Blue Line
Holiday Party 2013 Blue Line

Where Forest
Opened December 19, 2013
Closed January 2, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 854
Tour Description
This is the Blue Line, heading to the Dock. Let's collect some coins! Donations will be counted at the end of the line!

The Blue Line is one of the three lines that penguins were able to ride on during the Holiday Party 2013.

Starting Point

The starting point was located at the Forest. In order to hop on, you must have had a train engine on (members), or you must have joined a train (non-members).


After getting on, you must shoot the presents and stockings full of coins to receive coins to donate for Coins For Change. After proceeding to the Train Station, the coin counter will count each train's earnings and the total amount donated will be shown, then it would reset for the next round. Then, members would have the option of exiting the line at the Train Station or continuing, but they could get off earlier by going through the exits to the Forest or Dock.


  • Only non-members could access the Blue Line tunnels if a member (the driver) took them for a ride.
  • Members could access this line via their igloos.
  • If you wore a car/bike body item (e.g. the Yellow Wheeler) on this railway, it would look like it is attached to the train.


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