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Ancient Temple
Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Ancient Temple

Where Temple of Fruit
Opened August 23, 2012
Closed September 5, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Watch your step! This is the Ancient Temple of BIG BIG KAHUNA... a place wrought with peril and dangers! Keep an eye out for booby traps... and don't get lost in the darkness!

The Ancient Temple, also known as the Trap Room, is a members-only party room for the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. There is a seed shooting trap, a cage, target shooting, maze, and giant watermelon. It is part of the Temple of Fruit.


  • Each area of the room is lit up each time you go through a trap.
  • To get past the cage trap without getting trapped, you must only walk on the fruit tiles.

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