CPT 430 Chester

Full Name Chester the Time Traveler
Species Penguin
Position Time traveler
Appeared The Penguins that Time Forgot, The Vikings That Time Forgot
Color Orange
Clothes Items Cheap Time Travel Hat
Related To None
Friends With None
Meetable Character? No
Time to try out this new Time Travel 1000!
— Chester

Chester was a character from the plays The Penguins that Time Forgot and The Vikings That Time Forgot.

Description of Chester in the Costume Trunk

Chester is a curious penguin with an eye for a bargain. One day he meets a penguin that offers him an invention -- a time machine consisting of a box and "special hat".

Chester takes the cobbly creation back to his igloo and steps into the box.

The rest is, as they say, is prehistory...


Chester's Adventure in Prehistoric Times

Upon Chester's arrival in the "Grub" in the time machine, he meets two cavemen, Kek and Critteroo. They are scared of the lava that is pouring down from a nearby volcano, which has erupted. Chester, however, cannot understand a single word they say. Then, he hears Critteroo say "LAVA" and tries to flee, but the time machine breaks. Chester is then stranded in the Grub (which is really Club Penguin's Town/Snow Forts back in time). He has a cheap hat.

Chester's Adventure in Viking Times

Chester gets in his time travel 1000, and ends up in Viking times, also to see Kek and Critteroo followed him. They met Vick, a Viking who only speaks in opera. Chester follows him to meet Helga, a Viking who speaks penguin, and introduced herself and Vick. Helga claims she bought exactly the same time travel hat as Chester for 10 "gold" (possibly the early version of coins). She says she just kept using it until she got home. She tells Chester that he's welcome to stay with them. Chester and the cave penguins decide to say, although something must have went wrong, because in the Ice Cave room, there is both a Viking boat, and a frozen Time Travel 1000. It is possible Chester, Critteroo, Kek, Vick, and Helga were captured by other Vikings, and Chester's Time Travel 1000 was tossed overboard, and was frozen in ice, and the Viking ship somehow got stuck.