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April Fools' Party 2010

Members only? No
When March 31-April 5, 2010
Free Item(s) Non-Member
Red Propeller Cap

King Jester Hat

Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) None
Prepare for island-wide wacky weirdness! Biwow!

The April Fools' Party 2010 was first confirmed by Rookie in an issue of the Club Penguin Times and it was Club Penguin's fifth annual April Fools' Party that began on the March 31, 2010. It was scheduled to end on April 4, 2010, but it ended one day later.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Red Propeller Cap clothing icon ID 407 Red Propeller Cap Dock No
KingJesterHat King Jester Hat A Silly Place Yes


  • This was the first time the Dojo wasn't decorated for an April Fools Party.
  • Many rooms exit get you to the Iceberg but they don't let you to this room.


  • There was a glitch that when a friend was at A Silly Place, when you clicked the "Find Buddy" option, it would say: (Name) is on Backstage. This is just maybe an April Fools prank.

Special Club Penguin Times issue

The special Club Penguin Times issue had multiple things changed in it other than drawings all over it:

  • The Cover Page had drawings and everything in the table of contents was replaced with "Grub"
  • A2 and A3 only had drawings though they did feature the April Fool's Party.
  • A4 and A5 had drawings and an applause button.
  • B1-B4 had drawings only.
  • B5-B7 changed from "Ask Aunt Arctic" to "Ask the Rookie".
  • B8 was just drawn on but it was a game that revolved around pranking other penguins.
  • C1 had drawings and C2 had a special hidden poem written by the Rookie about his hat.
  • C5 and C6 had a special daily schedule of the Sensei.
  • There was an extra page of jokes if you clicked on Jokes.



In the Town there was one major change.

  • The Coffee Shop and Gift Shop buildings turned invisible with only their signs, doors and window frames showing.

Coffee Shop

There were a few changes in the Coffee Shop.

  • Red and White streamers/balloons were everywhere.
  • A box which put on a wig once a mouse was waved over it was added.
  • The door led not back to the Town but to the Iceberg instead.
  • The menu said "April Fools"

Night Club

The Night Club had many changes.

  • The speakers turned into cardboard with musical notes drawn onto them.
  • The Dance Floor turned into a giant game of Pong.
  • An April Fool's banner was added along with some red and white streamers.
  • The entrance to the Boiler Room switched sides.
  • The Keeper of the Boiler Room was replaced with a Black Puffle.
  • The exit led to the Iceberg and not the Town.

Boiler Room

The Boiler Room had two changes.

  • The filing cabinet which held the Club Penguin Times had a timer on it and when the timer timed out, a jack-in-the-box jumped out of a box with an April Fool's sign.
  • The pipes were replaced with a giant pot of boiling water and a sign that said "Caution: Hot!"

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop had one change.

Snow Forts

The Snow Forts had many, many changes.

  • The Snow Forts are half-melted and their flags are twisted into spirals.
  • There are red and white balloons.
  • The place is covered in arrows that do something when a mouse is waved over them.
  • The door to A Silly Place is located here.


The Plaza has a very small change.

  • Music was added.


The Stage had a small change just like The Plaza.

Pizza Parlor

The Pizza Parlor had many changes.

  • The tables and floor had changed color as well had some red and white streamers everywhere.
  • There was a box that got a smiley face when a mouse was waved over it.
  • A box on the stage got a microphone, then an electric guitar, then some maracas, then an acoustic guitar, then a tuba, then a drum and then nothing when a mouse was waved over it.
  • A sign on the wall said "Food Fight".
    • Additionally if a snowball was thrown, it turned into a food like Pizza or Ice Cream.


The Cave had a few changes.

  • There were red and white streamers/balloons all around.
  • There were three windows in weird shapes.
    • The crab outside the windows held up an April Fool's sign.
    • Boxes also floated outside the windows.
  • There was a box with a flower in it on the ground.


The whole Forest had been changed.

  • The forest's sense of direction had switched and many of the trees had been turned upside down, since the Forest is April Fools' Party 2008 influenced during this party.


The Cove had many changes.

  • There were several signs with April Fool's-themed sentences written on them.
  • The surf shack had glasses and a jester's hat.
  • The trees would shake if a mouse was waved over them.
  • There were several boxes that did different things when waved over.


The Dock was very different.

  • The Hydro-Hopper was upside down.
  • There were streamers, upside down trees, globs of paint and boxes lying around.
  • A giant easel was in the middle which Penguins could throw snowballs at (the snowballs were turned into paint). The paint balls would paint a picture. Once the picture was done, a pedestal would rise with a Red Propeller Cap on it.


The Beach had also changed.

  • Many boxes were all around.
  • There were red and white streamers/balloons.
  • The door to the Lighthouse was in the middle of the beach.
  • If the background was clicked on, it switched.


The Lighthouse was full of boxes.


The Beacon was slightly decorated.

  • There were red and white streamers and balloons.

Ski Village

The Ski Village had some boxes.

  • There were boxes which had different actions (spinning, breaking and pointing arrows) when a mouse went over them.
  • If you clicked on the purple mountain in the distance, the top of the mountains would move and a banner saying "April fools" would appear.

Ski Lodge

The Ski Lodge was rather well decorated.

  • There were boxes, streamers and balloons everywhere.

Mine Shack

The Mine Shack was very different.


The Mine was different.

  • There were streamers and balloons everywhere.
  • The mine cart in Cart Surfer was a banana.


The Iceberg had lots of things different.

  • There was a giant stand that had many arrows pointing everywhere.
  • There was a sign that said different things like "Are you lost?"
  • There were many boxes.


Sneak Peeks





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