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Candy Pizzatron

Candytron 3000

Cookietron 3000 title screen

Cookietron 3000

The Candytron 3000 (also known as the Cookietron 3000 on the Club Penguin App) is the secret level hidden in the Pizzatron 3000 mini-game in the Pizza Parlor. It swaps typical pizza ingredients to candy-related ingredients, although it sticks to the same principles of the original version. It was a mistake invention by Rookie.

To bring up the secret level, click the red lever close to the left to switch it to the pink wrapper candy at the screen before you begin playing. Everything is a variation of the original Pizzatron 3000 with anchovies and squid becoming jelly beans and marshmallows. Hot sauce and tomato sauce become chocolate sauce and pink frosting.


  • The Candytron 3000 was accidentally created by Rookie, who was trying to hide his candy, but forgot to flip the switch to normal pizza.
  • On the Pizzatron 3000, you get five coins for each pizza you make. On the Candytron 3000, you get ten coins.
  • A similar hidden candy level is in Bean Counters.
  • In the EPF DS game's minor mission, "Leaning Order of Pizza", one of the pizzas you have to deliver is a chocolate pizza with marshmallows and jellybeans.


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