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Card-Jitsu Mat
Card-Jitsu Mat furniture icon
Available Yes (Martial Artworks)
Member furniture Yes
Type Floor Furniture
Category Floor
Cost 700 coins
Furniture ID 786
Unlockable No

The Card-Jitsu Mat is a floor furniture item in Club Penguin. It allows penguins to play Card-Jitsu inside their igloos. It costs 700 coins in the Martial Artworks and Furniture Catalog. Only members can buy it.


Catalog Available from Available until
Better Igloos November 10, 2011 March 8, 2012
Martial Artworks December 8, 2011 Still available
Furniture Catalog May 16, 2013 August 15, 2013


  • Unlike most furniture items, only 4 units of this item can be purchased.
  • It is just like regular Card-Jitsu, just entered through igloos.
  • This is the second game which can be hosted inside igloos, the first being Puffle Launch.
  • Card-Jitsu mats are also placed in the Dojo, and were also placed in the Ninja Hideout.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseTatame Desafio Ninja
FrenchLe Tapis de Card-Jitsu
SpanishColchoneta de Card-jitsu
RussianТатами для схватки в Ниндзя-карты

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