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Card-Jitsu Shadow was a potential game in Club Penguin. Since the release of Card-Jitsu Fire, rumors have circulated about a fourth element, due to the small black gem in the center of Amulets. While little information has been given on Card-Jitsu Shadow, multiple moderators have answered questions about it when asked.

Info on the game

Originally, there was no solid evidence for the game, and only speculation. However, on June 1, 2011, four items were added to Club Penguin's files: the Helmet of Shadows, Midnight Mask, Nightfall Coat, and Shade Sandals, suggesting that Card-Jitsu Shadow is real.

When Spike Hike was asked if Card-Jitsu Shadow would be released, he responded with "Snow first", implying Card-Jitsu Shadow will be released at some point in the future. Also, when asked if the game was real, he responded that it is currently a rumor, but he believes in it.[1]

On the popular fan blog Club Penguin Memories, Spike Hike answered various questions for fans, and one of them was about the future of Club Penguin. He mentioned something big was coming for both Card-Jitsu (possibly referring to Card-Jitsu Shadow) and puffles (possibly being the Puffle Party 2014 or Puffle Wild). However, on a blog post, it was mentioned Card-Jitsu will be revamped in the future, what might have been what "something big" was referring to.

In a real-life interview with a blogger, Polo Field stated that the Club Penguin Team really wants to work on Card-Jitsu Shadow, and they have many ideas. However, he stated that the team wants to put the original Card-Jitsu on mobile devices first.[2]


  • When three ninjas of each element (fire, water, and snow) perform their special dance at the Iceberg, a dark, cloudy storm will appear, most likely representing the element of shadow.
  • The power card Mobile Fire Power Card 1 features a Shadow Ninja. This is obtainable through codes in the "Card-Jitsu Water - Second Wave" packs and from the Martial Artworks catalog.
  • When asked, Sensei said "There might be Shadow some day" and "One Element at a time," giving more evidence of a possible release.
  • Ninja once had a penguin wearing Card-Jitsu Shadow items as his avatar on his Twitter account.
  • A comic in issue #459 of the Club Penguin Times referenced Card-Jitsu Shadow.[3]




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