = uninportant demonic slaves that "break up" with you because they are so evil
23:00 <Jj131> Nah JK
23:00 <CPWikigirl> Um
23:00 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> brb
23:01 <Jj131> Jj131 = all life as I know it
23:01 <CPWikigirl> I feel like a playa'
23:01 <CPWikigirl> Oh well
23:01 <Jj131> I wonder if Dororo, the god of Gods can hear me. 
23:01 -!- AnonymousDuckLover has joined Special:Chat
23:01 <Jj131> *pokes Dororo's eyeball*
23:01 <Wii Mario 01> Hi!
23:01 <The Director of PSA> Dororo
23:01 <Wii Mario 01> Hi duck
23:01 <The Director of PSA> Dororo here
23:01 <The Director of PSA> Dororo
23:01 <The Director of PSA> Dororo!
23:02 <The Director of PSA> Dororo come on!
23:02 <The Director of PSA> Dororo
23:02 <Jeserator> whenever cod4 is here he's always away...
23:02 <Wii Mario 01> Dororo!
23:02 <The Director of PSA> Dororo!
23:02 <Dororo111122> what
23:02 <The Director of PSA> Dororo!
23:02 <Jeserator> -___
23:02 <Dororo111122> stop
23:02 <The Director of PSA> Do the creator of creators hear me?
23:02 <Jeserator> no
23:02 <The Director of PSA> I am the god of World of Seals
23:02 -!- TheUnknownPony2014 has joined Special:Chat
23:02 <Jeserator> world of seals?
23:03 <The Director of PSA> My postponed virtual world
23:03 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo pony.
23:03 -!- Pucho00 has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <TheUnknownPony2014> Hello Rara.
23:03 <Pucho00> I camed
23:03 <Pucho00> for tavi
23:03 <TheUnknownPony2014> Hello Pucho00.
23:03 <Jj131> Dororo is the infinite life source and power throughout Earth. A giant powerful force stuck inside Earth. He is Earth itself, trapped in the form of the Earth's core.
23:03 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo.
23:03 <Pucho00> Interesting Jj.
23:03 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> yo pucho00!!!
23:03 <Wii Mario 01> Who's online on CP?
23:03 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> ME
23:03 <Pucho00> Make it a fanfic. 
23:03 <Pucho00> >advice
23:03 <Wii Mario 01> Sever?
23:04 <TheUnknownPony2014> My Fanfiction?
23:04 <CPWikigirl> I know another that was abled to undisable their account
23:04 <CPWikigirl> *able
23:04 <CPWikigirl> You know who?
23:04 <Weyuisgod> Who heard psy's new song?
23:04 <Jj131> Dororo is a planet. He is a ball of blue energy inside the Earth's core and one day someone will create a device to enter the Earth's core and meet Dororo inside.
23:04 <TheUnknownPony2014> Sorry, I Can not re-enable my GrandCroconaw66 account @Lexi
23:05 <Weyuisgod> Um, answer me.
23:05 <Pucho00> Contact Wikia Support.
23:05 <Jeserator> why did you disable it?
23:05 <CPWikigirl> You know who though?
23:05 <CPWikigirl> Guess
23:05 <Weyuisgod> Who heard psy's new song.
23:05 <Jeserator> i didnt
23:05 <Weyuisgod> Its called gentleman :P
23:05 <Pucho00> Jeserator: In order to have a new account (in another words, a fresh start) you need to disable it.
23:05 <The Director of PSA> gentleman?
23:05 <The Director of PSA> lol
23:05 -!- The Lord of the Rings has joined Special:Chat
23:05 <The Lord of the Rings> Anyone play Feed the Beast
23:06 <Jeserator> I know but why did you want to disable your GC account
23:06 <Jeserator> @pony
23:06 <Weyuisgod> psys new song
23:06 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GENTLEMAN M/V - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2013-04-13 - Rating: 4.606255 - Views: 4,286,063 -
23:06 <The Director of PSA> The one that was able to undisable their account was Fatewate
23:06 <TheUnknownPony2014> Because, I wanted to rename my account @Jeserator.
23:06 <TheUnknownPony2014> :O
23:06 <Jeserator> oh ok
23:06 <Dororo111122> [[User:Fatewate]]
23:06 <TheUnknownPony2014> Fatewate is not disabled?!
23:06 <Jj131> Dororo is the un-planet planet. He is a planet, but alive so he is not a planet. He is actually trapped inside a meteorite which was covered in lava and fire and it had magnetic force because of lava so dirt, grass, and other weird substances attached to the lava meteorite, thus creating Earth.
23:07 <Jj131> sorry for long text
23:07 <Weyuisgod> Who saw the video?
23:07 <Jj131> I am telling my way of the history of Earth and Dororo.
23:07 <Jj131> The icky substances then formed...
23:07 <TheUnknownPony2014> Last time, i checked that. It was still disabled for me.
23:07 <Jj131> they formed into grass and dirt you see today.
23:07 <TheUnknownPony2014> Ok.
23:08 <Jj131> Dororo, the planet-living-thing used his life source power form the substances to grass.
23:08 <The Lord of the Rings> Wholy cow do "update comments automatically". It's CRAZY!
23:08 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GENTLEMAN M/V - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2013-04-13 - Rating: 4.606074 - Views: 4,286,063 -
23:08 <Blitzzy> kickez Wey s'il vous plait
23:08 <TheUnknownPony2014> Weyuisgod, give me video.
23:08 <Jj131> He wanted visitors to walk on soft stuff.
23:08 <Blitzzy> Wey is acting rude
23:08 <Jj131> So he formed grass.
23:08 <Pucho00> Weyuisgod: No harrassing other users.
23:08 <Weyuisgod>
23:08 <CPChatBot> [YOUTUBE] Title: PSY - GENTLEMAN M/V - Duration: 03:54 - Uploaded: 2013-04-13 - Rating: 4.606092 - Views: 4,286,063 -
23:08 <AnonymousDuckLover> Who would know catching a mullet would be so Scary
23:08 <Pucho00> Jj
23:08 <Pucho00> but we have pillows
23:08 <Blitzzy> ʰᶦ
23:08 <Jj131> Then, the stone and ores underground is the meteorite that Dororo is trapped in.
23:08 <The Lord of the Rings> 112 new comments in 6 seconds. Amazing.
23:09 <Mariocart25Charizard>
23:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> LOTR, I'm listening to your theme
23:09 <Jj131> but Dororo's life power regenerates ores and rocks by water washing upon dirt, sand, and stuff.
23:09 -!- Weyuisgod has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <The Lord of the Rings> What theme
23:09 <The Lord of the Rings> Oh :P
23:09 <AnonymousDuckLover> The LOTR Theme
23:09 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> who is a prep here
23:09 <TheUnknownPony2014> wow, my comments gets all everytime...
23:09 <The Lord of the Rings> ME
23:09 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala>
23:09 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Look here.
23:09 <The Lord of the Rings> *gets slapped mysteriously* Huh?
23:10 <Jj131> The meteorite is Earth's base. It keeps Earth alive and if it did break, the world would all fall into the burning meteorite.
23:10 <Mariocart25Charizard> PRESENTING HEY.YOUCP'S DOG
23:10 <Raraahahahromaromamagagaoohlala> Yes. The preps as ponies.
23:10 <The Lord of the Rings> Bosco! I told you to wait in the forest!
23:10 <CPWikigirl> quack
23:10 <TheUnknownPony2014> comments gets fasters! :O
23:10 <Jj131> Shush TLOTR, I am telling the story of how Dororo created Earth.
23:10 <Pucho00> ...
23:10 <TheUnknownPony2014> in youtube.
23:10 <The Lord of the Rings> TROLOLOL
23:10 <AnonymousDuckLover> It reflects what I do in CP Perfectly, it went from the dhire theme to the Black Rider part from normal Ice Fishing to catching the Mullet
23:10 <The Lord of the Rings> *YELL*
23:10 <Pucho00> You could just Private Message it.
23:10 <The Lord of the Rings> *SCREAM*
23:10 <The Lord of the Rings> *ANNOYING NOISES*
23:10 <CPWikigirl> :|
23:10 <Pucho00> Personally I think we need an image naming policy.
23:10 <CPWikigirl> My avatar is like :|
23:11 <Jj131> So then, Dororo decided it was too empty. So he used his life source to form trees and plants!

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