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Clock Tower
Clock Tower Icon
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Located Snow Forts
Old Clock Tower

The former Clock Tower design.

The Clock Tower is a large structure located at the Snow Forts which was built by Gary on February 23, 2007. It only tells Pacific Standard Time ("Penguin Standard Time"), which is the main time zone used in Club Penguin, to help penguins from varied time zones when holding parties at their igloo or elsewhere.

It also tells the day of the week. On the side of the Clock Tower, there is a target that will spin around when hit with a snowball, which hints that this is the power source for the clock's internal mechanism; however it was just an encouragement for penguins to take interest in the Clock Tower, as it can work properly without the frequent mechanism boost. Below the target is a secret coded message, which says "By G" (The "G" stands for Gary. Also known as Gary the Gadget Guy or Agent G.). A plaque was located nearby, and if you click on it, it would show an "engraved" message about its construction and release; it was removed after the Snow Forts got redesigned on December 04, 2012.


Card-Jitsu card Description

  • Ready, set, throw snow! Find this snowball-powered clock in the Snow Forts. Throw snowballs at the target to help keep it powered. Just press T on your keyboard and click the red target!



What came up back then when you pressed the yellow notice.

  • On April 17, 2008, Herbert P. Bear stole its primary gear, as part of a secret mission, and the player had to make a temporary gear from ice by the time the primary gear was found. The gear was made by a Yellow Puffle.
  • In PSA Mission 8 (Mysterious Tremors), at the end of the mission, you give the Clock Tower gear to G, and you get back the "gear" you made in Mission 7.
    Ice clock

    The Ice Gear from Secret mission 7.

  • In Mission 9, after you have welded the Mine Cart, Rory says, "I haven't seen welding that good since Gary got bored and built the Clock Tower!"
  • Before December 2012, if you looked closely at the Clock Tower, you could see secret code writing at the bottom right that says, "By G".
  • In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Rory has to spend a lot of time fixing the Clock Tower which causes the player to have to help him finish his other daily jobs.
  • In the Club Penguin Comics Book Vol. 1 and Club Penguin Big Book of Activities, it is revealed that if the target is turned by flipper too much, the tower overloads and it makes a huge jack-in-the box shoot out of the top.
  • The Clock Target stamp is obtained by throwing 10 snowballs at the target.
  • It is featured on the Clock Tower Card-Jitsu card.
  • In a comic, a yellow penguin is seen trying to move the clock with his flipper but a giant Jack-In-The-Box pops out and scares him away.
  • Its blueprints appear at the back of the Sport Shop in secret missions.


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