The Fair 2014 Bullseye

Where Northeast of Tumbleweed Town
Opened February 20, 2014
May 20, 2015
Closed March 6, 2014
June 11, 2015
Mini-games None
Room ID 857
Tour Description
Howdy pardners! We got some nasty varmints here. It'd be swell of you... to take aim with your snowballs... and hit the targets as they pop up. Each one has a ticket bounty to collect

The Bullseye was a party room in Club Penguin during The Fair 2014 and The Fair 2015. It served as the Tumbleweed Town's in-game attraction.


The game involves using snowballs to shoot cardboard crabs, that show up in random intervals. Other objects, targeted or not, may also be shot, triggering small special events and also giving the player tickets, or not. Those include a pan (does not give tickets, makes sound), a cardboard Herbert P. Bear (gives tickets and plays a small sound) and a specific target-bearing part of the windmill, that makes it spin faster for a few seconds and gives a small quantity of tickets.

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