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The Club Penguin Staff are people who work for Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island. There are many different types of Club Penguin Staff. Some are CSRs (Community Support Representative), who do things such as answering community support emails, and keeping Club Penguin safe online. Others could be artists, writers, engineers, bloggers as well as other positions.

List of Club Penguin Staff

Below is a list of known Club Penguin Staff and their penguin names. It lists their position at Club Penguin, if known.

"Moderator" term

The term "moderator" is often used to refer to all Club Penguin Staff. Many penguins believe that all staff members have access to the banning of accounts and the Club Penguin Staff Control Panel. This is not the case. Only CSRs have access to this, as they are in the position to "moderate" Club Penguin.


  • Live moderating was first introduced on September 30, 2005.[1]
  • Club Penguin Staff have access to any item, even if it is a bait item.[2] Some also have access to future parties.
  • Many Club Penguin Staff ban their accounts when they log off and un-ban them when they log in to ensure hackers do not access the accounts.
  • Club Penguin Staff used to have the moderator badge in the top right corner of their Player Card. However, this was removed so that staff members can roam Club Penguin "incognito".


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