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For the actual game, see Club Penguin. is Club Penguin's official URL. It has information about Club Penguin listed there and also allows you to play the game, Club Penguin.



  • Domain Hoster: NeuStar
  • IP Owner: NeuStar
  • Server Location: United States
  • Server GEO Location: 38°0'0" North, -97°0'0" West
  • Domain IP:
  • Domain TLD: com
  • Website Load Speed: 0.45 seconds
  • Alexa Rank: #3,019
  • Website Value: $504,030 USD
  • Website Daily Visitors: 236,634
  • Website Daily Income: $710 USD
  • Trustworthiness Score: 94%
  • Vendor Reliability Score: 94%
  • Privacy Score: 94%
  • Child Safety Score: 94%


The homepage (URL: is the domain's main page. It currently features information about upcoming parties, games, promotions, and other stuff.

Fun Stuff

The Fun Stuff (URL: section contains:

  • Fan Art
  • Penguins Around the World (Fan Photos)
  • Featured Igloos
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Coloring Pages
  • Wallpapers
  • Comics
  • Banners
  • PSA Missions
  • Mobile

PSA Missions

The PSA Missions section (URL: is a special section where you can play old PSA Secret Missions. The missions were moved here because the VR Room was left in-communicated when the Tube Transport was badly damaged by Herbert P. Bear during Operation: Blackout.


The Mobile section (URL: is a section where you can see Club Penguin's apps. Currently, the only one shown is My Penguin.

What's New Blog

Main article: What's New Blog

The What's New Blog (URL: is a blog where you can see "what's new" in Club Penguin and players will usually post comments showing their appreciation, or ask a question. The current main editors of the blog are: Spike Hike, Polo Field, Ninja (Moderator), Daffodaily5 (She posts the current Featured Fashions and Penguin of The Day) and Federflink1 (A German blogger).


The Membership section (URL: is where you can make your penguin a member by buying a membership. It also includes FAQ's about membership and reasons to become a member.


The Parents section (URL:]) is where parents of kids who have made accounts can review the child's account, like how many times have the player has been banned, how many times has the player logged on, how many coins does he/she has, change the chat mode, turn on the Parental Timer, change passwords, and manage memberships.


The Products section (URL:]) It first opened on the Club Penguin website on August 31, 2006. It was originally called the Club Penguin Online Shop, and it only sold Plush Puffles. Since October 2008, the store sells new toys, such as Trading Cards, plushes, Mix & Match sets, books, etc.

Past Versions

There were five versions of the website's main page, including the current one. The first one was from October 24, 2005 to March 2006, the second from 2006 to 2008, the third one from 2008 to 2011, the fourth one from 2011 to December 2012 and the fifth one from December 2012 to present.


June 2011 downtime

LongmvuAdded by Longmvu
'Technical Glitch' or, in other words, 'We Were Too Focused On Other Things And Forgot To Renew Our DNS Like We Should Have'
Happy77's blog post about the downtime.
Hey.youcpAdded by Hey.youcp

On June 20, 2011, Club Penguin forgot to renew their DNS (Domain Name System), so the site went down for an entire day. Happy77 posted this onto the What's New Blog regarding the situation:

Hello Penguins!

UPDATE: Club Penguin is available for most players again. But we have heard that some of you can't see it yet. Thanks for letting us know. The team is still working on fixing any issues with the site. Thanks for your continued patience with this.

As some of you heard, Club Penguin's domain name ( had a technical glitch this weekend. The technical glitch has been fixed, but it will take some time for the site to appear as it should around the world.

Remember-- when in doubt, talk to a parent or guardian if something looks suspicious for you.

— Club Penguin Team

July 2013 Downtime

On July 15, 2013, at around 1:39 PM PST, Polo Field made a tweet [1] reporting that Club Penguin was down. Unlike other downtimes, which usually lasted for minutes, this one lasted for around 12 hours. Some reports indicate that the cause for this downtime was a Denial-of-service attack executed by unknown users.

For the following hours several tweets were posted by Spike Hike, Polo Field and Club Penguin regarding the situation, and later moving on to discuss other topics to dissipate the fear on the players.

At around 1:45 AM, Club Penguin posted a tweet on their Twitter [2] saying that the servers were back online and that the team were squashing final bugs.


  • In the original version of the homepage, pressing the "N" in the word Club Penguin makes a ninja appear beside the logo.
Note the shortcut domain on the left.
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