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Card-Jitsu Shadow
CardJitsuShadow Logo
Players Unknown
Controls N/A
Minigame Location Possibly the Shadow Dojo
Date released Unknown

Card-Jitsu Shadow is a possible future game in Club Penguin, which could be the final part of the Card-Jitsu Series. There are some clues that show it might be available in the future.

On his Twitter account, Spike Hike got a tweet asking if there would be a Card Jitsu Shadow. He replied, "Snow first", which likely proves that Card-Jitsu Shadow is coming out. When also asked whether it is real, he said it is a rumor but he believes in it.[1]

On a Club Penguin Memories post of Ask Spike Hike, Spike Hike mentioned that there would be something big for Card-Jitsu. He may have been referring to Card-Jitsu Shadow. He also mentioned something big for Puffles.


  • When three ninjas of each element perform their Special Dance at the Iceberg, a dark, cloudy storm will appear, most likely representing the element of Shadow.
  • The power card Mobile Fire Power Card 1 features a Shadow Ninja. This is obtainable through codes in the "Card-Jitsu Water - Second Wave" packs and from the Martial Artworks catalog.
  • When asked, Sensei said "There might be Shadow some day," giving more evidence that it may be released but not giving the exact date. Another time at the Card-Jitsu Party 2013, Sensei replied to a similar question, responding "One element at a time. First we must master Snow to restore balance", giving even more hint that sometime in the future, Card-Jitsu Shadow might happen.
  • While talking about the dark side of the force, Sensei said Tusk had turned to the shadows, a possible reference to Card-Jitsu Shadow.
  • Ninja once had a penguin wearing Card-Jitsu Shadow items as his avatar on his Twitter account.
  • In The Spoiler Alert Best Of 2013, Sensei said "In the new year, when the summer comes, the truth will be told", a possible hint about it.
    • However Sensei never said that.
  • If you look closely in the Amulet, there is a black spot in the middle of all three elements. It is possible that there is a Shadow Gem.
    • It could also possibly mean that the penguin has mastered the Classic Card-Jitsu.
  • On Issue #441 of The Club Penguin Times, on the Ask Sensei section, Sensei stated that there is an evil force that is sealed somewhere.




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