Anvils + More
Anvils + More logo
Is it seen right now? No
Type Company
Party School & Skate Party
Merry Walrus Party
Where? Mall

Anvils + More was a series of stores and workshops, located at the Mall. As its name suggests, it sold anvils and more. It was first seen at the School & Skate Party, then later at the Merry Walrus Party. As of June 4, 2015, it could be seen permanently at the Mall.


  • The name was intended to be "Anvils + More" at the School & Skate Party, but a glitch with the localization showed the French name rather than the English name. However, the name displayed normally in other languages.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseBigornas e MaisAnvils and More
FrenchEnclumes EtcAnvils Etc
SpanishYunques y OtrosAnvils and Others
GermanAmbosse und MehrAnvils and More
RussianНаковальни и ПрочееAnvils and Others

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