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Clothes Shop
New Gift Shop-

Where Beside the Dance Club in the Town Center.
Opened August 22, 2005,
(Beta Testing only)
October 24, 2005 (Official Launch)
December 12, 2013 (Club Penguin App)
Renovated November 1, 2012
Closed Still open
Mini-Games None
Room ID 130
Tour Description
This is the Clothes Shop. You can buy clothes from the monthly catalog. Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well. Use coins you have earned from playing games.

The Clothes Shop (formerly known as the Gift Shop) is one of the three buildings in the Town Center. Here, members and non-members can buy clothes, colors, player card backgrounds, and flags from the catalog, the Penguin Style. Players can also as view the Treasure Book. Since January 2013, non-members are able to buy clothing from one page of the catalog.

There used to be two catalogs, the Penguin Style and Big Wigs. Club Penguin later merged them, and now wigs can be bought from the Penguin Style. Every month, a new catalog is added. Sometimes, clothes from past catalogs return. A newer catalog is the Treasure Book, which was added to the Clothes Shop in October 2011. All players can view the items in it, but can only unlock items in it using a special coin code.

Other than being a clothes retailer, it is also known for being a beauty salon and for hosting fashion shows.

Earthquake Damage

On June 20, 2008, Herbert P. Bear caused an earthquake around central Club Penguin Island using his Earthquake Driller. All the rooms in the Town Center were damaged, but the Gift Shop got the most damage. The ground floor of the building fell into the ground, and only the Gift Shop Rooftop and the managers room was visible. The windows were cracked and damaged and the clothes were scattered here and there, as well as the other things.

The Secret Agent used a Helium balloon to lift the Gift Shop up, and then covered the hole with a large net, so the building could not fall down again. The building was soon repaired by construction penguins.

Fictional Clothes Shop Jobs

Some creative penguins have been known to pretend to have special "jobs" in the Clothes Shop. Penguins invent all kinds of ideas and occupations to employ and work in the Clothes Shop, a list of these include:

  • "Owner": The owner walks around the shop, talking to managers.
    • Costume:
  • Manager: The manager oversees everything at the shop. They sit behind the cash register with a cashier.
    • Polo T-shirt
  • Assistant Manager: The assistants walk around telling penguins they look good in the article of clothing they are trying on and helps the manager with all duties.
    • Costume: T-shirt
  • Cashier: The cashier sits at the cash register serving customers and collecting the money.
    • Casual Clothes
  • Associate: Associates help customers choose what they want.
  • Robbers: Robbers usually go straight to the cash register and say "Robs cash register," "Takes money," or "Steals." They also sometimes walk up to people and "rob" them. They are often mean. After a "robbery," many penguins leave the Clothes Shop and go to the Town and say "_______ is back and robbing please find him/her" or "agents keep a lookout." This isn't exactly a job.
  • Cleaner/Janitor: The janitor usually goes around the shop and cleans the shop.
  • After some time they go to the Manager and asks for their salary.
    • Costume: Mop And Bucket
  • Cloth Inspector: The cloth inspector usually comes out every five minutes and inspect the clothes. An associate writes the grades of the cloth.
    • Costume: Top Hat, Monocole, Tuxedo or a turtleneck, black dress shoes.

  • Hairdresser: stands near the chairs and says "Cuts hair," or "Shows new hairdo."


  • Any apron, mostly a black apron.
  • Any wig, sometimes the newer wigs.




  • The Penguin Style catalog will open upon attempting to enter the changing rooms.
  • The first event ever held in the Gift Shop was the Fashion Show.
  • In Penguin Chat 3 you could not enter the Gift Shop. If you did you would be redirected to the Penguin Chat 3 online store.
  • In the top right corner of the Clothes Shop, there are some rare items in display cases, such as the Hawaiian Lei, the Beta Hat, and the Christmas Scarf.
  • It was renovated for The Journey on November 1, 2012 along with the Dance Club and the Pizza Parlor.
  • The Gift Shop was renamed the 'Clothes Shop' in November 2012.
  • Its swf name is shop.



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