Celebration of Water
Celebration of Water Water Dojo

The Water Dojo during the construction

Members only? No
When November 16, 2010 - December 3, 2010
Free Item(s) Bucket Hat, Water Tank Background
Location Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, and Water Dojo
Mascot(s) Sensei

The Celebration of Water was an event in Club Penguin that celebrated the release of Card-Jitsu Water. It started on November 16, 2010 with construction in preparation for it. Construction for the event ended on November 24, 2010, and Card-Jitsu Water was officially launched. The main room for the celebration was the Water Dojo, although the Ninja Hideout and Dojo Courtyard were decorated too. The decorations were taken down on December 3, 2010.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Water Tank Background By completing the Water Hunt No
Sensei BG
Sensei's Autograph By meeting Sensei No
Clothing Icons 1196 Style 2013
Bucket Hat Snow Forts No


  • During the construction of the Water Dojo, the Underground was flooded for the first time since 2007.
  • The underground was flooded during the construction.
  • This was the first time that the Sensei stamp was available.

Card-Jitsu Water

See main article: Card-Jitsu Water



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