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The Amethyst.

The Amethyst is the main treasure of the Soda Seas in Aqua Grabber. For more information on the real life crystal, see Amethyst.

The Amethyst is located in a small underwater cavern in Soda Seas beneath the giant puffer fish. To retrieve it, you must find all the cream soda barrels and then go down to the bottom. Then, you must get past the four small puffer fish. Then, you must sneak around the permanently inflated regular puffer fish, who are circling the giant puffer fish. It is thought to be the most difficult non-secret treasure to retrieve in the game.


Amethyst before the Medieval Party 2009. It was meant to be there for the party.

Amethyst Pin

The Amethyst Pin.


It is a purple, jagged crystal that is sometimes embedded in a rock.


  • It was once seen in the Cave as well, although no one knows how it got there.
  • In real life, amethysts are used in jewelry.
  • They are used to make the top of the Crystal Staff.
  • In the Medieval parties, Amethyst was on the Beach, nested on a rock.
  • There is an Amethyst Pin found in the Mine Cave during the Cave Expedition in January 2010.

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