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Holiday Party 2012 Bakery

Where Next to Cookie Shop
Opened December 20, 2012
Closed January 4, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 853 (2012)
864 (2015)
Tour Description
Alright elves! Let's get to work! Here's what you need to know to work in the Bakery. Stand on these squares to throw ingredients into the mixer. Add an extra dash of holiday cheer by using your smiley emotes. Then stand on this platform to multiply the number of cookies. The more elves we have, the more cookies we make. Let's do it!
Were you looking for the 2011 version?

The Bakery was a party room, which was accessible during the Holiday Party 2012. Players could stand on the different platforms to throw different ingredients, by throwing snowballs, and creating a mix for baking cookies. If you click on the Green Question Mark, it will show you how to make the cookies. It was accessed through the Cookie Shop during the Holiday Party 2012.


  • By entering the Bakery from the Cookie Shop and simultaneously clicking the upper left corner of the Cookie Shop, players could access the balcony, which was not meant to be accessible.


  • The Bakery was originally planned to return for the Holiday Party 2015, although it was scrapped as it was considered "too difficult" to implement.[1] However, during the party, it was loaded as party14, and there were two changes to the room: the balcony was replaced by a large sign, and a Coins For Change Donation Station was added.



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