An Agent's Work is Never Done
An agents work is never done
Number Mission 13
Characters You, PH, Rookie, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, The Director, the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, Gary
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games Snow Trekker (Game), Jet Pack Adventure (DS)
New Elite Puffles None
Special Places Gadget Room, The Wilderness, Gift Shop Rooftop, Tallest Mountain

An Agent's Work is Never Done is the thirteenth EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, after the island is saved, and everything is seemingly peaceful, a powerful new enemy awakens, captures the Elite Puffles and Gary, and it is your job to stop it, and truly save the island.


Plot and ending details are in this section. Click "show" if you want to see them.

After the Test-Bots have all been deactivated and returned to Gary, the island is safe and sound. The other agents have something waiting for you at the Stage. Upon arriving there, you open the door, but it is very dark inside. Using the Super Power Flashlight, you illuminate the building, and the other agents pop out, and have thrown a party for you on all your hard work. After everyone congratulates you, and the credits roll.

That is, until the screen is shattered and you hear a large crash. The other agents begin to worry what happened, and you get a call on your Spy Gadget, from The Director, who has put the island on high alert, as both the Elite Puffles and Gary have gone missing. You all warp to the HQ, where Rookie and Jet Pack Guy are trying to regain surveillance footage, PH is trying to find the Elite Puffles, and Dot is investigating the Gadget Room. You join her, and she tells you whatever caused this broke right through the Gadget Room's wall. You then go and chase after it with the Snow Trekker. After following its tracks, you arrive at one of the entrances to the Mine Tunnels, albeit with a large hole. You go inside, and come across... none other than a giant robot. You see the Elite Puffles, and Gary, who tells you the Test-Bots built it, based on sketches from his lost notebook. The robot then names itself the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000. It then sets off to seek out more objects to gather to improve itself, and heads to the Night Club, to gather things. Dot meets you at the Town, and tells you to go find some way to stop it. You rush inside the Gift Shop, where the owner is panicking. You head up to the rooftop, where you are close to the Protobot's head. Gary tries to call to you, but you tell him to try and keep quiet, so the Protobot does not notice you. You use the Mechano-Duster on it, making it sneeze, and loose it is balance. The ticket booth that's part of it is body also opens very briefly, with just enough time for Blast to get out. The Protobot then escapes over to the Dock. You leave the Gift Shop, and Dot tells you she will try and prevent any nearby penguins from going to the Dock. You head there, as the Protobot tries to use the Hydro Hopper Boat as an upgrade. However, Blast is able to knock it into the water, damaging its systems, and giving minimal time for Loop to escape. The Protobot then activates its Boiler and flies over to the Ski Village, and starts spinning around to try and get the water out of its system. Rookie then appears, and attempts to try and use a Rubber Duck to defeat the Protobot. You ask where he found it, and he replies he found it in the Gadget Room, but he is not sure what it does. You order Loop to use her lasso on the Protobot, who looses its balance again. It breaks free of the rope however, but not before Flare can escape, and resumes its search, heading to the Beach. The Protobot starts reaching into the Lighthouse, attempting to grab fishing nets, to try and recapture the Elite Puffles. Flare, though, is able to weld its wheels, preventing ground movement, and causing it to tip over, letting Flit escape. The Protobot flies up to the Beacon, where it attempts to steal the Beacon's light bulb. Unbeknownst to the Protobot, there is an anvil floating above it, which Flit is able to knock down on top of it, damaging it again. Bouncer then is able to jump out. The Protobot flies away, and you give chase on a jet pack. It flies to the Tallest Mountain, where it begins scanning the area, although it does not notice you. Bouncer is able to use her snowballs on the Protobots boiler, preventing it from flying, causing it to crash. The force of the crash sends Chirp out. The Protobot attempts to get itself out of the snow, but before it can, Chirp uses her flute to send powerful sound waves at it, breaking the glass that's holding both Pop and Gary. The Protobot finally attempts to restart its boiler flame. However, with the help of Pop, you free Gary, who uses a pen to pop the bubble after landing. Now that the Protobots "brain" is removed, it has a hard time thinking what to do. Gary instructs you to use the Robotomy device to defeat the monster, once and for all. In a last ditch effort to save itself, the Protobot puts up some firewalls. They are no match for you though, and you finally defeat the robot.

The island is saved, and everything returns to normal. The other agents congratulate you for your hard work, and you are promoted to the highest possible ranking: Unbelievably Over-the-Top High Level Clearance. The real credits then roll, and the main game is completed.


  • During the party, there is a fake credits sequence. Various characters are mentioned as part of the "development."
    • The fourth wall is broken at the end of the credits. After Pop and the DJ Penguin are shown, there is a large crack in the screen, and they get surprised expressions on their faces.


Before the Protobot attacks

Protobot attacking

Fake Credits

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