Big Momma's Snack Shack
Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Big Momma's

Where Snow Forts, near Big Momma's Backstage
Opened August 22, 2013
Closed September 5, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Welcome to Big Momma's
It's the perfect hangout!
Here's where you will catch...
...McKenzie and Brady's EPIC show!
Check the clock for next show!

Big Momma's was a party room in Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.


It is a diner restaurant with tables and chairs which are topped with numerous things you would normally find in a restaurant (napkins, sauces) and a pool table along with a stage on the right-hand side in which Brady and McKenzie perform the song Surf's Up every 20 minutes. A door opposite the door to get in leads you to the backstage.




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