Beach bucket castle 2012

A bucket at the Beach.

Buckets are objects which can be seen in various places in the Club Penguin Island. They are featured in some items, and have certain uses in the game.


  • A bucket and a spade are found at the Beach. When hovering over them, the spade would add some snow to the bucket. On the 4th time, the bucket is flipped and reveals a snow castle.
    • The very same bucket is used in mission 7, in the process of making a new gear for the Clock Tower.
  • The Mop and Bucket and Mop & Bucket both contain buckets in them.
  • The Bucket Hat is a head item which entirely consists of a bucket.
  • Other furniture items to feature buckets are the Sand Bucket and the Feeding Bucket.
  • There is also a Beach Day Pin, which features a bucket.



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