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Classified Area
Great Snow Race Classified Area

Where North of the third Laser Maze, Mountain Range
Opened August 25, 2011
Closed August 31, 2011
Mini-games No
Room ID 860
Tour Description
"We've infiltrated Herbert's lair! Now we need to dismantle the control panel. G will then teleport the AC 3000 supplies."
For other bases used by Herbert, please see Herbert HQ (disambiguation).

The Classified Area was a party room in Club Penguin. It opened at the beginning of the Great Snow Race for Operation: Hibernation. This room was only accessible by EPF Agents who had completed the Lazer Mazes. The final part of Operation: Hibernation took place in this room. Klutzy would escape after you built the Hibernation trap through the red wire. To get to the Classified Area you had to complete the Laser Mazes.


  • This is where Herbert hibernated before he escaped.
  • It is not known for some penguins how Herbert had gone up here in the first place, however, if you complete Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, you can see at the end that he got there because of his super balloon being blown up and crashing into the mountain where the Classified Area was located.
  • If you look closely, the hot sauce is frozen.
  • Herbert's drill can be seen in here.
  • Klutzy somehow escapes from the AC 3000, because it is too cold for him to sleep.
  • It is unknown how Herbert managed to escape when all the security systems were on. It was probably Klutzy that freed him, since he escaped from the cage that he was in.
  • In the EPF Command Room, there was a monitor that tracked Herbert's hibernation. Therefore, a video camera was placed in this room.

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