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Catalogs are a feature in Club Penguin Island that allows members to sell their clothing and buy clothing submitted by other players. Each day, there is a different type of catalog, with a theme. The theme of the catalog determines which blueprints, fabrics, and decals can be used. The theme resets at midnight in Penguin Standard Time. Catalogs can be accessed from the closet of the Clothing Customizer.


Submitting an item

In the catalog menu, there is a listing of the current catalog theme and the six previous ones, for a total of seven at one time. The listing displays the catalog's name and an image of the top selling item, along with the name of the user that submitted it. From here, if they are a member, the player can either access the current catalog, and submit an item, which is done through the same process as creating an item, but with a limitation on what blueprints, fabrics, or decals can be used, all of which are restricted to the selected catalog's theme. After creating an item, it can be submitted to the catalog. The item the player creates does not require spending coins to design, and the player does not keep it.

Submission listing

If the player selects one of the seven catalog themes, a listing of items other players submitted is shown. By default, this listing is sorted by most recently submitted, but can be switched to display the highest sold items, or items submitted by users the player is friends with. Items can be also sorted by item category, such as hair & hats items or full body items.

The listing displays a grid of icons of the submissions, along with the username of the player that submitted it below the icon. Selecting an item gives a preview of the item worn on a penguin, the name of the item, and how many purchases it has. If the player is a member, they can buy the item for the shown price, which always costs about 10-15 coins more than the price of creating an item through the Customizer. Additionally, items can be bought from the catalog regardless the player's Penguin Level. For instance, a level 4 player could buy a submitted New Dimensions item, even though the blueprint used to make the item is received at level 10.

List of catalog types

Name Date Description Usable items
Uggalympics February 21, 2017 Make some prehistoric athletic wear... but without the smell See here
Stripes is Right February 22, 2017 Nothing like some nice, straight lines to organize an outfit See here
Funky Royalty February 23, 2017 Create an outfit for a king or queen that stands out See here
Fashionista February 24, 2017 Go trendy with a fashion-forward decal and fabric All blueprints, fabrics, and decals are usable
Relaxed Fit February 25, 2017 Make something comfy to chill out and relax in See here
Represent! February 26, 2017 Put your favorite decal on one of your t-shirts See here
Rainbow Runway February 27, 2017 Sparkle and shine with colorful decals on a solid colored fabric See here
Classic Critters February 28, 2017 Keep it simple with a black and white animal outfit See here
Pool Party January 1, 2017 Another sunny day on Club Penguin Island–grab some beachwear and go! See here
Citrus Style March 1, 2017 Orange you glad this color is trendy? See here
Hip to be Square March 2, 2017 Play it real straight with argyle and plaid fabrics See here
Wild West Wear March 3, 2017 I reckon you'll need some duds you don't mind gettin' dusty See here
Sugar Rush March 5, 2017 It would be sweet if you made an outfit that looks like candy See here
Cosmic Couture March 6, 2017 Create a space-age style that'll be fashionable next century See here
Sunny-side Up March 7, 2017 Let your outfit shine with a radiant sunset color See here
Layer Player March 9, 2017 Getting chilly? Bundle up with a new coat See here
Party Down March 10, 2017 Chill out with a casual party style See here
For the Gipper March 11, 2017 Give it 110% and leave it all on the field See here
Winter Warmers March 12, 2017 Bundle up in wintery colors and decals See here
Dapper Disguise March 13, 2017 Blend in on your next stealth mission See here
An Outfit to Envy March 14, 2017 Make like a tree and color your clothes green See here
Styles of Summer March 15, 2017 Design a summery outfit for a relaxing picnic lunch See here
Spot the Dot March 16, 2017 Add some dots to your latest design See here
Creature Comforts March 19, 2017 Make that casual outfit wild with an animal theme See here
Rock ya! March 20, 2017 Be concert-ready with a style that's all about rock See here
Bee Fashionable March 21, 2017 Bzzzzz! Just bee yourself. See here
Cosmic Conjurer March 22, 2017 Take a magician's clothing, add some space-age style... and VOILA! See here
Agree on Neon March 23, 2017 Rain or shine, it's always bright with neon fabric See here
The Animal in Me March 24, 2017 Be your own animal with a unique new pattern See here
Silent Film Style March 25, 2017 A black and white outfit is worth a thousand words See here
Tree Spree March 26, 2017 Dress an outfit in a foresty pattern and decal See here
Sci-fi Swim Party March 27, 2017 Create a pool party look that's out of this world See here
Way of the Ninja March 28, 2017 Blend in with the dark, dark night See here
Pattern Peddler March 29, 2017 We've got all kinds of patterns! Wanna try one? See here
Penguin Formal March 30, 2017 Choose the finest materials to make a fancy formal look See here
Hair and Now April 1, 2017 We can't wait–let's see an awesome hair style! See here
Punk Pirate April 2, 2017 Mix yo ho ho with a guitar solo. In other words, show us a punk pirate See here
Mostly Ghostly April 3, 2017 Dress in all white, then consider haunting the island See here
Stop-Go Fashion April 4, 2017 Dress in the colors of a traffic light See here
Zoo Ballyhoo April 5, 2017 Add some high-end fashion to an animal outfit See here
Seaside Social April 6, 2017 Design a beach style that's perfect for a party See here
Seeing Red April 7, 2017 Add red to your fashion but beware of bulls See here
Dot's Dot Designs April 9, 2017 Show off the design gal's favorite pattern See here
Fantasy Formal April 11, 2017 Don thou most elegant medieval attire See here
Ocean View April 12, 2017 Design an outfit for a seaside vacation See here
Raisin the Roof April 13, 2017 Embrace the color purple on whatever you wear See here
Feeling Blue? April 16, 2017 Splash some clothes with a generous helping of blue See here
Neon Creatures April 17, 2017 So much for camouflage–use a neon fabric and decal on an animal suit See here
Shine On April 18, 2017 Dress in yellow and shine like the sun See here
To Boldly Go April 19, 2017 Make formal wear with bold space-age designs See here
Happy Birthday! April 20, 2017 Spice up your casual outfit with party prints See here
Panda-monium April 21, 2017 The hot new panda hoodie deserves some bling See here
World Penguin Day April 22, 2017 We have a Penguin Day hat, now design the shirt See here
Cinco de Mayo April 23, 2017 Bring on the headpieces for a fashion fiesta See here
Show Stoppers April 24, 2017 Design a red carpet outfit for the Radio Disney Music Awards All blueprints, fabrics, and decals are usable
Once Upon A… April 25, 2017 Prepare for a journey to faraway lands! See here
Penglantian Party April 26, 2017 Be seen undersea with these aquatic outfits See here
Shoe In April 27, 2017 Sneakerheads, shoe fans—show off your designs See here
Precious Metals April 28, 2017 Go for glamorous gold or a heavy metal masterpiece See here
Extra-Ordinary! April 29, 2017 Every outfit needs more sizzle! See here
To Dye For April 30, 2017 Create a color combo for your fave hairstyle See here
Sand & Sport May 1, 2017 The perfect pieces for volleyball, swim team, or high dives See here
Go Wild May 2, 2017 Make furr-ocious fashions See here

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
In addition to the four standard daily challenges, there is a fifth extra challenge, which involves submitting an item to the day's current catalog. The name and description of the challenge corresponds to the day's current catalog theme as well.
Name Given by Description Rewards Member only?
DT quest icon
Varies 20 coins Yes

Names in other languages

For names of each catalog type, see Catalog/Names in other languages.
Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A

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