Aqua Grabber
Aqua Grabber Logo
Players 1 + Pink Puffle
Controls Arrow Keys & Spacebar
Minigame location Iceberg
Date released February 19, 2008
April 4, 2008 (Clam Waters)
August 6, 2008 (Soda Seas)
This is about the game, were you looking for the pin, the machine or the DS mini-game?

The Aqua Grabber machine, as seen at the Iceberg.

Aqua Grabber is a popular game in Club Penguin that was created by Gary the Gadget Guy in February 2008. It is only accessible through the Iceberg. In Aqua Grabber, you have to collect treasure from the Clam Waters and the Soda Seas. The Aqua Grabber was originally created to retrieve parts from The Migrator when it was damaged by an iceberg. It yields massive amounts of coins, you can get 10,000 coins in five levels of soda seas with all the stamps earned.



Name Description
Squid Spotter stamp Spot the Squid.
Aqua Puffle stamp Take your pink puffle for a deep-sea dive


Name Description
Soda Success stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete Soda Seas levels.
Clam Success stamp Complete Clam Waters levels.
Soda Master stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete Soda Seas levels without losing a life.
Clam Master stamp Complete Clam Waters levels without losing a life.
Get Fluffy stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Catch the yellow fish and return to your net.
Get the Worm stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Catch a worm and return to your net.
Bubble Catch stamp Collect a pink puffle's bubble.
Pearl Capture stamp Collect all the white pearls in Clam Waters Levels.


Name Description
Clam Treasure stamp Discover secret treasure in Clam Waters levels.
Soda Treasure stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels.
Clam Compress stamp Complete the Clam Waters compressed air mode.
Soda Compress stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete the Soda Seas compressed air mode.
Clam Pressure stamp Master the Clam Waters compressed air mode without losing a life.
Soda Pressure stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Master the Soda Seas compressed air mode without losing a life.
Clam Timer stamp Complete the Clam Waters time trial.
Soda Timer stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Complete the Soda Seas time trial.
Crab's Treasure stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Capture all the crab's treasure.


Name Description
Mullet Capture stamp
Membership Badge Toolbar
Capture the large red fish and return to net.

Key: Membership Badge= Members only stamp


To clear the first level, you'll need to defeat a special clam and steal its giant pearl. Try to trick the clam by switching the pearl with a rock that's the same size and shape. This was stated in the book, "The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin".


These are the amounts of coins each treasure in the game will give you.

Objective of Game

  • Clam Waters: The objective of this level is to collect all the pearls and the "Main Treasure" (the giant pearl). The Rare Treasure of the level is a black pearl which is hidden in a random clam that changes every time. Also, an additional goal is to beat the level without losing a submarine.
  • Soda Seas: The objective of the game is to collect all of the cream soda barrels and the "Main Treasure" (the amethyst crystal). The crystal is guarded by the Puff Almighty and Big Puff. The rare treasure of the level is the emerald, which is guarded by the crab. To get this, let the crab take all of the gold, then it will give you the treasure.

Elements of Gameplay


If any thing hits players (except the shells), these things will happen:

  • Air will leak out, replaced with water.
  • If you are holding something, you will drop it.


Creatures & Items

Giant Clam

After Aqua Grabber was updated for the third time, Big Bertha appeared to the direct left of where the treasure chest originally lay.

Grand Pearl

It is found at a cave on the sea floor during the Clam Waters level, which is inside Giant Clam’s mouth. The Mullet guards the entrance only if you have the pearl. If successfully recovered you will be awarded 300 coins.

Cream Soda Barrels

The barrels pollute the Sea giving it the name soda seas. Once you successfully recover a barrel, you will gain 50 coins and cleaner water.

Puff Almighty

It is found near the end of Soda Seas. There are only four of them. Once that the players have the Amethyst, more Puff Almighty will appear on the screen.

Big Puff

It is found in the end of Soda seas. It sucks in water to inflate and spits out water to deflate. Players and their submarine will also be affected.

Giant Squid

As revealed in The Penguin Times Issue No. 151, there have been sightings of a Giant Squid. This used to be rumoured as the Guardian in level 2 of Aqua Grabber. The actual guardian in level two is a giant puffer fish.

In the Clam Waters, you can occasionally find the squid when an earthquake happens. The squid is black and blue and then it swims away. When it happens there's a screeching sound and the screen shakes all over the place.

Pearl Shaped Rock

The Pearl Shaped Rock plays an important role in the Clam Waters episode. It is around the same size and shape of a grand pearl. It is worth one coin, but it is necessary to get the real Grand Pearl.


Fluffy is a yellow fish found in both levels. If you bump into him, you will lose everything in your claw. if you catch him, you get 100 coins and a stamp. He is mobile.


The worm is found in Soda Seas. It can be used as bait for fluffy, or you can return to the net. it is worth 1 coin and a stamp.


  • The Aqua Grabber was built in February 2008 by Gary the Gadget Guy. Back then, you could get the Golden Wheel Pin for completing the level.
  • Its name was a choice given in a poll. According to Penguin Times issue #123, Aqua Grabber won with 39.3%. Second to it was the Deep Sea Salvage, with 30.3%. Third was Depth Diver with 30.2%.
  • In August 2008, the Soda Seas levels were added.
  • On July 26, 2010, Aqua Grabber got a major update. The home-screen was updated and a progress saving feature was added. New game features such as Time Trial and Compressed Air Mode were added to go along with the new stamps. The Soda Seas levels were also only made members only. A bug in the game which made it impossible to find your treasure after you dropped it was also fixed.


  • If you bump the top of a particular cave in the Soda Seas, players will get a worm. Fluffy will eat the worm, then you can feed him to Mullet guarding a cave. Mullet will go away and you can swim down to get some extra treasure.
  • It was originally made to help repair The Migrator in the Save the Migrator Project, but it stayed due to high demand and population.
  • If you capture the Mullet (which some have, and have the stamp to prove it), it gives you a 1000 coins.
  • The "rare treasure" gives you 500 coins.
  • Before the game was released, a poll was held to help name the game. The two other names that could be voted for were Deep Sea Salvage and Depth Diver.
  • There is a glitch that if you're getting a coin from the crab or a little pearl, and your ship explodes before it gets into the sub, it will float under you and make it impossible to move the claw.
  • There are two Card-Jitsu power cards featuring the Aqua Grabber.
  • Instead of getting the real pearl, it is possible to get the pearl-shaped rock and put it in the net to clear the level.
  • There is a destroyed Aqua Grabber in the Hidden Lake.


Names in other languages

Language Name
SpanishAqua grabber
GermanAqua Grabber



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