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Club Penguin Sports Network
Penguin Cup Stage

Where Stage
Opened June 19, 2014
Closed July 1, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID N/A
Tour Description
These are the CPSN Studios! Do a press conference on the chairs... and tell the world about the big trade, or get your make-up done... and then go on camera

The CPSN (Club Penguin Sports Network) was a temporary television station during the Penguin Cup. It was a decoration for the Stage.


  • It is the third time the Stage was decorated for a party in 2014 and the sixth time overall.
  • The four players with the highest score in Shootouts of the players in the room had their name displayed on the scoreboard by the amount of global points they had.
  • It may be a reference to the famous ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), which is owned jointly by The Walt Disney Company, and Hearst Corporation.
  • The sneak peek video, as well as parts of The Spoiler Alert episodes before and during the party, were in the style of a CPSN news broadcast.
  • Aunt Arctic is the main reporter of the CPSN.
  • The board on the left side of the room has symbols resembling many different rooms, such as the Coffee Shop and the Everyday Phoning Facility. It is unknown what these are used for, but they are possibly advertisements.



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