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Club Herbert Operation Tri-umph

The newest version (as of February 3, 2016)
Is it seen right now? No
Type Website
Party None
Where? Online was a website run by Herbert P. Bear, comprised of updates to his evil plans to take over Club Penguin. The website was usually updated around the times when Herbert was involved with some sort of event, such as Operation: Blackout or the Star Wars Takeover. The site was taken down sometime in December 2016.


Operation: Blackout

# Changes
1 First look. Only Gary's picture appears.
2 Dot's picture is added.
3 Rookie's picture is added.
4 Jet Pack Guy's picture is added. Gary's image is crossed out.
5 A new note saying "Who is the director?" appears. The background shows the destroyed Everyday Phoning Facility. (Operation: Blackout Begins.)
6 The Director's picture is added.
7 Everyone but The Director is captured. The background of the computer disappears and is replaced with a to-do list.
8 The computer displays a different message, and all the pictures are removed.

Star Wars Takeover

# Changes
1 The website receives an update for the party with an outer-space background.
2 The website takes place inside the Death Star. As it gets closer to Club Penguin Island, a turned off lightsaber, and a mug that says: "I Heart Dark Side." is shown by the side of a window.
3 The Death Star gets closer to the island. Four boxes of extra large, vegetarian, extra cheese pizzas appear with a bill of 1,000,000,001 Coins.
4 The Death Star is destroyed, Klutzy is seen behind the smoke with a note saying, "You haven't seen the last of me." -Herbert P. Bear.

Operation: Puffle

# Changes
1 The website has a picture of a Brain Box with a blueprint next to it.
2 Some brainwashed puffles are using the strange machine surrounded by lots of golden coins, there is a book of "Solitaire Cheats", and a cup that reads: "#1 Gold Digger"
3 Klutzy is in a room with coins and empty hot sauce bottles holding a map with a chat bubble on top of him that says "Q_Q".
4 Klutzy is in a forest holding a map with a chat bubble on top of him that says ">:p".

After the events of Operation: Puffle

# Changes
1 The website has a picture of a desk inside Herbert's Base, with springs, telescope parts, a cup that says "#1 Party Pooper", and blueprints of what appers to be a Mechanical Crab on top of the desk.
2 There appears to be an empty gift box, near a garbage can with a few papers and a pair of Merry Walrus Headphones inside.
3 The desk from Herbert's Base appears again, with Klutzy behind him, this time with a cup that says "I am a boss", a hammer, a framed picture of Herbert spotted in different places around Club Penguin, and a To-Do-List that reads:
  • Scare pesky penguins (Checked).
  • Secret meeting with...(hidden by a spring).
  • Cut toenails.

Operation: Tri-umph

# Changes
1 The desk from Herbert's Base remains, with Klutzy behind it, this time with some blueprints for a device.


  • The website's domain was first registered on December 5, 2008, although it simply redirected to Disney's website prior to Operation: Blackout.
  • Similar computers appeared in the Icejam platforms.


Operation: Blackout

Star Wars Takeover

Operation: Puffle

We Wish You a Merry Walrus

Operation: Tri-umph


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