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Cat Puffle
Cat Puffle 1

Available No
Attitude N/A
Member only N/A
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance N/A
Tongue color N/A
Speed N/A
Special features N/A
Elite Puffle Items N/A
Favorite Games N/A
Were you looking for the Orange Tabby Cat?

The Cat Puffle is a Puffle Creature. They were hinted in the April Fools' Party 2012 and the short Puffle Trouble as a Purple Puffle with black cat ears and a tail.


  • In the Doodle Dimension (April Fools' Party 2012), you had to click the pencil to make it draw a Puffle with ears and a tail on a Sticky-Note.
  • In the Doodle Dimension it looks more like a cat with a thin long tail, as for Puffle Trouble, it looks like a raccoon.
  • In the full length Puffle Trouble, it can be seen at 1:30, in the top left corner.
  • Some people say that the cat puffle from Puffle Trouble is pink. Others say it is purple.
    • In its artwork, it appears to be light purple. It is unknown because it was shaded slightly dark during Puffle Trouble.
    • It is most likely pink because in Puffle Rescue, the pink puffles look purple in the dark. It is the same case with the Cat Puffle in Puffle Trouble.
  • Spike Hike said it would not be released.[source needed]
  • The official design for it is orange or brown, instead of purple.
  • It is a cat version of the Purple Puffle.
  • A similar species is the Orange Tabby Cat.


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