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Club Penguin Private Servers

Picture of "Penguin Cove" (a CPPS), recreating the Beta Test Party.
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Private Servers (Not associated with Club Penguin)
Party N/A
Where? N/A

A Club Penguin Private Server (more commonly abbreviated/known as a CPPS), is an online multiplayer game that is not part of Club Penguin, however, it uses Club Penguin .swf files, a database, and programming code in order to create an environment similar to Club Penguin. Despite controversy, it is legal to play them.


  • The first Club Penguin Private Server was authored by Alex (iRath96/'iCrack :P') who created iCPv1, the first ever Club Penguin Private Server. The main members of it were iRath, Lofhy, Paul, Jamie, Andy, Stanley, Myles and Bane (Patrick). It was accessible through a modified version of Penguin Storm.
  • Eventually, iCPv1 succeeded by the public "iCPv2". This server was extremely unstable, as it was hosted on Lofhy's personal computer, and was only available about 12 hours a day.
  • After Lofhy closed iCPv2, ex-IATW member Charles joined the team and wrote "iCPv3". Meanwhile, Alex started working on "iCPro", and Jamie on the "Penguin Safari" server.
  • iCPv3 had over 300,000 users registered when it closed. The reasoning behind this is a conspiracy, however it is now know that members of I Am the Walrus were funding iCPv3 in exchange for moderator privileges (which were abused heavily). Several members of the iCPv3 team received a Cease and Desist order from Disney.
  • There is still some question as to whether or not iCPv3 infringed copyright, as it ran like a trainer.
  • Penguin Safari launched and became popular, then closed not long after, it was ran by Jamie and Bane. The original code was completely rebased as "OpenCP".
  • At the same time, iCPPS was released by some of the iCPv3 team members. There is some ambiguity as to whether or not Charles was on the team, as there were a lot of similarities in server code.
  • Stanley released the iCPv2, iCPv3, iCPro and OpenCP server scripts to the public as a result of a vendetta against Disney.
  • Atlantic Penguin was the biggest and most popular CPPS, until it was closed on October 27, 2013 after increased pressure from Disney.
  • In April 2014, became the first CPPS to have one million users registered.


Cybium Beta Party

Cybium's beta party.

  • Obtain any item.
  • Get coins without earning them.
  • Look like mascots.
  • Obtain custom items. (not on all CPPSes).
  • Obtain Treasure Book items without codes.
  • Swear/curse without getting banned (not on all CPPSes).
  • Type numbers and special characters.
  • Custom Rooms (not on all CPPSes).
  • Use member only features without paying for a membership.
  • Get bait items.
  • Teleport to special rooms, like the Migrator.
  • Talk in private chat (not on all CPPSes).
  • Buy credits, play on snowball battle servers etc. (not on all CPPSes)

Current CPPSes

Former CPPSes

  • Amuse
  • Atlantic Penguin (closed by Disney)
  • Classic Penguin
  • Club Penguin+
  • Flippr
  • FreePenguin
  • iCPv2
  • iCPv3
  • iCPv1
  • idevelop
  • JayBird (now changed into a website)
  • Mirai
  • Oasis.PS (changed to mirai)
  • RainbowCP
  • Upv4 (changed to


Commands are specific text that start with an exclamation mark (!), forward slash (/), colon (:) or other special character, which, when said, trigger an action to modify the player's account. For example, commands are often used for obtaining clothing items and furniture. It also allows obtaining bait and unreleased items. Commands were originally from iCPv1 and / Commands were deterred from RealCP. Bot Bot.

Common commands

!acAdd money!ac 5000
!afAdd furniture!af 5
!ai/!addAdd items!ai 413
!asAdd stamp!as 88
!jrJoin room!jr 820
!iglooAdd igloo!igloo 19

Other commands

The following section includes some extra commands. They are not common and are not available in all CPPSes.

!upTurn into a character!up Rockhopper
!pinMake any item into your pin!pin 413
!addall or !all[1]Adds all items (Taken down because it crashed the servers)
!idTells your penguin ID
!apAdds Puffle hats!ap 98
!nicknameGives you a new name until you relogin!nickname Name
!scaleSets penguin scale!scale 200
!wowEnables/Disabled Walking on Walls!wow
!speedSets walking speed!speed 200
!tpTeleports to a penguin by name!tp Name

Sources And References

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