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Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Hand Item
Member item Yes
Party Dance-A-Thon
Music Jam 2009
Music Jam 2010
Music Jam 2011
Cost Free
Where found Night Club
Night Club Rooftop
Item ID 5016
Unlockable No
This article is about a free item. For Cadence's version, click here. For other uses, see Boombox (disambiguation).

The Boombox is a rare hand item in Club Penguin. Members could obtain it for free at the Night Club during the Dance-A-Thon, or at the Night Club Rooftop during the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Music Jams.


Party Location Available from Available until
Dance-A-Thon Night Club January 15, 2009 January 20, 2009
Music Jam 2009 Night Club Rooftop July 17, 2009 July 26, 2009
Music Jam 2010 July 8, 2010 July 19, 2010
Music Jam 2011 June 16, 2011 July 5, 2011



  • Cadence is the only penguin who can breakdance without a boombox, but she can breakdance with the boombox with her clothes on.
  • This boombox is related to the exploding one in the Gadget Room.
  • This invention was made by Gary for the music parties.


Boom box

The Boom Box.

The Boom Box is another one of Gary's inventions, which looks different than the item version. It does not really have a purpose, it can only self-destruct. It also appears in the special attack of the GADGET ROOM card in Card-Jitsu. In the fourth mission of Club Penguin, the Boom Box appears and it appears to be like a stereo, but once you turn it on, it explodes.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseSom Portátil
FrenchLa Boombox

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