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The bait item clothing icon

Bait Furniture

The bait item furniture icon

A bait item is an unavailable item, which can only be obtained through cheating. The goal of bait items is to trick cheaters into obtaining the item, and thereby get them caught and banned, hence the term "bait".

Bait items usually do not have an associated .swf file. As a result, many bait items have an "X" icon in the inventory.

List of Bait Items


These items are not available in any way and result in a ban if permed.




These items are available regularly, but if the player attempts to obtain them in other ways, they can behave like a bait item, and get the player banned.



Famous Penguin Items

These items are Famous Penguin's items and are only available to official mascot accounts. They are all bait items.


  • Some items, particularly those from the app version of Penguin Style, were bait items, but were later properly released.
  • The Ninja Mask used to be a bait item before the introduction of Card-Jitsu.

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