Area 501
Operation Crustacean Area 501

Where Dock
Opened November 18, 2015
Closed February 3, 2016
Mini-games None
Room ID See ID section
Tour Description

Area 501 was the Elite Penguin Force's base of operations during Operation: Crustacean. It served as the main hub of activity for the party, as it led to all of the other party-exclusive rooms. Prior to the end of the Holiday Party 2015, the EPF Handbook was also located here.


Image Pin
Area 501 Pin icon
Area 501 Pin


  • During the Holiday Party 2015, the "Elite Gear and Catering" trailer was renamed "Elite Gear and Cheer".




Room IDs

ID Room
851 Area 501 Entrance
852 Area 501 Entrance (solo)
(unused after Holiday Party)
853 UFO Hub
854 UFO Hub (solo)
855 Engine Room
856 Back-up Power
857 Emergency Thrusters
858 Gamma Shields (first area)
859 Gamma Shields (second area)
860 Gyro Stabilizer (first area)
861 Gyro Stabilizer (second area)
862 UFO Observatory
877 UFO Hub (alternate)
(only used during Prehistoric Party)

Names in other languages

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