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Captain's Quarters
Rockhopper room quarters

Where Inside of the Migrator, next to the Ship Hold
Opened April 28, 2008
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games Treasure Hunt
Room ID 422
Tour Description
This is the Captain's Quarters! Rockhopper spends a lot of time here. Look at the corkboard for his photos! Or, grab a friend and hunt for some treasure!

The Captain's Quarters (also called Rockhopper's Cabin) is a room located in Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator. It has a Notice Board, 8 platforms full of sand for the game Treasure Hunt, pictures, maps, treasures and a sign that tells how to play Treasure Hunt. You can access it by going to the Ship Hold, then unlocking the door with the Rockhopper's Key Pin found in the back of Rockhopper's Journal in the Book Room.


Ever since the Ship Hold opened, penguins have made attempts to find the Key to this room. They have claimed Rockhopper's Key to be virtually anywhere in Club Penguin, from underneath the Iceberg to inside Rockhopper's hat. However, Rockhopper has stated several times that he keeps the Key very close to him at all times. When the Migrator sank, he apparently escaped with the Key on his lifeboat. Penguins everywhere still hold the belief that Rockhopper would unlock his Captain's Quarters someday. The Penguin Times confirmed that the new room that came out in April 28, 2008 was his cabin. The newsapaper also confirmed that Rockhopper was opening it as a reward for rescuing his ship, provided they can find the Key. According to Rockhopper, when his ship sank, he had thought his ship was gone for good. To thank us all for our work fixing his ship, he was going to let us into his Captain's Quarters. Quoted from the Penguin Times (issue #132), he says: "Tho' it be me place for thinkin' n' countin' me treasure, ye have all proved yourselves a trustworthy crew by fixin' me ship."


  • A trick used to grant access this room anytime. If you login using the link Captain's Quarters start, you can access the Captain's Quarters while Rockhopper is not in Club Penguin. However, this does not work all the time.
  • This is the only place where you can play Treasure Hunt, which means it can only be played a few times a year.
  • There is a Card-Jitsu card featuring the Captain's Quarters.
  • Its swf name is shipquarters.


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