Big Momma's Backstage
Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Big Momma's Backstage

Where North of Snow Forts and Big Momma's
Opened August 22, 2013
Closed September 5, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description

The Big Momma's Backstage was a members-only party room at the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam



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  • idk if this is a glitch but

    9 messages
    • how do u do the glitch?
    • Ice Jounior wrote: how do u do the glitch? Idk. Check
  • what is the ID

    4 messages
    • If you mean Brady and McKenzie's Mascot IDs, Brady's is 31, and Mack's is 32
    • The room id is 852. The music id is [ 473].

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