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Bat Puffle
Bat Puffle

Available No
Attitude Unknown
Member only Unknown
Favorite toys None
Play action Unkown
Dance Unkown
Tongue color Light brown
Speed Fast (On telescope)
Special features Flying
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None

Black Bats are Puffle Creatures that were first spotted right before the Halloween Party 2012 on the Puffle Bat Key Pin. During the Halloween Party 2012, they hide in the Haunted Mansion and fly outside the mansion. When you looked through the telescope during the party, you could see a Puffle Bat fly in your face, then it would fly away. [1]




  • A Brown version of this puffle can be seen in the upper part of the video "Club Penguin: Behind the Scenes: Gold Puffle - New Horizons Part 2".



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