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Loading screen The Designer

The Designer's loading screen icon

The Clothing Customizer, referred to as The Designer in loading screens, is a feature in Club Penguin Island that players can use to create clothing, utilizing blueprints as bases, and optionally, fabrics and/or decals as well for design. The Clothing Customizer can be accessed either by tapping by the "My Styles" button in the popup menu on the bottom of the game's screen, or by walking into the Change Rooms at the Beacon Boardwalk. All players can use the Customizer, although only members can wear the resulting clothing.

Aside from creating clothing, the Customizer has a closet, named Your Closet, where players' items are stored. Tapping an item's icon puts it on the player's penguin, and tapping it again takes it off. Dragging the item onto/off of the penguin can be done instead of tapping. Items are sorted into several categories depending on where they are worn on a penguin, such as Hair & Hats, Full Body, Shoes, etc. The first slot in the item menu is a "create" button, which allows items to be created. There is also a delete button, which allows for created items to be permanently deleted. However, unique items cannot be deleted.


Customizing is initiated by tapping the "create" button in the first slot of the item menu in the player's closet. This results in a menu containing many blueprints to select from, although only ones the player has obtained, either by leveling up or from an adventure, can be used. After selecting a blueprint, a mannequin on the top of the screen displays a blank version of the item it will create, and on the bottom of the screen, there is the name, cost to create, and description of the item. After selecting "choose", players are brought to the customization screen.

On the customization screen, it shows the mannequin with the blank item in the center, and on the bottom, a selection of fabrics or decals, which can be switched between the two. A fabric and/or decal can be dragged onto the item, where it is then applied to the specific section it is dragged onto. Dragging it off removes the fabric/decal. On the left side of the screen is a slider that can be used to change the zoom of the fabric/decal, and on the right side is a wheel that can be used to rotate the fabric/decal. For decals only, there are two buttons above the fabric/decal selection menu. If the button with one star is selected, the decal will appear once on the section of the item, while if the button with multiple stars is selected, it will be infinitely tiled across the section.

To finish customizing, a button with a checkmark on the fabric/decal menu must be tapped. The player will then be shown the cost of the item on the bottom screen, along with two buttons that ask to either confirm and buy the item, or to cancel.

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenge involves using the customizer.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Styles for Miles
AA quest icon
Community Create and save 2,500 total items today 30 coins and 20 XP Yes



Pre-release videos

Names in other languages

Clothing Customizer

Language Name
PortuguesePersonalizador de Roupas
FrenchPersonnalisateur de Vêtements
SpanishPersonalizador de Ropa
German N/A
Russian N/A

The Design

Language Name
PortugueseO Modista
FrenchCréateur de mode
SpanishEl Diseñador
German N/A
Russian N/A

Your Closet

Language Name
PortugueseSeu guarda-roupa
FrenchTon placard
SpanishTu Armario
German N/A
Russian N/A

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