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Picture of Penguin Cove, bringing back the Beta Test Party.
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A Club Penguin Private Server (more commonly abbreviated/known as a CPPS), is an online multiplayer game which is not part of Club Penguin, but uses Club Penguin .swf files, a database, and programming code in order to create an environment similar to Club Penguin. It is legal to play them, but it is illegal to host one if you make profit out of it. Previous popular CPPSes were shut down due to Disney approaching them and demanding that they either shut their CPPS down or they would be sued.


CPYS Beta Party
CPYS's grand re-opening beta party.
Hey.youcpAdded by Hey.youcp
  • CPPS' were originally invented by Alex Rath (iRath) which was the creation of iCPv1, the first ever CPPS. The main members of it were iRath, Lofhy (Co Co), Andy, Pengocent, Stanley, Myles and Patrick (now known as Bane).
  • This CPPS became iCPv2 which closed down due to high traffic.
  • From this Charles and others from PCL developed iCPv3 meanwhile Flappi282 (now known as Jamie) and friends started working on the OpenCP source.
  • iCPv3 got over 300,000 users then was attacked by legal issues off Club Penguin causing them to shutdown.
  • After this the OpenCP source became public as well as other minor ones which caused others to make their own CPPSes.
  • Atlantic Penguin was the biggest and most popular CPPS, until it got closed on October 27, 2013, putting in the first place.
  • In February 2014, Flippr opened, and became the first CPPS to have official legal status under United States Copyright Law.
  • In April 2014, became the first CPPS to have one million users registered.


Cybium Beta Party
Cybium's beta party.
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  • Get patched and unpatched items.
  • Get coins without earning them.
  • Look like mascots.
  • Get exclusive colors.
  • Get Treasure Book items.
  • Get year old or older items (not recent items).
  • Swear/curse without getting banned (not on all CPPSes).
  • Type numbers and special characters.
  • Custom Rooms
  • Use member only features without paying for a membership.
  • Get custom items (not on all CPPSes).
  • Get bait items.
  • Teleport to special rooms, like Migrator.

Currently open CPPSes

Notable former CPPSes

  • Atlantic Penguin (Closed by Disney)
  • Oasis.PS (Changed to mirai)
  • iCPv2 (Closed by Disney)
  • iCPv3 (Closed by Disney)


Commands are specific text that start with an exclamation mark (!), forward slash (/), colon (:) or other special character, which, when said, trigger an action to modify the player's account. For example, commands are often used for obtaining clothing items and furniture. It also allows obtaining bait and unreleased items. Commands were originally from iCPv1 and / Commands were deterred from RealCP. Bot Bot.
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Common commands

!acAdd money!ac 5000
!afAdd furniture!af 5
!ai/!addAdd items!ai 413
!asAdd stamp!as 88
!jrJoin room!jr 820
!iglooAdd igloo!igloo 19

Other commands

The following section includes some extra commands. They are not common and are not available in all CPPSes.

!upTurn into a character!up Rockhopper
!pinMake any item into your pin!pin 413
!addall or !all[1]Adds all items (Taken down because it crashed the servers)
!idTells your penguin ID
!apAdds Puffle hats!ap 98

Sources And References

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