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Adventures, also known as quests, and prefixed with ep. (short for episode) are activities in Club Penguin Island that players may partake in, and are received by talking to specific quest characters, currently either Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, or Rookie. Adventures involve players traveling around the island, completing tasks, and solving problems. Completing adventures yields coins and XP, and often various other rewards as well, such as a unique item or blueprints.

Except for the first adventure of each first chapter (Leaky Landing, Bottled Maps, and Drop In), adventures can only be played by members. Also except for said adventure, adventures can be paused and continued later or replayed after completion at will. Completing Leaky Landing is required to access various features in the game, such as Daily Challenges.

List of adventures

Completing an adventure unlocks the following one from the same character. However, Bottled Maps instead requires Leaky Landing be completed. Most adventures also require the player is a certain rank or higher before they can be played.

Aunt Arctic

Chapter 1: Bright Idea

Name Aunt Arctic rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Leaky Landing 0 The start of your journey on Club Penguin Island. 50 coins, 55 XP
Ep. 2 - Rock the Volcano 1 Melt ice with the island's hottest substance. Flame Hair, 50 coins, 85 XP
Ep. 3 - Hatching a Plan 2 Solve riddles to find the key to the Lighthouse's door. Starfish Chain, blueprint for Diving Helmet, 50 coins, 80 XP
Ep. 4 - Mirror Mirror Glass could fix the Lighthouse, but you're not the only one who wants some. 6 emojis, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 5 - Enlightenment 3 Restore the Lighthouse so Club Penguin's waters will be safe! Lighthouse Cap, Lighthouse Costume, 50 coins, 90 XP

Chapter 2: Shocking Secrets

Name Aunt Arctic rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Machine Malfunctions 4 Stop the power stations from going haywire Digital Transmitter, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 2 - Point of View Find out what caused the electrical attack! Blueprint for Lifeguard Jacket, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 3 - Dot's Disguises 5 Learn stealth skills from Dot the Disguise Gal. 3 fabrics, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 4 - Icy Infiltration Sneak aboard the base and discover its true purpose! 50 coins, 160 XP
Ep. 5 - Gathering Storm 6 Face the wrath of an angry bear! 8-bit Herbert, 50 coins, 150 XP
Ep. 6 - Hot Bottle Find the stolen hot sauce and stop Herbert's plan! 50 coins, 150 XP
Ep. 7 - Double Click 7 Learn a new lesson—with Rookie as a teacher! 50 coins, 150 XP
Ep. 8 - System Defender Defeat the virus Herbert snuck onto Aunt Arctic's computer. Herber-tech Gadget, 50 coins, 150 XP
Ep. 9 - Burying Treasure 8 Protect the mysterious Island Codex from Herbert. 3 fabrics, 3 decals, blueprint for Agent Armor, 50 coins, 150 XP
Ep. 10 - Skyberg Assault Take on Herbert before he zaps the island! Herbert Hoodie, Crabby Eyes, 50 coins, 150 XP


Bottled Maps requires Aunt Arctic rank 1 to be unlocked, instead of Rockhopper rank.

Chapter 1: Fair Share

Name Rockhopper rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Bottled Maps 1
(Aunt Arctic rank)
Prove your pirate skills to join Rockhopper's treasure hunt. Blueprints for Sea Dog's Vest and Pirate Bandana, 3 fabrics, 3 decals, 50 coins, 75 XP
Ep. 2 - A Pirate's Life 1 A simple pirate chore starts a hunt for ancient treasure! Shellbeard's Hat, 6 fabrics, 3 decals, 50 coins, 85 XP
Ep. 3 - Gongs Away 2 You'll need to arm yourself to follow the clue in Shellbeard's journal. 50 coins, 80 XP
Ep. 4 - Shell Game Solve Shellbeard's riddles to discover what he hid on the island! Blueprint for The Squawk, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 5 - A Cursory Look 3 Save Rockhopper from the curse of the ancient amulet! Cursed Necklace, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 6 - Trailing Along Get cursed and follow a mythical trail to a new discovery. Blueprint for Pirate Boots, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 7 - Walk of Stars 4 Reveal secret locations with the constellation carving. Blueprint for Replacement Hook, Pirate Kit gear, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 8 - Good Impressions What do the Penglantian plaques mean? Help Rockhopper put it all together. Blueprint for Squid Lid, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 9 - The Black Pearl 5 Solve the mystery of the plaques (finally). Blueprints for Something In Me Aye and Bushy Beard, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 10 - A Captain's Share Claim the legendary Treasures that Shellbeard never could! Blueprints for Captain's Jacket and Pirate Hat, 6 emojis, 50 coins, 160 XP


Chapter 1: Pick of the Year

Name Rookie rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Drop In 0 Rookie plans to win the Pick of the Year for Mt. Blizzard TV Camera gear, 50 coins, 75 XP
Ep. 2 - Fixer Upper 1 Mt. Blizzard, new and improved? Wearable Cheese, Cheesey Cap, 50 coins, 85 XP
Ep. 3 - Tubular Tech 2 The new tube takes Rookie for a spin Tropical Tee, 50 coins, 80 XP
Ep. 4 - Safety First Rookie's upgrades don't measure up to Jet Pack Guy's safety standards 6 emojis, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 5 - Special Delivery 3 Tubing Life judges are doing their reviews and everything is fine! Golden Tube, 50 coins, 100 XP

Chapter 2: Get Exposure

Name Rookie rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Peak Fitness 3 Train with Jet Pack Guy for Rookie's latest high-stakes stunt 3 fabrics, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 2 - Better Yeti 4 Rookie is grounded, literally. But Gary offers a scientific alternative Ben's Boots, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 3 - Windy Path Record your treacherous climb up Mt. Blizzard 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 4 - Make Good 5 You can't bring Gary his data, but maybe you can bring him some fun 3 emojis, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 5 - Colder Climes Another trip up Mt. Blizzard?! A chilling thought! Multitool gear, 50 coins, 160 XP


  • Prior to the 1.2.1 update, the second chapter of Aunt Arctic's adventures was coded to not check for membership, meaning they could be played without membership, providing the player completed the first chapter while having membership. However, due to the prevalence of member-only features, only the first (Machine Malfunctions) and eighth (System Defender) adventures could have actually been completed without membership.
    • Similarly, prior to the 1.5.0 update, the last Rookie adventure, Special Delivery, was also coded to not check for membership, and could be played without it if the player already completed the previous four adventures in the chapter as a member. However, it could not be completed without membership, as usage of gear is required.
  • If an event is occurring in Club Penguin Island, decorations will not appear while playing an adventure.
    • During Halloween 2017, all characters in the game (except Herbert and Klutzy) wore costumes, even during adventures. The island was dark and had a night sky even during adventures as well (except for Leaky Landing) but decorations were not visible.

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