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Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic model angle 1

Full Name Aunt Arctic
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Director of Club Penguin Island
Appeared Beacon Boardwalk, in front of collectibles trade-in station
Color Green
Clothes Items Headband
Glasses and pencil
Related To Unknown
Friends With Rockhopper
Meetable Character?  ?
Voiced/ Played By Unknown
For her Club Penguin counterpart, see Aunt Arctic.
I'm sorry your welcome was so rocky. With this starter kit, I officially welcome you to Club Penguin!
— Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is the 'island director' of Club Penguin Island. She appears at the Beacon Boardwalk.


Saving the Migrator

After the player launches from the damaged Migrator's cannon and lands in the water, Aunt Arctic calls to them, instructing them to swim to the shore. Aunt Arctic introduces herself and questions what happened to Rockhopper, only for her question to be answered shortly afterwards as the Migrator pulls in to dock, visibly leaking water and beginning to sink. She requests the player's assistance in aiding Rockhopper, then asks for their name, prompting them to choose a username, and select a color to wear. Afterwards, Aunt Arctic instructs the player to search the Beacon Boardwalk for 3 piles of wood planks. Once the third pile is collected, Aunt Arctic tells the player to return to the Migrator.

Lost starter kit

After his ship is repaired, Rockhopper informs the player that their starter kit was lost during the crash, but it has likely washed up on the shores of Coconut Cove. Once the kit is retrieved from a platform surrounded by water accessible by zipline, Rockhopper instructs the player to return to the Beacon Boardwalk and find Aunt Arctic, who has the key to open the kit. She apologies for a problematic welcome and presents the player with their starter kit, which contains 4 blueprints, 9 fabrics, 9 decals, 250 coins, and 25 XP (Aunt Arctic), officially welcoming them to the island.


Name Aunt Arctic rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Leaky Landing 0 The start of your journey on Club Penguin Island. 50 coins, 55 XP
Ep. 2 - Rock the Volcano 1 Melt ice with the island's hottest substance. The Most Fun, 50 coins, 85 XP
Ep. 3 - Hatching a Plan 2 Solve riddles to find the key to the Lighthouse's door. Starfish Chain, blueprint for Diving Helmet, 50 coins, 80 XP
Ep. 4 - Mirror Mirror Glass could fix the Lighthouse, but you're not the only one who wants some. 6 emojis, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 5 - Enlightenment 3 Restore the Lighthouse so Club Penguin's waters will be safe! Lighthouse Cap, Lighthouse Costume, 50 coins, 90 XP



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseTia Arctic
FrenchTante Arctic
SpanishTía Arctic
German N/A
Russian N/A

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