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Alumni Jacket
Alumni Jacket CPI icon
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Available No
Type Tops Item
Cost Free
ID See below
Internal name See below

The Alumni Jacket is a unique tops item in Club Penguin Island. Players could only obtain this item by pre-registering an account prior to worldwide release of the game.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Pre-registering an account November 18, 2016 March 29, 2017

ID and internal names

  • There are twelve variants of the jacket, each with their own ID and internal name.
Years ID Internal name
0 89 returningMemberJacket
1 143 returningMemberJacketOne
2 144 returningMemberJacketTwo
3 145 returningMemberJacketThree
4 146 returningMemberJacketFour
5 147 returningMemberJacketFive
6 148 returningMemberJacketSix
7 149 returningMemberJacketSeven
8 150 returningMemberJacketEight
9 151 returningMemberJacketNine
10 152 returningMemberJacketTen
11 153 returningMemberJacketEleven


  • The number on the back of the jacket shows how many years the wearer's account has been active, at the time of obtaining the jacket. For instance, a player with an account that is 2000 days old receives the 5 year variant, or a player with an account that is 200 days old (less than a full year) receives the 0 variant.
  • This item has an unused blueprint, and an unused description, which is "A reward for your dedication to the community."
  • Prior to the 1.10.1 update, only members could wear this item.


Names in other languages

PortugueseCasaco de AlunoUma recompensa por sua dedicação à comunidade.
FrenchVeste d'ancien élèveUne récompense pour ton dévouement envers la communauté.
SpanishChaqueta de graduadoUna recompensa por tu dedicación a la comunidad.

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