Alaska Costume Trunk

Full Name Alaska
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Explorer
Appeared Quest For The Golden Puffle
Color Peach
Clothes Items Alaska's Explorer Hat
Sienna Explorer Outfit
Related To N/A
Friends With Yukon
Meetable Character? No

Alaska is a brave female explorer seen as a main character in the Stage play "Quest for the Golden Puffle". She has a red wig, the peach penguin color, Alaska's Explorer Hat, Sienna Explorer Outfit, and the Lasso. She is by far braver than her brother, Yukon, but is slightly more arrogant and does not think about the dangers that might lie in the places she explores.


"Bold. Fearless. Alaska and danger go together like squid and pizza. Nothing can stop her quest for the rarest puffles.

She likes to leap before she looks,but somehow always land on her feet. "


  • Along with Yukon, they are both named after real world places (both are in North America).