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Aunt Arctic

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Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic5

Full Name Aunt Arctic
Species Penguin
Position Writer for the Club Penguin Times
Appeared As a Club Penguin Times writer, Deadlines Comic, Surprise Comic
Color Green
Clothes Items Glasses, Hat
Related To PH, Gary the Gadget Guy
Friends With Gary the Gadget Guy, Sensei, Rockhopper,Cadence.
Meetable Character? Yes
I started writing for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006. I remember it as if it were yesterday!
— Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic, is the news reporter and editor-in-chief for the Newspaper on Club Penguin Island, the Penguin Times. She is responsible for keeping all Penguins around the Island informed about the weekly news. She is such a skillful writer that she even has her own advice column, "Ask Aunt Arctic", where she makes it her duty to answer any troubling questions her fellow penguins might have. Any penguin can submit his or her question to Aunt Arctic for a chance at submission. She is a key character in Mission #1, in which she had lost her green and purple puffles that needed to be returned. She owned a Purple Puffle before they were available in the Pet Shop and available to penguins. She did not appear on the island until the Penguin Play Awards.

File:Aunt Arctic In-Game.png

Penguin Times column

Since she first appeared, she had a column in the Penguin Times, answering questions by players. She also used this medium to express her personal opinions and her background. There are many interesting things she has stated while answering questions:

  • Aunt Arctic's favorite season is winter.
  • Aunt Arctic stated her igloo is very messy, but during Mission 1, it is very tidy.
  • Aunt Arctic has asserted that an official Uncle Arctic does not exist.
  • Aunt Arctic stated in a Penguin Times issue telling everybody to say "Grub!" at the Penguin Play Awards 2009. She later revealed this as an April Fool's prank.
  • Aunt Arctic's favorite parties are the Winter Fiesta 2007 and Fall Fair 2007.
  • Aunt Arctic organized the Easter Scavenger Hunt 2007.

Elite Penguin Force

She's the first penguin you can talk to in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force but she's not an agent.


Many players speculated there was an Uncle Arctic. Since the popularity boost, Club Penguin appeased the believers with images hinting the possibility.

Aunt Arctic is also rumored to possibly be the Director of the P.S.A. because she has made many comments about the PSA in her Penguin Times column, and she was at the Night Club in a costume at the Halloween Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Mission. And if you roll your mouse over the glasses when you are on the "Ask Aunt Arctic" column in the Club Penguin Times, they will turn into secret agent-like shades. The Director's signature is actually a Greek symbol which stands for "AA". "AA" are also the initials of Aunt Arctic. It has also been speculated that in Morse Code, the Night Club's floor says: "Aunt Arctic is the director of the PSA." That may also apply to the EPF. In addition, they both do not have visible hair, they both have glasses and she has a very strong friendship with Gary. She is likely to be director. Also, in issue 348 of the Club Penguin Times, she said that she 'could be the leader of an elite squad of super penguins, protecting the island from evil.

File:Picture 55.png


"Let's have a tea party!"

"Let's play a trivia game!"

"Have you tried the cake?"

"gives sugar lumps"

"I prefer plain tea."

"I am chief editor of the Penguin Times."

"Oh, I remember that!"

"Your all such wonderful bakers."

"What a lovely lot, you are!"

"I must go now."

Aunt Arctic's Knowledge of Other Famous Penguins

  • Rockhopper: Yes, I know Rockhopper.
  • Gary: I am very good friends with Gary!
  • Director: Director? ....... I do not think I've heard of him.
  • Sensei: Yes. I am good friends with Sensei! He has also trained me to be a ninja.


  • Aunt Arctic is not the only penguin in Club Penguin who has freckles- PH also has them.
  • Aunt Arctic is the third hardest penguin to find, due to the fact that she only goes to one or two parties a year.
  • Aunt Arctic judged the Halloween Igloo Contest with Gary in 2010.
  • She had a purple puffle in her igloo before they were available in the Pet Shop.
  • In issue #310 of the Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic wrote "Ive got only one stamp left to earn in the System Defender game...", so she has to be an EPF agent, or maybe the director.
  • Aunt Arctic produced a new background during her visit at the 6th Anniversary Party.
  • Aunt Arctic is the second oldest mascot in Club Penguin, as she first appeared in May 2006
  • Aunt Arctic was training to be a Ninja in November 2011 during the Card-Jitsu Party.
  • Aunt Arctic appeared at the Holiday Party 2011 along with Rockhopper. They could be met separately, or together.
  • In the book, Club Penguin Official Annual 2012, she says that it is always bad news when Herbert is up to no good, which means she knows about the EPF.
  • Rumors are that Aunt Arctic likes Gary. Again, these are unsubstantiated and it may just be that Aunt Arctic and Gary have a close but professional working relationship.
  • In the Club Penguin Magazine Issue #1, she said her favorite parties were the Holiday Parties, however, she mentioned in the Club Penguin Times that her favorite parties were the Winter Fiesta 2007 and the Fall Fair 2007.
  • In the Club Penguin Official Annual 2011, she said her best friend was Gary.
  • She gave out a new Background during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover.
  • Her igloo can be seen on Mission 1 in the PSA.
  • In issue #348 of the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic is asked if she is a super hero, in which she replies: "I suppose that might be possible. I could be the leader of an elite squad of super penguins, protecting the island from evil. I mean, anything's possible, right? Hahaha! Sorry, just having a little fun there. I am most definitely not a super hero. I don't have any special powers, I don't have a secret fortress, and I don't look good in capes. Though if I did have a secret identity, I probably wouldn't tell anyone. I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, too.", poking at the Director mystery.
  • She helped judge the April Fool's Igloo contest in 2012 along with Rookie.
  • She has her own power card in Card-Jitsu.
  • When her player card is loading you can briefly see the New Player Background.


An in-game avatar

Aunt Arctic Player Card

On the Buddy list

Aunt Arctic background

Aunt Arctic signature

Aunt Arctic in-game spotted


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