Club Penguin Mad Libs

The cover of the book.
Date released November 12, 2009
Unlocks items? No
Fans of Club Penguin, the most popular virtual world for kids 6-14, will love filling in the blanks in 21 silly Mad Libs stories about their favorite Club Penguin topics, like the site's popular characters, mini-games, adorable pet puffles, and much, much more!
— Mad Libs. Mad Libs website

Club Penguin Mad Libs is a book written by Roger Price and Leonard Stern. It is one of the books in the Mad Libs collection.

Book sections

  • A tour of Club Penguin.
  • Q&A With Rockhopper.
  • Ask Aunt Arctic.
  • Puffle Personalities, Part 1.
  • Puffle Personalities, Part 2.
  • Gary's Gadgets.
  • Party Penguins.
  • The New Play, Part 1.
  • The New Play, Part 2.
  • Pizza Parlor Specials.
  • Wanted!
  • Sensei's Wisdom.
  • Secret Agent Quiz.
  • Incredible Igloo.
  • Rescue Squad to the Rescue!
  • Rocking With The Penguin Band.
  • Coffee Talk.
  • The Big Game.
  • Party at my Igloo!
  • Dance With Cadence.
  • Snowball Fight!

Authors and publishers

  • Authors: Roger Price and Leonard Stern
  • Publishers: Snowball Press and Price Stern Sloan