Blackout Quest Interface
Operation Blackout content party icon

The Case File's icon.
Date released November 15, 2012-December 6, 2012
Available? No
Update frequency Varies
Items sold Secret Missions/Clothing
Where found Everywhere (icon on screen during Operation: Blackout).

The Blackout Quest Interface is a feature in Club Penguin during Operation: Blackout. Here, you can obtain 7 free items. There are six different tabs, each with a different task to progress through Herbert's Fortress. After it finished, it was revealed that Aunt Arctic was the Director.


The following items could be equipped by agents. There was 1 members-only item and 6 non-member items.

Free items

Image Item Type Location Members only?
Herbert Disguise clothing icon ID 4744 Herbert Disguise Body Item Operation 1 Yes
Klutzy Disguise Old Icon Klutzy Disguise Body Item Operation 1 No
GrapplingHook2 Grappling Hook Hand Item Operation 2 No
Plasma Laser clothing icon ID 3138 Plasma Laser Neck Item Operation 3 No
Clothing Icons 4746 Deflection Vest Body Item Operation 4 No
Clothing Icons 2097 Smoke Goggles Face Item Operation 5 No
AntiLavaIcon Anti Lava Boots Feet Item Operation 6 No


  • The item that the Director is seen on resembles a tablet that looks like the eReader.
  • If you click an operation which is not released yet, the Director will say in a distorted, deep voice "This operation is not ready. Check back for orders." Meaning that the Director may have some sort of voice amplifier.
  • If you are in an igloo, the icon is moved further towards the left.


  • Use this grappling hook.
  • Wear these goggles to pierce the smoke.
  • Agent. I am about to be taken. The fate of the island rests on you-
  • This operation is not ready. Check back for orders.
  • You must complete the other operations first.
  • Here is your disguise. Good luck, agent.
  • Take this plasma laser.


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