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Blazer X.
Blazer X.

Full Name Blazer X.
Species Penguin
Position Snowboarder
Appeared Rookie On The Rocks
Color Dark Blue
Clothes Items Blue Pro Board, Snowboarding Goggles
Related To Unknown
Friends With A Red Penguin
Meetable Character? Yes (on DS)
There's fresh powder on the trail.
— Blazer X.

Blazer X. is a character in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. He is an extreme snowboarder and hated it when the Snow Bot was taking apart the Ski Lift and nobody could go to the Ski Hill.


  • He is a member of the Blue Team.
  • He has another friend, a red penguin, who is a snowboarder of the Red Team.
  • He's a competitive penguin and enjoys snowboarding.


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