Backgrounds from November 2007.

Backgrounds are images used to decorate penguins' Player Cards. They are displayed on the very back of the Player Card, where the penguin, the pin and clothing appear in the front. Backgrounds were first released on May 4, 2006. There are always several places at which backgrounds can be bought. Obtaining most backgrounds does not require a membership, although there are some exceptions.


Backgrounds are always available in the Penguin Style and Snow and Sports catalogs, and are almost always available in the Costume Trunk. Backgrounds are sometimes also available through parties, such as the backgrounds from the Prize Booth at The Fair. Old backgrounds will usually return to catalogs, but some may not. Mascots also give out special backgrounds, known as autographs, when met.

Availability history

Penguin Style

The background section in the Penguin Style consists of multiple sections of backgrounds, each contains 4 backgrounds. The pages for backgrounds was originally located at the back of the catalog, just before the Flag section. Until December 2007, the section consisted of up to 16 individual backgrounds per issue. Ever since then, each new catalog has a group of 4 backgrounds, which was added to the front of the background section, and the last group of backgrounds was removed. In the October 2008 issue, however, 3 new ones were added, rather than 4.

In the July 2011 issue, the first 2 groups of backgrounds were moved to the front of the catalog, just after the colors page, and the clearance section for the backgrounds was left in the original place.

The February 2013 was missing the last group of backgrounds, and it was officially removed in the May issue of that year.

Snow and Sports

Backgrounds made their first appearance at the Snow and Sports in its very first issue. There were initially 3 in each issue. The December 2013 issue did not include any backgrounds in it. Since then, the background section has included 4 backgrounds per issue. The section was missing from the December 2014 issue as well.

Autographed Backgrounds

Main article: Autographed Backgrounds

When met, famous characters give out free backgrounds, which can be obtained by clicking a box button on their Player Card. These backgrounds sometimes are related to a current or upcoming event the mascot is involved in, or are replaced with new ones, or updated.

List of Backgrounds



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePlanos de Fundo

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