Penguin Tales '09 Wildlife Bob Grumi

Full Name Bob Grumi
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Story character
Appeared In the story "Wildlife" in Penguin Tales '09
Color Green
Clothes Items Captain's Coat and Clown Hair
Related To Unknown
Friends With Lola, Mynadynha, Juby
Meetable Character? No

Bob Grumi is a penguin in the story "Wildlife" in Penguin Tales '09. He fell from a cliff while playing with his friends, but was saved by a parrot named Juby who helped him survive in an unfriendly place. He later met two penguins named Lola and Mynadynha who reached the place after their boat hit a rock and sank. He taught them how to make beds out of leaves, how to make a Shell Necklace, and how to get water. They later made a canoe and returned home.



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