Clothes Shop
Clothes Shop

Where At the Town Center
Opened August 22, 2005
Renovated November 1, 2012
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 130
Tour Description
This is our Clothes Shop. Check out the latest fashions... and show them off on the runway!

The Clothes Shop (formerly known as the Gift Shop) was a clothing store located in the Town. Here, penguins were able to buy clothing from the Penguin Style catalog, or browse the Treasure Book. Many clothes were on display here as well, on shelves and racks. There was also a large runway in the center of the store, for showing off fashions.


The Clothes Shop was one of the original rooms in Club Penguin. When first opened, there were sports equipment, such as snowboards. On October 11, 2007, the sports equipment was relocated to the Sport Shop, and in their place, various other things were added, in correlation with the release of the Big Wigs catalog. These included more clothing racks, a shelf with wigs on display, salon chairs, and a poster labeled "DRESS UP".

On October 4, 2011, a treasure chest was added by the clothing racks, and when clicked on, would open up the latest Treasure Book. However, items can not be redeemed from this version, and the Treasure Book could only be browsed. On November 1, the Gift Shop was renovated, and renamed to the Clothes Shop.


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Soccer Ball Pin
Soccer Ball pin
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Tropical Bird Pin
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Imperial Pin
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Argyle Pattern Pin



  • The Penguin Style catalog opens upon entering the changing rooms on the left side of the room.
  • The Penguin Style icon in the bottom right corner of the screen used to incorrectly be labeled as the Better Igloos catalog. This was fixed during the Big Wigs update.



Graphical designs


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Names in other languages

Clothes Shop

Language Name
PortugueseLoja Pinguim
SpanishTienda de Ropa
RussianМагазин Подарков

Gift Shop

Language Name
PortugueseLoja de Presentes
SpanishTienda de Regalos
Russian N/A


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