Full name DJ Cadence
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Gives adventures? No
Position DJ
Singer, Songwriter
Voiced by Michelle R. Lewis (singing voice)[1]
For her Club Penguin counterpart, see Cadence.
Turn the volume up!
— Cadence

Cadence is a singer and DJ on Club Penguin Island who first appeared in the We Are the Penguins music video. Players can usually find her at Island Central, behind her personal turntable during the Team Dance Battle game.


  • She appeared in a blurred image of the We Are the Penguins music video in a sneak peek on the Island News Blog.[2]
  • She was inspired to write We Are the Penguins because she saw "crowds made up of different penguins, celebrating and having fun together".[3]
  • Before releasing We Are the Penguins, she hung out by the stage, singing and jamming with different groups. She has also played with a jackhammer band.[3]

Island News Posts




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